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26, Report #203716
Jul 31 2006
06:21 AM
Wells Fargo And Other Bad Banks Bank Ripoffs Davis California
I too had many problems with Wells Fargo. Please all of you that are having problems, join my group and let's take some affirmative action. Everyone complains, but nothing ever gets organized to do anything about the problem. We need some new laws to protect the consumer. I am posting the subscription address. I really hope you don't just chalk this up to experience and let it go. You know they are counting on this. By the way, if you are an employee, and want to offer putdowns, please just stay away! We have had enough of you! sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. Gail Davis, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Davis, California
27, Report #1075616
Aug 13 2013
06:52 PM
Wells Fargo Wells Fargo Bank Wells Fargo Mortgage Company Illegal Foreclosure Wells Fargo took my home of 19 years by doing an illegal foreclosure! Hampton Georgia
I have lived in my home for 19 years and due to unforseen circumstances (the economy, illness, etc.) I fell behind 4 months on my mortgage.  I tried to pay 2 payments and was told that they could only accept all 4.  At this time I was aked if I would be interested in applying for a loan modification and after they explained it, I said yes.  After sending in an unbelievable amount of documentation for eleven months, on 8-6-2013 I received a phone call that morning telling me my home was being sold.  I told them that I was in the process of a loan modification and they told me it had been denied because (1) document did not have a letter head on it.  This was the 12th hour and they were just now telling me this.  I pleaded with the foreclosing attorney's office to let me pay the amount due and re-affirm my loan as I was a single parent with three children I had adopted (one that has Severe Autism) and we had no where else to go.  They said that Wells had to agree to it and called me back in about 20 minutes and told me my property had sold. I will be happy to provide my letter which goes into much more detail for anyone interested.  There is of course, much more to my story and it is astounding to say the least.  Illegal practices such as this have got to stop and it's time for us to stand up and fight for our rights!!!  That's exactly what I am going to do!
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28, Report #1020168
Feb 25 2013
05:46 PM
Wells Fargo Garden Grove Wells Fargo Bank NA Fraud Ring Garden Grove, California
If anyone has any information on a fraud ring, or suspicion of a fraud ring, with ties in Wells Fargo Garden Grove and Wells Fargo Auto Finance, please email me at  wellsfargofraudcase@gmail.com. To any other visitors, please use extreme caution when taking the advice of a Wells Fargo banker.  ANY discrepency in paperwork should be fixed before signing. If a banker says just sign and we'll fix it, THIS IS A SCAM. Further, if the banker shows any hesitation in providing factual paperwork up front, immediately contact his supervisor or fax your report to the Wells Fargo executive office at 877-243-3589. Finally, there is no such thing as a pre-approved loan at Wells Fargo.  If you are offered one and no application is required, the banker has FORGED your financial information. Please contact me, wellsfargofraudcase@gmail.com, with any questions.
Entity: Garden Grove, California
29, Report #589474
Apr 04 2010
01:04 PM
WELLS FARGO FINANCIAL / WELLS FARGO AUTO FINANCE Wells Fargo Bank, Wells Fargo Auto, Wells Fargo Car Was Paid off and Repossesed 18 months later kansas city, Missouri
Bogus people lying son's of b's.  My car was completely paid off 18 months ago and repossessed a week ago.   I paid the car off.  The last payment made was on 12/08.  May 09 I requested a clear title from them; July 09 they informed me a payment was missing from 2 years prior (July 07).  Since I maintain copies of all of my payments, I traced the July 2007 money order back to the post office and the post office refunded the money and I re-submitted the payment to Wells Fargo.  For reasons unknown to me, Wells Fargo stopped mailing monthly statements to me for about 2 years, although I requested them several times.  I continued making payments by just xeroxing copies from old bills.  The car was repossessed in April 2010 and they refused to negotiate with me for the late payments fees, for the late payment fees is the reason why they told me the car was repossessed totaling about $2200.  They refused to negotiate this amount with me because the collector told me my car was worth more to them in the auction, then negotiating anything with me. 
