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26, Report #138784
Apr 14 2005
08:38 AM
WalMart ripoff Hibbing Minnesota
The last week of February 2005 we purchased a computer from Walmart for (with tax) 627 dollars. After having the computer for five weeks the computer stopped working. The Norton go back check said it was an application bug caused by the hard drive. We called WalMart regarding this problem and they said they would send it away to be repaired but would not replace it, did they know we did not do something to the hard drive. They said they would give us a 5 dollar gift certificate for our inconvenience. Well if we have it sent away we will be out of a computer for at least a month or more. Five dollars.... And when we get it back, it will be the same as a reconditioned computer... How do we know that the computer was not a reconditioned one when we bought it. How can a business refuse to replace something they sold that was defective. The nearest Best Buy was 80 miles, we live in an undeveloped section of Minnesota. So we felt safe buying a computer from WalMart. Wrong. Best Buy stands behind ANY product they sell. I can not understand a company with the profits that WalMart makes and they do not give customer support. Because they are the only store selling some electronics in this 80 square mile area they think they have a monopolity. But I have started a letter writing campaign to Best Buy to open one in this general area. There are a lot of store starting to be built here I hope to goodness Best Buy opens one soon and Walmart gets the devil kicked out of them. Margaret Hibbing, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Hibbing, Minnesota
27, Report #141179
May 02 2005
07:01 AM
Walmart Their steaks are terrible!! Mulberry Florida
I have given their steaks a couple of tries. They were t-bones specifically. They look fine in the package, but when you take them home and cook them, they have a grayish cast to the meat. The texture of the meat is really weird too. It almost tasted like processed meat. If it wasn't attached to the bone, I could swear it was!! And the taste is not all that great. It kind of reminded me of a steak you would get at the hospital!! Sure their prices are good, but I guess it's true, you get what you pay for. I've also had nasty chicken there too. I fully cooked the drumsticks, but when they are done, they still smell raw, and kinda taste rubbery like raw chicken. It's truly discusting!! I've also had some weird pork chops as well. They basically had the consistency of processed meat. As if it were minced table scraps and attached to the bone somehow. B lakeland, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Mulberry, Florida
28, Report #128462
Jan 21 2005
06:03 PM
Walmart ripoff Mchenry Illinois
on 12-11-04 i purchased 16 gift cards from walmart for a total of $380.00 which I paid in cash. All but one twenty five gift card worked. The clerk at walmart told the receipent of he card that I had not purchased this card. In otherwords I had stolen it. I called the 800 # on the back of the card, she said it had not been activated. How in the hell can you tell if it is actavited until it is scratched off at register? You can not and I am out $25.00 unless anyone else had this problem and could resolve it and would let me know how to get my money back, I have receipt and card, will keep it til I can get my money back Joan lakemoor, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Mchenry, Illinois
29, Report #126748
Jan 10 2005
05:06 PM
Walmart online ripoff Internet
Do not use They are a rip-off. They charge you outrageous prices for shipping and handling. They tax what you buy and the tax rate is very high. They don't ship things on time. I will never use I regret using them. Their customer service reps do nothing for you. I bought a birthday gift and wanted it shipped in 2 to 3 days. Once the third day comes, I call customer service and ask where the gift is. Well, that's when they inform me that my shipping method was downgraded. I was never contacted about them changing my shipping method. Do not trust them. They are a big rip-off. Michelle Duluth, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
30, Report #145089
Jun 04 2005
07:40 PM
Walmart Ripoff scam artists Orange California
I received a call from a guy who said his name was Ryan and he worked for Wal Mart's corporate office. He was offering $500.00 in coupons to be used at any Wal Mart store, all he needed was the number's on the bottom of my checks so he could draft $4.95 to cover shipping and handling. He knew my name, somehow. I asked for names and phone numbers so i could verify the offer and it took them for ever to finally give me a number(listed above) that doesn't even work. I DID NOT give he the info, I ever hung up and he called me right back. I called the local Wal Mart and the manager there said it was definately a scam. Then I searched the address and found this web sight and decided to pass on my experience. Watch out for these idiots and don't be fooled. Jeff Humboldt, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Orange, California
31, Report #81295
Feb 21 2004
03:09 PM
Walmart ripoff Oklahoma City Oklahoma
I was at a walmart store shoping. I checked out and proceded to the exit whin the door alarm went off. I thought ok. Everyone was looking at me. The lady at the door looked at my stuff. Then asked me, do you have anything you didn't pay for? I said, no. To make it shourt.. I was taken in a little room asked if they could look threw my clouthes. I said, ok why not. After beying told I had stole something and just to give it back for aroud 30min a police oficer came and took me away. At the police station they took my clothes. And I noticed a small tag stuck to my shoe. The officer was looking at me when I shoud him. And he just said, what do you want me to do! On top of this my stuff I bought was never given back to me. My car was still there. I told them I didn't have one that I walked. All and all. I am not aloud to go in walmart again nor the parking lot. And for what a --tag-- ---And to the rent a cops out there-- If I am ever stop again I will not go with you. And if you touch me im going to mace you. It's my right to defend my self after all. Jacob ok, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
32, Report #80698
Feb 17 2004
11:03 AM
WALMART ripoff Anywhere Nationwide
