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26, Report #1066403
Jul 12 2013
07:11 AM
verizon wireless security deposit Internet
 I did an online order for 2 cell phones through verizon wireless, I picked my phones, my plan etc. When I got the the complete order screen, the total that was going to be charged on my credit card totaled $579.13. I did approve this amount to be charged. When I received the confirmation email from Verizon, it indicated that the total to be billed to my credit card is $1379.13. They charged me two $400.00 security deposits without informing me at all. I was able to cancel this order eventually, but what a waste of time. When I called to confirm the cancellation, I tried to let them know that I thought it was lame that they charged me an extra $800.00 and they said I should have know they do a credit check. That is fine too-but how can they just add that without first informing me of the amount and getting my approval for a different amount? Look, I understand the concept of a security deposit, but, $800.00??? Without any sort of warning that it could even be close to that? $800.00 is more than my rent for a month. In addition, I have no idea why I would be charged this anyway- I have had verizon fios for YEARS and they have always been paid on time. I also have a car note, a credit card etc. all paid on time way before the due date. My fios contract ends in 10 days and I think I might get rid of all Verizon products at this point. I would have never approved this if I had any idea it could be close to that much. They claim I will not be charged a cancel fee, but if I am I plan to contact the CC company and dispute. BUYER BEWARE!
Entity: Internet
27, Report #1150923
May 30 2014
03:33 PM
Verizon Wireless Lie's all LIE'S Nationwide
I just signed a 2 year contact with verizon and less then two months later my screen went black. So called verizon and I was sent a new phone. I had it set up and I was able use my new phone that same day. I then placed the phone with the screen issue in the return box to send it back. Later that evening some one broke in to my car and stole it, not knowing that phone was worthless. I called and spoke with a rep from Verizon and let them know what happened and I was told as long as I sent in the police report I would not be charged. That was a lie. I went on my verizon account and seen that I was charged 399.99 for the phone. I then tried to pay my past due balance and I was charged 546.21. That includes the past due amount and equipment amount that I was told I didn't have to pay and my current balance that wasn't even due yet. I haven't been able to get a refund or anything. I asked me if a store credit was o.k and I said no. I have called over 30 times and have went in to the store and still have got the run around. No one has helped me about this matter.  Issue number two.I went in to the store and brought a tablet that was on special for mother's day. I was told I would not get charged until the tablet ships 06/08/14, LIE'S ALL LIE'S the tablet shipped 05/29/14 and endless to say may card was charged and that left all my other bills unpaid. And that added up to 175.00 in over draft fee's and all I was told is sorry and we are unable to pay your for our early shipping mistake.At this point I can't help but be pissed 
Entity: Nationwide
28, Report #976751
Dec 01 2012
08:47 PM
Verizon Wireless Dangerous! Internet
Had Verizon contract. Phone quit working @ home, they said they would send rep to chk. Problem continued, called over 40 times. 4 Months later they admitted they had a tower down, and said I needed to buy a $250 extender. I refused. Would not let me out of contract. In April, my home burned to the ground. They still would not let me out of contract. Verizon replaced the tower, came back out (to the burned down home), and said service now worked fine. Contract finally up July 2012. Went monthly w/Verizzon. Got robbed @ Walgreens. Tried to call 911. Call was dropped before I could give info. Tried again, call failed. Called 1800walgreens w/no problem. Reported to Verizon. They asked me to go back to where I was robbed and try again. Finally reported to FCC. Verizon called on the FCC complaint, this call was recorded. Verizon attempted to give a totally different account of what had happened, and their response.
Entity: , Internet
29, Report #1156531
Jun 21 2014
02:30 PM
Verizon Wireless Free international texting lie Nationwide
We bought 3 iPhone 5's on the share everything plan and we're told we got free international texting. Normally we would never use it but our son was planning to spend the summer studying abroad so it was a big bonus. We discussed it in great detail with the representative in the store. We told him exactly what was happening and where our son was going. He said yes we would have free international texting. After the first month abroad with no data use or voice use, only texting, we got the bill for $1500. When we called we were told that our texts to him were 5 cents and his back to us were 50 cents. This is free international texting? So far Verizon is refusing to adjust our bill but I'm not through with this fight and am prepared to just walk away. and I've been their customer for 20 years. 
