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76, Report #94235
Jun 09 2004
09:05 AM
Verizon Wireless ripoff, dishonest, questionable practices, Brownsville Texas
My wife and I signed up with Verizon during her pregnancy with our first child. I was transferred to Kansas shortly after the birth. After being in Kansas for a couple of months, we started to get these outragous cell phone bills. We called Verizon several times before to change names, addresses, plan, etc. and every time they told us our plan included all these things and that we had so many mobile-to-mobile minutes. After we got the second huge bill, we called and were informed that because Verizon did not own any towers in Kansas, we did not have mobile-to-mobile. Every single minute we used to call on our cells was being charged. They kept telling us that we should have known that Verizon did not have service in Kansas, even though when we called to change info, they told us that we did. We have not paid them a cent and I do not plan to. Kevin Helena, MontanaU.S.A.
Entity: Brownsville, Texas
77, Report #16577
Mar 12 2002
12:00 AM
Verizon Wireless Robbed, Abused and Mistreated fraudulent ripoff business houston Texas
My cell phone bill has been incorrect for the past seven months. I have called and spoke with numerous representatives and no one is able to help nor do they care. I continuously pay my bill every month and the charges just roll over into the next month appearing that I had not paid, although my checks have in fact been cashed cleared and taken out of the bank. I have a contract that states there is no-roaming yet I've paid a total of $183.83, in roaming charges. On most occasions I kept a log of my calls and at the end of the day when I would call and confirm with Verizon to discover the minutes would often be doubled. When I asked to speak with a supervisor I was transferred at least four times and then finally hung on. My plan is suppose to be $90.00 a month, yet the bill for this month is over $360.00. In January I was told that my bill had not been paid, and the day after my check cleared the bank my phone was turned off, and would not be turned back on unless, $200.00 was paid. Wait a minute ALL of my bills have been paid in full. I have the bills and the cleared checks. When I requested the two phones be turned off they told me it would cost $189.00 per phone an of course you pay for all your UNUSED minutes at .35 cent per min. So I'm forced to pay these crooks to save my credit. Does anyone know of any class action law suites, maybe I'll starte one. I'm tired of being mistreated and abused. STAY AWAY!!! FROM VERIZON WIRELESS Kim houston, Texas
Entity: houston, Texas
78, Report #23093
Jun 20 2002
08:44 AM
Verizon Wireless ripoff deceptive company Dallas Texas
Verizon Wireless has a 15 day satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like it you can return it for a full refund. What they DON'T tell you is that the refund takes 60-90 days to receive. I purchased equipment, paid a $150 deposit and set up new service. I returned the equipment in 10 days because of poor signal receiving. I was told when returned it would be 6-8 weeks for my refund-that they were not issued from the same store I purchased from. I received the $144.70 refund for the equipment returned in 30 days. However, it has been 8 weeks and still no refund of my deposit. I just called them and they have now told me it will be 90 days before I receive it. BUYER BEWARE! If you even remotely think the equipment might not work in your area and you might have to return it they will hold your money for a looooooong time. Jeanette Georgetown, Tennessee
Entity: Dallas, Texas
79, Report #17922
Mar 31 2002
12:00 AM
Verizon Wireless mis-represent false promises Denver Colorado
In Jan 2002, I spoke to Shane at Verizon Wireless about my phone. It seems that they had switched their services in Nov of 2001 and made my phone obsolete. It forced me to either upgrade my phone or cancell with them. I told them since they changed the system I was not willing to buy another phone and would be cancelling. Shane, just to keep my account told me he would provide a free phone and accessories. Knowing I would not see the bill (my bill goes to my employer in another state) he told me what I wanted to hear, shipped me the phone and tagged me with $183.00 for the phone. I caught wind of the charge just last week and now his supervisor is saying I have to pay for the phone. As far as she was concerned I bought it. I have no interest in this, the bill is not for me to pay. But it shows a what Verizon employees are doing to keep accounts. I have had Verizon accounts since 1992. pilo denver, Colorado
Entity: Colorado
80, Report #35888
Nov 21 2002
10:53 AM
Verizon Wireless ripoff, dishonest, misleading Brookfield Connecticut
Verizon Wireless, has 2 incidents recently causing me to terminate service. First, my old cellphone died, I asked for a Motorolla, I was sold something that loked like one, but was a LG. I complained about performance w/ no resolve. After many calls, I asked to split the difference of a new phone, reguest was denied. (I spent $200+ on LG). I cancelled service, they were almost proud of this. Received a call a month later asking if I wanted to reactivate ? Second, incident was to move a single phone (with contract expiration only 3 months away to) out of a master plan, and into it's own. Change billing address. Was told that this would not restart a contract. Took 2 mos, they restarted contract! Called and was told that I was not told this. I stated I had a certain number of days to cancel a new contract, and they asked if I had anything that said so! They played cat and mouse, trying to prevent me from terminating. They even tried to get me to admit that I understood that there would be a termination fee. I said I understand there is IF I actually signed for a new contract, she noted on account I agreed to Termination! These people will do anything to lock you in! Don't trust! Mike Danbury, Connecticut
Entity: Brookfield, Connecticut
81, Report #35944
Nov 21 2002
08:02 PM
Verizon Wireless rip-off fraud scam Decatur Illinois
Wrong Address & Fraudulent Billing the business that doesn't give a dam ..... After having been a customer of Ameritech & Verizon for over 10 years, I decided to change cellular phone companies. Our reception was very poor in our area. I checked the dates on my contract for the two phones I had and called customer services on 10-01-02 and told them I wanted to cancel my account effective 10-01-02. The lady expressed to me that they would like me to stay with Verizion. I declined and she thanked me for being a good customer. She said I was paid through 10-02-02. On 11-20-02 I had a message on my recorder from a collection agency which I called. They informed me that they had been contacted by Verizion to collect an over due account. I had never received a statement from them after closing my account. After an hour on the phone, A lady from payment services department informed me that they had sent a bill to an address that I had moved from almost five years ago. I explained that it was the wrong address and that I didn't believe I owed them anything. I have had this plan for two years and I know my calling area and call times. I had free nights & weekends. When I called customer service to obtain my current balance, I was told the date of my last payment and that my balance was zero. On 11-18-02 I recieved a check from Verizion for an overpayment of $6.14. I have never been a day late on any of my obligations and am trying to clear this matter up without affecting my credit reference. I requested a copy of the bill sent to me at my current address. They have never failed to send my statement to this address. I feel I have been screwed. William Herrick, Illinois
