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1, Report #161762
Oct 22 2005
09:15 PM
University Of Phoenix ripoff Phoenix Arizona
If anyone is enrolled at the university of phoenix - beware of a facilitator named Eve Clute. She is a monster. She works there to fail you. She has no intention of teaching. She turned in half the class for adedemic dishonesty only if one citation was not exactly right. She gave everyone a zero on their papers. The whole class filed a complaint against her. This is a lonely miserable woman, living alone, in Hawaii with nothing better to do than to scrutinize every DQ and every paper for citation mistakes and immediately reports you to academic dishonesty. She is a bitter woman. The whole five weeks of class was torture. Every student was afraid to speak because she yelled at everyone and graded everyone with zeros. Again, BEWARE - DR. EVE CLUTE. She is evil and must be stopped. Donna Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
2, Report #107641
Sep 09 2004
11:26 AM
University Of Phoenix ripoff Phoenix California
If any of you are interested in 60 minutes doing a piece on University of Phoenix, please go to the website and e-mail them, that is what I did, if they get enough complaints, they'll do an investigation. Pamela Albertville, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, California
3, Report #471957
Jul 21 2009
04:56 PM
i enrolled in the university of phoenix college with hopes of obtaining my degree online at a faster pace. I was attending community college at ccbc, and transferred my credits over at this college. like many others I'm now confused because these classes I'm in has nothing to do with what I was supposed to be going to school for, and their tuition is expensive, not to mention the people are all of a sudden hard to contact now after classes have already started. anita towson, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona, Nationwide
4, Report #422478
Feb 10 2009
01:00 PM
University Of Phoenix, The University of Phoenix crossed an ethical line Phoenix Arizona
The University of Phoenix crossed an ethical line. After endless computer trouble I knew I needed to drop before the 2 week deadline, they wouldn't let me drop. They went as far as to post threads in Arizona to meet the class requirements. Just enough to allow full billing. Then it wassorry we can't help, How convenient. I refused to pay, they refuse to let go of the credit report they hold hostage.Anyone with a similar complaint should contact Leanne Chitwood not that she was any help, I don't think anyone realizes how often this crap happens. Nathan h taylor, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
5, Report #334435
May 23 2008
08:19 AM
UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX Deceptive Practices by University of Phoenix PHOENIX Arizona
WOW!!! Am I really not so shocked by reading other Phoenix/Axaxia students. It all starts to add up for me. From the 6-8 weeks it takes to get transcripts, the first class or two that are mandatory, the lack of explanation about the financial aid process within University of Phoenix, and how damn quick they are to get students hyped up and excited to begin classes. A few weeks ago I had a spinal fusion and couldn't attend a new class for that term, but was told that it wouldn't be a problem. Next thing I know is that my financial aid was not gonna be enough for all 8 classess for the year and told to apply for private college loans. Hmmmmmm I knew there was something wrong with that. @ $1500/Class @ 8 courses, the cost is more than the financial aid awarded. I was told from the get go not to worry. I am a 29 year old who truly wanted to earn, not only one degree, but a double major since I would have been so close in obtaining a second. I don't know what I will do now. I am truly frustrated and saddened by reading what other studenst wrote. I want to file a suit against Phoenix if I can. Nathan redford, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: PHOENIX, Arizona
6, Report #356779
Jul 28 2008
10:31 PM
University Of Phoenix UNIVERSITY OF (H* LL) PHOENIX Phoenix Arizona
I first want to say ,those of you worried about the collections dept. I was once a professional collector.99% of collection agencies do absolutely nothing about your debt.If you want a collection agency of any kind to stop calling or mailing you, write a cease and desist letter.It is a law they must abide by , no matter what type of collections it is.All it is , is a letter saying stop calling me at home, work etc, and do not mail me any litature of any kind. I was once a student of this mentaly incapable so called school.I advised them that my dsl would be down for several weeks.I told this to my admissions counsler and academic counsler etc. Insteaed of them answering my request to drop me from the upcoming classes until i got my dsl back up, they keep in and say, oh just start its only in the 3rd week.So I did, and then I failed.What happens you ask, well 3 days later i get a letter saying I have failed and that if I want to start back I need to pay them 2400 dollars out of my pocket. I asked if they could put it at the end of the loan.They said no, they cant do that.Now from the 2 months I was enrolled I had 3 different academic counslers, and 4 different financial aid reps. Never could I get a return call, or email. They refuse to put a manager on the line.They still send me letters, so I send them back in there envelop with a big message that says F___ Y___ I know what they can and cant do with collections. The law is on my side.I relly want to drive to that building and go off.They stole more money from the governmentthan was alotted.They continued to take money while I wasnot even in school.No way to prove it though.I think there needs to be a class action law suite against this beast of a company. Summlife sugar creek, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
