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1, Report #1401201
Sep 20 2017
07:02 AM
advanced lining & coating Julius Lupowitz is his real name, Google it and you will see. Advanced-Lining & Coating, Lining and Coating Julius Lupowitz is his real name, Google it. He is a Current Felon, his DC # is E56923 sanford Florida
This is a copy of my Police Report: Dated: 07-08-17In March 2017 I was searching the internet for a company that sold spray truck bed lining machines for a new bumper business I was wanting to start. I wanted to be able to spray bed lining on bumpers. Spray-lining and coating a division of flexible lining systems was third on the search engine list, in fact the following 7 listings were also linked to this company.I contacted several companies and received several quotes. Randy Loutz, aka Julius Lupowitz with Spray-lining and coating called me back and told me about a repossessed machine that a bank had called him on in Dallas. So Randy aka Julius Lupowitz gave me the phone number of the guy handling the machine. I called him and negotiated getting the machine at a very good price. I drove to Dallas and looked at the machine realizing it was in fact a good deal, so I purchased it through the repossession lot that was storing it. The next time I spoke to Julius Lupowitz aka Randy with spray lining and coating (SLC) he said that they needed a spray lining and coating applicator for my area to cover between Lake Charles and Houston.He said that the applicator Leroy and Kurt (also aka Julius Lupowitz) that was in my area had left and went to Arizona to spray solar panels.  He gave me the phone number of Leroy 480-389-0144 and said that his business name Doctor Line A Bed. He stated that it would cost $10,200 up front and that all material purchased would come out of that $10,200, it would include two years of free technical support, also he would fly down within 2 weeks and do a 2 day training class; this never happened. When I called him 2 weeks after sending him the money he said that I needed to get some extra employees together so he could train at least 4 people at the same time. (later he would change this to it needed to be on site with a real job but I needed to get certified first) The agreement is on one of the emails attached. As well It would include himself, other employees, all of the machines and equipment needed for any type of coating application also a free web site with my business name and personal business email.I was worried about how fast I would get jobs to get my $10,200 back so he told me to call Leroy since he worked my area. I called Leroy and he said he was from my town and that he had been buying from Randy aka Julius Lupowitz for 20 plus years. He said I would make the $10,200.00 back within a month or two. He stated that he bought most of his material from him still but on color material he would purchase from BASF because their product was better on colors. I wired the $10,200 to Randy’s bank (also attached) thinking I could do some coating jobs on the side and it would be a way for me to raise money for my bumper business. After 1 week he had my website setup. He said any emails I get he would receive a copy. I received a quote request the very first week the website was set up, requesting a bid on insulating 1108 pieces of 4ft x 4ft aluminum panels, requesting product SLC208e. They stated that the previous dealer applicator 185 (Leroy) was no longer available in my area and was looking for a SLC applicator within so many miles of Valero PT. Arthur, the quote request was for a specific part number SLC 208e which only SLC makes. Randy used this to convince me it was a legitimate company, saying that Leroy was 185 and his certification number was on the email as well. He also stated that he knew the other partners on the PO; this was later on once the (PO) ALCS 11-662 was issued. The quote request came from Julius aka Justin Nolan with a company called J&J fabrication and DSE Contracting and partners in Canada; it was supposed to be a job for Valero in Port Arthur Texas. Since I contacted spray lining and coating in the beginning I wasn't thinking that it could be a scam, especially after he helped me buy this machine at such a low price.  I read a few reviews on the company online which turns out that they apparently set up themselves to make themselves look good or legitimate. Randy aka Julius Lupowitz told me that they receive all emails that I receive so I called him and asked him if he received the quote that I received, he acted like he didn't know about it. He said wait a second let me check my email and then he said, oh yeah there it is, he made it sound like it was too big of a job for a company like us and that we wouldn't get it but that he would bid it anyways. I asked Randy aka Julius Lupowitz to verify that this is a legitimate company because my background is in printing, he assured me that they were, pointing out several things that had to make it legit. So he bid the job to me at $149,000 my cost, then he told me how much to Mark it up. I submitted the quote to Justin aka Julius Lupowitz with J&J aka DSE Contracting $441,000 for insulating 1108 pc’s. J&J accepted the quote but stated that they needed the certified applicators Certification Number and they needed a (COA) certificate of authenticity & it would have to check out before they could ship the sub lot of 370.Randy aka Julius Lupowitz stated since I wasn't certified yet, we could use his Certification Number which was 31-A2. J&J sent me a PO ALCS 11-662 for two lots totaling 2640 pieces requesting the first lot of 1108 be expedited. Randy aka Julius Lupowitz said my cost on the material was $149,000 and would have to be paid before his boss would let him mix up all the material, he told me to try to get them to take less qty up front like 370 pieces that way when they dropped of the first lot, it would cover my total cost, he went through a big spill about having to meet with the owners about giving terms, like net 30 etc.. I sent the request to J&J fabrication, they agreed to doing the 370 pieces with 50% down at drop off & 50% at pick up. Randy came back with i needed to pay $10,000.00 and they would give credit on the balance. Randy aka Julius Lupowitz said this is standard practice in this field.  