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1, Report #1402679
Sep 30 2017
09:36 PM
Advance Able Technology LLC DBA Health Healing Hands Took $79.99 from my account- I never ordered from them Chicago Illinois
 Took $79.99 from my account and was not authorized to do so. I have never ordered anything from them. I have tried calling the number shown 312-766-0954 sit on hold and nobody picks up. Am filling a dispute with my bank. It will be investigated
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
2, Report #1402331
Sep 25 2017
07:37 PM
Advance able Technology LLC The following are on my checking account statementHealth healing Han Scottsdale-azusChamomile chancy Scottsdale AzusaEsntoil3127660954 Scottsdale Azusa Skin 480-3004287 Azusa scamming a free trial, continuing to charge my bank account, using different company names scam Scottsdale, Arizona
 Aug 15,2017 ordered an online free trial cud oil, charged bank card $4.97 and $5.97 as advanceabltechnologies Scottsdale Az received package pick up and sign form from post office from CJ Scottsdale, AZ work schedule did not allow me to pick up package returned tried calling 480-771-4580 message said thank you for your essential oil order press 5 refund. To get refund and c or cancel your order I press 5 for refund no one answers I was left hanging on the phone over an hour then on sept 25 bank charge shows up $4.97 as healthy healing Scottsdale, AZUS, And $5.97 as chamomile Chaney, Scottsdale, AZ, and $69.99 as esntloil3127660954 Scottsdale,AZ. Called number same message as 480-771-4580 hit 5 again left hanging on phone Googled f CNBC free trial and found same ad different website realizing this is the same company, then found this form with a complaint on the same Scottsdale, AZ company, I need all of my money returned to me and for them to stop charging my bank card immediately I have also emailed them to cancel any future orders and a. 2 new email demanding a refund on sep 25 , 2017 have also contacted my bank and filing a fraud complaint.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1402638
Sep 27 2017
07:59 AM
Advance able Technology, LLC essential oils made two unauthorized charges on my credit card for $79.99 and $69.99. They will not answer their phones. I bane tried many times to contact this company for a refund and no one ever answers the phone it continues to tell me to hold for the next available agent then eventually disconnects. Scottsdale Arizona
 A company using the name advanceable technology LLC charged my credit card for two amounts of $79.99 and $69.99 for unauthorized charges. I did not authorize these charges. I have tried numerous times to contact this company for a refund of these charges however all I get is please wait for the next available agent and then the call eventually disconnects. I need this refunded To my account as I am on a low fixed income.
Entity: Scottsdale , Arizona
4, Report #1402510
Sep 26 2017
02:12 PM
Advance Able Technology Advanceable Technology Billed $79.99 on 09/24/2017 without my consent or knowledge that this was a reoccuring charge. Scottsdale Arizona
 Ordered trial bottle and understood there were shipping expenses but was charged $79.99 on 09/19 and again on 09/24/2017. I did not see anywhere in the original order that this was a reoccuring order or billing. Have called 3 phone numbers 312-766-0954, 602-666-4041 & 480-771-4580 requesting to speak to customer service agent and have been on hold for up to 25 minutes without being connected and then call is disconnected. How does one cancel this contact? Transactions have been reported to my banking institution.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
5, Report #976634
Dec 01 2012
02:00 PM
Onsite Technology Services, LLC No Payment Internet
No payment,, all I get is lip service and the run around randy
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #1406067
Oct 13 2017
10:59 AM
Advanceable Technology llc Scottsdale, Arizona
 Ordered e-oil in sept as a sample. Was charged full price on that day. Was supposed to be a $5.97 and a $4.97 sample price. (Full prices were $69.99 and 79.99) automatically charged incorrectly from the beginning. Can't take e oil, makes me sick. The balm did nothing for me. Can't reach company through three different numbers. I want to cancel future orders but can't, due to non- reachable numbers. Can't find online address. This is a scam and want my money back. Do not have packaging for samples, and haven't received full size orders that I was originally charged for.
