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1, Report #1126304
Feb 25 2014
05:54 AM
ACN ACN Outrageous Charges Concord North Carolina
One should make sure to read not only the fine print but also the super fine print when dealing with these hucksters. I had their Digital phone service which I started using when I, like an idiot, joined up with them as an IBO (Individual Business Owner) I decided pretty early on it wasn't for me thank goodness.  Fortunately, the only person that I ever signed up for services was my mother-in-law *chuckle*. After I joined we found out my wife's best friend had already made the plunge; the only sucker she signed up was sadly her own parents.At any rate, I suckeredmyself into their proprietary  Video phone. What a FOOL!I'd no sooner signed up than they came out with a new improved version This was my first tip off because of course they knew darned good and well they were making this big change yet they charged me the Full Boat price.  The service itself was pretty much worthless. The only people you can use it with are other suckers who have made the same mistake. So I had this nifty $200 phone with a tiny video screen (about 6 inches) when there are free services out there like Google's Hangouts or the free version of Skype.As for the digital service, I was at least lucky; mine always worked.  My mother in law had nothing but troubles with hers. My wifes friend had charges (they had the non digital phone service) where they would be charged long distance to dial next door.Well I stuck it out for my 2 Year Contract and just moved back to Vonage. I was amazed to get the following email: Dear (My name here),You recently transferred (xxx) xxx-xxxx to another telephone service provider. Subsequently, your payment type on file has been charged the following:    Transfer Fee$14.99    Tax$1.67    Total Amount$16.66These charges are in accordance with the Terms and Conditions to which you agreed when you signed up for ACN Digital Phone Service.Best Regards,ACN Customer Care Buyer Beware!!! These guys are pure slime! 
Entity: Concord, North Carolina
2, Report #603864
May 17 2010
08:47 AM
acn global acn marketing, acn international, acn telecom acn communications impossible to reply or email any info to acn, ignore faxes they get concord, North Carolina
this is a ripoff company that has reps like sam pierpont selling you a opertunity to make money. once you fall for the ripoff and sign on it is nearly impossible to sell a product they say is the main bussiness. people like sam and buddy boccarusa hound you to bring in people to sign up as reps also for a 500$ fee. There is no discussion of the products or guidance in selling them. it is all about drag in more people. i signed up and after realizing that you couldnt sell anything unless the customer was a fool, i attempted to contact ACN to TERMINATE my rep. position. THEY ARE NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO CONTACT, AND GIVE REFERENCE ON THE WEBSITE TO AUTOMATED CALL CENTERS THAT NEVER ADDRESS CANCELLING THEM CHARGING THE CREDIT CARD. I agreed to a one time charge to my credit card. they are charging it every month. I finally contacted someone who stated it must be faxed to them. i did fax the cancellation and they promptly recharged me the next day. The card co refused the charge the day i called them to report it as bogus so they simply waited a day and resubmitted it. look at there web page and see if you can find a legitimate contact for termination or complaints. it took me four hours to get a person, who was not really listed as a contact. i had searched thru numbers by address to get to that acn rep. there terms state you need to stay in contact with reps under you on a daily basis, however they wish to remain perfectly insulated from communication on corporate or GLOBAL as they like the reference to appear.
Entity: concord, North Carolina
3, Report #1077915
Aug 21 2013
04:13 PM
ACN ACN Digital Phone Service VOIP Charlotte North Carolina
 I signed up for ACN phone service and the service didn't work right no matter how hard I tried. I changed the Modem, Router, and phone adapter, and still phone calls where being dropped and sounded bad to callers. Also at times people would say I called 4 times, the first three went straight to voice mail. I knew this happened when I would be talking to someone on my cell and arive home and ask them to call me back on my home number. I waited for the call and wondered what took so long. I decided to change my phone service and number back to Ooma to get better service and it works great. I paid close to $700 for 9 months service for ACN phone after buying the phone adapter, video phone and service at $42 a month (they advertise 29.00, they claim the rest is taxes) and the cancellation fees. WOW! now I pay a little less than $4.00 a month, with taxes, a year service for about what I was paying a month for ACN and it works great. no need for a new modem or router. I wish I hadn't had this experience I called twice to try and get the cancellation fees back, but both times I was told they couldn't help me and a manager would call me the next day and both times they didn't. They always ended the call with is there anything else I can help you with. I guess not.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
4, Report #1266537
Nov 13 2015
10:46 AM
ACN Mike, Patrick, Andrew Maser Nationwide
ACN is a scam and their top salesmen Mike, Patrick and Andrew Maser are scam artists who will tell you any lie you'd like to hear to get you to sign up.  But don't take my word for it - do the research - all three were in a prior family businesss together and convicted of dealing ecstasy and laundering the money through a sham business.  Mom must be so proud: According to the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service, Stricker and the Maser brothers, along with a third brother, Andrew, of Altoona, and Armand Taormina of Norristown, Montgomery County, sent drug proceeds to the Netherlands and laundered some of the money through a sham business in Panama. The ring is also accused of using drug money for hotel rooms, airline tickets and credit card purchases. In addition to the indictment, the U.S. attorney's office is seeking to seize at least $1 million in cash and bank accounts from the ring members.
