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26, Report #1317359
Jul 17 2016
10:34 AM
Vivint Vivant Lies Provo Utah
We were cold called, the salesperson already had alot of information on us and simply asked us to confirm some of the information he already had. We did not give him permission to check our credit nor did we give him our social security numbers The next day Vivant was on my credit report within three days it was also on my husbands. We specifically told the young many we were in the process of purchasing a new home and did not want any credit inquiries on our report. He said there would be no inquires as he was unble to do that anyway. Well there it was AND next to Vivint on the report it says home furnishings. Vivant has no credibility and are liars.
Entity: Nationwide
27, Report #1311690
Jun 16 2016
07:52 AM
Vivint Smart Home FRAUD Internet
So I had someone come into my home to do a demonstration. He needed a credit card on file in case I decided to choose this company. After the demo, I told the guy I am NOT interested, remove my credit card on file and DO NOT charge anything to my card. He assured me that my card will not be charged. They only charge cards AFTER the installation is completed.Next day, I see a charge pending on my card! I called the company and gave them an ear full! They claim a refund will be done and I should see it the next day.Well today, the charge is no longer pending, it has gone through on my account. I called my local police department and filed a police report and called my bank to dispute the charge.I then called Vivint and spoke with a very nasty, rude, trailer park trash, and incompetent rep by the name of Brandon who of course refused to give his last name. I requested a supervisor and this troll says he doesn't have one. Good thing I was not in close proximity of this guy cause I would've socked his disrespectful ***! He goes on to tell me that a paper-check was mailed to me on the 14th from Utah and I should get it today. WTF! What planet are you on? It does not take 2 days for mail from Utah to Maryland! Mail from ATL to Maryland takes about 4-5 days, so please, cut the ********!DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR BANK ACCOUNT INFO, CREDIT CARD INFO OR DEBIT CARD INFO! This is how the reps are paid. Once your card is charged, the rep is paid his/her commission. This is why I don't trust sales people at my door because of sneaky frauds such as these people. Its always that one dummy who messes it up for others.
Entity: Internet
28, Report #1293894
Mar 15 2016
04:35 PM
Vivint Bait and Switch Provo Nationwide
On July 20, 2013, Vivint salesperson Jaden Hass came to my door to sell a home security system. He said he was trying to sell a certain number of systems and had colleagues waiting to install a system and that if I signed a two-year contract that day, the system would be installed at a discounted rate and the installation charge would be waived. I said that I wasn’t interested since I would likely be moving before the end of the year. Jaden said that wouldn’t be a problem, I would only have to commit to the service for a few months and if I moved in December I could cancel at that time. The installers did a rushed, amateurish job, drilling holes in walls and doorways without asking where they could place their equipment and plugging the system into an outlet required for other household appliances. (They placed the transformer in the garage, which would not seem to be the safest place.) On November 19, 2014, I called Vivint to say that I did not use the security system, could not afford to pay for it, and wished to cancel the contract. They said I could not do so and the contract is for four years. I told them that Jaden Hass had told me I could cancel the contract after a few months and I pointed out that it was almost a year past the date he told me I would be able to do so. They denied that Jaden Hass had told me I could cancel before the expiration date and only needed to subscribe to the service through 2013. I asked them to contact him to confirm what he had told me. They refused to do so and basically called me a liar. Vivint’s bait and switch tactics are despicable. Unfortunately, based on several other reviews, they seem to be SOP for this company. 
