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1, Report #344533
Jun 26 2008
11:03 AM
Afni, Inc Afni Inc Bloomington Illinois
My battle with AFNI collection is a very stressful one, and it began when i pulled up my credit report about a year ago and there was only 1 negative thing on it, and it was an outstanding bill from MCI that was send off to collection agency for an amazing 416.70 I have since then contacted the collection agency who has my DOB,& SSN, they stated that they got that info from MCI but MCI does not have any of that information, further more these services where provided to some one that lives in a total different area but it just so happen that whom ever had the service i was mixed up with had a similar name. So i filled a dispute, but that dispute is basically a dead end because since they have my social and DOB they basically said its me, and i must pay up even if MCI has never had any of my personal information, and i never lived at the address or had that phone number, they still want me to pay all this money for something i never had? I dont think so. AFNI needs to be reported for Fraud, and punished for what they are doing to so many people, I'm sure there are some that really do owe money, but for does that are Innocent of this debt, Federal Trade Commission needs to investigate properly. Myafnibattle bronx, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
2, Report #568444
Feb 12 2010
07:28 AM
AFNI - - Afni Inc. Was being charged for an account I never had Bloomington, Illinois
I recieved a collections leter from AFNI stating that I owed Verizon Select Services a total of $564.69, but they would settle for $50.00.    I called the number provided on the letter and sat on hold for 15 minutes.  I got to my computer and did a search fro teh company and found an additional number to contact them by (877.403.0670).  A woman answered, not identifyine herself with the company, and she brought my account up.  She had my name, previous address and the year I first moved into the residence. I explained toher that the only home phone service I had at that time was a Pay As You Go plan and that I have NEVER had a verizon plan, either home phone or cell phone.  The ladie stated that she would stop the mailings, that they probably had the wrong person. 
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
3, Report #245398
Apr 23 2007
04:38 PM
AFNI, INC fraudulent billing Nationwide
I recently checked my credit report due to being refused/ turned down on an auto loan and found AFNI, INC. listed as a collection department seeking funds on a seriously past due dept. When I tried to call the phone number listed on their web site to inquire about the dept during the operating hours listed on the same web site, I got a Please Hold recording that ran for over an hour playing music and every so often a recording saying your call is very important to us, please stand by but all the while, no person picked up on the line. I just wanted to know how I aquired the dept and why I was never notified about it prior to my checking my credit report this time. I had check my credit report 6 months before when I re-fied my home and it was not their, but now it's here to my suprise. After doing a little research on the company, I found that the company is not all that it claims to be. I have filed a dispute with the credit bureau over the account and I hope that will bring this all to a head, though what I have found out about this company troubles me. I have been a victim of ID Theft in the past and I thought this may have been a result of that. What else can I do? Charles Hampton, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #418079
Jan 30 2009
07:33 AM
Afni, afni, Inc bad bill Bloomington, Illinois
well my mom received a bill in the mail dated back in 1992 from altel. in 1992 i was 16 yr old in high school all we had to use for communication were pagers. There was no altel. I remember the first cell phone and it wasn't altel. Now it's 2009 and we have have black president. yay. That bill is almost twenty yrs old. So i contacted the attorney general of Va. to dispute the bill. I think it's funny that someone would try this on someone with something date back when we didn't have cell phone, what are they stupid or something. Shawn hampton, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
5, Report #906433
Jul 03 2012
04:54 PM
AFNI AFNI, Inc. Countless credit report accounts. Internet
My name is James and I am in the military for 16 years and I have been getting AFNI on my credit report for years saying I have a cell phone bill or cable bill or something from the 90s. I have another for 400 dollars and they are settling for 50. I don't understand and AT&T and Qwest have no record of my accounts. Please help!
