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1, Report #1216962
Mar 19 2015
07:33 PM
Advocate Law Groups Of Florida Lindeman Title and Escrow, Lindeman Commercial capital lending, ALGOF RUN THE OTHER WAY! miami lakes Florida
RUN THE OTHER WAY!!!!  I have been with Advocate Law Groups of Florida for 3 years and after paying them over $20,000 I have not gotten any results. I called bank myself and they told me ALGOF has not contacted them in years. I contacted ALGOF and they could not provide me any information saying otherwise. I dropped ALGOF and called the bank myself to get a modification. WITHIN 2 MONTHS I GOT MYSELF A MODIFICATION FOR FREE THAT DROPPED MY PAYMENT TO LESS THEN HALF!!!To my understanding ALGOF has untrained negotiators that never respond to my calls. They have very little negotiators that cannot support the workload and your file is worked once every 3 months!!!LOAN MODIFICATIONS AND THE APPLICATION IS DESIGNED FOR CUSTOMERS TO DO IT THEM SELF!!! Last time I went the office they had posted also as Lindeman Commercial Capital Lending and Lindeman Title and Escrow. I said to my self if they don't even have the capacity to focus on foreclosures why are they branching out to make the foreclosure department worse?
Entity: miami lakes , Florida
2, Report #1218366
Mar 26 2015
01:29 PM
Advocate Law Groups of Florida P.A. For 3/1/2 years they took $23,000.00 to do a modification on y house with no results. I was loosing my house until I hired another attorney. Miami Lakes Florida
On September 3, 2011 my wife and I went to the office of Advocate Law Groups of Florida, after seeing their add on television, because we had bee denied a modification from our bank, Wells Fargo Mortgage Corporation on the basisi that we were paying on time. The person who took our information, named Pablo Sr. told us not to pay any more, because, (his exact words) banks don't want to work with you if you are paying on time. He asked for a down payment of $3,200.00 in three installments: $1,200.00 at that moment; $1,000.00 on October 3; and another $1,000.00 on November 3. Then he said that if they weren't able to get the modification within those three months, wich was very unlikely, they would need to withdraw $495.00 from our checking account on every subsecuent month, beginning on December 3, 2011. Since then, and until March , 2015, they have taken from us the total of $23,000.00, and we would have lost our house, set for public auction on March 31, 2015, if we had not acquired the services of another (an honest one) attorney.In the beginning, apparently, they did some work; but after Wells Fargo transfered the account to another company, they did nothing but lie. After going thru four mediators or negotiators that never answered their phones, and never called back, even under their promises to call back within 24 to 48 hours; and if we called their main desk most of the time we would get an answering machine that would ask for a short message and a phone number to call back, which they never did. During those three and a half years I never saw an attorney, not even a para legal; all I saw and spoke to were mediators who asked for additional documents. The last one of the mediators, a Mr. Fuad Morales, even told me that he had send a proposal to the bank, (PennyMac), offering $1,000.00 down so they would put the house on a retention plan; but according to him, it was refused. Now, after such a long time, and being tired of the same words, (no positive results whatsoever), and being in the verge of llosing my house, a month ago I decided to disregard their advise not to talk to the bank, and called them, and; surprise! surprise!, I was told that there had not been any communications from my attorney for at least six months.I don't know if I be able to recover any of the money I paid Advocate Law Groups of Florida, but even so, I'll like for eveybody to know that they are running a scam, taking advantage of the people havinf problems with their mortgage loans. 
