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26, Report #318798
Mar 17 2008
06:01 PM
Vonage Phone Service Vonage Customer Service (NOT) Internet
We have had Vonage phone service (I say service sparingly) and have had consistent billing and service issues with this company. As many have found, when you call their so called customer service line you get people who, instead of resolving your issues, they create more. They start by telling you how valuable you are to them and we all know by now that this is not true. If you are able to get them focused on the issues they very quickly reverse course back to a bunch of babble about how valuable you are. If we are in fact so Valuable to them, than why do they consistently lie to us and try and trick us into staying with them. My latest go around was back in January when I had had enough of their pathetic customer care and wanted to cancel the service, only to get the proverbial, you are so important to us farce and decided to go with the reduced service contract, like their service could be reduced any further, and went with what I was told was the $9.99 a month plan. This plan was not to be started until this month (March 2008) and January and February (2008) were to be with no charge. The other part of the agreement was that I would receive a $22.00 credit for the balance of my December (2007) payment. I was led to believe that this credit would be put back on my credit card. Instead, they gave me the equivalent to a store credit which they used as payment for January and February. In reality, I still had to pay for those two months. To add salt to the wound, they took $18.16 from our account instead of the $13 something that included the $9.99 plus all of their so called fees. The additional $5 or so was for taxes and fees for my January and February bills that, SUPPOSEDLY, I was not being billed for. I left them on the phone with a hard to believe $10.26 credit. Who knows if I will actually see it, or if they will try to charge me a $39.00 + fee that is only supposed to be for those who cancel with in a year (I will keep you informed how this goes). Reelyfedup Leola, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
27, Report #316044
Mar 08 2008
02:04 PM
Vonage Vonage LIED to me Holmdel New Jersey
On November 9th, 2007 I called to cancel my Vonage account which I had opened in march of the same year. The save the account salesman did everything he could to convince me not to cancel my account, as is expected. When I refused to submit to his tactics, he made me an offer which was illogical to refuse. The salesman explained that a cancellation fee of 39.99 was going to be charged to my credit card upon cancellation as is stated in the terms and conditions. I said fine, I just wanted my account canceled. He than made me a deal which would have been illogical to refuse. He stated that if I continued service for 2 months (I was paying 14.99 a month) then the cancellation fee would be waived. So instead of paying 39.99 you are paying 29.99 for cancellation right? Well I called Vonage in early march after seeing another charge on my account and they said that they can NEVER waive a cancellation fee, and I was charged the 2 months of unwanted service plus the cancellation fee. I was lied to and ripped off by Vonage and I want JUSTICE. I know that vonage records conversation done between customer service agents and clients, the proof is there. Vonage is not to be trusted. Thank you Argentine1 hanford, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Holmdel, New Jersey
28, Report #315554
Mar 07 2008
12:39 AM
VONAGE Vonage Is A Ripoff Holmdel New Jersey
Folks, I write to you guys today to express my nightmare with Vonage phone service. I have been with Vonage since 2005 on a mini plan paying $14.99 a month. Rarely use it, except to make international calls. When I do use the Vonage line, the digitized packets (calls) are dropping every time I receive a phone call on my DSL line, surfing the internet and while some one in the house is using the Vonage phone line. So I decided to get rid of it. On July 5th 2007, I called Vonage to cancel my account and while navigating through their phone maze, selecting the option for ACCOUNT CANCELATION PUTS YOU IN A LONG QUEUE. I tried other options to get a live person but the end up transferring me to the long account cancellation queue. It took a long 46 minutes before I live person actually picked up the phone. I didn't mind since I was using my morning commute hour to actually do something rather than sitting in traffic. So I explained to the guy that picked up the phone that I was canceling and the reason for the cancellation. He offered me all sorts of incentives to stay, but I refused. He then said that THE CANCELLATION DOES NOT TAKE EFFECT