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76, Report #730702
Jan 11 2016
06:09 PM
Vivant APX Crooked crooks Provo , Utah
Because we were already suckered into this contract with Vivant we waited patiently for our three years to be up, meanwhile paying $40 each month for an alarm we never used. A month prior to the three years my husband called to cancel, he was told he had to call back closer to the date. On Monday when my husband called again they told him that he had missed the deadline and that our contract was automatically renewed. My husband was furious and asked to speak to the manager, he was told there was no manager that he could be refered to, my husband was told if he didn't pay this debt would affect his personal credit. Finally after threatening to call the BBB and file a lawsuit against them he was told to fax over a letter requesting the account to be closed and they would close it. Something tells me we won't be seeing the last of them. Someone tell me after so many complaints and lawsuits filed against this company how can they still be in business!!! 
Entity: Provo, Utah
77, Report #737999
Jan 21 2016
07:28 PM
Vivint Home Security  Vivint Home Automation RUN don't walk away from Vivint Home Security ! provo, Utah
June 7, 2011 Vivint lacks integrity!  I signed a contract to pay $49.99/month for their security system. Four days later, Vivint helped themselves to $198.99 from my bank account. This caused my account to be overdrawn and I was charged $82.50 in overdraft fees. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income. My contract with Vivint clearly states the only money Vivint can draw from my account is $49.99 when I called Vivint on June 1, they said it was an error and they would refund the money.  Lies! I called Vivint again on June 6 and this time the lie was:  we approved the refunded money, it is your bank that is holding it up.  My bank confirmed that no transaction from Vivint has been received or is pending.  I had to file a claim against Vivint with my bank to stop Vivint from accessing my account. How can a company like Vivint that lacks integrity and repeatedly lies to you be stopped?
Entity: provo, Utah
78, Report #909538
Jan 17 2016
11:13 AM
Vivint Security  APX, Vivint, Vivint home security Will not let you cancel for any reason and they take your money! Internet
We got Vivint in our home about 3 years ago and we moved into a new home. They never showed up, or they wanted to move times to install our system. They did this several times. During this was about 4 months of not having a system and they took money out of our account. We stopped payment so we could get a system put in our house. This did not make us get a system. Instead they transfered us over to collection because they want their money for something we do not have. The customer service is HORRIBLE. They will curse at you for asking questions and even hang up on you. I will not recommend this service to anyone! They are a terrible company! 
Entity: , Internet
79, Report #1353887
Feb 03 2017
04:39 PM
Vivint home security Vivint Vivint lied about the length of my contract, equipment do not perform properly and they refuse to cancel agreement online Nationwide
 I started with Vivint mid Nov of 2016, after 3days of troubleshooting a technician was scheduled at a month away and I was advise that my free trial will be extended. During December 2016 while on vacation I notice that the cameras were not functioning correctly, I called Vivint and more trouble shooting was completed and I still had issues with the system so I called back to cancel and they told me they couldn't not cancel unless I pay 2,800 upfront. I got upset and hung up the phone and called back for a resolution, then I was set an appointment for January which they canceled, during this month there was a fight in my house and non of three camera caught any part of a 30min confrontation. Then someone ran over my mailbox and my outdoor camera didn't record a thing so I called Vivint again and they apologized and credit me 10.00 and scheduled another tech for Feb 4, 2017, which they cancelled later on and set it for the 11th. Now today Feb 3rd, I'm just got a text message saying that they had to cancel my appointment again and it is now set fir the 13th and if I need to cancel this appointment to give them a call. Well, I did and they had no sympathy in their mishaps and told me that they couldn't change the appointment, at this time I'm super fed up with paying for equipment that do not work and hasn't since the day of installation so I requested that they must cancel and pls pick up the equipment and the rep said well do you have 2,800 to pay now and I said no but I will on the 21st and you cam get your broken equipment until then because its holding up space from my future equipment and the rep said well when the tech get there you can take that up with him and he will collect the equipment but I'll still be charged for this point I dnt even care anymore. I hate their service and faulty equipment and hope no one else experience what I have.