Entity: kansas city, Missouri
30, Report #739859
Jun 12 2011
11:46 AM
Wells Fargo Bank Bank Fees, Scum, Creepy, Chase, Bank of America, Chaged Fees Refuses to Refund Internet
Dear Wells Fargo I have contacted Wells regarding a PMA charge for my account for $30 on 4/6/11 when I had my account switched over to a regular checking account that was free as long as I transfer over $75/mth to savings. I unsuccessfully attempted to have this corrected, even after branch agents said they would and an unsuccessful e-mail through here which was never answered.  I finally spoke with an agent on 800-TO-WELLS. He negotiated, understand the word NEGOTIATED, the $30 to $15 after trying to deny I was ever charged the $30 in various ways; even though I was sitting right in front of the computer looking right at it. My question, how can you negotiate a charge that was obviously wrongly charged? It was a PMA charge; this isn't a PMA account, why am I being charged a penny? This is what class actions are made of. You make a few pennies, then you get sued for millions; is it really worth the short term gain? I swear, if anyone looked in this agents background, he defiantly came from one of the federally closed down banks or from Chase or Bank of America. I have been banking with Wells since '94 and this is the creepiest occurrence I have ever had. I am a Real Estate Broker and Sold Wells many many times. You have obtained millions upon millions of dollars in Mortgages because people trust what I am saying. Wells has had a reputation for being over the scum line forever, but now I am starting to see Wells's name popping up in newspapers, online, word on the street and other places as getting dirty. It use to be the word within the real estate industry if a buyer came in with a pre-approval from Wells that they were good as Gold. Now you are becoming a hands off bank because you are joining the ranks along with Chase and Bank of America. I just read an article that Wells has lost their Loan Mod incentives, right along with Case and Bank of America... Do you think I want to push your name after clients have read that? I would loose their trust in a heart beat. Please don't hire scum. There is a reason these banks went belly up and are being punished by the feds. The other day when I called, I felt like I was dealing with the local thug on the street in the hood. This was in no way customer service at the Wells Fargo level that I have known over the years. I always felt that I was dealing with a class act, the Nordstrom of Banks, and couldn't understand why others would use anyone else. Now I question why am I with Wells and who will I refer my clients to now for their mortgages. Please adjust, I would hate see such a beautiful establishment and history loose so many years as with high integrity and as the bank to avoid because of their snake in the grass ways. I always heard horror stories about other banks, but never about Wells Remember, word of mouth can make or break you, more than any amount of advertising you can do And the word of mouth is turning against you
Entity: , Internet
31, Report #507419
Oct 10 2009
05:51 PM
Wells Fargo Bank, NA-Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Wells Fargo Wells Fargo - Foreclosure papers and we were less than 30 days late ! ! ! ! Des Moines, Illinois
Like many other reports I am reading, we also attempted to do a loan mod. with Wells Fargo. We contacted the company in Nov. '08 because my husband works in construction and we knew that work would be slowing down. We simply were trying to plan ahead so we would not get behind. We informed WF of this and we were told to send a letter of hardship, financial forms, and many other facts of information in order to get the process started. Within 2 days, we had all the forms together and faxed. We called WF the following week only to find out that they could not locate our paperwork. We were told to call back in a couple of days to check on it -- and we did -- and still the paperwork could not be located. We, again, put all of our facts together and faxed them in again. We waited a few days and called, and we were told at this time they did have the paperwork and the process takes apx 30-45 days to complete the loan mod. (we were also told to check in weekly to see if we had been assigned a negotiater to work on our loan). We called once a week every week. After several weeks of this, we were told some of the paperwork was now outdated and we would need to send more. Again, we gathered the needed paperwork and resent it. We continued to call weekly to check our status, and also continued to remind them that work was slowing down and we were needing to get something done or else we would fall behind. By March 2009, we were still trying to get something worked out with WF and continued to keep our payments up-to-date. We did have an occasional late payment, but we did pay the late fee each time. By this time, my husbands work had really slowed down and this was reflected in the last set of paperwork that we had sent WF. Towards the end of March, WF informed us that our debt-to-income ratio would not allow them to work with us; this is what we had told them from the start -- this was the reason for a loan mod. We contacted a lawyer in April 2009 to file bankruptcy on our vehicles (our newer model vehicles). We filed Chapter 7 and let our vehicles go. We were willing to do whatever it took to keep our home. During the time of the bankruptcy, we still continued to keep our house payments paid. We were due to have the bankruptcy discharged in Sept 2009.  The first week of Sept., we received a letter that we were unsure what it was pertaining to exactly; it was not from our lawyers that took care of our bankruptcy. Not being legal savy, we thought it was a part of the bankruptcy, but we were unsure why we received something about our home becuase it was not part of the bankruptcy. We contacted our lawyers only to find out that WF was starting foreclosure proceedings on our home. We had not missed a payment and we were less than 30 days behind on the current month. We had no idea why this was happening. We could not get the lawyers that sent the letter to tell us anything because our current bankruptcy had not been discharged yet. During the time, we were working on a loan mod. with WF and they were ever-so-hard to work with. I did send out several letters to our goverment officials complaining about the way that WF was treating us. This is one of the bailed-out banks that our tax dollars were paying for. The reason for the bailout was to help the home-owners of these institutions out -- not push them into losing their homes. We contacted our lawyers and went ahead and put our home into the bankruptcy; what else could be done at this time? In order to fight such a company, hiring a lawyer that specialized in this would be key and we did not have the money to fight them. So, there you go, Wells Fargo -- another house sitting empty like so many others across this country.  Seems to me it would be more beneficial for WF and the homeowners to be able to work together. At least we, like many others, could have kept our home and the bank would still be collecting money from us. Is the structure of the home mod. loans and bailout more beneficial to the financial institutions to foreclose on property than to work with the homeowners? If so, the financial companies should be aware that you are only running off your long-term customer base. Our goal, at this point in our life, is to research and find out the structure of these programs. Is our congress working for us? Who out there is trying to help the hard-working Amercian homeowner? We are currently looking for a place to rent and are finding it hard due to the fact that when credit checks are run, it shows that we have recently had a bankruptcy/foreclosure. For a family of 6, it is not an easy task to find a home to keep our children in the same school district. Because this has been a stressful situation on the entire family, we are trying to keep the children's lives as stable as possible. My husband and myself live distressed on a day-to-day basis, not knowing what to expect from Wells Fargo at this time. We have not even received a timeline letting us know how long we are able to stay in this home. This is extremely stressful. We don't know what to expect; maybe coming home and finding a padlock on the door. We will continue to contact our representatives with our dissatisfaction as to the way our government uses our tax dollars to support such dysfunctional institutions. (We want a refund!)