How Wal-Mart is Remaking our World - If this is true... we are in deep Sheit Bullying people from your town to China Corporations rule. No other institution comes close to matching the power that the 500 biggest corporations have amassed over us. The clout of all 535 members of Congress is nothing compared to the individual and collective power of these predatory behemoths that now roam the globe, working their will over all competing interests. The aloof and pampered executives who run today's autocratic and secretive corporate states have effectively become our sovereigns. From who gets health care to who pays taxes, from what's on the news to what's in our food, they have usurped the people's democratic authority and now make these broad social decisions in private, based solely on the interests of their corporations. Their attitude was forged back in 1882, when the villainous old robber baron William Henry Vanderbilt spat out: The public be damned! I'm working for my stockholders. The media and politicians won't discuss this, for obvious reasons, but we must if we're actually to be a self-governing people. That's why the Lowdown is launching this occasional series of corporate profiles. And why not start with the biggest and one of the worst actors? The beast from Bentonville Wal-Mart is now the world's biggest corporation, having passed ExxonMobil for the top slot. It hauls off a stunning $220 billion a year from We the People (more in revenues than the entire GDP of Israel and Ireland combined). Wal-Mart cultivates an aw-shucks, we're-just-folks-from-Arkansas image of neighborly small-town shopkeepers trying to sell stuff cheaply to you and yours. Behind its soft homespun ads, however, is what one union leader calls this devouring beast of a corporation that ruthlessly stomps on workers, neighborhoods, competitors, and suppliers. Despite its claim that it slashes profits to the bone in order to deliver Always Low Prices, Wal-Mart banks about $7 billion a year in profits, ranking it among the most profitable entities on the planet. Of the 10 richest people in the world, five are Waltonsthe ruling family of the Wal-Mart empire. S. Robson Walton is ranked by London's Rich List 2001 as the wealthiest human on the planet, having sacked up more than $65 billion (45.3 billion) in personal wealth and topping Bill Gates as No. 1. Wal-Mart and the Waltons got to the top the old-fashioned wayby roughing people up. The corporate ethos emanating from the Bentonville headquarters dictates two guiding principles for all managers: extract the very last penny possible from human toil, and squeeze the last dime from every supplier. With more than one million employees (three times more than General Motors), this far-flung retailer is the country's largest private employer, and it intends to remake the image of the American workplace in its imagewhich is not pretty. Yes, there is the happy-faced greeter who welcomes shoppers into every store, and employees (or associates, as the company grandiosely calls them) gather just before opening each morning for a pep rally, where they are all required to join in the Wal-Mart cheer: Gimme a W!' shouts the cheerleader; W! the dutiful employees respond. Gimme an A!' And so on. Behind this manufactured cheerfulness, however, is the fact that the average employee makes only $15,000 a year for full-time work. Most are denied even this poverty income, for they're held to part-time work. While the company brags that 70% of its workers are full-time, at Wal-Mart full time is 28 hours a week, meaning they gross less than $11,000 a year. Health-care benefits? Only if you've been there two years; then the plan hits you with such huge premiums that few can afford itonly 38% of Wal-Marters are covered. Thinking union? Get outta here! Wal-Mart is opposed to unionization, reads a company guidebook for supervisors. You, as a manager, are expected to support the company's position. . . . This may mean walking a tightrope between legitimate campaigning and improper conduct. Wal-Mart is in fact rabidly anti-union, deploying teams of union-busters from Bentonville to any spot where there's a whisper of organizing activity. While unions might be appropriate for other companies, they have no place at Wal-Mart, a spokeswoman told a Texas Observer reporter who was covering an NLRB hearing on the company's manhandling of 11 meat-cutters who worked at a Wal-Mart Supercenter in Jacksonville, Texas. These derring-do employees were sick of working harder and longer for the same low pay. We signed [union] cards, and all hell broke loose, says Sidney Smith, one of the Jacksonville meat-cutters who established the first-ever Wal-Mart union in the U.S., voting in February 2000 to join the United Food and Commercial Workers. Eleven days later, Wal-Mart announced that it was closing the meat-cutting departments in all of its stores and would henceforth buy prepackaged meat elsewhere. But the repressive company didn't stop there. As the Observer reports: Smith was fired for theftafter a manager agreed to let him buy a box of overripe bananas for 50 cents, Smith ate one banana before paying for the box, and was judged to have stolen that banana. Wal-Mart is an unrepentant and recidivist violator of employee rights, drawing repeated convictions, fines, and the ire of judges from coast to coast. For example, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has had to file more suits against the Bentonville billionaires club for cases of disability discrimination than any other corporation. A top EEOC lawyer told Business Week, I have never seen this kind of blatant disregard for the law. Likewise, a national class-action suit reveals an astonishing pattern of sexual discrimination at Wal-Mart (where 72% of the salespeople are women), charging that there is a harsh, anti-woman culture in which complaints go unanswered and the women who make them are targeted for retaliation. Workers' compensation laws, child-labor laws (1,400 violations in Maine alone), surveillance of employeesyou name it, this corporation is a repeat offender. No wonder, then, that turnover in the stores is above 50% a year, with many stores having to replace 100% of their employees each year, and some reaching as high as a 300% turnover! Worldwide wage-depressor Then there's China. For years, Wal-Mart saturated the airwaves with a We Buy American advertising campaign, but it was nothing more than a red-white-and-blue sham. All along, the vast majority of the products it sold were from cheap-labor hell-holes, especially China. In 1998, after several exposes of this sham, the company finally dropped its patriotism posture and by 2001 had even moved its worldwide purchasing headquarters to China. Today, it is the largest