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76, Report #1356525
Feb 16 2017
01:50 PM
WalMart,  Hickory Hills Illinois
 I order a simple ottlite replacement bulb through Walmart that used this company and Walmart has free shipping . Waited two weeks for this and when it arrives it's too big for my readers lights. It came with no invoice, no phone number, or no instructions of how to send back if not please. Looked the phone number up on the Internet. The woman was very rude telling me it was my fault for ordering the wrong thing. She gave no name but wanted me to know it was my fault and that she had a college degree and was part ownership. She told me that there was a 15% Restocking fee. I asked what that was for as I have not even open the package? I must return this item on my expense accept the restocking fee and the lost of my money and get nothing in return. This company is desperate for money and know nothing of customers appreciation. This was not enclosed in the Walmart ordering form if it were- I clearly would not have ordered from them. I have never know this to be Walmart way of doing business which is way I trusted this company because they covered behind Walmart name.
Entity: Hickory Hills, Illinois
77, Report #1384053
Jul 08 2017
05:53 PM
Walmart No response Internet
I have had several issues with orders this month alone, with the latest being that on 06/26/2017 I ordered Diet Pepsi and Diet rootbeer  ( total of 9 sodas in all) this order was for some unknown reason shipped as 3 different orders from 2 different centers  But sent me Iced Tea instead with 2 of the orders arriving on 06/29/ ( both orders contained Iced tea) I contacted them and they told me they would send out the correct items, but once again I RECEIVED Iced Tea. Again I called and stated I once again received the Iced tea and I was connected to Corporate (?) and was assured that the correct items would be sent out and lo and behold the replacement items were ICED TEA and not the soda I ordered.  once again I called and was told that I would receive the replacements on or about 07/03/ 2017, to which I stated that it would be too late for my needs. I was informed that I would receive a refund for the sodas, by Friday 07/07/2017.  today is 07/08/2017  On t07/06/2017 I received a refund for 1(one) soda only
Entity: Internet
78, Report #1396260
Aug 28 2017
03:49 PM
Walmart extended product warranty Platteville Wisconsin
Bought a new cellphone at check out the cashier asked me if I would like the extended warranty plan for five dollars. She continued to explain with this plan I could bring the phone back if anything should happen to the phone. So I bought the plan. six months later phone dies and won't work. I take it back to walmart expecting to exchange it and find out that no I can't do that. I must contact the Company they hired to handle all the claims. So now I must pay to pack the telephone up wait for a shipping lable and either pay to have UPS pick it up or drop it off at one of the UPS locations. Three weeks later I finally get a refund check in the mail to which Walmart is now Charging me to cash the check.
Entity: Platteville, Wisconsin
79, Report #1064164
Jul 03 2013
11:43 AM
Walmart AKA Walmart/VISA Gift Cards Walmart/VISA Gift Card Ripoff Internet
 In early June I purchased (2) $50 dollar Walmart/VISA Gift Cards to give 2 recent High School Graduates. At the time of the transaction I was unaware that there was a $4.94 per card customer service FEE for making the purchase. So, instead of giving the cards as the gift, I gave cash... And attempted to call into the Customer Service phone number listed on the receipt (866.633.9096) for a refund. That phone number is automated and I was not able to get to a customer service representitive. I then attempted to get a refund through the website ( Again, there was no option to get a refund. I called into the credit card company where the charges in early June were processed. After a wait on the phone the customer service rep. was able to reach an individual @ Walmart's # 866.633.9096. That person proceeded to credit my purchase for $50 but would NOT refund the additional $4.94. I asked to speak with a manager andwaited on the phone that much longer while being passed up the ladder. The manager eventually gave me a full credit but I will not know for sure until receiving a check for $54.94 for both purchases. All in all the time on the phone and on-line was well over an hour for me while at work on 7/3/13. It's obvious to me that Walmart/Visa Gift Cards is a nasty scam and handled in a way where the intention is for people who seek refunds to just give up. The best way to avoid this headache is to: NOT BUY THESE CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Entity: Internet
80, Report #990339
Jan 02 2013
09:30 PM
Walmart MoneyCard Walmart stors Deposited $100.00 into Walmart MoneyCard.Result:Invalid address. out 100.00 FOR 10 DAYS' Blytheville, Arkansas
Igave my Husband a 100.00 dollar Walmart MoneyCard so he could do his On-line Christmas shopping.When we attempted to activate the card we were told our address was invalid. (Go figure).So now my husband will not recieve the rest of his Christmas present until Walmart decides to send us his money back. Estimated 10 to 15 bussiness days.
