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26, Report #1128180
Mar 04 2014
11:36 AM
acn Charged for service I did not request Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
 I signed up for ACN phone service because my son got into the business. They said I needed a temporary number to transfer my old number to the new ACN account. then they charged me for 4 months for that number. They said I requested a second number but I didn't. I was told I needed a temporary one. Never used the second number. I couldn't even tell you what it is. But the arrogant Supervisor in the customer service kept telling me I requested it so they are not going to reverse the charges.My son was also convinced by his up line to sign for a phone for one of his downline. Do you think she has ever paid him for the phone bills? The company preys on young people and are trained to use guilt and manipulation of friends and family to get customers. Is it a scam? Sure looks like one to me. Crooks? I'd put money on it. AVOID ACN
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27, Report #1148185
May 20 2014
09:34 AM
ACN and their rep Donald Davis is the bully False Billing and Bullying Concord , NC 28025-2449 Nationwide
When my credit card was deactivated, it automatically quit paying my VOIP ACN digital service.  They cancelled my services. They kept billing me even after services were terminated.  I have been bullied by a representative named Donald Davis, whose number is 1800-599-9595, ext. 7774.  HE STARTED RAISING HIS VOICE AT ME and tried to bully me.  ACN is a RIPOFF Pyramid scheme that calims they are NOT a Pyramid because they sell services but they run the pyramid on a $500 new-member services platform and they get their big moneys requiring reps to go to conventions and they bully all who do not go.  They are an unethical company.
Entity: Nationwide
28, Report #1155402
Jun 17 2014
09:13 AM
ACN Failed product, and refusal to terminate service Concord North Carolina
We set for Internet phone services with ACN several years ago. I passed on the MLM opportunity. Intially, it was great. My wife made calls to her family in the Philippines very cheaply, and we were happy. But, last year the phone system stopped working. We were unable to make or receive calls on the phone. We contacted ACN for service, but were ignored. So, we stopped paying the bill several months after the service failed. Now we are getting harrasing phone calls and have been sent to collections. We have tried to resolve this with ACN, but they have shown no interest at all. 
Entity: Concord , North Carolina
29, Report #94641
Jun 12 2004
12:46 PM
ACN Communications Services Inc. Linda Pelton ripoff misleading Farminmghill Michigan
Our contract with ACN provides 10 business days to cancel and get have our money, $499, returned. I notified Linda Pelton, through my son who was over me in the pyramid scheme, she agreed to the refund. After the 10 day period, she refused to return the money. My son called ACN and they said that if we returned their materials, which we did, we would recelive our refund. My money was never refunded. Peter Ft. Pierce, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Farminmghill, Michigan
30, Report #518662
Nov 02 2009
05:53 PM
ACN Communications Sold me a bill of goods. I spent about $900.00 and got my sister in law involved and we were both out large amounts of money. Meridian, Idaho
This is one of those companies that promises you the world and gives you nothing in return. Hipe is what they feed you. I bought the program and what did I get nothing for my 499. plus I had to get a web site for 20. a month, phone bills and a video phone for 100.00 so all together I spent around 900.00. I got my sister-in-law involve and she bought in with all the promises I made her. It never happened I recieved no money for all the driving I did or the people I got to come to the meetings.  Now they are coming after me for me to pay them more money for the contract. I'm not going to pay them anything they can take it out of the mon ey I have already paid.
