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26, Report #409950
Jan 09 2009
06:22 AM
Wachovia Bank ,Wachovia Bank stealing from their customers Huntington, New York
Wachovia bank's say their policy on paying items is they pay the highest to lowest, and if the customer do not have enough funds for the other items they will charge a one time fee of $35.00 fee. But it is not so. I started off with a big amount in my account which they give me the crown account that allows me to save on charges, which I also had a overdraft with my savings link to my checking. Even though I had that I was still charged fees and they always find some excuse to tell you which is always something different. I took out most of my money and left two account open because they were stealing my money. I left my checking account and way-2-save account open and kept a small amount in the account. I depoisted a cash amount to my account and the account was not updated until three days later my husband tried taking money out. When I check my account online it never showed the deposit that I made. When I called them they told me that no deposit was made and I even give them my receipt numbers and the date, time and still it was not shown. They said that I had to call the bank the next morning because I made the call 10 p.m. Next morning I called the bank and they said that the money was always their. When I argued with them they said it was there ,but it was not showing up. The bank said it is there, when I call the service they said it was not there and I saw the online and it was not there and I ended up with overdraft fees because I had closed out my saving account, now I did not have any form of money taking over what I had purchase. On top of that they did not want to refund my money back and they kept having me go back and forth even though it was not my fault. Finally I was going to close the acccount off, but again talk me into staying, but had in for me. I have charge overdraft fees for items I should not have when I had money in the account, but charged overdrafted fees. I have been charged overdrafted fees on top of overdrafted fees. What they told me in the beginning about the larger fee being paid is not so. What ever comes in for that day and if you mis calculate with one small item, all items is charged. All the item for day is total and if you do not have enough to cover all the items every single item is charged. Debbie Central Islip, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Huntington, New York
27, Report #332081
May 12 2008
06:21 AM
Wachovia Bank Wachovia is the worse bank.... They will rip you off Atlanta Georgia
Wachovia not only has the worse customer service i have ever came across in my 20+ years of banking, they will rip you off and laugh in your face LITERALLY !!! I was just charge $175 dollar in overdraft fee's.... They even charged me fees on 2 items that they already place a hold on the money. Basically, I made 2 separate purchases on the 7th using my check card. ONce i made those purchase they placed a hold on my account removing the the price for each purchase from my available balance. AFter doing that they claimed i didnt have enough money in my account to cover 3 purchases I had made prior, that overdrew my account and they charged me 3 overdrafts fees at $35 a pop. THEN, the removed the hold from the from 2 transactions, put that money back into my account (why i have no clue) then re-posted the 2 transactions again. This time posting them on a account that was overdrawn DUE TO THE 2 TRANSACTION I DID ON THE 7TH THAT THEY HAD ALREADY PLACED A HOLD ON THE MONEY.... and charged me 2 additional overdrafts... What??? Dosent make sense..... I spoke to 3 people who all. The first person said i was playing with words.... then second person laughed apparently im an idiot and the third person, A manager mind you, just listened and said yes your right. I asked him how could you possible do that legally and he just held the phone. Is there anything that can be done? Is anyone monitoring these banking institutes. I am not the only victim to Wachovia!!!! Sunshine atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
28, Report #227723
Dec 29 2006
03:14 AM
Wachovia Bank Wachovia Bank ripoff over stop payments requests Innsdale Virginia
I applied thru Wachovia to have two stop payments applied to my acct. The bank allowed the payments to go thru and created a overdraft on my acct equalling $800.00 ! When I last contacted them the bank now says they do not show where I applied for the stop payments in their records!! They are now expecting me to replace the $800.00! They honored all my bills that came thru while adding NSF fees causing my acct. to show this huge overdraft!!I have copies of all my transactions on my acct. and they clearly show the stop payments!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Connie Richmond, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Innsdale, Virginia
29, Report #266671
Aug 10 2007
03:28 PM
Wachovia Bank Wachovia Bank demonstrates bad banking practices and lousy customer service Ripoff Carrollton Texas
