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1, Report #1402632
Sep 27 2017
07:46 AM
Accu-metrics DNA ancestry Its a con Nationwide
 Was so excited to do my dna ancestry report . But they failed to pick up on half my family is black . The sent a generic report as results . . My aunty who is married into the family also did it and our results were exactly the same and she is a diffult colour and culture again ... What a con . They did refund our money but anybody out there don't waste your money ..
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #1395575
Aug 25 2017
01:16 PM
Accu Metrics Viaguard DNA Testing DNA Ancestry and Medical Testing Canada Internet
 I ordered my DNA from ancestry and medical online. I have a Hispanic last name through marriage, but I am not Hispanic. I am of Northern European descent. I have solid documentation of this through genealogy records. I have very light eyes, hair and skin. My DNA results came back as 1/4 Native American and 3/4 Spanish… A reasonable DNA make up for someone who is Mexican or Latin American. They did not even test my DNA. They just guessed based on my last name. They did give me a refund when I called them on it. Please, don't use this service. It's a scam.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1258885
Oct 03 2015
10:25 AM
Viaguard Accu-Metrics DNA test. Failure to deliver promised work. Toronto Ontario
 Viaguard Accu-Metrics received my dna heritage kit on 8/24/2015 for testing fo percentage of American Indian. This was pre-paid with a US Postal money order. I have been in contact several times, and I am put off every time with a lame excuse. I would never suggest anyone use this company.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1427107
Feb 03 2018
07:44 PM
Viaguard/Accu-metrics Only used required picture of dog to determine DNA; did not use actual samples. Toronto Ontario
I purchased a Canine DNA tesing kit from a seller on Ebay that was selling this product from this company.  I followed all the directions regarding collecting the DNA samples.  I was very skeptical about the instruction to also include a picture of the dog and did not include that picture online when registering my product.  I purchased this product on 11-11-17, received it on 11-15-17, collected the samples and mailed it in on 11-17-17.  Again,  I did not include a picture of my dog online where I had registered to receive my results.  The company said they needed a picture to include on the certificate.  I did not care if I had a picture of my dog on the certificate or not, and again, was very skeptical of why they even needed a picture of my dog.  The instructions provided said that I would receive my genetic profile in approximately 14 business days.  I checked my account daily after 14 days, and no results were available.  I was becoming much more suspicious of this company with each day I did not receive any results as I had not submitted a picture of my dog.  Finally, around the first of the year I grew tired of waiting for my results, and even more skeptical about what was going on, and submitted a picture of a pure bred yellow labrador retriever.  My dog is a little, black, mixed breed.  Amazingly, on 1-6-18, I received my Canine Breed Composition DNA Analysis Certificate.  That certificated  my dog was a Flat-Coated Retriever & Labrador Retriever.  Again, my dog is a little mixed breed and in no way could be considered a Retriever of any type.  There is no way this company did any genetic testing and only looked at the submitted picture to determine the dog breed.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
5, Report #1310424
Jun 09 2016
06:03 AM
Viaguard accu-metrics Test came out 99.995 and baby looks like other guy Toronto Canada
 The test came out as 99.995% not excluded as father. Mean I am the biological father but the baby looks a spitting image of the other guy who is a potential father. This means I will have to pay again to a more reputable company for another DNA testing
6, Report #1407403
Oct 19 2017
07:02 PM
Accu-metrics Viaguard False DNA testing regarding serious genetic mutation causing serious illness Canada/ Internet and mail in results Nationwide/Internet
DO NOT TRUST this company for any tests. I was concerned about having a genetic mutation that could endanger my life because another family member had the mutation so I did their genetic testing for the specific mutation. I was informed that I was negative for the mutation and that my risk of illness was low. I then got sick and later did another test through an actual medical institution. I was positive for the mutation. The report was manufactured and fraudulent and could have lead to my death or certainly very serious illness if I had not retested elsewhere.