Entity: Meridian, Idaho
31, Report #441715
Apr 07 2009
07:39 PM
ACN Poor Customer Service, Don't care about you as a Rep., Lie to you, and will keep your money legally. Concord North Carolina
My wife and I are Reps for ACN. Never in my life have I been legally ripped off without any recourse insight. Of course we signed up, bought the phones, Dish services, air cards etc... But what made us stop telling our friends and family about the Business was simply poor customer service towards us as reps and customers. It all started when my wife orders a Blackberry curve cell phone thru ACN. About a week goes by and the phone doesnt arrive. Well my wife calls customer care and they say they dont see a phone ordered, so they proceeded to order another Blackberry curve. Well a week later 2 phones show up on our doorstep. My wife only wanted one and sent back the additional phone back to ACN. Well we have our service thru Verizon Wireless. So my wife gets two bills the next month from Verizon. One for the phone she ordered and another for the phone she sent back to ACN. Because ACN didn't call Verizon and tell them they received the phone back my wife continued to get an extra phone bill for the phone she sent back month after month. Every month my wife would get on the phone talking to both ACN and Verizon to clear the matter up. She tried 3 way calls between them, faxed information. Three months go by and she gets a bill for $438 from verizon on the same phone and a letter threatoning to take us to collections. That same night we get a call from collections. I finally was able to get a hold of a Verizon Supervisor who looked up the serial number and recognized that the phone we sent back was resold as new and a new customer had a bill. We had to take care of what ACN didnt do in the first place. We are still also trying to get our money back from them, around $300 because we were sick and could not attend a convention. They made us send Doctors notes 3 times and have never offered to give us our money back. However, some other reps we know called in a said a grandparents passed and got a full refund without any review. As a result of numerous other poor customer service experiences, I cancelled 8(eight) video phones with ACN. It cost me approximatly $1500 to get out of the 2 year agreement on these phones. I told my upline that I was no longer investing my money or telling anybody else about products or customer care I wasn't receiving as a rep. We have integrity and morals and can no longer talk about a company that obviously cares more about protecting themselves by having fine print legalities within contracts. This company is no better than the Scamers that put our Economy in the Shape that it is in now with the housing melt down. Little white lies are told to Reps and consumers everyday, beware. And they are very legally protected with former Attorney Generals working for the company to protect the company and not you as a Rep. Greed is the number one goal of this company and at any cost. Don't be lured in by the smooth talk. You will regret it like we have! Mike Templeton, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Concord, North Carolina
32, Report #607529
May 26 2010
11:57 AM
ACN Good Opportunity Good Opportunity you just have to apply yourself. If you are not commited don't join. Internet
Hello Everyone,I have been reading several reports on this site about ACN about how people got into the business and felt they have been mislead by the opportunity. ACN is a legitamate opportunity just like amway, prepaid legal, and Primerca just to name a few. It's not a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme is when the main focus is on only recruiting representatives with no product to offer. ACN offers a wide variety of products including all major wireless telephone companies, Direct TV and Dish network, ADT Home Security, Local and Long Distance Service and the ACN Video Phone. The way ACN works is you get residual income from all your personal customers this is Direct selling no different than having a storefront, now when you show other people the opportunity you make a percentage of their customers, so there is emphasis on selling the product it's just you are multiplying yourself to have a bigger customer base. Now the products offered by ACN is no different than going into bestbuy or any other store front and buying a Cell phone from them, would you consider them liars, and cheaters. Also most of these companies sells phones on the internet as well, the only difference ACN offers a discount on the Devices. Customer Service is handled though the Service you purchased. If you activated a Verizon Phone from ACN you go thru Verizon customer care. If you Buy ACN Video Phone or Local and Long Distance you thru ACN customer service. Don't believe all the negativity the video shown on this website some call it a good opportunity other call it a pyramid scheme. In the video there is a guy I can't believe I got myself into this , there is no emphasis on selling the product. WRONG you do have to acquire customer pay attention to the video. Second of all why would you sign up. The video said that that company projects earnings in the video never said you will be making 30,000 in 6 months the other part has probably been edited out the person said you could be in a position to earn up to $30,000 UP TO is not a projection, it's a possibility if you work hard at it. People ask why the start up fee of $499 well plain and simple it's to start your own business. Do really expect it to be free c'mon we are not that dumb, It takes money to make money. This is why you have to think about it just like anything else.The five point's to qualify this the begining of your business if you can't sell yourself on switching a service or helping your family members out. Don't join. Would you rather have your family members go to best buy or go thru you to support you in your business. I think most family members would be willing to switch if you show them Savings on their bills.Don't blame the company for your mistakes. ACN clearly states that Success is not Guaranteed rather influenced by your specific efforts. guess what there is no promises. Franchises fail all the time Krispy Kremes, Subway's, Mc Donalds are these schemes. If you have invested your money in ACN work to make a profit, it's much easier to go and bad mouth ACN than to sit down and really work hard. In ACN it takes time to build your business not overnight, most