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1, Report #571252
Feb 19 2010
08:48 AM
VERIZON Verizon scam rasie my verizon bill Richmond, Virginia
Verizon is a good and respectable company but there hiring sell contractors by the name of Global Business strategies and there are a few others ones that will ruining there business. Two guys came into my business claiming they were from Verizon and that they can save me money on my verizon bill. They look over my bill and said that i was paying too much for my DSl internet and my phone lines. They wrote up the paper work and the price that was on my contract was $249.93 two months later i get a bill for $400.93. i called verizon and ask them why my bill went up and they told me that i add 13 encrypted mail back up and security and put  unlimited calling and a line i don't even use. Verizon took all the charges off. The next day a girl came into my business claiming she was from verizon i told her that the last guy who came in here rasie my bill and that she doesn't for Verizon. Then she told me the truth that she works for a thrid party company that sell verizon. She told me most poeple who work in there office will raise your bill because that how they make money. I also ask other business owner about it and they told me very similar experiences with verizon sell contractors. if u own a business do not allow them to touch your account.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
2, Report #1041767
Apr 08 2013
06:35 PM
Verizon Verizon Billing, Verizon Service, Internet
Verizon is Responsible for the death of our pet dog, as well as several hundreds of dollars in overdrafts and unpaid bills due to refusal to timely refund an erroneous overpayment of Home Internet/Telephone services. It takes less than 5 minutes to pay your Verizon Telephone bill online right?   Using Bill Pay through your bank is a convenient process, but:  If by a glitch in the system or user error etc., IF, you over pay your bill, you will be in for a Very Long Process of getting your rightful money back from Verizon. They make it nearly impossible to get your overpayment back without spending copious numbers of hours and days contacting them, basically begging them to return the money. On March 20, 2013, I sent $40.18 to pay my monthly Telephone/Internet bill.  My computer froze, and when I went back into Bill Pay, I'd sent them $2,240.18, thus Bankrupting me/us.  We live on Social Security and have no resources for money except this money.  The moment I'd noticed the error, I called Verizon and Wells Fargo.  I made numerous calls to Verizon the next day (3-21-2013).  They verified the overpayment but in essence REFUSED to make arrangements to return our money.  I've called them as many as 5 times a day since March 20, getting different answers about the process of being refunded.  As of this writing, it has been over THREE weeks, and we have been over drafted, unable to pay our bills, including Life Insurance, Rent, Medical bills, and as well, Lost our Pet Dog due to inability to pay a veterinarian to care for her.  Other customers have reported to this site, of several weeks to a month or more in getting a return of money.  This should be ILLEGAL.  They don't have the right to hold on to a customer's rightful money, and certainly should NOT accept funds that are many times the actual bill amount. It is my/our hope that someone in a position of power help to force Verizon, and any large company to follow a strict rule of refunding money when it is demanded by a customer, and that the refund come either in the same form of payment or in usable funds no more than 5 days from the demand of same.
Entity: Internet, Internet
3, Report #616056
Jun 22 2010
08:54 AM
Verizon - Verizon Wireless Unethical Business Practice Internet
On 17 June 2010, I lost wireless service, called IT and was told it was my computer, so I purchased a new computer, 18 June 2010 was told it was the modem, drove to the store they loaded new modem, and I was able to get online.  Went home to discover it did not work, was told it was a bad modem by IT told them it was new and it worked fine at the store.  Well now they opened a trouble ticket and said they would call me on 20 June 2010, no service no call.  I called Mr Roberts and Mr Mulley in the Carolinas about having no service and what it has cost me, they will not return calls.  Now IT/Credit/Customer Service puts me on hold and then hangs up.  Bottom line it has been 6 days they have told all of us in the neighborhood they sent a technician out, to date we have not seen anybody.  Verizon will not allow me out of the contract because the opened a work order (Note:  If they open a ticket and never close it there is no way out of the contract) Verizon will string you along until the get it fixed no matter how long it takes.  They believe they are operating in good faith because they will not charge you for the days you do not have service.  But I am in online classes and they just say sorry for the money and grief they have caused me, but there is not fix time on the horizon.  Alvin and Santa Fe have gone down now and we will be fixed after them so I imagine it will be another week or 2 before we get service.  Do not go with Verizon they lie are unethical.  Above all else Verizon has no sense of urgency to resolve your problem they are only interested in keeping your money no matter how they do it.
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #557972
Jan 21 2010
01:16 PM
Verizon - Verizon Wireless crooked as you can get Internet
  my girlfriend had an account with altell that she purchased for her daughter and she told them she would be joining in a month or so. They said no problem it would only be $9.99 a month and that would be no problem. After a month she went down to altell and they said were now verizon. They told her she would have to get a second line and that would have to be 130.00 or so she would have to pay for two accounts. The service kept dropping calls and  there map commercial is a joke they have very little coverage. We searched and found out that sprint was the best for are area. We told verizon to take a leap and there no coverage map went with it. we thought we would have to pay an early termination fee for a couple hundred dollars. she got a bill for $500 dollars and they called the same day and said something like are bill for cancellation is the 500 and altell agreement is 200, so she got a bill for 700.00 please stay away from these con artist they think they are this big company trying to smash the little guy down. Verizon your map really does suck and that commercial is so lame.