Entity: Des Moines, Illinois
32, Report #757444
Jul 28 2011
06:00 AM
Wells Fargo Bank Wells Fargo Visa Card, Wells Fargo Mortgage, Wells Fargo Savings and Wells Fargo Checking WElls Fargo uses a Law called Off Setting to take newly widowed womans savings.Leaves her one dollar to live on. Roanoke, Virginia
My husband died june 3rd unexpectedly. I informed Wells fargo where we had a joint mortgage loan,joint checking account, Visa Card in husbands name and Savings account in husbands name. We recieved noticed that our accounts were linked so assumed we where linked to all accounts. I notified Wells Fargo of my husbands death 3 days after he died. I was bombarded with mail from Wells Fargo and recieved at least two pieces of mail per day from them.  We had a life credit policy for the mortgage and I was told when we signed the mortgage agreement that it would pay off the house. It did not. It was only for fifty thousand and of that it only paid forty two thousand. Shame on us for not being more  aware and I still don't understand that one. Still grieving and missing my husband terribly I knew I had to pay some bills and 3 weeks after my husbands death I got online to check our balances and to my shock  and horror of the $2000 dollars we had in savings there was only $1.00 left. The Visa Credit Card in my husbands name only had a balance of approximatly $3000.00, Wells Fargo just took all of our savings except for $1.00 and applied it to that credit card. When I called and asked where my money was they told me it was in my husbands name only and what they did was legal. I cried and said it might be legal but it isn't right. I begged the person I talked to to just let me have some of that money in which to live on. I was told it was in my husbands name and I had to go through probate to beable to talk to them further about this. This was just 4 wks ago. Today  recieved a call from Wells FArgo wanting to know when I was going to make a payment on that same credit card! Now they'll talk to me huh? I directed them to a lawyers name.  I am just floored at their hard hearted approach. My utilites will be cut off within days. Their is no one I can ask for help from and that savings money would have enabled me to live until I found work. I did get a lawyer who is kind enough to float the filing fees for probate in which a small life insurance policy will be paid and title on the deed to our house will be changed that will not happen for at least 3 more weeks. The first four weeks after my husbands death is such a blur to me but i do know who, why and how Wells Fargo's treatment of family is when their family member recently dies.
Entity: Roanoke, Virginia
33, Report #852513
Mar 12 2012
11:17 AM
Wells Fargo Financial National Bank Bank rip off Dallas, Texas
We bought a TV from a small local store that offered free financing for 1 year. They placed the account with Wells Fargo. We had used the account the previous year for a washer with no problem. This month we made the final payment on the washer and a monthly payment on the TV. The checks were mailed 7 days before the due date and each payment was on a seperate check to avoid any confusion. When the next month's statement came we found out that they had held our monthly check until a day after the due date and then charged a $25 late fee because they say a $35 payment was one day late. If that's not a ripoff I don't know what is. We always pay our bills on time to avoid interest charges and late fees. We got no adequate response from either customer service or the supervisor.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
34, Report #1165009
Jul 25 2014
02:01 PM
Wells Fargo Financial National Bank Deceptive bank.. BEWARE Dallas Texas
I took out a Wells Fargo Health Advantage loan one year ago to pay for my laser surgery . It was offered to me by TLC center so I did no research on this bank. I was told I could make payments for 3 years interest free.. That was the first lie. A few weeks ago I got a letter saying that I needed to pay off the balance by July 13 to avoid the high interest payment. So I called the customer service line and made the payment through the automated services. A week later I asked my bank if any money had been withdrawn and was told no. So I called them again and spoke with a rep. I was told that the routing number was different and the automated system couldn't do that.. Ok. so we tried again.. this time all was fine. A week later I get a letter confirming I had authorized them to take the money out of my account.. Well nothing happened again. Today I get a bill for $1200 interest because no payment had been made!!!! I called again.. very upset of course and was told the payment had not been able to be processed. I should call my bank. So I called my bank and the manager said that the numbers were correct and that they should contact her and fax a confirmation explaining why they transfer could not be made.  I called back and after 20 min of waiting I was told that perhaps the amount had been too large to process... It was $2800! Since when is that too high??? But if I made a payment per money order or cashier's check they would be so kind and waive the interest fees..    I sent the money order away and called them to tell them to close my account..and I wanted this in writing... I was told again that might be difficult.. They had to speak with their supervisor... Now I supposedly will get it in writing. I will never deal with such a corrupt bank like this again!! I'd like to know how many innocent people they have ripped off...
Entity: Dallas, Texas
35, Report #1214378
Mar 09 2015
11:05 AM
wells fargo bank being ripped off by this bank Nationwide
It started about 4 months ago. Wells Fargo started posting checks and arch transactions to my account on Sundays. BUT this was only done in the beginning of the month when my social security was due to be deposited. When the account reconciled on Monday night they charged a fee even though the money was there from social security. Then I noticed the put soccial security in as a pending check so my funds were not really available until the day after they were deposited. I schedule all my payments for the 3rd of each month to avoid any fees. Social security says noney to be deposited as cash which means available the same day, not as a pending check. This month they really socked it to me with 600 in fees. Again these games only seem to happen at pay time. Did file a complaint with the OCC and the gov't consumer finance agency. 