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #1125610
Feb 21 2014
10:19 PM
ACN-Opportunity LLC ACN ACN - Buyer Beware Concord North Carolina
Dear Consumers,So you are looking and researching the ACN Business Opportunity?  You have done your due diligence in researching, hopefully before you invested your money in this company.   Yes, I joined ACN and  three (3) months into the business and at a loss of $2500.00 for 5 family members,  I feel I need to alert the public of this company and its representatives.   You have the right to make your own decisions and opinions, but I hope that by posting my experience, it will help someone decide if this is the right opportunity for them.  Is it a scam? Or a dream come true?  Maybe, but it's not for everyone!ACN Opportunity seemed like a real opportunity to make some money, own my own business and be successful!.  As time passed, I became truly aware that this was just another dead end opportunity that I wasn’t cut out for.  So as I experienced nothing but problems and realized that I had to recruit, sell and promote ACN events, It wasn’t going to be as easy as I was led to believe. First, SUCCESS sells! So yes, you will probably be motivated to obtain your start up bonuses, $1000 + in some monthly promotions, giving you at least some hope that you will recover your $499.00!  So you go out and tell all your friends and relatives and everyone you meet about ACN!  But as the 30 days quickly approaches and you reassure yourself you have met your start up bonus qualification, reality hits when you realize you didn’t meet the qualifications, because your upline, (friend or relative) didn’t explain all the important details that would make or break your decision to join ACN and/or qualify for the bonus altogether.   Your upline, RVP,  etc., are more interested in you recruiting others to make sure they hit their monthly bonuses!  So it appeared to me that he/she was just out to make big bucks on me and my recruitments!  The more you recruit the more big monthly bonuses they make!   And NO, to my disappointment, I didn’t get that $1300.00 bonus, I was told I’d be getting if I recruited and hit my 20 customer points and recruit 3 or more people!  So a word of caution, be careful that you fully understand the points systems, personal and customer points, along with the very hard to understand Compensation Plan.    Read the fine print cuz they are not going to disclose it for you!  To make matters worse, the complex Compensation Plan and points systems was changed 3 months after we signed up as IBO’s, so this made it even more difficult to reach your next executive level!  Its’ like a reorganization you didn’t want or expected!  Yes, sorry, it’s still a hierarchy!!As I didn’t qualify for the startup bonuses, I still remained positive that I can do this!  So therefore, I pushed on to meet my next customer points level.   I quickly discovered a bunch of problems with the quality of products and services, training and a bunch of undisclosed requirements that were never mentioned before.  I realized that the more ACN business I did, the more questions I had about the points systems and comp plan.  I even discovered that there was an Eastern Standard Time, (North Carolina) cut off time to submit orders!  Yes, these things do exist so make sure you at least educate yourself cuz they are not going to tell you.     Also, there is a big difference between “customer” points and “personal” points!  You need both in order to meet your overall executive promotion to ETT and TC, etc.   Also make sure you fully understand the points and compensation plan.  It is not as easy as they make it out to be!  As I realized all this information was never fully disclosed or even explained in full details.  They rush you through the comp plan at the meetings, but never really discuss it.  If they did take the time, then you will soon realize, it’s very hard to make the next executive level!All the while, my upline and RVP, kept saying, don’t quit, you just have come to the next international training! Yeah, at a cost of $$$ in North Carolina!   They kept telling me don’t quit!  Don’t quit, cuz, they will lose their executive status as they need your recruitments to maintain their level of income!Training:  You mean the “learn as you go” experience!   What training!  You mean “Motivational Training to Ensure You Don’t QUIT”!  Don’t tell yourself that you’re a failure!  It’s not the you’re a failure, It’s that you realized you lost $499.00!!!  LOL!!!!  The only training you will receive is repetitive repeat sessions on how to recruit and sell success stories!  As I experienced, the “learn as you go” theory, it became clear to me that the only training I will be getting is BS-ing people!  I quickly realized that the issues and concerns that really needed to be addressed in training or at meetings,  where “preferably” ignored!   I also realized that my recruiter and RVP were only interested in enrolling people for the next big event!  These international and local events, is how these TC and Executive positions, GET PAID!  The more they promote and sign up people for the next event, the more money THEY make!  If you don’t attend events, you will not succeed in ACN!  They make this very clear!  (If you don’t PAY to attend these training events, THEY don’t make any money!)  And, if you are not recruiting, you don’t receive training, excuse, me, motivational training!  I  was even told that I could only participate in the training sessions up until the deadline of signing up for the next event.  If I didn’t sign up, I could no longer participate in the “training”.  WOW! So if you want to succeed, be ready to fork up some $$$ on every upcoming event, don’t forget the hotel expenses, airline tickets!  To be successful or receive any type of “training” cost money!  Oh, I forgot, if you are not recruiting 24/7/365 PLUS, they don’t want to talk to you!  You see, they are only interesting in helping people who are out recruiting!So you want to be a Salesman!  You have to be a “Salesman”!  Sorry not offense, some people are really good at!   Sales & Recruit, Recruit, 24/7/365!!! You will have to accept the fact that you will have to be a quick smooth talker, pushy, always in a hurry, dishonest, withhold pertinent information about the compensation plan and the ups and downs of the business that would otherwise, make you think twice about signing up!  Or, discourage your prospective recruits!   Wow, sounds like you’re buying a car and selling lemons!  