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #563158
Feb 01 2010
02:34 PM
Verizon - Verizon Wireless Deceptive practices over contract cancellation Internet
Once again, another oversize corporation uses it bureaucracy to manipulate a cancellation request for its own benefit to generate fees by forcing the facts to appear within their policies. I called and worked the expert phone system that Verizon is so famous for to cancel a phone line because I was changing to another carrier. They insisted that the call be made on a certain date to avoid charges. I complied their system and I received a billing statement showing a $28.64 balance on an account that was closed. When I called to request a check for the credit balance, first the account password was magically change internally. After guessing the new password, the powerless representative that cannot make a decision, consulted with a supervisor before discussing what should be a routine transaction. Then Verizon Wireless came back with another obstacle and invented a new early termination fee for an account that had already been closed. Once again, somehow the account was magically left open after having been closed. The account was left open for who, the hackers that break into their systems? It was just one obstacle after another with the intention of absorbing my $28 and trying to squeeze another $125 out of me. This is an evil posture that this and other corporate behemoths are taking. The use of their size and access to other systems generate unearned revenue from Other Fees & Charges from perverted legal clauses that have changed several times with a Notice of Change in Terms over the life of the contract. So we invent the rules as we go to suit the needs? All this on a pre-printed form that no one can read. There is no law in a place where the Rule of Law can be modified to suit the whims of the multinationals and mega-corporations. Unfortunately, in a legal and political environment that is influenced by lobbyists, the consumer has no voice and left fend for himself to argue with an un-yielding apologetic account representative so their massive technology systems can continue their justified harrasment. Where does it end?
Entity: Internet, Internet
6, Report #212636
Sep 25 2006
01:26 PM
Verizon, Verizon Florida, ripoff Tampa Florida
I've been back and forth with Verizon to dispute a phone charge of 203.00 their trying to make me pay. Some of my phone services was turned off due to non payment back in January of 06. March 16, 2006, I paid the balance of a $576.00 bill. In doing that, Verizon restored my services. Now here it is 5 months later, their telling me I owe 203.00 for internet service. Mind you my service was restored in March. Now their telling me it was turned on in error. My internet service has been off since August 28th 2006 due to the 203.00 charge their trying to make me pay. I spoke with a lady by the name of Judy 1800-483-7988 ext.359, what a joke that turned out to be. Not only did she tell me I owe the money, she told me it's the responsibility of the customer to make payments on the right account. I'm sure i'm not the only one dealing with the same issue with them. Sophia Tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
7, Report #395235
Nov 26 2008
08:06 AM
Verizon verizon triple freedom Towson Maryland
verizon triple freedom should be called verizon take your money.I ordered this in June for the amount of 105 per month .as of the 10th of June I had a 0 balance on my account to date I have paid/owed a total 1436.60 when talking to several people at verizon for over 2 hours with so much double talk and added fees.I was told my next bill would only be 168.00(far cry from the 105 that was stated.when doing the math 6 months divided into1436.60 in my book comes to 240 something a month tell me this is not highway robbery! beware Lee Towson, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Towson, Maryland
8, Report #603274
May 14 2010
08:36 AM
verizon wireless Screwed By verizon again Internet
 Boned by Verizon again. Been a member for 13years. Now to get a phone, I was told I had to have data package because it was necessary because of browser, I told them I wanted the same as daughter. I was told it was necessary to have data package because of up grades. Now I have NEVER used all my minutes, usually leave 300 or more on table. The last thing I wanted was to purchase something again waht I will NEVER use.  After getting said phone, I called and had service terminated.(new one was for 14 yr. old daughter). And lo and behold, I was able to terminate the service I was told I needed.  I am looking in a class action against this company. Any one else who has problems, e-mail me. I am going to make this company pay 
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #679257
Jan 05 2011
08:19 PM
Verizon Verizon Deceptive Practices Internet
Verizon (Both Landline phone service, internet and Verizon Wireless) has constantly gone down hill for years, especially with regard to their customer service and deceptive selling practices. I transferred service from one home to another, of course the representative tried to "give me" free stuff for 3 months on both internet and phone service. I declined all of them..........because, if you don't cancel them, they continue billing you for the services. Even though I told them that I declined all of their "special and free offers" they showed up on my bill anyway. What is that? They're hoping you don't catch it and continue to pay the bill. I recently transferred my business line to a new concern was that my business phone line would have interrupted service so I discussed this with them when I finally got through to someone after being on hold for about an hour. "Oh no problem, ma'am, your service will only have a few hours of interruption during the transfer, however, your voicemail and call forwarding will stay in tact". RIGHT! None of that happened. I ended up not having any service for 2 complete days. My call forwarding (to my cell phone) was cancelled AND my voicemail system had been deleted of all information. On top of ALL of this, they charged me a fee to transfer my service to a new address so they could interrupt my service for 3 days. Oh, and Verizon Wireless..........Oh my goodness! I dont' even know where to start with them. The customer service representatives (LOL) are hateful, rude, and act like they are doing YOU a service just by talking to you. VZW screwed up my account royally when I tried to add two Blackberry Phones to my account. I ended up with two separate accounts, both of them getting screwed up and being charged inappropriately. My monthly cell phone bill for 5 phones (only 2 had web services) was over $600.00/month. I had been with Verizon for many years and was very happy with their services, but these days, you need an attorney to look over all of your contract (which looks like a receipt) before you sign anything with Verizon. Basically, the fine print states that they can do whatever they want whenever they want, change prices, and we as consumers have no recourse. The most customer service I have ever received from Verizon is when their collection representatives began calling me after I cancelled my service with them and refused to pay their outrageous termination fees. (Over $800.00 even though I had been a customer of theirs for over 5 years) This week, I'm getting ride of Verizon Service for my business (phone, fax and internet) AND I'm getting rid of their fabulous FIOS service at home) There IS a better company out their............we just have to show Verizon that we are fed up with their deceptive practices and are tired of being treated like animals. They are not GOD!
