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26, Report #343413
Jun 23 2008
08:13 PM
United Cash Loans WATCH OUT! miami Florida
Ok fellow readers I have had a run in with this company. I think someone has taken my personal information and started playing around with my life. THey seriously have every thing from my name address phone work social bank info mothers maiden name email and references. Anyway someone opened a loan in my name how thoughtful of them and used and a bank account i dont use anymore infact there in a hold on the account. So 6 days after the special deposit from this loan company i find out it is in the account. I search high and low for a way to contact these people I finally get in contact with them and tell them what is going on they tell me too bad so sad if it bounces we will have to garnish yor wages. I tried to explain to them it was not me but still... Then he says get a police report. Fine I do I know have the vancouver police department involed. in fact one of the officers tried to call them. oh as luck would have the company was closed. Anyway the best thing to tell you guys who actual search these people out BEWARE. Close your accounts and get your local law enforcement involved. Attorney Generals as well. The more people you have that can see whats going on the more of a chance someone can stop them. Mxdcrml vancouver, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
27, Report #984971
Dec 20 2012
11:57 AM
united cash loans scam artists Internet
Around October 2012 my husband and I were loaned 200 dollars under the premise that we pay a fee of 60 dollars along with paying the 200 dollars back.Since we received the loan they have taken out 60 dollars every two weeks, the first four equalling 240 dollars. Today, December 20th, they took out another 60 dollars plus 50 dollars that they were not authorized to take out. Altogether this is 350 dollars.We were told that the 60 dollars they kept taking out was not going towards the loan it was service fees for not paying the loan back. We were never told this and it is not stated in any contract, which she says we signed and we don't recall signing anythig as it was all done over the phone.The customer service is horrible here, they don't care about what you have to say, don't want to work with you in any way. My husband was trying to explain where he felt wronged and she just kept saying ok? Ok? We have blocked them from taking anymore money out and I have filed a police report citing fraud, I am never paying them another dime
Entity: , Internet
28, Report #334228
May 22 2008
10:14 AM
United Cash Loans - United Bank Threats of criminal action! Philadephia Pennsylvania
I took out a loan through www.unitedcashloans.com in Spring 2006. Thereafter, through an unfortunate set of circumstances, I had to file for bankruptcy. The loan with United Cash was listed on the bankruptcy Plan. Today---May 2008 (!!!), I received an call from a woman who spoke in a very ghetto style informing me that at noon today criminal charges were going to be filed against me for taking out this loan. She further informed me that since I used the internet, and the deposit was credited to my bank account through ACH that I had violated federal criminal laws. She asked for the name of my criminal lawyer, and when I directed her to my bankruptcy lawyer, she wished me luck, and hung up. What kind of tactics is this company using? Threats?? Criminal Action??? I just pulled my original loan documents with the company and its says any disputes will be resolved by an arbitrator. No mention of litigation, and certainly not criminal action! Irishgrrl New Orleans, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
29, Report #370214
Sep 05 2008
04:16 PM
United Cash Loans united cash loans is screwing me Internet Internet
recently I had money problems like most americans. I filed for a loan using the internet. That was the biggest mistake of my life. I borrowed $200 from united cash loans. I was only suppose to pay back $260. They was to debit my account every other thursday until the $260 was to be paied off. I agreed that was fine. Well back in June when I recieved my loan, they sent me a loan renewal via email. I declined the loan renewal and sent it back via email to them. Now they say that I renewed my loan, so now they are debiting my account every thursday. Just last night they dedited my account for $110 and now they say I owe them $195 more. united cash loans do nothing but screw you over. If you decice to every get a payday loan do your homework on the company PLEASE!! Companies should never ever be allowed to screw over innocent people. Leleg high point, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
30, Report #554231
Jan 14 2010
07:08 AM
United Cash Loans - unitedcashloans.com United Cash Loans Harrassing phone calls Internet
Someone called my cell phone from a number I did not immediately recognize, so I did not answer.  They left a message asking me to call regarding a matter from someone named Tameka.  The number is 866-726-6669.  When I returned the call, a man answered; I told him I was returning their call.  He asked me to verify information as this was a courtesy call.  I told him that I wasn't going to verify anything; and therefore we are at a stalemate. Last year I had financial problems and got myself involved in never ending revolving payday loans.  I was able to pay them off completely, and haven't gone back to them since.  Ever since then though, they have tried to get me to return, and are now trying to make me think I owe them money, although they have been paid in full (I have the bank records).  I am reporting them to the Attorney General's office, the local FBI office and our banking commission office.  The Banking Commission has them on record as a company which has been ordered to cease activity in Massachusetts as of August 18, 2009.  There are 95 companies on their list.  You can get the list from the Massachusetts website from an online article entitiled Division of Banks Orders Internet Payday Lenders to Cease Activity in Massachusetts .  It is important to report them to the other law enforcement agencies (attorney general and FBI), as they are actively going after these predators.  Do not be intimidated bny these guys.  They are sleaze balls, and pry information that even banks are not even allowed to ask by law.  These guys practice fraud.
