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1, Report #208239
Oct 08 2012
06:25 PM
P J Enterprises Mike Joiner, is a scam. PJ enterprises makes you sell perfume on street. Not a paid postion. Just do a goolge search on scentura. Ripoff Dallas texas
PJ ENTERPRISES Mike JOiner PJ enterprises john futrell Do a google search on scentura. they act and look like a scentura office. just read and look at it for yourself.Like almost every report on this website, this company drew me. Called the ad (unlike most of you, though, the ad in my paper was incredibly brief and non-descript...all it said was receptionist position for new office, no experience necessary). The phone was answered by an enthusiastic, young sounding individual who rushed to make an appointment with me for just an hour and a half later. I didn't mind going because, amazingly enough, the office was in my town, five minutes from my house, in fact. I figured they were desperate and had a slot to fill--little did I know that it wasn't really an interview at all.Arrived at the unprofessinal, poorly furnished office. I was surprised that there was only one computer; that the manager himself didn't have one; and that the one computer's single purpose was to play music very loudly with its Windows Media Player blocking the screen the entire time I was there. There was also only one set of rooms occupied while the rest of the rooms outside the offices and down the hall (bathrooms and storage rooms were completely falling apart) were untouched.But I just graduated from a great four-year college with a BA in a liberal arts field that, while an accomplishment, doesn't guide me to immediate work. I'm desperate, so here I am, selling myself as hard as possible to this slick guy who doesn't ask me a single question about my experience, identification, skills, or education, who doesn't even ask me for a resume or proof of address. I just thought I was lucky. Finally, a job that accepts people based on personality and not employment history!Of course, I knew from the start that it seemed too good to be true. How easily he shifted from offering me the non-existent receptionist position to saying they had entry level management positions and was I interested in that? Of course I was.I received a flattering call two hours later at my home telling me that they'd like me back for a second interview. When I arrived and there were nine other people there, I got nervous. Are we all competing for the same job?The relaxed atmosphere of the Gateway Management office was nice at first. Laura (I forget her last name) and Sam Mull, the two branch managers, seemed very nice. The way they would curse and act unprofessional and toss around crude jokes full of slurs at first seemed fun...or at least seemed to be a way to loosen everyone up.After two hours of it, though, my guard was up. They hadn't answered a single question about our actual employment but instead had gone on for hours about attitude and the company and the fragrance industry. They didn't give us anything in writing or ask us to fill out any paperwork. They kept saying they'd answer all payment/paperwork questions at the next meeting--but they'd said the same thing during my initial interview and so far I hadn't gotten a single straight answer. I didn't even know what I'd be doing or the name of the company. All they had told us was that the company's president was Larry Hahn and that the divisional manager was Donny Zinkin. They also mentioned someone named Holly--I believe she's one of the managers at the Middlesex office, which they claimed is the regional office for NJ. Finally, they'd rejected four of the ten and we were now six. They told us we were the cream of the crop but meanwhile one or two of the four who'd been rejected were there the next day with us!Still, I was excited. I wanted to believe it was true. I had stopped looking for other jobs because of this opportunity. They told me that after 6-8 weeks of training I would become a manager/keyholder for a perfume distributing office with 5-6 people working under me. They said I'd be making a guaranteed, contractual $576 a week during that time and an average of $300 a week during training. They said I would be responsible for managing, motivating, accounts, inventory, and hiring & firing my staff. They said they were with Dun & Bradstreet (insurance or finances, I don't remember which). They told us what they were looking for, what the training schedule was and contained, and then explained the fragrance industry and how they were different from the big name companies. They told us the story of Marc Larecy and his Opium perfume and went into all that about patents and why they could do what they did, and so on.I went back for orientation that following Monday, saying to myself that the moment they asked me to sell something or buy something I was gone. I expected, at least, to get my questions answered and to walk out having signed something, or agreed to something, or to have been briefed about my job training.But we received