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1, Report #1403555
Oct 02 2017
06:09 AM Working with To Hide Information N/A Internet
I submitted a complaint against Maxbounty, and I noticed that Affpaying is not posting the complaint. Therefore, after doing additional research, I found out that someone else have also reported that affpaying seems to be helping Maxbounty rip people off....See link Moreover, I noticed in my research that they (Maxbounty) have other complaints...One such complaint is on trustpilot (see link below)...I noticed that, it seems, those who complaint is either black (African American), people of color, or women..There's even a well know guy on youtube, who's black (African American), who had his account shut down, and didn't want to work with them anymore....I'm not going to mention his name, because I wouldn't want any negative backlash.Nevertheless, legal action with Government and Non-Government agencies will continue until Maxbounty pays me what they owe me. Moreover, I will be taking legal action against any company who's defending (or supporting Maxbounty in anyway) to committ fraud against me.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1402724
Sep 27 2017
01:30 PM
Maxbounty Shaving (Stealing Leads) To Avoid From Paying Me and Making Excuses Ottawa, ON
I submitted an complaint with a online service ( against Maxbounty, and I got a email from Maxbounty Affiliate Manager (Tania) about the online service ( not changing the minimum payout amount of $50, which isn't the main reason why I'm requesting that they (Maxbounty) close my account and immediately pay me the $95.85 that they owe me. Basically, Maxbounty is blaming affpaying, and trying to deflect from the main issues of my compliant....See the complaint below:   I had been sending very targeted, quality traffic to Maxbounty, and noticed that the conversions had been very low (Especially, as the amount got close to payout), as compared to another network I used promoting the same or similar offers. Nevertheless, based on my internal audit of the traffic, it’s seems very clear that Maxbounty had been shaving almost all my leads. Therefore, I contacted my affiliate manager about this issue, and she mentioned that the advertiser changed there funnel. So, I started to promote another offer that she suggested, with it seems to be the same results. So, I emailed her to ask that they (Maxbounty) close my account, and just pay me the balance owed on my account. I sent two emails, with no response…However, a day or so ago, apparently, she sends me a email about promoting an offer that can only be promoted in South Africa (it seems), which I thought was strange, because I live here in the USA. Nevertheless, I’m aware that South Africa is a emerging market for CPA affiliates, but this really does not have anything to do with my request. Now, they (Some Maxbounty Reps) know that I’m African American (Or Black) whatever term people use today, because it changes every 10 years or so: And, I hope this isn’t some racial stuff which I have zero (or negative) time for. Moreover, I’m familiar with some other complains about Maxbounty not wanting to pay, cancelling accounts for no reason, etc. Therefore, to cover all my bases, I will start here (on this platform) to file my first complaint. If I do not get payment within the next few days, I will be filing other complaints online and off-line with different government and non-government agencies here in America and Canada (I think that’s where they are based) By the way, I took screen shots of what’s owed, so they can not claim that they do not owe me money. Like I mentioned to the affiliate manager in the email, it’s going on almost 2 years, and I do not want that money floating. Also, I just noticed that they have balanced out on the screen shot I took of 2017/12/31…I don’t know if this is accounting format error or there attended payout date, which will be Dec 31, 2017…As of this writing, it’s Sep/26/2017. Moreover, I noticed that on this site, Maxbounty have a Min payment of $50…I have over $95 (which should be much more).
Entity: Internet
3, Report #915862
Jul 22 2012
08:10 PM
Jenalyn N. Ledesma & Spider Ledesma Christian Women's of Cebu City Philippines - iSpiderGlobalVentures,com LLC - faithbookAD,com - VancouverUTube - Native American Nightly News - Philippines: iSpider Vacation & Corporate Rentals - Willi Theses Ruthless Individuals Wanted Private Information Claiming They Where CIA Operatives Working Globaly Doing Investigations Mandue City, Philippines, Internet
These Ruthless Individuals Are Claiming To Be Global Investigators Seeking Donations With Threats And Document Forgery To Extort Money From People On Line, They Have Well Over 50 pages On Facebook With Multiple Links To Carry Out Fraud Activities.  Investigation Results of Jenalyn N. Ledesma shows, that she is an under age philippines girl working in the sex trade and on line with with Spider Ledesma, plus to make matters even worse, Jenalyn N. Ledesma is running a child labor camp for Spider Ledesma making fake Native American jewlery crafts in the Philippines with many room rentals, that harbor pedophiles on vacation for under age sex in the Province of Mandaue City and Cebu City, Philippines. We urge many to avoid all of these many pages claiming to be Christians seeking donations to support Global child predators.   
