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1, Report #1399595
Sep 12 2017
03:28 PM
A Soberway Home Arizona Drug Rehab Center Prescott Nationwide
Sandra and Lori at soberway home are in business, and that is exactly how they treat their patience, do your research and you will find the same story.  None of what you see online is anything you will expect, they prescribe drugs you don't want to be on and tell you to take the meds or leave. Cleint confidentiallty does not exists there.
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #814194
Jan 02 2013
10:55 AM
A Sober Way Home A Soberway Home Hires those Using to Watch your Kids Prescott, Arizona
This facility has hired a women from the community that was terminated from the facility I was in for using the patients medications.  Her name is Regina.  When I was with her, myself and another girl walked in to her snorting our medications that were to be for us and our dual diagnosis.  Both myself and our sponsors confronted her much to her denial.  Do not send you children to this center that is hiring house managers who use their patients medications.  Just ask anyone in the Prescott Recovery Community.  I now have 8 months of recovery despite this lady.
Entity: Prescott, Arizona
3, Report #15254
Feb 27 2002
12:00 AM
Home Sweet Home Improvements is a NIGHTMARE
We recently received a court ordered judgement against Home Sweet Home Imp. of Rochester,NY in the amount of $3,015.00. They really owe us closer to $5,000.00 for work not completed. We had to fire them due to what I deem as very unethical and unprofessional behavior. They lost there membership to the Better Contractors Bureau. Apparently my $5000.00 is worth more than the business he will lose due to his expulsion. Of course they didn't show up at court to defend their position. So if you run across Mr. James Quagliatta of Home Sweet Home wish him the best of luck on ever finding a job again. Gary Rochester NY
Entity: Rochester, New York
4, Report #337049
Jun 04 2008
10:42 AM
American Home Shield - Home Warranty Service American Home Shield Home Warrnty Service is a Rip Off! Carroll Iowa
For those of you considering this service DO NOT, YOU WILL BE SORRY! I signed up with American Home Shield (herein also referred to as AHS) on 08/09/07 and my first payment was charged to my credit card on 08/15/07 as agreed, and every month thereafter on time every time, without fail. On the evening of 04/09/08 our water heater began to leak from the top of the tank. By the morning of 04/10/08 it began also leaking from the bottom. This of course meant that we had to turn off all hot water to our home. I contacted AHS on 04/10/08 at 11:08AM and they assigned a vendor (ARS Rescue Rooter) and I was contacted by ARS Rescue Rooter within an hour and told they would have a technician come out between 1:00PM and 6:00PM the same day. The technician arrived at 2:15PM and I took him to our crawlspace to surmise the problem. Before even making it to the water heater he shook his head and blurted out code violations (apparently the ARS Rescue Rooter illicit M.O.). To my surprise because I had just purchased the home 2 years prior and we had the crawlspace area thoroughly inspected. He made a call to AHS for approval and I waited to hear about coverage information. I was contacted by AHS within about 30 minutes, approximately 2:55PM. The AHS Rep. told me that they would cover the water heater because the problem was due to normal wear but he said that he was informed by the vendor that there were code issues in relation to the water heater that would cost an additional $900.00 out of pocket. I spoke with the technician and he stated that he could not perform ANY work without doing ALL the work due to County laws and ARS Rescue Rooter policy. I then asked the technician to provide me with a written copy of the estimate, to my shock he refused and stormed off (right across our new sod, as a mention to his mindset in regard to respect for clientele). The proper protocol ARS Rescue Rooter (herein also referred to as ARS) should have followed as a professions is as follows; to resolved the water heater quandary; then the representative should have given me a detailed invoice (I was never given any detailed information in writing as requested) stating services performed by him/ARS Rescue Rooter and listed any concerns he felt should be addressed. He then could have pulled a permit or I could have as the home owner and any alleged code violations found upon inspection are STRICTLY the responsibility of the property owner, period. Certainly not a vendor hired to resolve an urgent situation issue by a Home Warranty Company. In truth there were no code violations as confirmed by an authentic professional and an inspector. The ONLY additional work possibly considered necessary, not