Entity: Decatur, Illinois
82, Report #34971
Nov 12 2002
05:57 PM
Verizon Wireless ripoff business from hell Houston Dallas Texas
In June 2002 I added a cell phone 713 818 1412 to my account 713 818 2235 for 20.00 the cell phone was sharing 3000 anytime minutes with nights and weekend fee will they are charging me 40 cents for evrey minute on the 713 818 1412 cell phone the max minutes used were 1600 or so and in Oct I cancelled my service as I have spent days on the telephone trying to get this taken care of with no success. At this time they want 2408.14 from me and they gave me a credit for Sept for 1248.00 which is not added on they are very sad sad people and I hope that nobody has anything to do with these idoits.They are the most rotten of anybody I have dealt with in my life till this point I hope they go BROKE as they are not fit to be in any kind of business Roy Houston, Texas
Entity: Dallas, Texas
83, Report #44444
Feb 06 2003
03:39 PM
Verizon Wireless rip-off Dublin Ohio
Signed contact for calling plan 200 on 10/16/00. Per contact, monthly plan was to be billed at 35.00 monthly but with a $15.00 discount per month the first year. I should have been billed 19.99 monthly the 1st year. I should have not had any roaming charges for any calls made within my area. I did not sign up for anything else. I never rec'd a bill for 19.99. I was over-charged every month from the time I got the phone. I called Verizon to try and fix the problem. They were very rude. Told me I signed up for mobile to mobile. I never did. It is not on my contract. The box is very clearly not marked. Billed me for voice-mail messages even though I never rec'd any messages. Added per call charges to my bill. I don't know what they were for. I hardly ever used the phone, let alone call from outside my service area. I was calling monthly to have them correct my bill. They didn't want to take the time to talk to me. They would not correct the bills. I paid my 19.99 monthly plus tax. They just tacked the balance on to my next bill. Finally in 4/01, I sent them a letter telling them to cancel my phone due to their breach in our contract. If they could not bill me correctly, I did not want their service. I even offered to return the phone to them. They didn't want the phone. They did cancel the service but continued to bill me. I rec'd bills every month for the next year, all for different amts. They called me numerous times at work and at home even after I told them what was going on. Funny how they couldn't talk to me before I canceled the service but they could call me 10 times a day after I refused to pay the excess charges. They finally turned it over to collection. I've had 3 collection agencies contact me. They all stopped collection when I sent them copies my contract and letters sent to Verizon. They all were trying to collect for different amts. The last bill I rec'd from Verizon said I owed the 295.00 for early termination. One collection agency said Verizon was willing to accept 80%,$495.00. I ask how 80% of 295.00 could be 495.00. Never heard from that one any more. Today, I have received yet another collection letter from yet another collection agency. This has been added to my credit report even though I have tried all attempts to fix the problem. I have sent copies of my contract and all communications to Experian to have this removed from my credit report. They refuse to do so. Where do you go from here? Obviously, $$ is the issue..Customer service is not.. Big Business can stick it to you and you have no recourse. Vicky Logan, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Dublin, Ohio
84, Report #9343
Dec 15 2001
12:00 AM
Verizon wireless useless beyond 5 miles of towers
I resently bought a verizon phone with their long distance, for a trip from Duluth Georgia where we bought the phone and the card that was supose to allow us to call Long Distance. The dealer knew we were going to Yuba City, California to get married. Once out of Georgia we found that our phone no longer worked. Once in Houston, TX we went to a dealer, who sent us to another dealer, and then they sent us to a agent or hub. Once there we had to stand in line for over an hour while one woman worked taking payments. Then she and the manager of the hub took an additional 4 1/2 hours to find out we had the wrong phone, and another 1/2 hour to exchange the double phone for a triple that would allow us to use it as we planned to when we bought the phone which was OUT OF STATE. We had to pay an additional 45 plus dollars for the triple, or tri phone. The woman constantly stoped working on the computer where she was finding out IF she could give us credit for our 2 day old phone for the tri phone we needed and should have been given in the first place, to take monthly payment from customers behind us because as she said My line is to long, and I HAVE to wait on them. The stress from NOT being able to keep in touch as I had plained on the road, to my Mother who had just had an operation on a brain tummor in May, this was Sept, and we had put off the wedding because she was found to have the tummor 5 day's before the wedding was to be held in Georgia. The tri phone was not much better because we could only make calls along that road trip in Houston, TX, Pheniox, AZ, LA, and Sacramento Calif, on the way out, and then ONLY when we were within 5 milses of the towers. I had a stroke 4 day's after the wedding after our car broke down, in ludlow, Ca and the cell phone didn't work even when we got to barstow California, or Chino, Ca to call my sister two day's after the car broke down. Stress I was told is a major factor in Strokes! Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Verizon
Entity: Duluth, Georgia
85, Report #8669
Dec 05 2001
12:00 AM
Verizon Wireless ripped me off
I have been a 10+ year customer with Verizon Wireless and recently they have been overcharging me. They promised me $154 credit in 10/01 and a rerated bill on 11/3/01, all which have not been done. I have been contacting them via phone, fax and email every other day w/no resolve. I will continue my fight until I get satisfaction. They have ripped me off and I want them to live up to their worry free guarantee and deliver what they promise! Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Verizon
Entity: Silver Spring, Maryland
86, Report #17644
Mar 26 2002
12:00 AM
verizon wireless excessive roaming charges orangeburg New York
(short version)i call verizon wireless on dec 26, 2001 to put a long distance plan on my account due the fact that i would be traveling down south for six weeks..the representative sold me a plan,$55 a month, good for long distance. on jan 2, 2002 we leave new york & drive to florida. we used our cell phone the whole month and return feb 10...feb 11,i open my mail and there is a bill for 637.52..i call them speak with jack, he advises the long distance plan was put on the wrong account(we have 3 #s billed together).he aplogizes,will send the bill for recalulation..he advised someone will call in 7-10 business days..fine..2 weeks go by ,no response, we get another bill for credits were issued, no billing corrections ..i call again on 3/7 speak w/cindy,she will ck and call us back...know we get a disconnection notice for 1163.48, call again, speak with george, go through the whole story again, he advises he cannot help me and that i need a manager..put me on hold 45 minutes then i get disconnected,i call back, speak to connie & stan slade(both managers), it is now 3/16 and i have spent countless hours on the phone..they have since disconneted our phones and billed us$175.00 per phone for early cancellation.i now have a $1800 cell phone bill. tom floral park, New York