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #1106139
Dec 11 2013
11:12 AM
Verizon Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot Jetpack Internet
I am writing this complaint about Verizon 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot Jetpack sold at Walmart in Minden Louisiana. I bought this service after reading an advertisement booklet at Walmart on Verizon Jetpack 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot.It said in the booklet that 10GB would only be $60.00 and after I got home and got it activated I only received 3GB for the $60.00. I called Verizon with my complaint and the man just kept me running in circles that the best he could do was add another 7GB for $30.00 more dollars. He told me the plan for 10GB was $90.00. I ask him why did the verizon booklet say 10GB for $60.00? He would completely ignore the question. I have the booklet and email receipt of what I received and I got beat out of 7GB. This is false advertisement for a service that dont exist and Walmart is allowing the scam to take place out of their store atleast in Minden La.   Dont be fooled. Dont buy this product unless you are comfortable with being took advantage of and paying $90.00 for 10GB. I have hardly used the 3GB and it shows almost gone.I bet 3GB is really 1GB and 10GB is really 3GB. These are thieves - crooks - and robbers and must be held accountable.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1303160
May 02 2016
03:01 PM
Verizon Verizon Wireless Rebate Scam Nationwide
When the new Samsung Galaxy S6 came out, I decided to check it out to see what all of the fuss was about. I was thinking about purchasing a new cell but a purchase wasn’t necessary because my previous cell phone was still in great working condition. The sales rep at the Verizon store was very informative and gave me information on a $50 rebate that was available for a limited time offer. So, I bit. Decided to get the upgrade to the new cell phone in part because of the extra $50 rebate.   A while passes after sending in all of the information to the rebate center. I hear from them that they lost some of the info and I would need to resend all of the information again. So, once again, I submit all of the information to their rebate center. After a couple more weeks, I hear that the submission is now valid and i will be receiving said rebate in the mail. A few weeks go by and I hear nothing from them. I allow them a few more weeks to get the rebate card to me. In the meantime, I forget about it, just like they want you to forget about it. While cleaning up some emails, I see this rebate email and decide to contact Verizon once again to inquire as to when I will be receiving said rebate card. I have been very patient with them.  Well, Verizon successfully stalled just long enough for the 6 months to pass, therefore denying me the rebate. The Rebate Center customer service rep says that the rebate card was only valid for 6 months from the time of original occurrence, not from date of receiving the rebate card, even though I was told there was no expiration on the card. So I told them that I never did even receive the rebate card. They must issue and validate the card before anyone can even use the card. How can something expire before it is even issued?  They could care less. I talked to a customer service rep, her supervisor, and his supervisor. All they could do was tell me that they are sorry. Well, sorry doesn’t solve anything or remedy the situation.  Verizon was supposed to issue me a rebate card, but they never did send it to me. They offered up NO SOLUTIONS. They say that the funds for the program are no longer in the rebate fund account. I tell them that the simple solution would be to transfer funds back into the rebate program. This blows their minds. How is this possible? You mean funds that were transferred into, then out of the rebate account can be transferred back in to the rebate account? Incredible!!  Who would have thought that funds could transfer BACK into that account? Apparently this concept is too easy of a solution. No, they would just rather keep my money than issue the stated rebate. So, after being a loyal Verizon customer for 10 years, this is how they treat me. Offer a Rebate, take too long to send me the rebate, then tell me that the rebate window has expired and I am out of luck. Rebate are the biggest scam out there, after insurance. They pull every trick in the book to keep from issuing you a rebate. That’s what they count on. That’s why rebate are so lucrative for these unscrupulous companies. They lure people in with the promise that you will get some of your hard-earned money back. But the rebate never actually materializes. Never again will I do business with such a manipulative and unethical company.