Entity: Nationwide
30, Report #1320146
Aug 01 2016
07:43 PM
Verizon Wireless Data ripoff Nationwide
 As I stated a few months ago Verizon waited until I got t2-3 days before and then sped my data to make me have overages. Since then they now give me overages every time I get on anything an alarm goes off I've screen shotted all my alerts because the Verizon dealers said there no way I could use all that even though I share with three phones we have now moved to 50 gigs. Every time we move up the faster it fund out
Entity: Nationwide
31, Report #1276623
Jul 21 2016
08:47 PM
Verizon Wireless and Lifeproof misrepresentation misinform Nationwide
So Verizon Wireless has let me down big time. This time it goes along with the company Lifeproof. If you want to believe in life proof and their warranty don' is completely bogus and unreal. Verizon sold me a phone, provided me with a Lifeproof case explaining to me all the benefits of a Lifeproof case and that my phone would now be waterproof. The first time I used the Lifeproof case I was taking videos of stingrays in water of about 6 inches deep. And yes I did all the proper preparations before putting it on my phone I tested it before using it just the way the instructions tell you to. Now my phone is ruined. Verizon says just the case is covered and Lifeproof says because I didn't buy the case from them they don't have to cover the phone. It is a racket and complete BS. Do not trust VERIZON WIRELESS or LIFEPROOF. ‪#‎Verizonwireless‬ ‪#‎verizon‬ ‪#‎Lifeproof‬ ‪#‎verizonsucks‬‪#‎Lifeproofsucks‬
Entity: Nationwide
32, Report #1336114
Nov 01 2016
05:39 PM
Verizon Wireless Data overages Internet
 I've had several incidents over the past 4 years where I will receive an alert stating that my data is at 90% and I will still have a week or two on my plan so in order to avoid a 15.00 charge per gigabyte I increase our data plan. I've increased my plan 5 times in a row and when I've contacted customer service and they pull up our account I'm told that we never used close to the 3 gigs but I had a 12 gig plan dues to the notifications. I was told that there must be a glitch in the notification and I moved my plan back down to 3 but was not offered a refund for their notification glitch. I would be fine again for months and then it would start happening again. I even have 2 bonus gigabytes!! This is a fraudulent practice to increase money from data plans but never refund the customer for the fraudulent charges.
Entity: Internet
33, Report #1301566
Apr 24 2016
08:25 PM
Verizon wireless Data scam Nationwide
 I was a Verizon wireless customer for over a year. Every single month my 12 gb data plan needed to be upgraded due to overage. I rarely used my data, and most of the time I ran in wifi. However on one particular weekend, my iPad which was powered off, used an overwhelming 40+ gbs of data. My bill is over 1250.00. That's my entire monthly income almost. I contacted them, and I was told that my device had to be proven to have faulty software in order for them to give me any leeway on the bill, but it would not eliminate the entire cost. I am now a sprint customer with my credit on the way to the tank because now Verizon is sending me account to collections. To add, my bill continued to accumulate because I could not afford to buy out my contract,
Entity: Nationwide
34, Report #1270857
Nov 29 2015
12:54 PM
Verizon Wireless Nationwide
 I purchased cell phone insurance in Dec 2013 for my daughter's phone, through Verizon, at the time I purchased her cell phone. Although it was more expensive monthly than other plans, I decided to go through Verizon so that I could simply bring in the defective phone and walk out with a replacement. Or so I was told by the Verizon saleswoman at the time. Today I tried to do just that as my daughter's phone is malfunctioning, only to be told that Verizon has changed insurance carriers and that I was out of luck. I now need to call the old insurance company to see if they will honor the coverage. I was told (when I purchased the coverage) that my coverage was through Verizon and that's why I needed to sign up for it at that time in the store to get the walk in phone replacement service. If they changed companies, that is their problem and they should stand by their word. So instead of walking out with 3 new phones (I planned to upgrade our other 2 while I was there), I'm canceling my Verizon service as of 14 Dec 15 and going with (((REDACTED)))
Entity: Nationwide
35, Report #1205753
Jan 31 2015
12:18 PM
Verizon Wireless not satisfied with service Internet
I completed my 2 year contract with Verizon wireless, in the process of my 2 year contract alot of interruptions were made during online. At the time of interruption's there were no Storms or black outs that may have caused the drop. I finally decided to move on to other service's that maybe better than what I have gone through. Verizon is charging me after my 2 year contract for Data's I did not use, they took the account to a Consultant company to get money from me. I have all my paid statements and contracts in order to prove that I no longer need their services. I would very much want them to stop calling me as well as sending Collectors after me. Internal investigation should be made immediately. Doing the right thing.
