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1, Report #384718
Oct 25 2008
09:18 AM
Union Workers Credit Services Union Workers Credit Services Ripoff PARKLAND Florida
Entity: PARKLAND, Florida
2, Report #180021
Mar 08 2006
12:00 PM
Union Workers Credit Services union workers credit services Birmingham,AL Dallas Texas
I recived a letter from union workers credit services offering me a membership 37.00 fee with a 10,000.00 Credit Limit... I called them to see what this was about as i havent requested anything for credit nor have I ever requested credit... I was told by the Customer Service person that that was owed and i had better pay it or they would take it from my paycheck. I then tryed to explain that i didnt want there service nor did I ask for it... when I was cut off with Pay it or we will send it to collections... just happened that I used a search to find there number and found this site at the top of the search.... Needless to say I am contacting my lawer as what they have done is harrasment of commuaction over the phone and through the mail... but I was worndering why a scam company can stay in business so long.... If I did half of what these ppl do i wouldnt have my company anymore... Thats whats suppost to happen when you do what they do.... Donald Hueytown, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
3, Report #190949
May 10 2006
07:15 PM
Union Workers Credit Services union workers credit services is a rip off Dallas Texas
I received the letter from them today and thought it was odd that it had no phone number or a way of contact. I am sorry for the people that already lost their money but I'm glad you have this website that came up when I looked up the name. Thank you because you have saved many other people from getting scammed, I can't believe this is legal! Thanks again! Melanie Hamilton, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
4, Report #223210
Dec 01 2006
07:52 AM
Credit Union Workers ripoff Dallas Texas
my name is latasha and I was ripped of 37 dollars for a 10,000 dollar visa platnum credit card and when I went to go look it up I found out it was a scam when I read a rip off report. Latasha Dines fremont, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
5, Report #266791
Aug 11 2007
10:09 AM
Union Workers Credit Services Union Workers Credit Ripoff! Dallas Texas
I received on offer in the mail from Union Workers Credit Services for a $10,000 loan, Platinum Activation form, if I send in $37. I was alarmed for several reasons, there was no phone number on the form, it did not request any personal info, I am not a union worker and I don't have great credit. In addition, when I tried to visit their website at the library it was blocked. Thank you to all who posted so I did not send my money in. I am keeping the letter and will attempt to notify the appropriate authorities of this scam. Amy Grand Haven, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
6, Report #875388
Apr 28 2012
03:15 PM
Union Workers Credit Union Obvious Scam Dallas, Texas
I just got a letter from these rip-offs and boy am I thankful for this website! It all sounded good, $10,000 credit limit, 5% APR, WOW! My first rule of thumb, check up on everyone and if it's to good to be true it usually is. There are several of horror stories about these people, and why would the address have a P.O. Box and a suite #? Next they want $37.00 for annual fee up front? No thanks, stay clear of these scum bags and sound off!!!
Entity: Dallas, Texas
7, Report #179137
Mar 03 2006
12:25 PM
Union Workers Credit Union ripoff Dallas Texas
I got a letter in the mail saying I was pre approved for a 10,000 credit card. I sent in a 37.00 money order for the membership fee and never got the card. They ripped me off! Betty tulsa, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
8, Report #149724
Jul 14 2005
11:22 AM
Union Workers Credit Union ripoff Woodlyn Pennsylvania
I feel like a fool. I have a loan thru a Credit Union and I thought that this was something that went along with that. I do not really have $37.00 to throw away and the notice states that it is 100% refundable after the first purchase. Luckily, I guess, I logged on to find the web site for this company and found you instead. Dawn Salem, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Woodlyn, Pennsylvania
9, Report #962881
Oct 31 2012
06:01 PM
Union Workers Credit Services CREDIT UNION RIPOFF DALLAS, Texas
I received a offer in the mail for Union Workers Credit Services stating that if I sent off $37.00 I would receive a credit limit of 10,000.00. I sent the money in thinking that this card was a credit and it would help me repair my bad credit. After receiving the identification card and the offers that they was trying to sell me, I should have known that this was bogus because the items they were trying to get you to purchase look like it was from 1990.
