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1, Report #1386392
Jul 18 2017
09:59 AM
Aca loan recovery They sent me a email stating that I owe a payday loan of 963.00...and im going to be prosecuted if i dont pay and send payments online. Internet
 This company keep sending me emails saying I owe money on a payday loan. I havent had any loans since 2000...they constantly send me emails about prosecuting me about a loan that I dont have.. Also they couldnt provide proof of the loan that I owe. They sent me paperwork with my name on it stating I owe them 963.00....also no address and a phone number where u get a recording only...and a space for information about a credit card payments. Im not sending payments online or my information...they said i will get persecuted in 7-10 days.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #31322
Sep 27 2002
05:37 PM
ACA Recovery ripoff mistreated and ripped New Jersey
This company has frauduntely misrepresented themselves to me and the Attorney Generals office. They called my place of business posing as attorneys and they were trying to take me to court and jail for an outstanding debt. They continued to call and harass me at my job, refusing to call me at home and threatening to do a waga attactment and when I called their bluff they threatend to take me to court and guarentee that I lose. I have filed complaints with several different agencies and they reply with lies on top of lies. The latest is this so called Operations manager spoke to me after her debt collector(who posed as an attorney)and I became rude and nasty with her, well maybe if I had the chance and ever really talked to her. I want this company and others like it to understand that you can not lie and get away with it. I filed a complaint with the BBB and they never repsonsed to that and the BBB encouraged me to take civil action against this company and I would like anyone that has has similar problems with this company to please contact me and we can form a class action suit against this deceitful and unlawful company. Lisa Middletown, Pennsylvania
Entity: New Jersey
3, Report #215752
Oct 14 2006
10:13 AM
Hello my name is Amber im on here again. I stopped anwsering my phone. They Stop calling or what ever they sent me a letter in the mail with the name ACA RECOVERY saying that there client is going to have the debt put on my credit if I dont send the money within ten days. NOW I get a letter from them today with the name NORMA KALINA ATTORNEY AT LAW on the evenlope with the same address saying the are filing a lawsuit against me if I dont answer them in 10 days and I would have to pay court cost and legal fees. WHAT ARE THEY DOING?? THESE ARE REALLY STUPID PEOPLE . Can they do that Amber greensboro, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: RIDGEWOOD, New Jersey
4, Report #257464
Jun 28 2007
10:53 AM
ACA Recovery Deceptive calls Ridgewood New Jersey
I had a cash advance loan in which the monthly payments were being drafted out of my Bank of America checking account. I received notification from the bank the there were fradulent charges on the account with my debit card. This was the 2nd time that this had happened to me and there were at least five charges up there that I had no idea who they were and what they were for. I had the bank stop that card and close that account associated with it. I then faxed or emailed cash advance that the account had been closed and that I would contact them to see who I could set up payments with them. I never heard back from them other than I did receive an email from an Eric Jones on 5/3/07 in reference to the arrangements being made. Before I contacted them to set up arrangements, I got a call from an Linda Banks stating that she was an attorney and I needed to call her to get my debt paid. I contacted her and the 800 number listed above and she immediately told me that she was an attorney collecting a debt for cash advance. I asked her if I could pay them in payments, she said no. They were not calling me to work out any payment plan outside of 1/2 now and 1/2 14 days later. I told her that this was unaffordable to me, and that I would contact someone to find out what I could do. Ms. Banks was also very rude and not willing to work out anything other than what I stated above. I did contact her on 6/23 to make her aware that I was waiting for some money and that I would pay the balance in full and call back upon receipt of the funds. However, I am getting ready to see what the state laws are on this collection before I do so. I am not going to put myself in a stressful situation and I don't have to do so. Sandra Raleigh, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Ridgewood, New Jersey
5, Report #265005
Aug 03 2007
08:25 AM
ACA Recovery Collection Agency,Cash Advance Network, Loan Sharks connected with Cash Advance Network,BEWARE! uses their Atty. Norman Kalina to force and scare poor consumers about a small loan!!! Ridgewood New Jersey
I am writing this report to warn other people just like me about ACA Recovery debt collection company and also avoid as much as possible to lend money from payday loan websites cause you you would end up buried in debt for $300.00 loan. I don't want that consumers will suffer the same fate I experienced with this Company. I made a payday loan from Cash Advance Network due to several credit card bills I was receiving that I couldn't handle. They automatically debit your account with $90.00 or if you want a bigger amount you need to call them. But you will notice that instead of having your $300.00 loan go down it will blew up. Mine blew up to an overwhelming $540.00 after several debit transaction they made till my account get closed for insufficient funds. A certain Mrs. Garcia called me up to pay the full amount of $540.00. For reasons that the bank rejected their debits due to account closure. They will never give you an option to ask you how much you can afford for the