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1, Report #1149566
May 25 2014
02:09 PM
ABC Gift Cards Rip Off New Jersey Internet
I ordered a $200 PACSUN gift card (Order #211528) on 28 NOV 2013 for a Christmas gift. Shipped to Arlington, Virginia. My son tried to use the gift card on 5 APR 2014 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The card balance was zero. I called PACSUN at 877-372-2786 (option 4) and the gift card was used at the original purchase store in Illinois (zip code 61910) on 03 DEC 2013. ABC Gift card DID NOT honor the 45-day money back guarantee althought it was clearly evident that the gift card was used in a different city within a 45-day period. ABC refused to refund the entire purchase price of $146.  
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1166020
Jul 30 2014
07:14 AM
ABC GIFT CARDS Ripped off NJ Internet
I sold this company a 50.00 gift card to Microsoft on July 22nd, I filled the paper work out and securely mailed the card that day, It is now the 30th and they state they have not received it as of yet. I also was curious as to whether they had any for sale on their website to see how much they were going to sell it for after their offer to me. Well, on the 22nd they did not have any available..... But, on the 30th they all of a sudden have a 50.00 Microsoft gift card available for sale  for 44.00 ... Could this be the gift card i sent them?? It seems very suspect that they all of a sudden have a 50.00 gift card for sale on their site and they claim they never received mine. I am filing reports with everyone i know as i am NOT taking a loss on this transaction. This company is the worst ever to deal with. 
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1081755
Sep 04 2013
07:40 PM
ABC Gift Cards Never buy from ABC Gift Cards Internet
Do not buy from ABC Gift Cards.  Bought $200 in Capital Grille Gift Cards, and tried to use them only to find out they were used.  The claims department was no help, and refused to issue a refund. This is NOT a company that operates with integrity
Entity: Internet, Select State/Province
4, Report #1092204
Oct 15 2013
06:44 PM
They dont answer the phone, or emails.  Their gift cards are no good.  Cant get any help from company to get my money back.
Entity: Select State/Province
5, Report #1201125
Jan 12 2015
02:26 PM
ABC Gift Cards Steal your gift cards, no communication! Brick, NJ Internet
ABC will change what they agreed to pay for your gift cards, end up not paying at all, and never answer emails. Sold gift cards to ABC gift cards because they promised a fractionally higher rate than other companies with similar services when you factor in that they promise to reimburse PayPal transaction fees. Shipped off two brand-new GCs with a total value of $20 ($10 each) on 12/26 after going through the selling process on ABC's website, including submitting my card numbers for verification of balance, and receiving an invoice promising $14.23 in PayPal.  ($6.40 for one, $7.83 for the other) Began checking the status of my order more than a week later, only to see that a) There is no way to log into an account.  Every time you reset your email's password, that new password is still invalid.  Customer service does not respond. b) Thankfully, you can check the status of an order without logging in, with just an order number.  Doing so shows that my (and it is my, as the name and address match up) Payment Amount = $6.59.  $6.59 is not an amount mentioned anywhere on my invoice.  Not for either gift card individually, even. c) Once we receive your cards and validate them, your payment will be issued within 24 hours.  Except my order has been sitting at something called Review2 with this false payment amount for weeks. d)  Customer service does not respond.  Not to emails via website form, not to emails directly to the department, not to respond above this line emails to the customer. I never scratched the PINs on the physical cards, they were brand-new, so I can't check the numbers to see if ABC has already flipped them and sold them to a customer, but I wouldn't be surprised.  Even if they finally process my order, they are attempting to cheat me out of more than half of their originally-promised payment amount, according to the Order Status page.  My being in possession of the original sale invoice showing the amount I agreed to sell my cards to them is worthless when they refuse to answer any line of communication.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1198630
Dec 31 2014
12:03 PM
ABC Gift Cards Sold my gift cards, did not receive payment New Jersey
I sent them ten gift cards two months ago and they have no sent me any compensation.    On November 1, I sold 10 gift cards to ABC Gift Cards. I chose to receive an Amazon gift card and I was supposed to receive $220.22.   On November 19, I received a somewhat unprofessional call from Julie asking me to return her call at extension 503. I immediately called back, but nobody answered.   On December 10, I contacted ABC Gift Cards via email. I received a response from Brooke McDaniel who informed me that as a new customer, I needed to submit more information. She also instructed me to call Julie at extension 503. Again, I called and nobody answered. In fact, I called multiple times and nobody ever picked up.   Yesterday, December 30, I complained to the BBB. Today, I received an email via the BBB from Jeremy stating that two of the cards had a different balance than what was entered. As such, this raised a flag in our system and we tried to reach out to the customer.   According to my ABC Gift Cards account, I am now owed $182.39. If I had been told this early, pehaps a month or two ago, I would've been fine with it. However, as I have not heard from the company depsite my many attempts, I want my gift cards back.      