You have to learn how to feel good, about ripping people off! And, sell products that are appear to be good products and save you money, but the customer service is without question “inferior” lousy, to put it lightly!   Oops, did I forget your personal or family life!  It’s meeting after meeting, every freaking week!  Come home late, work the next day!  Repeat for 7 days!!!! L  I thought this was supposed to be a part time business! LOL!!! As for the ACN products; Flash Wireless and Direct TV, have the worst customer service.  I had the worst experience with these products!  It was not worth the time and effort; I spent month after month on the telephone and long hold times in trying to reverse billing charges for myself and my customers who were continued to be billed for services that were cancelled several months before.  Long hold times, 1 to 2 hours for Flash Wireless and lousy customer services was not worth one penny of any savings!  Change your credit card on file because you will continue to be billed for Flash Wireless.  Direct TV, is a Bait & Switch Scam! Don’t bother!  Stay with Comcast or Verizon!  They have better service and promotions!You know, I can go on and on, but I will cut it short. DON’T join ACN.  I don’t recommend it.  Invest your money in a true business or in the Stock Market!  ACN was not for me!   I realized this way too late after I lost $2500.00 in a failed business opportunity that was not for me.  Maybe it works for others, but those successful in ACN have a “Quality” that is required to be successful in this business.  If you are an honest person, you will simply fail!   If you already joined and find yourself writing a “Ripoff Report” then I feel sorry, for both of us!  Well, we can always “write off” our business expenses!  Look on the bright side, we have our integrity!
Entity: Concord, North Carolina
6, Report #382082
Oct 16 2008
10:33 PM
ACN - ACN Communication Services, Inc. New DSL Customer Was Totally Ripped off By ACN! Concord North Carolina
This past July I ordered a wireless modem & DSL service from ACN, but when I received the package from them it only contained a regular modem. Immediately I contacted ACN, and they then informed me that they do not carry wireless modems. I asked them why I wasn't told that they did not carry wireless modems at the time I ordered it, and they told me that they should have told me ... but of course in my case they didn't. I specifically asked for a wireless modem, because I do not have a phone jack in the room that my computer is in. I even have a witness that can testify to what I ordered, because he was with me at the time I placed the order. The person I talked with at this time told me to return the modem, and that I would not be charged. I returned their modem within a few days of this phone call, but they have continued to bill me for the past 2 months for cancellation and various fees totaling around $288 in addition to my normal phone bill. I have called them on many occasions, and even wrote to them concerning why my bill has not be corrected. Basically they are refusing to correct their mistake, and I'm refusing to pay for a wireless modem that I did not receive, and for a high speed internet service that I could not use. It is criminal for a company to charge anyone for goods and/or services that they did not provide. FYI> To reach anyone in customer service took a minimum of 45 minutes. Their technical service was over an hour wait time, and it's located in India. Maybe now you understand why nothing gets resolved by ACN. They count on people giving up on trying to reach them. Laura Colorado Springs, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Concord, North Carolina
7, Report #455621
May 26 2009
11:39 PM
My wife and I can only sit back and laugh at all the reports about ACN. they all sound so familiar to us, we never thought that we would be one of those ignorant people and buy into a scam. However the way it was explained it seemed legit. We to were stupid enough to give them our credit card and let them charge for the video phone and Voip service. This service (voip) never worked the phone was off more than on how can you have a meeting in your home and show the phone service and the $100.00 phone off when neither worked. By the way we bought two phones retards , changed our service over thinking it would be cheaper but guess what it wasn't they kept charging our cards over and over again, oh that's right they don't have enough money after they scam every one they also have to rip them off by debiting their cards again and again. Then we changed our television service over, along with purchasing a website and a air card, all this to get our points before the 30 days were up. Both my wife and I purchased into the company $499.00 Twice Morons So by the time it was all said and done we spent over $2000.00 idiots we sat down and decided that we were going to get it back or at least try! So this is what you do it works!!!! First of all you call your credit card or debit card bank and tell them that this company never once did all what was promised and that this is a pyramid which is illegal. The way they explain it is that a manager gets a % a district manager gets a % and so on and so forth, that is not what this company is doing you are going out and recruiting people under you so you get money from them that is a pyramid. First of all you need to stop that card that they have on file, call in and say you would like to cancel that card and get a new number sent to you this will stop the monthly charges on your card. So you explain to your debit or credit card company you need to do a CHARGE BACK on your card. Be ready for the third party collection company's to call you they think their slick, read up on collection policies there are certain things they can't do but will try if you let them. Your credit card or debit card bank will put the money back on your card, ACN will then dispute this and make sure that you write the credit card company back every time respond or they will get your money. Call BBB that is always a good place to go.(they probably are not a member what does that say?????) Their responses back on these complaints are most time their own employees if not Owners doing this (trust me I am not either one of those.) Lucky we are self made millionaires and enjoy life daily and honestly. However not everyone is in this boat and really think that they can make money at this,don't be naive. If you follow these steps everyone that has been ripped off we will be able to get ACN closed down. In closing we wanted to let you know what ACN really stands for (A) Another (C) Cheating (N) Network!!! Jim and Samantha San Diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #411093