I wired Randy the $10,000.00 to get the material made up. (wire attached) J&J was putting fast deadlines on the job, needing to get it done ASAP. Randy's company aka Julius Lupowitz said it would take 2 weeks to get the material made, by this time the first lot of 370 SLC208e material was in transit to me. This time made the due date overlap. J&J came back with they had been reprimanded by DSE for the small lot of 370 and DSE wanted the full 1108 pieces done.Justin with J&J aka Julius Lupowitz then told me he couldn't do the 370 lot because it took us off the pre-approved vendor list. (Randy said that was correct) J&J sent me an updated purchase order PO ALCS 12-662 with the new lot quantity and payment agreement, they were to pay 35% at drop off of the material and 65% at picking it up. (Also attached)After about 2 or 3 weeks I received what I was told was the chemicals to do the job. Ground up rubber and some 55 gallon barrels of no telling what(I now think is soap). I still have all the material. I contacted Randy aka Julius Lupowitz, always forwarding Justins emails. Randy told me that he could get the extra material made up but I would have to pay 33 - $35,000 more out of the invoice for $149K or his bosses wouldn't let him make the material. He also stated that he was just going to go ahead and do it based on the % they had given him before. J&J emailed me and said that DSE needed to complete 1108 pieces immediately and that they were shipping the panels from Canada and there was some slight border delay. They also needed the COA to check out and said there was no weight on the updated COA but it was ok. (Randy had told me the only way he could get a new COA done so fast was to leave the weight off). The COA supposedly contains material mfg. shipping weights and tracking numbers. Every email that I received from J&J aka DSE aka Julius Lupowitz I would send to Randy and Randy aka Julius Lupowitz would advise me on how to reply to every email since I did not know the business yet.So I borrowed $35,000 from a business owner in XXXX Tx. (See attached agreement) that I am renting a warehouse from to do the work in. I am paying $2,000 a month rent for a 3000 square foot Warehouse. I agree to pay the business owner $5,000 interest for a two-week loan of $35,000 because Randy told me the material would be in within 2 weeks. (I have the tracking info attached) I then had the person I borrowed the money from wire the $35,000 to Randy company on my behalf. Justin with J&J sent me pictures of the material finished, pictures of the crates to be packaged, all of the specs of how much the crates would hold and how much they would weigh. After I received the material to do the application on the four by four sheets of metal and After several delays and multiple excuses turned into months of waiting. I become very concerned because J & J stopped replying to all of my emails. I emailed an invoice to J&J and told him that it was for my cost incurred to date and that it needed to be paid. Justin Nolan aka Julius Lupowitz was my contact with J&J, he told me that he would submit the invoice but it was out of his hands. After two or three weeks and not hearing from him again I sent him an email telling him that I needed the invoice paid immediately, he told me he resubmitted it that Monday with needing to be paid as urgent and necessary. Mean while Randy aka Julius Lupowitz is calling me acting like he was getting in trouble with his bosses and was going to have to file bankrupt if this didn't go through. Always telling me to put pressure on J&J which I left several phone messages 587-883-9633. They have changed the business name 3 times on this number. J&J Fabrication, J&J Fabrication with DSE Contracting to DSE Contracting.Randy had told me upon receiving the $10k for the 370 lot that he had gathered all the machines, 30-something templates and the extra material that would not make the COA balance out & shipped it to Lake Charles airport and stored in a storage locker. It was always rush rush then wait wait. Randy told me he had Kurt, which owed him a favor, to make up an additional 30 templets. He said he had him ship them to Lake Charles Airport and put with the other machines. He would tell me several times that he was on call 24 hours waiting on me to give him a job start date from J&J, that he and two other employees would be there to assist me in doing the job. He also stated that it would serve as my class training time.After so much time went by, about 3 months, I contacted Joe xxx-xxx-xxx on July 5th with Lake Charles airports and he confirmed there was no storage at any of the three airports in Lake Charles for SLC/Flexible Lining Systems. I question Randy aka Julius Lupowitz about this and ask for shipping manifest flight number, contact people Etc. He has yet to reply to that request. Attached is the email stating that material was in Lake Charles Airport. After this I emailed Randy demanding a full refund of $55,300 by the 30th of June or I would seek legal action. I stated  to him that it was peculiar that he set up the website and within one week I had one quote request  and no other  quote request  in the following three months. He replied on email all of the convenient things that he had done to help me and that this personally hurt him. He stated he would continue to help me as long as I didn't threat legal action against SLC. Randy also replied that I pursued him and that he did not pursue me in his email reply which is false. I began to pursue every person or company listed on the purchase order from J&J trying to verify that this was a legitimate job. Harris Rebar was one company on the PO, which is a worldwide company. I called and spoke with Lyne Gilbert a supervisor in the company about what was going on, he asked if I could email him the purchase order so he could review it, I sent the email and he replied that Harris Rebar has nothing to do with the job and that the verbiage sounds like English was a second language to