Entity: orangeburg, New York
87, Report #419190
Feb 02 2009
02:24 PM
Verizon Wireless Mail-in rebate nightmare Ashland Ohio
In November of 2008, we were enticed to upgrade my Verizon Wireless phone to a new Envy 2. At the Verizon Wireless store, we were lured by a $50 mail-in rebate. The clerk gave us the documents, including the rebate form itself, and we mailed it in two days later. Over time we kept trying to use Verizon's rebate website to track our rebate but nothing ever showed up. I finally started calling them and found they said they had not received our documents. VERY fortunately, I had photocopied everything. UNFORTUNATELY, they aren't big on accepting photocopies of the UPC code from the box. In our favor was that we had all of the proof that we did indeed purchase the phone, including not only our sales receipt from the Verizon Wireless store but also our VISA sales receipt. Furthermore, the MEID for the phone also appeared on the sales receipt from the store. After spending an enormous amount of time on the phone with the Verizon Rebates center, they did issue a tracking number and had us fax in all of our documentation, and we thought everything was handled. But two weeks later we received a postcard saying the UPC code was invalid. Back on the phone with the Rebate center I was told that the Envy 2 we had purchased was NOT eligible for the rebate. The rebate form we had sent in came from the Verizon Wireless store, as I explained to the Rebates agent, AND my Envy 2 had been shown online, on Verizon's website, also touting the $50 mail-in rebate, but predictably there was nothing she could do. We could not believe it! Feeling we had been had I ended up back on the phone with Verizon Wireless Customer Care and they conferenced on my wife and after explaining the situation one last time, the Care agent gave us a $50 credit on our wireless bill and we thanked him profusely. We have been Verizon Wireless customers for about 7 years now and really didn't want to take our business elsewhere, but we were fully prepared to do so out of a feeling that we had been had in this whole mess. This whole nightmare is over but we've been left with a few lessons. First, we will never trust mail-in rebates from Verizon Wireless again. Second, although I understand that Verizon uses a contract-center to handle their mail-in rebates, we as customers hold THEM, Verizon Wireless, responsible when things like this happen because it is to THEM that we send our money, not the rebate-processing people. And third, because it turns out the root of our problem turned out that the Verizon Wireless store we purchased my phone from provided us with invalid rebate documents, we will NEVER conduct business with them ever again. I do have to say a big thanks to Verizon Wireless Customer Care for finally understanding how crazy this whole nightmare was and doing the right thing. To anyone thinking about dealing with a mail-in rebate for a Verizon Wireless offer, I would seriously think twice about it. Really. John Ashland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Ashland, Ohio
88, Report #380809
Oct 13 2008
12:53 PM
Verizon Wireless Complicated & deceptive rebate practices Nationwide
I purchased a new phone, eligible for a rebate, through Verizon. I was told that I would need to return a completed rebate form and my original receipt. I was *not* told that I would also need the part of the large, unwieldy box that had the bar-code on it, nor that my rebate would be good for store credit only. I acknowledge that these details *were* in the fine-print on the rebate form, however I found the process unduly complicated, inflexible, and somewhat deceptive. I think that most people would have recycled the box automatically, as I did. Christie Everett, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
89, Report #365896
Aug 22 2008
03:21 PM
Verizon Wireless unethical business practices & harrassment Niles Ohio
In 2001 I purchased a 2 year service contract and phone from Verizon Wireless. Service was a bit spotty, but otherwise most of the 2 years were fine. Three months before my contract was up (March 2003), my phone showed nothing but no service. I spent 3 weeks on the phone and in Verizon wireless stores trying to find our why I was getting no service when my account was current and everyone was telling me my phone worked fine. After 3weeks, I finally got hold of some one who knew what was going on and was told that verizon had decided to no longer support my type of phone. So they just arbitrarily shut off my service because they decided to not allow the type of phone I had purchased FROM THEM! When I pitched a fit, they said they would give me a new phone IF I extended my contract another 2 years, OR I would have to buy a supported phone at $200 plus to finish out the last 2 months of my contract OR pay the $175 early termination fee! NONE of those were acceptable, so I fought with Verizon for almost a year and EVENTUALLY they did clear the account. According to Verizon, I do NOT have an account with them from that point on. Ahhhh, but it's NOT over! In 2005, I suddenly start getting collection notices from collection agencies about a defaulted Verizon Wireless account. I ASSUMED that they were talking about what happened as described above. I sent them a written notice that this was not a legit debt and they demanded I PROVE I don't owe anything to Verizon wireless by getting a statement from Verizon wireless. I contact Verizon Wireless and get told that I DO NOT have an account with them and they will NOT give me anything saying I don't have an account with them or that I don't owe them money since I don't have an account! So, EVERY 4 MONTHS from mid-2005 to present I get a new collection agency harrassing me for a debt to Verizon Wireless demanding anything from $84 to $350! Each time, I send them a letter, deal with harrassing phone calls and explain to them I don't owe Verizon anything. Last week, August 2008, I discovered that the debt these collection agencies are trying to collect on belongs to someone else with the SAME NAME AS ME! Who ever they are with the same name, the debt origionated in Washington state. I have never lived in Washington! Apparently this other person owes Verizon wireless and since they don't have a social security number associtated with the debt they are trying to collect from anyone with the same name. Verizon still refuses to give me anything saying I do NOT owe them a debt, the collection agencies continue to harrass me for some one else's debt demanding I PROVE I don't owe the debt by having something from verizon. The collection agencies are also screwing up MY credit with this other person's debts!!!!!!!! I need this to stop! Tory Sharon, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Niles, Ohio
90, Report #445641
Apr 21 2009
07:33 PM
Verizon Wireless LCD Bleed Cerritos California