Entity: , Internet
31, Report #312118
Feb 26 2008
09:23 AM
United Cash Loans, United Cash Loans commits Fraud and takes money without consent! Internet
It's my opinion this online cash company would make the Mafia blush! They were taking out the agreed upon amt. from my checking account for many months on an original loan of $300. Fine, this is the price I pay for this type of loan. Then I moved in but kept the same bank account. When I went to their website in Dec. 07 and entered my new address, but kept my bank the same, they did not charge my account on Dec 31st the agreed upon amount. Instead in January they charged my bank account $385 by online check instead of the usual debit. The check was numbered zero (0) and it read no signature required. After much investigating on my own I found out that the State I know live in filed a Ceast asnd Disist order against United Cash Loans in May of 2007. So I guess since they can not leagally do business in my state they decided to grab their money up (more then they were owed) right away. This completely messed up my bank account of over 10 years and my bank closed the account and opened me up a new one. This caused me to have 3 NSF charges of $33. My bank sent me the proper paperwork, reporting unauthorized charges, that I filled out, got notorized, and returned right away. Well. 15 days later I emailed my bank about this and felt that someone was going to have to put these funds back. Either the bank for allowing the charge or United Cash Loans for taking that amount. My bank informed me they were not even going to pursue it because it was a vendor and not an individual. They claim I will have to deal with this company myself. Huh, now they have all that money why would United Cash Loans deal with me? So now I know and I am warning all out there that once you give your banking information over the internet a company can charge what they like to your account and you are on your own as far as getting it back! I am on SSDA and will be over my head in debt for many months thanks to this INTERNET ROBBERY. If there is anyone out there that can HELP me PLEASE, PLEASE let me know. I would be ever grateful!! BROKEINMAINE! Linda Auburn, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
32, Report #227865
Dec 29 2006
08:23 PM
United Cash Loans united cash loans big rip off Internet internet
I took a $300 loan and i was under the impression that I would only have to pay back $390. And so far I have been charge $500 from my bank account. When I called United loans I was told that the bank account will continue to be charge till I paid the full amount due that was $325. I think that $500 paid to them is more then enough I am being rip off and something has to be done. United Cash loans is taking advantage of people that have fallen on hard times. Arvin SPRINGFIELD, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
33, Report #218756
Nov 02 2006
09:33 AM
United Cash Loans united cash loans ripped me off Ripoff Internet
I am also a victim of United Cash Loanes. Here Is THEIR fAX # 1-800-803-8794. cLOSE aLL aCOUNTS. Contact the police. Tandi long beach, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
34, Report #213173
Sep 28 2006
09:21 AM
United Cash Loans ripoff Internet
Anyone having problems with United Cash Loans can report the problem to the FBI. Go to FBI / Consumer complaints Internet and file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center. Save all documentation from your checking account. If they have taken money out of your account without your permission and it has caused other checks to be returned or fees charged to you keep a clear record for the FBI. Also complain to your internet company for example AOL. Also complain to any government agency and Better Business Bureau to prevent other individuals from being victimized. Keep a log of harassing calls and a record of your cell bill noting which unavailable call came from them. If they are calling a work number report this to your employer who, by the way, has alot more money than you do and can take action against them for misuse of company phone line etc. Do not give up. Take action to close down unscrupulous companies such as this. There is a reason you can't find an address, e-mail or otherwise because they are corrupt and do not want you to find them. But I'm sure the FBI can. Patricia Cuyahoga Falls, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
35, Report #376678
Sep 28 2008
06:49 AM
United Cash Loans scam artist Nationwide