none of that. In fact, the only thing they taught us was how to accept a good check and avoid a bad check, and told us we could not accept credit cards. This sent warning bells off like nothing else before--I wasn't in this for sales. I was going to be a manager. Why did I have to learn this first and foremost? The an employer must know what the employee does to be successful line only made sense to a certain extent. Especially when we doubled back and thought, But wait. I thought we'd be managing an office. Why do I need to learn to train people to do sales? To train people as this woman is apparently training me? I thought NO ONE did sales? I thought we'd be hiring administrative assistants?And then EVERYTHING started to not make sense. The stupid abbreviations for us like FNP (f***ing new people, indeed), the nicknames, the badges, the we make you kneel and sing a song in front of the group if you're late so you'll never do it again, the attitude checks during the orientation where she'd make us stand every five minutes and shout and yell, the fact that there seemed to be no BUSINESS ever going on in the office, only loud music and endless interviews, the quick-talking and slick nature of these young managers, the way they harped continually on the riches of their superiors in an incredibly unprofessional and materialistic fashion, the too-personal questions they asked us, the lack of respect, and indeed the lack of an employer/employee relationship at all...I could go on.None of it added up. At the end of orientation Laura gave us a three-page packet that included a side-by-side comparison of our (Scentura's) perfume vs. other brands. At the bottom was the slogan, Changing The Way The World Buys Perfume. Indeed!The second page was a list of fragrances. What seemed really fishy was that the perfumes didn't have rendition names...they were simply CALLED by the original, expensive brand name. Didn't they say something about so long as you didn't use the NAME but just the ingredients that you were okay by law? So why were they attaching the patented names to their perfumes? Couldn't we get in trouble for that? The third page was an order form. I stared at her and the enthusiasm went out of my face.She said she'd just been thinking up ways for us to have fun our first day and so she drew up a contest. She put $50 on the board every time we stood up and shouted during the attitude check and so by the end of the time we were there, there was something like $800 on the board. She then proceeded to lay out a very complicated contest in which the person who sold the most would get the jackpot, with individuals also getting paid for each bottle they sold over 5, and anyone who sold over 21 could skip a week of training. There would also be a prize if the group reached its goal of 100 units sold.Prizes? Cash? Skip of week of training? Becoming a manager in six weeks seemed daunting enough, how would we learn to do our jobs in four or five? Why throw away a week so carelessly? You're never going to feel as if you've got something totally. You're always going to feel unsure. But we'll move you on to the next level anyway. At this point I reckoned that she had to be kidding.Of course, we all knew this contest was impossible. None of us had friends or family that would be willing or even able to buy so much perfume. I had no intentions of having ANYONE I knew write out a check to this company until I had received pay from them myself. When I tried to ask her if not participating in this contest would affect my training or the way I was treated in the office, she assured me it was just for fun and had nothing to do with training.I bit my tongue. At this point I just wanted to leave. The music blasted up loudly yet again but this time I was not excited. I had received no paperwork. Nothing in writing about benefits, medical insurance, or pay. No definite explanation of what exactly I'd be managing or doing in the capacity of manager. All I had in my hand was an order form, instructions to do a contest, and instructions on how to accept a good check.Ridiculous. No legit company makes you sell things when you're in training for management, or in training period! No legit company will ask you for a check or money order or cash from anyone in your life before you've even signed a contract or shown ID or proven that you're not some psycho off the street. She didn't even give us samples! How could we sell perfume without samples? She claimed that this was a way of making it challenging. A way of breaking us into the difficulty of the business. But that just made no sense.She was a real con-artist, much more so than Sam, and I think that's why she did most of the talking--she was good, but not good enough. All this bull about great, no problem! and fake it till you make it and if you always do what you've always done you're always gonna get what you've always gotten.She said we would get jealous of each other. She said we should be friendly but not friends. She said only one or two of us would be left by the