Entity: Mandue City, Philippines, Internet
4, Report #445417
Apr 21 2009
07:52 AM
CPIPAY>COM/N-REMEDIES 1-866-8346878 Put through unauthorized charge to credit card! Internet
CPIPAY>COM/N-REMEDIES 1-866-834-6878 These guys are from e-millionaire the company that sells an internet money-making program. They tell you you are getting the info for $1.95 then start charging your credit card or debit card $49.95 per month. The phone number above is the payment processing company, they have told me the amount will be credited back to my account!!! Beware online scammers!!!! Val Ottawa, OntarioCanada
Entity: Internet
5, Report #982992
Dec 16 2012
05:12 PM
I own a business in Oregon. A rep met with me a little while back to discuss a website for my dealership. They claim that they build custom websites and after three weeks of the run around I decided not to go with them. The reason I am writing this report is because of the amount of time involved in working with this Mickey Mouse outfit to get a website up and running . . . and they never came through to get the site up. The rep kept telling me that they can do this and they can do that, but they are just another company that over charges for their services and they can't back what they claim. Do not waste your time with this company. 
Entity: Portland, Oregon
6, Report #1341078
Dec 02 2016
03:41 PM Company offers free trial with Credit Card information, then refuses to cancel the Trial Account when requested Internet Internet
I cannot recommend this backup application. I signed-up for trial, and when I tried to cancel the account within the trial period, the combative Sales Support representative refused to cancel the account and responded to my repeated requests with bullying and demeaning emails, even including a veiled threat to charge my credit card despite my request to cancel. Epic customer service fail! I pity the fool who needs a responsive and empathetic customer service team to support their requests during a data crisis. This IS NOT the company or application for you. 
Entity: Internet
7, Report #861620
Mar 30 2012
04:18 PM
CLKBANK*COM Unarthorized charge. Refused to give me information Boise, Idaho
These crooks made 3 seperate charges on  my card.  When I called them, they refused to answer my questions concerning the purchase.  They never would tell me where the merchandise was being sent to. How can anyone work for a company like that?
Entity: Boise, Idaho
8, Report #1379849
Jun 18 2017
09:06 PM Steven Ivester Stuart Ehrlich Rip me off for commision took advantage of my clients Fort Lauderdale Florida
in april 2017 I was referd to Steven Ivester @  buy a broker i have worked.  with for years and real trust. He informed me he had client in florida that needed help raising capitol. with my company being in California I had some concerns doing bussiness wilt a company in florida I called Steven and asked him to send me a copy of the Executive Summery And the ppm about 10 inutes it was in my box he also sent acopy of an appraisl from epic domain apprasial show the value of thendomain name was worth 10,600,000 and acopy of his mercant account for the 12 months showing 1m in revenue if your good on a cumputer could have easily been generated but that thought did not cross until it was to late about a week later Steve owed me a commission check wich  informed me he could pay in full but said give me a day od two and I can take care of it so I contiued to raise capitol bout a week went buy and ballance  contnued to grow I stopped raising Capitol whe the balance grew to $14500.00 @ this point he turned me over to the CEO Stuart Ehriich after many calls and manys lies still no paynet on my commiossion. Steven was still chasing one my investors I informed my invester of the situation told him not to invest any moye and returned his investment he has been a client for over 10years If genrates over 1m a year why are the y unable to pay me 14k I strongly recommend anyone looking at as an investment to run away from this crooks as fast as possible if they do not pay their employees do you real thieir investors   as of 06/18 and numerous phone calls and emails I have been un able To reach Steven Ivester or Stuart Ehrlich or get do not deal with 800. unless you want to loose your investment 
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
10, Report #358752
Aug 03 2008
03:45 PM GAMING-PLUGINS.COM I saw a add on the internet for REFURBISHED PLAYSTATION 3'S selling for $34.99. It didnt seem like a whole lot of money so I thought I would take the chance. Soon after I tried to contact them by phone and email with no success. I then started researching what was up and found out that it is a totat scam. I was ripped off for $34.99 Internet
I saw an add on the internet for refurbished Playstation 3's selling for $34.99. It looked risky but I figured it wasnt that much money so I purchased it using my credit card. I got my credit card statement recently and there is a charge for $34.99 from I started getting concerned that I might have made a mistake and tried to contact them and when I put in the order number that is on my email receipt it came back saying that there is no history of the number I submitted. I then checked some other sites in relation to what happened and discovered that others were having the same problem. One guy had totally exposed this fake add that is about Playstation 3's selling for $34.99. I then discovered that the same outfit is advertising Xbox 360's for the same price-$34.99. William r. Palmer, AlaskaU.S.A.