Jan 12 2009
12:40 PM
ACN They stole my money Concord North Carolina
I met with a Rep from ACN; Danny something and signed on to the worst scam ever. Gave him $500.00 to sing on and also signed up for a ridiculous webpage and phone that never worked. Called to tellthem the phone never worked to get it disconnected and instead they want to charge me early termination fees additional $185.00 plus the 60.00 they were stealing from me every month for the useless phone. We are being charged monthly on services that were never provided. I called and told them the phone does not work and then they tell me to call technical service. I signed up for a web page that I pay $20.00 to see what my status is and what reps have signed up. What a waste of money. The FCC should really look into closing down these scammers. The best is when they tell you Oh you can make tons of money. Yeah right They can scam lots of money from you. That's how they are soo wealthy. Ripping people off and making ridiculous claims about making 100.000.00 dollars or more a year. This guys comes into the meeeting with his w-2. C'mon I couldn't believe I fell for it but they are thiefs and liars Danny Volonnino tells us that his son is now making millions. Yeah he's scamming innocent victims looking to survive in this rough economy and taking what little money they have left in their bank account. Don't trust him or any of them. They are scam artist who get rich robbing people with this Pyramid Scam. That's what it is a Pyramid scam no matter how much they tell you its not. Its the worst service ever. Someone should SHUT THEM DOWN! and fast. Chris Fort Lauderdale, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Concord, North Carolina
9, Report #442724
Apr 10 2009
08:04 PM
ACN Pyramid scheme to the extreme Concord North Carolina
This company has figured out how to rip off people and they'll be left alone for the most part. The key is it's only $499. People will chalk it up to a bad investment and move on. They should not sell soooo hard. I had a friend of mine take the program and $499 was a lot os money for her but she had a dream. They crushed it because all they said was un-attainable. All they want is new members to feed up the ladder. Johnathan V Mississauga, OntarioCanada
Entity: Concord, North Carolina
10, Report #302174
Jan 21 2008
06:26 PM
ACN Scam Multinivel Multinivel Miami Florida
Ciudado son $500.00 mas servicios , pagas y te roban la caja es desechable una sola ves des pues tineds que botarla, la atencion al publico mala , pesima es basura, te sale mejor conprar el la tienda , nunca te aprueban el credito, es mejor ir a tmobile en persona or atat, or verizon Acn una porqueria , ami me robo , 500 + 260+ 80+ mi tiempo y amogs que cayeron com yo de bobos y pendejos Nadie hace nada no le cral A DOnald T esta en todos lados No acn angel Miami, FloridaU.S.A. Ciudado are $ 500.00 more services, and you pay steal The box is disposable one look tineds that botarla because of the public attention to bad pesima is garbage, Turns out the best conprar the store, you never get approved credit, it's best to go to tmobile in person or atat, or verizon Acn a porqueria, ami me theft, 500 + 260 + 80 + my time and amogs who fell with me bobos and pendejos Nobody does anything Not cral A T DOnald this everywhere
Entity: Miami, Florida
11, Report #1154449
Jun 12 2014
08:07 PM
ACN's customer service is pathetic and that is being nice! I too joined ACN and busted my buns and made several thousand in a few weeks. Note, that was based on signing up a lot of new IBO's (business partners). Also, note that I basically broke even, because like many others I chased the points and spent almost as much as I had earned in buying video phones (worthless by the way), etc. What really TURNED me off about ACN is their Customer Service and the nightmare in dealing with customer problems. I for one have to believe in a service or product that I am going to promote. After personally dealing with them as both a business customer (phone service for my offices), a residential customer and one of their so called business partners, I soon discovered some reality. Believe me you are better off dealing witth Century Link, Cox, Sprint, DIrect TV, etc., DIRECTLEY for they Understand Customer Service and Satisfaction. ACN is only concerned about BILLING YOU, regardless of any valid problems, mistakes or other service related issues. GOOD luck getting hold of a person and one that knows what they are doing and best of luck obtaining a satisfactory outcome or solution! After personally dealing with them on behalf of customer's that I signed up as one of their business partners and as one of their customers I got fed up! It would take me another 5000 words to just give you a few examples and I have plenty. I know that some may say this is all BS, believe me far from it! ACN likes to deal with an automated web-based solution for everything, I am still trying to stop the endless emails and it has been 2 years now. When you try to call them, you better be ready and patient enough to navigate their voice system to get to a real live human being. We spent many hours, on average 1.5 hours dealing with ACN on the phone per service related issue. You will end up frustrated, pissed off and then end up still not have a resolution that any good customer should receive. I had to personally get involved in the customers I got to sign up for services because it can be a nightmare. Just transferring or setting up new mobile phone services took hours with some idiot and more than one call to finally set up correctly. This resulted in people you know, friends, family, etc., getting pissed off at you! ACNs video phone service, VOIP (voice over IP) another damn joke! This will end up costing you a small fortunate until you figure that one out. YOU end paying fo an Internet connection just to hook up their home phone service. You end up buying hardware (equipment) that you might as well plan on throwing away if you leave ACN! Go and buy a VOIP box and your are way ahead of their game on that service. My own literally poor brother was one of my 1st ACN victim's and ended up spending twice the amount of money over the 2 year contract then he should have thanks to his older brother, me! Another example, an electrical storm fried, damaged a bunch of equipment at one of my homes, faulty surge protector. I ended up having to replace a cable modem, Apple Time Capsule (router/switch/backup device), and the ACN little silver box