end of the week. (To which most of the girls blanched, because many had quit their jobs once Sam had told us we were hired. What do you mean not all of us will make it? But no one said anything.)She made vague references to pairing up, working with successful managers, going on satellites, and all other references that made sense once I'd read the reports here.She made us write at the bottom of our notes with initials, I told Laura that I would have a great attitude all day every day.She told us the dress code for training was casual--and I stared blankly again. Casual? Every day? And I'm going to be a manager at the end? She said that while we could dress casual, it was with the understanding that we'd get it that eventually as managers we'd have to dress up. Um? Huh?From my notes:A manager is someone who can take a group of people and get them to perform to their maximum potential.There is a $2 check charge per unit of perfume sold. No starter checks and no checks numbered under #300. No credit cards. Money orders acceptable. On the check you need a name, phone, address, and driver's license number.What was very suspicious about the checks, also, is that they were made out to Gateway Management--not Scentura. So basically you were making out the check to your managers, not the company.She warned us, finally, to not talk to anyone in any office that had a badge below our own. Well, obviously--if we only spoke to those who had gone farther in the scam we would be scammed all the better by their convincing talk.As she explained the contest, she said the most important things she was looking for in us in regards to the selling we'd do were greed, motivation, and to see how you deal with it.Greed? What kind of company would even USE the word greed in reference to its employees?As she insisted that we not juice her by giving her inflated goals for our selling, she also told us to shoot for the stars. If we did that, she said, we'd land on a cloud, at least, if we fell, instead of aiming for the clouds and then falling down onto a tree and getting a branch up your ass.I couldn't believe the continual vulgarity and lack of professionalism in these people. It seemed altogether impossible they were managers of anyone or anything. The office had no filing cabinets, no papers, and no evidence of actual work being done, after all.She said the contest would challenge us because we had no samples to even try to use to sell the perfume, and because we also had no pitch. She just wanted us to get used to the fragrance list and try selling on people who wouldn't judge us or get mad at us--our friends and family (the ever-famous FFAR). She said there were no refunds, and then instructed us to call her later that evening so that she could help us if we weren't doing well.I thought to myself, Is that really her job? I thought we were going to be trained to manage? Why does she care so much if we're doing well in a contest that supposedly has nothing to do with our training but that is just for fun? Why has this whole darned thing been about sales and selling so far when it's supposed to be about management?Needless to say, I went home with no intention of continuing. My plan was to go in the next day with no order form and no checks or money and see if I didn't get kicked out immediately, just out of curiosity. However, I had the sense to notice the company name (finally, a name!) was on the front of the order form packet.I Googled the named Scentura and found this website. I could not be any more grateful for all of your reports. This morning I printed out copies of one of the original, concise reports I found here and distributed them to my class as they arrived at the office. I barely managed to get to everyone before a group of 4-6 shady looking managers I'd never met before filed out of the office and literally walked us into an alley asking us if we were ready to start for the day. From the reports here I knew from there we'd be herded into cars and taken to peddle perfume somewhere--and there was no way in hell I was ready to start that.I left many copies of what I printed with the girl that stayed behind. I've also spoken to a detective at my local police department who then got me in touch with business affairs; I'm going to file a report with them. I realize there isn't much, legally, that can be done, but I feel better that I was able to warn off the girls I was trained with, and that I'm filing a report on them. I can only hope that awareness will prevent people from investing their time and money into such a scam.Melissa dallas texas U.S.A.Liz 30341, GeorgiaU.S.A.Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Scentura Creations
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #1179937
Sep 29 2014
12:58 PM
Color Crush Creative, Cecelia De Jesus Color Crush Creative, Cecelia De Jesus, Web Design, Etsy, Blog Templates, Blogger, Blogspot, Wordpress, Chicago, Illinois Internet
