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1, Report #291786
Dec 15 2007
08:16 AM
WACHOVIA Bank RIP OFF BANK Wachovia Bank SOUTH Nationwide
Hi, first of all merry xmas to all of yall... but us and those who have an account with wachovia. My husband just got pcst from fort gordon, we have our wachovia bank account there also, before moving we had to do some stuff in ny so we went up there paying with our wachovia check card , we spend a week up there and had to drive to ky well we used the 1800 number to get info on our account and inquiries on the atm with no branch near by. that is not the most accurate way if there is a charge that was not expected and your account goes into the minus. well from there things just got worse, because of that the account was charged a 35 dollar charge from every transaction after going in the minus. we happened to make quite a few smaller transactions after that. the charges or the next 6 days continued to let us go into the minus more and more. the 35 dollar overdraft charges quicklt pilled up and ended up being more than the money spent. of course some of the transactions continued to pour in 2-5 days after the transaction was made. i've never known a bank before to let someones account get that bad and still be able to get money out, and of course continue to charge them. its absured. needless to say our experience with wachovia was terrible, we wouldn't even recomend their bank if it was the only local bank. i would drive 100 miles to do business with any other bank. Angrycostumer augusta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #540269
Dec 16 2009
07:35 AM
Wachovia Bank Wachovia Bank Sucks! Rockwall, Texas
Wachovia bank sucks.  Too bad they didn't go out of business with the others that failed but how can they when they steal their customers money.  These people are crooks and I took my money to Chase before they could steal anymore of my money.
Entity: Rockwall, Texas
3, Report #278925
Oct 15 2007
07:43 PM
I moved to McKinney Texas and was swamped with junk mail. One of the pieces was from WACHOVIA BANK stating in writing that if I opened an account with them they would pay me $50.00 dollars. so I opened an account. It has been over six months and they still refuse to credit me the fifty- so I go into the bank and demand payment. the manager says I have to talk to 800 customer service. So I do. and they too give me the run around- refusing to pay me what they promised. Then I swear to god, the very next deposit I make- like I do every friday around noon. my whole pay check. they put a hold on it. Keep in mind I have been making deposits at the same branch each week for over six months for the same amount with the same in town check from co america and suddenly my entire deposit is put on hold. I called the 800 number and let tamera have it. She told me there was nothing she could do- so I said, get me a supervisor 23 minutes later some girl named jennifer got on and told me they regularly put deposits on hold. I told her I needed cash for the weekend as live paycheck to paycheck and she said. swear to god. Well, I might be able to release some cash for you. if you have a good reason. Unbelievable! It is now Monday night around 10pm central time and the check I deposited on friday around noon has still not been posted to my account- so I have no way of buying gas tomorrow or lunch or anything. why would anyone bank with this bank? STAY AWAY FROM WACHOVIA! I AM CLOSING ACCOUNT AS SOON AS I CAN GET MY MONEY BACK AND I URGE EVERYONE TO DO THE SAME. I WILL NOT GO AWAY! WACHOVIA CAN NOT LIE AND CHEAT PEOPLE AND GET AWAY WITH IT! CLOSE YOUR WACHOVIA ACCOUNTS NOW! I HAVE ALREADY GOTTEN THREE PEOPLE TO SWITCH HERE IN MCKINNEY AND PLAN ON TAKING MY STORY NATION WIDE! DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH WACHOVIA! John MCKINNEY, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Mckinney, Texas
4, Report #1029583
Oct 07 2008
09:49 AM
Wachovia Securities/Wachovia Bank lack of professionalism, morals and business ethics Barrington Illinois
I believe all of these reports on Wachovia overcharging for fees. I used to work for them, up until just recently. They made me sign a contract that I had to pass both the Series 7 and Series 66 within 90 days of hire or I would be considered resigning my position with no severance pay. They neglected to tell me that it took their Financial Advisors several times to pass these exams. I did pass the Series 7, but thanks to their constant harrassement of me on my job including the night before my Series 66 exam ,which caused me to be physically sick and not sleep, I missed this second exam by a mere 7 pts., so they made me resign. They did however allow the other employees and their Financial Advisors to retake these exams several times until they passed, which shows their lack of professionalism, fairness, and business ethics. I am a widowed mother of a son in college, moved six hours away from my family to go to work for them and was pushed out the door with a I don't know what you are going to do. Which shows their lack of morals. They also