time being but instead asked you to pay half of the amount and will asked you to pay the amount before the week ends. As most complainants said here every payment is by western union quick collect (Just imagine paying for the remittance fee) and if not Atty. Kolina will file a charge against you. I paid half of the amount $270.00 but promise to pay but I could make it cause I also have other debts so I called them if I can pay the next coming week. When the week comes I can't pay it again so I seek a Lawyers help cause I've got several phone calls a day around 49 messages and sometimes the answering machine can't get it anymore. They were harassing me so I have no option but to file a bankruptcy. I filed a bankruptcy in February but was discharged by June 2007 after a court meeting of the creditors. I thought that was over but sometime in April 2007 they called me again harrasssing me to pay the full amount. But I told them I have filed for bankcrupcy and if she wants the details talk to my lawyer to get information. After several months since February he didn't called me nor my Lawyer and just last night around 7:30 pm August 2, 2007. Another lady called and asking me to pay my loan. I couldn't be repeating the same discussion all over again so I refered my lawyer. You will never get the same person you spoke with initially cause this is a strategy. Their name was include in the list of Companies under Cash Advance Network. But still they refuse to admit they were the same person. I told my Lawyer about their calls and that if they call me again we can file charges against them My advise to everyoe don't get the services of debt cosonsolidation Company they will also reep you up. they will promise to coordinte with the lending COmpany but it didn't happend cause they will just get you money. Also Avoid a lot of credit cards. According the law any collection agency or creditor who filed for bankruptcy can't be called anmd harassed. I had sleepless night. They will continue, so please if you can file for bankruptcy file it. espeically in moments that when your down. Ronald Jersey City, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Ridgewood, New Jersey
6, Report #138223
Apr 09 2005
08:00 PM
ACA Recovery Posed as law firm when calling LIARS! Ridgewood New Jersey
Ok, so I get to work today and my boss hands me a message from a Mrs. King at the Kalina Law Firm and I did a reverse number search on the number they left and came up with ACA Recovery... which is NOT a law firm. These people are unscrupulous liars and should be sued for their deceptive and predatory practices. I intend to call them tomorrow and see what they say on the phone with me. More lies, probably, but I'll keep you posted. Molly West Des Moines, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Ridgewood, New Jersey
7, Report #138485
Apr 12 2005
08:37 AM
ACA Recovery Sick of Mr. Black Ripoff Ridgewood New Jersey
I had a debt with a company and it went to ACA Recovery (a debt collection agency). I set up payment arrangements with them and told them I would mail a check every month, they insisted on Western Union, but I said check or nothing. We agreed on a payment arrangement and I started paying it. I was called all the time asking for more than the agreed upon amount and even called when they received my payment, which I told them was not necessary. When my debt was paid, I was called and have been continuing to get calls from Mr. Black at Attorney Norman Kalina's office saying that I owe an additional $100 fee. I have told him and continue to tell him my debt is paid and I wasn't told about an additional $100 fee and that I would not be paying it. At first, he said the person that made my original payment agreement no longer worked there and then the story was all the paperwork go flooded out. I no longer answer my phone when I see the number or I hang up on him, but continue to get voice mails saying that I have 15 days in which to pay this. Kathryn Bethel Park, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Ridgewood, New Jersey
8, Report #719054
Apr 18 2011
12:56 PM
ACA Recovery, Norman Kalina Crooks, Scam Artists... Not Very Intelligent Though!! Ridgewood, New Jersey
I knew of the yellow pages scams in the past since I was receiving phone calls from Regional Yellow Pages Online at a rate of about 4 per year.  I just received the letter from ACA recovery and called to speak with Mr. Cutler... per the instructions of the collection letter.  A woman answers the phone, verifies the debt, and then proceeds to set up payment arrangements. I asked to speak to their attorney.  Her reply was, we are a debt collector only... we do not have an attorney.  I told her that I was viewing their website: and it states In-house attorney on staff'... so who's this attorney?  She replied, Norman Kalina then hung up. After several phone calls, I actually reached Norman Kalina who acted uphauled that this company was using his name.  It sounded as if he had had problems with them in the past and was pretty disgruntled.... I still do not know if he's directly involved but his number is (973) 847-5911. Next I called at (866) 938-6142.  the lady answered the phone with Hello?... no company greeting.  I stated my name and before I could say anything else she asked for the ref # on my collection letter (how did she know I had received a letter?).  Once she typed in the ref # she said that she couldn't help me and hung up. I called right back and got the same lady who claimed they were just a 3rd party answering service and I needed to call ACA Recovery.  I asked her how she knew I received a letter and she hung up again. These people are crooks.  DO NOT ever say the word YES while on the phone with them.  Other people have posted that these guys record phone conversations, get you to say yes then splice it into a verbal agreement for bogus services.  I have filed complaints with the FTC, BBB in NJ, TX AG'sO and with the FBI.