under warranty by AHS, was the compression tank and that is only required if we upgrade the tank we currently had, not simply replace with a comparable item. By the way, the expansion tank is a $20.00 item retail if we had of requested a new one to be installed, and at no time did we request to have ARS to remove our old unit. A very long story shorter; I contacted AHS to inform them of the misconduct, attempted extortion and exploitation of a client in a vulnerable situation. I was informed by AHS that I could opt for the Cash Out Option but I would have to wait. To add insult to injury AHS finally offered me a Cash Out offer of $165.00 to cover the cost of the water heater and the labor to repair it. I have since verified with the County and a legitimate plumber that the alleged code violation pointed out by the technician were in fact erroneous and I have had to have the problem repaired on my own at a total cost of $379.44 just for the water heater with labor, and this was at a substantially discounted price from a well known service provider. The lack of cooperation in resolving our issue from AHS is in direct violation of our agreement, resulting in our home having no hot water for four days due directly to the fact that we counted on AHS and as a direct result of providing a contractor (ARS Rescue Rooter) that practices illicit and unscrupulous business practices, preying on the vulnerable. Please keep in mind that I am a GA State licensed Master Electrician and a GA State licensed Residential Real Estate Specialist. I deal with these types of situations daily with my clients as well as various trades and inspectors, including all local authorities. I have recommended American Home Shield many times in the past to clients because AHS paints such a convincing picture. American Home Shield - It seems like a good idea -- prepaid home maintenance, basically a service contract or extended warranty on your house. The AHS booklet states, Commitment to your total satisfaction, That is why we back every job we do with the unique money back guarantee shown on the back of your home warranty ... AHS guarantees that all approved covered service repairs will be completed to your satisfaction. If for any reason you are not satisfied with that service received, we will work with you until you are satisfied or we will refund the trade service fee. Unfortunately, I have found from many other consumers in researching AHS on the internet that too often AHS Home Warranty doesn't work out that way ... and when it comes time to deliver; AHS does not even make an attempt at providing adequate, competent service to their clientele at a time of need. I am now doing as much damage control as I feasible can in regard to rescinding previous recommendations for American Home Shield I have made to my clients. Bottom line, I have been in no way compensated for the four days we were forced to live with cold water only in our home due directly to negligence on the part of American Home Shield. Had I realized that we would be unable to count on American Home Shield I would have had a new water heater installed the same day as the problem occurred. I know several honest plumbing contractors due to my daily field activities. In addition, American Home Shield has fallen well short of proper compensation for our water heater quandary, even at a fundamental cost level, by any standard. After I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau AHS did send another check for an additional $150.00. To sum up, service was never provided nor was adequate compensation; which is in direction violation of our agreement. This act by AHS and failure to react responsibly when required nullifies any and all agreements that may have been in effect prior to the morning of 04/10/08 leaving a full amount still due of $312.00. Al Marietta, GeorgiaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on American Home Shield
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
5, Report #1380382
Jun 21 2017
12:24 PM
Total Home Protection Total home shield Total Home Protection is a scam philadelphia Pennsylvania