7, Report #277810
Oct 08 2007
06:14 PM
University Of Phoenix University of Phoenix, cant find my money Phoenix Arizona
Has anyone came away from this college with anything other than a headache and a empy wallet? I am a father and husband, I work hard and wanted to go to school, then I saw the commercial for this school. I called the University of Phoenix and got more information. Long story short I enrolled, but somehow instead of going to the University of Phoenix Im enrolled in the Axia University, this is our associate's degree program they told me. Everything is going swell until my 7th week of classes when my mom starts dying. its ok they tell me, just sign this paper explaining why you have to retake your classes and you wont be charged for them, we will just re-enroll you and all will be well. Not so much, before I know it I am getting collections calls and letter telling me that I dropped out so I owe them money, no, no, no I tell them, I signed this little piece of paper and was told all was well in the world. I finally get ahold of my new, new, new, new advisors (we are re-formating our dept.'s so you might get bounced around for a while is what Im told). Well loe and behold the original financial counselor that was supposed to submit my paper work quit/got fired and didnt do it. So now that Ive been out of class to long and they have no proof of this little piece of paper they tell me I owe them 774 dollars and then I can go back to school. I finally tell them I am going to contact a lawyer as they have lied, and stolen from me long enough, and magically there is a supervisor that can fix 4 weeks worth of arguments in 15 minutes, simply by emailing me that same piece of paper. Im in classes again and now they tell me they cant find my financial aid, it got lost in the refund process, and they dont know when they can get it. On top of that my professor blatenly insults me in the class forum, I call him on it, address him in a private forum, he tells me off again. I talk to yet another academic counselor who says, call him, its a misunderstanding. I call him and he tells me that if I want to start something about it, he'll finish it on my grade card. I contact my counselor, I want out of this class now, this is absurd, I have never been spoken too like this before, Im informed that if I want out they will charge me the full amount for this class (Im in my 3rd week../sigh). I want out, I want a lawyer, I want to make sure that no one else ever has to deal with this again, who's with me? David Rolla, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
8, Report #280454
Oct 23 2007
05:00 PM
University Of Phoenix University Of Phoenix Rips off Students Phoenix Arizona
I enrolled with the University of Phoenix in October of 2006 for a Criminal Justice Degree specifically in Crime Scene Investigations. My enrollment counselor discouraged me from doing that and suggested Human Services Management instead, stating that as a Minister, this would be a better fit. Since I had been away from college for some time, I agreed. I was told that I would be eligable for Financeal Aid, and that within two years, I could receive my Degree. Of course, I was told that I had to be enrolled by the end of the Month of October to qualify for certain discounts on certain books that was required,and to waive enrollment fees. In the beginning, I began to encounter problems concerning my enrollment status, and why the rush to get me signed up so quickly. Everything was fine (outside of quite a few computer gliltches with the university website.) My problems began when I was instructed that I would need to take two math courses and successfully pass those courses before I would be allowed to continue with my degree work. Of course, no emphases is placed on the importance of successfully completing Math and its profound effect on one's ability to successfully complete course work. Therein lies the problem. Preacher97 Tacoma, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
9, Report #1014418
Feb 14 2013
04:32 PM
University of Phoenix Apollo Group University of Phoenix: High Costs for Marginal Education Phoenix, Arizona