Entity: Ridgewood, New Jersey
9, Report #175662
Feb 10 2006
10:00 AM
ACA Recovery ripoff artists, unprofessional very unprofessional Ridgewood New Jersey
I was contacted by this company specifically a Mrs. Carter. I have read a few articles about this company and wish to share my thoughts as well. Not only was she a bad representative she called on numerous occasions saying that my case would be passed to another law firm or attorney posed as a representative of a law firm Norman Kalina was the name that she often used. She also called and left messages on my phone to have my lawyer contact her and had some other gentleman I don't recall the name to call and harrass me. On several occasions I could hear her having private conversations before hanging up from leaving messages saying curse words in reference to my case and I guess handing my contact information off to another representative to deal with. All in all the company needs to be dealt with. I understand that there are those of use who default on payments but these people act as if we owe them the money harassing, threatening. I got to the point where I made my attorney aware of the situation just in case I needed to proceed on my behalf its rediculous. Tiffany Baltimore, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Ridgewood, New Jersey
10, Report #214755
Oct 08 2006
10:57 AM
ACA Recovery called me and I was the wrong person Ridgewood New Jersey
ACA Recovery called and harrassed me and had the wrong person. They were looking for another person by the same name. Ms. Lee called information in El Paso Texas and got my number. I was able to verify with them that I was NOT the Jennifer Ramirez they were looking for. Instead of apologizing for calling me at 7:23 am, I was told by Ms. Lee That she did not have time to deal with someone who was ignorant and she hung up. I called back and complained to her supervisor, Jessica Colby who said Ms. Lee would be reprimanded and written up. I have serious doubts about this. I have since filed complaints with the BBB and the New Jersey County Attroney. I also notified Toys R Us. This is who Ms. Lee said they were collecting a debt for. I hope anyone who has to deal with ACA Recovery will file as many complaints with anyone they can think of so ACA Recovery will have to stop their illegal pratices. Jennifer El Paso, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Ridgewood, New Jersey
11, Report #644829
Sep 27 2010
10:19 AM
ACA Recovery A.C.A. Recovery False Billings, Threats, Harassment, Vulgarity, Continues Call-Backs, Changing names of Caller and Company Bills are from. Ridgewood, New Jersey
Was originally contacted by a when I started at the company im at now. Was told we owe them money for a listing for the previous year so I was like we dont have such listing. The caller said He could send it over for review so I said ok well send it over we will review it. Several months went by and no bill so I forgot about it.One day I get a call from a woman from A.C.A. Recovery claiming they received my debt from YellowPagesOnline for a sum much higher than I recalled from the original call. I disputed with them over the phone and they said they had a recording of -ME- accepting a billing from YellowPagesOnline. They played the recording and sure enough that was me in the recording but it was altered ALOT wasnt close to the original call and I said that recording was fraudulent and I wasn't paying anything. They said they would be taking the company to court to pay the bill.Didnt hear from them for about another month and suddenly I started getting calls almost weekly about the same-ol talk about taking us to court over the Debt. But suddenly in the last 2weeks we have been getting very angry calls every other day demanding to talk to the owner/president of the company in which all calls were just transfered over to me and when they find out its me on the line they tell me to Shut up! I need to talk to the Owner/President, Not you! and sometimes they would hang-up after me saying no and sometimes I would hang up on them.I got a Fax last week that was kind of interesting it was referencing a new company with the same Case# and playing on the same verbal Contract for the same amount. So now they are trying to get me for some company called RYPO?  The fax had a generic looking Fax cover a invoice and a printed version of a website showing the listing.. A few things to note about the Invoice.. its got a FINAL stamp on it which isn't a stamp looks like a image on the invoice like it was generated that way. on the top of the Invoice the Company Name is Regional Yellow Pages Online. The contact information shows an address in NewYork and a email address is So this is getting better and better... Looking over at the printed version of the website listing I can note the following.. The url got partly covered by the fax page numbering and headers/footers the fax machine adds on its own and a copyright on the bottom of the *web* page of 2007 in the Url you can see what looks like Regionaly and the rest of the url string..I went to website hey looks just like the printed page I have even says copyright 2007 how cute.. looked all over the site for an hour could never get this printed page to show up or anything about our company.. in fact there wasn't much of anything on the site only like under 20 listings of other company's I felt sorry for which are likely victim of this scam. So the Scam has changed Story's from YellowPagesOnline.Net to to .. Gets better I just got a call today regarding the original Scam trying to follow up with a call from last month and when I said A.C.A. has been calling