Entity: N/a, Internet
11, Report #122052
Dec 09 2004
02:44 PM Ripoff out to steal from its customers too shady to get in contact with Nationwide
This website ripped me off bad. Praise be to God that my credit card company was able to give me my money back! Not only did they ship the order AFTER I cancelled it, but then they refused to return my e-mails to get the order back to them. The phone number they gave my cc company was disconnected, and I even contacted the owner of the domain, and they couldn't get in touch with them. This place is a joke! DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!!!!! Oh, and, they only shipped me half the order, but then turned around and charged me for the whole thing!!!!!!! How ridiculous! Nikki Freeport, IllinoisU.S.A.
12, Report #346110
Jun 30 2008
07:40 PM
AmatureMatch,com Bait and switch, plus rebilling without permission with no way to cancell Internet
Received numerous notices on how women wanted to meet me, free everything, until the message reading came about. Twenty some odd dollars later, the flood dried up, half baked responses, and no way to cancell, short of filing with the bank for fraud. This is insult to injury. Aaron xxxxxxxxxxx Parkersburg, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity:, Internet
13, Report #566399
Feb 08 2010
07:06 PM He lied to me Beijing, Internet
I went to visit the site looking for computers but because his products are so cheap it caught my eyes so I tried to contact the guy and the guy just insisted me on making the payment and refused to answer any of my question. I spent about 30 or more emails back and forth with him and realize that he's a scam since I found couple links on rip off report as well that they are not reliable. I already knew that it wasn't reliable I just wanted to try it myself. He kept insisting that his product is original and new and and that was it that he told me. I asked him a lot of questions on the product and he didn't seem like he knew what he was talking about. He wanted me to do the transfer money to his bank and of course that that is the worst thing you can do to a stranger so I didn't do it. I'm here just to warn you guys who look at his sites and want to buy his stuff I suggest you guys don't do it because this guy is a scam in my opinion. I just want to spread the word that's all.  Thanks, Parks
Entity: Beijing, Internet
14, Report #1070119
Jul 25 2013
03:59 PM
Win31.Com The company infects your computer with scarware, and then calls you claiming to be Microsoft Jaisalmer Ra and are the same, scandolous company.  They either infect your computer with scareware to force you to call them, or obtain your contact innformation from a list to call you and pretend to be Microsoft telling you there are severe issues with your PC and only they can fix them.Some beleive that they install software during the repairs that cause your computer to fail in 3 months, as most prior customers have seemed to have issues every 3 months.Avoid these scammers!  Who know what they are doing with our computers and what kind of trouble we could get in.   They even called me and told me to goto my bank and demand a refund for services they performed.  This really confused me, so I contacted the company that took my payment.The informed me that they Win31.Com down for unsepcified reasons, and that demanding the bank to refund the transaction is something called friendly fraud, which is basically theft by deception and can be punishable in criminal court!!!!  Luckily, the payment people were kind enough to help me thru it and get everything resolved.  They are great.What is Win31 trying to do to me?  All I wanted was my computer fixed!!!   I have since gone to Bestbuys Geek squad for my future repairs.  Thats what I get for outsourcing i guess 
Entity: Jaisalmer , Select State/Province
15, Report #1316846
Jul 14 2016
07:48 AM Took order and never delivered. Kept saying production delays. Won't let me talk to anybody at the company. They do support with Chat and Email Only. I am getting the exact same excuse each time I inquire into the order. It appears that they are working from a standard script. Internet