 Purchased a home warranty. My ice maker went out so I called for repair. Spoke to Ms. Paris who said she was claims person at total home. They sent someone out who said they had to order parts. Never heard back. A few weeks later a contacted Total Home Protection and spoke to Ms. Paris again. they said they were denying my claim and said a power surge caused the problem and that a board was burnt. They claimed the technition that came out told them that this is what caused the issue. I told them that the tech never even looked at any board. He just looked at the unit and said he is going to order a few parts and replace them to see if thats what the problem is. He never tested or diagnosed anything. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was transferred to Dane Morgan. He said he was Paris' supervisor. I explained to him the issue and advised him that I had spoke to the technition while on hold ( I called the tech on the other line) the tech advised me that he never told them anything of the sort. Dane put me on hold and said he was calling the tech. After a few minutes he came back on and said they would replace one of the boards. I asked will this fix the problem he said he didnt know but that all they were willing to do. I told him to go ahead hoping this would fix it. He said he would contact the tech and have hime come out to fix it. No one ever showed. a few weeks later I called back to Total Home and Dane answered. When I said who i was he transferred me to Ms. Paris. I asked her to trasfer me back to Dane since he was the supervisor. She then claimed that she was his supervisor. ( feels like they are playing a game) She again went through the same speal as if choreographed about how the tech found a burn on the board and knew it was from a power surge. Again this never happened and the tech even said he would go with me to court if I decided to take legal action. I advised her that Dane said he would send someone out to replace a board. She kept denying that they will fix it and said there is nothing they can do. She even said she has no record of me ever talking to Dane and said that they log and record all conversations. I told her to pull up the date that I spoke to Dane and she could listen to the conversation. She refused stating their is no recording because I never spoke to him. She refused to fix my appliance and when I asked her to contact the tech to prove that there was no burnt board she put me on hold and pretended to contact him. While this was going on I had been texting the tech and he was waiting for her to call. He said she never called. She came back after about 15 minutes and said she could not get ahold of him and left a message. (not true) per the tech. She again refused my claim and said there was nothing more she is willing to do. Called them again on June 21, 2017 and spoke to Dane. I advised them that I was pursuing legal action. He then said he would send out another company to inspect the unit. I told him to do whatever he had to do but i want my ice maker fixed. We shall see if it goes anywhere. Im sure this is just another of their scams.  
Entity: philadelphia, Pennsylvania
6, Report #1179647
Sep 27 2014
12:17 PM
Choice Home Warranty is a scam Nationwide
We bought this home warranty because they stated that everything in the home would be covered. We also bought  separate roof and pool/spa policies based on their promises of anything broken being fixed or replaced. On their website, they have a checklist of all of the items that are supposedly covered.  Our first problem was with our hot water leaking. I called Choice Home Warranty to report the problem, and to have a repair man scheduled. Their response was that leaks were not covered. I had their repair man come anyway to diagnose the problem, and he said that the hot water heater was not repairable and needed to be replaced. Choice home warranty refused to cover any of the cost of a replacement! We ended up paying it on our own. The next problem was our swimming pool in floor cleaning system. It wasn't working, so I called them again (since we had pruchased the pool & spa policy). Same response- the cleaning system was also on the excluded list. The pool & spa light was also not working was also not covered. 3rd, we had a storm that caused a couple of roof tiles to be torn off. We had purchased the separate roof policy so I called them. They gave me a repair man's number to call. After speaking with him- he told me that he wouldn't come out to fix it because he had problems with Choice Home Warrany refusing to cover things. He said that because my roof was tile instead of shingles, Choice Home Warranty wouldn't cover it. I called Choice and they did confirm that they don't cover tile roofs (even though I purchased the roof policy in Arizona -where all roofs are tile!) 4th, we had leaks in our in ground irrigation system and that wasn't covered. 5th, our exterior landscape lighting was having electrical problems, and that wasnt covered either. I ended up frustrated and going online to the Choice Home Warranty website to see the fine print of exclusions. The exclusions aren't listed on the page of covered items. You have to go to the Homeowners User Agreement tab and under each covered item, it states: Included: all components and parts: except Excluded: lists all components and  parts  Every single part of the appliance is listed on the excluded list so that actually nothing is covered!!! This company is a SCAM!!! STAY AWAY!!!!!