Entity: Internet
36, Report #1218650
Mar 27 2015
04:24 PM
Verizon wireless Mystery billings Nationwide
I stayed with Verizon because they gave me the best area coverage then my friends with other users. But after 10 years of financial abuse and lousy customer service, I finally left for another carrier. I waited for my final bill with it's early termination fee's (ETF) so I could forward it to my new carrier so they could pay it. The letter came with the excisting bill of $251.05, but the total amount due was 519.57. Nothing was noted ETF and having experience with verizon, this mystery charge is nothing new so I called to inquire. The first customer service person couldn't read my bill because my account was closed out, but the 5th person they transfer me to did. She introduced herself as my friendly customer service representative but it didn't go that way. I requested the ETF to be noted on my bill so it could explain the mysterious $268.52 addition. She said that would be an extra charge. She then informed me my bill was actually $555.45. How could this be? I just got the bill. Two phones ETF; one at $170.00 the second at $220.00. Over the phone I round it off to $300.00 plus the $250.00 bill made sense to me now. I asked her why this was so messed up and her answer was that I signed an agreement with verizon for 2 phones for 2 year plan.... I confirmed to her that I understood the need to pay my ETF bill but she didn't answer my question, but she insisted she did. When the phone call ended, I did the math. 251.05 + 170.+220=$641.05. Wait...What?? At this writing the final bill has not been settled. I have had T-Moble for one month now and notice that I have the same area coverage as I did with verizon.
Entity: Nationwide
37, Report #1393398
Aug 17 2017
07:16 AM
Verizon Wireless Data Charges Ripoff Nationwide
I don't know what is going on with Verizon Wireless but their data charges are getting way out of hand.  I'm really concerned that they are ripping off customers.  I have spoken to them and they give me their suggestions as to how to control data usage.  My family does them.  But, I still get overage charges every month.  So, last month, I finally bit the bullet and increased our data plan.  By mid-month of this month, I received an email saying we were almost out of data and I could solve that by increasing our data allowance, which would cost $85.  How can that be? We aren't doing anything different and now, by mid-month, we are at the increased data allowance that I just signed up for last month?  Something is way off.  Is anybody else having this issue?  Verizon, you need to quick ripping off your customers.  Someone needs to do an indepth analysis of this issue.  If I knew where to start, I would. 
Entity: Nationwide
38, Report #614735
Jun 16 2010
11:17 AM
Verizon - Verizon Wireless Verzion wireless cell phone Internet
I have filed several compliants about dropped calls to customer service never getting back to be on a dropped call issue.  I have filed a trouble ticket and they come up with a deadline and keep extending it.  All i want is thim to cancel the contract without early termination fees, and they wont do it until they get an answer.  There customer service from standard calls through directors is horrible.  We will never sign a contract with Verizon wireless again.
Entity: Internet, Internet
39, Report #523733
Nov 14 2009
04:55 PM
Verizon - Verizon Wireless I have had it with Verizon! Internet
Inadvertently back in August, 2009 I missed my monthly payment to Verizon Wireless. For the last two months I have been tacking an extra $20 to get the balance down to normal. Well, for Verizon, this is just not enough, nor fast enough. Mind you, I have been a customer with Verizon for over seven and a half years. I am thinking for the amount of time I have been a customer, multiplied by the average monthly payment, Verizon has been the recipient of almost $5,000 over this period. During this time I have had what has amounted to lackluster service and reception with Verizon (where is the dweeb with his posse in my neck of the woods Verizon?). Well, Verizon crossed the line in a most heinous manner and today I called them on it. Verizon, in all their infinite wisdom decided to call a relative and leave a voice mail message through their collection department on said relatives phone. Hmm, what part of privacy is missing from this tactic? Upon calling their hyper-defensive financial center today, I was told by their customer service rep. (HA!) that I had gave Verizon this number as a contact. I was told by the CSR that I basically lied to Verizon, wrong, it is the other way around. After informing the CSR that the balanced had been paid in full I informed her that the relationship between Verizon and I had finally reached the breaking point and that my only option at this moment in time is to get rid of them. The CSR immediately hung up on me. After a substantial amount of money over time, one mistake makes Verizon turn into a**holes on a frantic collection frenzy. Why would anyone want to do business with this company? I am sure I can find another carrier with better reception in my area that do not out over minor mistakes and actually reference past payment history to find out who the real dead-beats are... Goodbye Verizon.