I went online to apply for a paid day loan. I have done this in the past with no problem. I went to the united cash loan and filled out a basic form. I was told to print out documents and then I would recieve a email with my loan password and info. I was told the money would be deposited into my account within 6 hrs. I have heard nothing. I then start researching them to find out that They are a scam company. Now I will have to file a report with my bank and pay a fee to keep them for taking money from my account Tracy belleville, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
36, Report #368324
Aug 29 2008
11:06 PM
United Cash Loans Called after three years Internet
I need someone's help to understand how and why United Cash Loans has decided to call me after three years and tell me that I owe $158.00. I don't get calls from collectors anymore so I know that I have never missed there call. So then today, I get a call from them telling me that I owe this money and since 2005 they have been trying to contact me. Well, I have gone through this already and got scammed so I was prepared to talk. I asked why I hadn't recieved a statement, they said they don't do that. I asked why I hadn't recieved a call and they say they can only go six months back and that they have. I told them that until I go through my files and/or I get a statement I won't pay anything. He didn't continue, probably because I was stern, but respectful. He then asked if my email was the same and he said that they only thing he could do was send an email. which he did and this is what it said. This letter is to inform you that your account is now with the UnitedCashLoanFC Department. Account # 307272-0 is currently in a collection status with a balance of $158.00 It is our goal to get this taken care of as soon as possible, so that further action is not taken on your account. Please call (800)-701-7565 immediately. Thanks for being our customer, UnitedCashLoanFC Department What are my rights and do I have to pay this without recieving a statement. I live in Orlando, Florida...should I contact BBB. Thanks Chini227 Casselberry, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
37, Report #835867
Feb 08 2012
09:44 AM
United Cash Loans Rip off attempt Internet, Internet
I did apply for a loan with United Cash Loans. for $400. After approval, they said I would have it in my bank account in 2 days. After 1 day, I called them up to cancel my loan request. The lady I talked to said that it was canceled and would get an email reganding cancelation. The next day, I still got the loan in my bank. You know what I did? Long story, short, I closed my checking account completely and opened another one. End of story. They did not get any money from me and that was 6 months ago. So that is one thing you guys that have been ripped off do. Close your checking account.
Entity: , Internet
38, Report #722797
Apr 27 2011
02:27 PM
United Cash Loans harrassing phone calls Internet
In the last 2 weeks I have gotten a total of 4 calls from people saying a suit is coming against me for a internet crime.  The firtst caller said I had a loan with United Cash loans from 2010.  I told him that no way I have ever had one with them. I said this was crazy and he got loud and said he was sending someone to my house and I was going to jail.  Today I had 4 more calls in a span of 2 hours from the same person, finally I answered and told him that I have never had a loan with them and do not owe them money and then to never call back that I had filed a clain against them.  No money has ever been taken from my accounts in 2010 or this year.  Do I continue to let them call and ignore them or what?
Entity: , Internet
39, Report #691844
Feb 07 2011
09:23 AM
united cash loans Showed their poor subtraction skills Internet
I took out a $300 dollar loan in September, 2010. United Cash Loans took $180 from my checking account two(2) pay periods in a row, and then continued to take two(2) different amounts for the next six(6) pay periods. I get payed bi-weekly. All in all, they made 14 transactions, totaling $910 dollars. I called prior to this amount, and an employee said I had  a $300+ balance and I had service fees because I chose not to pay the whole loan back at one time. I don't remember such small print. One employee told me to look at my on-line agreement to see that I did sign an agreement that said I wasn't going to pay back my $300 all at once. So, when I requested my on-line agreement, all of a sudden my account goes into review and stays there. I have sent emails after emails and still no response from these thieves.