him. I will attach that email as well. I contacted Valero Port Arthur purchasing department as well as their head electrician since this job was supposed to be in the electrical department. I was told they had no such job. I then called Valero headquarters in San Antonio, I was directed to purchasing which was on the phone with me for over 30 minutes trying to help me out but come up with there was no such job. Also did searches for all the addresses listed on the purchase order and they pretty much came up as Highway intersections with no businesses close by. I contacted sergeant XXXXXX, at XXXXX Police Department in XXXXXX Tx and gave him some basic information emails and a photograph of Randy aka Julius Lupowitz. Within a short time I received a reply with a link to a rip off website that laid out the exact scam he had done to someone else, it also stated his real name, Julius Lupowitz. I was then advised to file a fraud report with my local Newton County Sheriff Department. Kevin Root also aka Julius Lupowitz is suppose to be the owner. See attached Spray lining & Coating Review by MEC. ALL FAKEHere are a few phone numbers Ive been contacting Randy aka Julius by. His cell(321)848-3013, (972)996-7326, (855)545-4900Other #’s I've found on Facebook etc. (877)891-8741, (913)232-2392I have identified him on Google under: Florida man fakes murder happening on a 911 call.  Florida news play the 911 call, shows his picture and its Randy aka Julius Lupowitz for sure. I have attached all emails that I could find of communication between (aka) Justin with J&J, (aka) Randy with Spray-Lining Coating and myself. They outlined every step of the entire scam, just in case I missed something in this report. Date of report: 07-08-17 
Entity: sanford, Florida
2, Report #1081383
Jun 25 2014
04:08 PM
Company names of Spray-Lining, LLC and Rhino Linings Corporation conflict on claims from employees of Body Shops, Truck Builders & Repair Shops on Cancer caused by Carcinogents within Polyureas they both manufacture. Spray-Lining does make safer formulas, however.  After Lining & Coating Svc ran ads on non-hazardous Spray-Lining, Line-X dealers that compete in the same area filed suits against Lining & Coating Svc, owned by Kurt McClintock. He was supposedly Revoked from Line-X. In Line-X franchises using competing product formulas are considered a breach of contract. Ads on Clear Chanel Communications, promoted Saftey of Spray-Lining verses Line-X which causes cancer in lab rats & animals & its applicators. Lining & Coating Svc used Rhino Linings and Spray-Lining formulas as a Rhino dealer. They seemed like partners against Line-X but these are just names of companies that are separate, competing vendors. The radio ads & ABRN  Magazine Ads drove hundreds of thousands of dollars away from locally competing Line-X Dealers. Six of them were revoked, said Russell Lewis, owner of Rhino. Jeff Powell of Spray-Lining said, Without a certain volume of poluureas purchased monthly by a Line-X dealer they'll be revoked from the franchise. After surpassing over $700,000.00 in commercially scammed revenue, Spray-Lining stepped in to cease fraudulant acts done out of revenge.  Kevin Lupowitz, CIA of Alclear, LLC also founding employee of Liquidnet & CEO of Direct Markets, Inc may have relations with Sam, Julius & Joeseph Lupowitz, all esteemed business people in coatings Risk Analitics were behind the saftey of Spray-Lining's non-cancer-causing formulas. These men had voting stocks also held by these four related people, as well as Sidney & Emanual Lupowitz in DuPont & PPG. Therefor its as if Spray-Lining & Rhino Linings were subcidized at times by PPG & Dupont, said Bill Dalburo, employee of Spray-Lining, manufacturer & major vender to many competing dealerships, prevously using Rhino's or Line-X's carcinogetic materials. The Line-X scam was actually true, Lewis said about Lining & Coating Svc by McClintock whose Fake commercials made a strong, valid point: If a Line-X dealer can obtain safety in Spray-Lining then why should he be forced as a scam or fraudulant criminal or just a sucker to risk getting cancer? If Texture Liners or Texlinings can be free of isocyanates, also at a lower price than Line-X, fake names don't matter. Applicator safety matters much more. That Lining & Coating Texlining may scam more fake commercials but may save several lives. See & see . This was written for Claudio Burton who was glad to have sold Line-X & now operates Bullet Liner.
Entity: SAN DIEGO, California
3, Report #579598
Mar 10 2010
03:49 PM
ACI Advanced Communications Inc. ACI Only care about lining their own pockets! They don't care about their employye's! canton, Michigan
ACI's owner's only interest is lining their own pockets. They do not care about their employee's at all! They don't care about the families of their employee's.Take the market I work in(Columbus, Ohio), we are the lowest paid system. We are contractor's for Time Warner. TW treats us like a red-headed step child. They expect more from us than they do from their in house tech's. We get paid less and treated like crap.But ACI doesn't care how we are treated. They make money. That's all they care about.Well, us tech's don't care about ACI anymore. We don't care about our job anymore either. We don't get paid enough to care. therefore ACI and Time Warner will get  exactly what they pay for, s**t work! All of us tech's at my branch are looking for new jobs. We can't afford to live on what we are being paid. We work 10-12 hour days and don't make crap. A word to the owner's of ACI, if you paid your tech's better, quit letting TW crap all over us, and got out of your big office up there in Michigan and met with us little people, you might get somewhere. Until then, until we start making money, you won't make any money! We piece of crap tech's will make sure of it.What are you going to do, fire us all?? Go ahead, the new hires will find out there's no money to be made and they will be gone too!A word to people thinking of applying in Columbus, Ohio, You will hate it here. Time Warner sucks, they hate us. The pay sucks. and you will work yourself to death!Steer clear!