Entity: , Internet
40, Report #952403
Oct 08 2012
01:09 PM
Verizon Wireless verizon ulimited/Grandfather Plan Internet, Virginia
I have been a Verizon wireless customer for the past 4 years , I currently have 5 phones on the plan,I recently upgraded both my son and Daughter Phone to smart Phone , there are 3 phones on the ulimited plan, which uses data, The phone that i have is the din2 of which i have have 5 phones due to charging issues, and the phone consistently over heating,now there telling me that they can only send me the same phone in which i have no faith in or some of there outdated phones, Am due for and upgrade in December, I was offered in june of this year to upgrade but choose to wait until dec, At no time was i told that i would not be able to upgrade ,unless i buy a phone full price in order to keep the unlimited data plane , As a matter of fact i was told that the three plan with the unlimited data would remain the same,these are there own words   EXISTING CUSTOMERS- That have our $29.99 unlimited data plan WILL BE GRANDFATHERED IN, they will keep their unlimited plan after 7/7/11EXISTING CUSTOMERSUnlimited plans will still be available up to July 7, and those unlimited plans will continue even when you upgrade your phone in the future.- That current have the unlimited data WILL BE ABLE TO UPGRADE AND KEEP the unlimited data fThese new tiered pricing plans are for new lines of service only. Existing customers with an unlimited data can keep the plan even when they upgrade or renew. All you have to do is sign up for an unlimited plan before July 7th to be grandfathered in.In a letter to its indirect retailers, Verizon pleads with its sales reps to PLEASE, PLEASE make sure we take advantage of this heads up and get our heavy data users set up on these unlimited plans before they change.eature (No known end date on this as of this moment) now im' stuck there are alot of coustomers who were grand fathed in and verizon needs to honor what they say. Everyone under this plan need to ber heard and file a class suit againist them
Entity: Internet, Virginia
41, Report #1190762
Nov 22 2014
01:07 PM
Verizon Wireless Verizon Rebate Offer Scam Nationwide
When the new iPhone 6 was announced as available at the local Verizon store I visited the store. This was an actual Verizon store, not even a certified reseller. I was enticed to upgrade my 4S with a promise of a $200 gift card which I would receive when the packaging material was sent to me for its shipping to Verizon. I had my 4S phone with me at the time so it could be completely examined in person. It was obvious that it was in excellent condition.I didn't question the rebate further as it was from Verizon, and you always trust Verizon, right? In fact this rebate was advertised by Verizon, which enticed me to go to the store in the first place to trade in my phone. The Verizon saleperson (who works for Verizon) assured me that the packaging material for the return would arrive with the new iPhone 6 which was on back order.I received the new phone within a week and my credit card was charged for the full price. No packaging material was included. I called Verizon and was assured that it would be sent right out. It didn't arrive. After a couple of weeks I called again. After many apologies and typlical customer service doublespeak I was again assured that the packaging material would be sent immediately.The packing material did not arrive. Once again I called Verizon. This time I got a recording saying how backed up they were because of heavy demand, but not to worry. It will arrive soon, and I would have until Dec. 1 to send in my phone for the rebate. By Nov. 21 the packaging material hadn't arrived. I spoke to customer service and was at first told that the rebate program was over and I was too late. After much debate I was given a service ID number which would be turned into the rebate center. I got a confiming email with the rebate amount due - $18!!!So, another frustrating call was made to Verizon explaining the entire situation followed by more customer service doublespeak and how sorry they were for the problem. Supposedly I got it resolved with the latest CS person who changed the rebate amount to $100.OK. I'll eat the difference. However there are 2 problems. 1) The rebate certificate states that my phone is a 16GB iPhone. It is not. It is an 8GB phone. I explained this several times. Veriizon now has an out. 2) There are numerous posts to their website discussion board discussing customer dissatisfaction with getting anything in the way of a rebate based on this very same rebate prgram. Often it is because the technical lab determined that the screen was cracked or it didn't start, even though, if the customer is to be believed, it was sent in perfect condition. And with all of the complaints written, I tend to believe the customer.So it appears I was lied to by the Verizon representative who sold me the phone, the Verizon CS people I subsequently spoke to and ultimately the company that advertised something they could not deliver and then set up a network of lies and deceit to make the customer shut up.      