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #275527
Sep 20 2007
09:18 PM
Afni Inc Ripoff by AFNI & Verizon Bloomington Illinois
Fraud attempt: 9/20/2007 I have received aCollection Notice through the mail from Afni Inc. They claim that they have purchased a debt from Verizon for an unpaid telephone bill. My Verizon account is verifiable as zero balance online Info included to the FBI & Postmaster. I have proof of all bills paid before due for the last several years. You can see a bulletin board with numerous complaints about this company at CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. that site has 46 detailed complaints against Afni. Better Business Bureau at: processed 792 complaints against Afni in the last 3 years. They call Afni a company in good standing - presumably because they pay membership dues. Afni has a web page at Which cannot access my account and their phone number 866 308 1160 has a recording saying they cannot answer my call due to the volume of calls. They required my social security number (illegal,) and I entered random numbers, which (just maybe) could be why they could not access my account. Others, however could not get any joy with that web page read the complaints. Curiously, Verizon does seem to sell debts to Afni, so maybe Afni is legitimate and Verizon has found a new source of revenue. Dont know. All I know is that the claim is fraudulent. I am a senior citizen and getting real tired of people trying to rip me off. Verizon did rip me off once before, when they claimed I made an overseas call and quoted the number used as my internet provider's number - about 6 blocks away. They gave me such a corporate run around I paid the charge to save my credit. Dumb me - now I'm on a suckers list. I would really, really appreciate a reply. Cc: FBI at: Postmaster at: Mal Coeur d'Alene, IdahoU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
7, Report #403298
Dec 19 2008
09:40 PM
AFNI Inc - Anderson Financial Network Incorporated AKA AFNI-BLOOM AFNI Inc Illegally Re-aging Old Debt, Refuses to Validate Account Bloomington Illinois
My husband and I applied for a mortgage loan last week. After receiving our credit report, our lender notified us that there were two new collection accounts. Both share the exact same account number, one had been opened in 7/08 and was delinquent as of 11/08, and another that reported no open date and a last activity date of 10/04 on our report. We did not recognize the creditor and have not acquired any new revolving or installment accounts in several years. In the notation field on the report, both accounts stated Verizon. On behalf of my husband, I first called Verizon to verify the name and SS# on the account. They were able to verify that it indeed was in his name, the account's telephone number, that it was a landline, and that the account had been closed in 10/04. They were unable to provide further information and directed me to call AFNI. I contacted AFNI Inc in order to obtain a copy of the original creditor's final statement to validate the debt. When I asked for a copy of the original creditors bill, the gentleman who answered replied with Are you calling to take care of this debt. I stated that we might consider it if he could provide us with a copy of the original bill. The gentleman stated that he was unable to send me a copy of the original creditor's final statement. I told him I could accept immediately by either fax or email. He refused. I stated that I needed a final bill to verify last activity date, because as it appears on the report, they have illegally re-aged the debt. He then stated that our lender did not know how to read a credit report, insisted that AFNI's methods were legitimate, and again refused to send a copy of the original bill. In all, throughout the 3 minute phone call, I asked for an original copy of the bill 5-6 times. Finally I stated that I would contact my attorney and hung up. I called Verizon back in hopes they would be able to provide the final statement of account, but their finance department told me that AFNI had purchased the debt and they were not legally able to provide documentation or further information on the original account. I did extensive research on AFNI today, and among the thousands of consumer complaints, I also found a class-action lawsuit filed by Minnesota Attorney General's Office and a news report stating Senator Owen Johnson has fired off a letter to Attorney General Andrew Cuomo asking Cuomo to probe what appears to be an unfair debt collection act by Anderson Financial Network, Incorporated,' otherwise known as AFNI. The letter asks Cuomo to determine if AFNI is operating within the law.' We are in the process of seeking an attorney to represent us in a violation of the FCRA/FDCPA, violation of Michigan State Law, and Defamation of Character. I would be willing to join any other class-action litigation pending against AFNI. Whatever you do, DO NOT provide them with any information if they state that YOU must validate YOUR information. Burden of proof lies with the collection agency to prove the debt as legitimate! Carrie Flat Rock, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
8, Report #288978