people are in the get rich quick mentality if you see no results in 2 month's it's a scam right or am I am i wrong? Most people rather live on the illusion of getting rich rather than working at it. ACN is what you want to make of it. If you need a few hundred or a few thousand go and achieve it don't let negativity get in your way. there is something for everyone here whether it is part time or full time you can make money just have to put in work.If you paid attention to the companies comp plan of the 2 introducing 2 it clearly states that all those reps in the 7 levels have to have customers so the 20 customers not just recruiting them they have to have customers in order to gain residual income.Training is available every where and people are willing to help. Most of these training centers offer Saturday Trainings, Regional Trainings with top producers showing you how to do the business the right way. You have to follow the system that has been put in place by the company to succeed. Many people tend to want to make there own rules and do it the way they want and as soon as no results are shown they are quick to bad mouth ACN.I would say be careful who you sign up thru make sure they are willing to help you every step of the way. Now some areas do offer Business Opportunity Meetings at an office and will charge you but just remember most of the time it's a Regional Vice President showing the business this is a valuable tool for your business. there is support everywhere on the internet and your upline to help you succeed. It's all there.Remember people there is always a positive for a negative, just look at a ACN International Training Event over 20,000 people attend and are excited I think this outweighs all the negative. You can make money or make excuses but you can't do both. This an opportunity for everyone who want's it. Don't just join as a favor to a friend or know you won't put the effort into it, or expect to get rich quick because now you are scamming yourself and will be posting your negative comments how you were scammed out of your money. But if you are serious and want a challenge but fun opportunity Consider ACN.                                                                                                       Thanks,                                                                                               -Sal
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33, Report #561384
Jan 28 2010
03:07 PM
ACN - American Communications Network American Communications Network - GET YOUR MONEY BACK NOTIFYING THEM WITHIN 10 DAYS!!! OR YOU'RE PROBABLY OUT OF LUCK. Internet
I responded to a PBR invitation posted on a message board to an association for which I am a dues-paying member.  The invitation promoted a NO COST event where a successful and well acclaimed professional in our industry would be speaking about wealth building and how those in our industry can capitalize on an untapped market in 2010 to create loads of extra income this year and for years to come.  He said the invitation went out to thousands in our industry but only the first 100 to RSVP would have the opportunity to attend.  The event would offer opportunity for NETWORKING 30 minutes prior with SNACKS being served. To be honest, I was expected to be pitched a course or seminar relating to our industry.  My bad for not inquiring further to make sure I would have any interest but you know how that goes with those trained to dumb things down and not make the invitation the presentation.  With the right product and the right ethics, (yes, I'm well-versed in old school napkin presentations) I wouldn't have any problems with network marketing. I signed up.  Quickly searched for and found the cancellation policy on the agreement I signed and also took a blank agreement home with me.  Thank goodness I did.  I found out I had to do my research on the company quickly because if I wanted to cancel they needed notice within 10 days.  On the eighth day, that company received my express mailed notice of cancellation and request for full refund without penalty quoting the clause in the agreement I had signed. Long story short, I googled, I read the complaints on various forums, found the Ripoff Report, read claims here and made a no-brainer decision.  If you google a company and the first hit that comes up is SCAM, well, probably not a very good thing. There's enough already written about their compensation plan that I don't feel I have to regurgitate what you'll readily see and hopefully understand.  The service appears to have a bad reputation, you won't make money until you qualify and those below won't make any money until they qualify and on and on.  When you run the numbers you'll see the company is the one making the money.  If I knew only 3% of those I was bringing into a business were going to enjoy some success and 97% would be spending money they would potentially regret spending, it would be all I needed to know to say thanks, but no thanks. BTW, I asked my wannabe sponsor if anyone in his upline had their company website and I never got a response.  I didn't push the issue. Do your research.  You only have 10 days by their agreement to get your money back without penalty.  Yes, they did refund me promptly, with a few days of receiving my notice, not even a week.  Good luck.
Entity: , Internet
34, Report #1152939
Jul 26 2014
10:42 AM
ACN John Belen John Baesa The two individuals made it seem that they can save me money on my utilities chicago Illinois
The two individuals made it seem that they can save me money on my utilities and I specifically told them that I don't need to sign up my phone because I have 20% off already because I'm a Nurse and I only pay 20-34 dollars a month on my gas so I am interested in saving money in my electriic bill though. John said he can do that and I said I would like a fixed rate. Once I paid my $499.00 to ACN he changed his story he said he couldn't sign me up on electric because they don't do that and wanted to see my gas and phone bill. I told him No thank you because I had specified it several times I wasn't interested in that. I just feel its's deceiving and would like others to be careful.
Entity: chicago, Illinois
35, Report #1164537
Jul 23 2014
07:21 PM
ACN, Deloris Weinstein Dee, Deloris Weinstein Hall, Deloris Hall Scam pyramid scheme! Bloomfield Hills Michigan
Deloris Weinstein has this product where she scams you to do a pyramid scheme.  She claims she is so successful then why the eviction?