from Linksys, several hundred $$ in equipment was damaged including ACN's little silver Linksys (VOIP) interface that I spent over 40 dollars for + $39 hook up fee! A friend who dropped ACN for the aforementioned reasons, service and higher costs gave me her little VOIP box. After spending over 2 hours with Technical Support and ACN's Customer Service Rep, I was given conflicting information, ended up frustrated and pissed off! I personally happen to have very good technical/computer background. It took at least a 45 minutes to get through to Technical Support. Once I finally got a human being on the phone, I tried to explain to him all I needed was for him to switch out the MAC Address of one device for another. I told him I had another like device and wanted to hook it up and needed him to just turn on the new MAC Address of the replacement unit that another former ACN Customer had ALREADY PAID FOR! He explained, no problem, however are you ready for this, he had to transfer me to the Customer Service Dept in order to do that. After being on hold for way to long, I finally get a lady on the phone, I end up explaining what happened all over again and that I SIMPLY just wanted to switch out the Linksys box and reasign that MAC (device) Address to the other unit and was told she had to do it. YOU can only imagine what happened next! Note, after spending over an hour with Tech Support and wait time on the Customer Service Dept, she told me she could not do that! I said, you got to be kidding, I stated the Tech Support guy had just told me no problem and transferred me to your department. Are you ready, the Customer Service Rep, told me that she could not do that for the device given to me may have been stolen or not paid for. That I had to buy another one for $40 and pay another $39 connect fee and sign up for another 1 or 2 year contract because I also had the F'n Video Phone if I wanted to keep that working. I started to lose it! Even though I explained that I had been given another device that had ALREADY BEEN PAID for by another ACN fool customer, why would I have to pay for another. NOTE, you get to pay for all ACN equipment up front there is no lease or pay for it in your bill! I also stated that this was outrageous, how could she charge me additional fees and try and force me into another CONTRACT ! I tried to reason with this MORAN, explain that this device had already been paid for and I just wanted her to connect it on her end, couple of key strokes. SHE told me that it was ACN policy that you had to either buy another one, agree to another 1 or 2 year contract, and pay another connection fee! Even if I wanted to connect the already paid for device, I still had to agree to another FEE and another NEW CONTRACT! Needless to say, I don't even want to say what I said next, I ended up wasting over 2 hours on the phone and throwing all the ACN crap out! What a RIPPOFF in fees and forcing an existing customer who was almost done with a contract into another one!!! I will give you a one final other OUTRAGE, have not got time to write a book on what a JOKE ACN services really are and how you will end up spending more in the long run! My fiancée another innocent sucker, had a credit card issue around the Christmas Holiday. ACN was unable to charge her credit card, less than $20 fee and this resulted in 4 months later, after we had already had it with the equipment failure and trying to replace it, in a $400 COLLECTION by another 3rd party company! I SHIT you not, ACN did not even send her one damn letter to inform her or even offer the opportunity to avoid collection. She first found out about this when the Nasty Collection Agency was threateing her, etc., demanding $400! As GOD by my witness this is a true story! After spending hours to try and resolve this unwarranted and unfair issue and being told that ACN's policy is emails only I gave up tryng to work through ACN has customer. Note, we were also both still signed up as IBO's (Business Partners) and customers as well and had spent a thousands on ACN video phones, etc. Three were sent to Romania and we never got them to work that was another joke, the rest I donated to Goodwill. I ended up having to contact a guy in ACN (one in few) that actually gave a crap that I ended up befriending over the phone after 3 months of trying to get my ACN Business phones and service to work right at my office! That is another nightmare I am not going address. I was able to reach out to him to personally and get him involved in this outrageous collection to get to the right person in ACN. We ended up paying a $100 before we it was closed out! The REAL Outrage is that ACN is to damn CHEAP to even put a stamp on an envelope and mail their customer a letter, never mind perhaps 2! As far as they are concerned they sent an EMAIL, God help you if you failed to read it, get it or ended up in junk mail! In my adult life as a customer of many services (electric, cable, Direct TV, Cox, etc.), I have never experience such CRAP, where a service provider sends one email and that is it regardless of the issue at hand! IN SUMMAY ACN sucks regarding services and your really saving money, wait until the 1st year is up! I personally know of one man who has busted his buns for over 4 years now, spent a lot of money getting people to join ACN and he has still NOT really seen any real success, far from any RESIDUAL INCOME! Believe me this guy works at it full time 7 days week, lucky to have another thriving business his wife runs, has spent a lot of money and is no where near 4 years later regarding retiring on Residual Income! Talk about an ACN brainwashed believer! I know of others and stealing customers and behind the scenes crap that really goes on in trying to reach the top of the ACN PYRIMID! The real truth is that ACN's success is due to the fact that have many thousands of IBO's (business partners) really not busting their asses, but paying there annual membership and definitely keeping all those ACN services that ACN makes plenty of $$ on. Think about it, any person who drops out or gets fed up with CHASING THE POINTS, No matter the financial cost alone is not going to stay with ACN's services for they end up spending far more and get to deal with a nightmare of what ACN calls Customer Service! You only put up with the aforementioned examples and issues if you are stupid enough to become and ACN Rep and remain loyal paying the extra costs! ACN truly is nothing more than a reseller of services, you MAY save a few bucks initially, but there is a catch and in the end you get what you paid for or not!