importer of Chinese-made products in the world, buying $10 billion worth of merchandise from several thousand Chinese factories. As Charlie Kernaghan of the National Labor Committee reports, In country after country, factories that produce for Wal-Mart are the worst, adding that the bottom-feeding labor policy of this one corporation is actually lowering standards in China, slashing wages and benefits, imposing long mandatory-overtime shifts, while tolerating the arbitrary firing of workers who even dare to discuss factory conditions. Wal-Mart does not want the U.S. buying public to know that its famous low prices are the product of human misery, so while it loudly proclaims that its global suppliers must comply with a corporate code of conduct to treat workers decently, it strictly prohibits the disclosure of any factory names and addresses, hoping to keep independent sources from witnessing the code in operation. Kernaghan's NLC, acclaimed for its fact-packed reports on global working conditions, found several Chinese factories that make the toys Americans buy for their children at Wal-Mart. Seventy-one percent of the toys sold in the U.S. come from China, and Wal-Mart now sells one out of five of the toys we buy. NLC interviewed workers in China's Guangdong Province who toil in factories making popular action figures, dolls, and other toys sold at Wal-Mart. In Toys of Misery, a shocking 58-page report that the establishment media ignored, NLC describes: 13- to 16-hour days molding, assembling, and spray-painting toys8 a.m. to 9 p.m. or even midnight, seven days a week, with 20-hour shifts in peak season. Even though China's minimum wage is 31 cents an hourwhich doesn't begin to cover a person's basic subsistence-level needsthese production workers are paid 13 cents an hour. Workers typically live in squatter shacks, seven feet by seven feet, or jammed in company dorms, with more than a dozen sharing a cubicle costing $1.95 a week for rent. They pay about $5.50 a week for lousy food. They also must pay for their own medical treatment and are fired if they are too ill to work. The work is literally sickening, since there's no health and safety enforcement. Workers have constant headaches and nausea from paint-dust hanging in the air; the indoor temperature tops 100 degrees; protective clothing is a joke; repetitive stress disorders are rampant; and there's no training on the health hazards of handling the plastics, glue, paint thinners, and other solvents in which these workers are immersed every day. As for Wal-Mart's highly vaunted code of conduct, NLC could not find a single worker who had ever seen or heard of it. These factories employ mostly young women and teenage girls. Wal-Mart, renowned for knowing every detail of its global business operations and for calculating every penny of a product's cost, knows what goes on inside these places. Yet, when confronted with these facts, corporate honchos claim ignorance and wash their hands of the exploitation: There will always be people who break the law, says CEO Lee Scott. It is an issue of human greed among a few people. Those few people include him, other top managers, and the Walton billionaires. Each of them not only knows about their company's exploitation, but willingly prospers from a corporate culture that demands it. Get costs down is Wal-Mart's mantra and modus operandi, and that translates into a crusade to stamp down the folks who produce its goods and services, shamelessly building its low-price strategy and profits on their backs. The Wal-Mart gospel Worse, Wal-Mart is on a messianic mission to extend its exploitative ethos to the entire business world. More than 65,000 companies supply the retailer with the stuff on its shelves, and it constantly hammers each supplier about cutting their production costs deeper and deeper in order to get cheaper wholesale prices. Some companies have to open their books so Bentonville executives can red-pencil what CEO Scott terms unnecessary costs. Of course, among the unnecessaries to him are the use of union labor and producing goods in America, and Scott is unabashed about pointing in the direction of China or other places for abysmally low production costs. He doesn't even have to say Move to Chinahis purchasing executives demand such an impossible lowball price from suppliers that they can only meet it if they follow Wal-Mart's labor example. With its dominance over its own 1.2 million workers and 65,000 suppliers, plus its alliances with ruthless labor abusers abroad, this one company is the world's most powerful private force for lowering labor standards and stifling the middle-class aspirations of workers everywhere. Using its sheer size, market clout, access to capital, and massive advertising budget, the company also is squeezing out competitors and forcing its remaining rivals to adopt its price-is-everything approach. Even the big boys like Toys R Us and Kroger are daunted by the company's brutish power, saying they're compelled to slash wages and search the globe for sweatshop suppliers in order to compete in the downward race to match Wal-Mart's prices. How high a price are we willing to pay for Wal-Mart's low-price model? This outfit operates with an avarice, arrogance, and ambition that would make Enron blush. It hits a town or city neighborhood like a retailing neutron bomb, sucking out the economic vitality and all of the local character. And Wal-Mart's stores now have more kill-power than ever, with its Supercenters averaging 200,000 square feetthe size of more than four football fields under one roof! These things land splat on top of any community's sense of itself and devour local business. By slashing its retail prices way below cost when it enters a community, Wal-Mart can crush our groceries, pharmacies, hardware stores, and other retailers, then raise its prices once it has monopoly control over the market. But, say apologists for these Big-Box megastores, at least they're creating jobs. Wrong. By crushing local businesses, this giant eliminates three decent jobs for every two Wal-Mart jobs that it createsand a store full of part-time, poorly paid employees hardly builds the family wealth necessary to sustain a community's middle-class living standard. Indeed, Wal-Mart operates as a massive wealth extractor. Instead of profits staying in town to be reinvested locally, the money is hauled off to Bentonville, either to be used as capital for conquering yet another town or simply to be stashed in the family vaults (the Waltons, by the way, just bought the biggest bank in