The University of Phoenix is a failing organization using a failed strategy.  Phoenix, and its parent company, Apollo Group, have exploited veterans and working class individuals (often people of color) over the years to increase their profits.1 Recently however, proprietary (for profit) schools has been facing greater scrutiny from the federal government: from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) and more recently from the Harkin Commission.2 Through Title IV funds, VA loans, and direct student loans, the federal government has provided more than 80% of UOP's funding.  From 2009 to 2011, for example, Phoenix received $196 million in VA benefits.3 According to the US Department of Education's College Scorecard, the University of Phoenix has a 17% graduation rate and a 26% default rate.  The average University of Phoenix graduate will have about $64,000 in student loan debt, with an unknown possibility of finding a job in their major. Credits are unlikely to transfer to other, more legitimate schools.4 In 2013, the University of Phoenix faced serious issues with accreditation.  While the results have been published yet, Apollo Group shareholders have hired a law firm, Hagens-Berman, to investigate whether Apollo Group officials knew of these concerns but failed to notify their investors.  Hagens-Berman is seeking employee whistleblowers who may know about these concerns.5 Recently, the University of Phoenix has been closing campuses and laying off employees with limited notice.  Worker grievances have been aired publicly on the Internet, exposing possible racism and sexism in the organization.6 1. 2., 3. 4., 5. 6.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
10, Report #379883
Oct 09 2008
06:52 PM
University Of Phoenix--Phoenix Financial Aid Fraud Phoenix Arizona
I am writing to let you all know that UOP is what people say it is. I filed for financial aid last year and do to some personal issues stopped the process. I had decided to wait until the new school year to file again. What a mistake that was. When I contacted my finance counselor (it is like pulling teeth to get them to call you) he told me that I would have to fill out the FAFSA for the new school year and fill out the schools FAW or financial aid website. I did all of these things towards the end of July this year. The first week of Aug. my finance counselor notified me that they could not process my student loan because I did not have a valid master promissary note on file, this was not true, I did have one. He told me that I would have to re sign with my lender and when I tried to explain to him that I could not do that, he advised me that I would have to choose a new lender. I asked to speak to his manager and was told that he talked to his manager and his manager said I had to do whatever I was told to do if I wanted my loans. I signed a new MPN with a different lender and heard nothing from my finance counselor until two days ago when he told me that I was not eligible for the full amount of my student loan, that I would have to reapply in November if I wanted more money. I asked him why and he said he did not know. Yesterday I received an email from him that stated UOP back dated my aid year to 2007-2008 and only gave me enough money for my last 10 credits or my last 5 classes (I took a one credit class). I told my finance counselor that this was illegal to do, you cannot back date your aid year especially since we have already started the new school year. In the email it states that my certification was back dated to July of last year. I have sent emails to two different directors of finance concerning this and not one of them has responded other to say that it was my fault because if I had not of stopped the processing in 2007-2008 school year then I would have been awarded the full amount of my loan. I am 11 months away from getting my degree, which I am finding out means nothing. There are very good people who work for UOP and who try to do what is best for the student, there really is. Brian Mueller is no longer at UOP, instead he is now over at Grand Canyon University trying to set up the same process there as he did at UOP. He resigned because he was not given the CEO position. Instead that position was given to another individual whose first order of business was to change the way the employees are being paid. Employees had to make a choice of having three days of pay deducted from their first pay check in October, have the deduction split in half or give up two vacation days all with the promise that once you are no longer working there you get the money or vacation days back. Employees raises are based on how many students they enroll in a six month period, how many students they can keep in their second class, and now employees have to have eight new referrals a month and get those referrals into class. If they do not meet these numbers, the UOP can and does deduct money from you. The lawsuit filed back in 2003 will began the trial in September 2009. It is correct that they have changed the Matrix at UOP to hide what the truth is. For those employees who blow the whistle on their practices, they will find a way to terminate them. For those students who honestly believe that UOP cares, they are sadly mistaken and for those employees who honestly care about their students they will be weeded out and let go. Miraclelady gilbert, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
11, Report #2612
Jul 06 2000
12:00 AM
University of Phoenix rips students off!!!