COLOR CRUSH CREATIVE // CECELIA DE JESUS // CHICAGO, ILLINOIS // ETSY BLOG TEMPLATES This woman Cecelia De Jesus sells web design on etsy: However, all of her web designs have been stolen from other etsy designers. Every theme on her shop is a cheap and tacky rip off of another designers lovely template. Cecelia sells her ripped off templates for more money than the original template even though it looks like a cheap version made by a child. She doesn't even attempt to hide her theft. Her designs are all blatant rip offs right down to the hex code and html and css code. Cecelia gives no credit whatsoever to the people she rips off and obviously doesn't see a problem with stealing from other people and selling stolen web design even though it's illegal! Online Locations: (Stolen web design from various etsy designers) (Stolen photos, web design and favicon from Blu Chic Design)
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1128136
Mar 04 2014
09:08 AM
JL Hair Realty JL HAIR Blogspot, Slum slums, con artists, non Christian, cheap, rude Indianapolis Indiana
If it sounds too good to be true it is. I stayed there with my fiance and son in like 2012. We went through similar situation but we got a fully furnished place from them on Euclid and East Michigan Street.  Upon moving in we immediately started waking up with huge itchy red bumps, my son and I at first and mine's seem to be worst huge and drainage.  We complained the next day we received notice about bedbug complaints, that they would be applying treatment for it and inspection.  We now knew what it was an infestation of bedbugs. They came and sprayed the units the following morning early banging on the doors very loudly, at this time I met my neighbors which I happened to grown-up with one of them. We were talking I was telling them I moved in to the unit upstairs they both were shocked that I lived in the unit. They explained how the previous tenants were living in the home just two days prior to me moving in . How they had dogs. Which my socks and anything that hit the floor would be covered in pet hair, which was still there but couldn't see it until it was on your clothes or something you sat down.  They also stated that they also told me they were always constantly scratching and getting bites up in the same unit . One neighbor had given me a huge bottle of bedbug spray that he had on his bedside and told me he had them when he moved in. I complained to the office, they said they would come look at it and change my furniture out but was very rude and nasty about it and didn't want to remove it. They arrived days later with a new bed and couch they left everything else there from chairs to dressers etc. Upon entering they asked us where the bedbugs came from and stated that it was never a problem before as if we brought them I responded that my neighbors seem to think differently and show him the treatment I was given and told him about the letter I received from them about bedbugs.  He  attempted to act like he knew nothing about it or the bugs and saying that we spray for bugs once a month and the letter was just a precaution. Liar is what I thought to my self. We constantly afterwards were bitten they just sprayed every time we called no professional just JL Hair Realty Family members at the door Cheap as they can be. After about a week at that location the female tenant that wasn't out there when I met my other neighbors was moving out it was about 5:00 p.m. when she started loading her car out of nowhere.  I said hello as I was smoking by my car as she replied she started to vent and told me that JL Hair cam and sprayed for bedbugs and left her a notice that they were in here unit, she came home and went to change and bedbugs were all in her closet, behind her bed just about everywhere she looked and she was moving due to the fact she has been there for about three weeks and her and her children were getting bites every since but didn't know why and she didn't see a bug til that day. She was forced out with only a few items a couple pairs of clothes that they were headed to wash and try to heat treat with the dryer. She told me when she moved into the unit she had them remove all there furnished items, she brought her own couch, bed, tv etc. Now she can't take it with her she was crying and went about her way. But that was just the start. Less than 48 hrs. Later they had another women and children in the unit. I was bathing one day and notice the water didn't go down like should so I got out my fiance who just finished the dishes let out the water and it all backed up into the the shower with a raw sewage smell and look. I was fed up with the unit.I inspected the rest of the place so I could give JL Hair to fix. It was everything every drain backed up I noticed you didn't need a key to enter the apartment just a few wiggles and it unlocked itself. Behind every curtain the blinds were broke, floors all cracked up old behind there furniture it was holes and it had previously been set up with bug traps. Anything you could think of was bad. After I complained about it all it was just noticed I was forced to contact the board of health Health