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76, Report #1344138
Dec 19 2016
10:43 AM
Verizon Verizon Wireless Data out of control Nationwide Nationwide
We have always used 4gb max on our data. We switched to 6 to make sure to get no overages. Then Verizon did a promotion for 8gb free(extra 2gb) and we signed up/. NOW the last few months it is close to 8gb in usage and our cell habits have not changed. We have talked to them and get the same response. We are both on wifi 95% of the time. All the time at home and when she is at work. No explination from Verizon. I have chatted with them and made sure there areno games. no streaming and have went to bare min. on apps. They offer a tech and tell me it is not them. I am fed up and what is funny if everyone I talk to says they are having the same type problem.
Entity: Nationwide
77, Report #1166925
Aug 02 2014
01:12 PM
Verizon Wireless Verizon Wireless TWC deals Nationwide
I was due for an upgrade on my Verizon Wireless and was told about a joint venture Verizon Wireless have with TWC for a $300 gift card from Verizon Wireless and $100 from TWC,if I get TWC triple package. I upgraded one phone in Jan 2014 and one in May 2014 and i signed up for new service withTWC in April 29. I called both Verizon Wireless and TWC and I was told I was eligible for the two gift cards. Verizon Wireless have a scam going. In May 1st I recieved an e-mail from verizonwireless-timewarnercable@tristarfulfillment.comthanking me for registring for the rewards card. In June 10 i recieved a follow up email stating that its been 45 days and i should be recieving my rewards after the 90 day promotional period. TWC have sent me the $100 gift card but Verizon wirelss changed the status of the rebate to Not Eligible For This Promotion. Now im stuck with 2 years with Verizon Wireless and no response from anyone about the promotion. I hace sent multiple e-mails andmade multiple calls but no one is willing to give me an answer for why they are not honoring thier deal.
Entity: Nationwide
78, Report #1210752
Feb 21 2015
03:43 PM
Verizon Verizon Small Business Deceptive Business and Advertising practises Victorville California
I am a 76 year old former Marine who has served his country 18+ years as a marine.I opened a Janitorial Supply Business in 2014. I was contacted by Verizon to use its services in onmy business phone set up and Advertising. I was told my name, number and address would be included in the local telephone directory. This is the life blood of a new janitorial servie. 3 months later when the local directory came out my name was not included. I contacted Verizon and the agent said she was sorry but the last agent I dealt with forgot to put a ticket in for it to be included. I imediately asked that they cancel my account and refund the money I spent. Instead they refused and sent my account to collections.I want my name removed from collections and to be refunded the money I spent. I also want them to treat older peoplewith respect and class as well as remember we veterans defended this country so please remember that whentalking to one. Sincerely,James W
Entity: Victorville, California
79, Report #1379562
Jun 16 2017
02:16 PM
Verizon Verizon: data grabber and fraudulent billing Nationwide
I’m a cellphone illiterate old man who made a mistake signing up with verizon.  It seemed like no time at all that I got a message from them telling us our 6 gigs of data was used up so I bought 10 gigs more.  Then I started paying attention and saw to it that me and my wife used very little of anything.  That didn’t stop our data use. Lickedy split and 10 gigs were gone.  I had Safety Mode turned on after that so we wouldn’t go over our allowance.  Since it appeared to me that our data got used up so fast we wouldn’t have much to use ourselves, I had Consumer Cellular port our number away from Verizon on the 13th of September, even though we were paid up for the full month.  I owe Verizon $1498 for our 2 iPhone 6-S’s and 2 early termination fees.  Verizon, without charging us the early termination fees, billed us for $1907.xx.  The next month they billed us more for a total of $962.xx in fraudulent charges.  That was 9 months ago and I still haven’t paid them.  Oh, I almost forgot. The first bogus bill had an overcharge-use of $30.  How could that happen with Safety Mode turned on?  Only someone in Verizon can do that.  So to the person who posted on this site saying people need to find out about charges and quit blaming Verizon:  Hey Buster! You need to find out about Verizon.  You can bet that if they are stealing from one then they are stealing from many.
Entity: Nationwide
80, Report #126795
Jan 10 2005
09:04 PM
Verizon ripoff Annapolis Maryland
I recently requested an extra phone line for my internet service from verizon phone company. I called and told them I wanted it for my internet only and I gave them my internet number for dialup. I plainly told the representative that I wanted something that wouldn't be too expensive and he said he would fix it. He fixed it that everytime I would dial in on the internet, it was long distance and was charged what time I was on line 226 dollars for one month service. I have not received my other bill yet. It's hard to say how much it will be. I called in to have the problem fixed, and I spoke to the superviser and she told me that I would have to pay the bill for their mistake. I asked them to go back on their records to listen at the conversation I had with the representative about the line she said she didn't have any records. Would someone tell me why they tell you that your conversation may be recorded? Vickie amigo, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Annapolis, Maryland
81, Report #87433
Apr 13 2004
09:02 AM
Verizon Management Ethics??!! Internet
Do you wonder why your Verizon bill is so high? Let me give you some insight. I am a retired employee after 28 years of service. I worked very hard as a first line supervisor and retired at a very young age. I was invited to many company functions that included extravagant dinners and overnight reservations that were not required for my job function. After retirement I was invited back as a contracted worker and made extremely good money. I met an Executive Director and we started a relationship. We did not use Company funds or time to further our relationship. But eventually we did buy a home together and I relocated to a different state. Unforunately I developed breast cancer and during my chemo and radiation this high paid executive began a relationship with one of his direct reports. They had many cross-country overnight trips paid for by Verizon. I have asked for this relationship to be investigated by Verizon ethics but I believe that they are sweeping their dirt under the rugs. If you continue to pay your Verizon bill guess what you are paying for!! m baltimore, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