me all month she said she showed no record of any contacts to my company since last month!.. I hung-up on her.. then she called back within 10seconds to the main line and I answered it and heard her voice and hung up on her.. she did this about 6 times in a row.. finely I said your not talking to the Owner, your not talking to the President, your talking to me or no-one. and she said fine then then the owner will pay the debt in the courts and I hung-up on her.I have already reported this issue to the BBB and I have filed a report to the FTC (and updated it recently as well) and I sent the report to the DA.. In the last call from A.C.A I told them I have already reported them, they didn't seam to hear a word I said.I have seen that people have dug up information on the company and such.. Heres some stuff I found that might be useful to others..-----------YellowPagesOnline.Net - forwards to a parked page showing generic ads.. Public visible information on this domain shows is for saleThe owner of the domain you are researching has it listed for sale.Registrar History: 1 registrarNS History: 11 changes on 7 unique name servers over 7 years.IP History: 18 changes on 10 unique name servers over 5 years.Whois History: 22 records have been archived since 2001-06-22 .Reverse IP: 196,734 other sites hosted on this server.Registrant:   9654 w. 131st St.   Suite 411   Palos Park, Illinois 60464   United StatesSo this domain is owned by a domain collector now... wonder if A.C.A. has something to do with - forwards to a parked page showing generic ads go figure.. Public visible information on this domain shows Registrar History: 3 registrarsNS History: 3 changes on 4 unique name servers over 7 years.IP History: 39 changes on 7 unique name servers over 5 years.Whois History: 19 records have been archived since 2007-06-17 .Reverse IP: 602,865 other sites hosted on this is authorized by the domain owner to facilitate the sale of this domain.    Registrant       RYPO.COM       c/o Nameview Inc. Whois IDentity Shield       PO Box 152       Britton's Hill       St. Michael, BarbadosSo this domain is owned by a domain collector now... wonder if A.C.A. has something to do with - Goes to a generic looking listings site very poorly designed mind you and defiantly looks like a ripoff.. Public visible information on this domain showsReverse Whois: Attn: 1,500 GB Space and 15,000 MonEmail Search: is associated with about 815,937 domainsNS History: 1 change on 2 unique name servers over 0 year.IP History: 1 change on 2 unique name servers over 0 years.Whois History: 1 record has been archived since 2010-09-15 .Reverse IP: 1,681 other sites hosted on this server.Registrar: FastDomain Inc.Provider Name....: BlueHost.ComProvider Whois...: whois.bluehost.comProvider Homepage: Name: REGIONALYP.NET   Created on..............: 2010-09-13 18:14:45 GMT   Expires on..............: 2011-09-13 18:14:45 GMT   Last modified on........: 2010-09-13 18:14:46 GMTRegistrant Info: (FAST-12785241)   Attn: 1,500 GB Space and 15,000 Monthly Bandwidth.   BlueHost.Com INC   1958 South 950 East   HOST UNLIMITED DOMAINS *FREE*   Hosting plans starting at ONLY $6.95 per month -   Provo, Utah 84606   United States   Phone: +1.8017659400   Fax..: +1.8017651992   Email:    Last modified: 2010-08-09 17:12:43 GMTHey look at this.. This domain was created recently (in August.. of this year..) The site said copyright 2007?? So where is this so called listing?---------------Anyhow  I have notified the BBB. Opened a case with the FTC (and updated it recently) and sent a complaint in to the DA.. but these guys(or girls I guess) keep calling!! :(
Entity: Ridgewood, New Jersey
12, Report #521622
Nov 09 2009
02:39 PM
I received a letter from Norman G. Kalina stating that I owed $209.00 to a company called Capitol Wire(payday loan). I called the office and a very rude female answered the phone not stating the company or her name. I explained why I was calling. First let me say I vaguely remembered this company bcuz I didn't receive any funds from them. But, after speaking with this rude person, I then remembered the company. she said that I sent them a check for $84.00 and it was returned. I do rememeber speaking to someone @ this company and giving them my info(I know stupid thing to do). you will do almost anything when you are in financial distress.  They told me that I needed to send $84(by money order or cashier check and for fees. Then they would send me an information packet and deposit $1000 into my account. The woman assured me the only reason they wanted my acct info was so they could deposit the funds.  However, I never sent them any money.It didn't sound right, so I thought no problem, obviously there was.  What they must have done was try to get the $84 out of my bank, but I don't ever remember seeing an NSF for this. I explained all of this to Ms.Smart mouth, and told her that I felt it was scam and she said the company she represented was legit.  I told her it was not and I am sure a lot of people have been caught up in this.After an exchange of some words I told he that I had a friend that was a lawyer and I was going to ask them about this. She says so you are voluntarily not going to pay this debt. I told her I was going to speak to my friend that is an attorney,and she said she could no longer talk to me since I had retained an attorney, and to have my attorney contact her. Oh, yeah and I asked how did the amount go from $84 to $209 and she said interest and penalty fees. I am not sure what I am going to do, but I did feel better when I saw that other people had been harassed by this company. Meaning that I wasn't alone in this.