Entity: DALLAS, Texas
10, Report #1038880
Mar 28 2013
03:08 PM
Union Workers Credit Services Union Workers Credit, UWCS The Key Word here is 'Union Workers' credit for catalog purchases on Internet Website Dallas, Texas
After receiving the 'Congratulations to inform me that I was identified & pre-approved for a platinum card membership with a guaranteed $10,000 credit limit valid exclusively toward all credit purchases from credit provider. I didn't have to worry if I had been denied access to a Visa or MasterCard. The interest rate was 5% APR. My satisfaction was assured by a 60 day refund of money & guaranteed. This was a limited time offer & all deadlines were final, & failure to do so may result in my loss of pre-approved status.The annually membership fee was $37.'At first glance the offer seemed okay, even though I was not a union worker anymore. I had seen the letter before & piled it on top of the rest of the mail. I checked the company out on the internet, found their website, clicked on my pre-approval number to access the sites member benefits & the catalog of junk they are peddling. Everything fine here except, I am not a Union Worker anymore & decided against the offer. I wouldn't do the card anyway since purchases can only be made on the site & judging from the offering of name brand products, I wouldn't buy anything anyway. It was pretty much junk & garb I don't need, saw before at the mall or Waldo's & didn't want it.I then checked the various consumer sites & saw 'Scam' all over everything. This is something I automatically do due to the amount of traffic in my email bin. If I see even one scam report, I opt out. I'm not that adventurous. As a consumer, I know everyone peddling anything assumes we are suckers for just about anything especially when money is involved. Always check for scam sites & check the company out that is offering the bonanza. You will be happy you did.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
11, Report #1120760
Feb 04 2014
10:17 AM
Union credit workers credit services RIP OFF # limitless dallas Texas
You Know, we are all in the same boat!, struggling to make ends meet and feed our family. People that do this kind of stuff are just disgusting. Its like the sick joes in africa enslaving their own people and killing to dig up diamonds. Just as bad, stealing from the struggling. I truly hope people are more aware now adays and refrence check everything before taking any action. like sending some money to joe shmoe to supposably get your money. Really sad what our world is coming too. i am soo afraid for my children. Nothing like it used to be. NO INTREGRITY, NO SINCERETY now adays.
Entity: dallas, Texas
12, Report #281413
Oct 28 2007
10:02 AM
UNION WORKERS CREDIT SERVICES revenge on union servic Dallas Dallas Texas
Received the rip off offer from this company, and read the reports on ripoff reports. You can get even with this company by sending back the prepaid envelope they enclose. Just fill it with other junk mail you receive. Fred henderson, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
13, Report #1129584
Mar 10 2014
11:25 AM
union workers credit services credit card services dallas Texas
by there information they give you it makes it sound like a credit card, but it isn't . Its like a service that you buy merchandise out of their catalog. No card. for the low price of 37.oo dollars , in which I paid thinking I would be getting a card.
Entity: dallas, Texas
14, Report #148027
Jun 30 2005
04:55 AM
Union Workers Credit Services pre-approved credit card ripoff Fortworth Texas
In early May I mailed a payment of 37$ to Union Workers Credit Services for a low interest rate Visa credit card. It is now almost the first of July and I have heard nothing!! I checked online to find the following Rip-off reports.I'm sending a report in hopes that someone can take this company down! I will fly or talk to who/where ever I need to. Credit is a hard thing to deal with in these times and I don't need this crap! As it's said before 37$ isn't much but who else will follow behind them. I will never submit a pre-approved offer again. Scott Potomac Falls, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Fortworth, Texas
15, Report #734174
May 27 2011
08:19 PM
Union Workers Credit Services GURANTEED $10,000.00 credit offer Dallas, Texas
This is a fruadulent offer. All credit offers by law have to send with their offer terms of credit. None are given, you only receive a letter congradulating you. You are also told to send 37.00 to cover your yearly dues. in the small print at the bottom of the letter a note states that this is fully refundable with your first purchase. These are all sign of a scam, don't fall for it.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
16, Report #884335
May 17 2012
06:01 PM
Union workers Credit Services pre-approved credit letter Dallas, Texas
I just wanted to post that my husband also received a credit offer from Union Workers credit services for a 10,000 dollar credit limit and I found out it was fraudulent because of this site.  My husband doesn't even work for a union so it really made no sense t get it.  They must be sending these all over the country so beware especially because they ask you to send them a check for 37 dollars. 