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #1396475
Aug 29 2017
12:48 PM
Accu-Metrics My son received a ancestral DNA test. His biological father had died many years ago, so we both were curious to see where his roots were from. As we waited patiently for results by the time we received them it was an incredible disappointment.  Toronto, Ontario, Canada Nationwide
 My father Richard ordered an ancestry DNA test for my son for his birthday. He searched online and found viaguard acc-metrics at a great price. We received it in the mail and followed all instructions 1 by 1. My sons father had died several years ago and was wanting more info as to where his ancestry went. Time goes by and finally we received the results. My sons face said it all, disappointing for the both of us. My son is of mixed race. Dark skin and an Afro to top it off. According to the results he is 100% European! Northern European 90% and Eastern European 10%. How can this be??? I've had a paternity test years and years that confirms his biological father, whom was black! So these have to be false results!
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #1331745
Oct 05 2016
11:14 AM
Accu-Metrics Viaguard Ripoff Toronto Ontario
 Very unprofessional. They quickly charge your credit card and then forget about you. Two months later I'm still chasing them for the results of my test. I was told that it should have taken three weeks.
Entity: Toronto , Ontario
9, Report #1343389
Dec 15 2016
11:44 AM
Accu-Metrics Viaguard What A Rip Off Internet
This is a total scam. I bought one test from these people and I wasn't sure about the result. So i bought another in the wifes name sent the same samples into them and got diffrent results. When i questioned this they would not reply, or offer me a refund. Want some good advice? Keep away from these.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1336755
Nov 05 2016
12:11 PM
Accu metrics Dna prenatal paternity test vingrad I had a test done while pregnant it was 99.9 he was the father now i test the baby when he came out and its saying he not the father iam writing this from the hospital that man nearly killed me iam in the hospital now Toronto canada Internet
 I took a prenatal paternity test and did a retest once the baby was born and he not the father this man is my husband iam hoping i was scammed just so i can do another test the man going to say contamination maybe he ate. Before the test remind you second test was teseted through the toothbrush and the first test was his swab
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1130174
Mar 12 2014
11:29 AM
Accu-Metrics Viaguard Fraudulent results, No help, Bad customer service Toronto Ontario Canada
For our own curiosity and understanding we had completed a paternity and maternity test.  While Harvey Tenenbaum presented initially as very knowledgeable and trustworthy we had serious issues with his staff and follow up questions. We waited several weeks for the maternity test and nearly 2 weeks after we had submitted our sample we were informed that they had not even submitted it to the lab.  We waited an additional 12 days before asking again about the results.  For 4 days we were told “its coming today, you will have it by 6”.  We called and emailed, were hung up on, placed on hold for 15-20 min at a time and were not called to inform us of any delays.  After finally getting the results (which were initially sent to the wrong email address) we noticed a discrepancy in the expected test and what was sent to us.  After several more days of calls and emails trying to get that resolved we were forced to physically drive down to actually ask in person.  We were greeted by one of the rudest staff members I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with in my entire life.  We discovered that CP (her initials) was as rude in person as she was on the phone.  We were able to approach Harvey and speak with him briefly about our questions.  After several dismissal answers (“Oh that’s nothing, its common.” and “I’ll look in to it”) we left feeling unsatisfied with his answer.  It was at this point that we discovered that what was said was actually completely wrong, impossible and was a blatant lie (a mutation present in the second test of the child which was not present in the first test.  There was no second sample and the results were supposed to be transposed to a new document).  We can only assume that the sample was either lost or the test wasn’t completed properly and when faking the results someone made a typographical error.  We tried in vain to get this cleared up and a proper test done.  I have been told “too bad” and “you just aren’t accepting the answer” as well as actual threats and insults against us.  When I asked for a simple email with an explanation I was told “you aren’t getting one.  We’ve spent enough time on this.” I have basically been scammed out of money.  I would not recommend this place to anybody and suggest they look at some of the other locations in the area.  I am highly disappointed in Harvey personally to allow himself to be represented by such a horrible person who is obviously the result of the other reviews of Accu-Metrics.   I also suspect that this person lost our original test and is trying to protect herself. Stay away from this place. 
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
12, Report #1295705
Mar 24 2016
02:24 PM
viaguard accu metrics ripped me off false results canada canada
 I used viagaurd 2016 January ... I was unsure about using them from few bad reviews. But gave them a try as I needed a prenatal test done and it was cheap.. So I got kit in 2days got my blood taken and my partner swab sent back....within 4days got my results... but something wasnt right the man I spoke to was tryna rush me off the phone I done a retest with ddc and got a complete different result... the man I spoke to was kyle he said yea his the father ok ok then said bye... it was result I wanted then when ddc gave me my result my world fell apart... I called viagaurd was told someone would call me back they never did I kept calling and calling spoke to the con artist kyle he said ok I will give u a refund I said how accurate are your test he just kept saying accurate ok accurate den he offered me a refund that I never got stay away!!!!