Entity: Nationwide
36, Report #1280434
Jan 29 2016
01:18 PM
wells fargo bank, na al.,,etl wells fargo home mortgage wells fargo bank,,Alaska na, premier asset management aka wells fargo bank WELLS FARGO BANK, NA MODIFICATION FORGED BY ATTORNEYS MORTGAGOR FINDS OUT 2012 IDENTITY THEFT AND STOLEN VA IDENTITY anchorage Alaska
IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT   ANCHORAGE ALASKA,  PRESIDING JUDGE  TIMOTHY BURGESSPLAINTIFFS   THE B******  VS WELLS FARGO BANK, ALASKA NA  FRAUD NAME, NATIONAL BANK OF ALASKA, WELLS FARGO HOME MORTGAGE, WELLS FARGO BANK, NA  ANY OTHER PARTY TO BE JOINDERED UPON THE RELEASE AND FORFEITURE OF ADDITIONAL DISCOVERY NOT YET SUBMITTED,  CASE NUMBER 15-00010TMB CIVIL FILED ALTHOUGH THEYRE ARE SEVERAL CRIMINAL ACTS THAT HAVE BEEN NOTED IN THE DOCKETS.  EVIDENTALLY THE ATTORNEYS THAT WERE HIRED FOR THE NAME OF THIS BANK WERE ACTUALLY ALSO PERPETRATORS OF FRAUD THEFT AND DECEPTIVE COLLECTION PRACTICES AMONG OTHER THINGS FORGERY OF THE MORTGAGOR TO A MODIFICATION OFFERED THAT WAS NEVER ACCEPTED AS WE STILL HAVE THE ORIGINAL UNEXECUTED PAPERS WITH THE SAME ORIGINAL ENVELOPE, WE FIND OUT MANY YEARS LATER THAT THE LOAN WAS PAID OFF 9 YEARS PRIOR TO THE TAKING OF OUR HOME DURING THE FORECLOSURE CRISIS.  WE KNOW WHO FORGED THE SIGNATURE AND AFTER THE BANK HAS HANDED DOWN THEYRE DISCOVERY, WE HAVE FOUND THAT THE EXTENSIVE ABUSE OF MIS HANDLING OF OUR MONEY SINCE 1994 WAS SO SEVERE THAT IN THEYRE NOTES THEY USE TERMS LIKE WASHING THE ACCOUNT CREATE DUMMY FILE AND STATEMENTS SAYING WHERE DID THE BULLOCKS MMONEY GET APPLIED, WE HAVE SEVERAL PAGES  3161 TO BE exact of the horrific handling of our money. the specific branch is located in anchorage alaska at northern lights blvd.  although they have tried to deny these allegations which have not all been told in this report, they have since walked away from our abandoned home which has beensitting vacant for 2 years in the meantime we obtained a home to stay in for the exchange of repairs for rent.  they drew up title paperwork thru theyre attorneys to hand over to the veterans affairs which supposedly evicted us,and the va paid 8.2 million dollars for this titl paperwork, of course it is not valid and the last letter from the va stated they have had this outstanding bill of collections for 394 daysand they still have no valid title to the property. Since then they have still used our name and account number to wash huge amounts of money from the va to the bank and other departments and companies, with employee names on the transfers, this is so extreme abuse, as they stated to the va after the 394 days that we the bullocks are record title holders, but theyre attorneys are trying to submit papers to the federal judge stating they want us to admit that the papers they recorded are valid, when the attorneys that typed them up and took our home states more or less that the transaction wa fraud,  here i sit typing this report and wasting years of our lives while we are waiting for the judge to make a decision in our favor, we saved 16 years worth of records, and theyre records were a far cry from the truth, they actually stole our home by and thru theyre attorneys who will also be sued asa i can joinder them to the docket, i will not quit untl retribution is served inour favor, I have never seensuch abuse and I amsure they thought theyre greed would go unnoticed, but I make this promise that when this is over, i will hope the attorneys that were also involved will have theyre doors shut forever as they made our daughter homeless while sending theyre children to vacations and private schools with my daughters money all 250,000 dollars they collected from us for a 75,000 loan, they will pay for what they have done.  sincerely the B******  alaska
Entity: anchorage , Alaska
37, Report #130554
Feb 08 2005
10:41 AM
Entity: SAN FRANCISCO, California
38, Report #127375
Jan 14 2005
12:58 PM
Wells Fargo Bank unfair overdraft charges due to account manipulation to cause cascade effect Nationwide
The Opinion of a WF customer I have written this same message almost evey month for the last number of months and addressed it WF customer service. I want to know why evey time our account get down to around 10-12 dollars (this seem to happen on a regular basis over the last year)- that we are hit with all the WF Merchant account fees. WF always- by the way, takes the largest one first and then charges our company $250.00-$350.00 NSF fees every single time for a group of 5 to 7 very small (often less than a dollar such as 5 or 39 cents) transactions for which there is now no no funds to cover. We have no idea when these fees will hit the account as they are not always entered on the same day of the month. Money is continuous flowing in and out of the account as it is the account were we process our credit card sales. I want to know why it is always when the account hits a low that these charges are posted. We are a small family business that is working for WF. This is not honest and surely not the way a repeat customer should be treated- oh I forgot- we're just a number nowadays. If we treated our customers in this same way we would have been out of business quite some time ago. But I know WF could care less as they have already made enough money off us to last for many years of what would have been made off petty monthly fees. Oh well- they'll just get another customer to replace us until they burn them out as well- and on and on it goes. I don't know these people sleep at night knowing the dishonest practices you use to asses fees from customers all across the nation. What they do may be legal (thanks to bank-rolling politicians, that have served the industry well) but it is morally wrong. Being legal has nothing to do with being right. I'm sorry if this offends anyone but like I said- I seem to be addressing this issue every month. How many of you would go home to your spouse and say, hey honey we just got another $33.00 NSF fee for being 39 cents short- which by the way happened because WF took our 39 cents. I was told by one branch manager that the rule is :first in first out - but again this is not true- the largest will always come out first- then the next largest- and then the next and so forth. Posting- I am told by customer support is not controlled- well history seems to indicate otherwise- it is a simple thing to program a computer to watch balances. This has happened to many time to be a coincidence. Something is very wrong here and in my opinion needs a congressional or at least an investigative news show investigation. Wells Fargo Bank and Wells Fargo Merchant are both Wells Fargo- a case of one hand talking to the other? There is big dollars being made here. Oh- by the way you can buy your own credit card machine for about $279.00 and you do not have to rent one from WF. Greg Toledo, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
39, Report #127219
Jan 13 2005
11:50 AM