Entity: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
37, Report #439643
Mar 31 2009
06:11 PM
ACN Inc. Formerly American Communications Network ACN paints a rosy picture of easily attainable wealth but they mask the truth of their operation. Los Angeles California
Acn has a fantastic inspirational pitch that mesmerizes its audience whom fall prey to the weakness of dangling the possibility of wealth right under their nose. The truth is that very few people attain real wealth in thier company. Their network marketing strategy purports using the oldest and most powerful form of marketing as they see it... word of mouth. Interestingly, their co-founders dont follow the rules quite the same way running commercials and hiring Donald Trump to endorse their products and services. This company just doesnt pay out properly and is far too top heavy. I was an Acn rep for three years and put in hundreds of people into my network and barely made any money, in fact losing money continuously until I woke up from the brain washing I got out of my RVP at the time a guy named Mike Bisutti having Christian readings at his home to lure people in. A real Christian he claimed to be... that is... until you stopped producing underneath his web of drones he built. Then his Christlike qualities just as quickly evaporated along with any phone calls! I held on for months on end watching even some of thier so called milliionaires club attainees quit or leave the company for reasons as to how this company did business. Its truly sad to have so many people get burned while just a few at the very top suck up all the effort of the many. Im just glad I got out when I did. All I can say is ....when you the word ACN ... run for the hills Apollo West Hollywood, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
38, Report #496504
Sep 17 2009
02:07 PM
I signed up with acn in July and to get me stated the reps lied on how the MLM works ( hayden daughters,betty perez and jerry ballha ) then when the first month comes up i see that they doubled billed me,so i contacted betty perez and she apologized and said that she will correct it. When she got back with me she stated that some one thats in my company that started the same time some how got my cc# on there account but they will fix it i stated that as long as its fixed its ok. Now 3mo in to this i go to my bank and they inform me that im being doubled billed by acn so now i contact the company myself and they see were they went wrong but they are trying to tell me that since i gave my cc# to the reps that gave them the right to charge my account. I know how marchant processing goes and they are wrong i never gave verbal authorization or written authorization to charge my account for anyone other then what i have going on with acn they are charging my bank account once for me then once for someone else...So in otrher words they have me paying for someone else's service's. im also contacting the attorney general in N.C and the BBB to make reports on this company,PLEASE do your self a favor DO NOT BUY IN TO THIS SCAM COMPANY THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!!
Entity: CONCORD, North Carolina
39, Report #328535
May 29 2008
08:09 AM
ACN - INPHONIC - s****.
I buy 2 phones (familiar plan) with ACN, INPHONIC and the information that received is that the mobile phone was free. I believe was from ATT. INPHONIC sent me the phone and it was free, because I got a phone plan with ATT with the help of INPHONIC. I lost my mobile phone in December. Follow I talk to ATT, and stop off the line. I cancel only one mobile phone. ATT send me a invoice of $175.00 and I do this payment to ATT. Now INPHONIC saids that I have changed something. They want $250 and have set it to a collection agent (SKO BRENNER AMERICAN, INC.) I have called ATT and talk to they this situation.and verified that I have not mistake anything with my plan, verified with ATT that I do not own them any money, but INPHONIC will not listen. I have talk to ATT about the phone bill to SKO BRENNER AMERICAN INC to show them that nothing can do, but they will not listen. ATT says me that no know hwo help me. I do not know what to do. Nobody will listen. ATT will not do anything. They will not call INPHONIC, or send then any information. I have sent the last bill to SKO BRENNER AMERICAN, INC but they say its not enough. I believ that INPHONIC cant send me a bill of a mobil phone that I make a payment to ATT. I need Information. What should can do. I don't speak English. Is better answer in Spanish or Portuguese. Joel Rancho Cordova, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Rancho Cordova, California
40, Report #1057992
Jun 10 2013
02:44 PM
ACN Porting number charges Concord North Carolina
After completing a two year contract for phone service and a couple thousand dollars in equipment with ACN our number that we owned prior to the company was ported to another service provider. We received an unexpected port charge for porting the number. I contacted the company and made a request to verify the port charge in the terms of service contract that was agreed upon two years ago. The customer service representative was unable to verify nor was she able to provide me a copy of what was agreed upon when service was activated.Here is another example of additional fees that ACN is charging their customers:Effective June 1, 2013, you may notice a charge on your monthly invoice labeled Compliance Cost Recovery Fee in the amount of $1.99. This fee is used to recover costs associated with compliance of local, state and federal tax requirements, as well as those associated with anti-fraud protection, number portability, emergency 911 support and customer privacy protection. This fee is not a tax or charge required or assessed by any government. The Compliance Cost Recovery Fee will apply to every telephone line assigned, including toll free and virtual numbers. Surcharges, taxes and fees assessed by ACN are similar to those charged by other Telecommunications and Digital Phone Service (VoIP) providers.It seems like ACN may not be in compliance with all the requirements.