Entity: Nationwide
80, Report #816804
Jan 20 2016
04:54 PM
vivint   Blatantly lied to me saying i had no contract and could cancel anytime.   Internet, Internet 
Vivnt will tell you what ever they have to, to keep you from canceling their security system, even blantantly lie.  I called last July to cancel my system because July was my contract date and the sensors are always falling on the windows.  A female told me she would fix my system for free, drop my monthly fee, and I would not have a contract, I could call and cancel any time.  Well today after two more sensors have fallen off I called to cancel and was told I can't until July, that I do still have a contract.  Because I was not at a cancellation date I even had to talk to 3 different people to even get a tech to my house to fix the system with paying $50.  Vivint is not a company that stands up to what their employees says. I would never do business with them!!!  They are liers and cheaters!!!
Entity: Internet, Internet
81, Report #808339
Jan 20 2016
05:29 PM
Vivint Home Security Apex Alarm Deceptive Practices!! Salt Lake City, Utah
I took over my Vivint (formerly Apex) home security contract when I purchased my home. The former owner was a subscriber and the Vivint (Apex) people told me that I would be responsible for paying the cancellation fee if I terminated their service. Bear in mind that I was not the original contract subscriber and that I had just purchased the home.  Nevertheless, I took over the contract and didn't have any issues during my time in my home. Fast forward three years, I have just sold the home because I obtained employment in another city. The sale went quickly, approximately 30 days.  As I was no longer in the home, I contacted Vivint and informed them that I wanted to cancel my subscription. I spoke with a representative approx. September 15 and was told that my account had been automatically renewed on September 1 for a one year period.  Vivint did not contact me via phone, e-mail or letter and let me know that my subscription was expiring.  They took it upon themselves to renew my subscription without my consent. The representative told me that since my contract had just renewed, I would have to buy out my contract for over $500.  They also told me that I was required to give them 30 days notice of cancellation.  The only alternative was to have the new homeowners take over the existing contract. Naturally, I was upset by this and filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau.  After about a month, I received a letter from Vivint via the BBB stating that they would cancel my account if I submitted a cancellation request in writing.  I did this and thought the issue was resolved. The next month, I noticed that Vivint had automatically withdrawn funds from my bank account to pay for the monthly service.  I called Vivint and explained the situation.  The representative said he would cancel the automatic withdrawal and would refund my money if I faxed Vivint a copy of my bank statement. They said that they could not process the refund without a bank statement. I refused to do this and figured I'd just eat the loss, assuming I would have no further involvement with Vivint. Of course, the same scenario occured the following month.  They automatically withdrew funds again, and I had to place another call.  I spoke with a manager who informed me that they had received my cancellation letter, but it was my responsibility to contact them to confirm that they had received the letter and to tell them verbally that I wanted to cancel my account. At no time in my previous dealings with Vivint had they told me that I had to call them to confirm that they had received my letter. I asked this manager if this phone contact was company policy or written in my contract? The manager said, I don't really know, it's just our operating procedure. At that time, I told the manager that I felt this was a shady business practice.  The manager was reluctant to cancel my account until I read (verbatim) the letter that I had received  3 months earlier from their company.  At that time, the manager immediately agreed to cancel my account.  The manager also immediately agreed to provide a refund for the funds that were taken from my account. Again, I informed the manager that I felt Vivint was being purposefully deceptive in their business practices. Also, I asked the manager why no one had mentioned that I was responsible for contacting the company after I had submitted my cancellation letter?  The manager confirmed that I had contacted Vivint customer service three times regarding this issue but could not provide an answer to my question. I feel that Vivint (Apex) purposefully does not disclose information to their customers in order to make it difficult to cancel their service. Even after I had a letter (from Vivint!!) saying that my account was approved for cancellation, they still made it extremely difficult for me cancel and get a refund.  Even after they agreed to cancel, they would only offer a refund if I showed them my bank statement. The only time I had success dealing with Vivint was when I read my letter verbatim to the manager. At that time, it was like a magic wand had been waved and then he was tripping over himself trying to help me. As of this writing, I still have not received my refund check that was promised to me.  I will never use a Vivint product again nor will I ever recommend Vivint to anyone searching for home security service.