Entity: Blytheville, Arkansas
81, Report #1423849
Jan 18 2018
01:03 PM
Walmart, Walmart Gift Card, GE Money Unable to use the Walmart Gift Card Garland Texas
I've Walmart Gift Card issued by GE money valued $50 and I'm unable to check the balance online or over phone. The website says the card number I entered is invalid but I use the correct number to check the balance. Also, I've never used this card for any transactions previously and it's not yet expired as well. I don't have the option of speaking to a customer service representative using the phone number (1 *866) 871-2415)given on the back of this card. Not sure waht to do.
Entity: Garland, Texas
82, Report #758325
Jul 29 2011
04:02 PM
walmart family mobile walmart family mobile over charge monthly bills Walmart - entire USA, New Jersey
In April 2011 I purchased 3 SIMM cards to activate Family Mobile - Walmart cell phone service. During the registration process I ported my 3 old numbers to my new account with Family Mobile. Every think should be fine until I got a monthly telephone bill where they are charging me for more than my 3 phone lines with Family Mobile. $45+$25+$25=$95 plus tax. My monthly bill is alwayas $131.30.    $131.30 - $95.00 = $36.30  That is the diffrence how much Walmart - Family Mobile is charging me tax for NJ on each statement.   This is not right. Sales tax shouldn't be that high for NJ. Each month I call customer service department and tried to explaine to them about the overcharge and get credit - sometimes it does work , sometimes it doesn't work. Please someone help hard working America.  I called headquarter of Walmart - no help, they switching me back to customer dep of Family Mobile Lost time
Entity: Walmart - entire USA, New Jersey
83, Report #998108
Jan 16 2013
06:21 PM
walmart walmart/GE capital walmart/ge capital have keeep my october disability check and has not posted the$1210.10 to my reloadedable walmart ge capital card muncie, Indiana
the treasury department sent my government aollotment to walmart/ge capital. they did not post it to the card .   The treasury department can not help because they show the money going into walmart.  WALMART did not post the check to my card.          
Entity: muncie, Indiana
84, Report #126613
Jan 09 2005
05:48 PM
WalMart ripoff tire scam D'iberville Mississippi
My roomate, which is female, told me her tire was slowly going flat. well i just had reconstructive surgery on my shoulder last month and obviously couldn't put her spare on for her. I told her my friend from work was coming over to do it for her but she decided to take it to walmart and have them look @ it. now remember this is a SLOW leak. walmart said she had to buy a new tire because they can't plug on the side of the tire so she drove back home and my friend took the tire off and we put soap & water on it to find the leak. there was a small screw in the tire that was almost sealing itself and it was in the treads not on the side. I was outraged that walmart told her she needed to buy a new tire. The next day we slightly deflated two of the tires(& marked them)on my truck and drained out some power steering fluid (which we checked for prior leaks and found none)and took it to walmart. I must say walmart is not even a mile from our house! I told them it was starting to get hard to steer and to see if they could check my tires that were low. WOULD YOU BELIEVE THEY TOLD ME I NEEDED A NEW POWER STEERING UNIT AND 2 NEW TIRES!!! I couldn't believe and I demanded to speak w/ the supervisor. I told the supervisor about the situation and what they did to my roomate. needless to say walmart paid for the plug job for my roomates car and for the mechanic being so dishonest and crooked---I'm sure the guy's standing in the unemployment line. Andrew biloxi, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: D'iberville, Mississippi
85, Report #122424
Dec 11 2004
10:40 PM Walmart Connect ripoff Jacksonville Florida
i started walmart connect back in may 2004 i canceled it because i wanted to get an internet service it was to slow i got a new computer then i got verizon dsl walmart never gave me the 30 day free trial so i forgot about it i started 3 months later thought i was going senile i noticed i wasnt adding in 9.94 i forgot about it because i thought i bought toilet paper and oil or something. next month same thing finally i called walmart store they told me 9.94 every month is wm connect and they gave me a phone # 1-888-855-0942 i cant get them its the weekend i guess i have to call better buisness buru monday then prepare to close the account for theft and i dont fall for unothorized access for no one i went to the bbb and it seems to keep linking wm connect in jacksonville fl Jamilee N Tonawanda, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
86, Report #122748
Dec 14 2004
06:02 AM
Walmart ripoff Ft Worth Texas