and Hospital. The State officia over the 46201 areal got mad  and told me we should've known about places like that and he said he would call JL Hair about five minutes after a truck came to a screeching halt outside, it was Jeff who is the son of  the women who is a Hair who took over for Hair Himself Because he was on his death bed at the time. He was furious that we called the board of health on them then tried to plead with contacting them first I replied I did several times but nothing done. He tried to blame Pam who works at the office, he fixed ny wall socket and left said he needed parts and would returned,  never did. Nights later the fire department pulled up to our building said the new neighbor went to hospital something about carbon monoxide poisoning and checked for carbon in the air they broke in her apartment to check then called gas company to come out he pulled instalation out the side of the building because he couldn't get in the basement to check for gas leak didn't find. To make a long story short we ended up having to leave thr property they filed an eviction notice showed up to court blamed us for the holes the blinds the floor and what the gas man did to installation and it came up to 1500 dollars and the won because I was late by five 
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
4, Report #1366715
Apr 09 2017
09:11 AM
Mystic Persia AncientEgyptianMagic (youtube and blogspot), Tasmia, High Priestess Mystic Persia, Alchemist Persia, Mia, Taz. Ripped Off By Youtube Scammer Mystic Persia California Internet
 Hello, I am very upset and need my money back from a transgendered woman who goes by the name of Mystic Persia. I have been christian all of my life but I was always curious about other religions and about my life. I found this person while browsing youtube and contacted her at her email address. Since, my family is against paganism, I went to a nearby internet cafe to send the email. I released all information about my problems. Mystic Persia replied almost instantly and advised me someone cursed me and she will prepare a natal chart for me with 2 bottles of oils and 2 stones that she will ship to me for $250.00. She gave me a name for the wire transfer. I sent the money. The next day, she said she was going to the post office to ship my order. Meanwhile, she said I should purchase a card reading and she scared me into that which cost me another $30.00 wire transfer plus fees. I was disappointed because she asked me questions during that reading and she still was not accurate. I did not want to offend her but I told her she was way off. She said my energy was not meshing with hers and blamed me for her inaccuracy and refused to give me a refund. I was distraught because I felt I had lost my $280.00. It has been 3 weeks and I have not received a reply from my emails inquiring about my order. I caught her one day in a youtube livestream and confronted her but she blocked and banned me there. Youtube has not been able to help. I can only try to catch her live streams to listen and watch if she will say her real name or any other information that can be used to locate her in California. I was warned by a woman who is also from California not to do business with her because of her bad reputation. I really hope someone here can give me her location so I can get her arrested. I really will stay away from any witchcraft now.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #100286
Jul 23 2004
04:35 PM ripoff Ripp OFF Cheaters
I also been just ripped off by I ordered their 1000 MB hosting plan and they took my money through paypal and then they sent me a email of my hosting package. give me my ftp login and server addresses too. I loged in to that accout once and once only after that I could not log back in at all and thier web site was or has been down for along time now been at least two days and I got the server off them last weekend and could not access it at all after the first time I logged in. I bad mouth them by email and they laughed at me and I even got a email back from them stating that they will not refund my money back to me at all !! and they even said good luck on trying to report us in to the FBI or fruad department. cause I made a threat to them that I would do that and I did report them in to the FBI and to the BBB and fruad department too. But I did get one good info from them their ip address !! heres their ip now the FBI can have fun and trace them when ever their online unless they change thier ip!! Jamie Augusta, MaineU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #401913
Dec 16 2008
11:03 AM RIPOFF by Glendale California
I ordered a free sample and paid the shipping on it and they continued to send more and charge my credit card.. they charged me $88.97 for 1 month and they will continue until I find a way to stop those crooks....does anyone have the answer.... Jerry niles, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Glendale, California
7, Report #370681
Sep 07 2008
04:28 PM
FAMILYCONTACT911.COM deseptive charges Clearwater Florida