Entity: Nationwide
29, Report #1371317
May 04 2017
01:00 PM
Vivint Unable to Cancel with incompatible system Nationwide
A few months after installing our system, our garage door would spontaneously open.  The alarm would be turned on or off, night or day, weekday or weekend, didn't matter.  It would constantly open.   I have had 3 technicians come to my house and replace multiple components within my garage.  It continued to open after every visit. Recently, prior to the last tech coming out, I had to call them back after waiting two weeks for communication from them which never happened.   Now the vivint app even tells me my garage doors are open when they aren't.  I am unable to trust the alarm system as a product.   They told me over the phone that when the most recent tech came out, if the condition of the equipment looked good, they would waive the cancellation fee and remove the system from my house.   The tech arrives on-site, I explain the issues, he then sits on the phone for 20-30 minutes with corporate.  He then states that someone will be reaching out to me in the next few days.   I receive a call from custer loyalty stating that they cannot cancel my service because the equipment works and they have replaced multiple pieces multiple times. They have since called back stating that they are unable to cancel my service, but that I should simply disconnect the non-functioning equipment with my alarm system.
Entity: Nationwide
30, Report #760390
Jan 21 2016
04:06 PM
Vivint Vivint Home Automation, Alarm If Vivint ever come to our home again, I'll call 911. Calgary, Alberta
Complaint Description: Vivint come to knock our door today and the sales man is very rude and doesn't understand a simple word no I first told him, I'm in the middle of something and have no time now. but he's still keep telling they need to collect our information. I then told him I'm not interested in their product, but he then come up one more stairs and trying to enter the house. and say, it won't take  you much time, I said NO!!! I want to close the door, but he then pointed the notebook in my hand  and say, I know you must like our product because you are using a computer. I have to close door in front of him, but I'm sure I will call police if he comes again. Your Desired Resolution: If Vivint come to our home again, I'll call police.
Entity: Calgary, Alberta
31, Report #1359126
Mar 01 2017
12:28 PM
Vivint Vivint home security, Vivint alarm monitoring DECEPTIVE, OUT AND OUT FRAUD! Provo Utah
We live in a small town with little to no crime. All of a sudden there were businesses having their back doors broken into, even though nothing was stolen. Shortly afterwards Vivint started coming door to door to peoples homes and businesses selling alarm systems.  My wife and I were gullable, as they used scare tactics to stress the importance of purchasing their alarm service. My wife and I both explained to the young man that we were renting and might possibly be moving the future. He then stated that the contract was a 2 year contract. When we asked him what the buy out would be if we had to move, he stated that it would be the remainder owed which was approximately three to four hundred dollars and that it was an easy process. Now we are having to move due to medical reasons and cannot afford Vivint any longer. We contacted Vivint on the phone (speaker phone so we both could listen and speak) and the customer service person was rude and obnoxious. He told us the contract was for five years and that there was no buy out like the salesperson had told us. He said we could pay for the entire five years and be done. That would have been well over $3000.00. He said we could advertise our system online via ebay or craigslist and have someone buy out our contract. Which is a joke. We are not crooks and could not mislead someone into buying a contract built on fraud and bad service.   Service is another issue all together. The camera that we had installed has NEVER worked. Everytime we called to have it checked out the service person said reboot the system and it will show up. That NEVER worked. We were also told that the alarm would not be activated by our small pets since they are all under 30lbs. That too was a LIE. Everytime we leave, we must put the alarm in 'STAY MODE' (which ignores the sensors) otherwise it will go off continueously.   I cannot believe for the life of me how a company like this is in business? Especially in our great state of TEXAS!??   If ANYONE could please let us know of any class action cases in TX. against Vivint, we would grately appreciate it.   We just keep praying that GOD will TAKE AWAY this Evil from our lives, as the stress is causing more health issues.
Entity: Nationwide
32, Report #755852
Jan 21 2016
04:07 PM
Vivint APX Alarm Two Years without Service Provo, Utah
First, the system broke and had to be shut down.  Then, they sent the wrong part - twice!  Then - nothing, nada [hear the crickets chirp].  Then I converted the house to a rental and tried to get my renter's name put on the system.  We'll get back to you on that... BUT they never did!  They failed to update their system with my new address and phone.  They failed to update my credit card info on the automatic billing, then tried to send my account to collections because they weren't getting paid--even though it was their fault they didn't update the information I sent them.  There is no local service team here - everything is contracted out of UT.  No response from senior management.  No apology, no lets make this right only you're going to collections! I will NEVER do business with these lying, cheating, dishonorable miscreants again.  I would rather get burgled than ripped off by the security company.