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #523733
Nov 14 2009
04:55 PM
Verizon - Verizon Wireless I have had it with Verizon! Internet
Inadvertently back in August, 2009 I missed my monthly payment to Verizon Wireless. For the last two months I have been tacking an extra $20 to get the balance down to normal. Well, for Verizon, this is just not enough, nor fast enough. Mind you, I have been a customer with Verizon for over seven and a half years. I am thinking for the amount of time I have been a customer, multiplied by the average monthly payment, Verizon has been the recipient of almost $5,000 over this period. During this time I have had what has amounted to lackluster service and reception with Verizon (where is the dweeb with his posse in my neck of the woods Verizon?). Well, Verizon crossed the line in a most heinous manner and today I called them on it. Verizon, in all their infinite wisdom decided to call a relative and leave a voice mail message through their collection department on said relatives phone. Hmm, what part of privacy is missing from this tactic? Upon calling their hyper-defensive financial center today, I was told by their customer service rep. (HA!) that I had gave Verizon this number as a contact. I was told by the CSR that I basically lied to Verizon, wrong, it is the other way around. After informing the CSR that the balanced had been paid in full I informed her that the relationship between Verizon and I had finally reached the breaking point and that my only option at this moment in time is to get rid of them. The CSR immediately hung up on me. After a substantial amount of money over time, one mistake makes Verizon turn into a**holes on a frantic collection frenzy. Why would anyone want to do business with this company? I am sure I can find another carrier with better reception in my area that do not out over minor mistakes and actually reference past payment history to find out who the real dead-beats are... Goodbye Verizon.
Entity: , Internet
13, Report #605949
May 21 2010
07:07 PM
ESBI & Verizon Verizon Verizon Scam Using esbi, Internet
The only solution to keep this from recurring is to to cancel your Verizon account.Steve, Harrisburg, PA.
Entity: Internet, Internet
14, Report #638299
Sep 07 2010
07:15 AM
verizon verizon california Fraudulant Charges by Verizon Internet
This is about in March 2010 , I did contact with Verizon to find out their offer for Internet, Telephone and TV. During my conversation with the customer services representative in Verizon, I asked him to give me the price for the lowest services they were offering. The CS Representative was insisted me that he can get me the service which is better but very good discount rates. Aftel all our conversation he confirmed me that I will get the services of verizon Phone, Internet and TV , he was calling a Bundle , in $78.00 which includes the Tax , fees everything. I several times confirmed him that the price he is offering is included with Verizon fees and taxes and I told him if the price is higher then, I will go for some other option which will fit within my budget. He confirmed me that the price he is offering me is included with all taxes and fees and the figure he gave me is $78.- He also told me that if I want I can change the plan. Finally after all my conversation with The CS representaive, I did confirm the order. The technical staff of VERIZON visted my apartment and install the line services etc. After that the first bill I have rerceived , but surprisingly the amount on the bill was $105.- instead of $78.00. I did call the verizon and enquired about the bill. First this time It took me almost 2 hours to reach to billing department customer services and this time , shockingly I found the representaive tone was totally different, very uncoperative, higly improper behavior even When I complained to him that yours CS representaive told me something else and now my bill is different which is not what I can talk with him and you can check your recording and find out. He was very harsh , very uncooperative in reply he said he cannot check any thing and I have to pay what I have recieve the bill and even I cannot change the plan and he said I am in contract where If I change the plan I have to pay the $ 300.- dollars extra. That was sad and shocking. I found no help from him I hang up the phone. I did send the payment later on. The story is not yet end now , Next month I have recieved the bill and this time the amount is $ 338.- I call them with high tense and asked why I have received this bill, They said I have a international of 10 minutes and the amount $229.- is for that amount. I told them I vever did not call any international call and why and for 10 minutes for 229.- dollars. If I want to call I can buy the $2 dollar calling card which can give me 20 to 25 minutes calling times. I did file the dispute and told them they should correct this amount and send me revised bill and confirmed me that the bill has been correected so I can pay the regular billing amount . They again very uncooperative , kept me hold for hours of hours some time deliberately drop the line, gave me lots of distortion and stress. I was calling and complainig but nothing has to be done and one time of theeir customer services representave told me that she will look into the matter and will correct the bill. I was percepting that the matter has been settle but no one day I was in my office I was calling my parents, they are senior citizen , the call not gone through , when I come back to home after my work I found all of my line was shut down. I call to verizon again it took me hours and hours of time and finally reach to customer services Representative ,I can brief how bad they were in their attitude, they said your line has been disconnect if you pay the amount $329.- then you can get your line on. I told him about their wrong charges for internationl call , they said they cannot do any thing for that and I have to pay for that . Next day I call again and again after hours of hours when I reach to customer services representaive , this time they gave me another shock they said your amount of payment is not 329- is not $435.- I said what my line is closedand I have been asking you to correct the bill so that I can pay the bill , they said they cannot do anything and they threat to me that they If I will not pay the bill they will send the information to my credit bureau and they will mess my credit history. I was so distress and distort by their behavoir , i asked him closed my services, when I asked me he again threat me that I had a contract with Verizon and I have to pay addition $300.00 if I want to close my services with Verizon and he just drop the line. I was so distort and disturb their behavoiur , My parents are in the home and they are senior citizen and I go to work I was not , nor they were able to contact with me, due to their age and all that I was concerned to always keep in touch with them, incase they me or they have any emergency but due to verizon and their cusotmer services improper and unprofessional behaviour I was facing the hard time. Finally after my several phone call and waiting times I was able to close my services with verizon. I return all of their equipment every thing, and now I have receive the bill amounting $700.00 which include their so called fraudulant contract charges of $300.- also. Now I am really want to take this matter very seriously and want to take verizon to the court and so they will do this to any one and will not give stress and distort situation. My and my parents were on high stress and distort situation, I was almost not able to work becasue of this all stress and I can give all this responsibility to Verizon for the frauduland charges and bad customer serivices. I also want to report this to better business bureu and I will appreciate if any one who help me and guide me to handle this matter so verizon will get a lesson and will not do this harsh and fraudelent to other people.