Entity: canton, Michigan
4, Report #163982
Nov 10 2005
08:36 PM
Advanced Beauty Solutions ripoff the iron had a red coating that peeled off the day I received it and they said it was ceramic it is NOT! Valencia California
I received the iron almost 8 weeks after I ordered it. Excited.. I used it on a friend and it had red paint peeling off onto the hair. Wich is very damaging to your hair must I add... I called customer service to tell them number one ceramic does not peel. They told me it was defective they would be sending me a new one.. After a few days to think about it I know it was not ceramic.. So I called again. Then I spoke with someone. They said they would be sending me a label to return it. well 30 days went by I received nothing. I got a charge on my cc. How convenient. Then they tell me they have no label to send. just send it back and they will credit my account... well first of all my account should of never been charged. now i have to pay to send something that was absolutly not what they are claiming it was and now I get to pay for shipping... Tricia clearwater, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Valencia, California
5, Report #1063489
Jul 01 2013
07:19 AM
Lining and Coating Service AKA Spray-Lining SCAM site created by Julius Lupowitz Internet
A company names Spray-Lining, and a person claiming to be an employee of that company will call a body shop or repair shop, or will be called by them in answer to an ad and in the course of talking to them will say Oh, do you know Lining and Coating Services? they were the Spray-Lining dealer in your area (fill in the blank of where you are located) and we just had to revoke their dealership because they were a Line-X dealer and we had no problem with that but Line-X revoked them for doing business with us. So the dealer, Kurt McClintock, was using our marketing to get rid of his $60,000 worth of Line-X stock, so we had to revoke him. I told him that the company would revoke him, and I tried to talk my father who is 10% owner of the company out of it, but they revoked him anyway. He and I are still friends, but he is mainly upset with himself for it. He was doing a quarter of a million dollars of business,  and if you become a dealer, it won't be a new dealership, you will be taking over Kurt's area, so we can call your business _______ (fill in your name) Lining and Coating Service and rebuild the website around your information. is just a fake website used by Jeff Powell, AKA Julius Lupowitz to sucker new dealers into giving him $10,200  for the dealership.  And he has them wire transfer the money because it can't be reversed like a check or credit card payment, because he never gives back the money if they change their minds. This scam has been going on for at least 5 years and will probably continue unless Julius Lupowitz is somehow stopped.Don't let Julius Lupowitz or Jeff Powell or Leroy or Billy or Kurt or Bill Dalburo or all the other names he uses when answering the multiple phones he has to seem to be different people when the dealers call the references  rip you off. Keep your thousands of dollars in your pocket, because if you give it to him, you will lose. Oh and for the claim that he is just an employee and there are 7 other tech support people in his department, he is the sole owner of the company and there are only 2 other people working for him in his office. Lining and Coating Service is a SCAM.  You can also go to for his past dealings.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #395398
Nov 26 2008
03:08 PM
Pacific Coast Powder Coating SAND RAIL GONE WRONG Palmdale California
Entity: Palmdale, California
7, Report #1103928
Mar 27 2014
01:25 PM
Burkes seal coating Owner Massena New York
Order garcinia Cambodia 500.00 dollars they have taken out of my account need a contact number 1-866-802-9582 is not working
Entity: Massena, New York
8, Report #1249620
Aug 19 2015
04:55 PM
awbery powder coating LIAR LIAR LIAR bedford Indiana
i had ranch hand bumper that i delivered to awbery powder coating and we agreed on price for hundred dollars he was having a special and I hadnt heard from him in few days so i called and he said processed to say it wasnt done so i waited and then my job picked up so i was working almost everyday and then i messaged him cause had truck sold it went to and he said he was out of town and so i waited and then when i had chance i went out to the business and when i showed up he said they dumped mulch on my bumper and he said he would dig it out for me and time went by and many calls same thing under mulch and so a day i called said i was coming out he said ok and the day i was heading out he messaged me asking if i picked it up and i told him no so i processed to say he check his video and i came out to his place and he said police told him they couldnt do anything and he contact his insurance (state farm) and i said id get back with him in day or so cause i needed my bumper and then he said he hadnt heard anything kept dragging his feet and then i processed to get more pushy and said i want something asap he says his insurance (geico) said bumper was not worth more than 225 in which is an insult and then he said he would do anything to help and then i waited week i hadnt heard anything from him i processed to say i need my bumper replaced and then he says he has one found but dont have pics and its on autotrader my insurance .well then i got tired of wait i said i was goin to talk to my insurance and look into small claims and he said he understands and then couple days later i said can you give atleast 700 and no response and then today he needs address saying he only found adress in evansville and ive never been in evansville plus ive told him my adress time and time again the reason he need adress his attorney needed it so if you have money for attonery you have the money to pay me for part that was stolen from you  
Entity: bedford, Indiana
9, Report #1216574
Mar 18 2015
10:35 AM
PSC Powder Coating PSC Painting Stripping Coatings Worst Work Ever!!! Chino California
If I could give negative stars I would. This is the worst quality powder coating and quality control I have ever seen. I took a $4,500 Snap-On tool box there for sandblasting and powder coating and they not only damaged the drawers, they just shot the powder over the damage and didnt give a S*** and gave it back to me damaged. All the drawers had what looked like bubbles or what looks like body rot on an old car where the rust is coming through the paint. The box was in excellent condition with no rust at all and should have been in pristine condition after sandblasting. I took 3 of the drawers back because they were completely screwed up for re sand blasting and re powder coating. They told me it would be a week. They took 2 weeks and most of the rework they promised to do was not even done. I was so disgusted with the second screwing I got there I just left because I knew they were just going to lie to me again. AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!