Check out for more details. Someone else has had as bad of experience as I have! I signed up for what I thought to be a cutting edge technology degree, an MBA in Technology Management. The University gave every indicationt that the program and the University had the latest technology and was up to date. The curriculum is over 5 years old. As you know, business and technology has changed dramatically over the past 5 years. eCommerce is an everyday part of doing business, and yet the program curriculum had no eCommerce related material. Homework tests student's abilities to log in and use the Internet - a valid assignment in 1995 but in 2000 this skill should be a given. What a rip off!!!! In some of the computer labs they have 1995 vintage Pentium 90 computers running today's software. They crawl along and are the complete opposite of the image the UoP uses to entice students to enroll! Don't be fooled! Furthermore, the University has decided to start charging for course modules which contain basic course information such as reading and writing assignments. These used to be free, and under the implied contract between students and the UoP, they were to continue to be free unless UoP changed the terms of the contract - which they did not do. UoP's change to start charging students for modules is a breach of contract under general commerce law! And if that's not enough - UoP is boldly breaking state law by assessing a $30 DECLINED credit card fee (on top of an excessive but legal $30 late fee). That's right - under certain payment plans, if your credit card is declined, they will charge you $30. Arizona state law allows businesses to only charge $25 plus any ACTUAL bank fees. As we all know, banks don't charge to decline credit cards - that's why they have credit card machines!!! Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on University Of Phoenix
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
12, Report #372344
Sep 12 2008
01:08 PM
University Of Phoenix Financial Aid Phoenix Internet
I enrolled in the UOP degree program in August of 2008. I was getting ready to go out on medical leave and tried to get all of the paperwork in place before I went out on leave. Two days after my surgery the came back and said that they needed copies of my 2007 income taxes for verification purposes. I emailed the papers to them and three days later they are calling me saying they needed the forms. I called them and told them I had emailed them as I did not have access to a fax machine. Next I get an email from My Financial Counselor stating that they needed requested forms and then additional information. She sends it to be at 4:32 p.m. Arizona time which is 7:32 p.m. my time. Of course they are closed and she says they need the that day. I did not have a fax so I emailed them to her again. She emails the next day and says she can not accept them due to confidentialy clauses and that I needed to email them to the financial aid dept. So here I go again. Then I get a call from her stating that they needed additional information. I called now they want a copy of my social security card and my marriage certificate. So I emailed that to them now three times. So I get a call today from my financial advisor and she is telling me that the notes in the system say they need my husbands income taxes for 2007. I am married but separated. I ask why and they said you put married on your FASFA and your income taxes say your filed head of household. I explained that I am separated and now they want a letter from the tax place and they want a letter from me saying that I am separated and then they will decided if they need additional info from me. So today I call my advisor and she says I need ti fill out a head of houshold form and I need to redo the verification form on their website. She wants to add my husband on the verifiaction form and then that may take care of the problem. If it does not then I need to file and amended return with the IRS and say OOP! sorry I filed head of household and I should have filed married filing separately. I said no way. I am not filing any amended return with IRS. I have battled with them before and it is a battle you can not win. They audited me in 2006 for having children the same children that I have had since they were born and went back to 2001. I ended up owing them $8900.00 for the EIC they took from me and the interest and penalties for the last five years. I am not changing anything with them that is totaly out. I filed correctly and my taxes were prepared professionally. I have been separated for 3 1/2 years and am not divorced but I know what I am and am not doing. So then they tell me dowload the from from IRS website 1040X fill it out fax it to them so that they can provide it to the Dept of Education and not really file it with IRS. I said no way. They will not come back on me for anything. I called the Department of Education and they told me that they have not requested any additional info from them for my student loans or pell grants. They did not know what I was talking about. What is going on. I am not filing fraudulent documents with anyone to get money. Has anyone else out there had this problem with them? Please help. I would like to get my degree in accounting and would like it from a reputable school but I do not have time to attend class. Any suggestions. Leigh h Bumpass, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #314477
Mar 04 2008
04:58 AM
University Of Phoenix Highway Robbery Phoenix Internet