I purchased an LG Voyager March 13, 2009. On April 16, 2009, while talking on the phone, I noticed a large black 'blob' on the exterior screen. I walked into the cerritos VZ store and told the rep I wanted to exchange for a new phone. He took one look at the phone and said the damage was due to extreme pressure being on the touch screen and denied that this could be a manufacturer's defect. Seeing there was no actual damage to the exterior screen of the phone, and the fact that I was talking on the phone when this happened, I asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor proceeded to inform me that I have insurance and would be offered a 'refurbished' phone for fifty dollars, which is the deductible amount. I proceeded to explain to him that approx. 35 days ago I purchased this phone NEW and am not going to pay another fifty dollars for a used phone. I wanted a refund. He stated a refund was not possible because the phone was damaged. I left the store with his business card in hand, and called what I thought was the corporate office. The CS rep on the phone asked me if I kept my phone in my pocket. I told her I keep my phone in my purse, and she proceeded to tell me it was not a safe place to keep it because the screen can be easily damaged! Needless to say I got nowhere with her and asked to speak to her supervisor. Same scenario. He couldn't do anything for me. I finally said I want to cancel my contract, and he said that would cost me $170 because I was in a new two year contract. Either way I end up paying. This is not a case of user abuse or improper handling. The LCD screen spontaneously started to 'bleed' rendering the phone useless and Verizon states that because there are no other reports of this happening, I am automatically at fault. I have found many other blogs about this same thing happening and am quite sure verizon is aware of what is happening. Christine Lakewood, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Cerritos, California
91, Report #461685
Jun 14 2009
08:45 PM
Verizon Wireless Early Termination Internet
Currently I'm trying to switch end my Verizon contract due to a change in the Federal Universal Service Charge or FUSC and the international picture & video messaging change as well. I have not paid my newest bill because doing so automatically accepts the terms of the agreement per their customer agreement. The first time I called I got Emily (ext. 2996), she stated that the FUSC charge that I was notified that would be changed on my April bill didn't effect me or something but that the International Picture and Video messaging might being I called about both changes that were in my April bill. She placed me on hold for almost 20 minutes then she came back and said I didn't use and of those messages, I asked her to look further into it because I have dates in my cell phone that I've been sending international messages, So she put me on hold again for almost 15 minutes when she came back to the phone she said would have to look further into it and give me a call back within 2 hours, from 4:43 pm EST, she also asked It seems like you were waiting for something so you could cancel your contract, is there a reason other than this that you are canceling and I told her no, that I just wanted to cancel due to this reason. I didn't like her original response to the change in the FUSC charge so I called back, this time I got Ronnikka. She stated that the FUSC is not something I can cancel my contract for without the Early Termination Fee. That according to their right to make changes any price changes would really refer to my rate package if they changed the family share 1400 from $130.00 per month to $140.00 or something. Then she put me on hold, when she came back she said the same thing, and stated that she could give me a credit for the change in fees for the remainder of my contract period which is when I told her that she admitted to having a Material Adverse Effect on me and that as part of my contract that she would then need to let me out, she said she couldn't without the fee and that's when I asked for her supervisor then I was placed on hold again, she told me her supervisor was Alisha and she was busy on other calls and would have to call me back before the end of the evening. Which I never received a call back. I waited my 2 hours that Emily had promised me a call back from earlier, and she told me that the FUSC charge was not something I could use to cancel my contract, so I asked for her supervisor which was a Toni Gaston at Ext 1555, she ended up yelling at me that it wasn't materially adverse, I explained to her that no where in their contract does it define what is and what isn't materially adverse for me, she got very nasty. So I told her that I would be contacting the FCC, BBB and my state attorney's office. I called back again and figured I would try over, that is when I got a CSR Shamika, she stated the FUSC charge was not Materially Adverse enough that a few cents doesnt count which is when I explained its more like a 65% increase. I told her there was no where in the contract that gives a concrete definition of what materially adverse is, and that I'm telling her a 65% increase in the FUSC charge for my two lines with them is materially adverse. She said they base whether or not it is materially adverse on the entire bill and being my bill is $130.00 per month it is only about 1% and that's not materially adverse. So I asked for her supervisor which was Gladys at Ext # 1174 and she basically explained the same thing, so i asked for her supervisor, so she put in a request for me to get her supervisor, within 24 - 48 hours I should be hearing back from someone there. I called yet again, spoke with Kim Ext. 2102, she stated that the FUSC did affect my account, so I started to tell her that it has a material adverse affect on me and that I would like to end my contract without the Early Termination Fee She stated this isn't part of my plan and that I cant end my contract without the fees. I asked for her supervisor, she sent me to a Mercedes Ext. 1027. Mercedes then told me that the FUSC charge isn't a charge they even set which I then referred her to the Customer Agreement where the paragraph (Charges and Fees we set) states they are charges that are set by Verizon and she was mistaken, I asked for her supervisor which she told me she is a senior supervisor and that there was no one else there tonight that could assist me, she would put in a request for me to speak with her immediate supervisor which is Chris and he should be giving me a call back within 24 hours. I called again, spoke with Kory Ext. 2610 she offered to give me a credit for the remainder of the contract that's when I told her she was admitting that it has a material adverse effect on me and that per my customer agreement I have the right within 60 days to cancel my contract without an early termination fee and thats what I would like to do. She said she can't do it herself that she would need to speak with a supervisor cause even if she put it in it would get rejected. She went to talk to a supervisor to see if it is something they can do for me. She came back to tell me being that they offered me an alternative to the FUSC charges and I refused that would mean that I accept the change in the FUSC, I asked her to point me to the correct place in the Customer Agreement where it states that they can offer a credit to void the terms of the customer agreement under their right to make changes? She couldn't locate a place. I asked for her supervisors information which was Matthew Korn and I then asked for his supervisor, since I have been upside down and sideways thru this contract and don't see where it states that and