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1, Report #1401276
Sep 20 2017
11:15 AM
Alex Becker-Market Hero-Hero Academy-Thomas Emmanuel 30 day refund is a scam Dallas Internet
I am not sure about your experience with Markethero but let me share my experience after recently signing up for his Hero Academy Email Consulting program after watching his youtube video ad. After two frustrating days of dealing with Thomas Emmanuel, I have come to one conclusion: Please stay away from Alex Becker, Market Hero, and Hero Academy. Alex Becker through his youtube paid ads entices you to a free webinar where he offers his Amazing email consulting training where you will start making money. He also makes the claim that you can get your money back if the program doesn't work for you. What he doesn't inform you is that you only have 24 hours to get your money back and after those 24 hours, his terms of service requires that you go through the entire 4 week program, mandatorily join his facebook group, go through his labyrinth of a customer service protocol in solving whatever issue you are facing.... In other words, he will make it impossible to get your money back. When you don't or simply refuse to do that, his cronies (Thomas, Thomas Emmanuel or whichever alias they choose from Billing) will tell you due to Terms of Service he will not honor it. Now this is typical bait and switch tactic that FTC and any state attorney general would be interested in pursuing this as Alex Becker has quite a laundry list of scams over the years (if you google Alex Becker scam or ripoff report). Again, if Alex Becker would stand behind his claim, he would avoid a litany of issues his scam is perpetrating.  Again, stay away from Alex Becker, Thomas Emmanuel, Markethero, Hero Academy as his product has a long history of defrauding unsuspecting people with his phony 30 day refund policy. You will only flush your money down the drain. You have been warned. 
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1375114
May 24 2017
11:22 AM
Hyperion Business Processing Market Hero Alex Becker Webinar Promises Refund For Any Reason, What Do You Have To Lose Says Alex Becker with Market Hero Internet
After watching a webinar replay on May 10 in which Market Hero indicates how his program can drastically improve your ROI with email marketing, I made an installment purchase of $366 on May 12. During the webinar, Alex indicated there was a 32 day refund policy for your protection if this didn't work for us for any reason and refund would be honored. I made my purchase based on this promise. Initially, I was not able to gain online access to this program until  5/16 in the evening after having to get in touch with their support staff. I had only received an email citing the purchase but no access directions to the training site. Once I did access the online program, the 1st step was to do something in my cpanel to increase the receivability of my emails. Was not able to do that successfully using Market Hero's instructions. Since I am employed full-time, I was not able to devote much effort until the weekend of 5/20 and discovered the total online training sessions were maybe 50- 70 in number. To my disappointment, I returned to the site on a couple of occasions to keep reviewing and realized that it would basically be impossible for me to cover all this training material. Alex did not make this clear during the webinar that prospective buyers would have an extensive amount of training to make this program work. On 5/24, I decided to request my refund of $366 by using  the website chat box and support staff indicated that I needed to complete 3 weeks of the training and show my work before I would be eligible for a refund and that Alex mentioned once during the webinar that it was an action-based refund, which he did not bother to explain. He repeatedly, emphasized, however, that buyers were not not taking any risk at all and that we had no nothing to lose. Well, now it looks like I have $366 to lose. My purchase was through paypal. I simply want my purchase refunded based on the fact that: 1) The first action step could not be completed after following training instructions, 2) I could not access the training site because my account had not even been set up for 4 full days, and 3) Most importantly, the training is exteremely extensive and requires a major time committment that was not explained during the webinar that I am not able to make.    