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #1243622
Jul 22 2015
05:02 PM
nixon home improvement Nixon is a Fraud
I hired Nixon to install my hard wood floors and that was the BIGGEST MISTAKE in my life. First of all, Nixon did not even install the wood floor himself. Unbeknownst to me, Nixon had a Spanish guy come and install the floor.  A week after the installation was done the wood floor started to cup which is a reflection of moisture underneath. I contacted Nixon and he sent the Spanish guy who installed the floor to look at it afterwards.  That was when I realized it was not Nixon who installed the floor. The Spanish guy acknowledged he did not follow the right procedure when he said “Nixon did not pay me for that.” His statement told me that Nixon was not following the right installation procedure.  I am an attorney so wood floor installation is not my field of expertise so I believed Nixon when he said it was ok. The more I looked at the floor I became more concerned that my floor did not look right so once again called Nixon and conveyed my concern to him. Unfortunately, he did not listen and told me to get an expert floor installer to look at it. Well, I heeded his advice and brought another expert installer and the installer was shocked on how bad the floor was cupping. When I told Nixon what the expert installer said Nixon replied that the other installer was an idiot.  The expert asked me which type of glue Nixon used so I contacted Nixon regarding the glue he used. Nixon said it was the “very best in the world” but it took him 4 hours to give me a name. On top of that he did not want to give me the receipt reflecting the type of glue he claimed to have purchased.  When I asked Nixon to make the repairs he said he would if I paid him more….. what nerve and unprofessionalism he has.  Nixon is a fraud and his so called warranty is worthless. I am going to have to replace the entire wood floor but I plan on exposing how dishonest and incompetent his work really is.    
Entity: nationwide
8, Report #1355732
Feb 13 2017
09:56 AM
Choice Home Warranty Alltogether a Deceitful Company
I contracted with Choice Home Warranty approximately a year and half ago.  I had two repairs, each were handled appropriately by them.  Then my blower motor for my heating unit went out, and apparently, took out my digital thermostat with it.  Called them, service company comes out, removes the blower motor and tells me they will contact me when part comes in.  I then find out that Choice Waranty will not fix it as the part is not available from the manufacturer, it is out of business, and they will not pay for secondary source parts.  The part is available, just not from the manufacurer.  Oh, and they never pay for things damaged secondarily to whatever went out first, ergo the thermostat is on me.  They tell me they are going to send me a check for $300 in thirty days.  Subsequent investigation discloses that they only issue checks once a month and then they leave their mail room a few days later, usually in the first week or so after being produced.  By the way the repair is $459, not $300.  There is nothing in there literature stating the thirty day + wait, but there is a whole lot of exclusionary talk and words to the effect that we do whatever we want and you can't even sue us.  I have had other warranty companies on my homes and never anything approaching this kind of hassle.  I had one where the parts were no longer available at all, they paid for replacing the entire unit.  No hassle.  I am going back to that company.  Oh, their customer resolution person told us that if we cancel them, we will not receive the $300 check.  So when the check arrives, and is cashed, then I am going to cancel them.   My Suggestion, dont even think about this company. 
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #648284
Oct 06 2010
05:48 PM
Capital Home Shield This is a RIP OFF, HOME SHIELD PROTECTION , Internet
Capital Home Shield is a Rip Off.  I purchased a policy with them for Home Insurance on all of my appliances, plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, and my septic tank.  I purchased this contract in July, and just recently had a problem with my septic tank.  The red warning light came on.  The first three times I called them within a 24 hour time frame I got an answering service, and I left a message.  I never got a call back, then I called them and on the fourth time I got a girl named Cher, who called out a plumbing service to help the situation.  The plumbing service had no idea how to fix the problem, and told me that He would have to wait for Capital Home Shield to respond before he could do anything else.  It has been 4 days, and I have attempted to contact this ridiculous company multiple times to remedy this situation.  In the mean time, my septic has backed up and I have had to call out an alternative company to fix it, at my expense.  This company is a big joke.  If you are even thinking about using them for Home Shield service, I would think twice, and check out their references completely.  I have lost $500.00 on the warranty, and also $800.00 on the fix of my septic tank.  They are non-responsive, and a fraud.  My lawyer will be handling this from here out.
Entity: Internet, Internet
10, Report #693005
Feb 09 2011
11:57 AM
American Home Shield www.ahswarranty.com American Home Shield a Bogus company Memphis, Tennessee
I had two service requests declined by Amercian Home Shield (AHS). The  first one was for my microwave. AHS claimed that the microwave failed because I  did not mantain it. The microwave was 6 years old! They claim that the grease build-up inside the micrwave caused it to fail and I am suposed to clean the microwave. They expect me to open up  a microwave and service it?? how many people do that? Then next service request was for my refrigerator. The side panel for the water dispener and ic dipsener just stopped working. The technician said that the mother board needed to be replaced. AHS claims that , though the refrigerator is covered the motherboard is not!!! How ridiculous is this?  This company is a big scam. I  reported this to BBB and the company responded saying they would not cover it as per the contract and i  could cancel my membership for $35 !! Someone needs to stop this company. A Class action lawsuit would be awesome.