Entity: Nationwide
42, Report #1097000
Nov 05 2013
06:55 AM
Verizon wireless Verizon rebate Los Angeles California
verizon was advertising a samsung s4 phone for 600.00 $$ when I went to the verizon store they informed me that the phone is 650$$ with a 50 $$ rebate and 2 year contract. I bought the phone and filled the paper work for the rebate. After 2 months of not getting the rebate I checked an email that was sent to me from verizon and followed a link. I was informed that the rebate could not be procssed. There was 4 reason next to this information. i called verizon and after 30 minutes of listening to computers and different operators I was informed that all the paper work that was submitted was correct and they need a third party verification. I asked what that means and they told me that they have 3rd parties that sell phones and contracts for verizon and they need to verify the purchase. what a bunch of lies. I purchased the phone directly from verizon store in L.A close to the ocean and also they ask for proof of purchase that was sent to them. The lady that was helping me was very nice and well trained. She told me that everything that I have sent was correct and I will get the rebate in form of a Visa card . I can not believe these guys they do everything not to pay people. Why don't they just mail a check that you can deposit in your account. I guess they think that you might lose the card or not use the total amount. 
Entity: Los Angeles, California
43, Report #345725
Jun 30 2008
01:44 AM
Verizon Wireless Diverted my payments to another Verizon company and wont divert them to Verizon Wireless Nationwide
On two seperate occasions, my payments to my Verizon Wireless bill got diverted to their Home Phone servise division (Verizon Communications). It was diverted to my In-laws now non-existant landline account. They refuse to divert it back to their cellular service and have now cut off my wife and daughter's cell phone service. They keep claimimg I have to explain the situation to Verizon Communications, that they are a totally seperate company, that they cant do anything about it, etc. The landline sevice keeps saying my problem is with the Wireless Division. I am in the US Army stationed in Korea and every time I try to resolve this, they give me the runaround, pass me back and forth, then eventually hang up on me. I have burned through $30 in international phone cards trying to resolve this and they keep giving me different excuses every time. If the communications and wireless are different, why do they offer you to pay on the same bill for wireless and landline service and why do they refuse cell service if you have a late landline bill? I also have a couple of soldiers who are having issues with Verizon and have come to this conclusion...Verizon Wireless takes advantage of servicemen/women when they are most vulnerable...when they are away from their families and support. Russ Dover, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
44, Report #596436
Apr 25 2010
08:34 AM
VERIZON WIRELESS Verizon and Verizon Wireless can't hear each other Basking Ridge, New Jersey
In 2008 at Verizons suggestion I agreed to combine my Verizon Wireless account with my Verizon Home Account.  At that time I was advised by the Verizon Representative that the billing may overlap for a month or two and I should only pay my Home line charge.  I did do that but eventually I was contacted by a collection agency saying I owed a balance of $110.00.  I looked into it with the folks from Verizon billing and ultimately decided to make payment EVEN though I was not convinced I actually had not also paid it as part of my now consolidated bill.  I paid it to make sure there was no adverse impact on may credit which was what the agent said who contacted me.  Well in checking my credit I discovered that this has been on there some time as written off and that is simply not true. This was reported incorrectly and after I was assured that the payment would clear the issue up. After contacting Verizon Wireless they agreed that they had made an error in reporting that the bill had not been paid and agreed to remove the written off but refused to remove the fact that the account was late saying that even if Verizon had made the mstake I as owner of teh account was still liable for the payment.  I suspect there are thounsands of others who have been a victims of their conflicting processes and have similar stories.  I would welcome input so we can persue them through the state regualtory agencies as well via a class action suit.