Wachovia Bank generates much of their profits from bad banking practices and rippping off their customers once they have their money. I deposited a company check on August 1, 2007 for almost $10,000.00 and drove away from the drive thru teller thinking I had money in my account. Then when my debit card stopped working, I called the number on the back of the card to see why after depositing almost $10,000.00 of hard earned money with what I thought was a customer service oriented bank, only for the representative to tell me the card was shut down due to insufficient funds. What Wachovia Bank didn't tell me (as I am sure they do to thousands of people each year) is that they were going to place a hold on my check for 7 days. I had just paid my rent the next day not knowing I had given Wachovia Bank $10,000.00 but the check was returned insufficient funds. My apartment complex charged me $50 plus $5 per day because of the check not clearing. On top of that, now they want certified funds. I took the letter they sent me to the bank today, they really could care less as this is one of their means of generating large amounts of money for the bank. I asked if they were going to charge me for a certified check. They said the check would cost me $6.00 They finally waived the fee as I was going to have to make a cash withdrawal and then take my cash across the street to Washington Mutual, Compass or Bank One which I have accounts with, but they don't charge me a dime for a certified check. During the time period when Wachovia had my money, they charged me $35 eight times for using their debit card, plus another $160 which they really couldnt explain well, but apparently is some kind of daily overdraft fee. They made alot of money off of me just because I decided to give $10,000.00 of my hard earned money. One of their area managers was so gratious, she would only credit two $35 fee's back to my account but I would get another two $35 credits if I came in and opened another account for overdraft protection. Not once did I get the feeling this East Coast banking outfit cared anything about their customer and customer service from them was really a joke. I wouldnt bank with this outfit and if you dop have money in their system, you need to get it out fast as Wachovia Bank will figure out a way to get it and keep it. Don't bank with Wachovia Bank! Dallas wizard The Colony, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Carrollton, Texas
30, Report #334844
May 26 2008
05:26 AM
Wachovia Bank Went Bankrupt--Wachovia Repeatedly Depleted My Account with NSF Fees District Heights Maryland
First opened my account in January 2008, things went fine for a couple of months and then around April, I was charged with NSF fees for ATM withdrawals, and debit transactions that were not deducted immediately as shown on my register when I call in. I am one that check my balance constantly. These transactions are held for days until other larger bills come through and you think that the money is there but it's really not somehow and then I occur 5 to 6 NSF fees for each ATM withdrawal and each time I used my check card or debit. This happened in a series of 5 times or so until I finally gathered enough sense to close my account. I have paid over $646.00 in fees from April until May. I managed my account well in the beginning and all of a sudden it seems like after a few months of monitoring by someone in the bank, I was a target to make money off of excessive fees. Of course like everyone else has complained, when you call them the customer service reps feed you the same old lines about please don't go by your register just budget your checkbook, like I don't know how to do this for the last 25 years, but something is seriously wrong with their banking practices. The customer service reps are well trained and they all say the same thing and there is no kind of concern for a customer in distress. I am now forced to file bankruptcy because of the NSF fees over and over again. I called several times to try to get them to refund some of the fees, but no justice. Please don't be a fool to these guys, get out while you can. I can finally sleep better because this nightmare is finally over. Shelly Capitol Heights, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: District Heights, Maryland
31, Report #405248
Dec 27 2008
10:30 AM
Wachovia Bank Wachovia overdraft fees a ripoff Atlanta Lawrenceville Georgia
I too was ripped off by Wachovia bank. I had the same problems as everyone else with the overdraft fees. It gotten so bad with wachovia for a month I received none of my paychecks and they kept saying the merchants was holding my money and sending it thru when I have subtracted the monies from my account. At this time I still owe wachovia overdraft fees and have been fighting with them to refund me over 1200 of my money but they stated I was a new customer and they will not refund me my money even though it was there error. Please dont bank at wachovia they will rip you off royally. Shonda Lawrenceville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Lawrenceville, Georgia
32, Report #397875
Dec 04 2008
01:27 PM