ANYWAY UNTIL 30 DAYS. AND THAT DURING THIS 30 DAYS, IF I CHANGE MY MIND, I SHOULD CALL BACK TO TELL VONAGE TO KEEP MY ACCOUNT ACTIVE. I thanked him and ended the call. Folks, that was on July 5th 2007. August came, and what happened? Vonage charged my credit card on file. I sent them an email inquiring why this happened. I received a reply stating that their records indicates that my account is still active, that I have to personally call to cancel my account. When I called again and punch in my account number, I sit on the phone for hours and no ne, repeat NO ONE, picks up the phone. And trying this on a cell phone adds to your frustration for each time the phone drops, you have to start all over. Finally, I logged into Vonage online account management and replaced my credit card on file with made up sequential set of numbers, called my credit card to request credit and denial of further attempt by Vonage to cram my credit card. And now Vonage is calling my home threatening to take me to collections? So beware, once you signup, you're on the hook and Vonage would NEVER let you go. They'll attempt to milk you for as long as you let them. Bottom line Vonage is a crooked company and has a shady way of doing business. Unfortunately, it is not within the reach of Public Utilities as I've just been told, but there are other ways of hitting them including your State's AG office.. Meanwhile, tell your friends and families, co-workers and strangers if you will and even your enemies that VONAGE IS A RIP-OFF and they should NEVER get Vonage! Tommy the Tiger Fremont, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Holmdel, New Jersey
29, Report #261244
Jul 16 2007
06:21 PM
Vonage Account not Canceled after number ported out of vonage ripoff Internet
About 2 months ago I signed up for Comcast home phone service. I had Vonage as my provider at the time, however Comcast said they can transfer (Port) my number from Vonage and I would keep the same number. I was told by Comcast, as I was in the past when I ported my cell phone numbers to different carriers, DO NOT CALL VONAGE and Cancel you account. Vonage is required to cancel my account after the number is ported. Needless to say, the account was not canceled by Vonage, and I e-mailed them asking for a refund for the past 2 months as I was not using their services. This is the e-mail response I received: Dear xxxxxxxxxx, Thank you for contacting Customer Care. We understand from your email that you have transferred your number to another carrier and would like to cancel your account and get refund of the last invoice charges. We checked our records and found that your account is active and not canceled. Please note that Vonage billing is automated and as long as your account is active, billing will apply. Every month at the end of your billing cycle an invoice will automatically be generated and your card on account will be charged for the invoice amount. If you would like to cancel your account, please call our Customer Care toll free number and speak to the Account Management department. To cancel your account, we need to verbally verify the owner of the account. This is to protect you from having another person terminate your service without your knowledge. Please call our Account Management Department at 1-VONAGE-HELP (1-866-243-4357). We are here to help you Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST. We look forward to helping you. If you have any questions, your Vonage team is available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us whenever and however it suits you! - On-Line Help Center at http://www.vonage.com/help.php - Contact Us at http://www.vonage.com/help_contactus.php - Or call Toll-Free at 1-VONAGE-HELP (1-866-243-4357) Thanks again for choosing Vonage, a better phone service for less! Sincerely, Vonage Customer Care It is obvious that Vonage does not follow the same guidlines that other phone companies do, and they apparently have no problem billing you even if you no longer use their service. I used to be an advocate of Vonage, until I had unresolved issues with call quality, and now their unethical business practice of billing a previous customer, because they didn't request to have the billing stopped. Wish me luck on getting my refund, and from me, I wish you good luck if you decide to use Vonage. Nick Algonquin, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
30, Report #275851
Sep 24 2007
12:34 PM
Vonage Pulling Teeth is Easier than Cancelling Vonage Service!! Nationwide