I placed an order with for some photos I wanted to get printed on canvas. I placed the order in March, and now its Mid-July and I do not have my order. I have contacted them multiple times asking about the details and I get the exact same story each time - 'production delays'. They say I should have my order in a matter of weeks. This time goes by and I contact them again and I get the same old story. My final interaction with them was over chat. I am posting the contents below. I asked to speak with someone and they refused. This smells like a fraud company. Start of Chat Session: ****Me: Status on my order please?Brittany: Hello. We cannot apologize enough that your order has not shipped yet. We have had some unexpected delays in production which have severely affected our production time. Our production team is working very hard and I am being told that all delayed orders should be shipping within the next few weeks, if not sooner. Comment: This is the exact same text I received many times before. Its like the copied and pasted the contents from a script.Me: nopeI would like my money backplease process my refundthis has been the story since March. Unacceptableresponse please?response please response pleaseresponse peaseresponse pleaseBrittany: One moment pleaseMe: thank youBrittany: You can request an order cancellation by writing us at However, please be aware that orders placed with vouchers and voucher orders are non-refundable. We would instead issue you a replacement voucher/store credit. Me: voucher as in groupon??may I please speak with someone in customer service?I would like to call somebody and speak with them live pleaseBrittany: Yes, a replacement voucher. We do not have a call center. Our customer service department operates through Live Chat and E-mail onlyMe: you do have phones, right?I would like to speak with somebody pleaseBrittany: Our customer service department operates through Live Chat and E-mail onlyMe: If you do not let me speak with somebody, I am going to report your company to BBB, Fraudsters, and publish the fact that this is a sham company. Do you really want me to do this ?Brittany: I can assure you that we are a reputable company and are shipping orders daily. We are completing your order and will have it shipped as soon as possible.Me: Not good enough.I want to speak with somebody to understand the issuesa reputable company has a phone number for customers to speak with the comapnyBrittany: I would be happy to further explain this over Live Chat or E-mail, but I am not able to call you. We do not have a call center. If you would like to call and leave a message, our phone number is 877.978.1227.Me: this is totally garbage ******* 
Entity: Internet
16, Report #978504
Dec 17 2012
04:50 PM Online DMV info company Bait and Switch Internet
DMVinfo1 is an internet database purporting to be able to get you your Driver's and vehicle info. They give you a special introductory offer of $1.00 on your credit card but charge your account $19.95 and that is a recurring monthly fee. When you contact them on their site, they have a live chat customer service line who know nothing. They do not acknowledge the $1.00 offer but are quick to cancel your account so they say......We will report back to see if we get our money fast. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME, THEY HAVE A FANCY SITE THAT CALCULATES THE INFORMATION THEY ARE SUPPOSEDLY COMPILING FOR YOU. YOU GET NOTHING, WE SIGNED UP A DAY AGO AND ALL WE GOT WAS BILLED $19.95 FOR A $1.00 SPECIAL.
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #1084648
Sep 15 2013
08:27 AM
Send Me .com Unauthorized download to my phone San Francisco California
I contacted my T-Mobile customer services about addtional charges and was told I had third party charges from  They refunded me two months and told me I had to contact them,which I did.  The customer service woman hung up on me so I e-mailed them.  I got a song and a dance but no refund...they said they text me every month.  No so!