Dec 04 2007
05:51 PM
AFNI INC. AKA AFNI-Bloom AFNI bought Charter Communications debt - REPORTED ME! Lowered my credit rating! Bloomington Illinois
Hello to all who are reading this. I am basically on my last nerve with this AFNI organization. Here's what happened. In August, I got a letter for AFNI saying I owe $195 from Charter communications for a cable box i didn't pay for when i moved (the movers moved it with them) almost 3 years ago. The problem with this is i remember that I PAID for this when i realized the movers took it with 'em! I moved from South Carolina to California. I couldn't exactly walk the box back to Charter right? So i sucked it up and paid it within 2 months of the move. Never got another notice from Charter. All is good, right? Well now I got this notice from AFNI saying PAY OR ELSE basically. They reported to all 3 credit bureaus. So I called Charter to say what's up and they don't understand why AFNI has this in the first place since they don't show i ever owed them anything and in fact, they owed ME money. It seems the amount i paid them just sat as a credit on my account instead of being applied to the cable box. No biggie right? They just apply it, notify AFNI and be on with it. Well, that is NOT what happened. So i call AFNI and tell them to contact Charter and they'll explain it. AFNI refused to do so and said that i Had to get a letter from Charter saying i didn't owe money. Well, Charter *REFUSED* to send me a letter and said i just have to deal with AFNI since they sold my account to them! So I tell AFNI to give me proof of this debt. To date (it is now December, this started in August) i have yet to receive anything!!! So, i call a few weeks ago to see what AFNI has done on this and apparently nothing. They said every time i call them, the 30 day window gets pushed back and starts over! Can you believe that? GARBAGE! So i call Charter and whammo, they say they no lower show a credit on my account and instead, I owe them another $25.81 for taxes due on this cable box i never paid for. Please note, this $25.81 never showed up before and was NOT sent to collections... well why not? Anyhow, in an effort to avoid ANOTHER collections, i paid it. Charter said that it's all resolved and will notify AFNI. AFNI now tells me that Charter told them that i paid this 25.81 in lieu of paying AFNI this $195 and therefore, aFNI is refusing to remove this $195 debt off my records! This is all ridiculous!! I told AFNI that had i owed them this $25.81 then charter would have sold them that part of the debt too, but obviously did not because it was never due to begin with and that it is totally SEPARATE from this $195 charge. What's worse is this has not disqualified me from getting a mortgage to buy a house i've been trying to get for the past few weeks. AFNI, you SUCK! You *REFUSE* to ever send me any proof that i owed you anything, and you STILL report me to the bureaus? and you now say since i paid charter, you close my account and it stays on my credit indefinitely? This is a RIP OFF!! If there are ANY lawyers out there who will sue them, please contact me. Dennis Fremont, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
9, Report #415631
Jan 24 2009
09:38 AM
AFNI, Inc Sends me a letter Bloomington Illinois
AFNI has sent me 2 letters claiming I owe them from AT&T Mobility...whoever that is. What a SCAM. Vanessa Overland Park, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
10, Report #753195
Jul 14 2011
09:52 PM
AFNI inc AKA SWINDLERS ? US SWINDLERS ? US Bloomington, Illinois
One thing i am grateful for Is.... I am glad i don't have Afni's nerve in my tooth!These people actually think they are smart and general public is there for them to deceive.....they say they are collecting for ATT unpaid amount $86. and change...  these miserable flakes went and Flagged my files at the credit reporting agencies with IN COLLECTIONS  for an acc never belong to me.. i have no idea where did they find a bill to make it look like its legitimate bill......I asked for a proof of ownership   Holders on due course...   guess what i got  a copy of a ATT bill, my name is on it .... BUT THE PHONE NUMBER THIS BILL HAS ON IT NOT MINE< NEVER HAVE BEEN!   I have no idea what these damned snakes are doing but i know they are not getting a penny until i get what i am asking for as a proof!I have filed consumer complaints at  State Attorney for California, State attorney of Illinois,  FTC, BBB  AND postal inspectors for using mails to defraud.  I have placed fraud alert at the credit reporting agencies, placing consumer note to warn one and all who sees those files  IT IS A FRAUDULENT CLAIM  ASKED FOR AND STILL WAITING FOR A VERIFIABLE PROOF --CONSIDER THE SOURSE OF ENTRY AND DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSION!Tim
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
11, Report #771956
Sep 01 2011
01:20 PM
Afni Inc. Billing rip-off! Bloomington, Illinois