Well I can truly say I've been had! Thanks to The University I now owe 1700.00 dollars. They claim I withdrew from classes, when actually I could not get a hold of the Proffessors to let them know of a family crisis. I had already attained 12 credits in previous semesters. This bill and the 5,000 dollar student loan I now have without being able to finish the course against my will are all that I have. The harassment from the bill collectors is very stressful. I wish there could be some kind of recompense or reprocution. Michelle East Hartford, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #300994
Jan 17 2008
01:44 PM
University of Phoenix Ripoff Phoenix Nationwide
I was reading other reports and decided to add my take on UOP. I was taking classes at the University of Phoenix and completed 1/2 of my Master's degree. My company was picking up the tab if I got a B or better in each class, where I had a 3.92 GPA. In the fall I was enrolled in Operations of Business Management. The first week we we had to write a report. Anyway, on one sentence in my report I forgot to cite the source with quotes, by accident, as as evidenced by citing the same source six other times throughout the report. The professor then took over a week and a half to hand them back and mine was marked with a 0 for my oversight. After a few e-mails back and forth with the professor(who was a real ass), and figuring there was no way we were going to work out our differences. I then told my guidance counselor about the situation and she said I could drop it and get a different professor. What she didn't tell me was that I would have to pay for the whole class in full, which they stated was a recent policy change, and pay again to retake it. The problem is that my employer was paying and not going to pay for a dropped class. I have tried on several occassions to contact someone within their offices to discuss this situation with no response other than you owe 1900 dollars. Unfortunately, it shows on your credit report and there is nothing you can do to change it unless you pay them, which I had to when I refinanced my home. I would advise anyone, I have to several people who have asked, to stay away as you are only a $$$$$ and not a real person. I had four guidance counselors in a little over a year and half which demonstrates what people mean to them, even their own employees. Absolutely nothing. AGAIN, AVOID UOP. Richard Thomaston, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #1310228
Jun 08 2016
09:57 AM
University of Phoenix Collection Phoenix Arizona
 I just spoke with the financial Joel Montes at University of Phoenix and was told that my account will be going into collections in about a week. I started online with UOP on May 3, 2016 and I withdrew from classes on May 17, 2016 and my total is $640.40. I asked Joel what was the $640.40 was for only after being enrolled for 2 weeks and I was told that it is for the tuition and research fee. I asked, so I am being charged for a whole tuition when I only was there for 2 weeks. That does not make any sense to me and at least prorate the charge. So I adviced Joel that I am not able to pay the $640.40 at this time that he is requesting because I am currently not working and will not start my new job until the middle of June. I was told by Joel that they can hold the account in their office for 12 weeks upon me making payments on it and I asked him what if I am not able to pay until the end of June, so I would have to pay a collection agency because you want to send it to collection because there is no payment arrangement or payment on the account? This is only the 3rd week and the first time today, (June 8, 2016) since I have spoken with Joel Montes since I did a withdraw from UOP. This is definitely a rip off and set to ruin people credit by sending them to collection so soon. If he can keep it in his office for 12 weeks with a payment arrangement, then I am sure he can keep it in his office for 12 weeks without a payment arrangement. I am definitely going to be contacting the BBB regarding this matter because I do not think it is fair to send someone to collection after 1 week of speaking with them by phone and it took him 3 weeks to contact me after I withdrew from my classes on May 17, 2016.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #344486
Jun 26 2008
09:08 AM
University Of Phoenix Univeristy of Phoenix Phoenix Arizona
I think that if we are educated and responsible adults, we should take responsibility for our mistake of not asking questions until we were 100% sure of what U of P has writing on the fine lines of the contracts we signed. With that been said, I will also like to mention that most of us did not have much experience in how the system works when you are a first timer on attending college. I am a native Mexican and when I begin my lousy bachelors program at U of P, I didn't know better and look at what is happeing with the school now. All I know is that I was very excited to begin a new career and I TRUSTED a school as we can see the school is in trouble. (parent school Apollo school) who has had to pay according to The Arizona Republic $9.8 Million dollars in fines to Department of Education. University of Phoenix parent Apollo Group Inc. paid a $9.8 million fine to the Department of Education two years ago to settle similar violations of the Higher Education Act (The Arizona Republic). Further, the paper states: The lawsuit was filed in early 2003 and dismissed by the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California in 2004. The plaintiffs