Entity: Concord, North Carolina
41, Report #1126270
Feb 24 2014
10:16 PM
Entity: glen ellyn, Illinois
42, Report #467666
Jul 08 2009
09:49 PM
ACN Globel Communication Is A Big Scam, Ripoff And Fraud The earnings made by selling services are small. Very, very small.The main money is made by sucking new people into the scheme. Bellingham Washington
I was told by a rep that I will be selling ACN services from thier ACN Retail store on Cornwall Ave. in bellingham. After when I payed the $500 bucks(which they said was a full training kit but all I got was a cd and a book) I found out the office was just a way of getting people sucked in. When they approach you they tell you all these great things about the service and training you will get and that you can make great money selling the services the plans. But the truth is that its about recruiting. They told me later recruit, recruit, recruit after i signed up and never went into the details of the service. The earnings on singing people up is small, very small. There are cost of being ACN Rep. About 499 USD to begin, about 149 yearly - annual fee, monthly fees about six bucks and administrative fee of $1. It is about 230 USD yearly. At 1% commission, total billing would have to be over $23,000 or about $1940/mo. That's about 40 average customers. And this is to break even! My last words are ACN is not a good opportunity if you are honost & care about your friends. I found a great link to FOX News that i fwas giving later from another person that lost $500. Bellinghamhvac bellingham, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
43, Report #442954
Apr 11 2009
09:58 PM
PairTradeFinder Trading Software Pty Ltd (ACN 131 982 637) source code scam entire company is a fraud ponzi scheme Queensland Australia
JARED MANN of PairTradeFinder is a scam artist and is running a ponzi scheme in his native country of australia. Be extremely careful of this dangerous man. He is deceptive, cunning, shrewd, and will stop at no cost to rip off his customers and cyber spy their trading strategies on the guise of running a legitimate operation. The website of his fraudulent company is: BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL, THIS MAN IS A FRAUD AND A LIAR.!!!!!!! NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH JARED MAN, OR PAIRTRADEFINDER EVER!!!!! Trading Software will deliver to XXXX the source code for the yet to be developed automated version of Pairtrade Finder before calender year 2009 or possibility thereafter depending on development issues upon receiving payment of USD2000. Trading Software cannot make any guarantee of the date of delivery of the automated version source code. XXXX will deposit USD2000 into the Trading Software bank account on the day of delivery of the automated version. The automated source code will be the existing source code for Pairtrade Finder plus additional features such as a fully-automated trading system where buy & sell signals are sent directly to an Interactive Brokers account. JARED MANN's RESPONSE: We have run into major issues with the real time data feed from IQfeed(a persistent bug we are working with them on), we are going to release v2 yahoo feed only soon, then optional IQfeed in January and to be honest the automated version is more looking like February/March at this stage, I do apologise as I forecast earlier and believe me its costing me $$$ every day longer it takes to come out, but on the back on prudent advice from Steve(20+yrs of developing software) we have to get v2 operating without issue and highly robust for it to be automated, once we have ironed out all in-efficiences automation will quickly follow. I appreciate your patience with this project and you can rest assured the time taken only reinforces the high quality product we are developing. Kind regards, Jared. Michael NY, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Queensland, Other
44, Report #295699
Dec 30 2007
03:25 PM
ACN Inc i bought a product from this company wasnt told that it doesnt work in my area shipped the product back and still havent got a refund Farmington MICHIGAN
i bought a video phone which took a month and half to recivce the product and first problem was they didnt even know i ve recived the product in their system when i called them said it was still on back order and so after calming down i asked well can i get this phone activted well they said can i get your number with the account and i said i was never given one so they checked my account come to find out that it doesnt work in my area so they told me i had to send the product back so i can get a refund and also told me i have to spend more money out of my pocket to send the product back so total cost of everything that they ripped me off for was 199.99 for the video phone and 52.95 for the shipping to send the product back and till this day i have not got any money back from this company C4l2008 carson city, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Farmington Hills, Michigan
45, Report #1213621
Mar 05 2015
03:14 PM
Entity: Nationwide
46, Report #1411397
Nov 11 2017
12:24 PM
FOWLER, MARIO A / Business ID: 02950594 ACN IBO Marrio Fowler Manipulated my mind with charming ways! Cleveland Ohio