13, Report #1266155
Nov 06 2015
10:27 AM
Accu metrics Viaguard Please don't waste your money Canada Internet
 This place is a total scam. When you call to get started you speak to a nice gentalman who is pleased to speak to you. Once your money is taken you get this rude woman who will not offer any information and will NOT let you speak to someone else. It's been three weeks and she just says you will know when you know. And she hung up on me. She also told me my results have been sent out which was and is still a lie. I've never been treated so badly in my life especially after spending so much money. I still don't know If I'll ever get my results but now seeing these other posts I'm sure they wouldn't be accurate anyway.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1368689
Apr 20 2017
09:27 AM
Accu-metrics/Viaguard Please DO NOT use this company! SCAM!! Toronto Ontario
When I was 13 wks pregnant the alleged father of my child and I decided to take a prenatal paternity test for ease of mind purposes.  He paid $800 for this DNA test.  We took it, swabbed him, took blood from me and sent it in as directed.  We got results back that were negative.  So from there on out I (we) took it as he was not the father, that it was the other guy.  I mean why, would we think otherwise since this place seemed legit, no negative reviews (on their website) very expensive so we just went with it.  Now my son is a yr old and has had a dead beat, less than half the time dad and so therefore I took him for child support.  They had to offer him a DNA test so without any doubt we took it knowing what it would say.  Results were he was not the father....say what!?  So I, very upset, had to tell both potential fathers that something had went terribly wrong.  They knew the situation before I even had the prenatal DNA.  They knew that someone's test was wrong.  I doubted it was the child support court ordered one.  Back to square one to retest the first father (that Accu-metrics/Viaguard tested) legally this time and found out he was the father to begin with and he had missed out on his child's first yr of life; being born, cutting the umbilical cord, feeding him, diapering him, getting teeth, first steps, first word, first holidays, birthday...anyway, my point is Accu-metrics/Viaguard has falsley advertised themselves and gave me wrong results.  I don't want anyone else to go through this mess!  Run far, far away!  They have been reported to the BBB 19 times that I have seen.  This happened to several other people like myself that I've found online (I pray not many more).  I have emailed them to let them know that they gave me wrong results and no response...imagine that!!
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
15, Report #1385915
Jul 16 2017
10:40 AM
Viaguard Accu-metrics Inc Avoid this company at all cost Toronto Ontario
I ordered DNA profiling for me to check for certain genes and risk factors for certain diseases, paid over $200 and the result came after about a month (promised 2-3 weeks), anyway the report is very basic all it says  low risk or moderate risk, my doctor wants to see the actual allyles and their presence in order to properly identify the risk and come up with recommendations, so I emailed them requesting the raw file (which has the actual lab results), no answer after a week, so I called them and they told me no, they don't release the actual data of my test! their report is basically useless, all other competitors do release the raw file because that's what you paid for, except those guys, they should not be in health care business, I will report them to the Ontario College of Lab techs, and to all other licensing bodies they operate under because they can't hold lab data from patients esp if the patient has paid for that, they are beyond reason, use an alternative and proper service.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
16, Report #1344703
Dec 21 2016
02:31 PM
Viaguard/Accu-metrics Paternity DepotDNA Testing and Research Centre i sent in my ancestry swab testing in since april 15 2016 and have not gotten any results i call and only get told that it takes time. i know it has been received by the tracking on postal sent date. when i call i get a recording to leave a message, i leave a message and they never get back to me. i have also e-mailed them with no results also Toronto Ontario
I sent a Ancestry DNA test out on 4/15/2016 and have not received any results. I have calle and e-mailed them (Viagaurd/Accu-metrics) with no answers. They just keep giving the run around, when i do speak to someone they transfer me to someone else and I have to leave a message on thier answering machine which they never get back with me. I believe they have had sufficient time to get my results to me.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
17, Report #1323766
Aug 21 2016
08:52 PM
Accu-metrics Via guard I submitted 2 DNA tests to determine whether or not I was the father to my daughter, the first one was lost in the mail but then later found so both came back that I was the father. I had a court ordered test done in the US that determined I was not the father. My daughter had African American features that led me to believe she may not be mine.  Toronto, Ontario Canada Nationwide
It devastated my life and everyone else. We still love her just the same but the mother still manipulates us all. Had I known this 2 years ago, I could have planned things differently. After I read the rip off concerns about this company, I was very concerned the lab results may have been fraudulent. I tried to contact the lab because the DNA results of both tests did not even match. For those of you who have had successful results, remember it is a 50/50 chance. I would hate for this to happen to anyone else. This company should be brought to justice for taking advantage of those of us who trusted them in that they offered an affordable cost.