My AT&T bill was reflecting a late charge of $15.95 to my suprise because I paid my bill even before due date. By contacting AT&T I found out that the late charge was submitted by a third billing party. Looking closer, FAMILYCONTACT911.COM charged me $7.95 for a service that I never asked for. I personally dislike AT&T services enormously and I am willing to cancel their services altogether; I have to call them almost every month to dispute a charge or unfunded fee. If there are enough of us to take drastic actions mabe big guys listen to little ones. Kevin Fontana, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
8, Report #566399
Feb 08 2010
07:06 PM He lied to me Beijing, Internet
I went to visit the site looking for computers but because his products are so cheap it caught my eyes so I tried to contact the guy and the guy just insisted me on making the payment and refused to answer any of my question. I spent about 30 or more emails back and forth with him and realize that he's a scam since I found couple links on rip off report as well that they are not reliable. I already knew that it wasn't reliable I just wanted to try it myself. He kept insisting that his product is original and new and and that was it that he told me. I asked him a lot of questions on the product and he didn't seem like he knew what he was talking about. He wanted me to do the transfer money to his bank and of course that that is the worst thing you can do to a stranger so I didn't do it. I'm here just to warn you guys who look at his sites and want to buy his stuff I suggest you guys don't do it because this guy is a scam in my opinion. I just want to spread the word that's all.  Thanks, Parks
Entity: Beijing, Internet
9, Report #820981
Jan 10 2012
11:26 PM x10 Internet
BEWARE of The customer service is terrible. I had got an RMA from them for a camera package that was terrible in quality. Also another RMA for a vcr package that their website added to my order when I clicked on a remote package instead.  I keep contacting them about my returns, They have confirmed that they have recieved them. But they have differant excuses each time about why I haven't recieved the refund. I also ordered a security system for my daughetrs house for Christmas a couple of months before Christmas. It never came. When I contacted them to find out what happened they informed me they were out of the console and it would be 2 weeks after Christmas. i told them it was suopposed to be a gift what to do. They said tell my daugher to wait. What a joke. I still don't have the security system or my refund on the other RMA and it is 1-11-12. This company is a joke. BEWARE!
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #776686
Sep 14 2011
11:17 AM
I worked for this company in Chattanooga Tennessee(support seven), which is a call center for all of these companies, owned by the owner of the companies as well.  These are all scams! They do offer payday loans, but fail to give or allow employees to give the truth about charges to obtain these loans. The interest rate is well over 400% and they say they don't sell or give info to other companies, but they do. They also don't want the customer to know they have a call center in Costa Rica as well. Once you apply for a loan, they have all of your personal information in the system and numerous people have access to ALL of your personal information. Even when a customer asks for the info to be removed, they still keep it!  I can guarantee if you have had your bank account hacked after applying, it is because of these crooks!. I understand that noone makes you take these loans, but times are hard, and I know I work too hard to be ripped off while trying to make ends meet!...please think twice before doing any business with the above named companies, you can also find complaints on the FTC website
Entity: CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee
11, Report #732907
May 25 2011
07:10 AM - bad software Las Vegas, Nevada
I purchased some cameras and software to run the cameras. I called and emailed tech support over and over and still don't have the software running and refuses to give me my money back because I've been trying to get it to work for more than 30 days! The two biggest problems was never able to resolve:      Vanguard software: is a memory hog and brings my PC to it knees. To get the cameras to function I had to run it on the same PC as Active Home Pro. Now all the macros that were working in Active Home Pro no longer work because of Vanguard. According to other users on the forum they've never been able to get Vanguard to work.      MyHome software: I have a webserver running on port 80 and found out after many hours trying to get MyHome to work that it must use port 80. gives no way to configure the software to use any other port. My suggestion - don't buy MyHome if you are running a webserver on port 80. So here I am stuck with cameras and software that don't work and support won't work with me nor will the company refund my money. BUYER BEWARE !!!!!