First id like to begin by saying not all people in ACN are misleading and cons.... but my experience with one ACN REP is unforgettable! It all started from social media this man I believed preyed on me I ignored his advances towards me for maybe a year or two told me he would be good for me only to find out he wanted to meet with me to explain how I could make alot of money joining ACN especially because of my huge following on Facebook 180k followers and 80k on Instagram I finally met up with him at a mr hero's here in Akron Ohio he was well dressed very charming and seemed to be a genuine professional man he proceeded to explain to me the business and I fell for it only not being able to pay the $499 to join so he told me he would pay for it so from them on we talked on the phone alot he made me feel like he really would've been good for me went out a few times he even went to the point of impressing me with a full day together of going to the mall the movies we watched ghost in a shell went out to eat even went to Wal-Mart and got a swimming cap for my hair. That night ended in him taking me to this beautiful hotel and it was a great night I remember us swimming and I thought I finally felt safe with someone then from there on we begin to start promoting ACN he would travel all the way down here to Akron go to the library where he gave me advice on what to and how to get customers I started going to training with him every Tuesday and Saturday in Cleveland at the nice hotels I took it all in because it seemed to be genuine and what he told me seemed genuine I try to see the good in everybody so that's when I started promoting ACN on my Facebook and Instagram going live making posts even getting sign ups he told me to just get a copy of they bills and give it to him so I did even got one of my best friends bills and I need to tell her what's going on at this point and she needs to cancel once I found out about marrio Fowler smh people where wanting to sign up because of me they wanted to support me so they gave me there gas and electric bills I just did what he told me to do because I thought he was genuinely my boyfriend I mean after all we did go to a jewelry place in the mall and I tried on engagement rings because he said I was gonna be his wife and loved me smh he would come to Akron stay the night with me etc etc. As I'm continuing to put myself out there for him promoting on social media getting people's phone numbers he told me if I get 30 sign ups id get whatever the bonus was for that month so I tried my best to get the people's bills for him. This started in April of 2017 I will never forget because that month marks the anniversary of my mother's death which is very hard and he knew that so a month later I noticed a change he started be very rude and disrespectful to me we've even got physical things where damaged and even being punched in the face he claimed was an accident smh things just started going down hill I seen another side of him one time a lady was trying to pass him on my street and he wouldn't let her so he sped up even running a red light and omg I saw my life flash before my eyes it really scared me then there was another incident on the way to training he was in a road rage incident with someone and literally cut the traffic off on the highway! Confronting this man wanting to fight even hit and spit on his car I tried to stop it because he had alot to lose so we the proceeded to go to training few more weeks passed and I just didn't wanna do it anymore with him or acn I noticed he was very selfish and was a huge liar a narcissistic man seemed he was abusive and controlling every time id tried to leave him he wouldn't let me would tell me he loved me and wanted to marry me we need to live together even used having sexual relations with me to I guess keep me around smh so I stayed I truly loved him and continued to promote On June 5th 2017 I got a call my father was found dead with a friend at his home and he seemed like he cared but kinda thought having sexual relations would make me feel better who in they right mind is thinking about sex after finding out there father died i wasn't ready to see him being that I also had to take care of everything for my dad with no support from my family he would keep bringing up sex and how we haven't had any in a month that really made me look at him different even to argue with me knowing what I was going through (Just typing this is making me emotional) I was grieving badly! And he wasn't there for me didn't bother to offer help his way of so called helping me was to get me to continue to promote and get sign ups to get the bonus for that month I just wasn't up for it at that time how could anybody? He was just looking out for himself and do anything to get points The phone calls started to change barely answered my calls or texts I had a feeling he was dealing with someone else I always said what happens in the dark always comes to the light and sure enough it did! On September the 9th a girl by the name Maria Maria a business partner inboxed me on Instagram asking if I knew him and was he with me the night before and he was she began to tell me they been friends BEST FRIENDS for years and he was dealing with her since May WOW! She told me he was using me for my networking (my followers on social media) etc etc he denied it claimed it was a lie and her son hacked his phone etc how could this man smile in my face tell me he loved me knowing my dad just had passed away only to be in another relationship with someone else how could he do that at a time like this it literally broke my heart that was already broken to pieces smh I stopped speaking to him for a few weeks this girl would harass my phone looking for him all