Entity: RIDGEWOOD, New Jersey
13, Report #390085
Nov 11 2008
11:30 AM
ACA Recovery - - - MTE Financial Services Newark Delaware
This company also called my mother, in what seems to be a random call. She's been getting a lot of scam phone calls since my father recently died, leading me to believe there's some fleece the widows phone list out there. They began asking her personal information about my wife, in a very obvious attempt to purloin identity information. This is frightening, but I read that these companies get off with paying minor fines and continue in business. Mormonyoyoman Somewhere, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Newark, Delaware
14, Report #264853
Aug 02 2007
01:30 PM
ACA Recovery ripoff Idiots who use ebonics and vulgarities to claim they represent a law firm! Ridgewood New Jersey
The initial call came from a black woman who claims to represent a law firm. She used various words to make me feel like an incompetent loser. This person was not at all professional in any way, shape or form. When I asked general questions about the account she was referring to, she could only list a portion of a case number. She claimed I had a total of three cases totaling 250.00...with an additional 300.00 worth of fees! Does she think I am a complete idiot? She assured me that she made no money off of the deal (yeah right). The conversation proceeded with her negative comments about how I was commiting a felony and could end up in jail. I simply got tired of her tone and translating her ebonics, so I ended the call by hanging up! She called back immediately, while I was at work, demanding payment. Once again I hung up. That same day, she called my home, and discussed the case with my father! Where is the confidentiality here? Isn't that illegal???????????????? The same black woman continues to call me on a daily basis and changes her name (Susan or Miss Issac) Most of the time she calls annomyously, and I do not answer. She has left no messgaes, but calls me at work an average of ten times a day. Oh, and did I mention the so called debt that she is trying to collect on occurred in 2004! Where have they been for 3 years?!!!!!!!! To this day, I have received only one piece of mail from them, and that was approximately one month ago. I just purchased a home, so apparently my credit isn't too bad! Bottom line...this is a scam, and these people are a fraud! Do not pay your so called debts to these people, or any fees they tend to add on. If they continue to call me, I will sue them for harassment! Gg marie Kansas City, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Ridgewood, New Jersey
15, Report #241944
Apr 02 2007
10:21 AM
ACA Recovery Threatening to take me to court, Western Union Payment, HAHA i think not, bring it on Dallas Internet
ACA Recovery. BBLF = big bad lawfirm. yay. Started out, they were calling me from a law firm, Kensington and Associates. A few calls later it was a law firm Norman Kalina and Associates. Here's a little english lesson, a makes it very general and unspecific. Any professional law firm would at least have the pride to introduce themselves as the. See? That narrows it down to one. That was the two first red flags. If you talk to them, listen to HOW they say everything. They make their intoduction very general and evasive, it's how they cover their own a**es. I keep getting voicemails of this monotone lady wielding the power of a big bad law firm, kensington?.... oh wait, norman... geeze I don't know which to pick! But wait! They're a COLLECTIONS agency!! haha! silly collections people! I wish I could pick and choose my profession from day to day! Wow, she almost had me fooled... almost.. UNTIL. The third call, the lady was so busy cursing her co-worker and dropping the word f***, that she couldn't even tell me what she had called to say!! Only, that it was a reminder call to send my money over WESTERN UNION... I thought I was on crack the first time she said it, I couldn't believe it. I may as well go and set my $400 on fire, I'd probably get better results. Yes people, you read it right, we're going to court over four hundred bones, at least that's their constant threat. Here's the thing people, false threats from collections agencies are illegal = not legal = they CAN NOT do that. Drugs are illegal too! What happens when people do illegal things? They get in big trouble. It is NOT illegal to be in debt so don't sweat it, pay off what you can, when you can, until it's paid. Threats cause stress. What does stress cause? Everybody say it with me, ready? 1..2..3.. Cancer, sickness, and dis-ease. I'm currently looking or an attourney to take this on because I'm tired of it and when you back any living thing (including humans) into a corner, natural instinct takes over and which causes you to fight back. Go to and you'll see how they do it and another probable bogus claim that they havn't had a lawsuit in eight years. Time to exercise my First Amendment right. ACA recovery and a BBLF, go f*** yourself. :-) God Bless America. Parker Grand Prairie, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #252968
Jun 07 2007
10:25 AM
ACA Recovery Harassment along with threatening warrent for my arrest as well as the harm this will do to my children Hopewell Ridgewood New Jersey