Afni Inc. has contacted me through the mail with a settlement of half of a bill I never incurred. The bill is question is for $672.80 and they (Afni) are willing to settle for half, on behalf of AT&T Mobility.  I find that Afni is the subject of multiple lawsuits for fraudulently insisting and demanding payment on bills that are often times settled between the consumer and the original reporting company. Afni insists they've sent several letters to me over a 9-year period -- yet, somehow, they seem to not know where I live until now, so when I questioned the supervisor, Tony, he couldn't provide any information other than that I had 'apparently' used the service (through Cingular) and defaulted on payments when I cancelled the contract in 2002. I had cellular phones through AT&T in 1998 and returned them within the 30-day period (as agreed to in the money-back policy) because the phones kept dropping calls. How could I have a contract four years after I settled the problem unless AT&T didn't do their paperwork? If AT&T can't do their job, it's not on me to pay back for something I don't own. AFni is not supposed to be collecting on a debt that never occurred, but they will let me know within 30 days, because I disputed the claim.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
12, Report #776276
Sep 13 2011
12:20 PM
AFNI Inc Rip Off bloomington, Illinois
I'm 44 yrs old and I was trying to get a credit card But when I did the application I was denied because ANIF came up on my report saying I owe some money for an account that was opened up 12/06 and I know 100% that I have NOT opened ANY accounts and when I tried to contact them to ask what exactly it is that THEY say I owe they coundn't even tell me. I have been working VERY hard to fix my credit NOW THIS!!!
Entity: bloomington, Illinois
13, Report #710655
Mar 26 2011
06:35 PM
AFNI, INC. Illegal re age on credit report Bloomington, Illinois
I accessed my husbands credit report today and discovered an item being reported by AFNI, INC.  The item is an old cell phone account that should be reporting as opened in 2007 and last paid in 2008 but by some strange magic Afni is reporting it as opened 5-2010. The balance is also considerably higher than what was owed to the original creditor. Good news Afni! I am a debt collector. You may be able to pull this kind of garbage on the average citizen who doesn't know any better but it won't fly with me.  I'm extremely excited to use my knowledge of collections to teach a lesson to an unethical agency. Will post updates on progress.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
14, Report #313103
Feb 28 2008
05:29 PM
Entity: BLOOMINGTON,, Illinois
15, Report #328021
Apr 22 2008
11:09 AM
Afni,Inc sap sucking sob's Bloomington Illinois
I just got a letter from Afni, Inc., for a CINGULAR account I never had. They claim the original amount due was $172.69. They added $25.90 for a collection fee. I'm contacting the three credit agencies about this. Im contacting the state attorney general's office and the Federal Trade Commission about this I'm contacting the BBB. This is beyond belief. Jeanne Silver City, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
16, Report #256801
Jun 25 2007
04:25 PM
Afni, Inc fraudulent billing Ripoff Bloomington Illinois
I recently recieved a collection notice from this company for $193.88. While I was trying to contact the company, I searched web address and came up with several sites listing company as a fraud. I hung up the phone and found this site. I will not try to call again. Eddy Summerville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
17, Report #256817
Jun 25 2007
05:23 PM
AFNI, Inc. Fraudulent Bill Ripoff Bloomington Illinois
AFNI, Inc. recently sent me a Notice of Collection for a Verizon account I have never had. I called to let them know that they have the wrong person, but the representative Diane kept telling me to stop interrupting her when she was telling me that my account was past due and that I owed Verizon $80.01. I told her that I am interrupting her because she is making incorrect statements when she states that my account is past due. She asked me for my current mailing address. I told her that I would now disclose that to her. She stated that she would put down that I refused to answer. I said fine. Then she asked me for my phone number. I told her that I would not provide her that information. She said that she would enter that I refused to answer. I told her fine. She asked me who my current employer was. I told her that I would not provide her that information. She stated that she would enter that I refused to answer. I said fine. Then she asked if I wanted to resolve this account. I told her that I wanted her to get her information straight and that this is not my account. She asked if I was refusing to pay my past due account. I told her that I am refusing to pay an account that does not belong to me. She said that she would make sure that my refusal to pay goes on my permanent record. I said, you mean my permament record from high school? She told me to stop being flippant towards her. Then she tried to hang up on me. I said, wait, wait, can you tell me when this bill orginated? She put me on hold and came back on the line a couple of minutes later. She said that the bill was from April 1998. I said from nine years ago, are you crazy? She tried to hang up on me again. I said to her wait, wait, but sorry I didn't get your name, was it Daphne? She said, I have told you several times that my name is Diane. Do I need to spell it for you? I said, I think that you had better. So she spelled it D-I-A-N-E. Then I said, and how do you spell you last name? She replied, I not giving you that information! and hung up on me. My next step is to write Certified/Return Receipt letter to them demanding validation, which I know that they cannot provide. I have written an email to my Congressional Representative and State Attorney General about these criminals. I will bring down the full weight of the government on these idiots. Don't let these creeps intimidate you! Kevin Hometown, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