he is authorized to make his own adjustment/changes to the terms of the contract to negate the effects of the change. She looked to see if RAD was still in and she said he was not, at that point I asked for another supervisor, she stated she would go get Matthew to come to her as she didn't know his extension off hand. At Ext. 1901. He got on the phone and stated that his credit would negate the terms of the contract and I told him that's not right and I asked where in the contract does it state that he can do that? He couldn't find a place but he then said that it wouldnt have a material adverse effect on me if he gave me a credit towards my bill for the remainder of the contract. I asked for his supervisor he told me his supervisor is the Associate Director which is Ignacio and that I couldn't have his last name or extension because he doesn't speak directly with customers. I told Matthew that I would be filing a report with the FCC, BBB & Rip Off Report because he admitted it has a Material Adverse affect on me and that this was fraud since he wouldn't abide by the terms that are clearly stated in the contract. I wish I could get someone's e-mail address to get everything their saying in writing since everyone seems to have a different story. I will continue to state my point which is clearly in the contract that I have 60 days to end it after they make any changes. Ajkat Wharton, New JerseyU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Verizon
Entity: Internet
92, Report #470051
Jul 15 2009
01:51 PM
Verizon Wireless Data Package Rip-Off California Maryland
On Monday I went to the local retails stores to change my phone to the new HTC from Verizon Wireless. After talking to the two retails stores (including the online Verizonwireless over the phone) I left with a weird feeling. According to Verizon Wireless Sales Rep, they CANNOT sell a new smartphone without a data package (either $30 or $45). Whn I ask why everyone said that is the new policy that started from last year required by the phone OEM. Before only the Blackberries were mandated to have a data package. Starting last year, all new smartphones, has to have a data package in order to receive and make calls, EVEN when you don't use the internet. They say that is a requirement that the phone manufacturers are requesting for these type of phones. I ask, So, what happens if I get the plan and then I declined it? They answered: Your phone won't work at all. So, after leaving with this taste of displeasure from America's most trusted network (hmmm, a feeling of doubt increasing on me), I decided to ask HTC why they were doing that. I got a direct call from the HTC Customer Service Department (I was very surprised), and they say that are not requesting ANY company to do ANYTHING with their phones. That is their decision what do with the phone. In addition, I was informed that other companies are selling the phone with no data package at all (Hint Hint Verizon) and that other companies provided the service you wanted with the phone. Furthermore, not even an employee from HTC could get a phone from Verizon without the Data Package. So, IF HTC is not requesting Verizon Wireless to have a Data Package on their smartphones.. then WHY Sales Rep are saying that a customer needs to have a Data Package to work? If another company does it, why not Verizon? Maybe is because the phone has Wi-Fi capability. You see, if they sell you the phone with no Data Package then you can use the Wi-Fi capability (pratically anywhere you go no you have Wi-Fi) and they will loose money on that monopoly. After talking to the last Sales Rep (over the phone), the lady said that she understood my feelings but all she could do was to write down my concern and forwarded. And that maybe in the future there could be a chance of changing that bace on the Voice of the Customer. Verizon, this is the Voice of a loyal customer for many years. And I say that if I don't have the need for a data package for a smartphone, then you should consider to seel me the phone without a Data Package (as your competitor does). I know and I understand that this is a service that you pay for and they can do whatever they want. However, if I'm paying, why should I be told what to pay and what to get? To have that data package for a phone is literally throwing that amount of money to the trash. No wait, actually goes to the pockets of Verizon Wireles. I'm not trying to boycott or avoid people form buying from Verizon Wireless, but rather to open their eyes and buy smart. If you don't need it, then why pay for it. That is the question that still rings on my mind. Wal_y_fipe California, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: California, Maryland
93, Report #410250
Jan 09 2009
06:02 PM
Verizon Wireless Premium Text Message Scam Bellevue Washington
Verizon Wireless is billing $9.99 per month for a Premium Text Message sent to my son's phone, which is part of a family plan. When I called customer service they said they could block Premium Text from my account, but that the $9.99 would continue to accrue each month regardless. The ONLY way to prevent the charge would be to text-message the third party requesting them to stop. BUT... if I block Premium Text from my account, then that would also PREVENT unsubscribing! They said if the phone was lost or broken, the ONLY way to unsubscribe would be to purchase another phone, move the account to that phone, then send the unsubscribe text message. This is ridiculous! If they are billing me on behalf of the third party, they should be able to tell the third party to cease all further activity. I will speak to my son in the next few days to find out how this charge was added. I have read several on line reports about people getting these charges without ever having signed up. I find it hard to believe that my 24-year-old son would have any interest in signing up for a monthly psychic reading. That's about the last thing he would care about. Kendall Tualatin, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Bellevue, Washington
94, Report #398073
Dec 04 2008
09:11 PM
Verizon Wireless rude,and verbally abusive Solon ohio
here is my story.jan 3,2008 i purchased a cell plan for me and my son.he lost his job due to a motor accident(not his fault),so in april i called to cancel my service with them.i talked to a man named larry,wassupposed to be night supervisor in billing,told him i had to cancel,explained the whole situation to him,told him i was on s.s.a and i could pay my bal.of with 50.00 a month.he told me in a very rude way it would have to be 100.00 i said i can't afford that,he was very rude,so i hung up.acouple days later i called back and talked to the day supervisor her name was christy i believe,i told her what larry told me,and she said send in the 50.00.i have this conversation on tape. last month i received another call from billing,i told the girl i have been sending in 50.00 amonth since april.of course she wouldn't listen,told her to do what she had to do,and hung up.well last week got a call from the collection agency verizon uses,of course going thru the process again made me sick,but i recorded this conversation to.the guy was really harassing me,after about 10 mins.i started screaming and told him he needs to find out who's taking my money all these month's.anyway the collection company's name is NES-national enterprise systems.i am so sick of these people.i pay what i told the girl,haven't missed a payment,and they rufuse to leave me i told the guy i have the proff and recordings,and bankstatement's.i told him i will file bankrupcy if i have to,haven't heard from anyone since. Regina saint clair, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