appealed, and this week, a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the dismissal, meaning the case can go forward. The lawsuit was filed under a provision of the federal False Claims Act, which allows whistle-blowers with evidence of fraud against the government to sue on behalf of the government. I think what really make me mad is that the school F*&^% Up on my degree and instead of me having a Bachelors Degree in Management, they assigned me to Bachelors Degree in Marketing. To make things worse, nobody (useless counselors) ever told me a thing until my last 3-4 classes when I noticed that the rest of the classes were ONLY about Marketing. When I asked, I was told it was too late to change and if that was my decision, I was going to have to pay EXTRA to take the classes ALL OVE AGAIN. I ended up graduating with a degree I HATE. And I paid twice what I paid at Bellevue University (Nebraska) for my Master Degree. I had no choice and seens I am not a quitter, I completed the entire degree. I feel like U of P only wanted my money and later when I tried to resolve the mistake THEY made, they washed their hands. I strongly believe that is very but very unethical. Flaca phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
17, Report #1236702
Jun 19 2015
11:37 AM
University Of Phoenix University of Phoenix Is Killing Me Phoenix Arizona
University of Phoenix, put simply, is the worst mistake that I've ever made. I went to them hoping to get an Associates in Arts and now I've been charged for a class I didn't take. According to them, there were discrepencies on my transcripts and they refuse to release any records of me until I pay $975, something that i simply cannot afford. Now, thanks to them, I cannot get into the military as there is an open dispute on my credit report. It's killing me that I can't do something that I've always wanted to do just because these people have ruined my credit and my life. If I hadn't gone to them, I would not be in this position that I am. I have no way of affording school, I can't work because I don't have any experience at all. The military is my last option to get some kind of training and schooling because I'm not about to burden my parents with loans. I don't know who to turn to for help in this. I have nothing to give in return for help. I don't even know what to do as far as getting this taken care of because I have no money. Please, if there is anyone out there that can help me, please help. Don't let these people get away with what they're doing.
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #150804
Jul 21 2005
10:11 PM
University Of Phoenix Courses do not transfer to California State University Phoenix Arizona
After consulting with a UOP Single Course Counselor I enrolled and completed a Business Statistics course. Allison Swink had told me that the course was acredited and would and has transfered to the CSU system. She also said it did meet the general education requirement. I received an A in the course and had my transcripts sent to CSU Dominguez Hills. They rejected the course and said that they do not recognize courses from UOP. I contacted Allison Swink and she just apologized and said there was nothing she could do. I feel that UOP misrepresents itself and its courses offered for transfer. They were very helpful at signing me up but failed to help when I needed it. Sam Long Beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
19, Report #377699
Oct 01 2008
01:36 PM
I worked for the UNiversity of Phoenix, Axia College as an Enrollment Counselor. My boss took a liking to me, and she was always making me go to COSTCO, or ROSS, or anywhere during business hours, and I was losing students because of the time I was forced to spend away from my desk. When I told the supervisor DARA LEE that I did not want to go with her anymore, because it was taking away from my productivity, she began to hold back leads from me, and make my life miserable on her team. When I refuted the marks she gave me on my evaluation, she really began to attempt to intimidate me by slamming things down on my desk, not assisting me by calling back students that she needed to talk to, and saying that my area smelled. She also had her manager friends make snide remarks to me when I walked by, and she turned my team members against me. I filed a report with Human Resources, and maybe 48 hours later I received an email from Marce Largent, who was the Employee Relations Consultant (ha) at that time. She assured me that my case was being investigated, and said that it would take apporximately 30 days to get a resolution. So for 30 days, I was subjected to a hostile work environment. I asked if I could be moved so that I would not have to suffer daily harassment from this woman and her cronies, but they refused to move me to a safer working environment. I ended up having a nervous breakdown, and had to seek professional help. My Doctor put me out from work, and started me on a regimen of Effexor 150mg a day, just to calm me down. I became extremely depressed from this orderal, and to add insult to injury, THEY NEVER DID ANYTHING!! When I called after the 30 day time period to find out what new team I was going to, they told me that Marce Largent no longer worked there, and they don't have any idea what was going on with my case. I could not understand how I supplied them with all of the e-mails, text msgs and phone calls to support my claim of harasment, and they did nothing. They ended up firing me, because I would not go back to work under those conditions, and I would not go back until someone updated me on my case. I feel abused and mistreated, and I feel that UoP did nothing to protect me, and I was discriminated against by management. I am definitely actively looking for legal representation, because I feel that not only were my Civil Rights violated, but that I was mistreated as an employee, and nothing was done about it. Kori64 PHOENIX, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