18, Report #274666
Sep 15 2007
08:26 AM
I received a collection notice at my work office on September 13, 2007. On the statement it was reported that AFNI had aquired my account from Verizon Virginia Inc. It also listed past telephone numbers I have had. When I questioned a collector named Sue about this she stated that I live in a state that only requires the utility companies to collect fees for standard services, and that does not include add ons such as long distance phone service. I explained that I had paid all of my utility bills and that I never received any notice from Verizon letting me know that I owed them any money. It had been almost 5 years since I have had service from Verizon (and never from Verizon Virginia Inc.) I also requested that since AFNI had aquired my account from Verizon Virginia Inc. they should be able to send me a copy of the records showing I have in fact neglected to pay for any service. At that point Sue became very irrate and said we can settle this over the phone. I told her I was not going to settle anything over the phone and in fact would not be sending them any money until they gave me proof. Then she tried to use scare tactics on me with threats of reporting this to the credit bureaus. I told her that I owe nothing to AFNI, INC. and I didnt feel I owed anything to Verizon Virginia Inc either. It is my intention to send this report to the Illinois Atty. Generals office for fraud. Bob VIRGINIA BEACH, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: BLOOMINGTON,, Illinois
19, Report #291189
Dec 13 2007
01:35 AM
Afni, Inc sent bogus collection notice Bloomington Illinois
Alni Inc sent me a collection notice saying i owed $341.44 from Bell Atlantic. They showed a phone# I never had, i haven't even heard of bell atlantic. It's funny because I had a feeling it wasn't valid, then I read your reports and felt much better. I just got the letter so I can't wait to report them!!!!! Amy stuart, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
20, Report #279111
Oct 16 2007
02:56 PM
Afni, Inc Fraud claim collections Bloomington Illinois
It appears that I am just another victim of this collections scam as I have superb credit and have NEVER faulted on any of my bills. I also was delivered a collection notice for a Verizon California Inc phone # that I did not possess for a total of $671.69. I called the number on the letter and am concerned with the fact that this company had my personal info (SSN and address). With all the reports here, I would like to find one that offered a valid solution to the problem. Chad Peyton, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
21, Report #295940
Dec 31 2007
02:51 PM
Afni, Inc fraudulent debt collection attempt Bloomington Illinois
Today my huband and I received an unsetteling collection notice from Afni, Inc. They claim we owe over $80 on a Verizon account which my husband had over 7 years ago. I contacted Verizon, they cannot verify this alleged debt; in fact the woman at Verizon with whom I spoke said that at this point the debt is far too old for Afni to be attempting collection. I checked the Statute of Limitation laws for debt collection in my state and discovered that debts of this type which are more than 4 years old cannot be legally collected. Yet Afni is attempting, not only to collect a fraudulent debt, they are doing so 3 years past the limitation. I emailed a complaint to Afni, Inc via their feedback form. I filed complaints with both the FTC and my state's Attorney General. I am hoping this will resolve the situation; however, if anyone has any advice please let me know. Chris Allentown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
22, Report #254947
Jun 16 2007
03:00 PM
Afni, Inc. Fraudulent collection claim Ripoff Bloomington Illinois
I received a notice from Afni, Inc saying that they were a collections company and that I had been referred to them for a past due bill of $147.57 . The bill was for a phone number that I had never had before. The account that was past due was from a company called Verizon New York Inc.-not Verizon. I called the number listed on the notice and after being placed on hold an obnoxious rep came on the phone. He verified the last four of my SSN and the address of my parents. The bill was from 1994-when I was in college in Binghamton New York but the bill was for my parents address on Long Island. To confuse matters further the phone number was a 607 area code-which is the code for Binghamton. When I told him I didn't have a phone then and the address in question was for my parents and that the number listed wasn't their's they said they had verified it and that I could pay by cash, credit or check. I asked them who Verizon New York Inc was and they said it used to be Bell Atlantic. At that point I asked them to send documentation in writing and they said they would but that this would take it to the next level. There is no doubt that this is a false collection attempt. I put a fraud alert on my credit right away but I don't know how that will keep them from ruining my credit. Michael Alexandria, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