I tried to cancel my Vonage account back in July, and the guy I talked to (after waiting on the phone for 20 minutes) politely told me that if I stayed on for a year, then I wouldn't be charged a disconnect fee. Well, that year just ended on September 21st, so I called to cancel today and someone picked up within 10 minutes. I told him I wanted to cancel, and he proceeded to pitch a discount and free service. I told him I didn't use the account and I wanted to cancel. He repeated the offer. I asked him what part of No thanks, I just want to cancel the service did he not understand? He then started explaining how much money I'd be saving and how I could use the phone for emergencies, yadda, yadda, yadda. I wasn't even listening!! Couldn't tell you a word of what he said, because I WASN'T INTERESTED!! These people just don't get that do they?! So after five rounds of me saying, I don't care what you've got to offer, just cancel my account please! I finally had to hang up on him. I am not sure what to do at this point, since they just wouldn't cancel my account. Besides sicking my husband on them (which is my next step), I guess I'll have to go to my credit card company and tell them to block Vonage from trying to bill us again. I HATE VONAGE!! It is a total scam of a service, if you could even call it that! Steph S Norcross, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
31, Report #280506
Oct 23 2007
09:44 PM
VONAGE (TELEPHONE) Victimized by Vonage! No Service! No Kidding! Internet
We fell for the marketing ads for Vonage telephone service for our office. We are a home insurance company and very dependent on our phone service as a lifeline for our business. We paid the down payment money received some phoney equipment from Vonage. The day that we were cut off from Verizon, we found the equipment was not workable from Vonage so we contacted them. For over 3 weeks, our office was without phone service, so we finally told Vonage to cancel us and send back our deposit. We sent back their non working equipment. We called Verizon to beg them to take us back. It seems they could not unless we were on with Vonage at that moment, so we had to pay another $60. for one day turn-on with Vonage so Verizon could turn us on to their service. (Which we gladly did.) Vonage did return our down payment money (although our accountants estimate we may have well lost over $25000. in busines due to the Vonage fiasco.) Now for the kicker! After all they put us through, they have turned us in to a collection agency to collect for all these months since we first signed on....even though we never had one phone call go through or never had a minute of service with Vonage. DON'T Fall for their Tempting Ads. You will enter a nightmare zone that we have found no way out of. Brenforbs Coleman, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
32, Report #341282
Jun 17 2008
05:15 PM
VONAGE VONAGE - One of the World's Biggest Rip-offs Holmdel New Jersey
In January 2008 I spoke with a Vonage sales rep regarding the internet phone service. I was promised everything under the sun. (Maybe it was sun spots that caused all the terrible service I received! Since the beginning I had nothing but reception quality problems. First it was not Vonage's problem, it was my service provider. I provided my service provider all the guidelines for their service to work. Still terrible quality. I paid more to my service provider to increase the speed (broadband with, etc.). Still very bad service. I called Vonage Tech Support - Take two aspirins and go to bed. Too bad they don't speak English. Then they offered me free service. It might have been free from charges, but not free of aggravations - still poor quality service after they supposedly fixed the problem. Finally my account was assigned my own Account Representative with a Toll Free number and a direct extension. Hey that was good? Now I can call someone direct, leave a message and wait for them to call me back. Wow - what a surprise! Today I called again to speak with a technical rep. A service tech was supposed to contact me by 6:00PM. 6:30 PM, still no call. I called back - service tech had to go - will call me tomorrow. Well - I finally had it - I canceled the service. I was informed that there would be a $93 charge since it was past 30 days. I told them it was worth it just to get rid of the service. Once the account was terminated, it was less than one minute than the charge hit my bank. NOW THAT WAS SERVICE!!! Like the old saying says If it seems too good to be true - it propably is. Greg Howe, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
33, Report #994267
Jan 09 2013
06:40 PM
Vonage America Vonage will not refund credit balance Internet
I just cancelled my Vonage Account and two days ago they charged my account $33.30 They know there is a balance on my account that they owe me but said Per the Vonage Agreement, They provide NO refunds back the the customer for credit balances, I guess I am guilty of not reading the fine print. Vonage is a great Service but VERY DISHONEST!