The first call was immediately degrading me about the debt I owed. I do owe this and am willing to pay when able but since family problems occurred and caused an unemployment, I was unable to pay it back. She did not want to hear that. I told her that at this time I have nothing and own nothing so unless they were willing to wait a bit I couldn't do anything. At that point she said she needed the funds by that Friday and no later, she also said she was to contact the original company and they would tell her what to do further if she didn't get the funds. The next weeks that followed the same calls came, Which I started to ignore off and on. When I answered the call by accident because my caller id didn't recognize the number, she said that there is a warrant out for me and my it would not be good for my children to see police officers take me away. I told her that for the amount owed no police department would travel 10 hrs to take me to court. She got angry and started threatening me, calling me a lowlife who is a thief because I made a debt purposely not planning on paying. I think by bot getting upset or angry back got her more agitated and she said, Well, When can I expect this money. I asked her when the law decides that Mafia tactics are legal. I also said that she should try to be kinder it gets better results, all said calmly. Well, that was a button that pushed the obscenities. I felt I was talking to a cartoon character that basically #$%#$%! the curse words....I don't think my laugh helped. Unfortunately since I was caught off guard I didn't record that call, but I will in the future... I think there is a way with a * number to record a prior call but I don't remember. LJ Hiding behind my chair, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Ridgewood, New Jersey
17, Report #969626
Nov 15 2012
10:54 AM
ACA RECOVERY, INC Pieced together a recording from another rip off company and said our employee agreed to terms. RIDGEWOOD, New Jersey
3/19/2012;  ACA Recovery sent a letter that we had an account with Local US Pages that was past due $774.95 and to contact Mr. Cutler at 800-356-3713 within 30 days to to dispute or they would consider claim valid.  I called several times and never got Mr. Cutler to the phone, but Juan Perez helped me.  He said they had a recording that an employee of ours had agreed to charges for an add with Local US pages, I told him that I never received a bill from this company that I am now being charged late fees and I wanted a copy of the bill and to listen to recording.  He faxed me a bill from Local Page? not even same company, and let me hear a recording from 2010 where Regional Yellow Pages Online had made a recording of a new employee at the time that had no authority to make financial decisions, but according to the recording she did accept terms.  Now two years later  I listen to the same recording that has been sliced and diced. I than asked for a copy of the recording to have the FBI listen to and he stopped calling me.  Although, I am ashamed to say, I did pay the first rip-off to Regional Yellow pages Network, Lisa Johnson 1-866-965-1730 x 303, of $594.91 who might also of taken money out of our account a year later through My Blooming Shop PNC, for $539.99, for Web Educational Company. I did get the $539.99 back through my bank who went after them for fraudulent charges.  These companies sell your information to other companies if you pay them.  I reported them to the Attorneys General. 
Entity: RIDGEWOOD, New Jersey
18, Report #1160662
Jul 09 2014
07:30 AM
ACA Recovery, UCS, United Credit Specialist, Accredited Collection Agency, CSI, Collection Solutions Inc, Jeff Winters (President), Joey Capo (Director of Operations) Collection Agency Exposed; Lying, Scamming, No Regards for the Law Ridgewood New Jersey
I want to expose this fraudulent Collection Agency, they are known by many names so lets start with their first. They started out as ACA Recovery or Accredited Collection Agency, once they had scammed enough people and had a terrible reputation they changed names to UCS or United Credit Specialist and again proceeded to scam not only the debtors but their clients as well and developed another bad reputation, finally they changed names again to CSI or Collection Solutions Inc. I dont know how these people are getting away with this, they violate or break almost every FDCPA and FTC law and regulation. They have convicted felons working in collections, people on probation/parole, they harass the debtors at work and at home, they always threaten to garnish wages and or sue, they are verbally and psycolgically abusive, and they add on additional fees for no reason.The 2 people to hold the most accountable for all of these attrocious business practices is the President/CEO Jeff Winters and the Director of Operations Miss. Joey Capo. Now if you have ever seen Glen Gary Glenn Ross and or Boiler Room you would understand the mentality of these people, they are mentally and verbally abusive to all of their staff and even some talked about cases of phyisical abuse. They have a silent partner who is funding this fiasco but, I would hope he has no idea of how things are being run since he is very well established and a pillar to his community.I needed to let all of this information even before I quit so that others do not get scammed and hopefully this leads to a full investigation into the company and its financials. I also know that they have changed names to file bankruptcy to avoid paying taxes but, that was before my time here. I hope all of this info was helpful to whoever needs it, please let everybody know that if any of htese 3 company names calls and tries to collect that you expose them for the frauds that they are.