Wachovia Bank Class Action Lawsuit, I am in! Wachovia Got Me too Like Everyone Else Dallas Texas
I like everyone else got nailed by Wachovia and their overdraft fees! I use a number of different banks and Wachovia was one that I did not use very often. I decided to start using this account and had a mix up in a deposit that went to the wrong bank account. I over drafted my Wachovia account by just change and would have gladly deposited or transferred some money to this account, but wait....because I had some other purchases out there they decided to ding me with overdraft fees for all of them. The charges had not even came out of pending and I was charged overdraft fees. It was unreal how I received no help from their uneducated customer service reps. before all this happened I was considering transferring my other accounts to Wachovia. I am so glad that I did not do that based on the shady business practices I have seen thus far. This is the first time I have ever had an overdraft fee in my life and it was a simple mistake, don't even worry about trying to explain that to this shady bank because they don't care. This was a terrible exp. and I am so happy that this bank crumbled in the financial down turn (not sure how that happened with all the money they have stolen from people) this is a terrible bank! STAY AWAY! Kcbrinkman Corinth, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
33, Report #315468
Mar 06 2008
06:31 PM
Wachovia Bank, N.A. Wachovia Charged Me Twice Treated Me Poorly. San Gabriel California
I was charged a fees of $221.5 for a second time. After I had already paid this amount over the phone with a credit card. Company has poor communication within itself. I wasted a whole day trying to get the branch manager Alex to understand my case, unsuccessfully. I went back a second day spoke with Karla R. she was able to understand my issue and was willing to help resolve it, she herself also experienced a hard time over the phone with her company and branch manager explaining my case. That I would not have gone into the negative had I not been double charged by bank. Which was a bank error. Secound issue I have had with this bank. I want an apology from bank and local branch regarding this issue. Which was there mistake. I was treated poorly by there branch manager to be Alex. And over the phone. No one would listen to my issue except Karla R. I want my money refunded back to my account ASAP. I also will tell everyone I know to stick with there current bank and dont go with Wachovia, because you guys are horrible. I gave you two chances and was given nothing but headaches. This bank does not care about its customers. Company charged my bank account fees that I had already been paid for. Horrible customer service on the phone and by bank manager. Peter Duarte, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Gabriel, California
34, Report #230341
Jan 13 2007
10:47 AM
Wachovia Bank Wachovia charged $240 for $21 is bouncing fees Ripoff Rosedale Maryland
My girfriend took out 3 small amounts in a day amounting to a total putting the account $21 overdrawn. We got a letter a week later saying we owed wachovia 30 for the first time, 60 for the second, and 90 for the third adding up to a total of $201 including what she overdrew. I was outraged and refused to pay that amount because it was wrong. They tacked on another $60 for late fees of not paying so then it was up to $261 for 3 overdrafts to total $21. We made agreement with a manager to pay $121 which i paid and the account was supposed to be clear. Now the sent it to collections because they want the rest of their bogus bill even after the manager had seen it was an error Rob elkton, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Rosedale, Maryland
35, Report #281716
Oct 29 2007
05:20 PM
Wachovia Bank Wachovia - Stealing from consumers with unfounded NSF charges Tampa Florida
Wachovia is the biggest bunch of thieves the industry has ever seen. I received Overdraft notifications totalling $245 which I knew could not be accurate. I pulled up my online statement immediately and matched up the purchases they were charging me $35 each in overdraft fees for - each transaction showed that it was presented against a positive balance, then at the end of the day - still with a positive balance - Wachovia charged me $245 in Overdraft charges. I called them to correct their mistake, and after spending over one hour on the phone with five different employees, the end result was that they will not refund my money. They say that even though the online statement shows that the money was in my account to cover all outstanding transactions, it really WASN'T there - but they couldn't explain to me HOW that was possible. I am filing complaints with the BBB and FTC and if they still refuse to budge, I will be filing a small claims case with my statement as documentation that they are thieves. DO NOT OPEN ANY ACCOUNTS AT WACHOVIA - AND IF YOU ARE A CURRENT CUSTOMER BEWARE! RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN TO ANY OTHER BANK BEFORE THEY STEAL FROM YOU! Wachovia Victim Tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
36, Report #475795