Entity: , Internet
40, Report #190140
May 05 2006
01:00 PM
United Cash Loans ripoff fraudulant... dishonest... scam Internet
Yeah I got a loan from them In April 2006 and started paying it back April 26th 2006 after I had faxed them the info that I wanted to pay the whole thing but they only took the 75 dollars out for the renewal....I even tried to call the 1800 number I was given but I got no where No One answered.... then again on May 3rd they tried to put another payment through and again only the 75 dollars for the renewalthey put my account in the red with the first payment and I occured overdraft charges etc..... finally my bank sent there check back as NSF because they had already over drawn my account so much.. Philip Stockbridge, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
41, Report #241468
Mar 29 2007
09:14 PM
United Cash Loans Dont do it ripoff Mississippi
Here is a number for united cash loans: 800-756-3117 or 800-279-8511. The fax is 800-803-8794. I took out a loan with them which I am going to pay back and then close my acct, and re-open a new one. They will not take more than what is necessary from me. Thanks Kim southaven, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
42, Report #256695
Jun 25 2007
10:32 AM
United Cash Loans Fraudulent Scam Internet
I was filling applications through the internet to get a payday loan waiting to hear a call back. I did receive a call and agreed to a $200 loan from a cash today company. Cash today has been good with calling and confirming the money they are debiting from my account however after a few weeks passed I noticed my checking account being withdrawn money multiple times, on the day I get paid,from another company called United Cash Loans. I never signed up for a loan with United Cash loans and called the number that was listed on my bank statement. They stated that they received my information over the internet and sent me a confirmation email that I will receive a $300 loan unless I answer to their email in one business day. I never received this email that they claim to have sent, in which they replied it was probably sent to my spam folder and there is nothing that they can do about it since I did not reply to the email. The customer service rep said that I will only have one more payment of $67 debited from my account and that's all. I noticed that they still were debiting money from my account and I called again. In which they stated they have no record of the first time I called and told me again that I have one more payment of $67.00. They continue to debit money from my account and in total I have payed them over $900 for a $300 loan!!!! I have spoken to my bank and they agreed to stop payment on their company, but what about the money that I already paid them, will I ever get that back? Kristyn Bridgeport, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
43, Report #340573
Jun 16 2008
07:09 AM
United Cash Loans Scam artists Miami Oklahoma
I borrowed 200 dollars from United Cash Loans the fall of 2007. They debited money out of my account in January 2008. I thought my loan was paid but they have continued to debit money out account every month. Each time it has been over 300 dollars. I have called them on numerous occasions and all they said was that my loan was not completley paid. Which is impossible because they have taken well over what the origional loan amount was. These people are complete scam artists. Do not ever deal with them. I now have to close my bank account which is now negative 700 dollars. Ijust hope that somone will shut this crooked company down. Andrea Palmetto, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Oklahoma
44, Report #1183166
Oct 15 2014
10:46 PM
United Cash Loans Rip Off Kentucky
 I went online and applied for a personal loan. This company called me and said I was approved for a $3500 loan. I was happy. When he ran my credit he said that I neeed to pay the equivalent of one payment up front and I would get it back.I told him I didn't have the money and he insisted that I borrow it from someone. I did that. I was instructed to go by a green dot reload card and put the money on there. So, I did it. He took the numbers from the green dot card and said he would contact me the next day when the money was to be transferred to my bank account.I called him in the morning and made sure he had the right bank information. Then he says I'll be back in 10 minutes after I process the transaction. He came back and said that he needed my husband's phone number so the bank can call and verify that it's okay to deposit the money. I gave it to him and a few minutes later the bank called. I was told that it would take 10 days for the money to be accessable. Funny how the bank rep sounded just like the guy that was giving me the loan! Furthermore, the phone number that called me back was not our banks phone number!! I called back and told the guy that I wasn't willing to do this b/c I could not wait until 10 days to get the money. I need it that day!  He tells me that I can to a Western Union to get the money and have my money in a few minutes. All I need is $298 to cover the western union. I was like I don't have that kind of money. If I did then I would not need the loan. He insists that I ask someone to loan me the money saying that I'll get the money back within minutes and then I can pay the person back. Well, that didn't jive with me.I remembered that I had applied for a loan with a local reputable place and called them to see what they could offer me. They offered me a loan that day and I went in and piclked up the money that evening. No stings attached. I was able to pay off my debt that was holding my vehichle in jeopardy. I called the guy back and told him that I was refusing to get a loan through him b/c I was not willing to ask someone to loan me $298. He was hopping mad. He told me in the beginning that he was waiting for me to tell him when to send me the money via western union, and when I asked him to give me my $156 back he said why would I give you $156 back when I already spent $600 to send you the money via western union? This company is a rip-off!!!! Do not use them! 