Wells Fargo Bank unfair overdraft policys and poor customer relations. Ripoff! Phoenix Arizona
Wells Fargo is a part of the growing number of banks that manipulates your transactions to maximize their profits on overdrafts. They take advantage of those of us that do not keep a regular running high balance in the account. personally There have been several times i have been on the very edge of where my money is very close to the amount that I spend for daily expenses. Just last night, I checked my online balance and I had a total of just barely over $30 in the account, so I bought some food, gas etc which totaled a little over $20 because I knew I had a deposit clearing this morning for $200, but I checked my balance today and it was $140, so I see that a check that I wrote yesterday had already cleared. So with that check posting first there were 5 transactions which put it into the negative, totalling only $30, but now I am likely going to be hit with $165 worth of fees. I do not trust their accounting practicies, they go back and 'insert' checks before the electronic debits of that day at 5am the following morning, when 3 hours later the deposit would have cleared and the balance would have never seen negative. To make matters worse, they do not care what effect their fees have on your life, for example, now I have to make $165 more to get back to what my balance should be, but I could yell and scream at them all day on the phone and they wouldn't do a damn thing to help you. They do not care whatsoever about their customers, they just wanna make money off you at whatever angle they can find. Their policy is to only refund 2 overdraft fees, EVER!! They somehow justify charging $165 for $30, which is absurd and rediculous, any bank that cared even a little about their customers would at least meet you in the middle or only charge a few fees. They should do their accounting in the way the transactions take place, not in the way they can arrage it to make the most money. As far as I am concerned they are probably one of the worst banks out there as far as policys and customer service, I have even had them lose more than one deposit which took days to get fixed properly, and then they didn't want to refund the fees that incurred because of them. What I would like to know, just hypothetically, what if a person with a balance of $100, were to make 100 $1 transactions, and then write a check for $100. The check for $100 would come in first, according to their accounting, and then the 100 $1 transactions even though the $1 transactions occurred first, would they then justify charging you $3300 for $100?? The problem is everything is done by computer, and ask any wells fargo employee, the computer can never be wrong, and if they fees are there then you deserve it, and you are a criminal for ever going into the negative even if its for $.50, no one in any wells fargo branch has the balls to stick up for their customers. How long will they continue doing this to us?? As long as we let them. I hope they see the millions of $$ that they are losing in customers that are angry and dissatisfied with their service. Kyle Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
40, Report #148794
Jul 07 2005
03:07 AM
Wells Fargo Bank Ripoff - Online Savings Account Scam Portland Oregon
I opened a savings account online 3 months ago for $200. Each month since then I have been charged a $5 fee - resulting in a $185 balance. This means that the value of my account has declined by 7% in 3 months. I've been trying to close the account either online or by phone with no success. I finally got an e-mail from Wells Fargo saying that they would send me a Bank Official Check after charging an $8 fee, which would reduce my balance to $177. This means that I have lost 11.5% on my investment. I could have purchased several shares in at least 3/4 of the companies on the New York Stock exchange and either made money or lost less than the safe investment in a Wells Fargo savings accout. You've heard of loan sharking? This is bank sharking. Beware of Wells Fargo! Craig Germantown, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Portland, Oregon
41, Report #149581
Jul 13 2005
11:35 AM
Wells Fargo Bank MAJOR ripoff Los Angeles California
I am saddened to see that Wells Fargo continues to abuse the consumers/customers and that so many lives have been effected and to see that they continue to get away with it. They clearly do not care one little bit about people in general. They want you to entrust your money in their bank and then they screw you over by overdraft fees, hidden fees and placing you into Chexsytems without any hesitations. They continously destroy lives with no regard. I understand there are some people who are worst case offenders, but there are a lot of good, hard working people out there who have bad things happen to them or are victim to bank error that the bank will never admit to and their entire world get turned upside down. Most of these people or lower middle and middle class citizens who care bearly pay bills and put food on the table and then they get hit with the unfair banking practices of Wells Fargo. I was the victim of fraud, which I have reported to the police department, the FTC, Wells Fargo and all three major credit reporting agencies. Someone used my information and opened an account at Wells Fargo in my name. After 8 days, a check was written on this account which created a overdraft fee. The next day all but 1.00 was removed from the account and then this check tried to clear in the amount of $387.71, which clearly there was not enough money for. It created overdraft fees from the bank and the retailer the check was written to. The bank that I WAS ligitamately banking with a month and a half later closed my account without notice because of the incident at Wells Fargo (up until this point I had no idea that an account with Wells Fargo even existed.) I immediately file a fraud report and contacted the police. Wells Fargo sent copies of all the info they had and a copy of the paperwork used to open the account. That was 2002. It is now over 3 years later and I am still not able to open a new bank account because Wells Fargo had the balls to report this fraudlent account and check to Chex Systems. The police have never solved this case and Wells Fargo has taken the poistion that until someone is arrested for fraud, they are going to continue to report this account and check to Chex System. I was in complete shock and feel similar to that of a rape victim. I have been assaulted and raped by this fraudlent action and identity theft and then to add insult to injury, Wells Fargo refuses to remove it or help me in any way. I have since hired an attorney and this matter continues to be ongoing. I am just so saddened that people are taken advantage of by this monsterous company. It is such a same they disrespect people the way they do. Chexsystems refuses to do anything because as someone else stated, they simply say they report whatever is given them. Ok, they fall under the Fair Credit Report Act and are to verify items, yet when they are fraudlent, they take the word of these companies like Wells Fargo and pretty much say tough sh$# on you...the Fair Credit Reporting Act is suppose to protect consumers from this type of behavior but the only response I get from them is a stupid brochure in the mail. Somehow, this type of behavior needs to stop. Lawsuits do even seem to be doing much to these big giant monsters like Wells Fargo, to them it's just pocket change. Yvonne Anchorage, AlaskaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