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1191832
Nov 28 2014
02:25 PM
ABC Gift Cards Gift Card Scam Brick New Jersey
I purchased 3 gift cards in November 2014 from ABC Gift Cards and instead of cards this company sent me COPIES OF THE CARDS. After complaining to them and days of emails they admitted that they retained the actual cards and elected to send paper copies instead. Reeks of fraud!!! I had to dispute the charge with my credit card issuer after days of getting the run-around from Gabby.In addition to sending me photocopies of cards, one of the 'cards' they sent had a 0 balance. Imagine ordering a sweater and being mailed a photo of it- this is exactly what this company does.
Entity: Brick, New Jersey
8, Report #956598
Oct 18 2012
08:32 AM
ABC gift cards total FRAUDS. Sned 3 cards only paid for 2 and not quoted $$$ Internet
On Sept,8, I sold 3 different cards to Was quoted acceptable prices and sent all 3 cards in to the company in one package. Each cards was attached to it own invoice and order number.  They recieved the cards and paid me for one card.  I emailed, Jenny, and told her I sent in 3 cards. First she tried to put me off and played dumb, trying to ask if the cards were sent in 2007/2008; then asking me about tracking number. I said that shouldn't matter since the company acknowledged and paid the first card. She said fine, it was ok to send all 3 cards at once and the remaining cards were being processed.  This was  Sept 24. After another week I was underpaid for a second card.  When I sent an email about the 3rd card, Brooke emailed this time said they had yet to receive it.  I sent a responding email restating everything. Brooke responded with a confusing email telling me they would send me the pin and card number  for my order.  That was on Oct.5.  Despite my daily emails and money requests sent for, they will not respond.   I just want to be paid and be done with this company.
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #1204398
Jan 26 2015
09:49 AM
I bought a gift card from ABC Gift Cards through Gift Card Granny.  I received a piece of paper in the mail with a code and instructions on how to use the gift card online or in a store. After giving it as a gift, I got the embarrassing phone call a few weeks later saying that the store rejected the gift card because it had no balance.  Luckily the person I gave the gift card to used it right away and I was able to dispute the charge.  If they had tried to use it a few weeks later, I would be completely out of luck.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1155674
Jun 18 2014
09:17 AM
ABC Gift Cards ABC Gift Cards took my cards, paid me money, and then sent me a collection letter months later. New Jersey
I want to preface this report by saying that my experience is very similar to that of another user (report #1153662). I believe this company has done this before and will do it again. In December of 2013, I sold an ITunes gift card to ABC Gift Card for $65. I received an email saying that they will verify the gift card and once it is verified I will be sent my money. About a week later I received an email saying that it was good and I was sent money via PayPal. I thought the matter was resolved and thought nothing of it until about one month ago, on 5/16/14, I received a letter from a debt collection agency saying I owed ABC Gift Card $65. Prior to this letter, I had not received any attempts to contact me, via phone or email. I had no idea there had ever been a problem or that I owed any money. I called the debt collection agency to inquire and was told to contact ABC Gift Card.  I attempted to call ABC gift card however was placed on hold and my calls were never answered.  After several days of calling and leaving messages I finally got through and one of their associates spoke with me. I explained to her the situation and she said to email her an account of what happened and that she would forward it to the correct department, and that I would have to wait until they contacted me. So that day (5/23) I sent the email. I then heard nothing for the next week and attempted to call several times and leave messages without success. On 6/2, I sent a follow up email. On 6/4 I finally got an email response, containing only one sentence “I am still looking into this matter.” After waiting another week I tried emailing again on 6/9, and sent another follow up on 6/13, however still received no response. I was contacted by the debt collection agency again today (6/18) so I decided to call ABC Gift Card again. After speaking to the associate, and her manager, they told me to contact another person who handles these claims. So I sent him an email and have tried calling several times but no one has answered. I have left several messages and am now awaiting a response. I want this matter to be resolved immediately, however I cannot do so without the cooperation of ABC Gift Card. 