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #864902
Apr 06 2012
01:26 PM
Verizon Verizon Communications Verizon, DSL, High Speed Internet Internet, Internet
Received the follow email from Verizon on my home internet service.  Apparently as of May 6, 2012 I will no longer be provided with a dry loop internet service to my house unless I purchase home phone service. In the days of Cell phones and other services that are cheaper, I find it ridiculous that I should have to spend more money on a service I don't need and don't want. I have already filled a complaint with the FCC on this. It should be illegal companies tell you that you have to buy other services just to receive internet... Complete BS.. ----------------- At Verizon, we are committed to bring you the best suite of products and the most current capabilities, while providing the value and quality of service that you expect. From time to time, we must make changes to our product offering to meet these goals. Beginning May 6, 2012, we will no longer offer High Speed Internet without local voice service on the same account.. What does this mean for you? If you currently have High Speed Internet without local voice service on the same account, there is no action required on your part to continue enjoying your internet service.. You will not experience any disruption of service/. Prior to May 6, 2012, you can still make speed upgrades or downgrades to your existing service'. Prior to May 6, 2012, you can receive bundle discounts by adding DIRECTV service or Verizon Wireless service to your current internet service'. What this means if you change or disconnect your High Speed Internet Service as of May 6, 2012, or after: You can make changes to and retain your Verizon High Speed Internet Service on or after the above date, by adding Verizon??s local voice service to the same account. If you are moving your service from one location to another on or after the above date, you may subscribe to internet service at your new location if you also subscribe to Verizon??s local voice service on the same account. If you choose to subscribe to additional Verizon services you could be eligible for a bundled discount when you also subscribe to Verizon??s local voice service on the same account. Thank you for choosing Verizon as your High Speed Internet service provider. We appreciate your loyalty and look forward to providing you with great service for years to come. Sincerely, Verizon a9e3cc
Entity: Internet, Internet
16, Report #852749
Mar 12 2012
04:36 PM
Verizon Verizon FiOS FRAUD & DECEPTIVE BUSINESS PRACTICES at Verizon Internet, Internet
I moved in December, 2011.  When I contacted Verizon to get pricing for service at the new house, I was told that, if I bundled TV and internet, I would receive a $300 Visa prepaid debit card 60 days after my account was transferred.  I shopped other providers who had better prices but, with the $300 Visa card, Verizon was competitive, so I transferred my account to the new house. Once we moved, we had numerous service problems, but I was too busy to make a change in provider.  The service issues seem to have metered out to infrequent occurrences. I went online to my Verizon account and paid the balance due, on January 6, 2012.  The balance due was $63.34.  A couple of days later, I received a Verizon bill for approx. $98.  I called Verizon and spoke with Kim and Deanne (supposedly a supervisor). Unbeknownst to me, when the account was transferred, a completely new account was established and the online account was not connected with the new account. Both Kim and Deanne told me that I would receive a refund of the $63.34 Id paid on the old account, and that I would receive the $300 Visa prepaid card 60 days from the date the new account was started. It makes absolutely no sense that a new account was created, that the two accounts were not linked, that I was billed at all in January for service that should have ended on December 14th, and that Verizon is incapable of transferring the overpayment from the old account to the new account. I was assured that someone in management at Verizon would contact me to discuss these problems and errors.  Two months later, on March 12th, having heard nothing further from Verizon, I called again.  I spoke with Suzanna who was unable to find any notes on the account showing that I was to receive a $300 Visa card.  Suzanna told me that the $63.34 refund check was issued on January 10th.  When I explained to her that, if this were the case, I would have received the check by now, she was unable to explain this.  I asked to speak with someone in management.  After holding for 20 minutes, I was transferred to a call center supervisor who was clueless! If I do not receive the $300 Visa card and the $63.34 refund check by noon (PDT) March 16, 2012, I will proceed with filing charges of deceptive business practices against Verizon.