42, Report #162166
Oct 26 2005
11:12 AM
Wells Fargo Bank ripoff holds on deposits creating false overdrafts Campbell California
I have banked at Wells Fargo for years, but I have become incresingly appalled at their total lack of proffesional business pratices. They have most recently startes putting holds on checks I deposit from a business account we hold at another banking institution. This account has quite a lot of money flowing thru it on a daily basis, and we have a very well established banking relationship with this instiution. Some days we have a lot of checks come thru and we may have a lot of funds which have come in over credit cards which generally don't post until later in the day. The bank always calls us if this happens to verify what might be coming thru in deposits and credit cards. They have never bounced any of our checks. Wells Fargo puts a hold on the checks from this account based on some info from their risk dept that the check MAY NOT CLEAR. The holds are for 10 days. Meanwhile a notice goes in the mail, which then takes up to 5 days to reach me. In this time I may have written checks or used my ATM card against these funds, not knowing a hold has been placed. Wells then hits up my overdraft protection account and charges me $10 for each time they do. After all this nonsense, the deposited check will have actually cleared the bank the next day as it should have, but the funds are not made available until after the 10 dy hold is up. Never mind the fact that if the check had actually bounced, I have enough in my overdraft account to cover it! I don't even object to the hold so much, as to the fact that once the check is cleared they don't immediately release the funds to my account. WHAT A TOTAL RIPOFF!! I have tried to communicate my issues with this to Wells Fargo to no avail. They insist that this is an allowed practice by law, even though it is in no way a fair business practice. I have not found this to happen with any other bank except Wells Fargo, which should say something about them. I am not the only Wells customer that this happens to either. I would close this account except for the fact that I have several family accounts all linked together along with credit accounts and it would be a nightmare to move it all right now. I cannot believe that this is a legal practice and intend to pursue this further with my senator and congressmen. If it is legal it should be changed. It is not right for Wells to be having the use of a customers money for 10 days before the customer can!! Lydia Campbell, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Campbell, California
43, Report #74756
Dec 11 2003
02:26 AM
WELLS FARGO BANK ripoff West Des Moines Iowa
I am a traveling nurse and returned home to Idaho at the end of July. I made a change of address along with notifying my creditors of the address change because of previous problems I had encountered with getting statements on time. I am almost 100% sure that I had sent a change of address on my statement to Wells Fargo. Also my mail was to be forwarded to my home address. When I got back to Boise I started working again back with my previous employer. I was keeping very busy keeping up with everything. I did not recieve any statements from Wells Fargo Bank, which I had been recieved previously from a California Branch. And I didn't realize that I was not recieving any until either late October or early November. Actually it had crossed my mind a few times, but I'd forget. Then I finally recieved a forwarded letter from the address in California. This was the first time I had recieved anything. I called immediatly and was told they did not have the new address. If I actually did not send in a change of address the statements would have been forwarded. And this went on for some time. The rest of my mail had been forwarded, so why would this not? What has happened to me is, I have not only been charged late charges, but also overlimit fees, $35.00 each, for more than one month, plus they have destroyed what my credit rating, causing other credit companies to raise interest rates. I had two accounts with them. They closed the accounts (praise the Lord). I made phone payments, as much as I could, and have just sent in the rest of the due payment. They are calling and harrasing me, being very rude before the payment was even due. I can not believe they sent any statements or they would have at least have been forwarded. Especially when there would be two statements sent each month. Believe me they will be paid off ASAP. And I will disacourage anyone from ever doing any business with them as long as I live. I was told they had some problems in California in regards to computer tampering or theft which affected many people and it ended up hurting their credit ratings. Is this true? I wondered if they keep the portion of the statement which is sent back with the payment, because I am sure I sent the change of address to them on those statements. As you can imagine my credit is really screwed and you know what other companies will do to me. I am workiing really hard to get rid of my debt and am the only support of my family. I have two daughters in college at this time, which I'm paying 100% of the cost. There are only so many hours in the week. Another thing Wells Fargo does is if you pay an extra amount, in the next statement they will tell you that you don't have to make a payment that month. But if you are near the limit of your account, the next month they charge that over limit fee. Also, when I was in California in Sonora I opened a checking account with them because the bank I use in Idaho does not have any banks in California. I ddeposited my pay check into the account, then found out that they out a hold on my check for five or six days. It took calls from the Bank of America and the nurse travel agency I was with after four days until I could acess my account. I just want to be free from these people and never deal with them as long as I live. And it makes me very happy they are not allowed to finance any home mortgages in California. I don't know if there is anything I can do except get them out of my life forever. At this time they are calling my home threatning to send this to a collection agency and garnish my wages. And the payment is not even due yet!!! Susan Boise, IdahoU.S.A.