while I'm grieving I finally let him tell his side he claimed to have evidence that was a screen shot of something she sent to him so once again tried to see the good because he had my mind and I really loved him but was still on the fence about him. So I get something in the mail from xoom energy saying I'm signed up for the electric services I was pissed because I told him I wasn't for sure if I wanted to do it yet and he did it anyway and I reported him and found out the customer is supposed to sign up not the IBO wow! So i was doing something not allowed in acn getting people's bills for him and i would see him many times have bills putting them in the system and i also found out he used a fake email and phone number to sign me up if I wanted to he wouldn't had to did that right? So I reported him to acn after cancelling the sign up he was investigated and don't know what happened from that point so now he wants nothing to do with me and I could be pregnant with his child told me to get an F***** abortion if I am if I contact him again he's calling the police and he never talking to me again. To sum it all up the way he gets these females to do what he wants is but lying and deceit with promises of love and marriage and using sex to keep them locked in I am one of his victims and I feel if he is a representation of ACN it's not a good one I have a bad taste in my mouth about ACN because of him please do not fall victim to this well dressed charming con artist in Cleveland and Bedford Ohio MARRIO FOWLER he may seem like great person on social media and godly but I can assure you HE IS NOT! (sorry for the long story but I wanted to tell it all it could possibly help someone from being another one of his victims)
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
47, Report #1047227
Dec 21 2016
11:13 PM
ACN tried to get $499 from me and want to confirm if its a scam Houston Texas
Recently I met a guy at the bar that I work at in HOuston, Tx. We exchanged numbers and 2 weeks later he invited me to an apartment for a business meeting about a possible business opportunity. I went and a guy named Tommy Lee who looks like Richard Bong Cho after surfing the internet, took over the presentation on their flatscreen tv. He went on to discuss the company ACN and how it is a residual income job. WHich at first sounds appealing. At the end of the presentation, there was a $499 fee to join and become an ACN IBO (Independent business owner) I told Marcus and Tommy that I had to speak to my wife about this before I made any decision on whether to join or not. I went home and began looking things up on the internet. That is how I fouind this website and want to confirm that this is a legit company or a pyramid scam?  Please help if you can. I have more details on where the apartment is located that they use as their Hotel room when thay are i town. Cade Spring,Tx
Entity: Houston, Texas
48, Report #393280
Nov 25 2008
11:06 PM
ACN Indapendant Rep Jocob Rizzo this guy tried to rip me off Pittford New York
i was contacted by an employer about this guy who had escalades and farraris. and hadnt worked since he was 22 or something like that. i went to the home meeting and they showed me this dvd where donald trump says oh this company is awsome... well i fell for it at first but when i siad i was gonna talk it over with my family they were like oh no you dont wanna do that they will start asking questions. and you might not know the answer. and that just sent my alarm off. why would it matter if i told anyone. then i realized if i told them they would find out that im gonna make money off them and that the services they would purchase suck. so if this guy tries to get you in acn be wary. i said no and told him why and he just stoped talking to me and said you can loose my number. very rude. he knew he wasnt gettin any money and then just ignored me. he didnt really rip me off but he would have if i had had the money. but he did waste my time and lie to me. Uriah rochester, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Pittford, New York
49, Report #399159
Dec 27 2008
05:15 PM ACN, Inc ACN World Headquarters ACN, inc is a HUDGE RIPP OFF Farmington Hills Michigan
ACN, inc is a HUDGE RIPP OFF This is coming from an A C N representative, so please listen carefully. I can't comment on the dream of building your business but I can comment on how I have been treated since I have tried to become one of these so called dreamers of building my small business. It all started way back in September 9th, 2008. I paid my $499.00 getting started fee. I had multiple meetings in my home trying to recruit friends and family for their opportunity of $499.00 to join ACN. I was told that once I qualified that I would have to sign up for three of their services. It didn't matter what service, just as long as I had three of them. I ordered the digital phone the IS3000 in September 2008. Of course these were one of the tools needed to show people what ACN offers. It has been almost four months and I still haven't received my phone. Here I am four months later and no email from them. No courtesy call to tell me anything. Nothing! Instead to my surprise I received a cancellation fee of $217.49 on 11/24/08. When I called them regarding this, they lied and to me that I cancelled my phone service and were very rude on the phone with me. It seemed as if no one could help me. No one could tell me anything? I spoke with several managers over the course of 14 