Aug 02 2009
01:03 PM
Wachovia Dealer Services, Wachovia Bank, N.A. Harassing Phone Calls Winterville North Carolina
I purchased a car and Wachovia Dealer Services picked up my loan. For 3 years the amount due was auto-deducted from my checking account, no issues. Then I had to change my bank account information and that is when things got interesting. This branch of Wachovia did not offer payments online and it took a day just to find the correct customer service number to call. When I finally got the right folks on the phone to make a payment and change the account information, they said that they were charging me a $25 late fee plus an over the phone payment fee. I told them that the month prior my payment had deducted on this day but they said that was because it was a weekend and therefore the payment date had changed. They wouldn't budge on the late charge (according to them I was ONE day late on payment and that was the policy). That put a bad taste in my mouth. Fast forward to a few months after when I had a family emergency and had to be a few weeks late with payment (the first time really late in over 3 years). In fact, I had been such a good customer that I had even made a few extra payments and therefore was only late for $160. After a few days of being late I started receiving payment due notices in the mail. Then after a couple more days they started calling my home phone 10-13 times a day and being quite rude in their communications, saying things like, When you miss a payment date the calls from us start. I had told them that I knew that I was late and would make the new payment due by the next due date according to my new statement received. The customer service lady kept going on and on with sarcastic rudeness and I eventually had to hang up on her. They kept calling 10-13 times a day... I have an outstanding credit rating and that was the first time I was really late on a payment to them in over three years and I was treated very poorly after being a good customer. As I had stated to them on the phone, I paid what was due, late fees included, BEFORE my next payment was due (as listed on my new statement received). Now that the harassing calls have stopped I have made it my mission to find another provider that I can transfer this account to so that Wachovia Dealer stops making money off of me. I will never use their services again. Buyer beware! These guys are rude and will harass you very quickly!! Also, what loan provider doesn't offer an option to conveniently pay online? My advice - stay far, far away, they treat their long-time customers like garbage, esp. during emergencies when that's the last thing you need to add to your stress. Anonymous, Wachovia customer (soon to be previous) Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Winterville, North Carolina
37, Report #559451
Jan 24 2010
10:41 PM
Wachovia Corporation, Wachovia Bank, N.A. Charging fees for personal finance software when asked to cancel a year ago. Internet
For 12 months, I have been charged a $5.95 fee imposed by my bank for personal finance software. In February 2009, I called to ask about the first fee. It was explained that the fee was imposed because I used Quicken to access my online banking records. I was told that my 3-month trial was expired and the fees were automatically imposed now. I instructed to CANCEL the service. I told them that I did not like my personal finance software and am not using it. I thought that was the end of it. I was not given a confirmation number. It was not until July 2009 that I noticed the fees again. I reviewed my March-June statements online and noticed that I was still and had been still charged. I called again and the rep told explained the fee again. I informed him that I understood why the fee exists, but that it should have been canceled in February. At this point, I did not even think of asking for a refund, I just assumed it would be done with. Again, in September 2009 I noticed the fees. I called and spoke to a lady why told me that I needed to prove I had canceled with a letter or confirmation number. I was told there was nothing that could be done. Again, I asked for the fees to stop. In December 2009 I stopped using the account and recently in January 2010 I closed the account. During the call to close the account, the rep asked why I was leaving the bank. I explained it to him and asked if something could be done and he replied that he was sorry that I'm not satisfied with Wachovia. Today, I decided not to let it go and called Wachovia. The rep tells me that on the back of the statement, there is a 90day discrepancy dispute procedure. She tells me she could refund the last 3 months fees, but cant because the account is closed. I was never told that I had the option to dispute the charges before today. Having asked multiple times to cancel, I asked Wachovia to refund the past 12 months' fees. I was told it was not an option. Wachovia's records indicate that I enrolled on 10/15/08. My Quicken software shows that the last access to Wachovia using the program, was 10/18/08 Why would I pay for something I can prove I have not used in over a year?