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #1380621
Jun 22 2017
12:27 PM
ACN Fraudulent charges and overcharges Charlotte, NC Nationwide
This company has repeatedly overcharged my account. I've filed numerous service complaints against them. I've repeatedly asked them to fix the terrible service. All of the service requests went unanswered. When I cancelled my account because of the horrible service I was hit with multiple charges and disconnect fees. Over $450 worth of fees for services that were terrible when connected. I've spoken to multiple phone reps and had an online chat session. All with the same outcome. They've done nothing wrong and will keep operating under the same principles and practices. They're awful. Avoid them at all costs, terrible service and even worse customer service
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #477228
Aug 06 2009
07:45 PM
ACN A Big Scam And A Pyramid Schem- They Lie To You ACN A BIG SCAM Bellingham Washington
Entity: Bellingham, Washington
14, Report #411107
Jan 12 2009
12:50 PM
ACN Communications Danny Volinnino from ACN is a Ripp Off Artist, A ascammer Concord North Carolina
I met Volonnino through a friend who asked me to attend a gathering she was having. Talk about high pressure and reverse psychology. He brings his girl friend to high pressure the sales of the web site and the ridiculous phone and cable. We gave him $500.00 that he basically stole from us and now I am being charged for a crappy phone that has never worked. We called ACN abou the phone and they are rude. Its a peice of S**t!!! it does not work. Do not get scammed by Volonnino. He comes in talking on the phone and showing the W-2 they were probably fake. The IRS should go after him for praying on people. This scam should be shut down ASAP. Do not fall for their games its just a Pyramid Scheme. Chris Miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Concord, North Carolina
15, Report #597151
Apr 27 2010
01:40 AM
ACN Communication Services, ACN Telecommunications You can make money in no time! Internet
I signed up for ACN about a year ago. I was invited by a neighbor to attend one of their meetings, my mom and I both went. My mom does several other Multi-Level Marketing businesses, and she's been doing really well with those, so we thought we would check it out. When we went to the meeting they showed the infamous dvd with Donald Trump on it, that was their biggest selling point, they dropped his name again and again during the presentation. After that, they had one of their top SVP's(Senior Vice President) which is the highest level you can get. He was only 26 years old, and lived in a nice house, and was filthy rich. And he made it very clear too, he kept talking about how much money he has and how nice his house is and all the cool gadgets he has, blah blah. He was way cocky. So naturally I was impressed to see someone only a few years older than me who already was making tons of money. When we found out it was 499 for the startup fee, we pretty much told them don't call us, we'll call you. But after several meetings with our neighbor and one of his upline, we signed up. They kept saying that it's only 499 to sign up. And that's true. However, in order to become qualified to make any money and to start moving up the ladder, you have to get 5 points. Each service, depending on what kind it is, is worth about 2 points. So they brokered us 2 cellphones with T-Mobile, DirectTv, Landline, a Verizon wireless air card, and the new video phone. Now I'll admit, I think they have something going with the video phone, but you know that as soon as that starts launching off, apple will probably come out with a hi-tech way awesome video phone. So we were now qualified. But we were stuck in 2 year contracts for all the services they brokered. After doing extensive research, we realized that getting the services brokered through ACN wasn't any cheaper then getting them from the company directly. So pretty much no one that we talked to about it wanted to sign up. Because they already had phone service, and although they could just transfer their service to ACN and keep their same provider, they would have to cancel their contract and sign a new one with ACN. Yea Right!! Of course our upline didn't tell us this part. So now we're stuck in contracts for crappy cell phone service and a ridiculously expensive wireless air card. The cell phone is through T Mobile, and where I live, T Mobile has bad service, and the air card is a complete joke, you have a 5 Gig limit for 59.99, YEAH RIGHT!! Now we're coming up on our first year, and our upline calls us and tells us our YEARLY fee was gonna be due. WE HAD NO IDEA ABOUT A YEARLY FEE. It was 160.00 if I remember correctly. So I pretty much told him to bite me, and that he can forget about keeping us in ACN. He gave me the run-around about how important this was because of the economy, and that this business is the only way to make any decent money. All we did was invest money in it, and didn't make a DIME. So we're no longer in ACN, but still stuck with the brokered services for the remaining year
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #1114010
Jan 08 2014
05:52 PM
ACN ACN, port charge, what is that???, unbelievable Minneapolis Minnesota
 ACN charges a fee for that!, even after full contract term! what a joke. And if you want a fax connection with teh SAME number extra charge a month! PER MONTH !!! STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIP OFF SCAM Multi Marketing BLA BLA BLA
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
17, Report #1144852
Jun 12 2014
10:48 AM
ACN Digital Phone Service ACN Don't use their service Nationwide
This service is really bad and a total nightmare to even cancel don't use it!