Entity: West Des Moines, Iowa
44, Report #103220
Aug 11 2004
04:56 PM
WELLS FARGO BANK They'll take you for everything you have Portland Oregon
Any chance they can charge you a fee they will. They have some bogus return statement fee so everytime they send a statement and it goes back to them (ex: when you change addresses) thats another $5 in their pocket. They wont bother calling to correct the address, and the jack*sses behind the counter are not competent enough to simply change your address for you. Nor are they friendly or show any kind of concern for their customers. If you are a non-customer wanting to cash a payroll check they try to persuade you to open an account and pay all fees associated with that. You close your savings account they could care less, they have enough money, what difference will one more person make. BOYCOTT WELLS FARGO!!!!!!! C porltand, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: PORTLAND, Oregon
45, Report #110239
Sep 26 2004
03:49 PM
Wells Fargo Bank Ripoff Outragious Fees, and Holding my funds Port Neches Texas
ON 9/13/2004 I deposited a Check from a buyer whom bought a mower of mine. According to the Wells Fargo site, it was posted. On the 17th, it was returned. Which steped my account into a major wreck. Having counted that money, I payed for some routine bills. Wells fargo then returned half of the checks, and payed for half of them ( I believe, Considering several after the fact reversals seem to happen with Wells Fargo). All in all, I got bruised with about 200 - 400 dollars wroth of NSF fees, and Over Draft Fees. On the 15th, 16th, 23rd, and 24th I deposited some funds to cover all these fees. On the 23rd I deposited 400 dollars, which that night showed a deposit. The next day it totally dissappeared from the bank. Even the local branch showed no deposit. After a review the local branch found a receit, and log with this deposit. Which is the point I found out that a Debit block had been placed on my account from wells fargo. No money goes in, or comes out. Now the 25th, I have a Paycheck, and several deposits which are being help hostige by Wells Fargo. They are drawing intrest on our money, while we can not draw any from them. So now, we are waiting on them to let me know what they are doing next! Im not sure whats ups... Either they close my account, and send me a check up to 10 days later ( Meanwhile we sit unable to pay for food, or utilities ) Their Comment is : Being that it is a new account it is our policy to close it for so many NSF issues. John Port Neches, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Port Neches, Texas
46, Report #110317
Sep 27 2004
10:19 AM
Wells Fargo Bank overdraft charges & holding monies RIPOFF San Francisco California
Reading some of the other complaints this here is basically wells fargo's way of doing business as usual aka company policy. I can only guess how many millions of dollars wells fargo has ripped off from the consumer using their banking practices, and by them being such a large corporation the people you have to deal with (I do not blame them, but I will deal with that issue further on)can only follow company policy set up by some very creative accountants. Right now wells fargo has closed my account because I am a risk. I am currently overdrawn 337.00 but in the last 2 weeks i have been hit with 20 overdrafts @ 33.00 each or 660.00. Although it's no one's business I had 15 withdrawels (by me) for 40.00 (all of which were approved) at a casino add on the 2.00 + 1.50 , wow. You would think wells fargo would love me. A few days later my check (direct deposit) was put into wells bank, 1,500.00. I was never told my account was closed 4 days on the phone with customer service. They blamed my co. for not sending monies. Finally I was told they have closed my account and holding my check for 10 days. Then they will send me a money order. Of course in the meantime I have written a few checks, which they are not going to honor, (even tho monies is there) waiting to see if they charge me for those. I did not directly sign up to wells fargo my bank was taken over by them a year ago. I will admit I am not a financial wiz. I do not balance my account. I do not even open my statements. Every other week I may look at my account online. They have made hundreds of dollars off me. It always seems whenever my account gets low thay charge my account with automatic deducts I have set up, (internet etc.) which they pay and then charge me 33.00. Also if I write several checks in a 2 day period they pay they largest one first and bounce the other smaller ones. i have more if anyone is interested. It seems to me others with this problem and myself could and should get together for some type of class action suit. This goes furthur than bad service I consider what they are doing is down right theft. They have perfected their practices and are getting bolder and bolder. I am fortunate enough to have a good job , single , and this is nothing but an inconvenience to me , but I am sure there are others who have really been devastated by wells fargo and many a child went hungry or cold because of them. Anyone may reply directly to me by using the rebuttal box below, and not to be rude but I don't have the time to listen or read about their experience with wells, but if someone has an idea or plan to bring action against wells by all means write me . Mark crosby, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: San Francisco, California
47, Report #109048
Sep 18 2004
05:44 PM
Wells Fargo Bank Hundreds of Dollars in Overdraft Charges Ripoff Bernalillo New Mexico
I accidently overdrew my checking account for less than $20.00 for less than one day and I was hit for over $200.00 in overdraft fees. When I cmplained about it they told me tough sh!* and tried to sell me on an overdraft credit account for another monthly charge. Wells Fargo sucks and anyone that uses them is a fool. Chuck Bernalillo, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Bernalillo, New Mexico
48, Report #108924
Sep 17 2004
03:57 PM
Wells Fargo Bank ripoff Reversed fraud payments results in overdraft fees Sacramento California Medford Oregon
