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76, Report #265197
Aug 04 2007
08:37 AM
Union Workers Credit Services They ripped me off !! Dallas Texas
I was offered through mail a credit card pre-approved. I never buy those offers but this time because it involved the workers credit union I kind of believed them. They required a $37.00 annual fee and I did sent it with my bank check (#105). About 2 weeks ago the check was presented for payment and was paid, but my promised credit card is still in the way. I tried to contact them by phone but to be able to be heard you must have your credit card number, what I dont have. I tried to send them an email but dont answer. If it was a serious company it wouldnt be so hard to find them. I think I've been ripped off. I am in social security, my income is very low and it is very depressed that there is people that take advantage of that. Isabel coram, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
77, Report #287305
Nov 29 2007
12:03 AM
Union Workers Credit Services Red Flags Dallas Texas
I received a letter from UWCS yesterday and almost threw it away as I do with most credit offers I HAVEN'T APPLIED TO. Then decided to have a look at it. There were several red flags. 1. I did not apply to this company 2. Wanted money up front. 3. Did not lay out interest, finance charges in letter which usually means there's at least one other part to the process. (When they reveal the actual terms) 4. The letter states ...not to be construed to function as any type of multi- purpose credit card and is EXCLUSIVELY applicable for credit purchases from UWCS. Soaper Seaford, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
78, Report #301308
Jan 18 2008
01:59 PM
Union Workers Credit Services Business Practices and Customer Service Ripoff Dallas Texas
On 1/15/08, I received a Past Due notice from this company. This surprised me since I had contacted Union Workers Credit Services, in October and November of 2007, to let them know that I had not received a bill but, was sending $20.00 anyway, so they don't charge me with being delinquent. I spoke with someone with a heavy accent, who reassured me that they would not do this because they had a record of payments made by me and my account was current. I forgot about the issue, after that. The referenced Past Due notice is dated 1/11/08 with a minimum payment of $23.90 and the listed membership #40700483. I called the company at (877)815-0004, to speak with someone about this messup. Anyone can make a mistake and I was willing to continue working, with them, to straighten out their accounting. I only contacted an electronic voice and, after pushing what I thought was the right buttons (#4), the voice said All of our representatives are busy with other callers, please stay on the line....this call may be monitored, etc. I was put on hold (on my cell phone) for over 20 minutes, no music, no person, no follow-up to help me feel confident in speaking with a person. Nothing....after which, I hung up. In this mornings mail, I receive two envelopes, from Union Workers. The first opened contained a letter dated 12 JANUARY, 2008 which surprised me since the other correspondence from them are dated differently. This letter informs me Thank you for responding to our Platinum card membership offer. Unfortunately, we cannot send your new membership package without payment of the annual membership fee...account balanced $17.00 The member number is listed 41267475. I have never applied for nor responded to any offer, for a platinum card membership with this company! I sure don't recognize the member number. The second envelope, this morning, contained a billing statement dated 1/12/08 (note the date difference from the other letter) for amount of $23.90 with a current balance of $92.86, which I agree with. The listed payment due date is 1/26/08....waite a minute, didn't the past due notice have a date of 1/11/08? What's going on?? I put each of these documents on my table, for comparison, and found the last receipt, from the latest bill from 2007. The last bill, I received from Union Workers, was paid on 11/2/08 ($20.00) with a remaining balance of $132.86 Remember, I called the company to let them know that I did not receive a bill for October 2008 but, had sent the payment anyway, to prevent any conflicts. I sent two payments of $20.00, one for November and the second for December. They had to know and record these payments because the past due notice indicates a current balance of $92.86 ($132.86 - $40.00) with a minimum payment due of $23.90 I am paying the $92.86, so I don't have to continue getting nasty-grams, from a company, I thought, was of value to me. I will not do further business, with Union Workers Credit Services, after this contract is satisfied (#0121176) and would recommend that other consumers avoid doing business with them. At this point, I wonder if this is even a legitimate company...???!! Chuck Ypsilanti, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
79, Report #1033385
Apr 07 2007
03:40 PM
Union Workers Credit Services fraud, scam, rip off Dallas Texas
Five weeks ago I recieved a letter from Union Workers Credit Services stating that I was pre-approved for a $10,000 credit limit. The letter said my member status was platinum and the interest rate was 5% APR. Nothing came in the mail from this company. So, I typed the company name in a search engine, and reports of the same company asking for a $37.00 money order appeared. Jason New Martinsville, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
80, Report #1160341
Jul 08 2014
11:47 AM
Union Workers Credit Services Scam identified via this site Dallas Texas