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
11, Report #218903
Nov 03 2006
07:49 AM
Home Stuffers Catherine Rich with Home stuffers is a rip off! San Diego California
I am a stay at home mom looking for extra money. Saw an ad in a reputable paper and called the number, got the application, filled it out and sent in my 45.00. Unfortunately, I did my research after the fact and after my check had cleared. I plan on contacting the police and the BBB. Have already filed a forgery report with my bank. Account number on the back of my check, show Ms. Rich deposited the money at a US Bank in St. Paul MN. Still researching. This needs to stop!! Lisa Centerville, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: San Diego, California
12, Report #1090802
Oct 25 2013
11:44 PM
American Home Shield American Home Shield is a scam Memphis Tennessee
Our air conditioning died during a heat wave, we opened a ticket in July 2013 and in October 2013 they send over a tech after 2 local hvac companies in town diagnosis the AC as needing a Replacement part.  American Home Shield says it isn't covered after spending days and hours with customer service, they call and say it isn't covered under the warranty.  This service is a scam! Save the $500. I have been hung up on and I called Mark Barry, the CEO and he isn't willing to return my calls. Call him, tell him he is a thief....I did a few times, you van get to his voicemail. Goog mark Barry 
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
13, Report #1044263
Apr 18 2013
09:38 AM
Home Depot Home Depot Online no delivery of kitchen ranger for over a month Internet
I ordered a gas range for a rental house from Home Depot online. The third party shipper lost the stove. After being told several times that the stove would be delivered, scheduling times, etc with no delivery, and waiting for over a month and losing a month of rent on the house, I gave up and canceled the order. I wasted probably three hours of time dealing with this and asked Home Depot for a store credit to make up for the inconvenience and for holding onto my money for over a month. The most they were willing to offer was a 10% discount on my next online purchase. Even though I called Home Depot to let them know I had not received the order, they did nothing, just gave me the phone number of the third party shipper and made me try to deal with them myself.
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #1113102
Jan 05 2014
01:03 PM
Sensible Home Warranty Sensible Home Warranty is a Scam Sparks Nevada
Sensible Home Warranty has not fulfilled reimbursement for approved reimbursements.  In May 2013, we opened two service requests.  After several weeks, Sensible Home Warranty contacted us stating it could not find a contractor, so we were authorized to find our own contractor, and we would be reimbursed.  We submitted all receipts at the beginning of July 2013. We continuously call and email about the status of our reimbursement checks ~$500; we are continually told the check is being processed, but we have not received reimbursement.  At the beginning of December 2013, we contacted Sensible to cancel the remaining year of our policy (we had a multi-year policy; the current year was still in effect). We were told we would be reimbursed for the remaining year.  While following up on when we could expect reimbursement, we were told we would not receive reimbursement.  
Entity: Sparks, Nevada
15, Report #1162427
Jul 16 2014
07:18 AM
American home shield AHS American home shield is a scam Nationwide
i have had 3 issues in 2 yeas! All took months to repair and a fight to try and get it covered! The people they send are clueless and unlicensed! The last guy lied and said someone unplugged or had worked on it so my insurance could use that as excuse not to pay! No one had touched it and if it had been unplugged it would not have worked the previous 2 years! Contractor not only lied but didn't return calls and this was enough good enough for them to refuse to pay!