23, Report #344336
Jun 25 2008
09:28 PM
Afni, Inc Collection Scam Bloomington Illinois
My son has twice received Settlement Offers from Afni, Inc. Like others have reported, they are offering to settle for half of what they say is the current amount due. They say the original creditor is CINGULAR. My son did go through a few different cell phone companies when he lived in PA about 6 yrs. ago, and he thinks Cingular could have been one of them. He did get some bills sent to collection back then, however, I know they were paid off because I personally paid them all so he could start over with his credit. Of course, neither of us know where our proof is at this point. This sort of thing has happened to us before. My husband had a bill get sent to collection, and I paid that off. When we were contacted again by someone saying we had never paid the bill about 2 yrs. later, I simply faxed our paid in full receipt to them and never heard from anyone again about that one. Since this happens so frequently, here is what I think happens. These collection companies buy lists of names of people whose accounts have gone into collection. Collection agencies also sell them to others. These agencies figure why bother removing the name of someone who paid up, when they can get paid for more names as long as they are left on the list as active? So they pass along all the names whether the customer paid or not. After all, the burden of proof is on the customer, not the collection agency. And 5 or 6 yrs. after the fact, how many people can come up with the proof that they paid the bill - sometimes not even remembering if they even dealt with the company in the first place! They are counting on people just paying the settlement offered. I believe any account that has been sent to collection is ripe for this scam, where they wait years and then bill you over and over again regardless of if it has been paid or not. The best defense is keeping all proof of payments, and try to deal with the original company before an overdue account gets sent to collection. Figures Allentown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
24, Report #1033645
May 23 2007
05:48 PM
Afni, Inc. Corupt Debt Collection Agency Ripoff Bloomington Illinois
This company sent a letter telling me that I owed ~564 to Bell South now Verizon for a number in the state of MI (making it a contract for services rendered). While it is true that I did have a number in Munith, MI, to the best of my knowledge and according to all documentation (including my current credit report), all previously know debts are paid in full and my FICO score hovers near 750. Even if by some fluke this was my debt, it occured in 1998 and the statute of limitation in the state of MI allow only for 6 years to attempt to collect contractual debts before they are allowed to be written off. I do not appreciate scare tactics that are being used by this company for a debt that isn't even mine. I am also concerned as to how they got my information. I did a google search and found a number of other people with similar indicences with this company. I have sent a registered cease and dessist letter and reported this company to the FTC ($.startup) and I encourage everyone else to do this too. Additionally, even though they say you can manage your account online, I have tried many times over the past 2 days and at no time was I able to do this. I think this is a scam!!! J Ross, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
25, Report #1051136
May 15 2013
11:21 AM
AFNI, Inc. Collection Agency, Auto Accident Bloomington Illinois
My grandson was contacted by AFNI, Inc. early morning stating that they were collecting for damages from a fender-bender which happened 4 mos ago. They asked if he was who he was and if he had auto insurance.  He said no.  They raised the amount right on the phone to $1,734.53 from $700 right on the phone. He said he had no job or money (which is true).  I'm supporting him.  He's currently looking for a job.  He offered to set up a payment plan when he gets a job and they said they will take $200 from each paycheck (not even knowing how much he would make).  He is applying as a fast food server at min. wage. After he got this call, he called me in a panic.  How am I going to pay this amount.  So, I did some research on this company and found numerous other complaints from this company.  They are a SCAM company.  Do not deal with these people.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois

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