Entity: Ridgewood, New Jersey
19, Report #1228948
May 13 2015
02:02 PM
COLLECTION SOLUTIONS INC (CSI) ALSO KNOWN AS UNITED CREDIT SPECIALISTS (UCS) OR ACA RECOVERY President Jeff Winters Attorney Charles I Turner Lisa Carter UCS aka ACA aka CSI Beware they are all the same company!!! Hackensack New Jersey
 Please be AWARE of this company. When you receive a letter from Charles I Turner esq in house Attorney DON'T be scared. They are collecting from payday loans that don't exist anymore. They used to be their customer but because this collection agency DO NOT PAY THEM BACK they had dropped out of their system. This is a company that has been scamming people, using verbal abuse, harassing debtors and in return the agency use the money to pay for office rent, bills, and employees. JEFF WINTERS is a scam artist. He cannot even pay his employees, asking them to cash their checks in check cashing places because he has no money for his employees. Check cashing places around Hackensack and Paterson area do not even accept their payroll checks because it bounce and Jeff Winters do not pay them for the NSF fee. They are running credit cards without authorization when they feel the need for extra money for their paycheck. PLEASE THIS AGENCY IS A SCAM. When they call you, PLEASE do not make any payment arrangements and give your credit card information. Ask for an invoice email to you or mailed to you. They could not provide those information. Don't fall for their collectors aggressiveness. They will harass you because they are all scared of Jeff Winters. Charles Turner signs paper he don't even read. And they are not licensed to collect to other state. Please beware. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM. They change their name to different company because of their bad reputation. BUT their number remains the same.
Entity: Hackensack , New Jersey
20, Report #224011
Sep 12 2008
08:25 PM
ACA Recovery, XTRACASH1000.COM, CASHADVANCENETWORK.COM, MTE Financial Services Everything seems wrong about this setup - trying to steal my identity Ripoff Ridgewood New Jersey
I received a phone call at my home saying it was from an attorney's office and for me to call them back and refer to a case number. I immediately went online and found the phone number belonging to ACA Recovery. In researching them, RIPOFFREPORT.COM was a big help. I saw how many others were having problems and how NOT to EVER discuss anything with them over the phone (why get in an arguement?). So I faxed them a request to never call me again and to send me documentation of why they were contacting me. I received a long note and disclosure in the mail. I was my first and last name, yes, but that's it. The address on the online loan through either XTRACASH1000.COM or CASHADVANCENETWORK.COM (both are listed on paperwork), is an invalid Delaware address. It's close enough, but doesn't exist as typed. Secondly, I contacted Commerce Bank, whom I do not even have an account, to notify them that someone was debiting someone's account and I think it's fraud. I was able to get them to look up the checking account- and it doesn't even exist. When I concacted the attorney again, I found that they are an agency that represents the online lenders. They rattled off some social security number that wasn't mine and decided to just let me off the hook. They said they must have gotten my number from a directory assistance (based soley on my name). Since the account is invalid, the address is invalid, how could this loan even remotely be valid? The annual percentage on this loan note is listed at 1,368.750% Can you believe it??? I thought there was a caps on an interest rate you could charge and I've never seen one more than 30%. So I've got 3 bogus facts going on here. I strongly feel if I had volunteered my social security # up front I would have opened a huge problem for me. They would have started to claim my debt or worse. NEVER NEVER give you social security number out to anyone that is not verified by you. If they ask for it over the phone, tell them too bad. If they don't feel you are who you are, then they can mail it to the address they have. I've had them tell me they've done that already - I just say do it again. Don't use these online services. I don't know how they promise you something, but apparently it's very costly. And be cautious when someone calls you. You may not have the best credit and a call may seem expected, but verify who they are first. I hope I've helped someone like the previous posts helped me. I do have a call into the Delaware Attorney General's office to expose this situation. I do not find this to be a joke. Best wishes, Brenda Newark, DelawareU.S.A.
Entity: Ridgewood, New Jersey
21, Report #719049
Apr 18 2011
12:52 PM ACA Recovery, Norman Kalina Crooks... and not very good at it!! Internet
I knew of the yellow pages scams in the past since I was receiving phone calls from Regional Yellow Pages Online at a rate of about 4 per year.  I just received the letter from ACA recovery and called to speak with Mr. Cutler... per the instructions of the collection letter.  A woman answers the phone, verifies the debt, and then proceeds to set up payment arrangements. I asked to speak to their attorney.  Her reply was, we are a debt collector only... we do not have an attorney.  I told her that I was viewing their website: and it states In-house attorney on staff'... so who's this attorney?  She replied, Norman Kalina then hung up. After several phone calls, I actually reached Norman Kalina who acted uphauled that this company was using his name.  It sounded as if he had had problems with them in the past and was pretty disgruntled.... I still do not know if he's directly involved but his number is (973) 847-5911. Next I called at (866) 938-6142.  the lady answered the phone with Hello?... no company greeting.  I stated my name and before I could say anything else she asked for the ref # on my collection letter (how did she know I had received a letter?).  Once she typed in the ref # she said that she couldn't help me and hung up. I called right back and got the same lady who claimed they were just a 3rd party answering service and I needed to call ACA Recovery.  I asked her how she knew I received a letter and she hung up again. These people are crooks.  DO NOT ever say the word YES while on the phone with them.  Other people have posted that these guys record phone conversations, get you to say yes then splice it into a verbal agreement for bogus services.  I have filed complaints with the FTC, BBB in NJ, TX AG'sO and with the FBI.