Entity: Provo, Utah
33, Report #817214
Jan 20 2016
04:52 PM
Vivint APX Elderly Abuse and Ripoff Provo, Utah
Vivint RipoffMy elderly Mother moved out of her home, where she had the Vivint security system installed. She moved out of her house in April, 2010 to live with us. She could no longer take care of herself. Vivint automatically took $39.99 from her checking account for security services. This past weekend her house was broken into. We called Vivint to see why they didn't call us. They said since she disconnected her telephone line, she didn't have service. I asked why we were not contacted that she didn't have service and why Vivint was automatically taking 39.99 a month out of her account. They said they tried calling her home number, but there was no response? Really? Well, her phone was disconnnected. I asked why they didn't call one of the emergency numbers on the list and they said with their monthly service test they could only call the contract person. What? Vivint does a monthly service test and knew she didn't have a phone line, didn't contact an emergency contact, stole 39.99 a month from her account AND to top it off, Vivint says she is under contract until July, 2012 and can't get out of the contract. She signed up in 2007. She signed a 5 year contract? Are you kidding me? Chris and Tony on the Vivint phone service line told me that it was in the contract that she signed, that she had to contact them if she diconnected the phone service. Well, Number 1: She is elderly. Number 2: Vivint does a monthly service test, why didn't they contact her emergency numbers? Number 3. A FIVE year contract? Number 4. This IS elderly abuse. They charged for a service they knowingly were not providing.
Entity: Provo, Utah
34, Report #774854
Jan 20 2016
07:30 PM
vivint.  Won't turn off alarm tripped by faulty equipment provo, Utah 
The alarm was tripped when an unknown factor caused a Medical Alert message to be sent to Vivint. However, no one in the household set off the alarm.  We were all present at the same time, which is unusal with our busy schedules.  The operator's voice came repeatedly over the intercom and asked if there was a medical situation and my son and I told him, No.  He said he would have to key in the code or give a password to have the alarm reset or cancelled.  We did not remember what they were so he suggested we call customer service.  I called and was told without the password or code, the alarm could not be disarmed right then but they would be happy to send us a letter with the password but it would take 5 to 10 days.  I asked for someone else and after a long length of time was told the letter would most likely reach me in 3 to 5 days.  In the mean time, the alarm was still blaring, until I could not take it anymore and I removed the device from the wall bracket and tossed it in the garage.  It was still blaring but but then it stopped.  This ordeal took about 30 minutes. Today someone called and told me the alarm would have gone off by itself in 15 minutes but it was tripped more then once and that is why it was taking so long to be silent.  Now I have to wait for them to come and reinstall it.  Everyone I spoke with was professional and courteous but not authorized to have the device shut off, not authorized to return my fee which coincidentally was paid by my bank the same day and not authorized to remove the equipment and close the account. The next day upon speaking to the fourth person who was higher up, for the second time, I was told that the alarm would have gone off by itself in 15 minutes unless it was retripped; if they had dispatched the police as I asked them to on the first or second call to customer service, they would have shut off the alarm and this person was authorized to reimburse the monthly fee.  He also said as he had called me back at my home number that he did not need my password or code to give me my the password.  I already discovered what the password was after speaking to the third higher up.  But, by that time, I had silenced the alarm and wanted them to remove the equipment.  However, they still do not have anything to offer for this debacle expect their apologies.  They need to change their policy with regards to cancelling an alarm that was tripped in error without the password or code.   If I had been able to speak with the fourth person the first time on the first day, I would have not had to remove the device by myself, my family and I would not have been subjected to this ordeal and the alarm could have been shut off after they were told the first time, there was no medical alert necessary.