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #455757
May 27 2009
10:32 AM
ACN Corporate Headquarters, ACN Digital Phone Services, ACN Revenue Protection Department,ACN Account Management Group They are threatening Third Party Collections for any balances due even though I sent them a certified letter requesting balance due Concord North Carolina
I sent a certified letter to ACN about a month ago requesting written notice as to any and all charges due by me including but not limited to early termination fees and total monthly charges due up through end of agreement date of July 2009. I received the return receipt signed and dated indicating receipt of my letter. Then I receive an email on 05/25/09 threatening to turn my account over to third party collections if I dont pay the current past due amount of $38.53. Yet, with all of there email's or correspondence, they never provide an address where to submit payment as they only want you to provide them with a credit card number so they can continue to withdraw fees long after the termination or cancellation date. As I indicated in my letter, I have no problem paying any and all charges due by me if they would notify me as to the total amount due and provide and address where to submit payment. I have worked extremly hard to maintain excellant credit and do not want it tarnished because of lack of cooperation by ACN and their affiliates. Connie San Bernardino, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Concord, North Carolina
19, Report #442398
Apr 09 2009
06:18 PM
ACN Additional scam I just found out about yesterday Concord North Carolina
Yesterday I received a bill from a Company named Simplexity. Apparently when I ordered my aircard 5 months ago thru the ACN website, ACN is partnered with Simplexity or so Simplexity claims. I ordered from ACN website thinking I was ordering it from ACN with Verizon only as my provider. With all the other troubles I had with ACN I decided cancel my aircard also. I paid $158 for the early termination fee to Verizon and thought I was done. Yesterday I received a bill for $250 for an early termination fee on the same aircard. Well I called them this morning and ask them what this was about. Well it turns out that not only ACN partnered with Verizon, but they are also partnered with Simplexity. I told them that I had paid Verizon wireless already an early termination fee. They told me that since I had not had the aircard for more than 161 days that I owed them $250. I told them that I didnt see anything about this on the ACN website when I purchased the aircard. Simplexity said that it was on the box it was shipped in that you have to keep the product for more than 161 days or there will be a early termination fee. I told them that I never saw this and besides why would you put terms on a box that I didnt even agree to before I bought it. I asked why I have to pay them and also verizon. They said that because I got a major discount on the aircard that I ordered that this is why I owe them. I got the verizon aircard for free when I ordered it on ACN. I looked at Verizon and the same card at the time was $29.95. I explained that I would be willing to pay $29.95 but not $250, especially when this was never disclosed in the beginning when I purchased the merchandise. Watch out for this scam, stay away from this as well. It said on the bill that they would charge my card regardless in 7 days. I will dispute this. Stay away from all ACN products, they set you up in the beginning and get you on the way out even for more. Mike Templeton, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Concord, North Carolina
20, Report #553879
Jan 13 2010
01:41 PM
ACN - American Communications Network Deception through high pressure tactics! Concord, North Carolina
It's a sad thing when people pray on you at a time of your vulnerability! I met an X work associate on line and she introduced  me to the Scamm that is ACN. She was relentless in her pusuit of getting me to join; phone calls every morning. I tolerated this because we were friends. Being jobless, I let down my gaurd. Like any new job you enter it with a degree of excitement and the willingness to put your self on the line.  They rush you to have these un-eventfull home meetings to lure other unfortunates into the trap. The trap being that they sign up and give ACN their $500.00 to join and then they tell you of the required xtras that your going to need to get your bussiness going. A web site, dish T.V., cell phone, the list goes on and don't forget their Flagship product, the video phone! The video phone, what a pretty turd you rceive in a nice custom printed box. After buying the v-phone we had to buy an expensive modem just to get the v-phone to opperate. After it was up and running I wanted to call my up-line reps but the funny thing was that none of them were using them for home use. They would all tell me to take it where ever I go to show people this amazing product! I made the mistake of making the v-phone my home line. I actually talked once video to video, the picture quality was so poor I couldn't make out the persons facial features, this is because I didn't have studio lighting like they use in their ads. When talking to folks the v-phone would drop calls and then lock up all functions. This happened over twenty times in a four month period. To fix it you have to unplug and plug it back in so it will reregister. And the best thing yet is that after the generous tryout period of THREE DAYS your stuck with it! After the three day period if you want to drop service there is a nice $190.00 cancel fee that you also get to taste. By this time your in Acn for well over a $1000.00  and more than likely haven't made a dime because they are all liars!  The first thing you ask an ACN rep is how much clear money have they made this month and listen to them squirm around that question and bring up the LONG TERM GOAL. Avoid this company at all costs because thats all it will do for you is COST YOU!                