Entity: Chino, California
10, Report #580285
Mar 12 2010
02:03 PM
Epoxi Floor Coating Daniel Prljusaj, or the Prljusaj family epoxy garage floor coating Utica, Michigan
Hired Epoxi Floor Coating to cover my garage floor. They operate in Mi., Fl,. and Ga.  The product is warranted for 2 years against peeling. After 3 months, peeling began Have called numerous times, never return calls, I suspect this is a gypsy outfit and scam artists. Have requested a refund ($1,171.00) or repair. Nothing has been done. Highly recommend staying away from this outfit.
Entity: Utica Shelby Township., Michigan
11, Report #1105911
Dec 10 2013
02:44 PM
spray-lining-complaints-green-solutions melbourne-tech-team
The Spray-Lining Vendors that I have been dealing with are causing me many complaints.  I have worked with them on different green solutions for polyurea and bed liners.  However, after many attempts we just don't see eye to eye.  I am an armorthane dealer in PA and continually have a need for strong rubbery formulas for different industrial applications.  I spoke with a Jeff, Billy, Kurt and still cannot get what I am looking for.  I got away from the armorthane dealer because I was having the same complaints with them.  I was looking for a strong polyurethane blend that I could spray outside without breaking any regulations on isocyanates.  They simply could not provide the customer support I needed.  So, I found Spray-Lining in Melbourne.  I found out that the that was just a satellite office that's owned by Jeff Wells of Well's Boys property management in Brevard.  They are a property manager that has condos in Cocoa Beach and apartments in Titusville. They don't have anything to do with this, but the complaints I have are from that office.  So, after I left Armorthane I had 3 big jobs to do.  I wanted to coat some piping and the back of a large truck with a flexible but rigid polyurea product.  THis was an estimated 10000 dollar in material costs.  So, we were looking to make a smooth $20,000 on it.  I was on top of everything and I called Spray-Lining for a quote and FOB dates.  We got in a discussion of material requirements.  He started complaining about my lack of knowledge of the job.  So, I went back to the potential customer (enron corpoation).  I asked a bunch of questions and got all the details needed.  Then when I went back to spray-lining, they said they could not provide the support I needed.  So, now I am not dealing with Armorthane, Spray-Lining can't do what I need and I am going to be out $30,000 in cash flow.  Is there no recourse?  At the end of the day, you might say it's my fault for jumping the gun or over promising on something that I did not know whether I could deliver.  However, the way I see it, any company that is in the green coatings or lining business needs to have solutions for everyone.  Now, these customers wanted to protect oil transport utilities with flexible polyurea.  That sounds like something a chemical manufacturer can handle.  But, apparently I am wrong.  So, I looked up complaints about spray-lining and found that they really don't serve all industries.  Oil and big electric are areas where they don't really involve themselves too much.  I read about Valspar Pipeclad and the WASCO energy group of companies.  They are the real players when it comes to pipeline coatings.  This is so far out of my league I cannot even think about dealing with them.  So, now I am stuck with no job and Jeff, Billy and Kurt saying, sorry, we cannot help you on this>......  Oh my god!! I have called other dealers and some of them are out of business.  Most did not complain about anything but one guy in seattle said that he didn't get any work out them and had to market entirely on his own.  Of course, he was in BFE nowhere so I don't think he mattered.  I think spray-lining scams people by offering all coatings and then when they can't handle something they just let it go, which hurts me.       
Entity: melbourne, Internet
12, Report #1351109
Jan 21 2017
10:33 AM
Hawaii spray lining,llc Not a professional spray !! Kapolei Hawaii
 Hello, I'm a coatings professional by trade with 15 years of experience I'm a supervisor in my field out of San Diego I spray everything from ponds,roofing,concrete and bedliners. I have a crew of 4 that traveled to Oahu to do coatings for an new construction hotel in kapolei hi 4 month job. So by all means I've a professional trade .the truck that was provide to I had a Spray Lining in the truck. We had never heard of this company before and we was not impressed by the lining quickly spray job production type work . After 2 months fading started to be noticeable . Spray Lining Hawaii had a location near that I visited . I stoppped in to find out more about prices in Hawaii .While chatting with the owner (although I didn't inform him of my trade profession) I m applaud on how or where this person got his training more of a sales person than a expert in the field substandard even with his equipment was a knock off china made . We got that he was a Marvel trained now Spray Depot trained by a person that we know . We in the coating industry know what works and what does not . And for the price that Spray Lining LLC is charging $650 is over priced for a entry level coating job he's should be at $225 .Owerner needs more training with Graco equipment and and high grade material . We cut apart a section and examine found out Spray Linings coating of Hawaii to have pin hole which indication he needs more training coatings will fail .