Entity: , Internet
34, Report #1080665
Aug 30 2013
10:35 PM
Entity: EDISON, New Jersey
35, Report #1288768
Feb 19 2016
06:51 PM
VONAGE BUSINESS VONAGE VOIP phone company Atlanta Georgia
Elliot Campbell of Vonage promised simple easy non headache phone number move however it's been 6 months and stll not solve yet.Further he said credit should be given already as they charged my card for 4 months without having the phone # working and it's been 3 months waiting for credit and still nothing.Worst is they want to charge more and my phone got disconnected today.BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE & Elliot should be fired as he only nice when he wants to get the account and talk very sweet. He does not work on it once he gets your money. Bad business manner.Called & emailed him 3 times for the past 3 days as keep getting email phone will get disconnected if not pay by Feb 18 and it sure did get disconnect on Feb 19 after HE SAID DO NOT WORRY about the email as it's been taking care off...LOL sure...he is such a BULLS****ER...BTW, ELLIOT DID NOT RESPONSE TO MY PAST 3 EMAILS!Now, my business is jeopardized as can not receive phone call as my phone got disconnected as VONAGE put hostage for non payment.  
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
36, Report #1337955
Nov 13 2016
07:32 PM
Vonage Small Business users BEWARE of Vonage Internet
Some customers would come into our business and tell us they could not reach us. That our number was no longer in service and they thought we were out of business. We would call our number using our Verizon cell phone and the called worked fine. As it turned out, it was only AT&T cell phones that where told our number was out of service when they called us. Vonage service said it was AT&T's fault for not routing the calls, and there was nothing they could do until AT&T resolved the problem. The problem when on unresolved for about a week before Vonage released our phone number and we could switch off of Vonage. We believe it has occurred intermittently for over a year as customers had complained before.  We were unaware at how vulnerable we were to Vonage service.  What a flakey service Vonage is getting away with. If you sign up with Vonage a Monster lurks in the background and damages your business
Entity: Internet
37, Report #1326798
Sep 07 2016
10:58 AM
NOTICE OF VONAGE HOSTILE RIP-OFF OF PHONE NUMBERS   Vonage refused to allow my porting out a phone number that I had ported in years before from another carrier. The account payments were up to date with sufficient weeks to make the transfer. They repeatedly promised responses to my emails for an explanation, but never did. Phone calls to their customer service department revealed a disconnect between them and the internal operations department making decisions. There is a failure to communicate between departments that should have accurate information. There were those who claimed to understand the process, but only engaged in creative unresponsiveness. The constructive evidence shows that Vonage was attempting to exact continued payments for unwanted service. I refused the continued service which was eventually terminated without the release of the phone number.
Entity: Internet
38, Report #78490
Jan 29 2004
08:04 AM
Vonage ripoff Edison new jersey
vonage would not hit my card. and would not turn on my phone back on. i was billed 107.00$ i paided. for jan 2004 service vonage would not let me make any out going calls. i was billed for min. they vonage would not let me use. they turn off service first and they would then email a bill. i called jan 27,28 2004 spent about 3hrs. on phone with them they never bill my card.vonage would not turn the service back or bill my card for the 78.00$ more they asked for. now i am without phone service for my business for about a week. i just got rip off. Willie staten island, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Edison, Nationwide
39, Report #138741
Apr 13 2005
07:51 PM
Vonage ripoff miserable service Melbourne Florida
I signed-up with this miserable service over 6 weeks ago and I'm still waiting for my service to start! I just can't wait to see what happens if I need any customer support when (if?) this service ever starts! It's obvious this outfit cannot handle the customers they currently have. If I was you, I would avoid this place until they hire people that actually know what they are doing! We all heard you get what you pay for. Now that would apply in this case if this service cost less than 50 cents per month! John Melbourne, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Melbourne, Florida
40, Report #141084
Apr 30 2005
10:38 PM
Vonage ripoff Edison New Jersey