Arkansas). It's our world Why should we accept this? Is it our country, our communities, our economic destiniesor theirs? Wal-Mart's radical remaking of our labor standards and our local economies is occurring mostly without our knowledge or consent. Poofthere goes another local business. Poofthere goes our middle-class wages. Poofthere goes another factory to China. No one voted for this . . . but there it is. While corporate ideologues might huffily assert that customers vote with their dollars, it's an election without a campaign, conveniently ignoring that the public's vote might change if we knew the real cost of Wal-Mart's cheap goodsand if we actually had a chance to vote. Much to the corporation's consternation, more and more communities are learning about this voracious powerhouse, and there's a rising civic rebellion against it. Tremendous victories have already been won as citizens from Maine to Arizona, from the Puget Sound to the Gulf of Mexico, have organized locally and even statewide to thwart the expansionist march of the Wal-Mart juggernaut. Wal-Mart is huge, but it can be brought to heel by an aroused and organized citizenry willing to confront it in their communities, the workplace, the marketplace, the classrooms, the pulpits, the legislatures, and the voting booths. Just as the Founders rose up against the mighty British trading companies, so we can reassert our people's sovereignty and our democratic principles over the autocratic ambitions of mighty Wal-Mart. Jeff cary, IllinoisU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Wal-mart
Entity: Anywhere, Nationwide
33, Report #115160
Oct 28 2004
10:52 PM
WalMart ripoff Ceres california
Walmart automotive I took my 98 caravan to Wal-Mart's tires wheels lube. They either mixed up my oil drain plug or over tighten it and stripped my oil pan out. Told me three different story of who tighten the bolt. Brought me two different bolts they was not sure what one was for my van They pushed my car outside and said you need a tow truck. The workers said it was stripped which I know it was not because I change my own oil on my cars. When the tow truck driver got there his said let me guess oil drain plug. Je said he has towed a lot of cars from here. Same problem 1 just a day before. So I guess small claims is where I have to go Jay ceres, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
34, Report #14227
Feb 15 2002
12:00 AM
WalMart Ripoff Very Expensive Oil Change
My husband took my car to WalMart to have the oil changed, I had the 18 point deal done. When my husband dropped my Jeep back off to me at work, he asked me if I had been having any problems with it shifting, I replied No. He stated that when he drove it out of the parking lot, he could not get it to shift. When I left work, I did not even get out of the parking lot when I determined there was something seriously wrong with my vehicle. It took me 25 minutes to get from work back to WalMart (which is about 1 mile) I could not get my car to go into gear! When it would rev up the RPMS enough to get into gear, I would get to about 10 mph and it would slip out of gear again! When I arrived at the service department, they were not kind to me, they acted as if I had done something wrong to them! After sitting in there waiting area for approximately 20 minutes without as much as 1 word from anyone a manager approached me and asked me if this was my Jeep, I said yes she explained that they had done nothing wrong to my jeep and that car parts sometimes just go bad. I had to have my Jeep towed to a repair shop, then to another, where they said it looked like there was oil in my transmission fluid! After 2 weeks without a car and yet a third tow to a transmission shop, and $1446 later I finally have my Jeep back! Please do not take your vehicle to WalMart to have the oil changed, it is alot more expensive in the long run. I am taking your advice and calling the home office, I don't feel I should pay for there mistake! Trisa Clickhere to read other Rip-off Reports on Walmart
Entity: Ashland, hio
35, Report #507
Jun 07 1999
12:00 AM
Walmart ..deception & poor service
Expecting more from WALMART Today Sat. June 5th 1999 I went to Walmart store on rt. 6 in the town of Mohegan; next to Peekskill, NY The electronics dept. offered an RCA camcorder for sale at two hundred ninety-eight dollars with a black and white viewer. The sign right on the Camcorder said, RCA Camcorder b/w view 5 Head Title bar 2 9. mode spare Battery ,< cc3ii8c > Sale Price...$298.00 ....was...$339.00 When I tried to purchase the camera, I was forced to wait for 35 minutes because they said, The fellow I would need to speak with, a black fellow named Ed, was taking a break in the back. After thirty-five minutes of waiting, I insisted they call an assistant mgr. which they did, when she got to the counter she also said, We would need Ed, and called over the phone speaker for him to appear, which he did. He then tried to tell me that I read the sign wrong....that the reference to the battery was only in lieu of reference to information for ordering an extra battery should you need to buy one, and he did not interpret the sign the way I did, and if I did not want the camera at the price without the extra battery......then don't buy the camera here. (aren't we getting a little testi?) I Informed him once again that the sign at the very least was misleading, and possibly the worst type of deception in advertising that can be used on an unsuspecting public. I had experienced this when I was doing business with stores such as the now defunct CALDORS, I was finding it very disappointing to realize that this is a policy that now apparently seems to be openly accepted by large chains in was evident by his disregard for my situation as I am quite sure the next person or persons as the case may be will experience. I also see other complaints about WALMART on your rip-off Report. Thats good! Let their reputation be known. Very disturbed & disappointed consumer, Mr.Frank Strauss Mahopac, N.Y.10541
Entity: Mohegan, Peekskill, New York
36, Report #346717
Jul 02 2008
10:20 AM
Walmart Analysis Many Other Nationwide