Entity: , Internet
38, Report #136296
Mar 24 2005
04:40 PM
Southtrust Bank - Wachovia Bank ripoff deceptive practices Red Oak Texas
My wife and I have been banking with Southrust since 5 years. I will admit we have had our fair share or trouble maintaining our checkbook at times, my problems stem from them first wanting to hold our deposits which in turn causes more NSF fees to just flat out not owning up to their own mistakes. Good example; we made a deposit on 3/15/2005 of $400 cash but because they had a line in their system go down that day our deposit was not posted and since it was deposited after 2:00 pm that day it was the following thursday before I was able to see that it was not there. We contacted the district manager Mark for help. He was very helpful on Friday 3-18-2005 to make sure they found the deposit and to assure me that they would take care of any fees that had resulted from THEIR mistake. We thought all was well until thursday 24,2005. I found out that one of our checks had been returned as a result of this. The merchant charged me $25 for the returned check. I again called Mark only to find his demeanor had completely changed toward us. He told me he felt like he had done enough for us and that he would not refund that charge back to us. After arguing and pleading my case for 10 minutes he finally agreed to reimburse us for the charge but told me that we would have to close our account down by the 15th of April. I have never been so mad in all my life. If I make a mistake they expect me to remedy the problem immediately and penalize me for making the mistake. They make a mistake and then just decide they can no longer keep my account open. They are the biggest ripp-off artist in the banking industry Jeff red oak, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Red Oak, Texas
39, Report #353792
Jul 21 2008
02:26 PM
Wachovia is a Bank that doesn't stand behind its promises! Internet
I had a bill set up to be paid automatically out of my checking account. All was good for 1 1/2 years. Then, in May, they took out more than the Bill said was due and it overdrafted my account ($27/$97). I called Customer Service and the lady that was helping me was very nice. She told me all I had to do was set up a Stop Payment for $30 and it would be good for 6 months. So, I did that, said good bye and felt all warm and fuzzy and safe inside. June went by with no problems. July comes and I checked my balance and found that I was overdrawn again. There was a charge by the company I had put a stop payment on with my bank - and the bank paid it!!! I immediately went to the branch in my hometown. The person that helped me there refunded my over draft fees ($175) and told me that she would submit a complaint about the stop payment being paid in the amount of $152.84. She also told me not to believe anything I was told by Customer Service, which I thought was odd...... Last week I was contacted by an 800# from my bank. They said I was overdrawn and when was I going to take care of it. I told the girl on the phone my story, she said, Oh, i will get in touch with someone immediately and have that taken care of right away. Today, my phone rang again from an 800#. it was Wachovia. I thought they were calling me to tell me they had it all taken care of and all was well....not the case at all. It was a new girl. I explained to her the same thing I explained to the girl last week and added that I was told it would be taken care of. The girl on the phone today said she didn't know why that girl told me that, I have to call customer service myself to take care of that. She connected me. I told my story again to someone who sounded like she just came off her shift being the warden at the state penitentiary (not nice). She proceeded to tell me that I had to talk to the 'Dispute Team' and connected me. I talked to someone named Ali (at this point I figured I had better start asking for names). Ali told me that I had to fill out an Affidavit form, available at any branch. I will take care of that tomorrow. I will update this complaint if anything else comes from it. I do not have much faith at this time...... by the way, the company that ripped me off in the first place was Imagine Master Card......don't trust them either! I love this website! Calibama Hanceville, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
40, Report #369616
Sep 04 2008
07:09 AM
I see that a lot of folks have NSF fee rip-off reports. Mine started in June. Because I had other financial issues going on, my account was where my paycheck went. I had already paid these folks close to $2,000 in NSF fees over the course of several months, you think items have been paid but they have not. As of June, they have racked up over $1400 in NSF fees for items they DID NOT pay, but because some company sent a charge in, they want me to pay for all the fees and deductions they DID NOT PAY. Why the H.E.double hockey sticks do they try and make you pay for something they did not pay???? I can see if they paid the item and then charged you the NSF fee, but since June, I had to redirect my payroll; they have been calling me and I know they want me to make this account right. I cannot afford to pay them for all these fees. I'd be sitting out on the street. Is it really legal for them to charge you for something they did not pay in the first place. The account has now been closed, because it was a joint account it now affect me and my significant other's credit reports. If someone out there can help me with this, PLEASE contact me ASAP. Norma Oxon Hill, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
41, Report #549786
Jan 05 2010
03:38 PM
Wachovia Bank - Wells Fargo Bank Stealing Funds From Customers & NO PERSONAL SERVICE Internet
DO NOT BANK WITH WACHOVIA BANK/WELLS FARGO BANK Wachovia Bank does not provide personal service anymore. The manager can not credit a customer for the high fees they charge, instead you have to contact the very rude customer service dept. The mangers and financial representative at the branch have no authorization to service their customers. Regardless to how long you have been a customers and your standing they cannot help you. All business is by the 800 non personal customer service dept and they do not care. After three years of service I have closed all my accounts with Wachovia because they charged me fees of $66.00 and refused to credit them. They charge me $22.00 for a $5.00 charge. They could have denied the charge, but decided to steal my funds instead. I have never had any problem with them before, but now Wells Fargo is responsible. The bank mangers use to be able to service you at the branch, but now they cannot do anything for a customer. The bank employees have no authority and these people have degrees. The personal service is gone, the bank is stealing funds and they are allowing the customer service representative to make major decisions about which accounts are important. Thus, they will soon have no deposits, no accounts, no customers and the customer service people can go stand in the unemployment line.