went into my bank account after paying me my last check and withdrew $407.00, without having my consent or explaining what they took the money for, which according to the Illinois Department of Labor is clearly against the law, and which caused me to have to put a stop payment on another check had written to another bank to close the account out with Wachovia. They just simply lack in everyway in a business sense. This carries over to their employees as noted in these other articles, because the employees do whatever they want, just like the management and they all stick together. So, monkey see, monkey do. I like others will not lose any sleep in leaving this firm and believe God helped in moving me away from this company and their employees to protect me. For those who do such, eventually fall. To all those who have been hurt in some way by Wachovia, remember..what goes around comes back around tenfold. I have a ton of faith and know that God sees all and will handle all. Joanna Salem, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Barrington, Illinois
5, Report #2369
Jun 01 2000
12:00 AM
Wachovia Bank Rip Off Artists
RE: Wachovia Bank, POB 15515, Wilmington De 19886 or 3565 Piedmont Rd, Atlanta, Ga 30305 In late June of 1999 I was checking the balance of my Wachovia Visa card on their 800 number. I noticed the balance was higher than it should be. There were charges listed that I did not recognize. I phoned them back at customer service and told their rep. about this. I was told to wait until my next statement and put in a dispute. This seemed a stupid suggestion and I insisted that they take the matter seriously. The women reluctantly put me thru to the fraud department. They confirmed that charges on the 800 number were actually on my account so we had the account blocked and a new number issued. The overseas charges eventually went up to about $2500. NOTE: If I had not INSISTED the matter be immediately looked into the charges could have been up to the cards $10k limit. It took nearly 3 months to get a list of the fraudulent charges, a Sylvie O'Neal, Fraud Dept. (800 503 8691 ext 2001)supposedly sent out lists 3 times. They never arrived, clearly the statements were NOT sent. Eventually I raised Hell with a Ms Eberhart on 8/18/99 and the pages of charges finally showed up with a fraud affidavit which I completed and sent off. Having an interest in how things were progressing I phoned CS on 7/30/99 at 5 PM and apoke with a Tasha Melson who was intentionally dense and uncooperative. When I asked to be put through to her supervisor she hung up on me. I immediately sent a letter of complaint along with my new Wachovia cards and a tape of the conversation to Ms Sabrina Basht, VP Wachovia POB 16989, Atlanta, Ga. 30321. I told her in part to see the account was closed. The letter was sent certified and received by them 8/4/99. I got no reply from Basht. After a review of the charges I found several made in the USA by me and not among the fraud charges. I sent them a check for a small amount, probably less than $200. On 8/28/99 I got a statement on the 'new' account showing a charge for a $28 annual fee. I again wrote to VP Basht in complaint and made reference to my earlier letter in which I closed this account noting that she had never bothered to reply. Again no response from Basht. In May 2000 I found an unfavorable item from Wachovia on my Experian credit report. This resulted in a denial of credit. 2 weeks worth of inquiries with supervisor Algine Brown (800 241 7990 ext 3304) resulted in their pulling up info from this 'charged off' account. On 6/1/00 a Ms. Jan Conway, from Disputes (404 842-5019) left a message on my machine to the effect that their research showed that the amount owed to them was verified as being correct and that I owed for charges of $84.79 and $14.79 and that the remainder of the $292 was late payments and service charges and that I could pay this amount and they would show the account as paid but would not remove the reference to it being a charge off account. These two items were included in the payment I made 8 months previously after my review of the 10 pages of fraudulent charges. I have dealt with a series of rude fools and incredible morons over the last year. VP's that won't reply to certified letters, clerks that hang up on you when you ask for a supervisor and idiots that want you to pay for something already paid for. If I hadn't INSISTED a year ago that the odd charges on my account be looked into Wachovia Banks loss would have been up to $10,000 rather than the $2,500 it was when I noticed the problem and had it be looked at. Wachovia is the biggest bunch of ungrateful bastards I have ever dealt with and the sooner they go out of business the better. C. Harris
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
6, Report #562885
Feb 01 2010
06:58 AM
wachovia bank OverDraft Ripoff Internet, Connecticut
This bank continues to make payments when I don't have the money in my account. so they can charge me an overdraft fee of 35 dollars for every over draft.they stole almost 300 dollars from my account.