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
82, Report #746123
Jan 21 2016
05:52 PM
Vivint Alarm   Company ropes clientel into year long contracts without their permission Provo, Utah
On May 30, 2008, I contracted with APX Alarms (now Vivint Alarms) to install an alarm system in my residence and provide monitoring services for burglary and fire alarms.  The contract was for 36 months and I paid $47.69 per month for this monitoring.  On May 30, 2011 I called Vivint and informed them since my contract was up, I no longer wanted monitoring services.  I was told since I didn't write in at least 30 days prior to the end of my contract date, it automatically renewed for ONE YEAR. I asked if there was some way I could take care of the contract.  I was told I could find someone to take over payments on my account or pay the total fee for one year. This has got to be the most underhanded trick I have ever heard of.   Why should I pay to have this company monitor my home?  I could have just hired them outright to steal money from me with their cheating contrract.. I am a retiree and living on a fixed income and can ill afford to be cheated by unprofessional, companies.  In order to get out of this contract, I had to pay $492.19 (the monthly fee for the rest of the year),   If you wish to discontinue their servoces, they require you to write them no later than 30 days prior to the end of their contract and no sooner than 6 months prior to the end of the contract. I had been out of the country (in China) for the previous 6 months.  I told the account representative this and asked if theire was some way I could take care of this.  I was told I could find someone to take over my account and payments or pay the entire amount for the year.   They wouldn't work with me at all. I had $492.19 remaining on my contract so I told them to take it from my American Express charge card and to cancel all services immediately. I believe this company is cheating homeowners by this contract they use.  They charge on a monthly basis for their services but they use a yearly contract to cheat the homeowners out of almost $600.00 a year.  If the homeowner wants to cancel any time before the end of the contract they have to pay the full contract off or find someone to take over payhments.   And if you are out of the country and didn't write in, they don't even try to work with the client so the client doesn't have to pay the full year. Even if their contact is legal by Utah State law, I belive it is underhanded and unprofessional - aimed at tricking unsuspecting homeowners out of their cash. .. Vivint doesn't notify their clients of upcoming end-of-contracts, but they sure made it a point to call me trying to sell additional items or new and upgraded monitoring systems!  Why couldn't they tell me that my contract was due to expire and what I should do if I wished to discontinue services?  Of course they wouldn't do that; that would be the honorable thing to do. I feel Vivint Alarms should refund my $492.19 to me and cancel all services.    I also believe this company should be investigated for their business practices Damage ResultingI have been cheated out of $492.19 by the company Please citizens, if you are looking for a home security company, don't look at Vivint.  They will rob you without ever having an alarm sound. 
Entity: Provo, Utah
83, Report #856369
Jan 19 2016
05:47 PM
Vivint APX Unethical Sales tactics with no follow thru on product. South St. Paul, Minnesota
I normally dont get into these type discussions, however I am a victim of the vivint lies and misleading sales tactics. I had that so call door knocker come to my house to my misfortune I was in process of changing out my current security provider (Brinks) to ADT for their security/DVR ability. The salesman for apx/vivint proceeded to tell me they would have all that available within a month. Guess what it was free! What a lie. Now its been about 1 year now guess what!  I don't have anything but basic system! This unethical company rushed to my house removed my old system installed their basic system and locked me into the contract. Great ethics!!! I spoke to a so called manager with the so called company and basically wasted my time. They like to act concerned but Bull they all are a bunch of scum!! Now in order for me to get the system I need I will have to purchase and install myself. Im glad I read this blog. I will have my cancelation notice in before the 12 month period that this so called company has once again found the way to screw the customer. Im so mad right now and I promise I will cost them more than the 1400.00 it would cost to cancel my contract. And believe me this town of 100K people will listen. I know Ive got 4 to 5 people go to ADT vs Scum Security Company or vivint in short. Looks to me Im ahead already 5 people = $7000.00 and counting. Regards,
Entity: South St. Paul, Minnesota
84, Report #860449
Jan 19 2016
05:46 PM
Vivint Home Security APX Don't give me your account number PROVO, Utah
Upon my fathers death, Vivint was contacted to cancel this contract.  A death certificate was provided to them, however they continue to withdraw funds from the account.  I have asked them again to stop taking the monthly charge and to reimburse the account.  