Entity: provo, Utah
35, Report #782497
Jan 20 2016
06:56 PM
APEX Alarms/Vivint  False promises and broken agreements Internet
I was contacted by phone the first week of December 2010 by a representative saying I had been chosen to receive a free alarm system and one free months of service. I was required to pay for the second month up front but was told I could cancel at any time. They set an installation date of December 22, 2010. The day they came the grandchildren I have custody of were having Christmas at my home with their other grandparents so they did not spend much time and again stated I was obligated to pay for the second month  but the first month was free and the equipment was free as a marketing promotion all I had to do was allow them to place their sign in my front yard. The first of February I received a bill for January 22, 2011 to February 22, 2011.I called explaining I paid for this upfront and that December to january was suppose to be free i was told it would be corrected at the same time they were sending someone out to install a thermostat that could be controlled from anywhere. This scenario continued for several months until I finally told them that I was not paying anymore until they corrected the account and stopped reporting me as delinquint. Now I have collection agencies calling and bad credit reports from a company that broke the contract by one trying to charge me for equipment that was supposedly free and two trying to charge me for a month that was on my paperwork as free. I requested they come get their equipment and correct the credit reports with no satisfaction. Recently I have received at least ten calls a week from collection agencies I am filing a report with the credit bureau and the attorneygeneral for these frauds!
Entity: , Internet
36, Report #726779
Jan 22 2016
04:33 PM
Vivint formerly APX extra charges Provo, Utah 
I too was told that my Vivint contract was for 36 months, only to find out later it was for 39 months. Shortly after our system was installed, my wife was disarming the system for the first time and accidentally tripped the alarm by nervously double punching our code numbers.  She spoke to the woman from Vivint trying to explain what was going on, by this time in a panic, but the woman cut the connection.  Approximately 1/2 hour later, a local security company showed up and I told them what had happened and they left.  Several weeks later, I received a bill from Vivint for $45.00 to cover the security companies visit.  I was never told that they would ever call anyone other than the police, ambulance or fire department.  I have contacted Vivint many times over this but they insist they want the money.  Their practices are deceptive at sales time and bloodsucking during the life of your contract.
Entity: Provo, Utah
37, Report #725519
Jan 22 2016
04:33 PM
vivint APX Scam, beyond poor service, buyer beware! Provo, Utah 
This is the worst customer service I have ever received. Worse than Direct TV. I entered a three year contract. I had the sales person write on my contract that I could cancel at any time. I set it up so that they had to bill me via mail instead of taking money directly out of my account. That was the smartest thing I did.My three year contract ended May 3, 2011. On March 8, 2011 I called to cancel services. Because I could not remember my pass code I was unable to complete business at that time. I was on the phone for approximately 20 minutes - most of that time holding. Mid-April I sent them an e-mail through their website reiterating that I wanted to cancel services. Their e-mail stated that they would respond but I never heard from them. Because I went through their website I did not have a copy of the email I sent.I called yesterday to follow up because I didn't hear from them. I found out that even though I attempted to cancel long before the 30 day notice, they automatically renewed my contract for another year. I could understand if it was a month-to-month basis but for a year? Come on... I talked to 5 people. These non- customer friendly reps must be trained to say No. I heard no in more different forms than I have ever experienced. Ibwas even told when I requested to speak to a manager that I would be wasting his time because the answer would be no.I spent an hour on the phone. Their tactics are the following: a) place you on hold hoping you hang up in frustration, b) place the blame on you for not following procedure that was in fine print in a contract you signed 3+ years ago, and c) wear you down emotionally.For a year of service I would have to pay a little over 400.00. I told them to cancel my service, bill me in full and expect a law suit to follow since I had documentation showing that in good faith I had tried to cancel long before the 30 day notice was up. I asked the manager if financially it was worth the 400.00? I did get out of the renewal but if I hadn't called prior I think I would have been stuck with this bill. I also promised them I'd spread the word regarding their abominable treatment of their customers.This is an unethical company. I am glad to be rid of them.