I received the same letter in the mail guaranteed $10,000 pre-approved 5% interest. Please send $37. I made out my check, and kept thinking something seemed off so I came to this site and found all the people that have been scammed. Ripped up the check. Thank you all for posting.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
81, Report #143707
May 23 2005
11:32 AM
Union Workers Credit Services ripoff Texas
company offers me a credit limint of $10,000 with a platinum credit card pre-approved. offer expires 05/25/05 with a membership fee of $37.00 which I sent to them in the form of a money order on 5/13/05 - have yet to receive the credit card. I'm becoming leary of the offer so I looked on the web and found this rip-off report and I'm following in suit with the reports I have found on the same company about the same offer. I want my money back if I'm not going to be receiving my credit card within the next few days. They have given me an Approval # 0459,64**,**** which I expect them to hold valid. Valerie hawthorne, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
82, Report #144358
May 28 2005
11:06 PM
Union Workers Credit Services ripoff, scam, fraud Fort Worth Texas
Don't send them a thing except to the BBB you won't get anything accept coupons and a headache. Report them and contact Transunion Credit to remove your name from their mailing list. My research has found out that is how they are getting their applicant list Never trust anyone or thing that wants you to send them a small fee for large credit especially if you have poor credit. Robin Centralia, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Ft Worth, Texas
83, Report #143877
May 24 2005
04:17 PM
Union Workers Credit Services ripoff Fort Worth Texas
I was scammed into thinking that this was a Visa or Master with a $10,000 dollar credit limit. I sent a personal check which was immediately deducted from my checking account. I waited for about a week started to get suspicious when I started searching the Internet. Imagine my surprise when I found this company's name listed as a rip off company. I went to this companies site and requested my money back. We'll see what happens. Mark Mansfield, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
84, Report #143879
May 24 2005
04:29 PM
Union Workers Credit Services ripoff Forth Worth Texas
i am on a very fixed imncome and my credit history is poor due to slow payments because of illnesses. When I read the letter I was thrilled. Someone believed in me and was willing to offer me a great offer. But yet something kept nagging at me. Was this for real? For some reason I went to the computer and did a search of the company. When I saw the Rip-Off Scam written over the search I was shocked. Thank goodness I had the sense to search this company first before I wrote the check. To some $37.00 might not mean much but to me it means everything. For those who don't have the use of the computer I feel for you. This company is out to hurt you. I hope Union Workers Credit Services gets what is coming to them and I will be right there to see them go down. I am mad but I Thank-You for your involvemnet. Lenell Petoskey, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
85, Report #146668
Jun 18 2005
10:15 AM
Union Workers Credit Services ripoff Fort Worth Texas
I also received a letter from Union Workers Credit Services and since I had a credit card from AFSCME and am a NYS employee I did not bother to check out the company. Foolish me, I sent a check in for $37 on June 2nd and still have not heard anything from them. The only reason I found out about them being a fraud was when I went to look up a website and found this. I know $37 isn't much but what I'm worried about is what they can do with the information on my check. I was foolish like many of you and I have learned my lesson and will just throw away all of the letters I get regarding my pre-approval for a credit card. Dawn Endicott, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
86, Report #145508
Jun 08 2005
04:47 PM
Union Workers Credit Services ripoff Forth Worth Texas
I recieved the same information in the mail that everyone else recieved saying that i was pre approved and such. I sent the $37 and they cashed it, but i never recieved anything. I did a search online and noticed that i wasn't the only one. What can and should i do ? Sierra Skowhegan, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Forth Worth, Texas
87, Report #144958
Jun 03 2005
11:41 AM
Union Workers Credit Services ripoff Woodlyn Pennsylvania
i recieved a pre-approved credit card for the ammount of 10,000 stating for an annual fee of $37.00 and i found out it is a rip off. I tried calling the number listed on the etter. Te number was for transunion 1-888-567-8688. these people need to be stoped. i'm fully prepared to cooperate in a lawsuit. Danielle williamsville, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Woodlyn, Pennsylvania
88, Report #145158
Jun 05 2005
08:42 PM
Union Workers Credit Services ripoff Forth Worth Texas
Union Workers Credit Services suggest that I was pre-approved for a $10,000 platinum Master or Visa card and all I had to do was send in a one time fee of $37 for the membership or processing. I had been selected because of my Consumer Report from Transunion and it was limited time offer and also a money back guarantee if I was not satisfied. I was very excited about my pre-approval to this company, so I sent in the $37. I should have known it was too good to be true because it is going on the sixth week and I have not receive a card yet. So, I decided to surf the web and maybe I could find their website and find out the delay. To my surprise I am not the only one they have ripped-off. I am very disappointed in myself for believing in this company. I am also upset that companies like these exist and are taking the monies of hard working individuals. Sylvia Brewton, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Forth Worth, Texas