Im dealing with Bank of America right now concerning this. I disputed the charges because Vonage never transered my number I was paying for 2 phone services my current one and vonage the purpose was to get rid of Qwest and have only one to save money. Vonage credited my account twice but they never responded to when my number would transfer. So in order not to get dinged with the $40.00 dollar cancelation I canceled my automatic withdrawal with BofA. They waved the $30.00 fee for canceling my Vonage withdrawal and then credit the last 2 months. I then had to send in paperwork to them telling them why I didn't owe the money. I sent that in. About a month later I get a letter from them BofA saying that they were taking the money back out of my account because Vonage fullfilled their obligation even though I sent them the web page showing that as of August 4 2004 my number still had not been transfered. Vonage sent them a detailed billing and their comment was that I used the service alot. I went to the Vonage website and my account was still on there it showed that I used about 11 minutes in Feb but the statment they sent BofA show 424 minutes what a crock I will take your advice and take it to the media if I have to I will fight this to the end. Carl Mesa, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Edison, New Jersey
41, Report #158884
Sep 29 2005
04:04 PM
Vonage ripoff Edison New Jersey
When I recieved my vonage package ,the ethernet device would not install.I returned the device via registered mail,and ask for a refund. They never refunded my money and they continue to take money from my account.there are also no ways to contact an actuall person to dispute the matter. Melissa northvernon, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Edison, New Jersey
42, Report #216865
Oct 20 2006
02:47 PM
Vonage ripoff, did not disclose, cancelations Internet
This company will try everything in its power to keep you under contract. You are suppose to have a 30 day trial period before you are charged an early termination fee of 40.00. The Vonage representative made up everything in the book to keep my 160.00 because I have 4 lines with them. You have to keep the originally packaging and ship it back with the equipment was one excuses. Who keeps boxes that are ripped or torn open. 30 day trial period or 250 minutes was another excuse. Their customer service suck and their connection is bad. I could go on but I am so pi**ed right now. Conviently none of these issues were disclosed on our original recorded conversation. They talked about everything else but that. VONAGE VOIP IS A SCAM. I will do whatever it takes to get the FCC involved. Frank wilmington, DelawareU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
43, Report #214172
Oct 04 2006
11:36 AM
Vonage ripoff, dishonest, fraudulent billing, unethical Internet
I signed up for Vonage VOIP phone service by calling a representative. The Rep assigned me what he called a temporary number which was not a local number for me, and assured me that Vonage was very aggressive in aquiring numbers for transfer, and that if my number could not be transfered, I could cancel service within 30 days, and all charges would be refunded. I recieved the router device promptly, and set up service with no problems. I made 2 or 3 test calls, then waited for the number transfer to take effect before I began using the service. There was no contact from Vonage for several weeks, so I called to check on the transfer. I was told that my number could not be transfered, and that they could not provide me with a local number, so I requested that my service be cancelled. This was well within the 30 day time frame, 21 days to be exact. 10 days later I was billed for monthly service, when I saw the charge I called Vonage again to inquire as to the status of my cancellation. They said the account was still active, though they did show a record of the call I placed to cancel the account, and they again said they would cancel the account and send a return authorization for the router. I did recieve the R/A and mailed their device back. Two months later, and two more calls with several hours on hold in total, account still active at each call, and two more charges to my credit card, and no refund. Now they are claiming I did not cancel within the 30 days. A Google search shows numerous people in the exact same situation with Vonage, this appears to be part of Vonage's business model, ripping off customers by promising service they cannot ptrovide, then making it nearly impossible to get the refund they promise. James Circleville, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
44, Report #213101
Sep 27 2006
07:36 PM
Vonage ripoff and changing rate without notification Internet
I signed with vonage for long distance call, so to be able to call a family member abroad after the gave a deal to pay 23 cents/min.I had to switch my home phone to them, and I had to sign 1 year contract, I asked the customerservice lier if this rate will change, he mentioned it will change only to lower rate?!.Since they debit your bank directly 2 month later I found out that they charge my acount $189.00.I called them, they said to me that what you used?!I went back to the web site and I found out that they change the rate to 79 cents/min witout informing me.I called customerservice and emailed them, but all I got from them sorry but we do not have to inform you, I cancelled the account and I had to pay early termination fee I did not mind that I just wanted them to get off my face.Now I switch to sunrocket, it is much better, but Vonage still blocking my phone so no one can call my phone although I am not with them any more.I told all my freinds to avoid Vonage, and you guys do the same. OSAMA flint, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