82, Report #82219
Feb 28 2004
10:49 AM
Verizon ripoff Irving Texas
Our company Dunning Quality Painting had a Verizon Add put in the Verizon Yellow pages. We were told by one of there sales repts that on an average a month to expect 55 calls from this Add. Our company has not received only 13 calls from this Add this last year. We have tried to call the 800 number they give you to try and talk to some one or to make a claim against this problem. We had made a claim against Verizon Yellow Pages and still have not been satisfied with the resaults. We have paid out 8,560.00 dollars for the Add to help build our business and our company hasn't done anything but suffered because they will not refund my money or help us come to a reasonable price to pay off this deabt. We were even asked by the Sales rept would you like a bigger crew and company vans and ect. Well this is the Add you need to go with in order for you to expand and get more clients. We have even called the Manager at the office where we were sold on this Add and he told us what every one else told us call the 800 number and talk to them. We have now 8,560.00 on our credit because they will not assist us with this problem. We are now thinking about going a little futher with this to get better resaults and our money back also to get justice. Verizon's sales repts will tell you what you need to hear and try to sell you the biggest Add to get you to sign a contract. We are so disappointed with there perfomance if our comapany suffers even more from this we will go under. We think that Verizon should be investigated for misinformed infomation. So if you are looking to Addvertise with this comapny before you sign any contracts get every thing they say in writting first because they will not back up what they promised and they will get you too! We even called our sales rept and explained to her we were not happy with what she promised our company this Add would do for us. She then told us to give it one more month and if we were still not getting calls she would help us get this resolved or the contract voided. We waited one more month after having it for Six month's,we decided to call her back and we couldn't get her to call us back on this issue. This company is so overrated with what sounds good and not what can help you. All they care about is how can we make our money and bind you or your company to a contact. Debbie Cedar Hill, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Irving, Texas
83, Report #85526
Mar 26 2004
03:23 PM
Verizon ripoff Upstate Nationwide
The letters I have read on this web site sound exactly like my history with verizon. I have had numerous unauthorized charges on my verizon bill also. I have been belittled by their staff for my payment history also. I have been told that although verizon can put charges on my bill from other companys(i.e. AOL, integratel), they can not answer any questions about these charges. So, I am switching to MCI, whom has assured me they do not bill for other companies. I hope my quest for a simple phone line is over. It has been an awful experience to open my phone bill every month. I am on a plan for 63.00 a month, but have never actually received a bill that low. Wendy upstate, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Upstate, Nationwide
84, Report #111390
Oct 04 2004
03:14 PM
Verizon - OAN ripoff Tampa Florida
My Verizon bill reflects a charge from OAN on the 9/25/04 statement. We did not authorize this service and do not want it. We have an answering machine and do not need, nor did we request a voice mail service. The application of a service we did not request is a form of slamming and is not legal. I need to know who authorized this service and must be provided a complete history of the transaction(s) that established this charge/account . I will be in touch with Verizon as well as State and Local authorities if this charge and accompanying service, which we did not request and have not used is not removed from my 9/25/04 and all subsequent statements. Please contact me when your records are corrected and direct Verizon to send a corrected statement reflecting the deletion of the $23.58 for your unauthorized service. George Florida, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
85, Report #63221
Jul 09 2003
09:27 PM
Verizon scam ripoff HAMMOND Louisiana
Verizon Wireless Co. in Hammond, La. is a BIG ripoff. Everything was fine till 2 months later. My bill increased big time.They said that i went over my minutes knowing I didn't. I watched every little second I was on the phone. They tried to say that I owed $ 300 every time my billing statement came in. When I seen Bryan from Hammond's report it seemed just like mine??? What's up with that? Maybe that's what they charge everyone they mess over.. They need to be shut down or they need to repay us because there a Big Ripoffs. Thanks Verizon for being ripoffs. Brandi Hammond, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: HAMMOND, Louisiana
86, Report #36079
Nov 23 2002
11:25 AM
Verizon Wireless ripoff Nationwide
I have been getting calls 3 and 4 times a day that are listed as unavailable the times are very close but not exact but always the same thing I answer and there is a short silence with static and the a click and the call ends, roughly working out to be just over one hundred minutes. I had called your Customer Care had the agent access your records and he as well saw the pattern and informed me that the phone calling mine was 302-382-1507 which happens to my number. I messaged this to the rep and he contacted your technical support and they believed to be a hardware issue and I should take my phone in. I thought that to be a funny suggestion being a technician myself. I have addressed CDMA security issues I've had with your reps and have always been treated like an idiot. The most humorous part is the next day after my concern was logged the problem stopped! Not just for the next day but all together. How ironic then when I had messaged your company about discussing my service and contacting the FCC all a sudden the issue stated again. Daniel Winston, North Carolina
87, Report #10676
Jan 04 2002
12:00 AM
verizon wireless is a joke
verizon ripped me off. it started off with them not being able to get any of my bills right, getting my calling plan all mixed up, once I start complaining it takes them forever to get anything right if they even get it right. they over billed me month after month, after trying to talk to them for so long I finally gave up and cancelled my contract. It is no use, they are impossible and with their customer service I dont see how they manage to stay in business(beside from ripping everybody off). they are not getting my money for ripping me off.
Entity: Nationwide
88, Report #6518
Dec 02 2001
12:00 AM
Verizon FRAUD Lawsuit!