Entity: Miami Lakes, Florida
3, Report #523954
Aug 03 2015
09:43 AM
US Advocate Law Groups HOME LOAN MODIFICATION Laguna Niguel, California
Hello Rip Off reports,On 12-1-2008  we were contacted  by Michelle Hickler Senior Mortgage/Financial Advisor of  The Star Financial @ Toll Free: (888) 671-7885 Ext: 225 Fax: (949) 461-0953 for a Loan Modification. Michelle asked my Father put together a long list of personal financial items. On 12- 29-08 Michelle sent us a contract with who she works for a  Loan Modification Proposal for US Advovate Law Group. US Advocate Law Groups address is 28202 Cabot Rd, Suite 650 Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 866-925-2710 Ext 3 866-844-6821 FAXI notice that Advocate was spelled wrong so I also checked with the BBB. At first the US Advocates address, phone number was incorrect /and or missing. I emailed Michelle the info I had found from the BBB's website and a few days later address phone and credit rating is A+. My Father signed Proposal on 1-14-09 for $3,500.00.       Michelle advised us that US Advocate Law Group will call us will a update contact person.  On 2-23-09 we were contacted by email ~  by  Heather Torres and advised, I will be your Case Manager and one point of contact through your loan modification process. On average it takes 10-12 weeks for completion. During the process, you may or may not get phone calls, letters, or emails from your lender, however, if you do, its vital you forward any information you receive to me. It is very important that we stay in constant communication throughout this whole process for us to have a successful loan modification. Our contract reads we are not to speak with anybody but US Advocate,  Heather  Torres Case Manager, US Advocate Law Group, 1-866-903-0949 ext. 504-Toll    Free 1-866-703-8809 Then our paper work got lost, pages missing, and we had to refax  and send all the personal paper work again. Heather Torres was taking a long time to return calls and emails so I contacted a Manager Elizabeth Moriel    1-866-903-0949 ex 513 on 3-20-09,because Heather didn't know how to open attachments. Then we emailed Glenda Wright of under righting personal documents again  on 4-1-09. Then my Father talked to Mark Moss President  EX 103. My Father was Very upset. On    5-6-09 we were reassigned again to a new case manager Jeanette Duran  Ex 507 and asked us for the same documents but new verbiage.  Then we were to contact Mark Bennett Owner of US Advocate Law Group 28202 Cabot Rd Ste. 650 Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 1-800-254-9416 1-888-821-1736 Fax .  Asking us for more personal information again on 8-13-09. Then   on 8-14-09 I received this email from Mark Bennett ~ Myself and Angela will be the only persons contacting you, we are working as a team.  In regards to the email being aol our system got over loaded. Therefore, to insure that we have contact with clients you & your Dad Angela & I are using  aol.  Then on 10-26-09 we received a letter stating US Advocate Law Group Jeff Nemerofsky the other owner I have resigned with charges pending from the State Bar of California. Unfortunately, neither I nor USALG can continue our efforts to modify your existing residential loan. Now all the phone numbers are disconnected. I check on the BBB's website and there rate is F+. We were told that an update was every 2 weeks then every 4 weeks. There was never an update just were working on your file or we were resigned to somebody new.On Nov- 11-09  I write this letter to you because we have not received our Loan modification as promised.  The Group of Lawyers have taken our money, broke their own contract, performed No services to us, and closed their business without any acknowledgement to us. I believe this was dishonest conduct and fraud of our personal information.  I would like a Full Refund of $3500.00.  to my Visa account please. My email is (((Redacted)))   Thank You, Tora....T ATT: To otheres that have been with US Advocate Law Groups company contact the STATE BAR 213-765-1140 or to down load client security fund refund and most important to file a complant against the group of lawers.
Entity: Laguna Niguel, California
4, Report #787103
Oct 10 2011
02:53 PM
On March 2010 I used the services of Advocate law Group of Florida, for a home loan modification. They took almost $7,500 on fees. They promise to lower my mortgage payments around $596.00. It's been more than a year and these people have done nothing for me. I made several calls to the people or employees working in my case. They never return my calls. Several times I made a trip to the local office to see if I can speak to someone. Sometimes I find someone and he promised not to worry about nothing. Finally in August 2011, my house went into foreclosure thanks to them.I will not rest until I get these people with the state of Florida Attorney General..Advocate Law Group of Florida, your days of scamming people will come to an end soon.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
5, Report #697997
Feb 25 2011
12:49 PM
Paola Molinari Loan Modification fraud by Paola Molinari Orlando , Florida
I was contacted back in June of 2010 by Paola Molinari and talked into signing with her for help on our house payment. she led us to believe for a flat fee of $1495, she would work directly with our lender to have principal dropped off our loan (due to depreciation), lower our rate and most importantly, lower our payment. I had to continually call her for updates and all she ever told me was that it was pending. she kept telling me that my lender was the one holding up the process. Needless to say after their four month process (that was supposed to be max time this would take) passed, I contacted my lender and found that they weren't really negotiating anything. They told me I should have contacted them directly. I in turn sent them some of my information directly and asked for a refund from Paola Molinari. she said that since I had contacted my mortgage company that I had breached the contract and was not entitled a refund but she said she would continue to work on my package to get it finished. Paola Molinari was the one I most worked with. she was nice at first but then started getting short with me and when I asked for a refund became rude and would not return my calls. Then on 10/2010 her cell phone was disconnected. I received foreclosure papers from my mortgage company! I called to Paola Molinari and she said she would get a hold of them and find out what was happening. So now, basically at this point, I decided to contact the CEO of US Bank, my mortgager, they in turn called US Bank to make sure my papers were being handled correctly and I received a call the next day from the supervisor there who had me refax my check stubs to her and started over on my account as the number for the trial mod were still too high for us. Bottom line is that Paola Molinari did nothing but forward my papers from her office to my lender and never negotiated anything. I am going to fax her a request for a refund but doubt very seriously she will help me with that. She is the worst person I have ever dealt with and I feel so stupid for falling into her trap. I feel like she stole $1495 from me and have done this to everyone that deals with her. Therefore, I wanted to report her as a problem person to the FBI, Attorney General Office of Orlando, FL and every agency there is and maybe no more people will get into trouble with this person Paola Molinari. Please call the following numbers to file a compliant against her, she's be investigated by the following agency's:   Attorney General Office:                       850-414-5300 FBI Office:                                             813-253-1000 or 407-875-9976 Florida Office Of Financial Regulations: 850-410-9805
Entity: Orlando, Florida
6, Report #813825
Dec 26 2011
08:14 AM
Bet Bet Plays Advocate Law Groups of FL P.A. is a Scammers company, Also I saw a lot people making complaints as result, they get the money in advance and dont do absolutely nothing. Miami Lakes, Florida
Warning Advocate Law Groups of FL P.A. is a Scammers company indubitably.Also we saw a lot people making complaints as result that them get the money in advance and don't do absolutely nothing.We was waiting for 5 months and we paid $8000 in advance, they only called us to ask the monthly payment, now we are in risk to lose the house and we have not exit.How we can exterminate this kind of scammers.?