I am writing from the UK, in this country we have Walmart who trade as Asda. We also have very similar laws to the USA with exceptions, but then that is also true of the different states within the USA. Therefore much of what I have to say, and what others have said may not be entirely pertinent to every subtlety expressed. However much of the following is pertinent, to both the law and civil rights. I will also address the point made by some people in the discussion that some states allow a legal stop on the activation of an alarm at the exit of, for example, a Walmart. In the UK the largest UK supermarket, and the fourth largest in the world has written to the court, (a claim, which I won) a defence statement which states that when an alarm is activated at the exit of a store, it is always the assumption that the cashier did not remove the security tag. In this country we also, like you I suspect, have recently introduced checkouts where the customer serves themselves and then pays for the goods. The defence statement went on to state, or the assumption is that the customer has gone through a self-serve checkout and has not asked the store staff to remove the tag. So there we have it, straight from the horse's mouth, that it can never be the assumption that an alarm activation is because of theft. I also entered into a discussion with a security guard, when I refused to give up my receipt. I audio-recorded it, and he said that by that method they very rarely catch a thief. The two correspond. Furthermore I was a retail manager with two of the UK's largest supermarkets, and I know from experience that thieves are not catch by receipt checking in response to an alarm activation. All of this is obvious. Obvious because if I was to steal, I would not steal the goods with tags on, I would go for the 95% of goods that do not have such tags on them. For example I might go for some fine steak. I have also noticed that some items that are tagged are not done so consistently. In other words, a tag might be placed on one high value item, but the staff have not yet bothered to tag the same product that sits next to it. Which would I steal. if I was a thief? I this country, Tesco, but not Asda, link the tagged items to the checkouts. So for example, when a bottle of liquor is scanned the till jams, the age of the purchaser is checked before the purchase is allowed to continue. This can be done with other items such as ones that are tagged. So something expensive goes through the till, and the till stops to alert the cashier that this item should have a tag on it. The cashier then removes the tag and this then should stop false activations. But is does not, partly because of the introduction of these self-serve checkouts but partly because the stores get sloppy. For example, they might tag extra items, without adding them to the checkout list. The cashier does not look for the tag, and so it makes it's way to the exit, so that the guard can stop the innocent customer. It is to the advantage of the store, they believe, they over-ride the system in this way, because of two reasons. The first is, the guard's/greeter's job, just standing at the exit must be boring, and it gives them a sense that they are being pro-active in stamping out crime, and secondly it allows these supermarkets to demonstrate the 'power' of their anti-theft deterrence system to all those potential customers who a watching the events unfold. The system forces a compliance for the customer, partly because, showing your receipt is easy to do, but the finding of a tag in a large shopping basket could take several minutes, and if the is done my the store 10 or more times each day, then that will in the case of Tesco in the UK amount to 42 years of false imprisonment on their customers each year, just to demonstrate the effectiveness of their anti-theft system. As I said showing your receipt only tags a few minutes, and so why bother fighting it, why not just co-operate. That is what the large supermarkets take advantage of. Especially in the UK, the fine imposed on the supermarkets is not worth the effort of taking them to court. Our supreme court, The House of Lords has set guidelines as regards the level of compensation one is likely to receive in such cases. It amounts to roughly 500.00 ($1,000) for every hour that someone imprisons a person. In court people lie and cheat, and getting evidence of false imprisonment can be difficult. You might need a lawyer or a barrister (in the UK) to take on the might of these massive corporations. Will you win, is it worth the hassle or aggravation of months of uncertainty. Will you have to pay the lawyers in advance, before you receive you compensation, and will you compensation cover your costs and will the court award you them. There are many unknowns, yet the alternative is to just show your receipt; that is why the supermarkets get away with it. Very few assert their rights in the UK. What do these supermarkets do with these tags after they have stopped you and detained you for a period of time? I expect that they take the tag from you, ask for your receipt and allow you to be on your way. But hang on a minute, that tag that they have just taken from you, and they take from customers many thousands and perhaps millions of times each year is actually your tag. Yes, you went to the till, you said or implied that you wanted to by the product you handed over to the cashier, and she/he scanned it into the checkout, and you paid for it. That tag is now your tag. It is as much your property as the product, and the packaging. Yet the supermarkets are now pretending that they have a right to take the tag back after selling it to you. If we were to be dramatic for one minute they are stealing to property of you, their customers. The lack of catching thieves from the alarm activations is one of the many reasons why it is a system of deterrence, but as a thief catching system it is hopeless. It is an advert to stop potential thieves, but the operators infringe citizen's rights to advertise the system. Some people who have written in this blog state that it is alright for the supermarket staff to search you. But you should not or would not accept that from other people. And let's not forget the searching is really ineffective. Hundreds or more get stopped and searched to catch one thief. If the supermarkets are losing so much stock, that in itself proves that the method they are employing is not economically sound. It is worse than a random search. And if it is worse than random, it cannot be that the searcher has probable cause, or as we say in this country, reasonable suspicion. If some states have allowed an alarm activation to equate to probable cause then that it bad law. I suspect that the large supermarkets had been successful at lobbying the lawmakers of such states, but that does not make it good law. Indeed to get around this law, there is a Californian case back in 1981, which a lady sued for negligence, because the store admitted that there were 20 false activations each day. That cannot give rise to probable cause. But if there are laws which allow supermarkets to pump up the number of false activations, then that is bad law. I'm going to have some tea; I shall look back on this blog another time. Keith CardiffUnited Kingdom