45, Report #215086
Oct 10 2006
03:03 PM
Vonage ripoff Internet
I transferred my phone number from Vonage to Verizon because the Vonage service was terrible. I just discovered that Vonage continued to bill me even after my number was transfered to Verizon. When I contacted Vonage they told me that my account was still active because I had never called to cancel. It didn't matter that I no longer was using their service and that my number had been transfered over 2 months ago. They refused to give a refund and charged an additional $39 termination fee, which I had never been informed of when signing up for the account. P Bala Cynwyd, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
46, Report #390228
Nov 11 2008
03:56 PM
Vonage Big trouble, false promises Internet
I signed up for Vonage 39 days ago. My service never worked but for three days. I had service people at my house twice, the first one worked on my phone for 6 hours and when he left (after telling me he had almost no experience) I still had no phone service. Almost two weeks later (yes I had to wait that long)..a second service tech came out and after 4 hours everything worked and then 2 hours later everything went down, never to return. I have talked to Vonage over and over. They have promised to fix everything and when I asked if I should send my Vonage boxes back and go to a different service they hav said no they will fix everything. Today 39 days after this hell began and a cell phone bill for one month of $450.00 I called Vonage to let them know that I had to cancel, I could not continue without service any longer. They told me that I had gone 9 days past my 30 day cancellation period so they were going to charge me $98.00 to disconnect. I transfered to a vonage manager named Randall Corwin ID#56265. who told me it didn't matter that I had not had phone service for the last 39days, it didn't matter that I spent hours with them on the phone to see if they could help nor did it matter that I was told by Vonage reps that my billing would not start untill my problems ended..I had to pay $98.00 in disconnect fees. He said it was all my fault because it says in my contract that I have only 30 days to cancel. His approximate words were I don't care what we did or didn't do you are going to pay the $98.00. Vonage is a rip-off. Be careful. Sandy b. San Clemente, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
47, Report #423257
Feb 12 2009
07:06 AM
Vonage VOIP Phone Company Internet
Vonage's commercials depict this easy switch to their services. This is a complete lie. They take you through all sorts of hoops to get the service on and they do not disclose all of the hidden fees and charges. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you don't like the service, but they don't tell you that the 30 days starts from the time you place the order and that it could possibly take 30 days or more for them to get your srevice on. This is the biggest rip off going. Deb Memphis, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
48, Report #373800
Sep 17 2008
11:32 AM
Vonage Would not cancel my service Internet
I had vonage for many years without much issues. Aside from the initial difficulty with set up (thank goodness for my cell), loss of service if the modem wasn't working, and occassional static on the line, thing were acceptable. The problem arose when I wanted to cut expenses and was given a decent deal by the cable company - internet, phone, and cable for a savings of $20.00 per month; also, with cable I could use the house jacks instead of a router - which would give me freedom to place phones wherever I wanted. I contacted vonage via email and told them I wanted to cancel, they responded by email saying I would have to call to cancel. I called and spoke to a rep. After about 15 minutes of his telling me how the deal with cable was not sensible, my politely saying, I understand and appreciate your efforts, however, I would like to cancel my service, as well as that I have been a customer for several years, he told me that since I had already been billed it would be pointless to cancel. I asked if I couldn't get a refund to which he replied that they do not give refunds; but he will give me a free month of service and reduce my cost to $10.00 per month so that I could keep the line. O.k. After a day or so it dawned on me that they would just bill my card again and I would have to go through the same headache, just a different day, so I went in and