Entity: PROVO, Utah
85, Report #843991
Jan 19 2016
06:43 PM
We have been trying since December, 2011 to cancel our service. Called on Dec. 7 and was told that we were now on month to month ... we opted to not re up our contract, so they said send via fax a letter stating we wanted to cancel and backdate it Dec. 1. Which I did.Come January we notice the payment was once again taken out of our account. Called the account team and was told, oh no the contract just ended THIS month. But they would prorate and take 2 days out and send us a refund and cancel.Come February you'll never guess what .... AGAIN they charged us. We called them and they said oh no it was slated for March 1. By then we got heated with them. They said that my husband needed to give them verbal since it was in his name. So he gets on the phone and tells them and allegedly we were to be getting 2 months refund. We threatened them with an attorney if it isn't done.To date, Nothing. I am preparing to call them and have a feeling it's the same runaround.These people are crooked, rude and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. We will be getting an attorney if this isn't resolved today.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
86, Report #887464
Jan 18 2016
03:47 PM
vivint  APX Security  Smoke alarm not connected to monitoring. Provo, Utah
I have been paying for APX (now vivint) home security services for about 4 years.  I discovered by accident that our fire/smoke alarm has not ever been connected to monitoring.  They said that if they sent someone out to fix the problem, I would have to pay for it!  It was never connected by THEM in the first place.  I found that they have a D rating with BBB.  When my contract is up, I will call another company.  I was told right after we bought the system that they were a rip-off, now I believe it!
Entity: Provo, Utah
87, Report #922297
Jan 14 2016
06:08 PM
vivint   scammed, took unauthorized funds. Gave the run around Provo, Utah 
Vivint is a scam. I was told I would be charged one amount, the company withdrew another amount. More than I authorized. When I called the company, I was given the runaround. I explained if I have to dispute the charges with my bank, I would cancel my services with Vivint. Out of two representatives and a supervisor - none of them said I could not cancel. I was told there were no supervisors to talk to, they were all too busy. If I wanted to talk to one I would have to wait a really really long time. That the payment I made when installed was to pay for the following month, then it was for this month, then for two months away, or that after the end of the contract I would only have to pay for a half of a month since I became a customer in the middle of the month. Then it was the technitions fault. When my husband called to find out an address to cancel, he was told there was no address and when he asked to speak to a manager - the manager will tell him the same information.  Later I called and spoke to another Customer service representative, I told her I was emailing and mailing my cancellation to them along with their products. She said I would also have to contact the company to make sure they received the products back. All after stating no matter what we were bound to the Vivint.  A huge mess.
Entity: Provo, Utah
88, Report #896343
Jan 17 2016
03:27 PM
Vivint Alarm system  poor service ripped off from my 3 day cancellation ,, Utah
poor custumer service because of it i had 3 days to cancel service to contract aggreement. I Faxed agreement 3 times, i emailed twice... they came and picked up systems and i have not recieved my refund.... I keep getting the run around..