Entity: Provo, Utah
38, Report #693466
Jan 22 2016
04:36 PM
APX Alarm Vivint Harrassment over contract Provo, Utah
A few years ago my dad living in Port St. Lucie, FL was approached by a door to door sales person from APX Alarm offering a free home security system, all he had to do was keep the sign up and pay for monitoring.  As he was confined to a power chair and it came with a remote panic button he thought it was a decent idea to help keep himself and mom safe. About a year into the contract he suddenly passed away and mom needed to move out of the house and into a nursing home. We called APX and explained the situation to them. The woman we spoke to on the phone insisted that payments must still be made because he signed a contract. By the way, my dad's name was the only name on the contract. My wife asked if this rep understood what passed away meant and offered to send APX a copy of his death certificate. The rep said you can send whatever you want but he signed a contract. We sent them a copy anyways after we stopped laughing at this woman's stupidity. It turns out the stupidity must be company wide. After dealing with at least four other people and sending them a total of three death certificates dad was still getting billed. it was only after I e-mailed them and told them that if they were going to continue to harass us that I'd turn the matter over to my attorney who would be happy to prove at considerable expense to APX that you can't enforce a contract with a dead man that I finally stopped hearing from them.
Entity: Provo, Utah
39, Report #741536
Jan 21 2016
05:54 PM
vivint  Buyer Please Beware!  Read the fine print Internet
 I had my home upgraded with a complete wireless home security system but I failed to read all the fine print on the contract and I did something I normally don't do and that is I failed to read the online reviews for this company. Buyer please beware!!! They have a lot of hidden fees and crooked tactics. One important thing to know is that you have three days to cancel service but I strongly suggest not even signing up unless you know everything about this company. First and foremost they are not with the BBB and after your contract is up they will try to automatically put you on another contract stating that they never received a wriiten cancellation letter. They also charge outrageously for tech visits and false alarms. Their customer service is the worst ( you'll wait forever trying to talk to the right person.) I have only had service for one full day and they are trying to give me a run around about cancelling service. I signed off on my 3 day cancellation notice and even had to change my bank acct info.  I'll keep my fax receipts and contract until they come pick up their equipment.. Buyer please beware!  I hope this helps the nect person.     
Entity: Internet, Internet
40, Report #869521
Jan 18 2016
05:59 PM
vivint   security system Bay Area, California 
This is the most illegitimate company I have ever come across. First, the people who came to install the equipment did not know what they were doing. They seems so confused as to what was going on. The sales associate quoted me one price, over the phone, then tried to change the terms of the contract after it was installed. Did I mention, they did not even install the entire system because they could not figure out how to do it. Further more, the part that was installed was malfunctioning, the system would control the temperature in my home, and would not shut off. The heater kept going, and was 86+ degrees inside the house and would not shut off. The representatives did not come to assist on that day, or on the scheduled follow up appointment. We had to take the system out the wall ourselves to get the heat to go off. Do not do business with this company.
Entity: Bay Area, California
41, Report #916106
Jan 15 2016
01:02 PM
vivint  lied about free 1st month payment waiver Internet
i was promised that my first month payment would be waive and they charged me every month since i started with the company new bern nc
Entity: , Internet
42, Report #916113
Jan 14 2016
06:25 PM
Vivint APX I Was Leary About Them....Good Thing! Birmingham, Alabama
A young man came to our home and wanted to sell me on a new security system for our home. We had a ADT sign in the yard and he still came to us. Anyway, I told him that we were very happy with the system that we had and that we would not be interested. Then he began to tell me that ADT was alright but that we were not fully protected. He went on to tell me that there system did not go through the phone line so there would be no interuption in service if someone cut the phone line. I told him that we were perfectly happy with the system that we had and we felt safe. He asked to come in and look at our keypad. At that moment, I told him that there was no reason for him to come into our home and that I was not going to allow him in. I had never heard of this company that he was promoting and after he left, I went online and was so glad that I did not let him inside of our home..