put in the number of a long defunct card as a payment update. At the end of the month I called them back to cancel. This time it was a woman. She began the spiehl again, I interrupted her telling her that I had already been through the whole thing and want to cancel. She tried to give me deals, I told her if I had been given these options I might not want to cxl but I already have phones and don't need additional lines. Get this!! She tells me they can't cxl my service because they can't bill me for the month!! I said you are kidding me, and repeated - in disbelief - what she said. She said yes, but she will speak with someone to see what she can do, would I hold. I said as long as she came back with the response that the service had been cancelled. After a few moments she did, to which I thanked her and got off the phone. Had enough! ypsilanti, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
49, Report #383124
Oct 20 2008
06:59 PM
Vonage Lies, False Advertisements, Scams Holmdel, New Jersey
I accepted a promotional offer, which was the first two months of service free. I was told there was no contract or cancellation fee and if I didn't like the service I could cancel at anytime. There was never a question asked about putting me on Autopay and I DID NOT authorize any charge to my account. It has now been 2 months, I checked the emailed Vonage bill that I received on October 19th and saw they were claiming I owed them $31.07. I emailed them immediately and asked them why, because the 2 months were barely ending and I informed them I wanted to cancel the service. Today I checked my checking account balance and realized they had taken the liberty of helping themselves to $31.07, without my permission. I called the 800 number and spoke to several Phillipinos, who can barely speak English and only repeat over and over the words on the script provided by Vonage. There is no help, or customer service or any type of negotiation. The woman there said I had 2 months of free service and the 31.07 is for the upcoming month, I explained I cancelled the service on Sunday Oct. 19th. She said it was past the magic date of October 19th now and they could not do a refund. If I wanted my service cancelled there would be a fee of $128.00, plus the $31.07 they already took. I told her no, none of this matched what what I was promised on the phone, she said it didnt matter what the guy told me on the phone, she wasnt there and didnt know what he said, and this is the way it is. Period. That there is a one year requirement before service can be cancelled without charges. She kept rereading her script so I finally hung up so I could call back and hopefully get someone a little more fluent in English, and before I could call back I checked my bank balance and vonage had taken another $128.$% out of my checking account. I never told them I wanted autopay-I dont do autopay- EVER. They are liars and theives. Never give anyone your debit card number, even if you are led to believe it is only for defaulting on a bill, it gives a scam company like Vonage access to your account anytime they want it. Bob Artesia, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
50, Report #348230
Jul 07 2008
10:49 AM
Vonage Steals from the poor Internet
I started with Vonage, just like anyone, with the excitement of a new age phone company that treats their customers very well, and doesn't rip them off. skip forward in time to present day... I just got told by Vonage customer service that I couldn't get 13 months of back billing from them that they charged me for a phone I hadn't been using since may of 2007. I lived in Seattle at the time with my wife who was in the military, she was moved to Louisiana due to a change of station, so I cancelled my account prior to leaving... being that we knew we were going to move around a lot we didn't start online service so seeing any charges to our account was difficult, being that we moved we didn't receive our account info until November of 2007 (in Bulk I might add) and still really didn't notice due to so much happening in our lives at the time, then in February/March of 08 I see charges from Vonage on our account, I call them and they told me that it's no problem sir you can get all of that money back being that we can see you didn't use your phone, BUT you will have to talk to our cancellation dept to cancel your account... needless to say, I had a horrible time working around their hours, being mine are so long, that it took me till June to call to cancel, but I wasn't worried I could get all of my money back, being that they could see that I didn't use their phone for over a year... Nope... instead I got an offer to receive 10 dollars off service for a year, ooooooo I get 120 dollars of my hard earned money back. Vonage blows and is a major rip off, and I will see to it that everyone knows about it. Will winter garden, FloridaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
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