Entity:, Utah
89, Report #914670
Jan 14 2016
07:06 PM
Vivint  Customer service nonexistant. System doesn't work. Does not protect my family. Provo, Utah
I have found Vivints system and service to be sorely lacking. We had our system installed and the problems started with the install. They could not get their (our new) system to work the way it was explained to us and we had to have the lead installer come out to the house to fix the problems that the first installer not been able to rectify. We thought the system was working correctly but all of a sudden we got 4 false alarms in 6 days from different sensors. We currently have an alarm system that we cannot set for fear of another false alarm and getting fined by the police department for too many false alarms. Our system shows a window open when there are no windows open so to set the alarm we must bypass the windows leaving our home (and family) vulnerable. We have called Vivints customer service with our problem and thinking that we were in an emergency situation, were expecting prompt service to fix our system which is not working properly to protect our family and home. We were told that what Vivint calls an emergency situation was a runaway thermostat that was making the house too hot. We were told that all the technicians were all busy on other calls and they would not be able to come and fix our system for almost 2 weeks. After several calls to Customer Service, (a misnomer since they do not service the customer), we were told that the department that handles the repair/service of their systems was not answering their phones or emails. We were refused three (3) times our request to speak to a supervisor. We were told that a supervisor would not be able to do any more than they were doing right now. After threatening to call the media, which I still intend to do, we were connected to a supervisor which, just like everyone else with whom we spoke, said he understood our frustration.  They seem to understand our frustration but refuse or are unable to do anything to remedy our emergency situation. I can only assume that if we called with a runaway thermostat and it was too hot in our home that we would have received prompt service in THAT emergency situation. The supervisor with whom I spoke finally took the initiative to call the local Vivint field office in our area, explained the situation to them and they said that they would have someone out to our home the very next morning. That still remains to be seen. The supervisor offered me money (a credit for the time that the system was down) and I told him that it seemed that they were throwing money at me in order to not report this to the media.  One of the false alarms was set off by the glass breakage sensors which we were just told that can be set off by your dogs barking. We were not told that even though the sales person and both installers that came to our home knew that we had dogs. We will be investigating legal channels in order to get this inept system and incompetent customer service removed from our home in order to protect it with a reliable system.
Entity: Provo, Utah
90, Report #909427
Jan 11 2016
07:52 PM
Vivint Home Automation  BEWARE - VIVANT IS BAD! BAD! BAD! Provo, Utah
Vivint sales rep. confirmed and installation date and time. That installation never happened. I called the Vivint inside sales number when the installer failed to show, but the inside sales number - said it was after hours (despite is being 10:30 am, 1:30 pm, 2:30 pm) leave a message. Well, message left, no return call. I called multiple times customer service number, spoke with 4 different customer service agents during the daytime, each said the EXACT same thing, I sent an email to inside sales, they will get back with you today. Again, that never happened. The sales rep. who sold the system, none of the customer sales reps, nor any other the 'inside sales' reps who were sent emails. Take this is fair warning - Do NOT sign up for Vivint. Their pitches are good, their equipment seems to be superior in the market, you just can't get it in your house. But even worse - the customer serivce is horrific! I don't think that describes it poorly enough. Back to ADT I go!
Entity: Provo, Utah
91, Report #936790
Jan 13 2016
07:48 PM
VIVINT  Misrepresented goods and services. High pressure and misrepresentation of terms. Interne.
I was told that I had total control over the system either in my home via the control panel or via the Internet access. When the fire alarm repeatedly malfunctioned, I found out this was not true. Tech service visited and said the unit was working properly and could not explain multiple false alarms while no one was home. Tech support said this is a sensitive device and not for everyone...maybe it just isn't going to work for you.. Based on the misrepresentation of service (I have no control or override) I stated that I considered my contract null and void after 16 days of mis-service. The fire department has told me that they will not respond to alarms from my home. My elderly spouse (93) is frantic over alarms ringing for no reason. There were other promises from the sales rep who called on a Saturday evening at my house, but what difference do those make. This company is unethical and does not care about customers. When they ruin the Vivint name they will simply incorporate under another. They don't reply to registered mail and hide behind lower echelon account reps.