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #224324
Jan 16 2008
02:08 PM
ACA Recovery Harrassment, Threatening Felony Prosecution, Threatening my employment ripoff Ridgewood New Jersey
ACA Recovery has been calling and harrassing me for about 2 weeks now threatening criminal prosecution and also threatening my employment. They have also released all my privacy about this debt to my co-workers. I did an online advance with a company and just ran into some financial problems with paying the debt back. I do acknowledge the debt and do wish to pay it back but they wont even send me a copy of the bill and even give me their physical address. I actually got the address from this site here. They are rather rude and intimidating to talk with so i just dont answer their calls anymore. A Marilyn Waters is the one who keeps harassing me with the calls and i even asked her to stop calling me and she stated that they are not a member of the Fair Debt Act and they could do what they wanted. She said she would not stop calling me that i just needed to pay the debt in full through Western Union. What do i do to keep these people off my back and can they legally do what they have been doing ? Kenneth Clearwater, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Ridgewood, New Jersey
23, Report #311015
Feb 21 2008
09:05 PM
ACA Recovery - Norman G. Kalina (?) A company of morons who rudely call your house and threaten you, claim to be a law firm but actually isn't. For them it is no holds barred in their quest to collect their alleged debt, just go to their website and you will see what I mean. I suspect that what they are doing is illegal! Ridgewood New Jersey
I started getting calls from these people approx. 3 weeks ago. At first it was some man with a fake Italian (almost cartoonish) accent calling me saying that a case was pending against me. He told this to my sister. Finally, one night another man named Mr. Cooper calls my parents home around 9:30 and i get on the phone with him. He proceeds to tell me that he is calling from a law firm who is sending my case to the State of California. So I am like, Sir, I hae no clue what you are talking about. (It sounded like he was at a football game, there was so much noise in the background so I asked whether this was really a lawfirm, and he put me on hold.) He then tells me I wrote a bad check in 2005 for $20, (yes, twenty dollars) and that I now owe 168 dollars. Although I cannot remember writing this check (allegedly at Sears, and mind you my purse was stolen in 2005 so anyone could hae written one of my checks) I was about to fall for it...until he told me that I had to Western Union the entire amount to them within 48 hours. That is when I got suspicious and asked him more questions. All he kept saying was that legal action was going to be brought on me and that once the state of California gets the case they will tack $1500.00 to the other fees. If you dont believe me, you can go on the internet; I shut my computer down already he says. I am like WTF does California have to do with this? He tells me that it is irrelevant and that I am going to be sorry if this goes to court. I then demand that they send me this in writing, he insists that there is no time for that and I only have 2 days left and he again mentions how Cali takes check writing seriously. I press him about the cali thing and he says well dont you reside in california and I am like no, never been outside of NJ and i think that someone else wrote the check. I told him that I think there is a mistake and I dont have $168 to western union a strange company in the middle of the night for a check i am not even sure that i wrote. He tells me to call back tomorrow at 9am and hangs up...he seemed uncomfortable with my persistence. ANyway, the whole thing rubbed me the wrong way so I did a little research online. All I can say is thank God I did that because I was really worried after the conversation. I think that what they are doing is illegal and someone needs to take action against them. I cant wait to call them and make them explain themselves! Md2be cherry hill, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Ridgewood, New Jersey
24, Report #339516
Jun 12 2008
05:39 AM
ACA Receivables ACA waited 10 years Torrance California
ACA is currently coming after me for a phone bill I supposedly didn't pay 10 years ago. They claim that they just now located me, and of course, now expect me to pay close to 400% of the original debt in late charges and interest. Pretty funny that they couldn't find me, although I lived within 30 miles of their office for seven years following the date of the disputed bill. But, of course, after I'd been living halfway across the country for three years it was no problem...What a farce!! I've asked repeatedly for a copy of the original bill from Pac Bell, but no dice. Instead, they sent me a letter (on their letterhead) which claims to justify their charges. Never mind that the seven year period has long since expired. Now that I've read about the tactics they've employed with other people and their constant name changes, etc, I don't trust their word at all! Jim Deepinaheartof, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Torrance, California
25, Report #1159065
Jul 02 2014
10:33 AM
I got a call from a total account recovery at my job, the name of the person was Mercy. They claimed I took a loan out with Everest Cash Advance in may and they were calling to collect on the pay day loan. I never took any such loan and called Everest Cash Advance  THey have no record of me ever contacting them for any reason.  I talked to a nicie at x0731.  THey advised me that this is a scam and as long as I gave them no info at Total Account Recovery to ignore it. This all occurred at 12:03. I am sending this so I have a record of everything.
Entity: Nationwide

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