Entity: Kapolei, Hawaii
13, Report #1099522
Sep 10 2015
12:07 PM
Spray-lining Franchises Rhino, Line-X, Scorpion, Spray-lining, Raptor, Vortex Scam and Complaints about franchises Dallas texas
On Purchasing a Dealership in Spray-on Bed Lining. An Historical Comparison from Spray-Lining vs Line-X vs  Rhino Linings and the Imposters: Increase Your Business Demand, But Don’t Get Scammed! On Spray Lining Complaints: Few exist on Line-X dealers. Unlike all other spray lining vendors, Line-X is the only actual franchise. Smaller businesses may not justify franchise fees, regulations, costs big minimum orders or expensive equipment: Line-X is the Highest-Cost Start up!, or Line-X is a Spray Lining Scam!, but much of that Line-X quality is because of quality controls upon applicators, unnecessary with competing spray lining vendors reviewed. As for any or all Spray-Lining vendor Scams, Line-X founder Claudio Burton left Rhino Linings' Russell Lewis with his own, i.e. not Lewis' formulations which were & still are superior. All others are implementations of Line-X, Rhino or as in the case of some spray-on lining vendors, both. The first Rhino spinoff was seemingly Ultimate Linings which merged with themselves, in press releases, Xtreme Liners who was the better high pressure brand of that same owner. Spray-Lining Reviews continued, developing as an industry with some, poor man's spray-on lining like Qwik Liner, a low cost cartridge gun solution to high-cost, Graco equipment or GlasCraft spray lining guns. While the Ultimate-Xtreme merger was nothing but PR, the Ultimate Spray Lining scam is the fraud of misrepresentation in these cartridge systems. They function very poorly, are much more expensive than buying in drum sets and most if not all vendors of spray lining cartridge guns barely or never inform new applicators of isocyanate exposure, see CDC Site. Before this safety-scam of hazardous spray-lining formulas was Speedliner, Super Liner (also known as Viper), Scorpion Coatings - also known as Als Liner for a tiny quantity at Rip Off rates with cheap (Harbor Freight) hopper gun for $55 (Harbor Freight sells em for $25). These poor-mans spray-on linings are not the worst quality if you're trying to start a low cost bedliner business. Just realize that if you get busy a true franchise has its advantages. One is ethics: All these low cost imitations prove, You get what you pay for, that is LESS QTY FOR HIGHER PRICES WITHOUT FULL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS OF CARCINOGENIC INGREDIENTS. Other Spray-on Scams are poor boy's customer support services. You, the businesspersons are not the only victims of Line-X imitators scamming you into believing you're buying a high-quality Spray-Lining product at OEM cost. How 'bout your customers? Simple: Lower quality bedliner at higher price with less technical support translate to improper preparation, low mil heights, i.e. THINNER bedliner than required for great lasting lining jobs, and less product qualities than the Poly Hybrid or Polyurea Spray-on Lining that Line-X require. Therefore Spray Lining complaints not only scam your business clientele, without full disclosure of potential cancer these are worse than complaints of the Spray Lining product; this is 100% professional, white collar criminal! How to be in this business and avoid the Ultimate Spray-on Lining Scam: 1- Know that Line-X is a standard in Spray-on Bedliners; you pay for using that nationally known, credible, quality name, 2- Decide if that name at $204,000.00 average can amortize itself within a reasonable time for your budget. see  Franchise Review of Line-X, 3- Decide if bedliners or similar jobs fit your schedule, shop size and crew. Remember that to spray Line-X you need a professional paint booth (Line-X is honest about safety issues). For any zones that might not require a booth, full respirator suit is a must, usually along with specialized permissions to spray polyureas in public if you're jobbing is to be mobile,  4- Compare all competing Spray Lining Dealership Competitors. 5- REFERENCE FACT: Sales reps whom expect you to just believe them, spend thousands of dollars with no verifiable people who are satisfied, with easy contact info, several of them with human, imperfect but credible referrals; well these are MOST reps, right? These common reps who thrive on your stupidity are just that: stupid. References should be available & should not be only the best clients. Require several cases- bad ones are great if you wish to learn what may go wrong. I believe an honest vendor should have no fear of comments that are not all that positive. Especially in vending & supporting a business opportunity in an imperfect market (world). 6- Get ALL, that is 100% of your questions, risk assessments, fears; every detail answered in full. Whatever issues cannot be answered must be documented. Now contact another vendor with that same issue; see what they say.
Entity: Select State/Province
14, Report #1076492
Jun 23 2014
11:44 AM
Garage Floor Coating of Home Depot in  Minnesota Garage Floor Coating Home Depot Coating of MN, garage flooring minneapolis Minnesota
Purchased Garage Floor Coating at home depot in Minneapolis MN. The purchase was for 10 ft. x 24 ft. coin commercial grade slate. It looked absolutely beautiful but apparently everything you purchase from Home Depot does not turn to gold.    Garage Floor Coating is a roll out cover and protector that is supposed to be very tough and is made with formulated poly vinyl that is supposed to be resistant to our dirty environments and workshop in our garage. It is also supposed to act as a moisture barrier.  All of the information as described was not true as we installed the garage floor coating at our garage in MN. here and it was contaminited and dirty within 1 week. YES 1 week in and we were already having issues. I went to speak with the salesman Jason Smith at Home Depot who sold us the flooring and he said since it had been used and installed in our warehouse/garage that we would not be able to exchange it. I am very upset about all of this.  