Entity: Miami Lakes, Florida
7, Report #699860
Feb 25 2011
12:05 PM
Advocate Law Group Paola Molinari Loan Modification Fraud Orlando, Florida
people you need hear this poala molinari stole me money back in 2009  she work for FCA Solution, me loss my house me loss me money $1995 dolars, me friend call me to talk to me to say she now work with this company to steal more money from people me friend report her to government so me to call police to report her. me friend ask secretary about her she say she manger or owner no understand why she no in jail. me  cll attorney general office to report her.  me happy me friend no bay her to do loan modification.     
Entity: Orlando, Florida
8, Report #1462393
Sep 25 2018
02:36 PM
Advocate law firm, P.A/Melissa wilson They interfered with child custody, and lied to the judge, she’s helped extort lots of money through the court. bartow Florida
Melissa A Wilson, didn’t disclose she was going with one of the judges and also she cost us a lot more in attorney fees by not disclosing that and we filed a complaint with the bar association as well contacted David congressman’s Ross office district 15 and also channel 7 and 60 minutes, please be aware of this attorney, she is very very dishonest and we don’t want this to happen to anyon else in bartow or the surrounding areas. Please we feel we’ve been robbed without a gun. Be aware at all times this woman is cancer she lies for her personal use and financial gain.
Entity: bartow , Florida
9, Report #778013
Sep 17 2011
04:46 PM
Advocate Auto Consultants Advocate Auto Consultants (FL) Out of Business and has closed their doors and Fired all employees Winter Park, Florida
Advocate Auto Consultants was a company who has a website about diminished value, they also utilize public records such as police reports to mail out letters to the parties who are not at fault for accidents and inform them they are also entitled to Diminished value in addition to the repairs and rental car. The reason for the website and letter is to have individuals contact Advocate Auto who would make it seem much harder than it really is to collect Diminished value from insurance companies and that Advocate Auto would be able to collect 3-4 times more than any regular person trying to make such a claim on their own. In order for Advocate Auto to be able to handle a claim for anyone Advocate Auto would need a consumer to sign an Assignment Agreement signing over their rights and entitlements for the diminshed value they are entitled to over to Advocate Auto however when doing so the consumer then has NO SAY what amount to accept or decline, that decision is made by Advocate Auto cause they own the rights and can do what they please to do. Advocate Auto Consultants used to be Advocate Auto claims. Advocate Auto Consultants has fired all their employess except for 3 people as of September 15, 2011. If you are a person who has signed up with Advocate Auto you may want to contact them and tell them to accept whatever offer you have with the insurance carrier and collect whatever money you can before they have no money left to pay anyone.     If you read the other post on this site you will find one from a prior consumer and one from an Ex-Employee Jason Huet explaning who Advocate Auto Consultants is and what the BBB complaints were for however Jason Huet is no longer an employee along with many others who were employees. The sad part is that Advocate Auto was not even professional enough to even inform their own employees that the business was going to be closing so they could look for other jobs and not just be kicked to the streets. The company Advocate Auto Consultants likes to make it sound like they are bigger company that what they really are when in fact there has only been roughly a total of 10-15 people and some people who worked there had several different titles Such as Manager, Supervisor, National Claims Director (National makes it sound like they have more than one office when there is only one). This is a warning to anyone who is doing business with this company or is considering doing business with this company. DO NOT USE ADVOCATE AUTO CONSULTANTS. STAY AWAY FROM ALL THE LIES. Do your research on this company and you will see.