Entity: Saiscon Franc, California
18, Report #546109
Dec 28 2009
09:43 AM wrong information - after many emails wrong information not corrected Internet
Since has no customer service phone number I contacted them by email.After numerous attempts to get a wrong listing with my phone number deleted from their website I desided to get their attention with remove the following listing from your records:Modern Nail Spa Inc services: Taxicab Services, Taxis Street Address: 189 W 4th StNew York, NY 10014Telephone:(212) 255-5500here is the link:
Entity: , Internet
19, Report #529378
Nov 27 2009
10:46 AM - - charged my account before due date and phone no would not take info to cancel. Internet, Connecticut
i wanted to see my free credit report for seven days,i signed up on 11/19/2009,  and for three days i tried to cancel ont he phone number listed. it was a numbers game, never gettin it right,my phone no,caed no, even my member no.  so i contacted them on the net to cancel on 11/25/2009.  they had already charged my card 29.95 twice along with 1.00,three times.  the operator from somewhere that icould not understand, said that i enrolled on the 11/16/2009, i assuerd him that i had my statement and calender in front of me and that it was to  late. i told him what state was he in, he could not tell me i said that i was in fla and my state capital was tallahasse. now could he please put me back in the cube,and stop reading of of the board infront of him.  at this point he informed me the fee would be taken out and there was nothing that i could do,so the seven days did not matter nor the 1.00 fee three times nor the 29.95 to my account twice.   all my calls would not work, so now my free credit report has cost me 62.90. please do not go to this web site it is a rip off.  my next letter is to our state attorney bill mccollough.   good luck you sorry loosers up there taking our money  now, lets take some of yours!!!!!!!!!!
Entity: Internet, Connecticut
20, Report #983433
Feb 26 2016
03:11 PM ,  Scam for full personal information with out providing survices  wont say!, Idaho
This is the personal conversation i had with a help Representative and with in it you will see that what i payd for never came, my frustration allows the company to send me more things to fill out providing more information. I never got my service and now they have all my information. Please wait for a site operator to respond. You are now chatting with 'Susan' Susan: Welcome to Customer Service Livechat. May I please ask to whom I have the pleasure of chatting with? you: Hi this is Max Susan: Hello, how may I assist you? you: So i payed for an arrest record from Susan: In order to quickly locate your account, I will need you to provide me with your email address and zip code please. you: (((REDACTED))) 80231 Susan: Thank you for providing the information. Please wait while I check your order details in our system. you: Order Number: 1330850 Susan: May I have your full name please? you: Well i have been through this same help window today, and the advice i got still has not worked you: max m Susan: Just a moment please. Susan: Upon review of your account, I can see that your original search was not accepted. It is possible that you needed to re-enter the search information upon your first login. I apologize for this inconvenience. In order to get your report; please re-enter the search details in your account and search at this time. There will be no additional charge for this as you are still covered under your original $1.00 processing fee which has processed to allow you access to your report. Susan: You may login to your account by going to: Susan: Susan: Login Details: Susan: Username : (((REDACTED))) Susan: Password : pvtagent25 you: are you human or computer? Susan: I can assure you I'm a real person - Like most companies, our bosses like us to use some prepared answers to questions as a quality control measure. This also makes it easier to handle questions quickly. And, it makes me less likely to make a typo! you: ok why i ask is becuase this is the same auto response i got from the last person who tried to help, and its still not working, so i would like to ask you why and get a human response back Susan: Upon review of your account, I can see that your original search was not accepted. you: Why is my acount with infobill instead of the website i use orriginally Susan: Both are our website. Susan: You have been charged only $1.00. You will not be charged more unless you perform additional search. you: ok and when i log in, under search history it says Reports Account Search History Help Pending Searches (Manual search under way) Susan: 1. Please login to your account. Susan: 2. Depending on your requirement, click on either People Search or Background Search tab appearing on the top. Susan: 3. Enter the required details in the search box. Susan: 4. Click on search. you: i asked for this info on thursday, and havent got my answer yet, i did enter the details in the box and pressed search you: then it says i need an Auth code you: what is the code? Susan: You need authorization code to view the report after following the above provided steps. Susan: Please download the form, fill it out and email to [email protected]/* */ and once our management will approve the form, you'll receive an email from them containing your Authorization code. you: i know, thats what im trying to do, but no code was given Susan: Please download the form here: Susan: you: why was non of this information given on the orginal website, or by you or by the last help? Susan: Sorry, for the inconvenience. Susan: You need authorization code to view the report because these reports are very sensitive. you: how can i cancel all charges with your company? Susan: If you are unhappy with our service, please contact us on live chat to close your account. Would you like me to close your account now? you: Yes, but how can you assure me all my info, records, credit card, and everything is deleted from your files Susan: Just a moment please. Susan: I am sorry that you have decided to close your account.  