Entity: East Windsor, New Jersey
11, Report #1074332
Aug 08 2013
07:39 PM
ABC Gift Cards ABC Gift Card is a SCAM! Transferred money off my card and won't refund me! East Windsor New Jersey
I purchased three $100 chipotle gift cards from ABC Gift cards. I used one of them with no problems. When I went to use the other two cards I was told by Chipotle the accounts have been closed. ABC Gift cards conviently closed the two cards right after the 45 day guarantee so they could probably resell the cards! The company is a complete scam and the customer service will not assist you. I am now out $200 and will do whatever I can to make sure others aren't ripped off like I was.    Please avoid this company and go elsewhere. The people are not nice and they do nothing to help you as it is a scam!!!
Entity: East Windsor, New Jersey
12, Report #1093076
Oct 19 2013
10:03 AM
Just got a Starbucks gift card.  The card's PIN is unreadable; i.e., it's all scratched and smudged.  Now I need to try to get my money back.  Will not buy from them again (and wish I'd read these & YELP's reviews first).  The BBB must be corrupt, because it gives this company an A+ rating!
Entity: East Windsor, New Jersey
13, Report #1196037
Dec 17 2014
11:38 AM
ABC gift Cards Cash card LLC Will not Pay me for Gift Cards I have mailed lakewood New Jersey
I sent in gift cards to see by gift card granny which in turn redirected me to card cash .com or abc gift cards. They have had cards for 10 days now and will not give me my amazon pay code daily i would check there site and there would be discrepencys in my account saying that my card had a lower amoutn than what my card actually had. I would email them and they did not email back i would call and they kept saying 24 hours. Which is not true.Then all of a sudden my cards are in escalations which is something i have never heard of they send me a form Julie and it asks for my bank and socila and drivers license and she grilled me about how i had obtained my cards becasue I was a firs time customer tried to complained to bbb but they are on some kind of holiday?? I am taken aback as to why i sent them my gift card via certified mail and they then ask for my bank information and force me to sign a form with my bank information when payments are to be done by amazon code.This site has no facebook or twitter and seems like a scam. Gift card Granny will not get back to me as they are the ones who referred me.  
Entity: lakewood, New Jersey
14, Report #1153662
Jun 10 2014
02:36 PM
ABC Gift Cards will take your gift cards, pay you, and then send you to collections months later Internet
I sold some completely valid and full gift cards to ABC Gift Cards over 3 months ago. I was contacted on April 24th requesting further information on those gift cards and I told the representative exactly how I had obtained them and that I had entered the full card number on their site to verify the amounts before I sent them in (guaranteeing that the cards were valid and had the funds on them).  ABC Gift Cards claimed they had attemped to call me several times, which is not true. I do not have any record of missing any calls from them on or before April 24th. I did not receive any further correspondence from ABC Gift Cards until I received a debt collection letter on 5/21. I believe that they are wrongly attempting to collect on a debt that is not mine. The gift cards I provided to ABC Gift Cards were valid - they were purchased directly through the American Express points program. I was not given any notification that I was being sent to a collections agency, which I understand is not required by law, but it would have been appreciated - I could have tried to resolve the issue directly with ABC Gift Cards. In addition to this, I was never sent a bill or invoice for the amount - I was never requested to pay the amount of $164.00. Also, I'm not sure why the debt is $164.00 since ABC Gift Cards is claiming two $100 gift cards are invalid. That doesn't make $164.00, that makes $200.00.  It also doesn't make sense that only 2 of the several gift cards I sent were invalid - why not all of them?I have sent a letter to them directly as well asking for validation of this debt.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1079716
Aug 28 2013
07:07 AM
ABC Giftr Cards Sold me a gift card that the previous owner or worker from abc gift cards used within 2 weeks.  internet
On June 13, 2013 I bought a $100 Home Depot gift card for $95 from They're suppose to be warranted for 45 days. I gave the gift card to a friend as a house warming present in August. They tried to use the gift card on August 12th and was told that the gift card was worthless. He asked them to look into it and they said the gift card had been used on July 2nd. I'm assuming the person who sold the card or someone who works at wrote down the number and used it online. I tried to contact the company to resolve the issue but they refuse to do anything about it stating that it happened outside the 45 day period. I believe June 13-July 2 is only 19 days. This company has a reputation for this kind of thing. I wish I would've read the reviews before using this company. They have over 100 complaints with the Better Business Buearu this year alone. I'm surprised it hasn't been shut down yet.