Entity: Birmingham, Alabama
43, Report #922559
Jan 14 2016
06:07 PM
vivint  Never Showed, Took Money, No Refund Spearman, Texas
I called Vivint and set up an appt for a Saturday between 2-4 for install.  I had to pay the first month of service in advance before the tech would come to instal. I took off that Saturday and waited...and waited.  The tech did not show at four.  I called Vivint and they told me my salesman would call me back shortly to reschedule. Two hours go by no call.  I call back and same story, he would call me back.  I asked to speak to someone else and they said there was no one and just wait for the call back. I never heard back from anyone they just keep telling me the same thing.  They charged my card for the first month and I never got that money back.  They are a warned.  I am just glad it happened now before I got jipped into a three and half year contract.  Time to call ADT.
Entity: Spearman, Texas
44, Report #923407
Jan 14 2016
05:22 PM
Vivint  Breach of Contract - Failure to Respond Provo, Utah
We were contacted by a Vivint door-2-door home security representative upon the completion of our home remodeling. After a very lengthy presentatation, their representative assured myself and my family that services provided by Vivint would prove to be invaluable as a precaution against home burglary as well as a quick response measure providing for the well-being of two indviduals living in the home that would need a fast response by medical emergency personnel should the need arise. Ever since the initial equipment install, we have had nothing but problems with both the equipment installed by Vivint technicians, and by the lack of concern shown to us by the Vivint personnel in their support department. Have tried repeatedly to get Vivint to honor their own contract by either repairing or replacing the faulty equipment only to have them say the problem is not the equipment itself but is indeed caused by our living on the fringe of their coverage area. If that is the case, then why was this not identified by their representative when he sold us the system? Another problem is with the lack of their call center to respond during a recent situation where the call center DID NOT respond for 40 minutes after the alarm on our home was activated. Thank goodness it did not require medical emergency response. After REPEATED calls to Vivint over the past three months, and their continued lack of concern to deal with these issues, we have decided to take legal matters to remedy this situation and terminate all future contact with Vivint with the exception of will be required under California law to get our initial deposit and all additional funds that have been paid to Vivint in the form of monthy maintenance payments.
Entity: Provo, Utah
45, Report #924811
Jan 11 2016
07:11 PM
Vivint Home Security APX High Pressure Sales Job Madison, Mississippi 
I got the high pressured sales pitch last night.  My next door neighbors fell for the pitch and referred Vivent to me.  I am a single Mom and it makes sense that I would be interested in security services.   The equipment sounded cool and looked high-tech but I was leary of the fact that I had never heard of Vivent and they wanted me to ink a 42  month contract that moment.  The pressure was that if I didn't sign NOW...then if I decided I wanted their service later I would have to pay for the $2,000 worth of equipment.  I told the sales rep that I just didn't make decisions without researching and shopping around.  I passed on the offer and I am glad  I did after reading other comments... 
Entity: Madison, Mississippi
46, Report #913517
Jan 15 2016
01:02 PM
vivint APX  Will not let you cancel a contract Prove, Utah 
We have been a faithful paying customer to Viviant for 39 months; this is the length of our contract. We have been paying 47.69 a month in addition to the 198.00 installation fee. Back in March we inquired how to cancel our contract, and were instructed to fax a letter in stating our intent. We did so. They mysteriously lost the letter and now they are saying we can not cancel; that we are obligated to another year because we did not cancel with in a 30 day timeframe upon the expiration of our contract, which is August 16, 2012. I called July 16, 2012 to ensure we would no longer be charged after August because of our financial hardships. I was advised they never received  our fax and passed us from person to person none of which have been professional and we were told that we missed the deadline by one day. We continue to get the speech of how important security is and how important it is to protect my kids. Ya know I already feel rotten enough that I can't afford it, and yet the knife just continues to get twisted deeper and deeper with each representative.   