Entity: Winter Park, Florida
10, Report #779387
Sep 21 2011
09:28 AM
11, Report #280972
Oct 25 2007
08:25 PM
First Premier Bank Card First Premier has caught the eye of major consumer advocate groups Sioux Falls South Dakota
We all have been reading on this website and many others how First Premier Bank Card has been truely ripping off unsuspecting folks around this country. We have seen how folks respond to this website and say well folks should read the rules and regulations as they are clear and they are their its their own fault. Well for a long time too I have been watching this what I call scam bank as they stay just above the law in South Dakota and that is pretty much below the law in most other states. I watch First Premier as they are on my radar screen constantly. I direct your attention to the URL listed below on an extensive study done by Cagey Consumer. They have taken First Premier's advertising sent to unsuspecting folks around this country and they show how First Premier uses every trick in the book to hook these folks into high fees and high interest. They show how this bank truly is ripping off the consumer. I mean when you get a credit card with a $300 credit limit and the first month is over $200 in fees from the bank alone you got to say this is a real scam bank and they are...First Class Scam. So please check out the URL and see what the consumer advocate group has to say about First Premier: There is also a good chance that Kiplinger's magazine is going to do high interest high fees credit cards as a feature article in next few months. You can believe First Premier will be right up at the top of the list. Best thing we can do is get the word out to folks on First Premier and that will end their business of ripping off the unsuspecting consumer. Kevin Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
12, Report #652708
Nov 01 2011
10:32 AM
A few months ago while watching TV my husband saw a commercial of a lawyer that does Loan Modifications.  We contacted this law firm Advocate Law Groups of Florida, P.A. and they gave us an appointment to one of their fly by night offices located in Orlando, Florida.  We had the appointment with one of their representatives Jane Pena- and she explained to us that she represents the main lawyer called Jon B. Lindeman, Jr.  She explained to us that Mr. Lindeman opened his own office because he wanted to fight against the banks to do loan modifications.    In order for us to be able to hire such law firm we had to give a deposit of $3,400.00 upfront signing a non-refundable agreement and also authorizing Advocate Law Groups of Florida, P.A. to deduct on a monthly basis an amount of $595.00 from our checking account to cover their fees.  Supposedly the loan modification was going to take anywhere from 3 to 7 months and we were told that we had to fall back in our mortgage payments so that they can contact our loan company to make the modification.  A couple of months passed and we received a package of about 30 pages of documents that supposedly were sent to the loan company to do a loan modification for us.  In that paperwork there was a letter directed to the 3 credit bureaus stating not to put us in collections because of the late payments on this property, because we were in litigation doing a loan modification.  All these documents were NEVER sent to the loan company and the letter to the credit bureaus also was never mailed or sent to them.   After 4 months of not hearing any news from our supposedly  Negotiator called Adrian Rodriguez we tried contacting him always getting an answering service operator and having to leave a message for him to call us back.  (A law firm with an answering service FIRST RED FLAG!)  Our  Negotiator Adrian Rodriguez would return our calls within a few days if we were lucky.   He always would tell us to not contact your loan company or answer any mail that we might receive from them because WE are taking care of it (SECOND RED FLAG).   After 4 months of receiving a letter from a collection company stating that we where already late in our monthly payments and possibly going into foreclosure we contacted the collection company directly stating that we have a lawyer in charged of the loan modification.  This collection company informs us that nobody has contacted them at anytime.  We immediately called our supposedly negotiator Adrian Rodriguez and questioned what was going on.  We got the following answer from him WHY DID YOU CONTACT THEM DIRECTLY? YOU WERE TOLD THAT WE WERE TAKING CARE OF IT.  We also asked Mr. Rodriguez that we wanted to speak DIRECTLY with the main lawyer Jon B. Lindeman Jr. and he refused to give us his number or where he could be reached at.  We tried on our own means of trying to contact him but he was no where to be found.          We immediately contacted our bank to stop the monthly payments to this company Advocate Law Group of Florida and filed a chargeback with the bank.  Unfortunately, the bank couldnt return our funds because of the agreement that we signed with them (on a non-refundable basis).  As soon as Advocate Law Groups of Florida noticed that we stopped payment on their monthly fees they sent us an invoice for unpaid fees of an amount  three times higher than what the payment was.     They have small offices (fly by night locations) in Orlando, Miami, Palm Beach, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, Naples and Jacksonville that we know of.  They also are listed with an F rating in the Better Business Bureau website.    Not only they have charged us more than $5,500.00,  but now we are losing the property and our credit is totally ruined because of them.  For us to try to save our property from going into foreclosure we must pay $7,700.00 (money that we dont have) to the collection company.   We have learned our lesson.  Be aware of these SCAMMERS and do not hire them and NEVER sign a document that is done on a Non-Refundable Basis.
Entity: MIAMI LAKES, Florida
13, Report #971341
Nov 19 2012
11:46 AM
US ADVOCATE LAW GROUP, P.C. This company preyed on people in need of assistance to obtain home loan modifications.They lied with every word and step they took from me along with my hard working money of $3495.01. I would like to LAGUNA NIGUEL, California
I would like to report a theft on a company named : US ADVOCATE LAW GROUP, P.C. This company represented themselves as a home loan modification representative. They took my hard working money and did nothing for us to save our home and then disappeared. I would like to participate in the law suit if there is one filed. 