We filed a fraud report with Wells Fargo bank about AOL and another small business in our home town that deducted money from our debit card without our consent. Wells Fargo gave us provisional credit back on these, and did not contact us after that about the claim. Two or so weeks later we checked our bank account status to find that Wells Fargo had reversed those charges without notifying us, on the only day we didnt have sufficient funds in our account to cover it. This put our account at $5 overdrawn. As a result we recieved endless overdraft and account overdraft fees ($33 Each and $5 a day after that). AND they allowed AOL, one of the companies we filed a complaint with in the first place, to continue taking money out of our account, even though we had closed our AOL account 3 months previously. From a $5 overdrawn we ended up with $231.89 in debt to Wells fargo. We have tried to contact them numerous times about this, and getting hung up on by the so called customer service department after calling us stupid and refusing to hear out what we have to say. THEN we recived a letter saying they have made numerous attempts to contact us with no result. This is after we have been hung up on by them at least 3 or 4 times on the phone. Only a few customer service reps agreed about the charges being a rip off but they didnt have the power to reverse them, and told us to go in to talk to a branch manager. So we called the branch manager. The branch manager doesnt have the power either. So who has the power in this bank to help us? Aaron Eagle Point, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Sacramento, California
49, Report #71993
Nov 15 2003
05:00 AM
Wells Fargo Bank 4 Trustee Deed Foreclosures on my Properties Las Vegas Nevada
Wells Fargo Bank Aka Wells Fargo Home Mortgage aka AMERICAN SECURITIES COMPANY aka AMERICAN SECURITIES COMPANY OF NEVADA Consumers are being swindled ever day and have been for years. Stolen from by our BANKS. The government is unable to keep up with the every growing exploitation of our Monetary Policy and Banking Regulations. With the limited power of our current fiduciary regulatory entities, we, the consumers are losing the battle. A change is imminent if the country is to survive the compounded damage of ten of years of predatory lending and cross collateralization of our assets. It is time to identify the real enemy and demand accountability of our financial institutions. These once hallowed institutions are marred with scandals of impropriety and fraud. My journey through identity theft Hell began with one such institution, Wells Fargo Bank and their third party affiliates. Companies like Wells Fargo Bank and their hierarchy, which includes under their umbrella, Wells Fargo Bank NA, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc, American Securities Company, American Securities Company of Nevada, AMB Mortgage, GMAC Mortgage, Provident Savings, First Security Bank, A & E Insurance, the list goes on. All these companies thought to be independent businesses but really directly connected to the principal, Wells Fargo Bank. All these companies technically, under one rood but with limited individual supervision by design. Predatory lending is just the visible leading edge of a complicated network of fraud made possible by our banks. Created by controlling their customer's credit, transferring of personal customer information and credit transferred electronically, the equity of this country is in jeopardy. The grip on Americans equity tightens every day by these Fiduciary Giants. My experiences with one of those Giants is Wells Fargo Bank. Wells Fargo controls a major percentage of the mortgage lending business in the United States. They employ bankers, lawyers, insurance agents, etc. some working together, circumventing the law, and exploiting the system, Ripping Us Off.. Exploiting real estate laws that were written to protect the public, American Securities Company of Nevada is the Wells Fargo's nominated Trustee on thousands of mortgages in the US. These trustees's are empowered to do all the dirty work for the bank exonerated of responsibility as the third party. American Securities Company is a trustee company favorite of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. Through American Securities Company, as their trustee, they perfect in-house non-judicial foreclosures on consumer real estate that is not in default. Starting with your loan application, the myriad begins. The purchase, maybe then a foreclosure or two, possibly another unexplainable encumbrance, a transfer and an assortment of many other potentially fraudulent transactions exchanging their customers equity through their property all safely inside the confines of the Bank. The credit of America is being held hostage and its getting worse every day. An endless exploitation of a paperless society controlled by corporate predators. Without a face or name, we are just numbers on computer screens, our equity is stolen without mercy. What are the two biggest reasons for fraud? Opportunity and Motive. Certain employees of Wells Fargo Bank have plenty of both. Fraud, all in the name of one of the largest financial institutions in the United States. Don't take my word for it. Check it out for yourself on line @ www.knowx.com. Chances are that you already have a trustee deed foreclosure on one of your properties. Help stop this exploitation of the only real asset you have. Who Owns Your House?? Concerned Consumer , NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
50, Report #82488
Mar 02 2004
04:42 AM
Wells Fargo Bank Northwest they stole money from account Portland Oregon
WELLS FARGO uses unethical business by allowing a deposit to show in an account yet a check comes thru and they take their money and then they wait until the following business day after my money was deposted and they took the 10 dollars from the account on the 28th day of feb,2004 on the 28th day of feb my acount showed a deposit of 92 dollars came thru and then ,on the 28th day of feb they took 10 dollars from a check that came in ,and then on monday feb 1st they charge my acount an overdraft fee of 33 dollars ,the actual date on ssi deposits shows feb 1st but when it was made availabe to my acount was on the 28th of feb, i called the phone bankers on feb 28th sat they showed the deposit of 92.00 and the withdrawl of 10.00 ,on friday the 27th day of febn, none of this account info was available it had not shown up at all . So on the 28th they process all transactions .there was nothing showing a possible overdraft fee ,nor on sunday the 29th was there an overdraft fee shown to be possible the acount info showed the 10.00 check being withdrawn and the 92.00 being deposited .yet on monday march 1st they steal 33.00 from a disabled veterans account that lives on a fixed income , Bryon portland, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Portland, Oregon

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