I was purchasing 7 rolls of processed film through the self-scan register which I use all the time. I had trouble at that same register the previous night and an employee assisted me through the rest of my transaction. I know that when you place something in the bag that didn't scan properly the system will alert you that the item cannot be recognized. This time with the film, I scanned the package of film and placed it in the bag and repeated the process 7 times. Never once did I hear the system alert me and when I clicked Finish and Pay I noticed the system catching up as I was moving swiftly. I paid for the items and exited the store where I was rushed upon by two loss prevention employees who told me there were items in my bag that I did not pay for to come follow them to their office. Once there, each of the LP employees proceeded to turn off all the monitors and ask me to empty the contents of my pockets and open my purse. She asked for my drivers license and social security card. She got very rude when I told her I didn't carry anything on me with my social security number on it and asked me if I evern had a job. They proceeded to take seats and write out reports, took photos of the film suspected not to have scanned and took photos of me. She said that I only scanned every other one and held the items back in my hand before putting them in the bag. This is not true, as I stated, I scanned the item and placed it in the bag and did that 7 times without hearing any alert. The items that did not scan totalled $25.59. She called a police officer back and she immediately told him that she had caught a shoplifter when he walked in the room. The LP employee issued me a criminal trespassing warrant telling me I can never enter or go onto the property of any Walmart, Sams Club and named about 4 other places. She told me I was not allowed to even send anyone in to pick up my layaway which were Christmas gifts. I had to send someone in to cancel them and get my money back. The office took me outside to write me a ticket and while waiting on the backup office to arrive he explained that he has seen those registers just the night before not working. The other officer arrived and discussed whether to write the ticket or not. They ended up not writing the ticket and letting me go simply because they've seen this type of thing happen before. I wonder if they had tape of me that evening so they could see that I was scanning each item. They never offered to show me why I was suspected of theft. Should I contact the management or corporate office? I feel that since this has happened before with the self-scan registers, why did they treat me like a criminal. Dee My Town, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Ft Worth, Texas
87, Report #101911
Aug 03 2004
09:53 AM
WalMart Connect AOL ripoff Pa Pa
Ripped Off by WalMart Connect. I was charged within days for what was supposed to be a FREE trial. Now I can not get it cancelled. The middle eastern people that answer the phones are really good at avoiding what you want done. I asked to speak to a supervisor but the voice was exactly the same but gave a different name. I will be billed again if I can't stop the charge some way it has to be done on a certain day I think it is the day after your subscription ends. And they have my charge card number. I am reporting this to BBB AOL WalMart Corp offices and internet communications. Since it is through a phone line I will contact FCC and my attorney. This is fraud and someone should be able to help us. Please post any good ways to stop this. Also has anyone experienced more spam and intrusion attempts since signing up. My Norton Internet Security is working overtime. Steamed South, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
88, Report #110595
Sep 28 2004
03:20 PM
Walmart ripoff City Of Industry California
We bought 10 gift cards certificate on september 15th for company promotion from walmart, and each certificate cost $100. When our costomers try to use it, they told them it had already been cashed out on september 16th. We called walmart to asked what happened, and they cannot give us a answer. So we ask for our money back, but they say that is not possible. Then we went back to walmart asked for help. We been standing there for 2 hours just to waiting for help, but the employee there told us they can't do anything. They also told us this kind situation happened a lot, but they all don't know how their GM handles it. we even give them a article about the same case that happened at walmart in seatle, but they just said read clearly to us, and told us yours is $1000 and that case in the article is only $150. I was shocked when they said this kind thing too me. I mean how do they train there customer service people, and how can they do nothing when something like this happen because of their careless and bad systems. David city of industry, CaliforniaU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: City Of Industry, California
89, Report #90471
May 06 2004
02:37 PM
Walmart ripoff, not accepting responsibility for customer injury Phoenix Arizona
One day my daughter (25 yrs old) and I were shopping at Walmart. She bent down to pick out the kleenex box she wanted to buy and as she stood up, she hit her head hard on a misplaced fire alarm box. She hit it so hard, she became dizzy. I took her to the hospital, but Walmart refused to pay for the visit or anything else. I told them that the fire alarm box had been positioned in the wrong spot, on a column in the middle of the walk-way, because anyone buying kleenex would have to bend down and when standing up again, could not avoid hitting the box, unless they were quite perceptive. What if any elderly person had done what my daughter did! It would have been an emergency or even life-threatening situation. Ever since, it has left a bad taste in my mouth towards Walmart. Nancy Prescott, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
90, Report #111719
Oct 06 2004
09:58 AM