Entity: Many, Other
37, Report #452986
May 18 2009
01:23 PM
Walmart prepaid visa Annatamms Illinois
i just got a prepaid card from them and just put 150 dollars on it and they will not activate it so i just lost 150 dollars im on a fixed imcome my loss there game so i just stoped goening to walmart no more walmart for me or my family even my grilfrend tryed to activate it to pat ford Marvin tamms, IllinoisUnited States Minor Outlying Islands
Entity: Tamms, Illinois
38, Report #475977
Aug 03 2009
11:17 AM
Walmart Won't back their products Midlothian Texas
I purchased a Weed Eater brand weed eater from the Walmart in Midlothian Texas. I have used it a total of three times. It now does not work. I returned it and only wanted to exchange it for one that does work. They quoted policy to me that I had to take it to a repair shop and have it fixed. So I have to waste my time and gas to get my weed eater fixed. The weed eater cost a whopping $69.00.. This is alot of money to me, but nothing to Walmart. Walmart needs to stand behind the products that they sell. Reggie Midlothian, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Midlothian, Texas
39, Report #409364
Jan 07 2009
07:25 PM
Walmart BEWARE!!! Noblesville Indiana
Well Everything begins on 12-26-08. I took my car in my local Walmart. I thought nothing of it because I have taken my car in the past there and everything as been fine. Most of the time I would take it to the dealership. My car is a 2004 Chevy Cavalier, pretty standard little car, that day they were especially busy. The guy told me that to pull it up behind one of these other cars right by the garage. Thought nothing of that. So I proceeded to go in the store and use my gift card. Since it was the day after Christmas. I shopped came back and the guy told me that it was ready. I was suprised it was ready so quickly. I thought it was odd and I thought it was really strange that the cashier could not find my ticket. The man who took my info told the cashier it is, like he hide it or something weird. I paid left and just put it behind me. One week goes by and on 1-05-09 My car starting making horriable ticking sound more like a lawnmower sound. I had my dad look at it and he said when was the last time you had an oil change. I said last week. He said that there is no oil in the car barely to register. I ran in the house called the walmart and Karen the manager said that she will have Rick the service manager come to my house and see what the problem is. Rick came while I was at work. My dad talked to Rick and he looked at it, and even admitted that they made a mistake and they did not put a valve back and he gave me a free oil change. Whatever buddy!!! Your guy did not do his job. What kind of education do these people even have. The first thing a mechanic learns is an oil change. Come on now. So Rick left me a voicemail on 1-06-09 and said the car is good to go and everything is fine. He told my dad that, to. So on 1-07-09 today I got in the car and it still is making that sound- Walmart Karen and Rick seem to think it is my oil pump- no it is not because my car is two new to have that kind of problem. They also said it is a leak,if I had a leak it would be leaking it is not. Karen today acted cold and not helpful. Yesterday and Monday she was helpful or atleast, was trying to be. She told me today to file a claim with store manager tomorrow. I also called corporate left message with district manager and another voicemail with another contact in corporate to file a claim. I am so upset right now!!! I will never take my car there ever again!!! I REPEAT THE PEOPLE WHO WORK THERE HAVE AN EDUCATION LEVEL OF 6TH GRADE!! I AM SORRY IT IS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!! I called my delearship were I bought the car from, left a voicemail with the service manager there and will be taking it there to see what the heck they did to my car. They are paying for this!!! I will make sure of that!! I just want them to pay for the damages. If my car is shot- I am suing them!! I am not sue happy but this is my car!! My life was in danger driving my car for the a week like that!! If anyone as experienced similar situation please email me at I will keep people informed of what happens.. in the next couple days!! STAY AWAY FROM WALMART THEY ARE COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY THE MOST RUDEST AND UNHELPFUL JERKS!!! Julie Fishers, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Noblesville, Indiana
40, Report #429330
Feb 28 2009
02:33 AM
Walmart Race Discrimination Kodiak Alaska
I had priviously reported a rebuttal, pretty much in favor of Walmart to another person. Personally, I enjoy working for the company. It is a hit or miss with the stores on how your work experiance goes. However, the store in my local town, we have a saying, You can't work at walmart if your not brown. If you go into our local Walmart, Asians everywhere. In a small island town where the majority of the population is english speaking whites, it is doubtful that a small majority of them apply at the store. There are some reason why Walmart won't hire me back, and if I were the managers, I may or may not agree, however, When I did work there, I had many, many people walk to the back of the store to my department because I spoke english. They claimed most of the asian accoicates said they didn't not speak english, they didn't understand, they didn't know where anything was and I got many, many reports the customers were ignored. I actually had people ask me for my work schedule so they can shop when I'm there in the event they needed help. That was a shocker. Of course becuase I had to help so many customers and could not do my work, other associates, (asians) complained I didn't do my work. Instead of doing their own work, they butted into mine. I got introuble and I told the manager that if the customers were being helped like they should be, I wouldn't be out of my department so much. I didn't get written up because I had a true case and the managers saw that I was telling the truth. And where did it get me? No where with the company! I will still defend Walmart on many cases. But when I have to do the work of others and then get in trouble for it, that's where I draw the line! Zax50 Kodiak, AlaskaU.S.A.