Entity: Prove, Utah
47, Report #900944
Jan 17 2016
01:57 PM
VIVINT alarm company  false advertising, no cancellation agreement Provo Utah
vivint went door to door advertising this product. I told the saleman I needed to do my budge to see if I could afford this. He said no problem, we can install this tonight and if your budget doesn't allow it then you just call in and we will cancel it. NOT TRUE. I also wasn't told it was a 42 month contract. He circled that after I signed it. All of the product was installed either. They told my husband to install it at a later date. I was told my checking account info was for a one time use and then I could make my payments. NOT TRUE. I had to put a stop payment at my bank. I have called VIVINT serveral times to cancel and they won't cancel. They told me to put it on craigslist or give it to a neighbor. Why would I do that when I don't even like your product. I wasn't told about 3days to cancel. I have only had it 2weeks and I want out. DO not get VIVINT.
Entity: Provo, Utah
48, Report #936762
Jan 11 2016
04:35 PM
Vivint alarm systems  System does not work, Internet
The system was installed and worked for about a month. We have placed 4 service calls, firs the thermostat stopped working then the camera for the alarm system stopped working. The thermostate was replaced but camera still doesnt work. It has been over 6 months and still no camera. Thermostat doesnt appear to work as the air system is always on and has to manually be adjusted.
Entity: , Internet
49, Report #932768
Jan 14 2016
03:24 PM
Vivint  - Difficulty Cancelling Within Trial Period, Provo, Utah
After having Vivint's residential security system installed, we decided that it wasn't for us.  We were told that we had 3 business days (trial period) after the initial installation to cancel, after which we would receive a full refund.  After reading reviews on this site about difficulty in cancelling, I decided to take extra care to make sure that the cancellation process went smoothly.  It didn't. Day 1: System installed Day 2: I called Vivint to cancel.  They said that they needed a signed letter requesting cancellation.  I needed to either scan and email them a copy or fax it to them. Day 3: I scanned and emailed them a signed letter.  I called them later that day to see if they received it.  They notified me that it usually takes them a couple of weeks to cancel after which they would refund me.  They said they would make a note in the system that I had emailed them a signed letter. Day 25: Still no word from Vivint.  I called and they told me they never received my email and that I was under contract for 2.5 years.  I explained the process I went through to cancel, but the representative on the phone only reiterated that I was now under contract.  After 10 minutes of this, I asked to speak to a manager.  Luckily, I had my date-stamped email which I provided to him.  I'm guessing that I'd be out of luck if I had originally faxed the cancellation to them.  This wasn't enough proof for him so I also had to send them a screenshot which showed that I had emailed the correct email address (if I had spelled the email address wrong or sent it to the wrong place, I'd be locked in to a contract) and before the 3 trial days were up.  He said that he would process the cancellation because I had provided proof.  Close call. Day 35: Still no refund. Words of advice:  Be VERY careful.  Document EVERYTHING.  They make it very difficult to cancel.  They will claim that they never got the cancellation despite solid evidence that they did.  The next thing you know, you'll be locked in to a 2.5 year contract that you are unable to get out of.
Entity: Provo, Utah
50, Report #945348
Jan 13 2016
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Vivint  APX Shady Business Practices and Deceptive Ploys Provo, Utah
On April 27, 2007 a APX salesman showed up at our door selling alarm systems. We liked what he was offering, so we agreed. We thought it strange that he was admaant that we get the system installed that day. When the installer arrived he was really rushed, and the installation was not the best. 2 years into the contract we realized that we weren;t even using the sytem and tried to cancel. We were then told that we had signed a 5 year contract. February 13, 2012, we called to inquire about cancelling. At first they tried to tell us that our contract was for 5 years, but we informed them that the contract would be up that year and needed to know the date. They told us to call back in MArch to cancel. March 24, 2012, we called to cancel, and were told that we needed to submit the cancellation in writing (we were not told this initially) April 20,2012, submitted the letter in writing, and noted that the phone call on March 24, 2012 would serve as our initial request for cancellation We considered the matter closed, until September 11, 2012 we received a letter saying that payment was rejected due to account being closed. (They had continued to debit our account) We called immediately just to be told that we had not submitted our cancellation in enough time, and our contract was automatically renewed for 1 year
Entity: Provo, Utah

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