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #1340921
Dec 01 2016
06:18 PM
Ancestry by DNA This company intentionally deceives consumers by looking exactly like AncestryDNA Ohio
Ancestry by DNA purposely attempts to look like Ancestry DNA but has more inferior services.  The name of their company is the first indication of the deception.   So I bought 2 testing kits thinking I would get information on my actual ethicity(ie: Swedish, German, etc) All I got was the result that says 100% European.....the test is so general and only gives ballpark results.   But the fact that it purposely attempts to look like Ancestry DNA shows that it is trying to con the public into buying the product which is basically useless. 
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1361421
Mar 13 2017
01:02 PM
Viaguard Accu-metrics Inc We were requested to perform an DNA testing to prove the parent-child relationship on Feb 9 2017 by CIC. We have the DNA testing samples collected on Feb 10 2017 in Calgary and the Lab is VIAGUARD ACCU-METRICS LABORATORY on the list. I was told by the lab that the results would be available in a week, but I have not received the results as of today on Mar 13 2017. I called and emailed them many times and they told me the results would be available anytime, soon, blabla….. but they never keep their promises. Now they do not either take my phone calls or reply my emails. I checked the customer reviews of this lab; it is 1 out of 5 stars based on Better Business Bureau BBB reveiws, and 2.4 out of 5 stars based on Google reviews; and there are full of negative reviews such as delays, wrong spelling of names, no doctor’s signature on the reports, wrong results…… I wish I could read the reviews before using this lab. DO NOT USE THIS LAB. So I would contact CIC and SCC removing this lab VIAGUARD ACCU-METRICS LABORATORY from the list of accredited laboratories. Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M1N Nationwide
We were requested to perform an DNA testing to prove the parent-child relationship on Feb 9 2017 by CIC. We have the DNA testing samples collected on Feb 10 2017 in Calgary and the Lab is VIAGUARD ACCU-METRICS LABORATORY on the list. I was told by the lab that the results would be available in a week, but I have not received the results as of today on Mar 13 2017. I called and emailed them many times and they told me the results would be available anytime, soon, blabla….. but they never keep their promises. Now they do not either take my phone calls or reply my emails. I checked the customer reviews of this lab; it is 1 out of 5 stars based on Better Business Bureau BBB reveiws, and 2.4 out of 5 stars based on Google reviews; and there are full of negative reviews such as delays, wrong spelling of names, no doctor’s signature on the reports, wrong results…… I wish I could read the reviews before using this lab. DO NOT USE THIS LAB. So I would contact CIC and SCC removing this lab VIAGUARD ACCU-METRICS LABORATORY from the list of accredited laboratories. 