Entity: Dallas, Texas
17, Report #188240
Apr 24 2006
08:11 AM
Union Workers Credit Services credit card ripoff Dallas Texas
I received a letter from Union Workers Credit Services, Inc. for a pre-approved $10,000 credit limit with a 5% apr, with an annual fee of $37.00. There was no phone # or E-mail address so I went on-line to find out more about the company. Well, as the saying goes, if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. I am fortunate that I have access to the web and can avoid being prey to this type of preditors. Vickie KINSTON, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
18, Report #208136
Aug 27 2006
10:04 AM
Union Workers Credit Services credit card ripoff Dallas Texas
they mailed me a pre approved letter saying that i am pre approved to recieve a credit limit of$10,000.00 just send in 37$ dallers and i did. i sent them $37 for a $10,000.00 credit card and i found out later that they are a ripoff Ricky losangeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
19, Report #171978
Jan 16 2006
04:07 PM
Union Workers Credit Services credit card ripoff Dallas Texas
Union Workers Credit Services is a Scam! I had recived a letter in the mail about being able to recieve a Pre-Approved credit card, with a $10,000 credit limit. The letter also says that it is platinum card with a low interest rate of 5% APR because I was Pre-approved. The company states that there is an annual fee of $37 to be mailed within a certain amount of time and failure to do so will result in loss of the Pre-Approved Status. Well, not being too experienced with these things, I mailed the $37 to this Scam of a Business. After 2 1/2 weeks passed I started to realize that something is very wrong. I started to look into the situation a little bit more. Luckily I saved the paperwork and the receipt from the money order too! I took the time to call the Currency Exchange and my money order was cashed on 01/06/06. So obiously someone recived the money. I hurriedly went to the internet to search for the web site or any trace of this company. I found nothing at all on Union Workers Credit Services! If there is anyone out there to help me out here, it would really be appreciated! I don't care about the money really, I just want to bring this Scam Artist DOWN! I am willing to talk to anyone in order to help get some Justice and to keep this from happening Again! A Skokie, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
20, Report #167806
Dec 13 2005
03:41 PM
Union Workers Credit Services credit card ripoff Dallas Texas
I feel that it's very wrong to be unjustly done. I'm a disabled individual on a small monthly income. I don't feel that it was right for them to send in the mail to me a letter stating that I have been preapproved for a credit card of $10,000.00 after I remit a money order to them for $37.00. I would like to know who I can contact to sue them and get my money back. God Bless, Karen Maple Heights, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
21, Report #167683
Dec 12 2005
02:27 PM
Union Workers Credit Services credit card ripoff Dallas Texas
I recieved a pre-approved letter for a platinum card. All I had to do was send in a $37.00 membership fee which I did. I never received it. It was all a fake!!!!! Lisa Waterbury, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
22, Report #185140
Apr 05 2006
05:30 PM
Union Workers Credit Services ripoff fraudulent Credit Scam Dallas Texas
I received this in the mail. Requested $37 payment for my Pre Approved $10,000 Platinum Credit Card. Right. Do what I did: Cut up and fold up your other junk mail, seal it up and send it on back to them. Remember: postage will be paid by addressee, and its sent first class. I just cost them about $0.50...I really stuffed it...probably an inch thick. Jason Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
23, Report #240187
Mar 22 2007
01:26 AM
Union Workers Credit Services ripoff credit card Dallas Texas
I recieved a letter from the so called Union Workers Credit Service and after three weeks of nothig, I decided that I would try to contact them to see about the progress of my card. Well low and behold there was no contact information on the letter that I had recieved at all. After another week I still couldn't find a number to call. At this point all I wanted was the $37 dollars that I sent them back. So one night I was browsing the internet and I decided to type in the full name in my google browser, thats when I came upon this site. I was shocked and disappointed to find that I too was a victim of a credit card scheme. Like everyone else I'm so sorry for your lost and inconvenience. Trust me. . .I know how you feel. Jasmine Hammond, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
24, Report #276949
Oct 03 2007
09:52 PM
Union Workers Credit Services Pre-Approved credit rip-off Dallas Texas
Asked to pay $37.00 membership fee. Paid by check but never heard from them again. Wallace Butte, MontanaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
25, Report #277784
Oct 08 2007
03:51 PM
Union Workers Credit Services 10,000 credit limit letter - scam Dallas Texas
I also received a letter from Union Workers Credit Services. I researched the company and found information on ripoff.com. It is a scam. I did not send my $37 thank goodnes. Anyone who did beware and watch their credit! They now have your check which includes your account number and routing number. They required a signature on the return form, so now they could also use this as well. If you have received this letter, do not send in the $37 and if you have, watch your bank account and credit report! Alm Lansing, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas

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