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #1292022
Mar 20 2016
02:55 PM
Home Advisor Home Advisor send a Convicted Felon to my home to do repairs. Internet
Home Advisor is a nationally known company that advertises alot on TV. I contacted them last year to have some tile work done in my bathroom. They sent a convicted felon to my home to do the work. I know this for a fact, because I did a legal search on his name and address, which came back indicating he had been convicted of assault with a DEADLY weapon in 2012. As far as the work, he did such a poor job that I had to literally kick him out of my home. When I contacted Home Advisor, they were extremely unprofessional and refused to help me in any form or fashion. I notified them of his criminal record and they denied it. When in fact, I found out that he was fraudulently using the name of another individual who was the supposed owner of the company.  He actually had a picture of himself on their website, and after my phone calls to Home Advisor, the picture was removed. I tried 4 times to write a review of the contractor, but every time they refused to publish it. Every time I tried to contact the owner, the felon would answer the phone.  He was impersonating the owner and fraudulently using his name and likeness to get business. He began calling my home number early in the morning and late at night, and hanging the phone up on me. The felon in fact used another man's name to gain access to the Home Advisor network of contractors. DO NOT ever use Home Advisor for anything.  They do not stand behing their so called guarantees. I was out almost $500.00 in clean up and repairs after the felon literally tore my bathroom up and cut fiberboard wth a skillsaw INSIDE my home. All of the AC ductwork in my home was contaminated by the chemicals in the fiberboard.  I contacted the fiberboard company and they said long term exposure could lead to cancer, lung problems, etc. etc. Home Advisor offered nothing to help me, although I presented reasonable evidence to support my claim.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1208098
Feb 14 2015
09:03 AM
American Home Shield Rite-A-Way Services, Inc. Home Warranty Internet
American Home Shield Home Warranty company now treats their clients so poorly.  Avoid them like the plague.  They used to do a good job.  We've had a home warranty with them for 20 years.  But in recent years, terrible.  Especially their plumbing vendor, Rite-A-Way Services, Inc, which makes you wait 2-5 days for an appointment for a stopped up toilet or water leak, even emergency, charges $75 for the service fee then tells you a reason its not covered and will you pay them $600-800 to do it.As a former high volume listing agent, I referred so many clients to them over the years.  I am so sorry I did.Here's the latest.  My mother in law bought a home last month.  I got her an AHS Home Warranty.  Last week the shower valve broke and sprayed water. We had to turn the water off to the home.  AHS sent Rite-A-Way Services, Inc. They did NOT come Right a Way.  They came 3 days later, even though her water was OFF to the home due to the leak.  When they came, they said they can fix it, but it will then require $1,000 or more of tile work which they don't cover.  Or, we can pay them $800 to do an Upgraded fixture which will cover the hole in the tile they must make. Or, we can have someone else fix it and AHS will credit us $150 or $160.  So, we have someone else do it.Then, I have a staffer call from my property management company call to ask for the credit.  AHS won't talk to them. Privacy law.  Yeah, like we have criminals calling AHS trying to covertly repair people's homes for them.  So can I call?  No, my 75 year old mother in law must call.  So she calls.  She comes off the phone so mad she can spit, and sends me this email, much of it in RED, which I didn't even know she knew how to do:  Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:Table Normal; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-parent:; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:Times New Roman,serif;} I can’t tell you how angry I am at home warranty people. Called Fri… afternoon after being on hold over 20 minutes…. I told them a service man came out…. the one you talked to Ian, and said I would be reimbursed  $150 or $160 and wanted them to process it immediately as I needed it to pay my plumber. They said it was Friday and too late to do that but to call Monday  Come Monday… I call again in AM wait for another 18 minutes,,and told they would put it on for the first thing and call me or e-mail me the information.No call.Tuesday… Call again…. put on hold… finally get through and talk to Zack.TOLD: I OWE THEM $20.00!!!!!As far as I understood… I owe home warranty $ 75.  I also owe the technician for a service call $65.00 for coming out.  Now… they are only giving me A CREDIT OF $120.00 not $150 or $160 as they promised.THEN FROM THAT I OWE THE 75.00 DOLLARS AND THE 65 DOLLARS.  so I am supposed to pay them $20.00HELP… I NEED BIG GUNS….. WHAT CAN YOU DO?????I QUIT.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #901974
Jun 23 2012
09:17 PM
A & B Home Improvement BRB Home Improvement SHODDY WORKMANSHIP Lancaster, California
I hired Brock Bunge to install a vanity in a downstairs bathroom. This is a nice colonial style new vanity from Lowes. He installed it around September of 2011. A few months later, it started leaking water and I didn't know why. Since this is new, I didn't think there should be anything defective here and was worried I would have to take the unit back  to Lowes. I called a Plumber who opened up the pipes and told me there is no plumber's putty on the pipes and the guy who installed it used the wrong gage of pipe for the job. I still had the manual for this vanity and I opened up the installation instructions and read it. It says to put silicon around the thread. Brock never bothered to put either one. The plumber told me he prefers plumber's putty for pipes. He fixed it and there are no more leaks. This was a simple job to do, not rocket science. One would think that when you hire a General Contractor, as Brock calls himself, he would take the trouble and for one extra minute put on the silicon or putty but this guy couldn't be bothered to do any of this. This is a man who claims that he does a lot of plumbing work but the facts demonstrate the exact opposite. This guy Brock Bunge is a crook and anybody considering hiring this man should beware that shoddyness is something he takes pride in.