weeks, and they told me that they were very sorry about the whole mix up and would straiten this all out. I waited patiently for this to all come to an end, and guess what?!? I was now charged $30.68 for my monthly digital phone service for a phone that I supposedly canceled! This is now a total of $352.10 out of my bank account, and still no phone. I was originally charged $103.93 for the phone, which was supposedly free. $217.49 cancellation fee and $30.68 for my monthly service fee. WOW! I even told them at ACN that I was one of their representatives, but that didn't seem to matter at all. I've call this company now a total of 16 times and nothing. I had to file a claim with my bank about these charges. They have lied to me over and over again. They told me that the funds would be refunded, and so on. Finally one of their managers gave me a claim number that they will be refunding me. Now to top it off they are trying to charge me $31.00 for shipping on a phone that was never shipped. They are trying to pass the blame on FedEx saying that they couldn't find our address, when just the day before FedEx delivered a package to me? I can't even imagine trying to pass this to my friends and family. I could imagine my mother or my friends going through something like this. They have the worst customer service and lie to you continually. No out of $499.00 plus $352.10 a total of $851.00 where is the dream in this? Just thought that I would let you know ahead of time. Crite2000 San Leandro, CaliforniaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Farmington Hills, Michigan
50, Report #1025176
Mar 14 2013
10:36 AM
ACN ACN Canada 2 months after signup and still no service, but charged 3 times , Internet
I signed up for ACN digital phone service and unlimited Internet bundle. My activation date was January 15, 2013. That was the day my saga began.  My internet and home service still are not working as of the date of writing this.  Today is March 7, 2013.  Almost 2 months.  My credit card has already been charged 3 times though.  In order to activate a phone or Internet service, there has to be a connection made from the outside, which in this case was done by Bell. After that, the ACN technician has to come inside the house and set up their digital boxes and wires etc. The Bell connection was set up without a problem, but the technician was not able to get the Internet service working inside the house. So, starting that day I got on the phone with technical support six or seven separate times, separated by a few days each. Several times the technician walked me through the steps of changing some of the modem settings, and assured me it would begin working soon. This never happened. A few times I was on the phone, including hold time, for over one hour. Several other times, the technician was baffled by the problem, and assured me that first priority would be placed on my case, and someone would resolve my problem. This never happened either. Two or three times I was told someone would get back to me to resolve my problem. This didn't happen either. I only took down to reference numbers during this whole ordeal. I guess in the beginning, I didn't realize that it would turn into such a large problem. However, here they are for your reference.  8495635   8493509 After the three week mark, I was frustrated enough to cancel. However, the customer care representative let me know that there would be a cancellation fee, and as well a senior technician would have to approve of waiving the initial sign up fee. Also, he said that in order to get my payment refunded, I would have to repackage and send the equipment back to them, after which my refund would be processed. It seems ludicrous that I should have to pay for service that I never received. Cancellation fees should apply to people who cancel a service which is working, for whatever reason. I also signed up as an independent business owner to resell the Internet and phone service in order to make some money. However, it's hard to sell a service which you cannot make work in your own house. I have already been charged twice for the back-office service as well. I canceled my old Internet service, and so I have been without Internet for sometime. I am been visiting coffee shops and cybercafes. As well, the data limit on all my cell phones has been exceeded, and has cost me in additional charges. I decided not to cancel my ACN service to avoid the cancellation fees and hassle, and hoped for the best, and finally on the 15th of Feb, my internet and home phone services were set up.  However, far from being the end, my service worked intermittently for another one month.  During this second month I again got on the phone with ACN 5-6 times, and each time they would resolve my issue, but it would come back within a day.  A company which cannot provide a service 2 months after the activation of such a service and still charges the customer is not an ethical or reliable business.  I want to be contacted by an ACN representative and have my problem resolved, or I will continue to post the review of the negative experience I have received. A company who allows something like this to go on for this long should not be allowed to operate by the BBB, CRTC or other regulatory body.  I have been heard ACN being called a scam before.  It is not a scam, but it seems to be a company that does not have its act together.   
Entity: Internet, Internet

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