Entity: Internet, Internet
17, Report #1103999
Mar 27 2014
01:30 PM
Verizon Wireless Verizon Verizon continues with “Gotcha Billing” internet Texas
  I was going over my data limit on my phone plan of 4gb and Verizon sends me a message that I could upgrade my account to avoid the overage charges.  I decide I want to do that and I follow the prompts on the website to increase my data usage to 10 gb.  I am happy, Verizon is happy I am now obligated to spend more money monthly and Verizon will benefit.  Then I receive my bill and see that when I upgrade to 10 gb of data that my account was changed from my existing plan that allows me to make phone calls in Canada to a US only plan and since I work 5 days a week in Canada and call back home to Texas in the evenings I now have $540 in roaming charges in Canada.  Holly Cow! Now I am upset! I call Verizon and speak with a helpful Customer Representative.  He says he can change the plan to a Canadian plan with the 10gb and post date it in a way that takes care of the $540 roaming charges.  He even tells me what my new billing amount will be around $180.  Let me reiterate the Verizon representative said “I will take care of this” Great! I am happy Verizon is happy I am spending 180 a month with Verizon.  I get a customer service survey call.  I tell them I am happy and a bit surprised as I have had bad experiences in Verizon stores in the past but that this prompt attention is leading me to change my bad opinion of Verizon Customer Service I am pleased enough to take my girlfriend in to a store and get her a new I phone and I add her to my account.  Merry Christmas Verizon, even more business coming your way. Then on December 1st I am looking online at my account and I see that the $540 in roaming charges have not been removed from my account.  I call customer service and I am told that the credit had been put through but had been rejected by a Supervisor because I had used the online service to upgrade the account. If I had called Customer Service to make the change the credit would have stood but since I used the online service I am not eligible for a credit.  GOTCHA!!!  SUCKER! Here is a loyal customer that spends lots of money with you guys and you entice me to using your on line service to buy additional service and when I do you are going to penalize me with $540 in roaming charges.  I save you money by going online but if I had called a customer service rep instead then I would not be charged the roaming fees?  Well I won’t ever use the online service again.  I will call for everything.  Then there is the matter of communication.  Your representative told me the $540 in charges would be taken care of and would not be a part of my new billing balance. He said nothing about requiring Supervisor approval. Then a Supervisor reverses that decision and no one contacts me about this?  I only find out that Verizon is not keeping their promise when your greedy little hands pluck the money out of my bank account?  Now after calling Verizon on 12/1 at 10:46 and promised a call back from Supervisor named Karen. It never happened.   This is unacceptable.  It is a shame that this one Supervisor has reversed the positive customer service actions and building customer service reputation that Verizon was trying so hard to establish.  Why are you guys so committed to pissing off customers who are trying to do more business with you?
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1136001
Jun 10 2014
10:06 AM
Verizon,Verizon wireless,Verizon fios The Old Bait and Switch Harrisburg Nationwide
We had the bundle package with Verizon for the past two years. Starting in Jan,2014, we had to decide to renew it,or go with another company. I do like th fios services which we have, so I decided to stick with it. We had the extreme package,(most expensive) for the tv the first two years, and we also had insurance on our electronics which was almost 20.00 a month. We purchased some new windows for our home in Dec,2013, so I decided to lower the tv package to the next level down, and drop the insurance that we never used in two years, because now we have windows to pay for. I was told by a customer rep that our payment would now be around 160.00/165 a month total. I asked if that included the taxes,etc. He said yes, that's the total payment.At the price he quoted, it would save us about 40.00 a month. Last month we recieved our bill which showed that we were still being billed for insurance. I called and asked why it was on there. The customer rep said that he didn't know, but he would remove it, which he did. Now this month our bill is 183.00 which is hardly the 160/165 it's supposed to be. When I called to talk to a customer rep, she tried to tell me that They sent me an e-mail to the effect that the service prices had gone up, and didn't I get that e-mail? I said no, I didn't get it! Then she proceeded to treat me in a condescending way by repeating my e-mail address, and asking if it was mine. I proceeded to let her know very directly that I feel ripped off, and once my obligation is up with them, I'm moving on. She must have been getting flustered when I insinuated that Verizon is nothing but a rip off because she transferred me to another person. The other customer rep told me that our prices went up because we were still getting discounts from 2013, and now they were expired. So to rap this up folks, they told me two different stories as to why our bill is damn near as high as before with less channels to watch. Avoid Verizon like the plague. One will lie, and the other ones will swear to it!.
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #1181871
Oct 09 2014
06:42 AM
20, Report #69988
Oct 24 2003
08:10 AM
Verizon Wireless, Verizon RUDE, mishandled, non-communicative, uncooperative, justdontcare Dallas Nationwide
Oh, my gosh! I just went through the same thing for the last 2 1/2 years as a lot of the other 185 (and counting) entries. Verizon sent me to collections and I received a phone call at my work 2 days ago demanding payment THAT DAY in full by electronic check or my bank account and wages would be attached and my assets (don't have any, guys) would be frozen for $300.00+. I received a bill from Verizon YESTERDAY dated October 4 stating that I had a past due of $253.xx - which included a termination fee because I moved out of their service area and no towers were connected by them - and promptly called Verizon. They had no trouble finding my account, but after I spoke with the SUPERVISOR he repeatedly lied to me telling me that since I had been 120 days past due (July 28 to October 4 - do the math) they don't have a record of me in their system anymore. I proceeded to tell him about the phone call I had received at work from Verizon about 6 weeks ago regarding the past due balance. I told the rep that I had sent them a certified letter the day before asking if I could break up the termination pmts to $50. a month and giving them my new