95, Report #398727
Dec 07 2008
12:39 AM
I purchased the Samsung Juke for my 11-year old daughter. When we first got it I was able to purchase a few tracks for 99 cents each and download them to my PC through the Verizon V Cast Music Manager. Then from my PC I loaded them onto her Juke phone. Some months after that Verizon teamed up with Rhapsody. I had to download the Rhapsody software to my PC to try to purchase music. I did not want to subscribe to Rhapsody and pay $14.99/month. I only wanted to pay as I purchased the tracks. I found the Rhapsody application very complicated to use so I called Verizon. Never did I imagine that this would be the 1st of many calls that I would have made as of today regarding the same issue. I still can't get music for my daughter through Rhapsody. She is very sad. I admit I lack savvy when it comes to this kind of stuff but the Verizon Wireless reps left me more confused than ever. Below is a summary of some of the calls I've made: CALL 1 The Verizon Wireless Rep tells me that I am having trouble because of blocks that were put on my daughter's phone when I reported it lost. It was lost at her school for a few days. The rep said he would remove the blocks. This left me confused because I thought that I should just be able to download to the pc instead of directly to the phone. CALL 2 I still could do nothing with the Rhapsody application. I informed the rep that I had already called and that I was told that blocks had been removed. She said that she was going to help me with my problem. It was obvious to me from the way she was speaking that she was reading something, maybe a manual, to help her understand Rhapsody. After 30+ minutes on the phone with her I had to hang up. CALL 3 The Verizon rep tells me to log into Rhapsody. I tell him I'm logged in already. Then he has me log into My Account at He stays with me on the line for a few minutes. I can tell that he probably knows no more about this than I do. He tells me that there is a tutorial (at and advises me to read it. CALL 4 The Verizon rep says that when I log in I need to log in with my daughter's phone number because that is the number I want to download music to. I am not sure if she means log in to or Rhapsody. I am so confused. I tell her that my daughter does not have her own account and that my number is the primary number and that I want to purchase tracks and download them to my PC and then transfer them to her phone, just like I did with V Cast Music Manager before Rhapsody She says that it would be better that I speak to Rhapsody's tech support. She transfers me to Rhapsody and gives me their 866 number in case I'm disconnected. CALL 5 I am now speaking to a Rhapsody tech support rep in a call center in India. The young man on the other end is a bit impatient with me. We are having difficulty understanding each other. I hang up. I try working on Rhapsody again and I am able to make two purchases, which will be charged on my Verizon Wireless account. But I can't figure out how to download the track. CALL 6 I call Rhapsody's call center in India. This time I get a more mature sounding individual who seems to be very helpful. My computer is slowing down and I let him know that. He asks if I have a dial-connection and I say yes. He guides me all the way to the Rhapsody Downloads. At this point, I still can't see the tracks that I supposedly purchased. He ASKS FOR MY PASSWORD. I don't want to give it to him but he insists that he wants to see what I am seeing in order to help me. Since I did not give my password to him he tells me that the Rhapsody application is not compatible with a dial-up connection and to call us back after you have a cable connection. I ask Are you kidding me, are you kidding me? CALL 7 I called Verizon. The rep tells me that he can see by the remarks on my account that I have made many calls and that he understands that I am frustrated. I tell him what the Rhapsody tech said about Rhapsody not being compatible with a dial-up connection. He says he has never heard of such a thing. He says he is sorry. I say I am sorry too. Since it is after-hours now, (about 11: 45 pm pst) the rep transfers me to a voice mail box where I can leave feedback along with my name and number so that a manager can call me back. He says I can leave a detailed message. I am leaving a detailed message when I realize that the call has either been lost or I exceeded my allotted time. I call again and this time I leave a brief message. It has been 8 days since I left the message and nobody has contacted me and nobody will. Why do I feel that I've been ripped off by Verizon Wireless throughout the years I've been a loyal customer? I feel ripped off by Verizon because I was lured by salesperson at the Verizon Wireless store into buying a phone for my daughter under the impression that I could easily download music for her. Now I am being charged for tracks I can't even download. The customer service is disappointing. Although the reps try to sound polite, it does not seem that Verizon trains them well enough to actually help the customer with technical issues or to explain bills and charges in lay man's terms. After making so many calls to no avail on the same issue I decided to record the call and I informed the rep about it. He asked me to hold for about five minutes then came back telling me that it's Verizons policy to end a call if it is being recorded (by the customer). I feel ripped off because Verizon gave me a new free phone, locked me into another contract, and then the phone stopped working 2 weeks later. When I went to the Verizon Wireless store in Montebello California they said that I could either purchase a new phone or they could give me a free refurbished phone. That replacement phone was a Motorola and the same model as the first one. It stopped working too a few days later. When I complained at the store they said WE ARE A SERVICE PROVIDER. In other words the phones are not their problem, even if they sold them to me. I feel ripped off by Verizon because I have been a customer for almost 9 years (since 2000) and had always paid my bill on time. Then, when I fell into some financial difficulties some months back, Verizon was not willing to work with me on payment arrangements while I got back on track. They are too expensive. After I was disconnected for the first time ever because I could not make a full payment I called them and after being told thank you for being the most important part of Verizon Wireless they refused to waive the disconnection fee. I explained to them that I had been with them for 8+ years and had always been a good customer but that for the last few months I had been having great financial difficulty. I explained that the disconnection fee would make it even harder for me to bring my account current. They did not care. Apparently their COMPANY POLICIES are the most important part of Verizon Wirelessnot the customer. For years I've been a loyal customer but Verizon has not delivered. But of course if I back out of the contract I am stuck with hefty early termination fees. If they fail to deliver, so what, they've got their ass well covered. I have more complaints but I will stop here. I have already wasted too much time with this Verizon Wireless Company. I can't wait for my contract to end in Sept. of 2009. I will never return to them. Dewdrop monterey park, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Verizon