Entity: Internet, Connecticut
7, Report #560642
Jan 27 2010
10:42 AM
wachovia wachovia.com/ Wells Fargo Bank Internet
This is an email I got in my morning email of long list of spams.Wachovia  bank had an error on my account  while claiming to be Wells Fargo bank and set up a link to a page where they asked for my name credit card ssn  and other personal information mostlY information about my credit card which I happily filled in with some fun and enriching garbage to offer up back to them knowing right away it was clearly a scam but what impressed me was the site i went to next which did in fact look legit so be warned never give out your information to any one claiming to have gotten an error in your accounts or give out personal data.If you have any questions or concerns please contact your bank and verify any requests prior to giving out confidential information online.www.Wachovia.com  big Scam The site is a real good looking fake site so be warned.
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #563161
Feb 02 2010
07:39 AM
Wachovia Unfair Bank Charges Stockbridge, Georgia
Wachovia's entire business practice is HORRIBLE. Their loss management department is a joke. Due to some payroll deposits being returned on my checking account, they decided to close my account. NOT TELL ME...AND WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY DEPOSITS. BUT WILL ACCEPT CREDIT CARD PAYMENT TO BRING ACCOUNT CURRENT TO CLOSE. The fact that my payroll check was re-issued to me to bring the account current.. They reversed the deposit as NON-NEGOTIABLE.. Didn't verify the checks., Didn't put a hold on the deposit.. just reversed deposit and closed my account. I guess that they have gotten so large that they see me as a #., and account #.. and that's it. Sorry to take my business elsewhere.. Now they can decide how to re-coop the money.  
Entity: Stockbridge, Georgia
9, Report #451627
May 13 2009
06:50 PM
Wachovia Bank At Wachovia at Your Own Risk Cumming Georgia
For the past 2 years I have realized that no matter how much I try not to go over the amount I have in the bank Wachovia seems to find a way to hit me with overdraft fees. Last April my husband had overdraft fees of $400 and I had $350 in fees. My husband call customer service and they gave him $238 dollars back to his account. I called the next day and I was told I am only allow to get back 15% therefore I was given a whopping $47. I have also noted that I had $2736.67 and I charged $3200 which was $463.33 over, instead of the usual $35 overdraft fee I was charge a flat fee of $175 and I have the statements to prove this. This has happened to me a few times and I don't close the account because I have direct deposit through my job. I am all for being a part of a class action law suit to show Wachovia that we are aware of their sneaky money hunger tactics they use to steal money from the working class. Sandra Cumming, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Cumming, Georgia, Nationwide
10, Report #63570
Jul 14 2003
09:05 AM
Wachovia Bank This bank is victimizing many consumers Charlottesville Virginia
If you need to make or receive any type of money transfer then beware of dealing with Wachovia Bank (soon to be known as First Union Bank). For international wire transfers, they will keep up to 5% of the total amount transferred. They take the current exchange rate, then they change it by up to 5% in their favor. Essentially, its a hidden bank fee on the transfer. In addition to that, they charge between $40 to $75 depending on the branch. Beware... I just transferred my life savings, $10,000. They took $475 from that amount as a total fee for the transfer. ($75 for the wire plus they took an additional $400 because they paid me a rate that was 4% less than the exchange rate at the time and day that the transfer was made. I've written to Wachovia's international wire transfer dept 2 months ago, no response and there looks like there is nothing I can do about it. Essentially I trusted this bank and now I feel that Wachovia Bank has literally stolen some of my money in the form of ridiculously high fees. I also called a few other banks in the area... none of them conduct this type of practice and all of them have significantly less transfer fees (on average all other banks fees are 50% of Wachovias). If you are thinking of opening a business or personal bank account then my advice is definitely.... DON'T do any business with Wachovia Bank. Ando Charlottesville, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Charlottesville, Virginia
11, Report #120608
Dec 01 2004
08:41 AM
Wachovia Bank ripoff Charlotte, North Carolina