Please allow me a moment to process this for you. Susan: OK, I have closed your account effective today. Your confirmation number is:   Susan: 364288 Susan: Thank you for contacting live chat, Im glad we were able resolve this for you today. you: you didnt you: In fact this whole conversation has been recorded, and to inform you Susan you are now apart of an ongoing investigation. Our people will expect to talk to you in person. Thanks for your perticipation. Susan: Your account has been closed now and your all information has been removed. Susan: Thanks for chatting. Have a great day. you: We will see you soon  CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: , Idaho
21, Report #571690
Feb 19 2010
11:12 AM gqve false information on product Internet, Alaska
I had no idea that this was a start of continuous shipment of any items and that there were any charges for these items. . Ithought this was one thing only . Wladimir Lakewood, Ohio
Entity: Internet, Alaska
22, Report #114273
Oct 23 2004
02:03 PM, Galleria, Businessmax,, ripoff, steals credit card information when you checkout with Omaha Nebraska
They had a great deal at for a camera media card, so I bought it there. Once I finished, there was a link at the bottom of my screen that said I could save an additional $10. Specifically, it said Your purchase is complete. Click here to claim up to $10.00 Cash Back on this purchase!. When I clicked on the link (thinking I would get a rebate form or an automatic coupon), I instead was sent to a website called Galleria, and the website was saying they had a wonderful membership I could become part of, and they would offer me great deals. I immediately just deleted the screen, since I wasn't interested in some dumb membership with savings on things that I had no interest in. Yesterday, I received TWO emails from different websites (but both with the same website I would need to visit in order to activate my account) welcoming me to their website and telling me I would enjoy my savings with them, and that my next payment of $9.95 would be due on X/X/05. I was flabbergasted- first I thought I'd joined a website, but then when I thought back, I remembered my purchase and the funny website I'd stumbled into. The emails gave explicit instructions on what I could do to cancel my membership, and when I clicked on the links, it immediately brought up a terms of agreement form that I had to click I accept in order to continue so that I could view my account and cancel my membership. I was not about to click and accept an account so they could use it against me to claim I agreed to join their membership, so I deleted the page again. I ended up going to the 888 number they provided, and there, I entered the membership information into the option given to cancel the account. After getting the confirmation that my accounts were deleted, I then manually went back to these webpages online and tried to enter the membership information they claimed was mine, and the numbers did not work that time- I received an error message stating that the account did not exist. After this, I went to and tried to delete my credit card information, but guess what? You can't! So I CALLED's 888 number after doing a long search on their webpage, because guess what? They don't have any contact information for that's listed on their webpage, except the 877WIRELESS number you call for wireless orders. When I called that number, I was able to get the 888 number, and from there, I was able to speak to someone who deleted my personal information from their database. However, they said it takes 3- 5 business days for the information to process, so hopefully in the meantime, they won't be as crooked as to pass on my personal information to anyone else either. I assumed my credit card was not charged, but the more I thought about the wording of those emails, the more I suspected it may have been charged, and I did not want to wait for my account statement in November. Instead, I did a search online, and it turns out, this company has been getting away with robbery since 2003!!!! I called my bank, and guess what? The day I made my order with, there was another charge for $9.95 that went through my credit card the same day. Now my bank is investigating, and if they find I did not directly authorize this company (called DATA 393), then they said they will get my money back. In the meantime, I'm just going to be checking my account every month to ensure that the amount does not sneak back into my account at some point. Sooooo... be careful if you order online- surveys to be filled out after you've ordered something from a website should never be clicked on. Do not click on anything off a website after you've ordered. And don't allow any website to maintain your personal information after you've placed an order, since they will violate their policy on security and pass on your information. And if any of you did order online in the last couple of years, and you haven't checked your accounts, you may want to go back and look for suspicious charges placed on your account either the same day you ordered online or shortly after. Because once they charge you, they will continue to charge you every single month until you figure it out. I'm not sure what my next move is, but it will most likely involve doing more investigating of and this dealpass, galleria, and businessmax123 websites, then contacting my attorney general and the better business bureau. Check your credit card statements and if you see suspicious charges, contact your banks immediately. D Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Omaha, Nebraska