Entity: Lancaster, California
19, Report #901714
Jun 23 2012
02:37 PM
A & B Home Improvement BRB Home Improvement Shoddy Workmanship Lancaster, California
I hired Brock Bunge to install a vanity in a downstairs bathroom. This is a nice colonial style new vanity from Lowes. He installed it around September of 2011. A few months later, it started leaking water and I didn't know why. Since this is new, I didn't think there should be anything defective here and was worried I would have to take the unit back  to Lowes. I called a Plumber who opened up the pipes and told me there is no plumber's putty on the pipes and the guy who installed it used the wrong gage of pipe for the job. I still had the manual for this vanity and I opened up the installation instructions and read it. It says to put silicon around the thread. Brock never bothered to put either one. The plumber told me he prefers plumber's putty for pipes. He fixed it and there are no more leaks. This was a simple job to do, not rocket science. One would think that when you hire a General Contractor, as Brock calls himself, he would take the trouble and for one extra minute put on the silicon or putty but this guy couldn't be bothered to do any of this. This guy Brock Bunge is a crook and anybody considering hiring this man should beware that shoddyness is something he takes pride in.
Entity: Lancaster, California
20, Report #105391
Nov 19 2011
06:29 PM
Lennar Home Builders rip-off sold us a home with a cracked slab! Houston Texas
We bought a Lennar home that had been owned by a previous owner. The sales representative had discussed the CRACKED SLAB with them. These people moved in and within 3 months Lennar purchased the home back from them because of a skunk that died in the walls. Lennar Homes sold us this home with a new home warranty -- just as if no one had ever lived in it. They disclosed the skunk odor but they never mentioned the cracked slab. In fact the sales rep refused to allow us to see the house until they had replaced the carpet covering the floor.After living in the house almost a year, we decided to get an inspector to check for warranty items. That is when we discovered the cracked slab for the first time. Our neighbors knew the crack was there but thought that the sales representative had told us about it since she had discussed it with the previous owners. When the tile was removed, it was obvious that the crack was there since construction because of the glue and grout inside the crack. Our cracked slab went across the entire width of our home. This was no small crack and it literally cut our home in two pieces.During our 10 month FIGHT with Lennar we were treated very disrespectfully. We are living in one of Lennar's Active Adult Communities. We put our retirement savings into our home and would never have bought a home that had a cracked slab and we realize that it could be very difficult to sell our home to another buyer because of the repaired crack. We could never recommend anyone buying a home from Lennar unless they hire a PRIVATE Professional Real Estate Inspector before they close on the house and understand about the binding arbitration agreement that is in all the contracts.When our construction foreman came over with a jar of glue and a putty knife to repair our cracked slab, we knew that we had better do a lot of homework on our own. We contacted every foundation repair company that would talk to us and we also got on-line and read the International Residential Codes (which is the MINIMUM standards that all builders are supposed to follow). Lennar has begun repairs on our home, but we have been through 10 months of the worst nightmare in the history of cracked slabs.We want to warn everyone who is getting ready to purchase a new home to get an inspector to inspect your home before signing papers. In fact, it would be helpful to hire an inspector to check every step of the construction. Also be aware that the binding arbitration agreement takes away your Constitutional Rights to a jury trial if you have a problem with your home.Ruth Pearland, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
21, Report #1280345
Jan 15 2016
04:32 PM