Entity: LAGUNA NIGUEL, California
14, Report #727390
Nov 01 2011
10:31 AM
advocate law group of florida Loan modification Miami Lakes , Florida
This company is a big scam they advertise assistance with loan modification.  I was a victim of this scam losing almost $7,000.  I first went to Orlando to meet a lady called Janet Pena who was a representative to this company.   Due to my desperation on not losing my house i went  ahead and gave all my  tax return  putting my trust and being the last resource giving them $3,400 up front then 500.00 a month.  Time went by nothing was done, no phone calls or followup, when i try to call all you get was the answering service taking your name and number and wait for a return call which means you never spoke with a lawyer, if you needed immediate attend you will not get a hold of no one.  The only time i got a quick return call was when I first call them to find about out their service... Now I am still in a foreclosure schedule for court next month with no representative i am very upset with this company if i would have research first and would have avoid all this lost of money and time.  Which now i am going to need it for a rental house..  If they is any other victims out there we need to get together and get our money back.. This is no joke our hard worked money giving it to bunch of thief but i hope one day they get what is coming to them..
Entity: Miami Lakes, Florida
15, Report #643839
Sep 24 2010
07:30 AM
Law Offices Of New Horizon Law offices of John Ribarich, Consumer Advocate Group, Judy Newman Loan MOdification, Debt Consolidation Sherman Oaks, California
I am just one of too many people that put their hard earned money on this Law Office, they used to be New Horizon, and now  Law Offices of John Ribarich. they moved to a new location in Sherman Oaks. Judy Newman, one of the  paralegal  asked  for 6 thousand dollars upfront, and $250 for 4 months retainer fee. My case has dragged on for 9 months, and each time I call this Law Office they always give me a run around. I finally had a chance to speak to my Lender, and they told me that I've been denied for a long time and this Law Office did not even divulge that to me. Each time I call them They would always say that its under review.(Obviously trying to buy time till I paid the 4th month retainer fee.) This Judy Newman would call and say that they spoke to the lender and that the lender  would like to play safe  with the loan, and would offer debt consolidation under the Consumer Advocate Group, which is another rip-off (and she is the trustee on this one.) The Law Offices Also tries to intimidate their client about a sale date on the property when in reality there is none. This law Offices will tell you that you dont have to pay your mortgage while under modification but they would make a turnaround and denied that. this Law Office Of John Ribarich AKA New Horizon are being run By the same crooks and  playing the same game. They should be stop and sent  to jail.  Pls post this as a warning to everyone..  
Entity: Sherman Oaks, California
16, Report #519862
Nov 05 2009
05:03 AM
Reputation Advocate Scam Buyer Beware of, Internet is of the worst seo sites I have ever dealt with. They spammed our website full of unprofessional work and charged us $8000.00 I have heard since then the horror stories from others that have had the same results with Reputation Advocate!! they say they have a money back guarantee THAT IS Bogus!!! you will not get a dime back and they will cause so much damage to your site and you'll pay thousands - just like we are to get it fixed!!!
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #697316
May 09 2011
05:17 PM
Advocate Laww Group of Central Florida Jon Liebeman ADVOCATE LAW GROUP CENTRAL FLORIDA.. SCAMMERS... SCAMMERS.. SCAMMERS.. BE AWARE, Orlando, Florida
We hired this Firm back in October 10, they promise they will take care our loan modification process, we met with a woman call Wilma in Orlando, great lady (at the beginning) they requested $3500 dollars as a retainer, and $ 500 dollars monthly, up to date we havent get any response to our call, every single time is just the aswering service, they will tell you that the only thing they cando is take a  message and they will return our call, never hapen, read the other postings about this firm they are crooks with a title as a attorneys. Untill now we havnet met with a lawyer and now we not only loosing our home but they clen us up for over $5500 dollars.   That show you you can,t  trust people any more, where is the regulations for this peoplethat they are going taking money from so many famillies and nobody is doing anything, where is the law ????? or  because they are lawyer they can get away with it???? If some ellse is in the same situation lets do something about it, dont allow this crooks to still our well hard eraned money, they are rich Im not, We work really hard to sustein our familly every single day, and is just not right that this thiefs comes anf get our money so easy, they not  even working, they just filling their bank accounts with all their victims. Please lets get toguethr and go to the press and make a complain , I will report them  to the bar but I think tha is not enough, we need to get our money back/// any responses or accion I ll be happy and willing to be part of it///
Entity: Orlando, Florida