89, Report #145227
Jun 06 2005
01:47 PM
I recieved a letter in the mail, stating I was Pre-Approved for a 10,000.00 Platinum card. With a Service number and a A pproval number with no Bank Affliation. The letter also states that there is an Applicable Law in the State of West Virginia. It stated to send a $37.00 Membership Fee by Money Order and I did so. I have the Money Order reciept for the $37.00 that was sent. Alvis HUNTINGTON, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
90, Report #217195
Oct 23 2006
10:46 AM
Union Workers Credit Services ripoff Dallas Texas
I to have been scamed by this company. I got my letter in the mail sent them the thirty-seven dollar fee and that was that. No more contact and still have not recieved what i thought i paid for. Erica hardyville, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
91, Report #211795
Sep 19 2006
02:43 PM
Union Workers Credit Services ripoff Dallas Texas
It looks like this company has got another $37.00 of another likly subject. every thing that you do to find out where your money is to include where your card is leeds in a circle of answering machines. it brings you to report this message. p.s. hopfly the lawyers will pick up on this and maybe we will get lucky and recieve our money back. Please read this report before you become another frowning statistic. Angela Inverness, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
92, Report #402790
Dec 18 2008
01:25 PM
Union Workers Credit Services $37 scam fraud Dallas Texas
They solicit $37 before they send you credit card. It is obviously a scam. I threw it away. Jamiewamie Philly, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
93, Report #478611
Aug 12 2009
03:01 PM
UNION WORKERS CREDIT SERVICES Stealing $37.00 at a time
Beware: Union Workers Credit Services   Ripping $37.00 at a time
Entity: Dallas, Texas
94, Report #457357
Jun 01 2009
01:24 PM
My brother received a letter from UNION WORKERS CREDIT SERVICES. I searched on the internet and found it was a hoax. MY GRANDMOTHER WAS SMART TO ASSUME IT WAS NOT RIGHT, there were spelling mistakes and it seemed really sleazy in general . Joyce
Entity: DALLAS, Texas
95, Report #493158
Sep 10 2009
11:37 PM
Union Workers Credit Services i was ripped off too. Dallas, Texas
i went on my computer to find info on union workers credit services before i sent them 37.00 dollors.  i  did not find anything so i thought it was on the up and up,it has been over a month now and no credit card. i was going to use the card to get a better truck for me to get around in because i am handicaped and i take my kids and grandkids places the new truck was very important to me.these companys seam not to care who they hurt when they are riping people off as long as they get rich.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
96, Report #476536
Aug 05 2009
05:17 AM
I applied with this company for a $10,000 credit card. The only thing I received was a plastic card that was not a credit card. The coupons sent to me cannot be used in my state. I only want my $37.00 back. Someone should make them pay for this terrible ripoff. Anonymous bessemer, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: DALLAS, Texas
97, Report #394006
Nov 22 2008
02:36 PM
3 weeks ago I got a letter saying that I was pre-approved for 10,000. I should've check them out before sending the money. I hope these guys get caught before other people get suckered into this scam. Pj mililani, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: DALLAS, Texas
98, Report #426003
Feb 19 2009
08:40 AM
Union Workers Credit Services Dont fall for it. Dallas Texas
I recived a letter stateing if i sent $37 i would get a credit card worth 10,000 my husband said to send the money but i said wait and let me check and it and look it up and the internet.And for sure I fnd others got the same letter i did and some got scammed and others did what i did.But people like this need to get a job and leave our familys alone we struggle enough in this hard world we live in.So in ending i hope all wh gets a letter like this does take the time out to think and make sure it is really what it says it is. Sincerly trying to look out for all Stephnie Stephanie Detroit, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
99, Report #436426
Mar 22 2009
12:34 AM
Union Workers Credit Services $10,000.00 ? Platinum Card Scam Dallas Texas
I recieved a letter for a pre approved Platnium card ( it didn't say what kind ? Visa Mastercard ect.) for a $10,000.00 low APR. I try not to use credit so I don't need there card but I don't believe it really exists. The web site looked cheesie and the letter looked like a home made attemp to look official. In such economic hard times I feel bad for the thousands of people that might be doupped by a scam. If they are succesful at getting just 1000 people to send a check for $37.00 they have made more money then I make in 1 year. I live in Oregon and I have read where this has hit some other states so they are working it Nation wide apparently. Heidi Roseburg, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
100, Report #431816
Mar 07 2009
03:06 PM
Union Workers Credit Services Scam Reaches Michigan, Dallas Texas
Thank you, Rip-Off Report. I received a pre-approved platinum card membership for up to $10,000 credit limit in the mail, membership fee of $37 by check or money order. It didn't pass the smell test, so I looked it up on Ripoff Report. Thank goodness for people who took the time to report this mess. I am shredding the offer. What makes this scam especially egregious is that they are targeting union members, hard-working people just trying to get even in today's economy! Hope Lansing, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas

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