Entity: Scottsdale, , Arizona
7, Report #1402430
Sep 26 2017
09:25 AM
Advance Able Technology LLC May be doing business as Health Healing Hands This was an ad for CBD oil endorsed by Montel Williams. I purchased a trial sized bottle with shipping. I triple checked that there was no further commitment involved before I bought. Apparently they still stuck me for $79.99 for another shipment. I have reported to my credit card company and charges will be disputed. States Scottsdale , Az but who really knows Internet
 Saw a Facebook ad sponsored by Montel Williams for CBD oil. You received one bottle and paid for shipping. There was no further small print indicating there was an additional commitment involved as I double checked knowing that this happens. Yesterday I found charges for $79.99 to be billed monthly to my credit card. I also show charges for essential oils which is separate from the health healing hands. I am suspicious these are linked together. These are scammers. I will dispute the charge and cancel the card.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #583450
Mar 20 2010
07:42 PM
Big Daddy Technology, LLC SpyMaster Tools, LLC scam artists Atlanta, Georgia
I spent $50.00 for an expert in Java software to try and have Big Daddy Technology Blueware software loaded on my computer. After several hours of trying the Java expert concluded that the software was absolutely worthless and nothing but a scam. Only after I had paid online $69.95 and $50.00 to a Java Expert did I then run the name on the internet by asking how do I run Blueware and the answer on the internet from another victim was Listen you have been scammed. E-stealth, big daddy spy, spy masters, cell spy pro, etc, etc. etc. is all a rip off on people. You have been had. Why do you think that they do not have tech support? Why do you think that they do not offer a refund? Why no phone number to call?
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
9, Report #922120
Aug 03 2012
03:27 PM
Onsite technology services, llc Does not pay ontime and as promised Eagan, Minnesota
I did several cableing jobs fo Onsite Technology, one of which included two 15:15 hour nights back to back. It was a trajedy of errors!First they gave me completely wrong information about how the store I was working on was structured an laid out. Secondly the materials did not arrive and I went beyond the scope of my job to pick up snd pay for materials out of pocket so the work could get done.Then I worked the two incredibly long nights in difficult and trying conditions, having to figure out from scratch how a 20 + year old infrastructure was cobbled together. I did, and except for one non-working point of sale computer, had the store working at the end of the second day (it was a counter replacement/remodel).The one POS will work when it is replaced. After all this, instead of paying me on time, they kept promising and delaying payment and were going to continue delaying over one month, until I had to talk with an attorney. Then they finally paid me.This was after numerous texts, e-mails, conference calls, one of which they promised to pay me that day (they did not).
Entity: Eagan, Minnesota
10, Report #1020448
Feb 26 2013
09:42 AM
Contour Technology LLC Total theft and scammed me Minneapolis, Minnesota
I received my first Gel Pad set on 3/24/12.  I was charged $29.95 to join their club for lifetime and receive a gel pad set every month thereafter for shipping only which was $7.95. I received them until 8/12 which came at the end of the month. Late. Then 9/12 never showed up. I was told they were way behind and as soon as they catch up I would be sent the pads. More excuses the next month on still catching up. Then they quit communicating until this year just yesterday stating they no longer will honor the contract and that I would have to buy them at the regular price plus shipping. Just yesterday they told me this. 2/25! This was a scam and pathetic service. I will jump in any class action suit against these crooks. Please lets get one started. I will guarantee there are thousands they ripped off. Maybe millions.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
11, Report #1248244
Aug 13 2015
07:35 AM
WRB Rapide Technology, LLC Bank Account Scam San Bruno CA
 I checked my bank account recently and notice a check had been written that I didn't recognize.  I don't write checks often.  When I clicked on the image of the check the Pay to the Order of line had WRB Rapide Technology listed.  I searched them on the internet because I wasn't familiar with the name.  The internet search showed that they are a chauffer service.  I knew I didn't write a check to them as they are based in California.  I called my bank and closed my account but in carefully reviewing my account I saw that this company had been taking money from my account for 4 months.  The amount is always $26.95 so it is small enough not to be a red flag. I have no idea how they got my bank account information but they have been sending checks in for processing/payment and are receiving the funds. 
12, Report #1285637
Feb 06 2016
12:48 PM
WRB Rapide Technology, LLC Stolen bank information San Bruno California
I have no idea how my banking information was acquired bu this company has been sending electronic checks for 26.95 per month to my bank for payment. I have reported them to both the BBB and FBI Internet Fraud Complaint Center and am waitng to see if my money will be refunded. I am in the Dallas, Texas area and this company is in San Bruno, CA. They do not answer their phone or reply to email inquiry.    