address. The supervisor could find no record of that conversation, several more conversations, or 2 payments made between July and end of August that I show on my bank statements as being processed. He never acknowledged any letter from me and when I told him I had just received a bill on 10/22 that was dated 10/4 that went to my old address he dummied up, just like the first person I talked to last night before I asked for the supervisor. Anyway, to make a long story short, my credit is being reported, Verizon will not recall the debt from the collection agency even though my ex had it done in the past with his own credit issues, and when I told him I was paying Verizon DIRECTLY now that I had a bill in my hand he said Good luck. Your payment will probably be returned because you are in collections. I received NO NOTIFICATION OF ANY INTENT by Verizon to do this. I received no correspondence from Verizon whatsoever in the last three months except the one phone call and yesterday's bill, even though I had made several calls to them that go unrecorded on my file (that they can't find!??) I called the collection agency and told them I was paying Verizon directly and they said they were reporting me to all 3 credit bureaus that night if I did. WHERE ARE MY CONSUMER RIGHTS!!!??? Totally P.O.'d? You guessed it. Where is the BBB & FCC? Collecting their money for Verizon's membership & compliance-nothing else. Anne Alton, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Nationwide
21, Report #520275
Nov 05 2009
07:44 PM
Verizon Wireless, Verizon Premium TXT Messaging scam Internet
Another Verizon Wireless 3rd-party, premium text message rip-off:  Hadn't been paying attention and found $29.97 charges over past few months for Premium TXT Messages on my wife's number.  Called Verizon and, as reported elsewhere, they said they weren't responsible but I should call MM Text Alerts (800.235.7105) and All Mobile Alerts (888.703.6285), which were the companies billing me. Both companies said that a code was sent to the phone number and had to be entered on the website for them to start billing.  Wife totally denies doing this and I believe her because she has zero interest in the messages being sent.  She said she sent multiple STOP responses to these companies (as explained on but they hadn't quit.  Of course, since they're not on Verizon's approved list, I guess they can just ignore the code word STOP. This is likely a facebook thing and I'm about to drop-kick it.  Check out this facinating op-ed on how facebook games are the portal to riches: As for refund, MM Text Alerts said they can only return 50% of the charges -- I think that's BS, but was in no mood to argue further at the time.  All Mobile Alerts was much more accomodating and returned the entire amount billed.  Both companies are sending checks instead of crediting the Verizon account. Seriously, if they can't credit through Verizon, then they shouldn't be able to bill through Verizon.  This setup is just ripe for rip-offs and Verizon should better protect their customers by requiring an opt-in to these services instead of forcing an opt-out once the damage has been done.  It's obvious to me that there's some sort of kick-back Verizon gets for allowing this bill-through and they have no interest in stopping it.  
Entity: Internet, Internet
22, Report #508328
Oct 12 2009
10:09 PM
Verizon - Verizon Wireless Another company that despises it's customers. Internet
Verizon advertises that their phones are bluetooth enabled. It's really a half truth which in my book is no different than an outright lie. Verizon has purposely disabled the transfer of photographs off of their phones by bluetooth.  Tech support acts clueless and won't tell you this, or that you can use a cable to get the photo's off. They will only tell you that you can upload them (one at a time) and for a cost to the Verizon server.The techie at the local store was a little more honest when he said that they purposely disable the bluetooth transfer of photos so that Verizon could rape the customer.Verizon does not stop there they do a plethora of other things that abuse their captive customers in the cell phone monopoly.  For one they refuse to advertise the sensetivity of their phones so that people in rural areas can not select an appropriate phone. Not including this info is similar to them not telling you the color of their phones, the resolution of the cameras in their phones etc. From the customers perspective it is insane and despicable behavior.Lastly have you ever asked yourself why NONE of the cell phone monopoly companies have an option to text you when you have used all of your free minutes?  Don't you think that in a true free market that someone would do this?  I could go on for pages but you get the idea...
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #515018
Oct 26 2009
12:21 PM
Verizon - Verizon Wireless employee dishonest Clearwater, Florida
We were Alltel customers.  Alltel was very customer oriented.  Not perfect but not liars either.  Afte the switchover to Verizon we started dropping calls and losing voicemails.  We decided to research our options.  We visited the Verizon Store several times, did online research and called the customer service number. We visited the store in our local mall. Twice before making the switch.  We spoke with the same representative twice  and both times he told us the plan we wanted was available. My husband is very detail oriented and started checking our account status from the moment it was available.  As it turned out we were sold plans that don't exist and we were overcharged for phones.  We decided to visit the store.  At first the manger tried to make us think we misunderstood our plans.   Soon it became clear we didn't misunderstand we were just lied to.  Then the big pitch started.  We can't give you plans we don't have ---you have to compromise.  Why is this legal?  How can we be sold something they don't even have?  Why do we have to compromise?  Why isn't anyone ever accountable? I believe all phone salespeople located in malls should be relocated to the county fair.  They are no better than the crooked carney on the midway. Is it legal to sell what doesn't exist?  How can they charge us $100 for the 3rd phone when they told us it would be $10.  They won't discuss credits or anything that would help us make a decision about our  accounts. SOMEONE--PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
24, Report #494025
Sep 12 2009
08:11 PM
Verizon - Verizon Wireless Lies to get into your pockets..... Internet