Entity: internet, Select State/Province
16, Report #1002688
Jan 24 2013
01:52 PM
abc gift cards They did not send me the amazon card promised after purchasing a gift card from me. Internet,
ABC gift cards purchased a gift card for a restaurant from me. I sent to them. They told me that they received it. In return they were suppose to send me a amazon gift card by email. I never received the amazon gift card. I contacted them by phone and no ever answers . I sent 8 emails and they say they will email me the gift card and don't do it. What a ripoff. Don't ever use this company. They are the worst company I have ever dealt with on the Internet.
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #1108291
Dec 19 2013
09:45 AM
ABC Gift Cards, LLC ABC Gift Cards Won't Refund Your Money. Terrible Customer Service. Brick New Jersey
Worst customer service I have dealt with ever. How can a gift card not be delivered yet when its going from NJ to CT via USPS Priority Mail? Ordered 11 days ago, tracking hasn't been updated in 10 days, and is now 7 days past its original delivery date. Obviously the package has been lost, misplace or stolen in transit. ABC Gift Cards keeps telling me to wait it out and hasn't acknowledge any of my requests for a refund or a replacement. They are trying to blame it on bad weather and the holiday season for the delay in transit, HA! Why have I received packages I placed before, on the same day and after for various companies, locations and shipping service?Now an honorable company would refund the customer in hopes to retaining their business and take the matter up with the USPS themselves but not ABC Gift Cards.I opened a PayPal dispute up with them and they did nothing. I escalated it to a claim and they continue to do nothing, now they have 10 days to respond until PayPal takes action. So now I am out over $500 and a Christmas present because ABC Gift Cards can not do the right thing.Do Not Order From ABC Gift Cards!!! I will never buy from them again and make sure as many people as I can do the same.
Entity: Brick, New Jersey
18, Report #1196574
Dec 19 2014
02:02 PM
ABC Gift Cards They Wouldnt ship my card a bought online through GiftCardGranny Brick, NJ New Jersey
I bought a Gift card for christmas and have been waiting over a week to get it shipped. WHen I call they said they said their internet has been down for 2WEEKS... hOW can a online company have their internet down for 2 weeks and still operate. Then they said it will take another 5-7 days to get my refund. This is Riduclous..,.Do not use them!!!