I was a contractor who joined Homeadvisor.com and they lied to me to get me to join up, just to charge me over $1500.. Every time I called to ask a question or complained about the no leads they would charge me the next day. I never saw the statements until after I had a charge. The last time I called and said I was very upset that I had received ZERO response to phone calls and leads (which was all my fault they said), I got hit with $744 of useless leads in one day. So I had a grand total of $1878. In 3 weeks of bad leads and never credited 1. 1 lead out of 45 is a horrible feeling.The salesperson Lisa completely misled us about how the lead system work. After 30 days of being here I had 1 lead that was legit for a plow. I was told that every 30 days that I would get a statement before I was billed. I was told that I would be 1 of 3 people that would get a lead.. One number that I called who answered said that he put the job in 2 weeks ago and had already hired someone. So that means I signed up for a company that was a scam.I have used (((REDACTED)))for 2 years and have gotten wonderful leads off this website. I got an award for having 5 stars for my services. All times I called to talk to customer service (6 times) I was berated by these people and was told it was my fault. How it is my fault I called every number they gave within minutes and NEVER got a person. I NEVER got a phone call back. I am known for my good people skills. I am distraught many small companies like mine can’t handle this kind of hit. I am now trying to figure out what to do. Home advisor are like thieves, they will give you a call and tell you ” am we got a customer for you and this is its info its number and address”, then they’ll tell you to do it tomorrow “. See, once they say it that they got a customer for you they will deduct money from your account, right then and their…  
Entity: Golden, Colorado
22, Report #1413113
Nov 22 2017
04:38 PM
American Home Shield AHS Refused to cover a new A/C compressor Ventura California
So after paying 16 years of premiums from when my house was brand new, my A/C compressor developed a leak and now AHS is refusiing to cover it saying the yard sprinklers caused damage to the unit. They sent 2 companies with incompetent technitians who I showed the sprinklers do not hit the unit but they said the units are outside and next to the yard and so they are using the sprinklers as an excuse. Well show me an outside A/C compressor that is not near a lawn and subject to environmental moisture. Total ripp off of my premiums. 
Entity: Ventura, California
23, Report #356349
Jul 28 2008
07:15 AM
Home Assure a total ripoff Clearwater, Florida
ok----first off i assure you this company is a total ripoff. they are all about getting your money and getting your money only. the guy that runs this well oiled ripoff machine is a man named brian blanchard. there are many people who know this guy and can say first hand this is a money scheme. go ahead and pay your 1500 bucks and that will be the end. they will say hold on while we go to the underwriting dept to see if you can get approved. all they do is put you on hold and go around high fiving that they have ripped off another sucker. please please do not use them. just call your mortgage company direct and ask for loss mitigation dept. you can do this your self. do not make the mistake of wasting your money here. THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM AND I KNOW THIS FIRST HAND SO PLEASE BELIEVE ME. there are so many lawsuits filed on these people right now i would expect them to go into hiding any time now. Disgruntled miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
24, Report #457851
Jun 02 2009
03:31 PM
Help At Home What a disgrace! Chicago Illinois
This place is trashy and very unorganized. The staff is unproffesional from their attire to the way in which they speak. Don't suggest getting a job here... Anonymous Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
25, Report #581971
Mar 17 2010
09:37 AM
Loan Home scam Lombard, Illinois
I have been to their seminars and thought about doing this; unfortunately, however, I need real income at this point of my life to support my family.  Secondly, I was a little bit turned off when I referred a client to LH and he could not get a returned phone call.  It was a tad embarassing.
Entity: Lombard, Illinois

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