Wachovia bank is trying to take money from its customers. I had an overdrawn account. They took their $30 fee from account. No problem. I do not like it, but it is my fault. I took my wife to the doctors yesterday. She mistakenly used the MAC card (ATM card)to pay for the visit. Of course, I freaked. I immediatley went to the front desk and asked them to void that transaction and allow me to write a check. The girl did. She said that those Mac transactions do not post until the end of the night. So, everything should be fine. I went home and sure enough, the transaction posted. Only the debit. Not the void. I called the bank and the girl with whom I spoke was very nice. There is a first time for everything. My first question to her was, why was that transaction allowed to go through if the account was overdrawn. My credit cards will not allow any transactions over my credit limit. So why does Wachovia bank allow transactions after my account is negative. Could it be they want the $30 from me again. Of course. She then told me that the only way to prevent that is to tell Wachovia bank that you do not want charges posted on an overdrawn account. Well thanks for telling me when I opened the damn account 5 years ago. The next thing she told me was that I would have to call the doctors office and have them call Wachovia to get the charge taken off my account. It was so easy for them to take the cash, but I had to go through all this to get the money put back. This is a total ripoff. People like me struggle to keep our heads above water. And large rich corporations who handle our money just keep taking from us. This is unfair. And where the hell do they get off charging us $30.00. Do you realize that if your account is overdrawn $1, then they are charging you 3000% interest on the dollar they lent you. That is ridiculous. If I knew how to start a website, I would start a class action suit against this bank for trying to take my money and making it so hard for us working poor to survive. Daniel Riverside, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
12, Report #390873
Nov 13 2008
12:05 PM
Wachovia Bank Manipulating debits to cause overdrafts Atlanta Georgia
I was told by a Wachovia Customer Service Representative that they pay the largest debit first, rather than paying them in the order they are received (which is a complete change from their original policy of paying in order of debit card use). I have been injured and out of work for several months, so money is particularly tight. I was charged in excess of $500 for the bank to pay less than $100 in debit charges for me, and the amount that I was overdrawn was originally $1.32. They paid the largest item rather out of order rather than paying the small items which caused many overdrafts. Consumers should know that debit overdrafts are a FOUR BILLION DOLLAR industry each year for the banks. They want your money, there is no doubt about it. Anonymous atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
13, Report #356713
Jul 28 2008
06:20 PM
Wachovia Bank STEALING MONEY OUT OF MY ACCOUNTS! Birmingham Alabama
I have been a customer of Wachovia's for almost 8 years now. I have my own personal account and I have a joint account with my husband as he has his very own personal account too. With that said, we have not had any over drafts with Wachovia since Dec. of 2007 (which was not our fault but theirs in that instance too!). When that instance happened they only would give us 30% of the NSF's back and now because of this instance the same thing only 30% NSF fees will be returned. I have checked my balance daily online with Wachovia and I keep a VERY good eye on my account! On the 18th our joint account was fine and was showing in the positive. My personal account for some weird reason was not in the positive and it showed negative. When I went back to look at why that was I could not figure it out. It showed a positive balance than all of a sudden the line after showed an nsf of $35 coming out of my account. FOR NO REASON AT ALL!! Nothing bounced! Yet still they charged me a $35 NSF! I just figured it had to be me so I went ahead and took it off and was going to put the money back in there when I get paid. Than today I look at my joint account and it says that we are over by $705!! We live paycheck to paycheck and being over that much is like a huge punch in the gut!! So I was on the phone with a CSR from Wachovia for a long time and she of course basically let me know sorry but not our fault. She thought it had to be an error of some kind that I did back in the past and not recognize. So now I'm going to corporate tomorrow because I am so angry at the fact that they would take out this kind of money for no reason what so ever!!!! And by the way nothing was being held either!! So she offered me 30% back on NSF's which was approx. $105! That's B.S.!! So as of tomorrow I'm closing my account and I will no longer have any dealings with Wachovia EVER AGAIN!! Anyone who is with this bank (or any bank for that matter anymore with the depression) better run! They will take hidden fees out and you will not know where your money went to and than the next thing you know is bam your overdrawn! Right now banks are flopping and Wachovia just flopped 8.2 billion dollars!! So be VERY CAREFUL!!!! I don't wish any of this on my worst enemy! Joy Helena, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Birmingham, Alabama
14, Report #372641
Sep 13 2008
02:28 PM
Wachovia Bank ripping off customers cash deposits Nationwide