Entity: Brick, NJ, New Jersey
19, Report #1187810
Nov 09 2014
07:04 PM
abc-gift-cards Cash Card,, Asks for Driver's Licenses with some purchases, but won't tell you why Brick, NJ Internet
This company may ask for a copy of a customer's driver's license to be faxed to them.   They don't give any good reason for why they need this, only to say that they need it for verification.   This isn't with all purchases, just whenever they feel like it.   If asked for the company data retention policy, the company will no longer do business with you.   This is very suspect.   Additionally, the company will no longer respond to your requests for service, nor email you back with any response.   I don't believe the company is legitimate, and they may be selling customer's personal identifications.   Gift card purchasers, please beware. (and are owned by the same group.   They are located at: 990 Cedarbridge Ave Ste B7 Rm 365, Brick, NJ 08723.   The company is registered with the BBB.   If you enquire about these practices, they will cease communications via email with you.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #995615
Jan 12 2013
10:03 AM
ABC Gift Cards Worst Customer Service and Do Not Deliver East Windsor, New Jersey
On December 27, 2012 I purchased $1981 of Gift Cards from ABC and received an email confirming this.  I followed up the same day and purchased another $429 of other types of gift cards and again received an email confirmation.  On 12/30 I received two emails indicating that ABC had shipped two packages to me and provided tracking numbers. They were to be delivered in 1-3 days.  On 12/31/2012 I purchased another $982 of cards and again received email confirmations and emails that these would be delivered in 1-3 days.  A week goes by and nothing. I start trying to contact the company via their website and phone calls. Another week and in the meantime there is no reply and the phone number makes you sit on hold for maybe 10 minutes then always just dumps you into voice mail where they say they will return the call within 1 business day but then they do not.  They finally replied to my inquiry by asking for the order numbers since I gave them tracking numbers.  I provide them with order numbers and then they fail to get back to me.  I will have to file a BBB complaint soon and contact my credit card company.  If this company is indeed legit they are going to destroy themselves with the poor communications and customer service.  The barriers to entry in this industry seem to be basically zero and so anyone with better communication and customer service will crush them.
Entity: East Windsor, New Jersey
21, Report #975410
Nov 30 2012
09:24 AM
ABC Gift Cards ABC Gift Cards. FRAUD! Sent in Gift Card, never got paid. East Windsor, New Jersey East Windsor, New Jersey
I wanted to trade my over $6000 Target gift cards that were initially planned for Thanksgiving purchase with  Based on the USPS tracking number 420087239101969010386965989351, ABC received the gift cards for Sell Order a#104202 on Nov 13,2012. According to their sales terms and conditions, the payment is issued within 24 hours but I still do not get the payment after that. Having waited for a week, I wrote an email asking for the payment. A lady called me  on Nov 20,2012 around 8.30am CST and confirmed with my they received the mail and she asked me where did I get my cards from and I told her. Then She confirmed that they would make the payment on the following Monday (11/26/2012). However as of today 11/29/2012, I still do not receive the payment yet. Another customer rep called Jenny also wrote me email asking me a few questions but have never response to me after that. You can never reach them by calling their phone number. This is the WORST customer service among all gift card exchange LLC I ever see. Never use them ever. I am going to file a small claim case and police report later.
Entity: East Windsor, New Jersey
22, Report #1195559
Dec 15 2014
02:33 PM ABC gift cards Sold invalid gift card New Jersey
Cardcash sold me an invalid Pottery Barn gift card and refused to replace/refund because I did not use it within 45 days of purchase. I filed a complaint with the BBB and they still refused to stand behind their product.
Entity: New Jersey
23, Report #929796
Aug 21 2012
07:04 AM
ABC Gift Cards The worst customer service ever. This company is a Fraud. East Windsor, New Jersey
This company called abcgiftcards is the worst company to ever do business with. I sent them 1300.00 in starbucks giftcards for exchange in cash. They told me thy had to verify them which they did. Now on the site I seen it's been updated to HOLD. Now they're asking me where did I get my cards from. What does that had to do with anything. Now they're giving me the runaround on my own products.