Entity: Internet
96, Report #576602
Mar 02 2010
08:36 AM
Verizon Wireless MAA, Small Business Account Agreement Internet
We have been Verizon Wireless customers for over 5 years, originally transferring from Cingular back in May of 2005. When we signed up, we agreed to a two-year contract with 5 lines of service for a total cost of $231.69 which we have been on-time every month since May. While signing up at the Verizon Wireless Retail Store in Stuart, Florida we informed the representative that our business would be paying for this service, as this was to be a business account, used for business purposes. (1st mistake) This representative ported our numbers from Cingular and signed us up under a Verizon Wireless Family Share plan, rather than a MAA or Major Account Agreement, which is available for any business with 5 or more lines of services. I had never heard of this terminology until February 20th, 2010. So over the past 5 years we have been using and enjoying our Verizon Service, almost with no problems besides the Blackberry Storm 1 which was just a nightmare of a release and a yearlong uphill battle trying to make Verizon understand how terrible this phone was, we eventually had to pay $300.00 to upgrade to the Storm II. On February 18, 2010 we decided that we needed an additional line of service for a High Speed Data Card; we called Verizon Customer Service using the 1-800-256-4646 as we always did for our issues, asked for sales and began speaking to a representative about adding this card onto our account. I first asked, how a 6th line would be possible to add to our account because my previous understanding was that 5 lines was the max on any share plan (note we are still on the same family share plan, under a business name that we originally signed up for in 2005). He said well I see you have a business account here and I said yes our business pays for telecom charges; and he explained to me that I did not have a MAA or Major Account Agreement, so naturally I asked what that was... A MAA is a contract behind a small business and Verizon Wireless stating that Verizon Wireless will create a business account for your company, to allow you to purchase wireless service and equipment at corporate discounts, provided you maintain five or more lines of service on your account, and I see here you are eligible for an 8% discount on your account I am thinking $$... (63 months of service @ 233.61 per month = $14717.43 * 8% = $1177.3944) + applicable accessories and phone discounts of 25%, I didnt have a calculation in mind for all of that but we have purchased 26 phones over the past 5 years so it is another substantial 4 digit figure. I responded to the representative saying, well I originally signed up at a Verizon Wireless Retail Store, why was I not informed of this information originally? of course he said he did not know, and then asked me if I still wanted to sign up for a new line of service and I said no, let me make a few phone calls... I first phoned the store manager of the Stuart, Florida Verizon Wireless Retail Store, who opted to not talk to me and offered to call me back instead, unfortunately I guess he forgot to call me as well..the representative who answered the phone asked what I needed help with and I simply said, I am calling to find out how to receive my MAA discount; he said I dont know what that is and I said that is unfortunate. Wasting no time, I quickly called Les Gunter of Verizon Executive Relation in Chicago and explained to him the situation, which he also did not know what a MAA was or how or why I should be receiving an 8% discount on my service. He asked if he could call me back and I said sure, he said it will be by the end of business 2/19/2010. Well wouldn't you know it, he never did call me back. I called on 2/22/2010 and asked for him, his assistant said he was in a meeting, go figure. I called later that afternoon and was told he was still in a meeting...before I had a chance to call back I received a phone call from a Tracy Waldon who was also with Verizon Executive Relations in the Southeast Division, who said she would be handling my concerns from here. I explained to her the situation, to which she also informed me that she would have to conduct further research before returning my phone call but that I would be contacted by a Business Sales Representative within one business day to add this MAA onto my account so that we could begin receiving the discount that had been owed to us for five years. 2/23/2010 - No phone calls, I called and left a message for Tracy. 2/23/2010 - Received a phone call back from her, in response to my voicemail regarding a call back from the business account representative, I said no, no one has called me. 2/24/2010 - Nothing 2/25/2010 - I received a phone call from a new Verizon Wireless Retail Store that recently opened this past year in Port Saint Lucie, Florida; interesting I did not receive a phone call from the original store I signed my original contract agreement with. This phone call was from the store manager, who simply was following Tracy's instructions to sign me up for this MAA, which is an electronic document, not able to be found on their website as it is INTERNAL only and is not able to be faxed, emailed, or printed unless at a Verizon Wireless Retail Store or by a Verizon Wireless Business Account Specialist. I drove to the store location, signed this agreement and I asked her would she be responsible for taking care of the money that is owed to me? She said no, Tracy would be handling that. 3/2/2010 - I called Verizon Executive Relations this morning and spoke to Tracy and asked what is going to be done regarding the money that is due to our account, as I would prefer a check rather than a 4 digit positive account balance. She explained that Verizon would not be crediting or dispersing any funds to me. She then explained to me that the 8% discount I was to be receiving was not off the bill itself but only the primary line of service which equates to $7.00 x 63 months  =  $441.00 not $1177. So I said ok, if that is what the contract states then I would like a check for that amount in addition to applicable costs incurred for equipment purchased over the last five years. She offered me a one year credit of $84.00, no equipment reimbursement and not even an apology or the admittance of Verizon's mistake. I explained to her that I thought this was a lot bigger issue then just $84.00 is, lets say this went public and she then said we are trying to make things right, and I said you are? By offering me $84.00 and scamming me out of the rest of our money, while Verizon is making 50 billion a year in revenue and youre counting pennies? I said I want my contract dates removed as Verizon failed to hold up their end of the agreement by failing to provide me with the all of the terms, discounts and publications necessary to make a legal decision when I originally signed my contract. She then said, Verizon does not have to offer any customer or business, nor inform them of any discounts that may or may not be made available, at any time. That is where the conversation currently is sitting, I personally know a lot of businesses that are not receiving this discount, here locally in our small town; which begs to ask the question, if a small town of less than 100,000 people are getting ripped off by the multi-billion telecom provider, there is certainly others that are as well. Thank you for your time.