Entity: , Nationwide
20, Report #1254501
Sep 13 2015
10:18 AM ANCESTRY BY DNA Ancestry By DNA is a scam: impersonates AncestryDNA Internet
 AncestryByDNA, a DNA scammer, tries to fool you into thinking it is and, a legitimate and well respected company. Then they charge you $99 thinking you will get all of's gene matching and family cross reference, DNA matching and public records to look through. YOU DO NOT. INSTEAD, you get a simple ethnicity estimate and until you get this $15 over the counter test result, for $99, you have no idea its, an unrelated and unknown copycat scanner!!'s logo has a Twisted Pair Image of DNA between the words Ancestry and DNA within which are the tiny letters, by well hidden. There are no warnings. And their website is parchment colored and flowery lettered like up to a week ago. This is in my opinion nothing but an impersonation scam. AncestryByDNA shoule be shuttered for obtaining DNA Genetic Samoles under a false pretense, a FELONY.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #815826
Dec 30 2011
10:24 AM
African Ancestry Do Not Use African Ancestry for DNA Testing, They do not deliver on their test, unethical, bad customer service Washington , Washington DC
Do not use African Ancestry for any DNA services. They will rip you off! They ripped my elderly father off and he lost over $400 in the process and never received any description or answers in the fabricated tests that they sent back to him. African Ancestry representatives informed my father that if he purchased a maternal DNA test that he would be given a breakdown in percentage of Native American geneology and be given an illustrative report discussing his geneology. After waiting two months he received an email, not a package by mail,  that only showed a pie chart that said 100% European and the one page looked like something a 5th grader made on Microsoft Word. Additionally, in the email the company sent with the attachment, it stated that he guessed he was 60% African, of course he didn't guess that it is clear that he is of Native American and Caucasian descent. We have documentation and photographs as well as a family history indicating Native American descent. African Ancestry did not deliver the report they promised and refused to refund my elderly father his money. The Better Business Bureau did not do any better, they merely closed the case saying it was resolved. They are as big of a ripoff as African Ancestry, they truly are the fox guarding the hen house. Emails to the company were not answered and they still refuse to refund my elderly father the money owed him. African Ancestry is a ripoff and although I can't prove it, I suspect that their tests are fabricated. Stay away from African Ancestry and save your money for companies that provide valid DNA testing and deliver on the products that they promise their customers. Repeat, do not use African Ancestry, they are unethical and are terrible at customer service.      
Entity: Washington, Washington DC
22, Report #1137159
May 05 2014
12:18 PM
Accu-Metrics Viaguard DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY Toronto Ontario Canada
This company is completely unprofessional. They basically got everything incorrect and at the end they sent the test results to a party that I specifically asked them not to send to. If my experience with this company is any indication of their expertise I would say they probably collect the DNA samples, throw them in the trash and then say you are the father and take your money. There are several options for prenatal DNA testing and I strongly urge everyone out there to choose a different company. I am literally out $800 and now have to complete the process all over again with another company...
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
23, Report #1122684
Jul 10 2014
10:10 AM
                                              accumetrics         this company is registered with the OLA and does not knowhow to keep private file private they told me they have one person who read the results to clients is one person only and they will not tell results to any incoming calls but the receptionist decided to break that by telling me my results when i called after w weeks and heard nothing so anyways receptionist cassy decided to tell me they were negative and hung up on me before i could even say any more so i started to dig by emailing harvey tenenbam to ask him the rules he about confidentiality and he confirmed  that cassy broke the rules of confidentiality and so any ways i thought after all that i just didnt get any results yet but i was wrong at the start of week 4 i still received no call or mail or anything neither the father so i once again i called got the same receptionist ask like i was looking to ask questions as if i was a new customer and asked to speak with sandy theirphd and she  began to say about what i said just wanna professional to tell me all the details about the paternity test and she argued untill i demanded to speak with this only person who can give the results and then she still triedanything to not let me speak with her so i revealed who i was and said look i know you are the one who hung up on me and she once again defended her unprofessional manner then i once again made sure i demanded to speak with sandy then she gave in finally so then once sandy came on the line she had broke confidentiality too by disclosing my results to me after i informed her to call me back she said no its ok the result are negative and they lost my file thats why we never heard from them via phone nor mail so then she appoligized after saying she dont know why we didnt get contacted then i challenged her and said you are the only one who would know that answer since only you can give result and only u can call me according to privacy so she said soory i will call you back today when i find your file with results to send to you so i was fine with that but still no call back today and she hasnt even contacted the man who was tested for paternity had he even paid the bogus price for fake results just so this girl can stock him because the last person with my missing file was cassy the incompotant receptionist who is helping this scam of a company probly for fraud so watch out dont go there and keep your money safe with your i.d