Entity: Kodiak, Alaska
41, Report #639416
Sep 10 2010
10:37 AM
Walmart Online bait and switch Internet
I was shopping online for the best deal on a Nintendo DSi, and Walmart had the best deal with the bundle package. The online advertisment was only good on and not at the actual store. The bundle package came with the DSi, 18 in 1 accessory kit, along with THREE games. Meanwhile TOYs R US had the same deal in the store except with one less game. As such I went and bought on for the first time ever, in order to get the extra game. The deal on their webpage at that time said that it came with two games that you don't get to choose (zhu Zhu Pets and something else), plus another game of your choosing. My daughter picked out her game and I processed the order. However, when my reciept with the confirmation number was printed out, it said nothing about the two game that comes with it. Being as I don't own or have played a DSi before I assumed that maybe the games are pre-loaded, and that is why it didn't show up on my receipt.  After waiting about 3 weeks, I finally got around to calling them and asking about my two missing games. After being put on hold forever, they told me that that online special never came with THREE games. My reciept does not reference the three games and as such as far as Walmart was concerned, they owed me nothing, as they were also looking at my reciept. I argued and said that was not what they advertised online when I ordered my purchase. I asked if there was anyway they could pull up the online advertisement for the day I ordered it to confirm that it came with THREE games. However I was told that they couldn't do it, but let me check what todays online special was. She looked it up and now it only comes with one game. In hindsight I wish that I would have printed out the online advertisement before I ordered the bundle package, which clearly STATED it came with 3 games. Obviously in their eyes, I have no recourse as the reciept said something different to the online ad. In my eyes it is a classic bait and switch move by Walmart. Are their any other customers out there who have ordered online based on that days advertisement only to get a reciept that is different than what you actually ordered (in my case no mention of the two other games that came with the DSi package)?.  I will never buy from ever again. I spent almost $7000 dollars at Walmart last year with groceries and other stuff, and I am now inclined to take my buisiness elsewhere. My warning to anyone who orders online from is to PRINT THE AD before you go ahead and buy. If only I had a copy of the advertisement, I would have contacted the AG of New York to complain, as I have a sneaky feeling that it's not an isolated incident. Walmart = Slim Shady practices.
Entity: , Internet
42, Report #821177
Jan 11 2012
12:27 PM
Walmart returns (or not!) Orlando, Florida
Last Friday, 1/6/12 I purchased a paperback book at Super Walmart on Kirkman Rd in Orlando, FL for which I paid $7.49. Upon getting home I realized I already had the exact same book on the shelves and needed to exchange it for the other book in the trilogy. I took the book back the next day to a the Super Walmart on Princeton St, Orlando, FL which is closer to my home. Upon looking in the book department I discovered that 1)they didn't have the book I needed and 2)the exact same book I was trying to exchange was $10.97, $3.48 MORE than the same book at the other Super Walmart! I decided to just return the book for store credit. Imagine my surprise when customer service told me that Walmart policy stated  I could not return the book, or exchange it or get store credit! I asked for a manager and was given the same spiel by the customer service manager. I asked to speak to the store manager and was told that none were available. This policy was not printed on their receipt, at customer service, or by the books. Today, I spoke to Richard the store manager. He reiterated their policy and told me that they couldn't post all their policies as there would be too many. He also told me that he didn't have to post them (although by Florida law, return policies must be posted wherever returns are made). He also told me that all retailers operate in this manner. He did agree to give me a store credit. As a result of the way this was handled, Walmart has now lost a customer over $ to the store credit? I'm going to either give it to the next person I see who looks like they need some help, or buy $7.49 worth of food and donate it.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
43, Report #763416
Aug 10 2011
03:30 PM
Walmart Gift Cards atlanta , Georgia
My grandmother purchased 3 American Express gift cards for me and  had them sent. When they arrived I could not activate them until 6 hours later. After 6 hours it is then 10:00 est a supervisor explained it was a clerical error and escalated the issue to billing. He then told me they would certainly resolve it the next day. The next day came and from 9:00am until 6:30 pm I stillhad no money. They took the funds from granmothers account immediately and didn't resolve my issue. This is walmart people really!!!! If someone purchases something and you give them part of their order after they have paid you, isn't that theft?
Entity: atlanta, Georgia
44, Report #813194
Dec 23 2011
10:54 AM
Walmart Takes money cancels order Internet
I ordered a TV for Christmas on Walmart's website. The site indicated that the item would be in there store before December 24th. Also that they would hold the item for seven days. I placed my order, which they then cancelled.I called their 800 number and was told I needed to deal with the local store, which is where the item would be picked up at. I went to the store and they said they could not help me because the ordered had been cancelled. I was not giving the option of choosing a different  TV even though they had already taking the funds out of my bank. I called Walmart again to get my funds back so could at least purchase the TV for Christmas elsewhere. They told me I had to wait at least five days for a refund. So I am out my money no TV for Christmas. So much for customer service.
Entity: , Internet
45, Report #529778
Nov 27 2009
07:35 PM
Walmart Failed tire warranty Scottsbluff, Nebraska
I went in and purchased 4 new tires for my car.  On the drive home I noticed that the car not only was pulling to the left but had a odvious front end vibration.  About a week prior to getting the tires I had the car aligned and replaced all the front end suspension parts.  The day after i had the tires put on i went to the alignment shop and had them look at it.  After shuffling the front tires around and test driving the vehicle they said that the pulling was gone so it had to be one of the tires was defective.  after shuffling the tires around again they narrowed the bad tire down to one so now i knew which one to have replaced.  I took the car back to walmart and explained what the deal was and all they would do was rebalance the tire.  they would not remove the tire from the rim and visually look for defects.  So now what ill do is wait for the tire to fail and cause an accident then sue them for the odvious liabilty that is theres!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So LOL and thanks for the new car theyll be buying me over a $70 dollar tire.  Whos the dumb#$% now?