Entity: San Bruno, California
13, Report #1312622
Jun 21 2016
11:52 AM
My company is located in California, Orange County.  I am also a victim of this company WRB RAPIDE TECHNOLOGY, LLC.  They not only use fake check with my account number to withdraw the money, but also did a electronic withdrawal each in the amount of 29.85.  I've decided to look them up and notice i'm not the only one who is a victim of this company fraud transactions. 
14, Report #1268276
Jul 14 2016
04:47 PM
WRB Rapide Technology LLC Fraudulent Check Internet
I recently noticed WRB Rapide Technology LLC had been putting checks through my bank every month since April 2015 for the amount of $26.95. Yes, I should have noticed this sooner but I didnt'. I have no idea who they are and their website does not work. When you call their phone number, it goes to a voicemail asking for the spelling of your name and email address. Sorry, but I am not leaving them any more of my information. I called my bank and I am going to have to shut down my entire account and open a new one. My bank and I are confused as to how they got my account information since I usually always use my debit card to purchase items. Beware of this fraud!!
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1419951
Dec 29 2017
05:10 PM
Advanced Technology LLC Misled with false advertisement and then scammed me Scottsdale Arizona
I ordered a sample and was to be charged $4.95 for shipping and handling and could cancel at any time with no further charges to my credit card.  Called them as soon as I got it and cancelled.  They went ahead and charged me 79.99 the day after I cancelled,  When I called and demanded a refund the rude operator said it was too late that i only had 10 days fromt he day of the order which was 12/13 so I had to pay the money and that there was no such thing as a sample as advertised  This is out and out fraud.  They misled me and now 2 other payments (auto and auto insurance) were returned due to insufficient funds.  They refuse to refund my money as charged the day after I cancelled.  
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
16, Report #1405259
Oct 09 2017
08:37 PM
Advanceable Technology LLC Free cbl isolate pay shipping but charged 74.00 Scottsdale, Arizona
 Special offer of free CBL Isolate, just pay $5.35 s&h PayPal later sent $74.00 and was charged to my Visa card Bobby, Richmond Hill, Georgia
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1404319
Oct 05 2017
06:35 AM
Advanceable Technology LLC Total SCAM Scottsdale, AZ
 I submitted online for a trial order of CBD Hemp oil for did not work tried to call only to get a recording...then they charged me 79.99, again I tried to I just got charged another 79.99 and did not receive anything...furthermore it does not help is canola oil.
Entity: Scottsdale, AZ
18, Report #1406111
Oct 13 2017
01:27 PM
Advanceable Technology LLC Serenity Oil Fraud Scottsdale Arizona
 Read the ad on Facebook and decided to try it out as my best friend has tried a cbd oil. All I had to pay was shipping. The cbd oil caused my lips to swell and nothing more. After several days within stopping, my lips returned to normal. I don’t want to get caught in the financial scam that is about to follow and I won’t be able to get out of it.
Entity: Scottsdale , Arizona
19, Report #1426322
Jan 31 2018
12:13 AM
Advanceable technology llc none They sent me defective product Scottsdale Arizona
I ordered the CBD oil and when I recieved it it was frozen, when I thawed it out it looked just like cooking oil and tasted like it too, and I see there are other complaints about the same trouble
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
20, Report #269296
Aug 21 2007
10:07 PM
AWSM Technology, LLC - AWSM - Advanced Web Site Marketing Technology, LLC Sales rep sales tell you different thing and never delivered Phoenix, Arizona
Sales Rep promise to customize our own business web site beside their marketing domain name but never did. Also to promise to refund the fee but never did, now nobody claim to have the sales rep name in the company and still billing us for their stupid web domain name which I do not know what it is. Csolutions Minneapolis, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
21, Report #1080793
Aug 31 2013
03:09 PM
Alcorn Electric, LLC Fraud Advance Missouri
We hired David Alcorn, Alcorn Electric LLC to install solar power on our home. He is impossible to reach by is always forwrded to his wife. He doesn't know how to call you unless he is wanting to know if you have received the rebate check yet. We paid him our balance for a $63,000 system on Aug 1st and have not heard back from him. He lies about the products he sells........the warranty is not what he says. He will not fix problems with our system. He last words on Aug 1st where Just because you paid me doesn't mean i won't be back to fix your system. The system is not installed as spec show in the ownwer's manual. The inverters are too close to our ceiling and each other. The manufacturer said this will void our warranty. Look at the picture of the wires rubbing on the metal box. This was done by Mr. Alcorn himself and left! He damaged our home-estimates approaching $2600. He also forged my signature on 2 documents to Ameren. He has had several issues with the law in the past..I know that is the past, but now he is back in the same issues. Check out Mo casenet under Stoddard county. I have made my formal complaints to the MO Attny General, BBB, and with Ameren MO. I have my attny reviewing this info as I type. I just want to warn anybody else before they go through this!