Entity: Basking Ridge, New Jersey
45, Report #806195
Dec 07 2011
12:53 PM
Verizon Wireless Verizon Verizon Wireless stole my phone Elgin, Illinois
I have 3 phones and a 2 year agreement with Verizon Wireless.  I also have 3g hotspots, etc.  My bill is around $350/month.   One of the phones on my account (my girlfriends Incredible 2) started acting really weird.  Her screen wouldn't respond to her touch, then sometimes it would, then it would move somewhere different than where she touched.   We called Verizon to attempt to get an update to the phone or see if they had any suggestions.  After maybe 20 minutes of troubleshooting, they decided they were going to send her a replacement phone.   She got the replacement phone in the mail, and returned the phone she had problems with.  All was assumed to be well. 1 month later I received a bill that was approx $700.   ($350 more than usual) I called Verizon and asked them why my bill was so high.  They said that the phone I sent back had a damaged screen and that wasn't covered in the warranty, so they charged me full retail price for the replacement phone.  They said that since the shipping box didn't look damaged, it couldn't have happened in shipping.  Although this is a problem and I do feel taken advantage of because I have no option or right to dispute, this is not my major complaint. My complaint is that they would not send me back my original phone that I purchased, even after countless, countless attempts.  If they had to charge me full price for my replacement phone and my warranty wasn't valid, then give me back my original phone.  Its mine!   If you have a warranty on your car, and something happens to your new car that isnt covered, the car lot doesn't say we cant fix this under warranty, and oh by the way we're keeping your car.   I could have used the phone to offset the cost of the new by either selling it used as-is or repairing it myself and reselling it.  I feel like I have been taken advantage of as a customer and the fact that I am in a contract with them for another dreadful year.  This unexpected expense has caused a domino effect of financial instability and stress over the past couple months as I have done my best to get caught up on this and maintain my electric, etc.  I have to have my phone for business, as it is my livelihood. I feel that my device that wasn't covered should have been returned to me, and if it wasn't able to be, I should be compensated for it, as it DID in fact have value.  
Entity: Elgin, Illinois
46, Report #1065931
Jul 10 2013
12:55 PM
Verizon wireless Verizon Verizon wireless termination fees are a scam Franklin Tennessee
Verizon wireless early termination fees are ridicules and not well defined (intentionally in my opinion) in their contract. The early termination fee was $300 for a two year contract.  I terminated 2 months before my 2 year agreement ended and they charged $253.69.  They would not budge on that amount even though I paid them on time for 22 months. That’s simply not right. Buyers beware. Besides they had crappy service in my area and they wanted $2.00 a minute when I traveled to the Caribbean. ATT charges standard rates in that area.
Entity: Franklin, Tennessee
47, Report #1294864
Mar 20 2016
08:39 PM
Verizon Wireless Verizon Verizon Wireless only cares about making money, not their customers!!! Bakersfield California
The Verizon Wireless Home phone system and 4G internet is a pathetic joke!!!  I was told it would work just fine for a business with multiple lines.  NO, NO, NO, THAT WAS A LIE AND IT IS A HORRIBLE SYSTEM!!!  Here is a list of some of the problems we have experienced with this phone system:1). Our business phones will not begin ringing until the third ring - many callers will hang up    after the third or fourth ring.2).  The reception is very poor at times3).  I can not use my fax machine with this phone system4). Outgoing calls will not completed if you pause for more than a few seconds when dialing5). Call Waiting makes a very loud, horrific noise in your ear when a call comes in6).  Having incoming calls roll over to a second line is not possible with this system7).  The 4G has slow internet speed with excessive lag & buffering8).  There can be major overage charges for internet ($100+)I have spent HOURS on the phone with several Verizon Wireless Customer service and tech support agents with no solutions.  Verizon Wireless is aware of all the problems although they continue to sell this phone system as a great phone system alternative.  Shortly after getting the Verizon Wireless home phone system, I received an email from Verizon Wireless asking me to review their product. I did and Verizon Wireless rejected my HONEST online review of their Home Phone System and continues to market it as a great product with what I believe to be fraudulent 4 star reviews.  Verizon Wireless is know for locking people into contracts, poor customer service and overage charges on data.  I will be talking to a lawyer about filing a lawsuit against Verizon Wireless for the thousands of dollars I have lost from this horrible phone system.  Do yourself a favor and AVOID VERIZON WIRELESS!!! 
Entity: Bakersfield, California
48, Report #1352551
Jan 28 2017
07:34 PM
Verizon Wireless Roadside Assistance Verizon Wireless Verizon Roadside Assistance Scam Nationwide
 Verizon Emergency Roadside Assistance is a total scam. I figured since it was Verizon I could count on them if ever needed. On 1.27.17 at 6pm eastern standard time in NY. I HAD A FLAT TIRE. I was stuck at the airport and call they acted like no problem, we will call you back in 20 minutes. 45 minutes later I called and they said they still couldn't find someone to come to me and they will call me. Thank God I still have Mercedes Roadside Assistance, I never even cancelled the Verizon one. Finally by 8pm they came and I was driving where I had to go. I figured out what the Verizon Roadside Assistance Scam is. They collect 4 dollars per month per customer until someone needs them so until than imagine how many customers are paying until someone needs it doesn't get it, cancels it and gets reimbursed the months they already paid. Imagine how many customers never need it and all that free money Verizon gets to keep. Shame on you Verizon. You guys should be ashamed, using a well known household name to commit a scam like this. I feel bad for someone who doesn't have a alternative tow service. Beware Verizon Roadside, BEWARE!!! STAY FAR FAR AWAY PLEASE TRUST ME UNTIL IT'S TOO LATE.