20, Report #136349
Mar 25 2005
06:43 AM
UOP University of Phoenix ripoff Minnesota
I feel I must add my only comments and experiences regarding the University of Phoenix. I feel I was deceived, mislead basically taken advantage of. They painted a beautiful picture and I fell for it. Luckily for me I was able to withdraw after only 3 classes. I did not apply for financial aid (I use tuition assistance from my employer) I have been informed that other universities do not charge nearly as much as UOP. The comments on the books and resources fees it right on but they neglected to mention the cost of paper and ink to print out the pounds of reading every week. The amount of time spent on line responding to posts is ridiculous. I signed up for this school because it sounded like a terrific way to get a degree. I feel as if I was just buying the degree. The only thing I can tell you I have learned is that APA style is a thing and how to format it. I feel the school had an unreasonable amount of work done in too short amount of time 5 weeks without enough instruction. I was frustrated with trying to figure out what was expected of each assignment before even trying to complete it. In my second class with the UOP one of our discussion questions was Do you want a degree or an education? My thought on that was an education! I now intend to find another school and get my degree as well as an education. Debra mpls, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Slp, Minnesota
21, Report #116733
Nov 08 2004
02:53 PM
University Of Phoenix ripoff Internet
I was minutes from sending in my registration check the day after my appointment with an enrollment counselor when a friend who knew what I was planning to do called and said, hey, take a look at all this..., directing me to's extensive history of allegations against U of Phoenix Online. If I had mailed that check, I would have had to go through a whole lot of headache to get myself UN-involved with them--mainly the financial aid application. It was clear they were very eager to get my 'financial aid' money, and get all that they could get me to qualify for, as quickly as possible. That should have been adequate warning for me, but I guess I'm gullible. After some research and talking to several people with experience with U of Phoenix Online, I now understand its purpose. They OUGHT TO explain to prospective students the differences between their method of education and the standard or traditional style of university/college education, but, in my case, they DID NOT. What is more, I left copies of transcripts and CLEP and DANTES test scores (official copies) in the enrollment counselor's office so she could make copies and she stated she would give them back to me the following day when I came in for further orientation and to finish up applying for financial aid--they clearly wanted to get this going as fast as possible, but stressed that it was for my own sake (a bit of a hustle obviously). When I called to let the enrollment counselor know that I had changed my mind, she suddenly needed to take another call and never called me back, as promised. I called several times asking when was a convenient time for me to come by and pick up the transcripts and official records I had left with her, but she never returned my phone calls. I finally went back into their offices, without notice, demanded action from the receptionist; he went and got the paperwork from the enrollment counselor who would not come out to see me. Very slimy, very unprofessional. These people obviously don't like to be called into the light when they get caught. The experience is not unlike dealing with a used car or a Kirby vacuum cleaner salesman. The University of Phoenix Online program is a very cheesy operation, in my opinion, even if it does benefit some professionals seeking some kind of educational advancement through higher degrees. Higher education should not be a casino-like financial aid gamble from before the very first class. The University of Phoenix should at least inform the uninformed and not try to grab any and all financial aid, without shame or restraint, from the unsuspecting or ignorant student-to-be who is making an honest effort to return to school. The University of Phoenix route is NOT for most students, since most students require a well structured environment and a level educational playing field, especially for the kind of money U of Phoenix is charging (56K for the average Bachelor's degree is comparable to a real university). It may work for some people, but certainly would not have been a wise investment for me. Scott Burbank, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #956366
Oct 18 2012
07:42 PM
University of Phoenix Mislead , Internet
I was ripped off by UoP I have a useless MBA and thousand of dollars in debt.  My story sounds like thousands of other victims and I'm not the last.  We need to fight back take this school and others like it out of the education industry for good.  This is America and we are letting a company like this get away with ripping people off - stealing their dreams. 