Entity: , Internet
42, Report #157197
Sep 15 2005
12:31 PM
Wachovia Bank Holding of Cash Deposits Resulting in Fraudulent NSF Fees ripoff Augusta Georgia
I am just floored at the way Wachovia Bank does business. It is immoral and unethical! This started a month ago when I deposited a money order for $550.00. What I didn't know is that they put a 10-day hold on it because (according to them and their excuse) it was an International money order. In my book, a money order is the same as cash. And the person owing me the money purchased this International money order just down the street at another local bank. That's not very International to me. Once I realized on day 2 that the funds (deposit) weren't there, I called to question. Long story short, it took me personally visiting the branch on a daily basis for nearly a week to get this solved. And I might add that it took them another 3 times of saying We refunded the NSF fees as well. before they were actually refunded. For the past 3 weeks we have been dealing with an endless circus of deposits and NSF fees. This is where it gets really interesting! On the phone with one of the branch VP's, I quote her as saying You may make a cash deposit before 2PM, but that does not mean those funds will be used for the transactions coming in on that day. WHAT? I didn't realize they had the authority to designate when and where my money is allocated. When I questioned that how come I can make a cash deposit and then go straight home and see the deposit posted on my online account, she stated When you make a cash deposit, it may show up online on your online account, but it's not in our system yet. Yea that makes a lot of sense. If it's not in their system, how is it possible that it's on their online banking system for me to view on my computer? This week I have made (2) $250 cash deposits as well as a $58 check deposit all made on separate days. You know everyday we have been hit with NSF fees? In my opinion, the only thing that Wachovia Bank could possibly be doing is stealing money from hard working folks like you and I. I also quote this same VP as saying I get 50-60 of these complaints on a weekly basis. That is an awful lot! Please keep in mind that these are coming from people who pay attention to their account. How many more are out there that don't keep such a close eye on their account? That's a scary thought. We have 3 local television stations here that will each be getting an email from me as well as a link to this website to investigate. I will also be contacting the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau. We also have a section in the local newspaper that would be a perfect fit. I encourage everyone to send his or her complaints to anyone that may have clout to get something done about this! This needs to end! Matt and Tonia Evans, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Augusta, Georgia
43, Report #156853
Sep 12 2005
06:54 PM
Wachovia Bank ripoff BOGUS NSF FEES ON PREVIOUSLY HELD FUNDS! Pompano Beach Florida
This is not the first time we have become overdrawn. We live on a tight budget I am afraid and sometimes this happens. Wachovia has had more than enough money out of me for me to have had my son's braces completely finished. This last incident, I cannot overlook. We had around $1,200 in check card cahrges which were held on 9/1 & 9/2 ($1,000 to the orthodontist by the way). We had the funds to cover these when they were presented to the bank -- no problem at all. So far as I understand, they were aware of these charges and they no longer made the funds available to me; therefore, if not cleared, they could be construed that way by any sane individual. Alas, not the loan sharks at Wachovia! They want their cake and to eat it too. On 9/6 a more recent check for $159 clears the bank (BEFORE 7 smaller held funds charges) and for my grave sin of being overdrawn by about $120 they hit me 7 x $30 = $210!! Not only that, but since they charged me $210 (instead of the $30 which in my opinion s/h/b the case) they caused us to go into a hole I cannot dig out of until I am next paid on the 15th. God knows how many little things will bounce, and bounce again on the second attempt (like two checks for $4.33 each for my kid's life insurance, CHA-CHING $120! (2 attemps each) or the $23.95 fee for AOl, CHA-CHING! $60 more... you get the idea. Now we are $480 overdrawn and I still have to wait until the 15th to get paid. My husband (who is self employed, meanwhile is depositing a few hundred here and there as he get checks, but SWOOSH they are getting sucked up by fees. CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT NEEDED. The time is now. With gas at $3.00 a gallon we can scarce afford to have a month's mortgage payment go to these unscrupulous blood suckers for what is in reality a very small overdraft (if you strip away their BS fees.) How long will we have to be subjected to this out and out piracy , in the name of God, before someone calles these monsters