I HAVE CONTACTED WALMART HQ THREE TIMES ABOUT MY ISSUE BUT THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE COURTEOUSY ENOUGH TO REPLY. HERE'S MY LETTER BELOW: I'm extremely disappointed in the Fallon, NV Walmart store. You do save me a lot of money; that's why I shop you. But if this problem is not resolved, I'll just take my business to Target. Aug 7, 2004 I bought a diamond ring for my Mom. It was a size seven; I needed it re-sized to a size ten. Vivian told me it would take two weeks to have it resized. I said okay. In the meantime, I moved to Wells, NV to be with my Mom for the rest of her life. We don't know how long that will be as she has oncoming Alzheimer's. I would be returning to Fallon, in two weeks, however, as my Mom had a doctor appointment. After Mom's appointment, we stopped by the Fallon Walmart only to find out the ring had not come back. I explained to Vivian that I no longer lived in the area, and it would cost me a fair amount of money to keep coming back to Fallon. She said ring re-sizing usually takes four weeks, although I was previously told it took two weeks. I had no choice but to return to Wells empty-handed. Two weeks later I called the Fallon Walmart. Barb told me the ring had not come back YET. Two weeks after that I called again. At that time, Barb told me the ring had come in. I explained again that it would cost me $100 in gas to drive down to Fallon to pick it up. Barb said she'd ask one of her managers if she could get permission to send it to me in Wells, NV, which Barb did. Unfortunately, Barb had sent the supposedly re-sized ring UPS, which requires a physical delivery address. I had only given her a P.O. box. Therefore, after several days went by I received a postcard telling me I could pick up the ring at UPS in Elko, NV, fifty miles away. I immediately grabbed Mom and drove over there. We were to be disappointed once again as the UPS store had closed at 2:30 pm. Even though the UPS postcard had told me I could pick up my package between the hours of 7 am and 7 pm. We went back to UPS in Elko again the next day. Finally, I thought, I would get to see the look on Mom's face when she saw how beautiful the ring was. The first thing she said when she took it out of the box was, This isn't a size ten. I looked at the ring, and it hadn't been re-sized at all. How incredibly unprofessional! While we were in Elko, I figured I'd take it over to Blohm's Jewelers where we could have it re-sized for, I don't know, $20. The jeweler wanted $100. We had to pay it because I didn't see any point in sending the ring back to the Fallon Walmart and waiting another two months. I would like you to reimburse me the $100 it cost me to re-size the ring. I have never been put through anything like this by any company I've ever done business with. You give me instructions on how to go about this, and I'll provide the receipt for the $100 re-sizing. But wait, there's more! A few days earlier, I had bought an Isuzu Trooper which I took to your Fallon, NV location. I paid for an Express Lube oil change then went about my business picking up a few things. I picked up my vehicle about 3 pm. A little voice told me to check under the hood. It's a good thing I did. The person who had performed my oil change had forgotten to replace the oil filler cap. On my drive from Fallon to Fernley, NV a distance of thirty miles I could have blown my engine! You have become very lackadaisical about keeping your customers happy. If you won't make these two incidents right the ring re-sizing and the oil change fiasco I intend to complain to high heaven to the Better Business Bureau,,, and any other private or governmental organization I can. These experiences have left me VERY cynical about Walmart. And I guarantee the loss of my business will cost you a lot more than $100. Dean WELLS, NevadaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Wal-mart
Entity: Fallon, Nevada
91, Report #116383
Nov 05 2004
06:45 PM
Saturday, 10/30/04, I went to the WalMart Neighborhood Market to buy food and say HI to Dimitrina after I noticed she's not working evenings no more, she goes to UCO in the morning. Zak Milan, the manager, pulled me away from Dimitrina told me he heard I been making dates with her, he then told me not to check out thru her checkout no more !! I've been called crazy man here and by an employee at the 3200 and Broadway WalMart !! I also got a death threat here !! Dan 73034, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: EDMOND, Oklahoma
92, Report #94570
Jun 11 2004
06:21 PM
Walmart Connect Charged monthly bill after canceling Internet
Charged monthly bill after canceling. Would not give a refund. Would not let me speak to a supervisor. I canceled this service in February. Instead of canceling the service they gave me a free month and billed my credit card the following month without me telling them to. I told them to cancel it. They said the service would end in 14 days from my call. We had AOL also and didnt need both suppliers. I had not used the service since January. They were not nice people to deal with. They argued with everything I said and kept me on the phone for 40 minutes. The longer they argued the madder i got. I finally had to hang up very dissatisfied. I hope no one has to go through what i went through. It was their mistake for not canceling the service in the first place and I had to pay for their mistake and they didnt care at all. I spoke to the company twice and really had a hard time understanding their language both times. Donna Jefferson, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