Please post this link or the entire website information below it for all to see? Thanks, Angela Reference: Northpoint vs Verizon- Superior Court Case # 317249, Amended 7/12/2001 We are members of what is believed to be the second largest shareholder group (unofficial) behind Benchmark Capital and ahead of Goldman Sachs in number of shares. It is believed that we are the leader in owning the most shares, together privately, to include some shareholders that are former NorthPoint Employees. Everyone was overtly hurt by Verizon's cancellation of a legally binding merger with NorthPoint Communications without Just Cause which would have been mutually beneficial to both companies, its employees and the entire world seeking Broadband DSL. It is our belief, as I am hopeful that you can appreciate, that a good majority, approximately 45% of the 133 million outstanding shares are owned by former NorthPoint employees of which were unnecessarily damaged, their families made to suffer by Verizon's dirty deeds. Therefore, we are sincerely and respectfully requesting your continued assistance and much needed support concerning all the innocent victims and same being Fairly and Equitably compensated due to Verizon's unjustifiable Wrongful Termination of a promised merger. The Baby Bells and more so Verizon is unfairly treating the (CLEC) Competitive Local Exchange Companies like NorthPoint of which are offering services of which can be beneficial to the public and to the companies that employ such people etc. Verizon seems to have committed anti trust and monopolization violations that are considerably worse than Microsoft has alleged to have committed. Please don't allow Verizon to use the system as a scapegoat or to have them pay off anyone or group to assist them with avoiding having to answer for all the issues that are at hand. Broadband DSL once offered by NorthPoint would have assisted Verizon greatly with advancing and offering to the world desiring same. This would have, as many experts report, assisted in the overall Technology sector, allowing innovation and new products as well as old to have benefited and improved immensely. It is believed by many honest impartial analysts, that by eliminating NorthPoint as Verizon has done so calculatedly and blatantly, has caused not only as we have said, families of the NorthPoint employed and hundreds of other companies relying on them, to be ruined and put in disarray. Also the public and consumers has been affected extremely negatively. Case in point, Verizon's own DSL customers have a class action lawsuit against Verizon for failing to provide and make good on the DSL services that they have promised to provide the world. The CWA President of Communication Workers of America even confirmed this by indicated in a recent press report that Verizon DSL is Piss Poor. It is also believed by some articles, that Verizon was attempting to use NorthPoint as a bargaining chip during its negotiations with CWA on behalf of Verizon Employees while they were striking during the summer of 2000. Verizon was also attempting, as well, in addition to many other reasons for Wrongfully Terminating , to improve and increase its short term stock price as Verizon stated within its press release shortly after they terminated. The stock price did increase and did so ever since. Some also believe as well that Verizon felt that they paid too much for Northpoint, seeing the Technology sector as we know, across the board considerably lost its value right around the time of the termination of the merger as well as the Presidential recounts occurring simultaneously, Basically, Verizon has expensive high speed internet services in place referred to as T-1, T-2 etc These services cost a considerable amount of money to the consumers. Therefore, it seems evident that Verizon has caused one of the largest DSL providers Northpoint to be eliminated from the mix because now Verizon can roll out DSL when and where they want to avoid Cutting their nose off despite their face. Meaning, Northpoint will not be able to offer as Ms. Letter, former President indicated, Affordable Broadband to the public which may have very easily replaced with more value added services than the T-1's or may very well have been compatible. It is clear that Verizon is attempting to the dominate the entire Broadband DSL 500 Billion market share, as a recent expert analyst had reported, and it seems to be an anti-trust and monopolization method of doing so. Please don't let Verizon continue to finish the plan of total domination as it appears very evident in nature based on the many lawsuits, complaints from a considerably amount of competitors being wrongfully damaged as we speak because of Verizon. The charts, which don't usually lie, showing, Nearly All similar companies offering Broadband DSL suffering considerably, because of the 1996 Telecommunications Act, as well as other laws and moral obligations, being thrown out the window by Verizon. I have followed these two companies since they promised to merge and NorthPoint since its initial IPO. Verizon's claims to have a reason to terminate is false and playing everyone as fools and was undoubtedly intentional to destroy NorthPoint and many companies partnered with them, this in my opinion as well as impartial analysts concur with theory as well. In a recent complaint filed with the FCC by, they claimed that they have been mistreated by Verizon in a variety of ways and that Verizon has even violated its own merger agreement with GTE and Bell Atlantic. Comptel contends that part of their merger agreement forming Verizon required an independent auditor to be involved with these companies in their future dealings with other companies like NorthPoint as well as Comptel etc. The reason for this is to avoid exactly what has happened and is sadly happening as we speak. Verizon is running Wild over each and every company that it is indirectly or directly involved in. If their was such an auditor as required by their merger agreement maybe NorthPoint wouldn't be in this serious mess that Verizon has created wrongfully and fraudulently. Forgive me for my example, but to kill not two birds with one stone, in this case many birds, companies relying on NorthPoint's Network, with one stone to say the very least. Even if we gave Verizon the benefit of the doubt claiming NorthPoint restated its earnings NOT LIED ABOUT ITS EARNINGS, however, restated its earnings, which was honest in my opinion. Then there was no material adverse change in Northpoint. Flashcom, another DSL provider of which dealt directly with Verizon, was claiming bankruptcy. Therefore, they couldn't pay the monies they owed to NorthPoint Flashcom was having the same problems that other companies have had with Verizon concerning the 1996 Telecommunications Act as well. NorthPoint restated its earnings of about 6 Million dollars which is minuet in comparison to the overall value of NorthPoint of over 2 Billion dollars at the time and furthermore due to the great demand of DSL by consumers as indicated, what is believed to be a 500 Billion dollar market, which Verizon knew full well of. They even funded one of the many reports concerning this that is circulating around. Furthermore, Either party, in this case, NorthPoint had until 08/07/2001 to cure any of the ALLEGED reasons why Verizon claimed they terminated the legally binding merger. NorthPoint, by the way had already made arrangements with Telocity and Microsoft MSN Internet to switch these DSL lines that were in question resulting in a correction of any alleged matters lingering almost immediately. Also, Verizon as you know gave NorthPoint little or NO advanced notice for canceling the promised merger, which make us wonder as well, what the underlying reasons for Verizon's overt actions were. NorthPoint had many other Fortune Five Hundred