Entity: Concord, North Carolina
21, Report #610805
Jun 06 2010
10:54 AM
ACN - American Communications Network Misleading, Internet
I fully agree with the complaints on this site about ACN. I was involved with ACN about 2 years ago. I have listed a few things that are misleading. 1. In cases I never saved anyone money on their phone bill. In fact my mother ended up paying more just so I could get qualified. 2. ACN charges you to go to training events. Which end up being pep rallys. No training as far as product or perhaps a question and answer session. 3. They lead you to believe that once you reach a certain level that you can kick back and live off of the residual income. (LOL) You have to maintain that level by doing it all over again and again and again. People in your downline pass you up 4.They charged me $400 for a video phone. I then found out that I could have gone to packet8 and paid $99 and had cheaper international rates. I was at the end of my line by now. So I called ACN and asked them if I could sell my phone to another ACN rep. since I was going to get out of the business. They  told my that the phone was programmed to my number and that it could not be programmed to another number. Since then I dropped ACN and switched to packet 8 and called they whole experience a big mistake. I lost about $3000.00 total,most of that was going to Baltimore to see Trumph and to so called training events.  
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #745110
Jun 24 2011
05:59 PM
ACN Telecommunications Deceptive, entrapping, poor customer service, non-responsive, scam Internet
I ordered home phone and internet service.  I had not been told the phone was a VOIP system (which does not work with my home/ADT security system).  Within about 9 days of ordering service, I tried to cancel it.  They wouldn't let me (telling me there was nothing to cancel because services hadn't been activated).  I told them I didn't want my phone service activated because my home security then wouldn't work.  They basically said oh well.  They also told me that I was now under contract, having had to cancel service within 3 days of placing the order;  and that I would have to pay a termination fee of $200+.  They also told me they would not stop the porting of my phone number, and that once they had it, if I was to cancel with them, I'd lose my home number.  When I asked for a supervisor, they told me they'd have to open a case, and I would have to wait 'til 6/24 for someone to call me back.  On the morning of 6/24, I called, after having heard from no one.  They said I needed to wait 'til the end of the day.  At 4:30 p.m., after hearing from no one, I called again and was told the office was closed.  I am now left with no home phone service or security system through the weekend.  Both Time Warner and Verizon said I should have 30 days to cancel after placing an order, but ACN only gives 3 days.  This has been the most awful experience I have ever had. 
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #313433
Feb 29 2008
03:56 PM
ACN Phone Service Customer Service is a Joke Boise Nationwide
This is a phone service (VOIP) but if your phone is messing up you cant contact them to fix it. If you go to Customer Care on their website they give a phone # (BUT YOU SHUT OFF MY PHONE). I was e-mailed to be informed that they would be suspending service unless I updated my credit card info because the card would expire in March 2008. I called them and tried to update the information last week but they said I had to do it on line (which I did and had to redo 3 times till finally it said that it was updated). Well today is February 29th and my phone service has been shut down and I can't contact them to ask why. I will need to go and find a phone booth and be put on hold for hours and then be transferred till someone says its fixed only to find that when I get home it isn't. ACN is not a good company to work for and their customer care sucks. Norm Boise, IdahoU.S.A.
Entity: Boise, Idaho
24, Report #1050069
May 11 2013
04:39 AM
ACN Overly hyped, misleading and not at all as represented. Concord North Carolina
 Very disappointed in this company.  They overly hype what can be attained and misrepresent how easy the business is and how competitive the prices are.  Onceyou get into the business you will find out that the costs for phone, cable, internet etc. are more than the most competitive rates n the open market.  You can't compete with the major carriers best rates and bundled services.  MLM just never works for the masses just the few who can work the system to the detriment of the larger group.
Entity: Concord, NC 28025, Internet
25, Report #1061687
Jun 24 2013
02:12 PM
ACN The phone service and Opportunity is a ripoff ponzi scheme Concord North Carolina
This company was billed as an Opportunity. The problem, of course, is that you must purchase a ton of things from them in order to take part in the opportunity. A very expensive phone that allows you to video chat. Problem is that you have to thencontract with their VERY EXPENSIVE phne service ($45.95/month) in addition to buying the phone. When I finally expired my 2 YEAR commitment, they had the nerve to charge me a Porting Out fee for MY OWN NUMBER. Said it was in their terms This is like all network marketing Opportunities. A waste of time that only makes money for the absolute top 1%, while costing everyone else their money and their friends. In order to make any money, you have to sign up other people to spend over $1000.00. I signed up three others and they all did nothing. I never got paid a dime of commission for the services they did sign up for. They also want you to attend raly meetings where you are hard-sold on the other itembetter and cheaper than anywhere elses etc. There is nothing in ACN that you can't get better and cheaper anywhere else. Their cell phone coverage is terrible as well. Thank god we didn't sign up for that. Stay away from this company unless you are very, very good at network marketing and already have a large network of highly gullible people. 
Entity: Concord, North Carolina

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