I have banked at Wachovia for many many years and this is not the only time they have done this but this is the last time. On august 8, I depoited 320.00 in cash. It was showing in my accout immediately. The bank then bounced everything that came out of my bank for the next 4 days and did not credit my account until the 11th of august for the cash deposit. They then charged me 175.00 and began a domino effect that lasted all month and had my finances in a mess for a month. I cleaned peoples houses and kept putting money in the bank every day in a race to stop all the bank charges and keep checks from bouncing. I had to pay out so many fees to my car insurance and ect. I cried every day! I am a single mom on disability and me and my daughter went without all month. It was my birthday on the 21th and if it wasn't for my daughter drawing pictures for me and having peanut butter cups lined up to the kitchen I would not of had a bithday either. we are poor and the bank took away 1/3 of our monthly income without any remorse. I wrote 11 letters to them. They returned 70.00 to me and refused to return anymore although the total of just what the bank took for the month was 305.00. It is a shame that banks can get away with this as this was the banks' fault not mine and that money was all we had. Please help me. sincerly, Charlotte Charlotte Wilmington, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #439347
Mar 31 2009
12:02 AM
I am a former wachovia employee and I have experienced several things while working for wachovia and after...first and foremost I have always prided myself in being honest and helping in anyway that i can I am a 27 year old woman and i was trying to make this my career. While working for wachovia I have experienced racism, heard things that are not appropriate in a professional work enviornement and also witnessed other employees force balancing and basically stealing from the bank. I contacted the hr department while working there on two occassions and basically all they said was did i address the situation with my manager, and i let them know my manager is the situation...basically they told me there was nothing that i could do and if she feels there is no grounds for any further action then it wouldn't go anywhere. In detail one of the employees took a survellince tape because a customer claimed she didn't close out one of her accounts which in our case happened quite often being that wachovia is being bought out by wells fargo a lot of customers were closing out accounts because they stated they didn't want to be a part of wells fargo bank. Well this employee basically wanted to view the evidence before hand and i spoke up and called and also talked to my manager and nothing was ever done. One of my co workers always forced balanced his drawer and again i called and nothing was done...I decided that wachovia was not for me and i wanted to explore some other avenues and spoke to my manager in regards to leaving 1 1/2 hours earlier to go back to school they denied my request so i quit.... three weeks later i get a phone call from their fraud investigations department stating that a customer claims she didn't close out a 57k cd with me and that my accounts were being frozen. It seemed as though i was a problem from them since i quit and they figured I would basically expose what was going on inside of the bank, and they wanted to try and pin something on me...they are crooks and something needs to be done about this bank. I am only one person but i will not allow them to bully me, they have threatned to arrest me and said that my kids were going to be picked up by cps and i wouldn't see them for a long time so i should just turn myself and the money that i stole in and pray that a judge have mercy on me....I am still at this moment upset and saddened that these companies can threaten and harrass me and i feel helpless i'm not rich and i never stole from anyone they are basically saying i am guilty without proving anything Hawkwheels hanford, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Hanford, California
16, Report #416700
Jan 27 2009
08:40 AM
Wachovia Bank NA Check Cashing Fees Chamblee Georgia
On 1/26/2009 I went to this branch to cash a check given to me by a business for work I had done. The check was for $50 and I was charged $5 for cashing a check that was drawn on their bank. I have taken BOA (When it was Fleet Bank), Citizens and Sovereign banks to court in the past for the same exact thing, and won (case is currently under appeal). The federal court said that it was unconscienceable for a bank to essentially double charge (account maintenance fees to account holders, then fees to cash checks drawn on them) and that if the banks wanted to charge a fee, then the banks need to obtain the proper authorizations from the state(s) that they are doing business in as check cashing stores, and the fact that they did not do that means that they should never charged a fee to the cashing person. Now here I am in Georgia, and going through the same thing here with Wachovia that I did with BOA, Citizens and Sovereign. I know the banking industry is being hit hard, but there is no reason (after all of the fees charged by these bank to account holders) for them to charge a fee to people cashing business checks ( this includes payroll checks as well). Keith Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Chamblee, Georgia
17, Report #575888
Mar 01 2010
06:50 AM