Entity: Provo, Utah
92, Report #958429
Jan 13 2016
01:57 PM
VIVINT  false promises when signing, 3 day exit clause Houston, Texas 
The salesman over sold the product, he gave false promises. After 3 months my door locks failed. the customer services managers were not able to do anything for compensation with regards to the false promises and I was told I can go out buy more equipment if I want the correct stuff. The salesman promised items they do not even have in their product catalogue. they are very pushy. I can't cancel the after 3 days which was too short to actually determine if the system works and you are able to expand and have the system meet the needs. I spoke to 2 customer service managers, when the second came on the line, he first told me that he is the final person I'm going to speak to and their is nobody higher than him that I can escalate my issue. He also couldn't provide a resolution. Please do not take on the offers from VIVINT as it is not competitively priced and they do not have exposure to a lot of areas. They are full and false promises and zero customer service.
Entity: Houston, Texas
93, Report #956631
Jan 13 2016
02:00 PM
Vivint APX Alarm Will do anything to keep you in your contract!!! Provo, Utah 
On July 18, 2009, I made the mistake of signing a 39 month contract with this company.  After signing the contract I then researched them on the web and found out they had been reported numerous times as a rip off company.  When I tried to cancel, they said I was stuck with the original 39 months.  As I was the foolish one that signed before looking into the company, I patiently waited out 39 months.  I sent a letter to the company canceling their services on September 18, 2012.  When money was taken out of my account again in October, I called the company to explain that I had sent a cancellation notice, and that I would like a refund back.  They said that I was stuck for one more year, as the 30 days prior to the contract cancelling was September 17, 2012 (as August has 31 days).  And there was nothing they could do about it.  I was shocked!  I explained to her that I had been told 39 months, and that, according to the internet when you calculate 39 months, the date is October 18, 2012 and they received my letter on September 18, 2012, EXACTLY 30 days before the end of the contract.  They have refused to allow me out of this additional one year contract.  
Entity: Provo, Utah
94, Report #933830
Jan 14 2016
02:43 PM
Vivint Jeremy Cummings Beware of Vivant Salesmen. They make promises they never keep. In contest? Internet, Utah
Beware of the salesmen who show up to sell you a security system. They will claim they are in a contest, claim to waive $99 fee for activation, etc, but you will be charged, plus hidden costs. 
Entity: Internet, Utah
95, Report #881618
Jan 18 2016
04:55 PM
APX Vivint Alarm Systems  Un Freaking Believeable ... Four Year Contract Scam! Internet, Internet
A very clean, professional young man shows up selling alarm systems.  As he sells he is quickly oined by three other young men to pressure and install an alarm system for free. What began as a decent day still has no end. After having the system for two years and moving out of state into a rental (where services are no longer necessary) I was told I would have to pawn their four-year contract crap onto the new owners to be rid of them.  I understand paying for services rendered, but we're suing for services we have been force to pay for but have not been rendered to us, nor have the been reasonable enough to let our account close amicably. It's not only sad, it's deceitful.  Do NOT ever purchase a system from VIVINT or APX.  Ever.
Entity: Internet, Internet
96, Report #895044
Jan 11 2016
10:12 PM
Vivint, Inc. APX Alarm STOP!!! HALT!!! WARN YOUR ELDERLY PARENTS OR YOURSELVES!!! Birmingham,, Alabama
Vivint, Inc. APX Alarm STOP!!! HALT!!! WARN YOUR ELDERLY PARENTS OR YOURSELVES!!! Birmingham,, AlabamaPlease be on the alert for yourselves and your senior parents to not answer the door to cold-call salesmen!  We believe Vivint recently took advantage of my elderly mother, who has a brain tumor and is under quite heavy medication, scaring her into believing her existing home security system was inadequate.  After a week of dealing with the salesman, installer and management at Vivint, I was able to cancel the conract; however, it also cost us several hundreds of dollars to get her back to the position she was in before the salesman presented himself to her door.  We plan to pursue this with the State Attorney General's office.  Take a look at these sites for information about Vivint... Protect yourselves and your loved ones!!!!!!!  