18, Report #354474
Jul 22 2008
09:20 PM
Herbal Groups, Inc. False Guarantee, nonworking products, Gave refund assurance of 120 days from receipt of product 1802 N. Carson Street Suite 212 Carson City, Nevada
After viewing an informercial for an toenail antifungal product called MiraclePlus Toes I decided to order it, based on the fact that they had a 4 month period to use the product and a return guarantee during the period if it did not work. I used a credit card to order, and received the order within about a week. I used the product according to the instructions and found that it did not work, after nearly 6 weeks of daily use as the product instructions indicated. I called their customer service toll free number and spoke to a woman and told her I was not happy with the results and wanted to return the unused product and get a full refund per the advertisement on tv. (the ad ran late night on 4/2/08 in Miami, FL cable). She told me I had only used it 6 weeks and should continue using it as it was herbal and took more time than drugs, and that I needed to use it at least one more month. She also informed me that if it still did not show results, then I could return the product for a full refund. She assured me she would note this on my account, and she would also deactivate the 'automatic order' that would occur at the 4 month point (they send out more product and charge you again!). She seemed sincere and thus convinced me to use it longer (I know some herbal remedies do need extra time to work compared to drugs). I continued to use the product over the next 6 weeks, and last night (7/22/08) I called their number again and was told it was past 60 days and no refund was available for orders past then. I was livid!! I asked for a supervisor and spoke to a Mark Lloyd (his real name???) and he reiterated that I had used the product past 60 days and no refund was due! So, I asked for his boss and was given a lady named Donna Artz who apparently works in the Nevada HQ (these guys who take the phone orders are in Van Nuys, CA). So, I have tried to call this other person to no avail. Knowing that they will soon try to send me more of this snakeoil, I went ahead and contacted my credit card company and had my card deactivated, and a new number issued just in case. I sure don't want to have another $209 charge for stuff that not only doesn't work, but this company will not honor their own refund guarantee!! So, beware if you ever order from Hebal Groups, Inc. or their online operation Long Life Solutions as you will be not only unhappy with the results of their products, but any refund you have coming will be denied thanks to the way they do business!! Ron w. miami fl Miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: 1802 N. Carson Street Suite 212, Carson City, Nevada
19, Report #465200
Jun 26 2009
09:18 AM
Florida College Of Natural Health, Steiner Education Groups Shame on the leadership of this school Maitland Florida
Students primarily attend FCNH, to further their careers in the areas of massage or skincare. Skincare students are taught exclusively from the Milady textbook, which is full of misinformation and half-truths. For instance, in the career chapter, the book suggests that with an aesthetician license, one can walk into jobs that actually require further education and licenses -- mortuary cosmetics, for example. Job skills (resume writing, cover letters) are discussed in the broadest and most basic terms. Again, no specifics germane to beauty, cosmetics, skincare, etc. The teachers tend to push pseudo-science and some pressure students to follow their thinking on subjects with no data to substantiate. Staff turnover is high, and the student body is disregarded when demanding higher standards, called negative by the administration. All in all, the school's/Steiner's corporate culture is one of wishful thinking, obfuscation and confusion. Slap dash presentation of educational materials and minimal clinic curriculum are the norm. While other FL schools cover body wraps and peels, FCNH does not. Real world advice on getting a job in the field is nil. Staff in the admissions department ought to wear masks. Their misrepresentation of what the school offers, in exchange for the high tuition, is tantamount to highway robbery. I say this in the strongest language that I can, as students graduate devastated by debt, only to be ignored by the so-called Department of Career Services. Shame on the leadership of this school, and shame on the corporation that promotes it. S Apopka, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Maitland, Florida
20, Report #160409
Oct 20 2005
09:16 AM
IGIA SINGER ripoff, false billing, fraudulant sales, fraudulant advertising, RICO act Los Angelas California