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
12, Report #692708
Feb 08 2011
07:47 PM , Misleading internet advertisment site Brea, California     States that you never have to pay to play there games, in fact they NEVER pay you if you reach the required amount to cash out. They offer a spin the wheel game which, is not accurate, the wheel glitches and deducts double spins. After reaching the required amount to cash out, which I used gwallet to purchase spins.  I submitted my request for my money and never recieved anything. I wrote to the help center. And someone name David, said I requested a transfer to coolcat casino , but the transaction never happened. I wrote them 4 other times, with proof of non payment. They did not respond back after I sent proof of non payment. This has been over a month for my request and still have not heard back. They trick you into thinking you can win free money, which is misleading they, have no problem taking your money and running. They never give the credits for hours of advertisements, they claim are 100% free, and are just out to take your money.
Entity: Brea, California
13, Report #240531
Mar 24 2007
11:45 AM
MP3MUSICHQ-COM Online California
I read a rip off report about Internet U.S.A. Phone Number: 818-303-1770 mp3 apparently they managed to take my info when i signed up for lifeteime limewire subscription. anyway, after i realized they were debetting $9.88 a month automatically from my checking. I used a search engine & found there web site. I called the customer service & told them I had no interest in any extra $9.88 being taken out my account for anything. The guy said I ? subscribed? for a hacker protection ! WTF ? I don't remember doing that along the way ?? I'm usually good about avoiding the BS Pop ups & gimmicks...But they got me ! The cuatomer rep deleted the automatic debiting & said that I should no longer see that on my banking statements in the future. But I guess we'll have to see ??? Luckily they only snagged $9.88 for two months. So if you got scammed call Billing: 1-866-730-0934 (toll free)(USA)& hopefully they will delete your account as well. I stilll got lifetime limewire without that monthly fee. Good Luck, Jimmy Newport News, VA., Jimmy newport news, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: California
14, Report #1130621
Mar 13 2014
10:13 PM Paid member banned from Internet
I was a paid member & they banned me so I built my own forum
Entity: Select State/Province
15, Report #1222021
Apr 12 2015
06:00 PM UOP help online tutoring scam Internet
Entity: Internet
16, Report #159433
Oct 04 2005
12:14 PM ripoff Clifton new jersey
I ordered a pair of quality jordans Sept.17 for my boyfriend's birthday and i sent a check in on Sept 18. and here it is 2 days before his birthday and still no shoes. What made it even worse they already cashed the check and still processing my order. All i want to do is get these shoes for my boyfriends birthday if they can't send them please return my money. I will be glad to do an update if either or happens Nikita lawton, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #159478
Oct 04 2005
06:27 PM ripoff Internet
I purchased a digital camera/ recorder, it has not worked since I received it. The return policy gives only 14 days to return the product, and you cannot return it unless you get a RMA # from them. I have been waiting 4 days and have yet to get a call or e-mail with the number. I contacted them again and they said they sent me an e-mail just hours before. The e-mail has yet to download into my e-mail account. I told them the only e-mail I received was from my father, 7 hours after the initial call. The fool at the customer service center told me to open a HOT-MAIL account for my e-mail. I received all their other e-mail, now I need a HOT-Mail account to get their e-mail. DO not put up with their garbage. Do not purchase from them. James Southgate, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #80021
Feb 11 2004
08:32 AM
Datesnow,com ripoff Internet
i was charged 79.99 for a site i never signed up for, the supposed date was a day when my entire family was home and my 5-year old daughter was on the disney web site.. Ron interlochen, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #516700
Oct 29 2009
07:27 AM unauthorized charges Internet charged me 29.99 withouth  notifying me about it. They also instatly subscribe me in to monthly refill, without notification. They are charging me since May i just realized now. What can I do to get refund?