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
24, Report #1287317
Feb 12 2016
05:31 PM
accumetrics-viaguard viaguard dna paternity testing genetic testing accu-merics viaguard scarborough Ontario
Hi in reply to this post . I first did my ancestry report with 23andme .They recently took away their country of ancestries and just tell you regions , like Asia/Africa,Northern Europe and Southern Europe . So I saw after their ad for a special 70.00. I called and asked the receptionist if they can be more specific then 23 and me . They told me they definitely are . SO I went ahead and bought three.With taxes it came up to 180 something . They also tell you that the info will be available to download in 2 weeks on their website and theie own PDF says they have tools on the site provided . 14 days went by . I decided to send an email because the receptionist told me 1 to 2 weeks. I received an email advising me it takes 14 days .It was after the 14 days .I received my husbands . it said he was 80 percent italian and 10 percent northern european ad 10 percent middle easter. First he knows his mom is part spanish from spain . And these results are very typical for thinking what Italians are ...I also saw it was vague on a pdf ...with a map with dots that were not even correct . But anyways I thought they asked me in the paper when I submitted the results what all three etnicisties /countries thy were . If your suppose to tell me why am I telling you .Infact for my sister and my mom ...I just said multi racial ( which we are) I used also my sister married name . She is my full sister btw . I am pretty sure if I said my husband was African he would of came back 80 percent african !! Anyways I called their number . I also forgot my smart phones tapes callls when I was on the call .But the woman told me they do not do any type of DNA testing !!! And I have the wrong company . I said is this not via guard ? She said ,yes I said dont you know what your company offers ? I never swore at her . I spoke to this woman like I would anyone . But she did not like me telling her that and she hung up ! I called back a second time and she hung up . the third time . I said , look here I am recording you . ANd then she told me it takes 3 weeks ! okay for a woman who did not even know her company does it she now says the time is 3 weeks. I told her that not onl was I told it was 2 by your receptionist but I have an email from you guys also saying 14 days . SHe then said that they do not give you your ancestry ..they just tell you your race !!!! What a joke they change what they say as they go along !!!!! Now who would not know their race !!!! I spend some time back and forth calling till I spoke to someone and then a couple more emails and calls they finally sent my sister and mom;s .. OKAY WHAT A JOKE !!!! THEY SAID MY SISTER WAS Polish !!! Omg her surname is Polishe because her husband is Polish !!!! then they said .By the way during those emails they even asked me what type of test I ordered . Even though I gave them the so called numbers for each they gave me They said my mom was chinese and korean . hmmm lol her last name is chinese because her dad was half chinese but he was also amerindean ( South american aboriginal ) ...and her mom was german /black and south asian but according to them she is just Asian ... It is a complete joke !!!! They are scammmers!!! look at their facebook page they dont even see reviews of people calling them fraud.Rip off reports has alot of complaints about them ...even telling one man it was his child and after he paid child support for years he found out the child was not his... I am saving all communications . I also have 23 and me . their report is such a blatant joke that you know its a scam . And they say they do government reports!!! then they are scamming govern
Entity: scarborough, Ontario
25, Report #1294333
Mar 17 2016
02:00 PM
We used this company to confirm that I was the father of an unborn child.  The mother was tested at 7 months.  Both of our samples were collected per their instructions.  We were promised results within 7 business days and had elected to receive them via snail mail so that we both received hard copies at our physical address.  2 weeks went by and we never received results.  The mother of the baby was actually able to simply call the company and obtain the results over the phone.  I spent the next month preparing for the birth of my son after their test confirmed that there was a 95.8% probability that I was the father of this child.  I was their for the birth.  My family was there.  He was born nearly 4 months ago.  I have paid child support to his mother every week.  I have also paid over $3500 of legal fees in an attempt to gain 50% custody of my son.    I wish I had done it sooner, but last week I decided to send a post-birth paternity test to another facility.  I knew what the results were going to be so I questioned why I was even doing it.  Much to my surprise, the results of the post-birth test confirmed that there was a 0% probability that I was the father of this child.  I'm sure you can imagine my surprise.  I thank God that this happened so early and that the child is not much older and will never have to endure the pain that I have to endure right now.  My entire family is emotionally distraught right now.    Viaguard immediately offered to refund my money.  No apologies.  Nothing.  No explanation.  In order to refund the money, however, they send a release to protect them from any further action.    Please, please, please do not use this company.  I wonder how many fathers out there have been affected by this. 
Entity: Scarborough, Ontario

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