93, Report #13089
Feb 01 2002
12:00 AM
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
94, Report #451535
May 13 2009
01:57 PM
Walmart Auto Lube Queen Creek Arizona
I took my 06 Ford Explorer to the Queen Creek, AZ Walmart on 11-12-08 for a simple oil change. The kid that checked in my vehicle entered all the info into his computer, and the type of oil required (a synthetic blend). He asked if I wanted the premium service, which included interior vac, tire rotation, fluid, which I did not. I told him I would go to lunch, then come back within the 1 1/2 hour stated time (there was one other car in their bays). I was told they would page me overhead in-store when it was ready. After lunch, I returned and saw my truck still in the bay, so I entered the store and browsed for 30 min. I finally, VERY faintly heard my name being paged. This was now 1 1/2 hours after dropping off the car. I was told they didn't have my synthetic blend oil, just full sythetic, which took it to the premium oil change price. I was mad it took them 1 1/2 hours to tell me this (they did call my HOUSE phone, not cell), but agreed to the upgrade. Upon completion, I drove out. As soon as I left the parking lot, my low-tire indicator turned on. I got home and checked the tires. They are supposed to be at 35PSI, all 4 tires were under 30, 2 of them at 26! I had just filled the tires weeks before. The interior was not vacuumed, the fluids not topped off. Nothing that was checked off as done was done. I sent an e-mail to the store, complaining that I paid for the premium service, yet nothing was done, AND the air was let OUT of my tires! I got a call from one of the managers who agreed to reimburse me, that he would do so next time I came in, and to ask for him. Conveniently, my next 3 times there, he wasn't there. I finally asked someone else, and they knew absolutely nothing about it. I didn't feel like going through the entire story again with someone else (nor did I have my receipt with me), so I dropped it. I never did get my money back, but I don't shop there anymore, either. Plus I tell everyone I know not to use Walmart for oil changes. I have always wondered, since nothing else was done, if they actually changed my oil and filter, or if they actually used the more expensive oil. Dennis Queen Creek, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Queen Creek, Arizona
95, Report #473273
Jul 25 2009
10:50 AM
Walmart Oil change scam Sugar Land, Texas
Requested and paid for Mobil1 synthetic oil change with new air filter. I got regular Penzoil oil change without a new filter. I wached this from customer waiting area and confronted the department manager. He was not very helpful, started to argue with me. I requested to talk to the store manger. The store manager intervened, provided the service I paid for and appologized. I am reporting this to alert other customers to be aware. Customer friend Sugar Land, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Sugar Land, Texas
96, Report #464199
Jun 23 2009
03:07 PM
Walmart Pharmacy - Terrible Customer Service York Nebraska
I have used Walmart Pharmacy for years but in the last few months the customer service at the York branch has been non-existent. I had several prescriptions filled on/around 06/01/09. I was unable to pick them up so I had someone else pick them up. If my insurance company does not cover something, they won't fill it until they tell me and ask do I want to pay for it out of pocket. At least it has always been this way since I started having my prescriptions filled at the York Walmart Pharmacy 3 years ago. When my husband got home he ask me if my prescriptions were always this expensive, I ask him how much it was and it was around 200.00. I almost fell over. I started looking at everything and 1 bottle of eyedrops (new prescription) was 110.00. I called the pharmacist and ask why it was so much and he stated my insurance refused it. I then ask why hadn't they informed me as usual and he said he would have to check the next day with the lady that had been at the cash register because he had to verify that she hadn't told us. That right there created a bad feeling. But if that is what needed to happen then ok. I called the next day and the pharmacist said that the employee had said that she hadn't said a word about the insurance not covering the eye drops. The pharmacist then stated it was really only out of the goodness of their heart that they had even ask before, they weren't required to tell a customer if the insurance wouldn't pay. The pharmacist then went on to state that it was really up to the customer to ask. When I told him that you can't change the rules in midstream, he informed me that he had spoke to his general manager and they weren't going to do anything about it. They could have taken the eyedrops back and destroyed them. I wasn't even asking for the whole $110.00 to be taken off but 50%. When I explained that they would lose my business, then that was fine with him. So over $110.00, they lost my business, my husband's, my parents, children and whoever else I could tell. Literally they have lost thousands per month over this poor customer service and over this one particular pharmacy manager. I won't even shop there for anything. Walmart has become a giant that thinks they don't have to worry about customer service. Mill3095 Aurora, NebraskaU.S.A.