Entity: Birmingham, Alabama
97, Report #939210
Jan 13 2016
03:42 PM
Vivint Apex No response after many contacts. Do not trust these people.  Provo, Utah
These con men are quick to talk you into trading your present alarm co. With their upgraded service. Assuring you they would take care of notifying present co. After 3 days. I contacted my former co. Not cancelled. HaHa. Called salesman. Assured they would buyout $280 . Contract let me call my supervisor I will call you right. Back . No calls does not answer calls and co phone number just gets run around and around .wanted to continue service but after no response other than another number to call, I Decided to cancel contract. How can they be trusted? If wont. Or don't answer calls or know a manager or supervisor. Contacted credit card co. Cancelled payment and any further withdrawals. Have also contacted lawyer and state consumer affairs. Beware they are sophisticated crooks. Still do not know if any monitoring really occurs.
Entity: Provo, Utah
98, Report #993026
Jan 12 2016
03:19 PM
vivint home sercurity apex Scam  lied, trying too ripe us off,trick us into 1 more year, provo, Utah 
my 3 yr contract was up 10/12 talked to vivint 11/12 now they tell me I need to pay 1 more year and mail a cancellation letter 30 days before the date is up,this is not doing good business and I can not pay this for one more year,what can I do o leave this company?
Entity: provo, Utah
99, Report #986712
Jan 12 2016
05:54 PM
Vivint Home Security  Took 8 months to cancle my service West Provo Utah
When we lived in Texas we got Vivint Home Security because my husband is gone a lot, he is in the Army. We got orders to PCS to a different state, we wrote and sent in out cancellation note and sent it to them 30 days prior to us leaving along with his PCS Orders, this was in March of 2012. We called a month later and told them they were still taking money out of our account and they said they never got the letter so we sent it back in. This went on for 4 months then they needed Proof that we were renting our house out in Texas to someone else so we sent in and scanned and e-mailed that paperwork to them again they never received it this went on for 2 months. So then they started telling us that they needed proof that we were renting a house at our new duty station again we mailed and scanned and e-mailed the documents to them again talked to 4 different people they all kept telling me they never received my mailed nor my e-mails this lasted another 2 months and I have proof every time I talked to them and every e-mail I sent them. So the beg of December I called and Yelled at a guy named John working there and he finally got my e-mails while we sat on the phone together for 15 minutes waiting on him to receive every e-mail I sent him because our lease agreement was 20 pages long. He told me he was going to put in a note that I wanted a refund because these 8 months they were taking money out of our account, and he told me I would not be charged for this month, I looked at my acct today and Vivint took money out again so I had to call my bank and tell them not to let vivint take any more funds out. When we were in Texas I would of gave them a 10 star, but as soon as we tried to cancel with them they screwed us big time!!!! Stay away from this company!!!!!!
Entity: West Provo, Utah
100, Report #990057
Jan 12 2016
05:50 PM
Vivint APX Alarms Trying to cancel my contract ~ spent almost an hour on the line NO LUCK! Provo, Utah
This has been on of this most frustrating things I have ever had to deal with.  We took out a contact for services with APX who was bought out by Vivint in 2008 with a 3 year contact & a one time free move of the system (which actually turned out to be installing a new system). I have been trying to get head way with this company for months now on how to cancel my service ~ each time I am told that I signed something or my contact just automatically renewed.  So now I'm in a signed contract until April 2015 ~ I asked Jeremy to send me a copy of the signed contract so I can review it.  Each time I have talked to someone other than the customer services ladies I get someone who is rude & condescending to me.  I am so sick of this of company I could scream so right now I am paying out $43/month for a system that is not in my house and it not suppose to be active.  What a joke!
Entity: Provo, Utah

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