Entity: Internet, Internet
97, Report #784369
Oct 03 2011
08:49 PM
I have been ripped off and over billed every month since I switched to this carrier. My  first months bill was over $800.00 and I had an unlimited plan and paid cash for my phone. The retailer took my money and never provided my phone. The store was taken over by corporate and no refund. They said it was my problem... NOT... I have a mifi wireless device which is slower than dial up at less than  0.05 up and down. After spending multiple hours on the phone with tech support the customer service agent promised to void my early termination, give me a free month this month, and suggested I turn the product in. Just like my fiancee's experience I was still billed full price $250.00 a month in times when everyone else is under $100.00 for the same services.   My fiancee experienced the same and was tricked into taklng a warranty MIFI device, then charged for the product, couldn't get her original back, and they forced the $250.00 early termination after the MIFI never worked. She returned the device 7 days later and was ripped off for the early ternination for a non functional device. BUYERS BEWARE... If you work at VERIZON, training day 1 is learning how to lie to customers.  After my fincess experience I recorded my call and they tried the same with me. It's in the training manual at Verizon. Too coincidental. I am forced to switch carriers and not pay the bill and botch my credit. This is the worst service I've received from any company anywhere. Both myself and my spouse. BUYERS BEWARE... DON'T DO IT. YOU'LL GET RIPPED OFF. Read the Reviews. There are many similar to ours..   
Entity: atlanta, Georgia
98, Report #821349
Jan 11 2012
04:43 PM
Verizon Wireless Jeremy Zamara RUDE AND UNETHICAL, Internet
Entity: , Internet
99, Report #768301
Aug 22 2011
01:06 PM
Verizon Wireless Did not fulfill discounts offered/promised. Internet
I was researching renewing my Verizon contract & purchasing a new smartphone (my account said I was ready to upgrade).I was offered multiple discounts including the following:Free month of serviceMatched discount on phone price (offered in store - matched over the phone with a Verizon Wireless Rep.)With no prompting or questions from me - the phone rep also offered a $10/month discount off the data plan for 12 months.When I asked if I was eligible for these discounts on the $59 plan or the $39 plan (my current plan) - I was told it didn't matter.  If I signed on to the $59 plan - I would still be able to get the discount if I downgraded to my old plan.  I was also told I could downgrade at any time & would not be penalized for that.Since I was told it didn't matter - I decided to try the higher plan.Over the course of two months I have made approximately 6-7 calls to Verizon to have the discounts applied. Every time I called, the rep said they would take care of it for me.  I made it a point to ask if I downgraded my plan would I still get the discount.  They responded that I would.I didn't see the discount on my bill for the first two months. After using the higher plan for two months - I decided I didn't need unlimited texts, etc.So, I called again - asked for the discounts to be applied.  I was told they would apply them.  Then, I asked for my downgrade. I asked again if I could downgrade my plan without penalty & still get the discount.At not time was I told that they were unable to give the discounts for any reason.Until today.  I FINALLY asked for a supervisor.  She kept repeating the same stock answers that on the lower plan the discount for the data plan does not apply.  She said she had no proof that anyone promised me anything.  So, basically she was saying that I lied about what I was promised.$120 discount over a year.  The discount that made me decide to actually buy a smartphone.  And, they will not honor what their representatives explicitly told me I could have.  A discount that they offered me without me prompting it.So, even though I had the higher plan for two months - I did not get the promised discount.  Even though their stipulation today said the discount only applied if I had the higher plan.
Entity: , Internet
100, Report #838365
Feb 13 2012
11:37 AM
Verizon Wireless Going the way of Qwest? Internet
Verizon's customer service used to be such a relief compared to the nightmare of dealing with Qwest.  And, honestly, for the most part they're still easy to reach and helpful - at least as far as they can be.  The problem is, the CSR's seemed shackled by poor policy and inadequate information resources.  In trying to upgrade my phone, I've had several CSR's start to tell me that I could get one of the phones I've requested, only to have to apologize at the end because what HAD looked like it was in inventory suddenly was no longer available.  Several times CSR's have told me that I would have to call the sales dept. to get a phone that they eventually discovered that they no longer had access to.  I just got off the phone with sales after three different phones which were recommended to me were eventually discovered to no longer be available.  I've seen this in several posts - Verizon simply does not keep enough inventory and enough selection.  This seems to hold mostly true for not having enough of the non-data plan phones.  They realized their error in going to completely data-plan phones and make a big deal out of that no longer being a requirement, but the reality seems to be that they only want to sell data-plan phones and could care less about having inventory of traditional phones for their customers to upgrade to.
Entity: , Internet

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