to task? Please help. Thanks for your patience with my rantings. THose of you who have never bounced a check and have no problems like these, God bless you. All I can tell you is that the price is way too high and the fees cause more of an overdraft making it MUCH, MUCH worse than any small amount you may have overdrawn the account. I have been so cash poor that I have had to chose between losing car insurance and floating a check (did I ASK for the hurricane to knock down my tree limb and cost us $350 to have sawed down?) The bankers get richer and everyone shoves it under the rug because we should have been able to balance our check book it is an awful predatory form of price gouging to those who can least afford it. Bless those of you who have not fallen short of cash and never experienced the outrage of 20 hours work going to pay bank fees for some nominal amount of overdraft. What ever happened to usury laws? Thanks again for your time. Sheila Pompano Beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Pompano Beach, Florida
44, Report #160164
Oct 10 2005
10:38 AM
Wachovia Bank ripoff, fraudulent fees, charging fees when money is there Seaside Florida
Wachovia Bank charged me numerous fees that lead to being $506.00 overdrawn. Even though I only owed them $336.00. I tried to work this out with them and was told I was wrong, so I closed the account. A collection guy started calling and tried to make a deal saying if I paid him $350 he could stop calling, meanwhile they put this on my credit report. It has been almost 2 years since and I still have not paid them, and I won't until they send me a check for the fees and take it off my credit report. They refuseto fix the problem and even altered my bank records to make it look like the fees were supposed to be there. But I had printed out records before they altered them and I have proof. Wachovia is a bunch of a$$hole$. Jessi dfs, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Seaside, Florida
45, Report #108657
Sep 16 2004
04:16 AM
Wachovia Bank ripoff-Credit Card Scam-Fraud Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Wachovia Bank is knowingly participating in a credit card scam. They are in league with Everest Consumer Services and CCR. They are cashing Netchex drafts for Everest, even though they have been notified that Everest is a fraud and that they use a phony address. I, personally , have notified Wachovia's Loss Mgmt. Dept.. I even faxed them the draft they used to rip me off, yet Wachovia goes right on cashing these for Everest. WACHOVIA IS COMPLICIT IN FRAUD!!!!!!!!! Michael Mount Laurel, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
46, Report #68691
Oct 09 2003
09:38 PM
First Union - Wachovia Bank ripoff Jacksonville Florida
Bankrupcy was filed in year 2000. Being total disabled it become impossible for me to try to pay everything when my disability had not come through and insurance was still pending. My wife and myself agreed with the company along with our lawyer present that we would continue paying some of our accounts and had agreed with a representative of First Union Bank to continue Paying the payments on this account. The payments were brought up to date and we were told that we should make our payment to a branch office in Jacksonville Florida. We have never missed a payment and some times paid more on the account than what was due. We have been paying on this account for over three years nearly four and was just notified a few months ago that they wanted our payments and we were behind. I assured them this was not true we had made all our payments and sometime more trying to get the account paid off. I had also paid nearly $1700.00 for life and disability insurance that they advised me had been cancelled. I did not understand why. These phone calls continue each month even though my account is up to date. Wachovia has informed me because I paid payments early their computer did not acknowledge them and I was behind on payments and this was why so much interest had accummulated on the account. I told them this was not true and all my payments were made each month regardless and usually early. They then said they had my payments due on the 28th of the month when I have always paid them by or before the 5th of each month. My account is showing I have only paid a few payments in accordings to the total. My insurance which is included with the payments were cancelled so I am told but they did not credit me with this either. I still am sending payments and each month I still receive a phone call from Waachovia. We have gone around and around. Still no results. I have just send them another letter and one to the attorney who handled our case. The account would have been paid off as we had disability insurance but they cancelled this. Some one is putting money somewhere and I am not going to be rip-off any further. I will continue to fight for what is right. These people are something else! Violet and James Big Stone Gap, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