companies interested in their awesome large impressive DSL Network and services they offered. If Verizon wouldnt have done what they have done to NorthPoint, then NorthPoint would have partnered with a competitor of Verizon like AT&T which eventually received the majority of its technology equipment, sadly through bankruptcy proceedings. NorthPoint had continually increased it DSL expansion since the date they agreed to merge with Verizon. NorthPoint spent alot of cash honesty and expecting the reciprocation from Verizon to no avail as we know, Verizon reneged! NorthPoint had rapidly expanded its DSL footprint and coverage throughout the United States and Internationally from the time of the merger promise 08/08/2000. NorthPoints overall expansion and partnerships continued to increase more than ever before, but yet Verizon cancelled because of some concocted theory concerning their financial profile, or was its blatant fraud as FLK claims on behalf of NorthPoint, we agree and many other impartial and I am sure partial would agree and confirm if it didnt negatively effect them in one form or another, bottomline, Verizon appeared to have clearly violated the merger agreement with NorthPoint at the very very minimum. This alleged Material Adverse Change in NorthPoint's, Business model was nil to none, taking into consideration that NorthPoint was spending cash hand over fist to please Verizon, knowing the merger was going to go through shortly and Verizon was going to make its large payment due to NorthPoint as agreed. Verizon as we know, knew exactly how much cash NorthPoint had on hand and that they were counting on Verizon's payment only to renege and fail to make required payment and honor a legally binding merger agreement, why??? It is believed by many because Verizon wanted to destroy a large competitor NorthPoint and its many partners so that Verizon can gain all the market share in a Hot Commodity, DSL as we know it. This total amount Verizon is referring, is supposedly much less than 1%of NorthPoint's value. The merger agreement also states, that material adverse effect is very carefully defined in the Merger Agreement, and ...facts, events, changes and effects that are generally applicable to (A) the data industry, (B) the United States economy or (C) the United States securities markets generally or the NASDAQ Technology Index in particular... ARE NOT MATERIAL ADVERSE EFFECTS for purposes of interpreting the Merger Agreement. This supports NorthPoint as well as the date 08/07/2001, making it very difficult to, as Verizon has done, Wrongfully Terminate the promised merger agreement. The Merger Agreement between Verizon and NorthPoint was signed on 8/8/2000. Before and after Verizon terminated the Merger (including today), the data industry, the United States economy, the U.S. securities markets and the NASDAQ Technology Index have ALL had negative facts, events, similar changes etc... It is also believed that, a third party like Flashcom, cannot be the cause of either party to cancel the merger. Meaning, if Flashcom's financial matters created a problem, NorthPoint could not be blamed for this, regardless, NorthPoint switched the majority if not All the DSL lines to other Internet DSL Provider, mentioned of which are still in business operating despite Verizon's planned efforts to Commit Fraud as alleges as well as violating, time and time again, requirements set forth by the 1996 Telecommunication Act Law that was created to Cease and Desist this type of anti trust and monopolization's from occurring. Please, you hold the very keys and codes in your hands to make a difference of which would not hurt Verizon or any innocent party related to them in the least bit. Verizon is worth 100's of Billions, NorthPoint, the honest underdog is the one that needs medical attention in no uncertain terms. If you pursued, as you indicated $4++ Billion dollars and for Verizon to honor the original merger agreement they promised to uphold, the merger wil go through as planned and only Justice Will Prevail all parties will benefit as originally planned, honestly and forthright by NorthPoint that is. All the injured parties are waiting on the battle fields to be rescued by you and your very critical and respected opinions. Please don't let us down. There are many people hurt in the past that you can help heal, and possibly future victims as we speak, that Verizon will annihilate if you don't see to it that Verizon is made to pay the fullest possible compensation to NorthPoint and the justice system, rightfully so, due to the extreme damages that have very sadly caused. This entire matter and future decision's, effect everyone seeking Broadband DSL at an Affordable Cost, as well as in a timely fashion of which Verizon has took justice into its own hands, considerably, and put an unnecessary stop to DSL expansion by destroying NorthPoint and its partners. This is not a business move, this is Fraud Waste and Abuse amongst other unfavorable terms. Besides, owning stock and being a long term investor in NorthPoint, Not a Professional Investor and communicating with many similar people as myself and my family, former employees of NorthPoint, my heartfelt prayers and thoughts are also with the consumers as well. Consumers as we know it is you and I and everyone else. In some countries supposedly it is a right to be offered Broadband DSL. This is a valuable tool in pursuing an education, conducting research and development and ultimately the expansion of technology as a whole. People are being denied these great abilities and options because Verizon wants to dominate and destroy competition and I don't know be worth a trillion dollars as everyone's expense. Please disallow Verizon anymore ammunition and weapons to continually maim the people and industries and serve us and are us. Here are just a few articles concerning how Verizon is basically destroying all competition like NorthPoint and many others. This is a detailed report including a list of DSL Competition (CLEC) that are regularly injured by Verizon and the baby bells, please stop them! Attached are full copies of the two reports and releases in Word. They are also on our web site. I hope you can use it. Please send this to any press, interested parties, etc. Bruce K --- Ill keep you posted. New Networks Institute --- News Alert. Contact: Bruce Kushnick or Miranda Berner, 212-777-5418, To read the Reports and Full Releases: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, AUGUST 2nd, 2001 Two Special Reports About the Local Bell Monopolies: The Fiber-Optic Fiasco & Competitor Harm Caused the Current Recession. SPECIAL REPORT 1: The Bells Caused The Current Financial Recession: The Fiber-Optic Fiasco And Americas Copper Dirt Road A new, suggestive analysis by New Networks Institute (NNI) lays out a series of related events and actions on the part of the Bell Companies that have contributed in a major way to the tech sector crash and will hamper the sector's recovery and the roll-out of broadband services. In its Special Report, NNI claims that the Bell companies failure to roll out their broadband services as promised along with their longstanding anticompetitive behavior in the face of regulations and law obligating them to open up their monopolies to competition has scared away investment and diminished the growth prospects in the tech sector. These actions have contributed substantially to the sector's current problems and decline, as well as the harm to the entire economy. The companies effected are virtually all telecom, fiber-optic, servers, routers, computers, chip makers, including Lucent, Nortel, JDSUniphase, Corning, Intel, HP, Cisco, 3Com, and virtually all Competitive Local Phone companies (CLECs) and ISPs, including Covad, Northpoint, Focal, McLeod, Allegiance, Bwaynet, Panix, and PSINet. The Bell companies have