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #386821
Oct 31 2008
06:35 PM Rebates are not sent Internet seems to be a scam artist. I have and am still waiting for my two rebates that I sent over 5 months ago (rebate coupons were offered by; now with this issue, shouldn't deal with I was very careful on both of my $20 rebates before sending, because I was well aware of the note that said something like any incomplete information can lead to disqualification. I check the status for both after 3 months, and one was okay, but the other was disqualified because of blank envelope, which didn't make any sense, because I made sure of all the required information by checking every one of them. I wrote them an email a few times, but never heard anything back. It's going on 6 months, and I still didn't receive any rebate check. It's a scam they are pulling, and they figure many will not send in their rebates and most who do send in their rebates will not complain if or when they don't receive their rebates (which is one reason why stores that are affiliated with myrebates411 do give our compelling deals on purpose). I suggest that you don't trust for any reason. Konami2008 Parker, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #359375
Aug 05 2008
10:04 AM Cheap PS 3 Internet
I used this website to purchase a ps3 for my sons thirteenth birthday. I went back to the website to check order status and was give a prompt the said awaiting arrival in warehouse 14. The next day when I checked order status, I could not even get on the site. No one answers any phones, or returns any messages.:( I was charged for the system. Buyer beware! I simply hate it for my son! Jm J, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #447053
Apr 28 2009
01:26 AM Small help Internet
Here's the problem I have with this scam outfit. They charge you $1.95 basically for nothing, then immediately you are charged another $38.21 US, no 24 hour wait at all. The next day they burn you for another $57.61 US. Why do they not simply add the $1.95 and the $38.21 together for a total of $40.16 right up front? Because NOBODY would buy that, now would they? I called Visa today and explained it to them. Now Visa reads their TOS to see if there is anything they can do to help. They got me through to a call center in the Phillipines, (hard time understanding the gal on the phone) who gave me the email address above to ask for a refund. I applied first thing this morning, and shortly after I got a reply offering me $40 and $25 partial refunds on the two invoices. I figured a $65 US refund was better than a kick in the derriere. I suppose there is always the possibility that had I persisted, I may have got it all back except for the $1.95. But I don't know that for sure. So, to anyone out there who has been stung, here's a chance to get at least some of your money back. Good luck. Cocobolo Cedar, British ColumbiaCanada
Entity: Internet
23, Report #460763
Jun 11 2009
01:19 PM False Representation Internet - Is a cheap Web host company that use false representation to lure customer from other Host. They apparently offer more for less but it's just a facade. they don't write in details ( like the fact you can just have 1 domain even on their most expensive plan ) but it's not written nowhere. On top of it, they are advertising that they Move your site for you hassle-free.. it's totally un-true as they don't even have a site-moving program and I highly doubt that anyone that works there actually have the knowledge to move any site even if it would only consist of a single index page. It took me half a day and 14 customer support ticket to learn that their cron directory was curl and not something like.. usr/bin/curl.. that's totally absurd for such a basic question to a host. they advertise that you can contact the CEO if you don't get treated the way it should.. it' also un-true.. I highly doubt he even care about his customer as I never got any reply from him. it's all a fraud.. a scam.. call it what you want.. they do have the web hosting service.. but that's all.. no support.. no knowledge.. no professionalism The chat representative even admitted it being a scam and them not helping people. Ehan beverly hills, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #470400
Jul 16 2009
12:21 PM Scottsdale Arizona
On June 20th I ordered a free trial from this website and only had to pay for shipping. I rec'd the merchandise about a week later. I reviewed the paperwork that was included and there was absolutely no information regarding an amount that would be charged if I didn't cancel the account. Much to my surprise on July10th $83.95 was charged to my credit card! I telephoned them and was told I would not be able get a refund because I had not called to cancel within 14 days of June 20th. I finally spoke to a supervisor and was given a credit of $44.00 (this was just today so I have not seen the credit to my account yet). I was told I would receive an email regarding my cancellation - I haven't received that yet either. This is a very deceiving practice from this company and I just want everyone out there to be aware! Jan Middletown, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
25, Report #370627
Sep 07 2008
12:33 PM RIP OFF Internet
I bought a 360 from this company a day later i recieved a confirmation and the site is no longer there. It said allow 8-10 days for delivery and that was Aug 18th I knew better but I thought if it does work I got a cheap system. also beware of and all are the same site if they are even still up and running. Chaz920 anywhere, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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