47, Report #111985
Oct 07 2004
05:01 PM
Wachovia Bank Ripoff N.A. Student loan robbery Charlotte North Carolina
Wachovia Recovery has emptied out my personal checking account of all funds without my prior knowledge or consent on October 5, 2004 (minus 46 cents left in the account to add insult to injury). Apparently I had a previous Educaid student loan bought by Wachovia which I believed was in forbearance and have documents to prove so, that has gone unpaid. Upon further investigation, Wachovia Recovery claimed they can take ALL of my money in my personal checking account to offset the balance owed. This negligent action now has left me with outstanding checks such as my mortgage and debit charges which will now bounce. As a faithful Wachovia customer for 5 years, not only am I flabbergasted that Wachovia would go into my account without permission, but I am appalled that they would take all of my money out without any type of advanced notice. If I knew that I had an outstanding student loan balance not in forbearance, I would be more than happy to agree to an suitable repayment plan. To make matters worse, after my chapter 7 bankruptcy this last February 2004, I had been discharged from my employer on September 10th 2004. Now as a result, Wachovia has not only left me without any money to survive (minus the .46cents they left in the account), but Wachovia has also reflexively taken my Dept of Labor Unemployment funds, which I had just deposited to help pay my mortgage the prior day. Zenie Powder Springs, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
48, Report #59579
Jun 04 2003
02:39 PM
Wachovia National Bank Rip off of ridiculous fees; charges for balance inquiries Jacksonville Florida
Wachovia bank was charging me $20 per month for Crown Access Banking because I didn't satisfy their $5000 balance limit. I decided to switch to Free Checking and the customer service person explained that I get 4 teller visits a month, and anything after that would be a $2 fee. That was all I was told. Well, I found out the hard way that I'm charged if I contant the company by telephone and speak to a live person. Even if I'm calling to explain a mistake on their part! Was also NOT told that if I use another bank card (mine, from another account) on a Wachovia teller machine, I will be charged an additional $2, on top of the $2.50 the machine charged me! Just because they knew I had an account with them. Was also NOT told that even if I make a balance inquiry , not even taking any money out, I will be charged $2. Not to mention the fact that I'm charged $2 on top of the ATM fee I'm being charged from another bank's ATM. What the hell kind of bank is this? Its not even worth the hassle. And when I contact the customer service, I was told to go to a grocery store and buy a pack of gum, and use the cash back button. And what if I'm in the middle of nowhere? This bank couldn't care less about their customers! Nicole Jacksonville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
49, Report #52116
Apr 08 2003
05:01 PM
Wachovia Bank ripoff-They should be called walk all over ya. Charlotte North Carolina
I am constantly noticing my balance is off. (I keep a very accurate register). Money will be missing up to $50.00 at a time. Suddendly when my balance is low, it re-appears. I also have been charged a service fee for using a non-wachovia ATM (2.00), however the last withdrawal I made was through wachovia and about a month ago. I always have to e-mail them for stupid stuff which shouldn't even occur. They are also extremely misleading regarding their terms. I didn't receive statements for over a year. After the 3rd time I called complaing, they suddenly started coming again. (I hadn't changed addresses). Plain and simple, this company sucks. Like I told them, it's fortunate for them that it is such a pain to switch banks when your job requires direct deposit. Trust me, I'm still strongly considering it. Lauren Charlotte, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
50, Report #418615
Jan 31 2009
03:20 PM
Wachovia Bank Ripps off consumers with Fees and they dont care! Orlando Florida
Yes, you are all correct. i too am a victim of theft by this bank. I even proved it by calculating the amount my account would need to fall to before they would assume the practices that you all outline. For me it was 500 dollars then they would hold payments for days and as all of you I have regular routine payments that clear the same day each month so it was easy to catch them As well I had the same problem with the cash deposit, I even have emails from the CSR's that say 2 pm is the cut of then the other says 4pm is the cut. SOB need to get thier story straight and we consumers need to protest maybe we should send mail to Barak! Sob's took over 700 dollars of my money and they dont care. Wachoviavictim orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida

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