successfully defended their aging copper wire phone networks and destroyed any hope of competition or a fiber-optic future. Unless the problems of telecommunications are fixed, the recession wont end anytime soon. Did America just spend $50 billion in higher phonecharges for the same 75-year old copper network? Is ADSL over copper wiring the best it will ever be? Is America going to end up a third-rate technology nation? The report includes a most likely scenario for the future of telecom sector. To read the rest of this release: SPECIAL REPORT 2: The Bells Harmed The CLEC Industry: Bell Funded Study By Brooking's Crandall On CLECs Is Flawed. This Special Report supplies evidence that the Bell companies anti-competitive behavior and lack of enforcement has been the major impediment for competitors to offer local phone and DSL/Broadband services, not the Competitive Local Exchange Companies (CLECs) business plans as some would suggest. A recent report titled An Assessment Of The Competitive Local Exchange Carriers Five Years After The Passage Of The Telecommunications Act written by Robert Crandall, Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institute and funded by the USTA (United States Telephone Association, which represents the Bell companies) concluded that the collapse of the CLEC market was caused primarily by their own mistakes and not caused by the Bell companies treatment of competitors. We believe Dr. Crandall's conclusion unwarranted and his analysis flawed by his decision to ignore an ample body of evidence to the contrary. These include: *SBC pulled its long distance application in Missouri after the FCC found that there were problems related to cost-based pricing in its region and operations support systems (OSS) *The Department of Justice stated that they could not endorse Verizons entrance into long distance in Pennsylvania because electronic billing problems have been extensive. *FCC released Verizon-Massachusetts information in the Provisioning of POTS (local phone service) found that Verizons treatment of their customers has remained fairly stable with 95% of all Bell orders handled within five days. However, services supplied to CLECs have eroded from 85% in 9/97 to having only 25% being completed in a timely fashion in 6/00. *The Communications Workers of America (CWA) released a report claiming that Verizon-New Yorks own upper management was telling its staffers to falsify data on installations, thus making it look to the public that installations were all happening on time. * The California ISP Association (CISPA) filed a formal complaint charging Pac Bell and SBC with anti-competitive conduct To read the rest of this release: As you can see by visiting the reports and website links above Verizon seems to have the Intent, Capability, and Negligence to intentionally want to destroy all of its competition of which would be beneficial to all of the world seeking other affordable alternatives. Please see this article as well, which is another clearly depiction of how the Baby Bells and Verizon specifically is severely negatively impacting dedicated companies looking to assist customers world wide in obtaining Broadband DSL. Please visit this article and view yet another detailed complaint submitted by another, what appears to be yet another innocent injured CLEC Broadband DSL provider and association. For Immediate Release August 6, 2001 CompTel Calls Verizon On Violating Merger Conditions Merger Approved on Conditions + Conditions Broken = FCC Sanctions WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Competitive Telecommunications Association (CompTel) today urged the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to impose forfeitures on Verizon Communications, Inc. for failing to comply with the Commissions Bell Atlantic/GTE Merger Order and Conditions. Under the terms of the Merger Order, Verizon is required to retain an independent auditor to evaluate Verizons compliance with the Merger Conditions. Two recent audits revealed significant instances of noncompliance with the Merger Conditions, resulting in harm to competitive telecommunications carriers. CompTel, while calling attention to numerous instances of noncompliance, requested an expedited investigation into those areas that were particularly devastating to competitors seeking to deliver advanced services to consumers. CompTel noted specifically that an audit of Verizons separate advanced services affiliate revealed that Verizon failed to invoice the affiliate for line-sharing during the period July 2000 through April 2001, and provided the affiliate access to operations support systems (OSS) that were not made available to other telecommunications carriers. These audits clearly demonstrate that Verizon is discriminating to the advantage of its advanced services affiliate, which constitutes a violation of the Bell Atlantic/GTE Merger Conditions, said H. Russell Frisby, Jr., president of CompTel. Enforcement, with strong penalties, will send the message that no violation will be tolerated, providing competitors an increased measure of confidence that the company will not engage in discrimination, as envisioned by the Merger Order. The audit reports also found that: Verizon did not provide competing carriers timely and accurate bill credits for unbundled network elements and resold telecommunications services, effectively resulting in a no-interest loan to Verizon; and Verizon consistently miscalculated performance measures, failed to report performance measures, failed to capture the underlying data needed to calculate performance measures, or unilaterally revised the business rules associated with certain performance measures, making it impossible for regulators and competitive carriers to detect discrimination by Verizon. CompTel urged the Commission to impose appropriate sanctions for any violations uncovered by the audit reports to deter future violations, and called for a full investigation into all potential instances of noncompliance with the Merger Order and Conditions and underlying FCC rules. Please support as we pray and believe you will, all the innocent people mentioned and the many that we may not have discussed with you. Please allow this matter to go to the jury and please don't settle unless Verizon wants to make good and comply with your recent amended documents you submitted to the California Courts seeking $4 Billion or more in damages. Please make this include enforcing Verizon's contractual obligations to merger with NorthPoint as they stated that would and as a recent Judge ordered Tyson Foods and IBP to do because Tyson was attempting to cancel a legally binding merger as well. Tyson was forced to merge with IBP and compensate the IBP Employees, Creditors, and Shareholders as well. If Verizon claims that they cannot merge as was previously intended with Northpoint because AT&T purchased Northpoint's valuable assets who's fault was this if Verizon is found to have cancelled merger wrongfully? Therefore, regardless of what Verizon claims concerning these assets, Northpoint shouldn't be held to blame or liable, Northpoint was forced to sell these assets out of desperation to attempt to survive. If Verizon wouldn't have so Coldly and Fiercely wrongfully terminated the merger and caused all these problems then we wouldn't be discussing and conversing about this matter and broadband would definitely be more accessibly to the world. Verizon should be required, rightfully so to pay the $4 Billion as of this date, more punitive damages as time goes on and merge its business with Northpoint as the merger contract called for. We were promised by NorthPoint Investor Relations, Mr. Terry McGovern, as well as with your office, in emails and telephone conversations with many shareholders we communicate with that the only way of NorthPoint NPNTQ Shareholders can