Started banking with Wachovia 4 months ago and since then I had 2 miss calculated deposits. I made a deposit of $1200 and later learned that the entry was keyed at $120 causing a few NSF fees and added fees associated with companies I did business with. Wachovia corrected their overdraft fees of $30 each plus credited my account back the original $1200 however this cause my reputation with companes for my new business to look horrible considering this pertains to my business checking account. A month later the same thing happened in which a teller called me to report the problem and assured me that it would be taking care of. Again they only cover their NSF charged not added fees that I got from creditors check bouncing. I also learned that Wachovia has a weird not so clear policy on how monies are posted. If you walk into the bank on a Friday around 2pm; make a deposit with cash if $1200 for example; You take of for the weekend out of twon assuming you have $1200 available as your credit debt card will approve all charges up to the $1200; however on the following Monday you are hit with overdraft fees. Went to the Bank and asked to explain this and the teller tells me that when I make a deposit on Friday whether cash of check only half of the money is available. When asked how was I allowed to use my debit card for the entire amount; teller explan as a courtesy Wachovia allows you to charge over considering the monies over the weekend is all on hold until the next business day. And by the way the Friday deposit wont post until Monday after 4p; so good luck if you have checks clear or debt clears prior to 4pm. I think its ridiculous and a growing concern for banks to cash in on concumers. Essentially a starbucks coffer has cost me $30 overdraft fee becasue of their stupid way of logging my cash. Of course I cahnged banks but what an expensive lesson. I have never heard of your cash not being avail until the end of the next business day; checks maybe but not cash and then they let you use all the cash under false pretense cause essesntially your other have of your money is being held captive and Wachovia is being nice to loan you ur money through the weekend only to get salp with a bizzilion overdraft fees. Good old fashion money orders at the post office is doing just fine for me. Banks are hungry for ways to get money and its horrible.  Wachovia did have a survey call to my home a few weeks ago asking for survey feedback as caller stated my complaint has been a common one. They keep saying when they merge with Wells Fargo next month things will be better. Never addressed why the youngsters in their bank keeps keying in wrong dollar amounts when there is a deposit. Can you imagine a big time investor millionare? how scary who can you trust these days.  
Entity: FRESNO, California
18, Report #180015
Mar 08 2006
11:42 AM
Southtrust, wachovia Bank ripoff Saraland Alabama
Could someone please help explain to me, this. My husband and I bought a house in 1999. We are paying our notes every month. Southtrust makes a mistake and has it in the computer that we bought the house in 1985 (we were 15 years old in 1985) and in bankruptcy! When we went to Southtrust to have them fix it we were told they would not. Then they started being ugly every time we went in so we closed our account with them. But now we are stuck with this crap on our credit reports and I am disputing them. How can two people buy a house and manage to go into bankruptcy fresh out of middle school? Any advice how to deal with this would be greatly appreciated. Also, southtrust is now wachovia. We believe it is the folks who we bought from. Robin saraland, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Saraland, Alabama
19, Report #292359
Dec 17 2007
07:22 PM
Wachovia Bank Stole my money Ansonia Connecticut
I am fed up with Wachovia taking my money. I had $144.85 left in my savings account, but when I called to recheck my balance there was only .10 cents. I call up the Wachovia 800 number to speak to a customer service rep, and he tells me that a withdrawal was made at my local branch. I said wait a min I haven't walked into the bank to make a withdrawal in months someone stole my money. I said I also have a checking account, and there is an over draft balance of $147.25. He said hold on let me check. He came back and said the bank took my money from my saving to pay for the overdraft charges, and they can do that by law without my consent or notification. I said What? My accounts aren't even linked for that to happen, and he said it doesn't have to be. Any bank account that has my name on it can be deducted from that point. I said well why is my checking account over drawn in the first place? He sedns me to disputes. When I get a rep in disputes, and explain what is going on she says there is nothing she can do for me. She said I can only dispute a charge from a merchant, and that's it. She transfers me back to someone in customer service. I explain myself again, and I got nothing but a run around. She explained to me that a merchant puts what I purchased on hold until they post the money for the account. I said I know that. She said you made a check purchase of $20.00, and then 14.00, both charges were on hold, and deducted from your balance. Then she said when the merchants posted for the charges another $20.00, and 14.00 was taken out of my account to create the $70 over draft fee to my account. I said so your telling me if I have 200.00 in my account, and I make a purchase of $20, and 14.00 it's set aside and taken from my balance right? She said yes. I said well then the automated message tells me that I now have $166.00 in my account. She said yes. I said then you mean to tell me when the merchant post their charges , and take 20.00, and 14.00 again that's why I am slapped with over draft fees? Then she started to stuffer. I am being ripped off becasuse Not only is the merchant setting aside the money in my account, but they get the money twice. I am slapped with fees when I know I have the money to cover it. How can they take money that is no longer there. Aren't