23, Report #1160759
Jul 09 2014
12:23 PM
Dot Com Marketing EdgeCore Marketing Do not what they are doing Winter Park Florida
I contacted this company to handle our online marketing campaign.  I spoke at great length on what our goals and needs were and the felt that the rep. understood. I was advised on how easy it would be to contact their CEO or VP if ever there was a issue related to their services.   The next day, I received a quote that was not what was discussed and they didn't do their research.  When I discussed this with the rep, he was clueless and diclosed they were going to rebuild the entire website in Wordpress, specifically against my wishes!  That being said, my radar went off and I started inquirying on client references. They could only provide 1 and that client was only with them for a few short months, but I could look at their business case (by the way its written for them by their folks or press developer) no objective at all.   After trying to convince me that they were legit and experts in their field, I stood my ground and advised them that they already got the specs wrong for the web site needs.  The rep.then backed down and wanted to not do business at all.   So I went the extra step and did more research -  This company is acquired by Edgecore marketing. Another company that has no developed website and no contact information unless you want to talk to their press agent. No Thanks.  If there is no level of executive listing, then buyer beware.  I am fortunate to hae escaped having to deal with their issues but felt obligated to advise others that the best action is due diligence and sharing that information with others.  That's my spin and hoped that this review/complaint may have helped.
Entity: Winter Park, Florida
24, Report #644375
Sep 25 2010
02:13 PM Failure to delete subscriber information Internet
This site (Rip-off Report) caused an unnecessary nuisance - it did not allow me to paste a pre-written complaint into this box! Why not? I had to retype the whole complaint!I was a subscriber to online dating / matching site for a brief period. I decided that I wanted to end my membership / subscription and contacted the site administrator / help desk. I requested that all data and photos associated with my account be DELETED and asked for a confirmation that this had been done.I repeatedly reiterated my reasonable request, and received uncooperative responses from Charles at the administrative office. Following is the text of the last message I received from Charles:For the last time, we do not delete accounts. I have not deleted a single Mingle2 account in my 2 years at the company. I gave you instructions on how to close out your account. Other than that, I can't help you with your request.Regards, CharlesI believe that the dating site is not serving my interests as a consumer. They have their own interests at heart instead.I strongly urge any person considering the use of the dating site to take your business to any one of the dozens of other dating sites that are available and avoid logging onto the site altogether. I believe that you will regret your involvement with the site, since it is not user-friendly, as I discovered.
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #20473
May 08 2002
02:38 PM charged by credit card, paid for merchandise never received, won't respond to e-mail requests, web site has false advertising and misleading information
About three months ago, I ordered a luxury watch from via their web site. Almost immediately, they charged my credit card, but as of today I have NOT received any merchandise. Their site indicates that customers can track orders, yet there is no way. The site also indicates that they have on-line help, yet I have been to their site hundreds of times in an attempt to reach on-line help, and each time I get a message that no help is available. The message indicates that help is available at a specific time (Mountain Time) and I have tried almost every day to access someone during this time, but nobody is ever there. I have e-mailed corporate officers time and time again, with NO response. I tried to call, but the number is a voice recording that does not allow access to anyone. I noticed their site has changed several times over the last three months, yet I get no responses from corporate representatives. Their site also indicates that the company will send weekly updates regarding shipping/orders, yet I have NOT received anything. They have had my money for three months, and I have not received any merchandise, nor have I received any sort of official notice from this company. I did file a complaint with American Express, and I am in the process of notifying several different government agencies in an attempt to get my money back. Tom Helena, Montana
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