Entity: Internet, Internet
23, Report #194301
Jun 01 2006
02:28 PM
University Of Phoenix ripoff Oceanside California
UOP is not a very good school to choose. They may save you time but you lose quality. Most of my classmated were very uneducated. Most of my classmates wouldn't have gotten in to any other school. It just was a horrible experience. I wasted two years and over $20,000 in tuition. If you want a degree go to a REAL SCHOOL K oceanside, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Oceanside, California
24, Report #339290
Jun 11 2008
12:16 PM
University Of Phoenix UNETHICAL! Internet
My enrollment advisor Zach Blair was the first person to contact me from this organization. I was intrigued that I could get an eduacation online andin my own time. So I signed up! I was enrolled as a full-time student for a year when I decided to look into how much I owed Salle Mae. I was stunded when they told me $16,000.00! The following day I did some research on my local community college. Some of the students gasp when I told them what my debt was for one year of college. At that point I made the decission to withdawl from UOP. I was trying to complete my last class before doing so and the advisors I was working with were aware of my future departure. The day before I was scheduled to take my final exam UOP dropped me from the class. The result is me owing UOP over $1,000.00. I asked for a detailed report on what I was paying for many times but was never given anything. I told my finance counslor Delaina Dowdy that I would have to make payments monthy. She said that was fine but in three months if the account was not paid off I would be sent to collections. I found that hard to believe due to the fact that my account would not be deliguent, which is the usual reason people get sent to collections. Here I am two months later still paying for what-ever it is I am paying for. I have enrolled in a traditional college and sent my official UOP transcripts to them. Nearly none of my UOP classes transfered! So great I am out $16,000.00 and 30 credit hours of school. My current college is willing to review my classes to see if they cn get the school board to approve them, they said for me to bring in my syllabus' from the classes I attend at UOP. I have email and called for the information and was told there was no way for me to get the information. If you ask me, what type of higher education facility does not keep that kind of information for in students records or even teacher/class records. To chalk-it-up UOP recrutes and practices in an unethincal manner. I was never told how much classes were going to cost. I was even told the classes were alot less than traditional colleges because their focus was to help working class people.I never got a chance to pick my classes or my schedule.I would take final exam for one class and the next day start another. And yes the enrollment advisors do make commision! I heard it from the horses mouth!! I hope something can be done about this. I hate knowing there are others that will get scammed! Maybe somebody will read our complaints that has knowledge of education laws. Leah S The Woodlands, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1297595
Apr 03 2016
08:50 PM
University of Phoenix Online school Internet
 I enrolled 2/3 classes then they were so unorganized I withdraw, I go to do a credit report and someone took 5/6 classes in my name after I stopped attending. I filed a police report like they told me to and after many many calls to different department explaining what happened, they still reported the 10,000 plus to my credit. I have told them over and over it wasn't me. After I left the school, the school still accepted grants for the school which I was previously left. They won't take this off of my credit and call me saying I owe money! Which I explained I only took 2/3 classes not 5/6!!! They have damaged my credit. Idiots!!!
Entity: Internet

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