Entity: Nationwide
45, Report #956283
Oct 17 2012
02:22 PM
united cash loans united cash loans is trying to take money they never gave me. Internet
I have been receiving threating phone calls from 772-409-6501. They said they are united cash loans and that I took out a 300 dollar loan and my first payment never went through. The guy who called me had a deep accent ahe told me that I need to call him back at this number about my case.I was told that I got an email from them but I never signed up for aoan from them and never got one single email. He has been calling me all day to where I stop answering my phone and put it on a no call list. They call me back every 30 minutes. From what he told me he is in California but couldn't tell me the mayor of California and the number is a Florida number from what I heard other people say.I was told the case was going to be filed tomorrow. I check my emails and my bank account and found nothing from these people. I have Googled this number and found out this is a scam and I want to report them before they start calling everybody. I am going to report them to my local authorites and the goverment so they can be stoped.The bad thing about these people is that they call me from an unknown number and give me the number to call them back at. Also unknown numbers call me and hang up or if I don't want what they are offering they are real rude and ask me why and get mad and hang up. And any number who calls me it is always the same person calling me. This is really starting to get to me I am a good person trying to live my life the way God wants me too. I hope everyone is aware of what these people are doing.
Entity: , Internet
46, Report #261047
Jul 15 2007
08:10 PM
United Cash Loans United Cash Loan - what a rip-off!!! Internet
I took a $150 loan from United Cash Loans on February 2007, what a big mistake! This company debits my checking account every 2 weeks. I did not notice it at first because it was for $90 after I thought I paid off my loan. Last June, they tried 3 times for different amount and since my balance is not enough, my bank charged me $35 for NSF fees - 3 times. They debited my account the day my paycheck hit for $170, $75 and $50. Last Friday, they debited my account for $305!!!! I have to check my bank statements to see how much so far they took from me. I called my bank and told them about this unauthorized activities. They asked me to fill an ACH Affidavit Form and I will close that account so they cannot get any more money from me. This companies take advantage of people who are short in cash - they actually made my financial situation much worse than before. Ana Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
47, Report #257934
Jun 30 2007
12:53 PM
United Cash Loans Fraud, Fraud, Fraud, Stay Clear of United Cash Loans Internet Internet
I was off work with a injury and my car needed major work. i went to United Cash Loans to get a small amount ($250.00) for a down payment so work could be started on my car. I paid them off in one month ($250-loan / $75-finance charge=$325.00) They sent me a letter last week saying that I owed them $655 and that I had to pay them or else. Offered me a smaller payment in order to clear out the loan. I wrote them back and told them exactly when my balance was paid off. I received a letter stating they were sorry and sent me a letter that said I had a zero balance. TODAY I received their usual requested doucuments email saying that I am requesting another loan for $300.00 !!!!!!! I am not requesting anything from them, they have my info to my bank from previous loan and I have no control. If anyone has any ideas please HELP!!!! Mary anne Cudahy, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
48, Report #190202
May 05 2006
07:51 PM
United Cash Loan ripoff Internet
United Cash Loan is a rip off. I'm still paying on a 195. loan on the first I made a payment of 120. and at this time I still owe them. So do research on loan companies before you committ to take a loan and the terms on paying them back. Terry CLEVELAND, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
49, Report #1033577
Jul 30 2007
03:28 PM
United Cash Help!!! Ripoff nationwide
THESE People keep taken money out of my account...They made my checking account bounce checks everywhere.....Now they say I frauded them>>>>I borrowed 150.00 and repaid hundreds and they have no contact numbers...you cant email them...you cant call them...my bank was even worried because they do the ach withdrawal and legitamite companies have call numbers they leave at bank well guess what my bank checked there is no call number MY BANK CANT EVEN CALL THEM...the bank said its illegal for a company to do that...so I had to close my account in which I have had for years! I dont no what to do.....please help..William Corry PA William Corry, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
50, Report #720389
Apr 21 2011
12:15 PM
United Cash Advance United Cash Advance Scammers! Internet
This company is nothing but a scam.  A foreign fellow, Will Gibson, has called my work, my home, my father even, to say they are filing a lawsuit for fraud against me for a supposed loan.  I have never taken nor applied for a loan with this company.  He also attempted to get my father to give him his social which thankfully, my dad who is elderly did not do. When I called the number back of course Will was at lunch and another heavily accented fellow named Adam Wilkinson said he was with the legal department and would help me.  I told him there never was a loan and that I could prove it.   He refused to send me any info regarding such supposed loan and told me to get an attorney.  I informed him my husband was an ex sheriff and that I had never received any such loan.  He then threatened my employment saying that he would contact my boss and tell them about the matter. I verified nothing personal to this man although he tried for my social as well as my bank account number. What a crock!  Something needs to be done about these harrassers and scammers who are nothing but thieves.    
Entity: Internet, Internet

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