collect on their investments is if there is a big enough settlement or jury verdict to cover the debt. Please don't settle for anything less than you have stated within your amended complaint on 07/12/2001 of $4 Billion Dollars or more plus the other requirements ie;, proceed with original merger etc. We prefer a verdict by jury trial as FLK and your office contends will occur to allow the truth and justice to be captured correctly. Many shareholders we communicate with regularly both internationally and from America agree in full that Verizon has done very wrong and should be brought to justice and held fully accountable for their disgraceful actions they have taken. We would like to Greatly Commend you for your tremendous support and recent decisions you made by seeking legal funding of $7.5 million for NorthPoint's legal affairs as well as amending the lawsuit against Verizon in the amount of $4 Billion or more in damages. We believe and pray that you will prosecute Verizon to the Fullest Extent of the Law possible. We also believe that you will not settle unless it is for the amount you have stated in press releases and Northpoint's recent amended complaint filed 07/12/2001, to ensure that all damaged parties are compensated fairly for the injuries suffered at the hands of Verizon. We do not claim to be experts, sorry if it seems like this in anyway. However, we feel as though our heart's have been ripped out by Verizon. In this letter I have covered a variety of unfair acts on the part of Verizon. However, we completely agree with Folger, Levin and Kahn (FLK) lawsuit submitted on behalf of NorthPoint as well as amended complaint's filed on 07/12/2001 submitted by the US Trustees Office in support of NorthPoint and all people directly and indirectly extremely effected by Verizon's apparent unfair acts. Verizon promised, NorthPoint, The World and us NorthPoint shareholders that they were going to promise to merge with NorthPoint forming the Nations Largest DSL Provider and we feel strongly that Verizon failed us all. Many of us purchased stock in NorthPoint knowing and trusting that this would be a reasonably secure investment, seeing that Verizon had promised to merge with NorthPoint and in turn provide us with a New NorthPoint Share, $2.50 for each share we owned and 45% in the newly formed company in addition to other promises. Please contact me should you require any information whatsoever from my private group of which has a great deal of information concerning Verizon's overt actions. Please see these attached articles concerning Verizon's continued disrespect and unfair practices. We would be honored to assist you in seeking the truth and Fair and Equitable relief for all that have been so negatively affected. The views and theories on this website are of the opinion of certain people. It is up to you or whomever to do your own further research concerning this matter and make your own final judgements. Any use of this information without the proper consent of the owner(s) is prohibited by law. Read Northpoints LAWSUIT COMPLAINT Against Verizon. Did Verizon commit fraud against Northpoint and the entire World by ruining Northpoint DSL and stopping the expansion of DSL and Broadband Services to all customers wanting same? Read Northpoints MERGER AGREEMENT With Verizon 08/08/2000. Did Verizon commit fraud against Northpoint and the entire World by ruining Northpoint DSL and stopping the expansion of DSL and Broadband Services to all customers wanting same? Read Northpoints LAWSUIT AMENDED 07/12/2001 COMPLAINT Against Verizon. Did Verizon commit fraud against Northpoint and the entire World by ruining Northpoint DSL and stopping the expansion of DSL and Broadband Services to all customers wanting same? Verizon Complaints Website #1 Verizon Complaints Website #2 Verizon Complaints Website #3 Go To Covad DSL High Speed Internet Access Design & Copyright 2000-2001 WEBMASTER All Rights Reserved - Webmaster
Entity: Nationwide
89, Report #10240
Dec 30 2001
12:00 AM
Verizon Wireless-What a joke.
We bought a cell phone, and a 2 year contract. Our first bill was overcharged by $50.00. Our second bill was overcharged by $100.00. The sad part is everytime we called the customer hotline, the representatives were rude, and had no clue on how to do their jobs. Also, we got a different story everytime to why the charges on our bill were there, and eventually we had to pay it, because Verizon would not do anything about it. I would also like to add that our phone is terrible. You sound like your talking in a tunnel when talking to someone. And, dont let verizon fool you about their phones either, because they have warranties for those phones. Unfortunately their warranty is a joke as well. We tried to get another phone because ours was horrible and Verizon actually sent us a used phone and the paint on phone was very badly scratched and was worse then our original phone. As soon as this contract is up,we are going elsewhere for cell phone service, because obviously Verizon has no clue on how to run a business, provide proper equipment, train their representatives, or provide quality customer care. Rayven Stender Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Verizon
Entity: Bellevue, Washington
90, Report #11208
Jan 10 2002
12:00 AM
Bait and Switch by Verizon Scam
Purchased a prepaid phone box based on advertising of cards that are good for 6 months. Withing 5 months they changed policies and the cards are good for 2 months. Tried to get them to buy the phone back as I could not use it with other providers and they laughed and told me to look at my contract. I decided to keep it and buy a $20 card every two months. I added $20 to my account using their automated system and my card on file only to find out the $20 card is only good for one month-now you have to buy a $ 30 to be good for two months. Called their customer service number three times to get the charge changed to $30. It was a complete waist of my time-they are unwilling to charge another $10 to my card or credit 20 and charge $30. I don't know how they stay in business-need more competition.
Entity: Nationwide
91, Report #6173
Aug 15 2001
12:00 AM
Verizon Wireless ..Buyer Beware!!
I signed up with Verizon last September. Signed under the 150 minutes with no roaming charges. Everything was fine for a while. I called to increase my minutes in March but they failed to explain I would now have to pay roaming charges. When I saw my April bill I immediately called and asked to switch back to my former plan of 150 minutes with no roaming charges. The May bill worked out. However in June and July they still continued to bill me for charges when I am suppose to be under my previous plan. We have called and called. They still can not get it right. If you desire to spend hundreds of dollars on roaming charges---then this company is tailor-made for you. However if you want to save yourself from what I have experienced. Go elsewhere. I look forward to the day when I am free from my contract.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
92, Report #16148
Mar 07 2002
12:00 AM
VERIZON Changes our Phone Plans Without Notice
We were offered by a telephone rep of Verizon that because of other problems we had had with them, they would give us their 3200 min nights and weekend plan without a new 1 year contract. The first months bill showed the plan was in place but on a month to month billing cycle. Then the second months bill came showing the plan but we were now locked into the 1 year deal with the $175 early termination fee! When i finally tracked down the rep i spoke to, he blatantly denied promising NOT to sign us up to the 1 year contract knowing full well I we discussed the fact that we did NOT want ANY contracts what so ever. ALL THEY OFFERED TO DO WAS TO REMOVE THE 3200 MIN PROGRAM AND GO BACK TO MONTH TO MONTH.