Same deal,got four {4} vacuumes sent FED-X. I asked the same questions as others, why would anyone order four vacuumes? It does seem that SINGER has gotten an injunction for IGIA to stop selling their vacuumes due to complaints. {SINGER website} Vacuumes were sent from the same California address after the injunction took place.... I wonder if this has stopped IGIA from doing business in New York only? Have contacted the California Atty. General as well as the B.B.B. located there. Sent them a copy of the article off the SINGER website as well. This to me seems like a violation of the RICO act, companies,people conspiring to defraud individuals. They are a shell corporation under the umbrella of TACTICA When you do a search though, and comes up and its run by IGIA and TACTICA, lots of other tha link you to IGIA and TACTICA Doesnt seem the injunction order by the judge is being honored... What about a class action lawsuit against IGIA,TACTICA,SINGER and name a few of the network/sattelite channel providers as defendants as well? News FEDERAL JUDGE ISSUES INJUNCTION AGAINST TACTICA INTERNATIONAL, INC. September 28, 2005, New York, New York: On September 22, 2005, Singer terminated its License Agreement with Tactica International, Inc. Yesterday, Singer filed a lawsuit in federal court in New York seeking, among other things, an injunction barring Tactica from further sales of Singer and Lazer branded products, including the Lazer Storm vacuum. Singer sought this injunction to stop further sales by Tactica because of complaints it is receiving from consumers concerning Tactica. The court today issued a temporary restraining order prohibiting Tactica, effective immediately, from selling or advertising products bearing the Singer or Lazer names or trademarks, including Tactica's Lazer Storm and other products in its Lazer line. The order permits Tactica to continue to make a certain number of limited additional shipments, through October 4, 2005, to customers who have already ordered and paid for their product but have not yet received it. Customers who ordered Lazer Storm vacuums or other products from Tactica may continue to contact Tactica about those products. Tactica's email address is and its toll-free customer service number is 800-716-8667 (business hours 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. EDT). Consumer Affairs 800-474-6437 Mark orange beach, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angelas, California
21, Report #1312631
Jun 21 2016
12:45 PM
Franklin Legal Group; Christina Taylor oak view law groups, Donna Adams Payday loan email scam, Cash Advance, Inc Internet
Below is the original email I received from this scam.  They sent it twice at the same time. Mon 1:16 PMchristina.taylor@franklin-legal-group.comThis e-mail is a notification to inform you regarding your account with Advance Cash Services that has been referred to my office for collection action. As per our client you are currently some payments behind on the pay-day loan account number LN6754. The total outstanding amount on this account is $1095.75.This is the reason we have been instructed to bring legal action against you as may be necessary, which may result in Judgement.The received case file mentions that you have failed or refused to pay the above referred claim even though it appears just, owing, and correct.You are hereby further advised that if the payment is not set up within 2 business days of the date of this e-mail, suit in small claims court may be commenced against you forthwith and without further notice for the amount indicated above, together with prejudgement interest. Instead of small claims court, this matter may be referred for suit in municipal court.As my client is sure you are aware, if this matter goes to suit, all court costs, process server's fees, sheriff's fees, attorney fees where permitted, and other post judgement costs will be added to the amount that you already owe.You can avoid the unnecessary legal actions and further expenses of a lawsuit by making immediate reply to us. For any queries feel free to e-mail us back. We will be handling this matter over with you and will be providing you some pay off or Settlement options if available.Thank You.   Upon questioning them further, they responded with this; Christina TaylorToday 1:43 PMYouWe are talking about the loan amount of $300 that you took with the company Cash Advance Inc. which has now gone up to $1095.95 they do have a signed copy of the contract which is signed under your e-mail address, also would like to mention your computer's IP address and your SSN was also traced when you were signing the contract with the company.The company have more than 14 technical evidences in order to prove the money was successfully deposited into your bank account which is a checking account. Best Regards.Christina TaylorToday 2:12 PMYouAdvance Cash America is a parental Payday loan company which owns and operates on more than 350 payday loan websites like Cashnet, Onleclickcash, Speedycash, Ameriloans etc. We are talking about the loan amount of $300 that you took with the company, they do have a signed copy of the contract which is signed under your e-mail address, also would like to mention your computer's IP address and your SSN was also traced when you were signing the contract with the company. Christina TaylorToday 2:19 PMYouWe can only send you all the original contract papers electronically signed by you once the case will execute. Thank you Christina TaylorToday 3:13 PMYouIf you think this scam. It's Okay.We are just going to forwarding your details to our attorney and we will meet in the court house within seven working days. Thank you Christina TaylorToday 3:13 PMYouYou can reach us at (646)330-5029.Best Regards.   In closing, let me just state that I have never used a payday loan agency...never!  This is clearly a scam since they refuse to give me any of their so-called evidence and then threaten me with court action. 