Entity: minneapolis, Minnesota
15, Report #1085298
Jun 19 2014
03:01 PM
Garage Floor Coating Home Depot in MN Home Depot, Minnesota, Minneapolis home depot, garage floor coating Floor Coating Not Sufficient, dishonest salesman Minneapolis Minnesota
I went to home depot in Minneapolis, Minnesota the other day to redo my garage floor. I spoke with a salesman who guaranteed me that the garage floor coating would be sufficient for my home and sustain any wear and tear from cracks. He also told me that if anything should go wrong with the floor coating that they would exchange it. Now I have installed the garage floor coatings and it has already started to crack. When I came back to the store they refused to do anything about refunding me as they said it was my error when installing this. Absolutely ridiculous that I could get ripped off like this.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
16, Report #1304531
May 09 2016
11:38 AM
Bullseye Powder Coating d/b/a Bullseye Broward, Florida Powder Coating Solutions, d/b/a Bulls Eye Powder Coating, Michael Saavedra and Mario Jose Saavedra Horrible! West Park 33023 Florida
Sent my AMG Pre-merger rim to Bullseye Powder Coating in Broward County to be chemically de-chromed and powder coated.  Apparently, there is more than one Bullseye.  I only sent one because I was very cautious in just sending off my rims x4.  Wanted to test the waters..  These rims are rare and very expensive.  I watched the Bullseye video on Youtube so they seemed reputable.  I sent original paintchips as well as the center cap so they could powder coat the correct colors and make sure the center cap would fit after the process.  I was quoted a price and was told two weeks for everything.  Sent the rim, with delivery March 22, 2016.  Prior to sending, I asked for an email or call back confirming delivery.  Verified with post office it was delivered and no word.  Waited a few days, then emailed and called but no word.  Started to get an odd feeling about the situation.  Advised Bullseye I wanted the rim chemically treated to remove the chrome prior to powder coating versus media blasting.  Was told the rim was sent off to the chrome shop and it would be done in a week, so end of March 2016 seemed reasonable.  Well, the weeks came and went, emails and calls were not responded to, and the end state is that after five (5) full weeks, I finally heard back that my rim was de-chromed.  During the five weeks, I started to do a little research because something was not right.  No return emails, no return calls, and the timeline which was provided did not add up.  Looks like  Florida Powder Coating Solutions Corp. has only been around a few years, circa 2012.  Secondly, the principal Antonio B. is suing Mario and Michael, and there's now a $100,374.80 judgment against Defendant Florida Powder Coating Solutions.  Got my rim back on Friday May 6th.  So, sent it off a few days prior to March 22 and got it back May 6th, I lost $141 dollars on the whole deal,  my paint chips never made it back home, my center cap never made it back home, and the rim is covered in media dust. Plus, there's a razor sharp edge showing some copper coating underneath which Michael / Mario pointed out as proof it was chemically treated and not bead blasted.  Sure looks like someone media blasted it, but a few inches on an edge, and ran it on a lathe to show the copper.  Rim is pitted like it was media blasted.  I would never trust these guys to powder coat anything.  Looks like the same shop destroyed an AMG valve cover.  I wish I did a little more research pror to trusting these guys.  Take a look at Circuit Court cases in Broward County, Florida, Case No. CACE15-20163 and its sister cases.  Look at other complaints on the net.
Entity: West Park 33023, Florida
17, Report #944995
Sep 21 2012
10:38 PM
Pacific Coast Powder Coating Very poor quality work took forever and ended up redoing parts. Internet
This company should be avoided, the quality of their work speaks for itself. GARBAGE!
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #1084115
Jun 20 2014
10:42 AM
Pacific Coast Powder Coating promised a finished product they hadn't even started... Palmdale California
 Went to Pacific Coast Powder Coating about two and a half weeks ago wanting a very large bird cage stripped and powder coated, was promised the works and was told it'd be done late the following week, which was fine considering the detail I knew that had to go into it. That weekend passed without a word as to the finished product or the progress thereof so I waited until Monday to inquire about it. Kevin couldn't give me a straight answer as to the progress, said it wasn't ready yet but it'd be finished by the end of the week. I stopped by today to see my finished or at least nearly finished product and pay in full the amount agreed to when Brandon told me they were only about halfway done with the stripping... At this point I was done dealing with the false promises, after nearly three weeks in this shop I needed this done as soon as possible and asked him to bring my cage out so I could take my business elsewhere.. After about 10 mins Brandon came out to me asking if I'd be able to pick it up in the morning because it was buried in the back.. I assured him that I needed it right then and after another 10-15 mins another fellow brought my cage out on a forklift in the exact condition I had brought it to the shop in. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WAS DONE. I asked the fellow if he could point out the half finished stripping and he told me they hadn't started it yet.... I had an estimate done at another shop directly thereafter and was told it'd be done by mid next week at less than half the price quoted by Kevin. I am very disappointed in Pacific Coast Powder Coating.. lying to customers is bad business any way you look at it, I trusted them to deliver on their word to which they failed miserably.
Entity: Palmdale, California
19, Report #1231001
May 22 2015
03:59 PM
Carroll Coating Everything Asphalt Gypsy painters who lie and cheat you North Augusta South Carolina
Came by and offered to paint my house roof which is steel.  Promised there would be no over spray. There was, a ton of it.  Promised to come by today and remove it. He didn't.  Nor does he answer his phone.  The guy is a total liar.  In addition, his helper decided my driveway was a good place to strip down to his undies after he was done painting.  Do not use these guys.  Total rip off.  My roof is painted, but so is my house, porch, eaves and windows. 