Entity: Nationwide
49, Report #69988
Oct 24 2003
08:10 AM
Verizon Wireless, Verizon RUDE, mishandled, non-communicative, uncooperative, justdontcare Dallas Nationwide
Oh, my gosh! I just went through the same thing for the last 2 1/2 years as a lot of the other 185 (and counting) entries. Verizon sent me to collections and I received a phone call at my work 2 days ago demanding payment THAT DAY in full by electronic check or my bank account and wages would be attached and my assets (don't have any, guys) would be frozen for $300.00+. I received a bill from Verizon YESTERDAY dated October 4 stating that I had a past due of $253.xx - which included a termination fee because I moved out of their service area and no towers were connected by them - and promptly called Verizon. They had no trouble finding my account, but after I spoke with the SUPERVISOR he repeatedly lied to me telling me that since I had been 120 days past due (July 28 to October 4 - do the math) they don't have a record of me in their system anymore. I proceeded to tell him about the phone call I had received at work from Verizon about 6 weeks ago regarding the past due balance. I told the rep that I had sent them a certified letter the day before asking if I could break up the termination pmts to $50. a month and giving them my new address. The supervisor could find no record of that conversation, several more conversations, or 2 payments made between July and end of August that I show on my bank statements as being processed. He never acknowledged any letter from me and when I told him I had just received a bill on 10/22 that was dated 10/4 that went to my old address he dummied up, just like the first person I talked to last night before I asked for the supervisor. Anyway, to make a long story short, my credit is being reported, Verizon will not recall the debt from the collection agency even though my ex had it done in the past with his own credit issues, and when I told him I was paying Verizon DIRECTLY now that I had a bill in my hand he said Good luck. Your payment will probably be returned because you are in collections. I received NO NOTIFICATION OF ANY INTENT by Verizon to do this. I received no correspondence from Verizon whatsoever in the last three months except the one phone call and yesterday's bill, even though I had made several calls to them that go unrecorded on my file (that they can't find!??) I called the collection agency and told them I was paying Verizon directly and they said they were reporting me to all 3 credit bureaus that night if I did. WHERE ARE MY CONSUMER RIGHTS!!!??? Totally P.O.'d? You guessed it. Where is the BBB & FCC? Collecting their money for Verizon's membership & compliance-nothing else. Anne Alton, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Nationwide
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Nov 05 2009
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Verizon Wireless, Verizon Premium TXT Messaging scam Internet
Another Verizon Wireless 3rd-party, premium text message rip-off:  Hadn't been paying attention and found $29.97 charges over past few months for Premium TXT Messages on my wife's number.  Called Verizon and, as reported elsewhere, they said they weren't responsible but I should call MM Text Alerts (800.235.7105) and All Mobile Alerts (888.703.6285), which were the companies billing me. Both companies said that a code was sent to the phone number and had to be entered on the website for them to start billing.  Wife totally denies doing this and I believe her because she has zero interest in the messages being sent.  She said she sent multiple STOP responses to these companies (as explained on but they hadn't quit.  Of course, since they're not on Verizon's approved list, I guess they can just ignore the code word STOP. This is likely a facebook thing and I'm about to drop-kick it.  Check out this facinating op-ed on how facebook games are the portal to riches: As for refund, MM Text Alerts said they can only return 50% of the charges -- I think that's BS, but was in no mood to argue further at the time.  All Mobile Alerts was much more accomodating and returned the entire amount billed.  Both companies are sending checks instead of crediting the Verizon account. Seriously, if they can't credit through Verizon, then they shouldn't be able to bill through Verizon.  This setup is just ripe for rip-offs and Verizon should better protect their customers by requiring an opt-in to these services instead of forcing an opt-out once the damage has been done.  It's obvious to me that there's some sort of kick-back Verizon gets for allowing this bill-through and they have no interest in stopping it.  
Entity: Internet, Internet

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