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1029942
Aug 06 2007
08:19 AM
Mormon Church finds sex out of marriage ok Gainesville Georgia
I was a memeber of the mormon church for 13 years about a year ago both me and my wife Mary-Helen was living in Gainesville Ga. Attending the Gainesville Ward. I Ashed the then Bishop about a calling (duties in the church) and hometeaching (the watchdogs of the church) and was told it was not his job,. I then talk to stake The Stake Pres. George Wangemann and was put off, time pasted weird things stated to happen, I had two called id's in my home and calles was be deleted from one calls from the bishop, when I asked my wife Mary-Helen about I found out that she had been sleeping with the Bishop, because God told him that he need to. I again talked to pres Wangemann and was told that they had been friends for 11 years and he would not take any actions againest the Bishop. The bottom line is that I have written to the Area President and General Authorities about these problems. I was referred back to the Stake President to resolve the problems.The Stake President has since abused my wife causing her to end up in a mental Hosptal due to a break down. Nothing has been done to help Wayne Ocoee, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Gainesville, Georgia
23, Report #1029943
Aug 06 2007
08:19 AM
Mormon Church finds sex out of marriage ok Gainesville Georgia
I was a memeber of the mormon church for 13 years about a year ago both me and my wife Mary-Helen was living in Gainesville Ga. Attending the Gainesville Ward. I Ashed the then Bishop about a calling (duties in the church) and hometeaching (the watchdogs of the church) and was told it was not his job,. I then talk to stake The Stake Pres. George Wangemann and was put off, time pasted weird things stated to happen, I had two called id's in my home and calles was be deleted from one calls from the bishop, when I asked my wife Mary-Helen about I found out that she had been sleeping with the Bishop, because God told him that he need to. I again talked to pres Wangemann and was told that they had been friends for 11 years and he would not take any actions againest the Bishop. The bottom line is that I have written to the Area President and General Authorities about these problems. I was referred back to the Stake President to resolve the problems.The Stake President has since abused my wife causing her to end up in a mental Hosptal due to a break down. Nothing has been done to help Wayne Ocoee, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Gainesville, Georgia
24, Report #803796
Dec 01 2011
02:25 PM
Consumer Advocates Group , Consumer Advocate Group Mortgage Modification Fraud in Violation of California Law West Los Angeles, California
I am writing this on behalf of a client who was absolutely promised that Consumer Advocates (!) would get her a lower interest rate and a lower mortgage payment with another lender.  They did nothing but require more and more paperwork.  Michael Anderson is listed by the Better Business Bureau as the contact person. My client (who has authorized me to file complaints on her behalf) was scammed out of $2897.06 for work that was never done and which is in violation of California Law  Section 10085.6 of the California Business and Professions Code and Section 2944.7 of the California Civil Code. Watch out for this company and any company like it.  They never do the work and are nothing more than crooks committing fraud. What I really hate the most is that these crooks know that the police don't have the resources to go after them and they prey on people who are trying to do the right thing -- pay the mortgage holder.
Entity: West Los Angeles, California
25, Report #1461087
Sep 17 2018
11:06 AM
Anthony R. Montoya, Attorney at Law Anthony Montoya is responsible for child sex crimes and their concealment from law enforcement as a part of a DANGEROUS religious cult Phoenix AZ
Anthony R. Montoya is an attorney licensed in both New York and in Arizona.  He is a leader of a fundamentalist, anti-government religious cult call the Jehovah's Witness (also called the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society).  As both a leader within this group, and as one of its attorneys, Montoya has specific personal knowledge about the ongoing sexual abuse of young children.  He has personally participated in abusive acts involving children.  Montoya has used his 'status' as an attorney to intimidate witnesses into not cooperating with law enforcement.Montoya, upon instructions by the leadership of the JW / Watch Tower organization, has hide witnesses, refused to disclose evidence, and tried to cover up crimes involving the sexual abuse of children by members and leaders of this dangerous religious cult.Montoya's specific involvement in the cover up of child sex abuse was noted in court records in the child rape trial involving Angela Montgomery in the Rutherford County Circuit Courtroom of the Honorable Judge Royce Taylor in Murfreesboro, Tennessee in March 2015.  During the investigation of the sexual abuse of these children by members of the Jehovah's Witness religious cult, Montoya was specifically found to have interferred and hindered in the police investigation of Murfreesboro detectives Wayne Lawson and Tommy Roberts.  Montoya helped conceal the child victims, he intimidated witnesses, and he threatened the police detectives.Elders within the JW / Watch Tower organization played a cross-country shell-game where they tried to hide child rapists from law enforcement authorities.Furthermore, the Jehovah's Witness / Watch Tower religious cult was recently hit with a $28 million judgment in Alameda County, Calif., for faciliting child sex abuse by its members and for concealing child sex abuse from law enforcement.Last year, Montoya's religious cult was hit with over $2 million in sanctions by the California Fourth Court of Appeals for refusal to hand over internal documents detailing alleged child sexual abuse.As a lawyer for this dangerous, anti-government religious cult fo child sex abusers, attorney Anthony R. Montoya's job is to try to cover up these crimes and to protect the leadership and assest of the JW's / Watch Tower orgainization.  He does not give a shit about the sexual abused children.For several years, Montoya lived in the New York compound of the Jehovah's Witnesses until he was recently forced to leave last year.  Rumor has it it was because of financial improperities and, I suspect, sexual misconduct of a homosexual pedophile nature.  He just has that 'look' about him, you know?Lying and committed perjury in court are second nature to this group.  This is based upon their specific written doctrine of Theocratic Warfare.Now Montoya has reloacted to Phoenix where he is in a solo practice with one employee.  He primarily does bankruptcy law - which is surprising because I always throught that Jehovah's Witnesses were supposed to be so responsible and honest.Montoya's personally identifying information, and that of his parents, are now available on the Dox Bin and other websites.  But 5504 Cinnabar Ave., in Glendale, AZ might be a good place to start if you want to find answers to questions.  A list of his current clients is also posted there and is constantly being updated so the public can be informed.Montoya needs to be put out of business!!!  People involved in child sex abuse and the covering up of crimes have no business being lawyers!!
Entity: Phoenix, AZ

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