Entity: Scottsbluff, Nebraska
46, Report #714088
Apr 05 2011
11:24 AM
walmart visa moneycard Internet
I had 2 of these horrible,worthless pieces of junk cards and needed to speak with customer service. All automated,no support for issues. Once I finally spoke with NO CUSTOMER SERVICE..they claim they were researching my issues, I was put on hold for over 10 mins...HUH? They quickly took my $500 dollars cash but due to an error,I had to Jump through numerous hoops to get my money returned to me! AS OF THIS DAY IT HAS BEEN OVER 4 DAYS AND NOTHING BUT CUSTOMER NO SERVICE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY THAT DOESN'T HAVE A CLUE WHEN I WILL BE RE-UNITED WITH MY CASH!!!! Please stay far away from this product and save yourself grief..!A TOTALLY BAD PRODUCT WALMART..SHAME ON YOU FOR TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THOSE WHO ARE UNFORTUNATE TO HAVE AN ORHERWISE REGULAR CREDIT CARD OR DEBIT CARD FROM A BANK OR CREDIT UNION..IT'S ABSOLUTELY BAD ENOUGH THAT YOU TAKE AWAY INDIVIDUALS RIGHTS TO OPT OUT OF YOU SELLING THEM UP THE RIVER IN ORDER TO AQUIRE THIS PIECE OF TRASH..SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!
Entity: , Internet
47, Report #873306
Apr 24 2012
06:29 PM
Walmart SURVEY SCAM! dallas, Georgia
I shop regularly at this Walmart. So one day I noticed a receipt had Complete online survey to be entered in a drawing - so I did it online, as they required. Later, I received a text message on my cell phone that I had won a $1,000 gift card! - - -- - - - - Don't get so excited because it is a SCAM! a FRAUD! it is BOGUS!    they direct you to a website - - to enter your personal info and then you read the 'Terms', which states you must accept offers on the website in order to get your 'reward'. The offers all involve paying something or joining some magazine/book club or some other such NONSENSE!!!! I did NOT win anything but I did develope a strong dislike for Walmart NOT tell me I won something, when in fact, all I got was a headache because this little program is geared to only get you to spend money and you will never never never never never never got that so-called 'reward' of a $1,000 gift card.GET REAL, Walmart - right now you are lame. Oh, yeah, did anyone see the stink about Walmart bridery in Mexico....?.....hhhhmmmm, truth is beginning to come out about Walmart.....never trust a company that attempts to elevate themselves by making it appear they care about everyone -  calling employees associates is really condescending because everyone knows they schedule the work so that the help works just enough so Walmart doesn't have to pay any benefits....Sam Walton must be spinning is his grave, God rest his soul. I am now going to try to never never never never never never again shop at Walmart. It may hurt my pocket book a little but this experience has really pissed me off royally!!!!! Mad as Hell
Entity: dallas, Georgia
48, Report #188886
Apr 27 2006
01:06 PM
Walmart ripoff Gainesville Georgia
I was asked to transfer to the bakery. The bakery manager told me I would go into training to become a store assistant manager in 6 months time. In August 2002, I slipped on the wet floor and injured my left hip and leg, I reported it to human resourses but did not file a claim because my manager said it would hurt us in the bakery. The following day, I was trying to train a lady and she would not listen to me, we argued, I was sitting on a bucket while cleaning cause my leg hurt and she called me to the office and fired me. Very convienant for her, the past week I reported to the store manager about a customer asking why Walmart was not unionized, it was put in my record there. Katie Fountain, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Gainesville, Georgia
49, Report #329928
May 01 2008
01:41 PM
Walmart vison center ripoff Middlesboro Kentucky
1-31-2008 bought a pair of eyeglasses -had to return them on 2-10-08 -picked another pair out - but then again they did not fit and returned them on 314-08 which was within the 60 day refund -- now comes the problem --my insurance payes 100.00 on hardwear- and when i return the eyglasses they said they cound not refund the 100.00 -- and would send it back to insurance co. I started calling customer service on 3-14-08 and talked to 12 customer service 2 supervisors and still have not got this resolved -- also walmart has billed my insurance co. 3 more times for the same claim and the insurance co. has yet to recieve that check they said was ready on 4-10-08 i'm now in the process dealing with incompentant district managers and will be soon calling corperate offices.. The insurance company says this money will be return to me when they rec. a check -- and the district manager keeps paying phone tag -or promises it will be fixed and as of yet --nothing Pat bledsoe, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Middlesboro, Kentucky
50, Report #294531
Dec 26 2007
01:27 PM
Walmart Customer Profiling Wentzville Missouri
On Dec 5th, 2007, I was in Walmart of Wentzville, Mo getting new tires put on my vehicle (which is another story in itself). While I was waiting, I was price shopping dvd's and items so I could get a care package together to send to my wife in Iraq. While I was in the electronics dept. a gentleman by the name of Barry passes by me 3 times staring. On the 4th pass he stops and says do you need any help young man? I responded no I am... I was cut off with him saying snooping. Well he then felt the need to talk to me about shoplifting. If that was not bad enough he then felt obligated to point the surveillance camera's. After that he tells me we will get you sons of bitches, don't worry. So a little over a week goes by and the store manager decided to contact me after I filed a complaint with Walmart Corporate office. He was extremely rude to me and gave me a half aXXed apology. The entire time he kept saying I don't know what you want me to do about it and couldn't throw money at me because my mother works at that store. Well now he will know what I want and that is A. Firing of the store manager for allowing his staff to impinge on my civil liberties and B. firing of that employee. If anyone knows a good civil liberties lawyer in the State of Mo let me know. I am also contacting the Mo District Attorney Generals website and the regional office for Disabled American Veterans. Thank you Mike Troy, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Wentzville, Missouri

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