Entity: Advance, Missouri
22, Report #398798
Dec 07 2008
10:47 AM
Advance Towing, LLC Thieves Scam Artists. Arlington Virginia
I was a victim of an illegal towing last night (Saturday, December 6th). My car was legally parked in the same parking lot I have been using for the last two years whenever I go dancing in Arlington. Not only did the people at this company decided to tow my car, when I got there to pick it up, I asked to see proof of why my car had been towed. They told me that I would have to come back Monday for that. After paying the $100 to get my car, I had to wait an additional 45 minutes until the tow truck came back so that they could clear out a path for me to drive out. Of note, the appearance of this place reflects the level of professionalism with which they opperate. Their office is nothing but a small trailer that has more trash laying around on the floor than I have seen in the last year. The foul mouthed ladies that were there did nothing to help me get my car out, using the word f*** liberally when I honked my horn to get their attention and for everything else. Ever since I moved to this area, I have developed the habit of taking a picture with my phone every time I park in a public place, so I have the proof I need to at the very least get my money back. I will be filing a police report and I'll contact my lawyer to see about taking legal action against these corrupt and unprofessional company. Kennyjoel06 woodbridge, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Arlington, Virginia
23, Report #1305850
May 16 2016
12:19 PM
Online Advance LLC Goldstein and Associates Rip-Off Report Cedar Rapids Iowa
 On Monday May 16,2016 I started receiving phone calls from a Natalie Smith stating that she was with Goldstein  and Associates from Cedar Rapids, Iowa and attempting to collect a debt for an online payday loan. When I started questioning her as to the name of the company who was filing this against me she coped an attitude and said she would just refer it to the District Attorneys office and got short with me. Then their automatic phone system continues to call me back. She said she would contact the company and call me back. I called her and she said she emailed the company and would call me when she heard back from them. I explained to her that I had not taken a payday Loan out with any company by the name of Online Advance LLC, she again with attitude said then why are you so worried?
Entity: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
24, Report #543706
Dec 22 2009
11:39 AM
Advance Towing, LLC Advance Towing Advance Towing - Towed Illegally with no Photo proof arlington, Virginia
I was parked outside a store at night. I parked in a normal spot. They said I was parked in a handicapped spot. I asked for a picture. They said I could get the next day. They are still unable to provide the picture or proof.
Entity: arlington, Virginia
25, Report #1413520
Nov 26 2017
10:18 AM
Advance Asset Group LLC. Advance Assets Advance Asset Group Scammed me out of over $400 Internet
I got a call from a Matthew Goforth around April 2017. The guy told me he was from Advance Asset Group calling about a pay day loan I owed. I was told that if I didn't pay it off I would sued and my accounts would be garnished. I even told the guy that couldn't be. He told me since I was a resident of Texas they can do anything. Me not originally being from Texas I didn't know the truth to that. I asked the guy more info about this pending case and he actually had ALOT of info that was correct so I believed it. A part of me was skeptical so I did some research on this guy. At the time there were no reports out of Advance Asset Group. But the fact I actually did have a payday loan out at the time made believe it even more. On top of the fact he used the companies name when telling me about it. He set me up on $50 a month to catch up on the payment. I paid 2 months and on the third month I didn't have money in my account when they tried billing me. I got a call from Matthew and he was very unprofessional and frantic about me not paying and went back to explaining the case against me. A few weeks later I got a call from Matthew again to collect the remaining balance. I had money at the time so we paid off my payday loan that minute and he said we were all good and wouldn't need to do anything else. Well here we are now almost December and the company I had my payday loan through still says I owe them that money. I got online today and now I am seeing reports of this scam. Unfortunately i found out a little too late. If you have gotten any collection attempts from this Group DO NOT GIVE IN, DO NOT BELEIVE ANYTHING UNTIL YOU HAVE DOCUMENTS. AND EVEN THEN ID GET THEM LOOKED OVER BY AN ATTORNEY. Also you can contact the company that is sueing you to see if they know anything about these guys. My thoughts go out to any others that were victimized by this scam.
Entity: Internet

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