I am currently a subscriber of Verizon Wireless yet I work for another wireless provider. That being said, I carry two phones. One for my personal use and one for work use. My personal line is my Verizon line. I am often asked why I carry a Verizon phone yet work for another company. The answer was simple! They treated me fairly and my reception was acceptable as well as my monthly rate. For those reasons alone I had decided to resign my contract shortly after being hired by a competitor of thiers. Well, that was 4 years ago. When my contract came up I decided to go ahead and resign another one to get new phones for the wife and I at a discounted price. Now, that contract is up yet again, I was interested in getting a new phone for my wife as I was happy with mine. After doing some searching, I purchased a Blackberry Curve from a guy who had Verizon before he switched to the wireless company I work for. So, I take my new Curve into my local agent store where I am told that although I did not purchase this phone directly from a Verizon store that I still had to carry the Blackberry data package. This is a shock to me. The company I work for carries the Blackberry Curve as well and YES we require you carry the data package on your phone but ONLY if you purchase the phone from us. If you were to go purchase a Blackberry from any other source, say a friend or EBay, and bring it in to us we simply activate that line on your account. Well, at this point I believe it is simply a requirement of the agent I took the phone into so I call *611. A woman answered who verified who I was and then asked how she could help me. I explained my situation to her and she verified what the agent had told me. At this point I asked to speak to someone higher than her and she tells me NO, I can speak to her. Now I am upset. So then I explain that I work for a wireless company and I KNOW that Blackberry's will work without having an internet package.  She tells me that the idea behind it is that if you want a Blackberry then you want the internet. I responded that I understood where she was coming from but I didn't want the internet package. She responded that the Blackberry may be too advanced for me then..... WOW! At that point I asked her to verify that I was out of contract which she did and then I asked a few questions about the cancellation policy and hung up. I do want to say that this woman too tried to get me to upgrade. HAHAAHA..... I then call back and this time I went through the options until I got to the cancellation department. I asked her to look up my account and asked some questions about thier cancellation policy. Of course the woman answers them and then asks me why I am wanting to cancel. I explain my position and how I was talked down to. This woman was very polite and apologized to me. I did find it humours that she tried to get me to upgrade and buy 2 Blackberry's as they had a buy one get one special going on. I politely declined and reiterrated that I did NOT want the data packge, thus being the basis of my desire to cancel. Ok, story told, let's get down to the nitty gritty...... Here are the two reasons I was given that I had to get the data package: 1. If you want a Blackberry then it is assumed you want the data package. 2. The phone is constantly updating with the network and with out the data package I would incurr massive data charges. As I said, I work for a wireless company who sells the Blackberry Curve. I can name atleast a handfull of people who carry this phone with out the data package. The Blackberry Curve CAN be used without a data package and your phone CAN be set up not to access the data portion of the network thus avoiding the data charges. The fact is, this is a HUGE revenue stream for the company and by requiring it on ALL data phones is a sure fire way to increase profits as more and more people go wireless for nearly everything! I understand all companies have policies but there is no need to lie to enforce those policies. In addition, I would assume that the $82-$85 per month I pay now for the total of about 400 combined minutes a month is mostly proffit at this point as I am already a customer and have been for nearly 10 years. That being said, you would also think that Verizon would allow the rules to be bent in such situations. Essentially the are going to be losing loose my business over a $39.99 data package. I urge you ALL to stick with a GSM network if you trully value your freedom. Any GSM phone can be used with ANY GSM provider as long as the GSM phone you have is unlocked and operates on the same frequency! You are then able to share your pictures, music, ringtones and contacts with other unlocked GSM phones. Hell, I had a program on my Palm Treo that allowed me to use my Treo as a remote conrtol for TV's via infrared! You truly are free to enjoy all the capabilities of your phone! Avoid Verizon at all cost. They may be the largest wireless network in the US but the larger they get, the smaller you get! Tell your friends, tell your family and tell everyone to avoid this company like the plague!!!
Entity: Internet, Internet
25, Report #593164
Apr 14 2010
11:44 AM
Verizon - Verizon Wireless Deceptive Trade Practices Alpharetta, Georgia
I was a very happy Alltel customer.  I never once had a problem with Alltel that could not be resolved on the first call.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I would have rated Alltel at a 9.8.  My contract with Alltel was bought out by a company called Verizon Wireless.  Everything has gone downhill.  Their first correspondence with me was a letter stating that my service would not change or be interrupted.  Nothing could have been further from the truth.First, they started charging me for my mobile backup, which I got free with Alltel.  They said if I wanted it, that I had to pay for it.  So I did.  When I tried to use it, they told me I couldn't.  I had to manually enter over 400 numbers by hand.  Five phone calls later, the mobile backup was credited back to my bill and they still continue to charge me for it and I still call to dispute the charges.  Why are they charging me for something they wouldn't let me use?Then, they notify me that I will no longer get bonus numbers for being a loyal customer who has always paid their bill.  (This was a change to my plan that I did not consent to).  Next, I notice that we are way over our minutes and so I go look and I see this number: 777-000-0001 over and over and over on my bill.  Each one is for one minute only.  I am paying for unlimited texting.  I find out that this is airtime they charged me to receive the texts.  If I am paying for a text package, isn't this charging me twice?  I never experienced such crap in all my life.  I hated AT&T, but even they treated me better than this.  After repeated phone calls about it, I emailed them.  They replied in that email (and I have saved it for legal purposes) that it was their right to charge me twice for the same service.  They also told me that while they did not have to abide by the Alltel contract, that I did.  What hypocrites!  I will strongly advise anybody that reads this not to do business with this company.  You are better off on a prepaid plan such as Boost, straight talk or better yet, Cricket (if it is available).
Entity: Alpharetta, Georgia

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