they taking it out of my account putting on hold and taking the fee when they post. Why am I paying these people twice? Then they charge me a bank fee in a free checking account. All I got was a run around, and I want my money back. I smell a rat. Then although they took the money out of my savings to pay for the overdraft in my checking, my checking account is still over drawn. Wher is my money, and now will my savings account be hit with an over draft fee because I only had $144.85 to begin with. Do you see what I'm saying. I need help because they did the same thing to my husband. Hitting him with overdraft every other day. If you can help me please help me. Before I got off the phone I gave the rep a piece of my mind, and ended with a lawsuit Shneia Ansonia, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Ansonia, Connecticut
20, Report #298730
Jan 10 2008
09:54 AM
Wachovia Bank unethical banking Mauldin South Carolina
wachovia bank get over on their customers by adding unethical charges to they account even if they have the money. I was charge over 400.00 in nsf charges during christmas time even though my payroll check was direct deposited and it was still showing a day later that it was pending. after talking to csr about it they said it was ok to use the money that said pending. well after my shopping the next day i was charge over 400.00 in nsf they took they fee out first so what i had bought with my debit card was over and that not only happen that once but over two times paying these fees for their way of handling banking. I think they should give everybody a refund for these unethical fees and plus i was charged 6.00 for not useing their atm machine not only did the owner charge me only 1.00 but i got hit with the bank for 6.00. Please help me stop them!!! Kb mauldin, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Mauldin, South Carolina
21, Report #350769
Jul 13 2008
03:15 PM
Wachovia Bank overdraft rip off Frisco Texas
I have been a customer of wachovia for over a year now. I over drafted by .66 cents a minor bank book mistake. Within all of this i occur 75 dollars in overdraft fees. when i looked at my account online i noticed a 20 dollar charge on top of a 35 dollar charge. When i called to ask about the overdraft problems in my account and have the explain the 20 dollar overdraft fee, the very rude call center Representative explained that they have a system called a promise to pay system. What happens when you overdraft is that they promise the designated person that the funds will be available in 24 hours, and somehow that cost 20 dollars. then when the funds that wouldn't even be posted if you when in the day you over drafted, you incur the 35 dollar overdraft fee. because of this i am going to leave wachovia i have never been with a bank that doesn't value their customers and that is the largest rip off that i have ever incurred. Tasha m. Frisco, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
22, Report #1030021
Jun 13 2002
04:46 AM
Wachovia Bank ripoff Auto Repossession Atlanta Georgia
I had my SUV Repossess this was my fault.But I was not nofitied until I got it back that Wachovia Bank was going to do this. The problem is that when I paid and got it back it was damaged. I Have wriiten them and nothing done about it. Also I have tape of what money was to go for but this was not done. I just get round around when I talk to them. I am getting it refinance to get away from them Carolann Spring City, Tennessee
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
23, Report #1030022
Jun 13 2002
04:46 AM
Wachovia Bank ripoff Auto Repossession Atlanta Georgia
I had my SUV Repossess this was my fault.But I was not nofitied until I got it back that Wachovia Bank was going to do this. The problem is that when I paid and got it back it was damaged. I Have wriiten them and nothing done about it. Also I have tape of what money was to go for but this was not done. I just get round around when I talk to them. I am getting it refinance to get away from them Carolann Spring City, Tennessee
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
24, Report #1030023
Jun 13 2002
04:46 AM
Wachovia Bank ripoff Auto Repossession Atlanta Georgia
I had my SUV Repossess this was my fault.But I was not nofitied until I got it back that Wachovia Bank was going to do this. The problem is that when I paid and got it back it was damaged. I Have wriiten them and nothing done about it. Also I have tape of what money was to go for but this was not done. I just get round around when I talk to them. I am getting it refinance to get away from them Carolann Spring City, Tennessee
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
25, Report #334533
May 23 2008
08:00 PM
Wachovia Bank Wachovia Bank charges Overdraft Fees before the actual charges are posted Cypress California
I was shocked to find $100 overdraft fee and another $60 overdraft fee and yet, there was no way of telling why when all the balance was positive. The customer service could not explain to me why then put me on hold for awhile then got back to me and explained. I was in shock of such dirty practice. I decided to check Ripoff Report and found 424 reports against Wachovia and many were about this overdraft fee. All those posted reports are true statements. Shocking!!! Yeon Cypress, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide

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