Entity: York, Nebraska
97, Report #398950
Dec 07 2008
08:37 PM
Walmart Contaminated drinking water Great Value brand. Duluth Georgia
I bought Great Value drinking water at Walmart and this water had a terrible taste, after which we found the water was contaminated and made my wife sick. Avoid buying any drinking water from Walmart. The particular lot number for this contaminated water was 07-04-08 12 1013 01 23 02. Jorge Lawrenceville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Duluth, Georgia
98, Report #364456
Aug 19 2008
08:48 AM
Walmart Bag Search Oklahoma City Oklahoma
I have only been stopped at the door a few times. If I am not in a hurry I show them my recipt but I resent it and remind them they have no legal right to do this. I will not stand in line to have them look at items that belong to me. I walk past the line and when the person asks if they can check the recipt I reply no thank you. One time a parking lot guard who happened to be standing near the door followed me to my car telling me to go back. I refused then I showed him my recipt and asked him to follow me in the store so I could file a complaint with the management. He refused but the manager came outside so that I could identify him. I recieved a profound apology and the rent a cop got a good chewing out. Dennis oklahoma city, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
99, Report #363402
Aug 15 2008
05:03 PM
Walmart Faulty ellectronics and Refund Practices GAsavannah Georgia
i Bought a Stereo system for 359.00 from walmart in Savannah on 20 DEC 09.. I bought special electronic insurance as well. When i got the stereo home I put it away until christmas eve(was a gift for my daughter) when she opened up the box what we found was a used, scratched Innoperative Stereo that looked like it had been used to prop up someons desk(dents all over case, cracked face plate and about a years worth of Dust and cables were missing.. Needles to say her christmas was ruined. I took the stereo Back to Walmart only to have customer service treat me like I Was the one that did the damage and loose the components. I pointed out how could i do that much damage to a stereo that was purchased only 6 days ago. The customer service clerk got rude with me and said that she would not accept the stereo back. I asked to speak to a manager, She told me that she was the supervisor for customer service. I asked to speak to the store manager only to wait for another hour. the manager looked at the stereo and immediatly said that his store did not carry that brand of stereo without even looking at my receipt. I pointed to it on the receipt and he looked at me like i had just stole some of his profits and said that he could give me a IN store Credit. I calmy refused his offer as i had PAID CASH. The manager said it was walmart policy to refund all items back to in store credit or Credit card. I said i believed that it was policy to give in store credit to those without a valid receipt and or those that dont have the CC they charged the item with and that i PAID cash(what the maager did not know is that i USED to work at a GOOD walmart store for almost 5 yrs IN CUSTOMER SERVICE) When they counted back my refund (i have now been in the store for 3 hours) they did not refund the Insurance on the stereo. I wasl ike what about the insurance. They told me it was not refundable. I said that was not acceptable. they said to leave my recipet and they would forward to the head office. I said no.. and that I would do it myself. Well here it is 8 months later and many letters and emails back and forth with Walmart INC and still do not have my 80.00 that i paid for insurance on a BROKEN piece of equipement that i never used.. I have not been in WALMART since. theyre practices are ridiculous. Dedicatedmilitaryguy fort stewart, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Savannah, Georgia
100, Report #417770
Jan 29 2009
12:48 PM
Walmart Wamart pre-paid visa money cards Bushnell Florida
I purchased 5 of these pre-paid visa money cards from Walmart for my employees who were going out of town on a job for me. The idea of the cards were so they could purchase gas, food whatever was needed for the job. Before purchasing the cards, I told the cleerk what I wanted them for, to give to my employees just to use on the job and when the job was done, I could get the money back on the cards if there was any left over. The cards never worked, they were all 'locked due to me activating them with using my address on all of them in the employees names. I've tried for a year to get the cards unlocked or get my money back with no success.When I talked to customer service, they said, you can't buy the cards for employees like I did and the cards locked up because they were all under my address. Now customer service says I need an electric bill for each person on the card. Since these employees don't work for me anymore because I have a seasonal business, I'm stuck. I tried taking them back to Walmart when this first happened and they said they don't have anything to do with the cards, that I need to contact GE Moneybank. I've tried that with no success also. Walmart got my money and I got the useless cards. Cookiebaker150 Floral City, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Bushnell, Florida

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