Entity: East Windsor, New Jersey
24, Report #1207152
Feb 06 2015
09:38 AM
ABC Gift cards Bought my gift cards for cash in which they did not give a transaction number and now prolonging process to resolve. Brick New Jersey
I recently wanted to sell several gift cards of mine for some cash. After searching throughout several sites, I chose ABC Gift Cards because they accepted all the gift cards I had for sale,their prices offered per card seemed fair, and I wanted to make only one mailing transaction.Upon entering their site, I followed the step by step process in order to sell my cards. I filled out all my information, each individual card value, their types and numbers, and how I would like to be compensated. Once complete, the website then asked if I would like to make an account, in which I accepted. I then went to their contact page, and using the PO BOX listed, went to the post offcie and mailed my cards in an insured envelope with signature verification.After a week, I decided to go to my account on the website to see if they updated my account with the tansaction. With my order history empty, I decided to call the company to see if they received my cards.Upon calling the company, I explain my situation and how I mailed my gift cards over a week ago. The representative then asked for my transaction number, in which I told her i never received one and thought I would get one when they got my gift cards.She then begins to explain how I should of received a transaction number when I was selling my cards, and that without a transaction number theres no way of proving if the company DID or EVER WILL receive my cards. I told her my name and address would obviously be on the package, in which she then explained again how that without a transaction number, theres no way to prove if they ever DID or WILL receive the cards.I then asked if me sending my cards without a transaction number now justifies the company in keeping the cards? I receive a rude reply basically saying its not their fault that their is no transaction number, and that they will eventually return the cards IF and WHEN they show up, but they clearly weren't going to make it a priority and couldn't even give me a time estimate of how many days it would take to locate the cards.Without hesistation, I went to the USPS website and typed in my tracking number, seeing that someone under the name of Y. Pilchick had signed for the package under the PO BOX listed as their processing center. The moment I tell the company rep that I purcahsed signature vefication from USPS and have proof someone signed for the package, the entire story/excuse suddenly changes.Being left on hold for 10 minutes, Gabby tells me she is going to go check the mailing facility. Upon returning, she begins to asks me about the contents of my package and how it looked, telling me she needs to know somehow that they are MY cards. I begin to explain in detail, my package, and the types of gift cards I sent. She essentially verifies each gift card i name, then after leaving me on hold again, comes back on the line and then asks me for each gift cards credit #.I start to get frustrated and explain I did not write down the gift card numbers, and that telling her the specific types of cards and their amounts should be more than enough information. She then tries to explain how they have thousands of the same company gift cards sent to them daily, and that without the card numbers I can't prove their exactly mine?!?! (Oh really, because the statistical odds of having the same exact cards sent that I named for the exact amount in an envelope with my name and address on it, is like what, 1 in a gillion?)Also, maybe it just my personal opinion but whatever happens to my gift cards once in the posession ABC Gift cards would fall under their liability wouldn't it? I mean if someone in their mailing facility is openining up and stealing gift cards without a transaction number, is that REALLY my problem?Anyway, after another extensive peroid of being left on hold, Gabby comes back on the phone to tell me that they will eventually find the cards? Wait, hold up, weren't you just having me verify the gift cards for you for the past 20 minutes about their type and amount, and now suddenly you don't or never had posession of them or my package? Ummm, you're joking right?Once I realized I couldn't prove if she personally found my cards, instead of getting more angry I just asked how long it would take to locate them. She told me it should take 2-5 business days, and once they found the cards they would make a transaction number for them and send me a check, or send them back.It has now been over 7 business days and my account and order history have not been updated, and none of my calls/emails have been answered. The fact that I even have to file a report on this company for $150.00 worth of gift cards is mind-boggling. How this company is allowed to operate and still be in business is quite beyong my comprehension and understanding. The only reason I can think is probably due to the amount of business this company gives to websites like this one, as well as the BBB.I would accept receiving my cards back, however, after reading numerous reviews about how the company sends people back cards with either different, destroyed, written on, or giftcards with no balance. I guess I should apologize for my lack of trust in such a well operated, satisfactory company such as ABC Gift Cards (SARCASM).  I prefer the original transacton in which i entered to be honored, however I'm having a real hard time of beleiving at this point in time that this will ever be properly be resolved.   
Entity: Brick, New Jersey
25, Report #1060475
Jun 19 2013
02:43 PM
ABC Gift Cards LLC Buys fraudently obtained cards and resells them. I got stuck for $150! East Windsor New Jersey
ABC sold me 4 $25 Subway cards and 1 $50 Corner Bakery card, all of which were fraudently obtained by the original owner and sold to ABC. When Subway and Corner Bakery found out the fraud they removed the balance from the cards.  When I discovered the balance to all had reverted to $0 I reported it to ABC and their reply was -sorry, I was past their 45 day guarantee.  It takes them at least 2 weeks to process orders and ship, so very little of that 45 days is left for the consumer to discover and complain. ABC now ignores my emails.
Entity: East Windsor, New Jersey

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