Entity: North Augusta, South Carolina
20, Report #1244415
Jul 26 2015
12:40 PM
chicago care roofing and seal coating roof repair ripoff elmwood park Illinois
I had a leak in my ranch home. Called them. He went on the roof, said he could fix the leak and said i had other possible future issues. I said please fix them. He spent about 10.00 for an hour's worth of work. I called several time complaining that he did not repair the shingles and made the house look terrible. Do not use these people for any work. He knew I would not go on the roof (I am a 66 year female)  but when my son came home he could not believe they would even think to do this poor of a job . telephone number they used  630-723-8164  they have listing under sealing, roofing and car repair. here is what I expected for 800.00 , repairing shingles , not pouring black tar all over a light brown roof. We are talking about 20 different spots on the roof of this black tar , I expected the shingles to be repaired or at least the black tar under the shingle so you could not see it. You can see it from the road and basically this has reduced the value of the house without me reroofing the whole house. They advertised shingle repair and fixing leaks , not just pouring tar on the roof.  To be honest , he originally said 350.00 for the two original fixes and I agree, he saw other issues and he could fix for 450.00 .  I really thought the total price was going to be 450.00 and i was totally shocked to find it was an additional 450.00 for 20 minutes on my roof.  Because I did not comfirm the total price I paid the 800.00    I called to say I was not satisfied with the job several times , they never came out to fix the problem.  How can anyone justify one hour of work and charge 800.00 .       
Entity: elmwood park, Illinois
21, Report #1215602
Mar 13 2015
05:20 PM
Premier Coating and Restorations David Day NOT the best painter or service AT ALL!!! woodstock Georgia
If you are a hard working person that just wants good service for your money; then this is NOT the service for you! I hired Premier Coating and Restoration/ David Day.  I was shocked at how many corrections I had to give him regarding his paint work.   AND THIS IS WHAT HE SPECIALIZES IN?  Some things were done ok, but in the end his pattern was sloppiness and unfinished work.  Because he seemed nice and had good intentions, I gave up on the painting and decided to see the restoration side of his service because the painting was subpar.  When he started on my kitchen is when I started to notice  his work ethic.  He finally finished that, but I thought to see about carpet, thinking he couldn't mess this up.  Right?  Nope!  my carpet had holes around the edges the very next day after David completed the work.  He said he pulled it too tight.  He would come back and fix it.  To date, I have not heard from David day, this man was so nice at first. This is why I just stayed on him about the painting issues to get fixed but I never thought he wouldn't care about his work or his customer.  I have repeatedly asked him to contact me and fix the work as he stated.  my overall experience with David turned out to be such adisappointment.     If I were you, I'd take my money elsewhere and get real service, with real responses, and a good product.....for your hard earned money!!!  
22, Report #1304921
May 11 2016
07:48 AM
Cal-Tex Protective Coating ResistAll NG2 What a Scam - Cal-Tex unsupportive Schertz Texas
In 2014 I opted to get Cal-Tex protective serviceson my new vehicle.   I paid for 7 years.....and I fell for there scam.   Of course I couldn't get the process taken care of at Nissas TownNorth in Austin, so I called there 800 number.   I was told that my contract did not cover the appearance of my vehicle, so what does it cover???   I was upset that I spent good money for this protective waranty, and stated that I have 4 more years on the contract and wanted to cancel.   The customer service rep (Mike) told me this was not an option.   So now I have a 7 year useless waranty of my vehicle, and I cannot cancel the contract.   Of course the contract I signed stated NOTHNG about not being able to cancel. If you are consiering purchasing the extended waranty from Cal_Tex proctective coating.....DON'T.   Let me save you the hassel that I am going through. What a waist of my money and time.   So disappointed in this company.
Entity: Schertz, Texas
23, Report #1402152
Sep 25 2017
08:03 AM
Epoxy Tech Floor Coating Systems™ LLC Epoxy Tech Did not deliver kit that was purchased and paid for Nationwide
 Epoxy Tech Floor company took my money but didn’t ship the flooring kit I purchased. I’ve called numerous times unable to talk to anyone directly and the voicemail boxes are completely full. Tried emailing without response as well. Appears they closed shop but still taking payments. Purchasing product from another vendor and disputing my charges with credit card company.
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #1403149
Sep 29 2017
11:42 AM
Epoxy Tech Floor Coating Systems™ LLC EpoxytechEpoxy tech Epoxytech stole my money, did not ship product Internet
I Bought 2 kits of 500 sqft epoxy from this company and they never shipped the product. I called lots of times and would always get someone in a hurry that didnt even want to hear me and say, send us an email with a copy of your order. I lost count of how many emails i sent and i didnt get a single answer.Now am in the process of trying to get my money back from the credit card company which takes forever. Stay away from this company.Edd
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1130039
Mar 11 2014
08:50 PM
Accu Seal Chris Wiggins Seal Coating seal coating for driveways Rising Sun Maryland
This guy claims he is not a one of those one time seal coaters. But he did my driveway and in less than one year it looks worse than when done by him. He loves to talk  and stretch the obvious.  Watch out for this company.
Entity: Select State/Province

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