Entity: Bedminster, New Jersey
93, Report #8794
Dec 06 2001
12:00 AM
The great Verizon DSL Ripoff
I don't know how they can do this. I had called customer service about my bill, but decided, I wanted to check into the DSL modem, for my computer. I asked her, because mail had been slow at my house, to e-mail me imformation about DSL. Big mistake, the company sent me the following stuff, on December 6, 2001: A box of DSL stuff Equipment, for which, I will not pay them for. I have sent them one email, to them stating that I hadn't ordered the product, but just inquired about it. They e-mailed me another hype letter and today the darn stuff arrived at my door. How can I get it through there thick heads, I DON'T WANT THE DAMN SYTEM! I NEVER ORDERED IT! I mad as hell. What can I do? Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Verizon
Entity: West Chester, Pennsylvania
94, Report #9628
Dec 19 2001
12:00 AM
Verizon - Unfair Contract stuff
When I first got my Verizon Wireless cell phone service, I lived in central Phoenix. Everything was great. I had great reception, I was happy with my plan, etc. Then I moved to the Foothills this past Aug. The day I took the apartment I tried to call the office to report an issue, but I had no service. I just figured something was wrong with my service THAT DAY. Not so. As the weeks went on, I tried a few different things: like using my phone at different times, or in different rooms. I'm on the 3rd floor so I figured the reception should be great. I noticed that I had to get about a mile east of where I lived before my antenna strength lines would come up to where I could make or receive a call. I called Verizon customer service about this issue and was told they would look into it and give me a call back. I gave them my home number since if I was home they wouldn't be able to reach me on my cell. I never recieved a call. I called back about a month later (Dec. 12th, 2001) and was told I had some notes about an issue but nothing had been done. I next decided to call the closest Verizon store to me, which is on Ray and I10. The sales person knew exactly what I was talking about. There is even a sales person at the store who lives in my complex and can't get reception either. I was told how Verizon cannot put a tower in my area since it will be voted down. I then asked what I should do and was told to change service providers. He stated that AT&T was the only company he knew of that had good reception in my area, but to try it out first. He then said I should call customer service about my contract. When I called Verizon Wireless customer service, I got a service rep. that lives in north Scottsdale and has the same problem I do. I figured he would be sympathetic to my situation so I explained things to him. We decided to change my plan to the lowest minutes since I couldn't use my phone. I would keep it just-in-case while I looked for a new provider, then cancel it after. He stated that I couldn't just cancel Verizon, and that I was under contract until May of 2003. I then tried to help him understand that when I signed up for the contract, I was in and area where I could use their service. He said it didn't matter. So now I'm stuck with a cellular service I cannot use in the area I live in, where I need it most. I have to get a new phone and service provider if I want to have useful cellular service. Something just doesn't seem right about this.
Entity: Phoenix, Nationwide
95, Report #424164
Feb 14 2009
01:15 PM
Verizon Communications Billing errors Irving Texas
I moved in 12/08 and after several fiascos still do not have billing corrected. Verizon sontinues to invoice for service at my prior address and now becasue of the unpaid balance has threatened to disconnect. They have added the unpaid false balance to my currect billing - which almost doubles the balance on my account. Add late charges to each month and its a healthy total. They are also charging for service calls which they cancelled. It is almost impossible to get a real person on the phone. Even better because one person is unable to do everything, they will transfer your call back into that vicous automated voicemail h*ll. FIOS is great, my internet awesome but not even worth the hassle of such crappy service. Anyonme know a good attorney??? Anyone want to join a class action?? Sharc Irving, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Irving, Texas
96, Report #423501
Feb 12 2009
04:40 PM
Verizon subscription promotion Taunton Massachusetts
I answered a Verizon promotion of a free flatscreen monitor if I bundled my cable TV, internet, long distance and land line telephone for a promotion price of $109. When I mentioned this to the gentleman who installed the system in my house, he said that Verizon wasn't very good at coming through with these promotion carrots. He told me to stay on them to make sure I receive it. I called a few months later and the rep told me that the promotion was so successful, that they were very backed up on the flatscreens. I called Verizon today to ask when I was supposed to get my free flatscreen, and she told me that I should have received a letter stating that I had 45 days to go on the website and apply for it and its too late now and I won't be getting one. Can you believe this ?? I Never received a letter from Verizon stating this, as I save EVERY correspondence from them in a Verizon file. Why didn't they put this in my initial paperwork ? After talking to other people who never received their promotion gift, we all realize that this was nothing more than a scam to get us to sign on the dotted line. What burns me more is I have been a stockholder since Verizon's inception !! I am telling everybody my story on Facebook, so that they don't fall into the same trap....Its a SCAM....Beware Mike MARSHFIELD, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Taunton, Massachusetts
97, Report #373635
Sep 16 2008
09:07 PM
Verizon Ruined my credit Everett Washington
My home,cell, & DSL was with Verizon. It was not bundled, but I just made one payment for all three services. When I went to Verizon to pay my bill, I was once again given the pitch to add Direct TV. I could bundle all four services into one payment. Lots of savings, lots of TV channels, an unlimited long distance on my home phone. I was informed you must qualify for this, but after checking the rep informed me I had indeed qualified. I continued to pay my single payment for all four services. After getting my cell phone disconnected for nonpayment, I learned Verizon would not qualify me. Therefore I was now suppose to be making four separate payments for each services. The money was held by Verizon residential, therefore I was not paying wireless, cell or DSL. I spent hours on the phone waiting on hold or being transferred to some other department. Nobody seemed to know or care. Now I find out Verizon has affected my credit score. I mad reported this the the Federal communication board. After reading other comments on Verizon, I would hope a class action lawsuit would be consid.ered. I want Verizon to fix the damage they have done to my credit score Will tulalip, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Everett, Washington
98, Report #354441
Jul 22 2008
07:48 PM
Verizon Overbilled & Ripped Me off Nationwide
I've been a FIOS customer since 2006. The original agreement was to get a package deal of $100/month bundle for TV, phone, and Internet. Ever since I've signed up, Verizon's been billing me double that: $195/month. I called customer support and they said: Your phone doesn't qualify for the bundle deal. I'm pretty sure that Verizon has been getting lots of flack from lots of other customers for their overbilling. Verizon even abused my credit card, by overcharging on it. I am going to cancel FIOS, and go with xxxxxxxxx. I have a Verizon Wireless plan, once that contract has expired, I'll switch to another cell carrier. Verizon Wireless let comapnies charge my cell phone bill for UNAUTHORIZED texting services WITHOUT MY PERMISSION OR KNOWLEDGE. In conclusion, IF YOU WANT TO BE DECEIVED, CHEATED, AND LIED TO, DON'T GET VERIZON. THEY WILL OVERBILL YOU, AND WILL TRY AND GET EVERY PENNY THEY CAN OUT OF YOU. Anonymous Whereabouts Unknown, FloridaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Nationwide
99, Report #361832
Aug 11 2008
07:08 PM
Verizon Horrible custommer service and false charges Nationwide
Verizon has THE worst customer service. It honestly took weeks to actually get through to an actual person and when I finally did I was either transferred and then hung up on, transfered to about 4 different people/departments, and in one instance I was on the phone with a rep and I could hear him but he could not hear me. He was talking to another party and (if I wanted to) I could have that persons name phone # address etc... I was charged by verizon and never once had service! They gave me a # but it was never working. So again I tried to reach customer service. Now about a good 2 months later, I finally found someone to straighten out this mess! Never use Verizon! Dollface klkl, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
100, Report #379367
Oct 08 2008
12:13 PM
Verizon Fraudulent Advertsing Plano Texas
I upgraded my service with Verizon from Freedom Essential (phone,internet) to their Triple Freedom package in Dec 2007. The agreement was for 2 years at $99 per month. I have had to call them 7 out of those 9 months. I was told there would be no Activation Fee, given that I was upgrading. I was charged $30 and given an apology- the rep gave me inaccurate information. Called back. Another rep agreed to decrease the activation fee by $10, but didn't. I moved two blocks and was required to get a new phone number which caused much grief for my home business- changing cards, internet ads, etc. I could never get an answer and it seemed wrong because my neighbor had recently moved 20+ miles, to another town even, and kept the same number, with Verizon. As consolation they offered a free 60-day message announcing my new number. Guess what? Didn't happen. First bill (Feb)- they removed my old discounts for Freedom Essentials and didn't apply the Triple Freedom discounts. The bill was astronomical because it was for one month and a partial month. Why? Because they delayed activating my service which pushed me into a different billing cycle and allowed them to charge a higher rate per day for the partial month. Service was activated on the 22nd, bill stated 25th. Don't ask me to explain, makes no sense and they refused to correct the error or give me credit. Insincere apologizes. April bill-Price increase. Rep explained that the rate stated for each service was increased, but my discounts increased as well. The bills are, perhaps intentionally, difficult to read and the 'discounts' are not labled as such. Some of my discounts were listed in the Long Distance portion of the bill. I have unlimited LD so there are never charges there, but they listed all the tax and fees for the LD service as credits and I was told that was part of my 'discount'. May bill- Taxes and Fees doubled. I thought City and State taxes were stable. They are on other bills. The bill stated that my savings began 25 April- 5 months after installation, when they finally offically got me signed up for Triple Freedom- and would continue for 24 months. So, now my 24 month contract has been extended to 29 months- I can't leave without penalty, but they can raise my rates with notice. July bill- I had returned an HD box in June which was 9.99 per mo + taxes/fees. I expected to see a lower bill. Not so, in fact the bill was higher. The price stated for phone service increased $3. In addition, taxes had increased significantly. Deduct a $10+ item and the bill is $6+ more. How can this be? Was told my rate went up, and again that they are not bound by the contract and could raise rates at anytime with notice. I hadn't gotten notice. According to Verizon I had. In the form of an insert in the April bill. I'm pretty thorough, there was no notice. August- Apparently Verizon was having significant problems in my area because they sent out a crew going door to door inquiring about customers experiences with Verizon. A supervisor was with the young man and told me there was nothing he could do for me, although, he had helped my neighbor who was being overcharged. Hmm??? I also complained about the bill and the difficulty understanding it, and that the discounts were not labled as discounts, they were credits given for services I didn't have. Something seemed very fishy about that. How can Verizon charge me tax and fees for LD service I didn't have and list them as credits for my Triple Freedom discounts? Why all the weirdness? Just list the price- $99.99, and add tax/fees. Oct- New bill format. Very welcomed. Easy to read. But, they are billing me $109.99 for my Triple Freedom service instead of $99.99. They win. And that's what they're counting on. I said I'd never surrender. What can I say. I don't have 2 hours to waste trying to speak to someone with two brain cells firing. Actually, I think these people are somewhat intelligent but have been trained in deceptive practices. This is the short version of my complaint. It doesn't include the emotional drama of -spending hours on the phone every month trying to get mistakes corrected -installation postponed after waiting until 10:30pm and receiving no communication -calling customer service for a repair and getting a message that my call can't be process at this time, try again later -being hung up on and having to start the process all over -being told something by one person and something entirely different by another -being spoken to with utter disrespect -experiencing moments of questioning my sanity due to their chronic deception I've had phone service in my name for over 30 years. I have never been treated with such blatant disrespect or dealt with a company that was so unethical. So much for deregulation. It hasn't made the market more competitive and lowered prices, it's created unethical and fruadulent companies that operated with no apparent oversight. D Plano, TexasU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Verizon
Entity: Plano, Texas

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