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1396101
Aug 28 2017
07:27 AM
Alex Becker Hero Nation No Refund No Communication...Just Thomas a Goffer Texas Internet Aug 201716 AUG 17 MARKET HERO LIMITED 7023375252 TX USA USD 366@1.284390792Card Purchase284.961,066.261:50 pmHey!I just replied multiple times requesting the exact information that is required for us to find your payment.If you fail to cooperate and continue to spam and provide unrequested information, we will remove your access to all support channels immediately.that helps nobodyPlease confirm you understand what I have just said.I have given you my payment detailsI have requested the last 4 digits of the card used to make the payment, can you please provide that ?my account was set up as you can see with Stacy not getting back to me from the start3498Thank you, your purchase date was 08.16.17Your refund guarantee expires on 09.16.17To receive a refund, please provide any screenshots showing the completion of the steps part of your refund guarantee: do not require anything other than a refund...this whole Course is about personality and characters...again Becker and Captain Jack are a brand what works for them does not work for everybody else included I ahve no confidence in chasing down Shopify Ownwers and fel uncomfortable doing So...I understand, unfortunately we also require that all steps part of the refund guarantee are completed before we can issue the refund.If you believe that H-COM isn't for you, I can also add the consulting course to your account, for free, that doesn't really depend on personality and characters, a lot of people get results from day 1.this has been frustrating and difficult I will have to let other people know about this...I understand, but unfortunately until all steps have been completed we will be unable to issue a refund.This Whole Course was described as newbie friendly...I have completed my steps to no avail...I demand a full and final refund...I will not purchase from Becker Againfar too fast and no clear direction just jumbled up incomplete content...please understand I Am Not Happy With The Content or It's Execution...1. You Have No record of Me2. You Asked for Bank Details3. You Refuse based on Terms4. Seems You Have No Honor...priodPlease complete the requested steps and we will issue a full refund immediately.Profile SettingsChange your basic profile information.Full NameGraham HE-mail(((REDACTED)))Time zonePlease email me about updates to my products.Please email me when a reply to one of my comments is created.Please email me about new products and promotions.AvatarAvatar Recommended dimensions of 100x100Still Deny My Email Address?I have all of this on file and will post to sites that deal with SCAM Companies I do dot have money but plenty of time on my handsYou keep calling it a SCAM, there's no SCAM, these are the terms you have agreed to on sign-up, before any payment was made. Complete the steps and you will receive a full refund.Keep Going...your Opinion...I have Mine and Entitled To Share It...up to you...many people will agree with me and my limited understanding...just need and will protect New comers to the Becket MarketplaceNo Support Just Smoke and Mirrors Hey problem!I Have a 72 Hour Window and will publish as much content about this Shady Operation...please do not respond unless you are prepared to Issue A Full and Final Refund!This Kind Of Press Is Not Will Also Be Named Thomas...!Thank you for the notification. All further communication has been terminated.Thank you for the notification. All further communication has been terminated.You have No Details Of Me:Couldn't sendSend from nameGraham HSend from email(((REDACTED)))Reply to nameNew UserReply to emailsmsleadegen@gmail.comReport to addressKemp House, 152 - 160 City Road, London EC1V 2NXFooterTime ZoneSave ChangesThey Will Not Answer If You Are Strong
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4, Report #1415916
Dec 09 2017
09:08 AM
Market hero Alex Becker ,Adrian Thomas Emanuel tried to cancel free trial. They said I did not have an account. Charged credit card 2 days later Texas
I signed up for 14 day free trial.Tried to cancel free trial after 10 days. They indicated that i did not have an account and did not need to cancel.2 days later credit card was charged $99.00After lengthy discussion with this company they indicated that I should have cancelled the account prior to the end of 14 day trial
Entity: Texas
5, Report #1429072
Feb 13 2018
02:47 PM
MARKET HERO LIMITED Market Hero Academy They fraudulently charge my credit card without my consent. Dallas Texas
Market Hero is a scam. Consumers BEWARE! I had run-ins with them last year, (2017) May. They refused to refund my account even though I cancelled their program within 24 hours. For 3 months, they kept charging me for a service that I had cancelled. It took me months to finally settled everything with my credit card company. Fast forward...In December 2017 I saw another charge from Market Hero. I immediately cancelled my account with my credit card company. I should have cancelled that card right after the Market Hero fiasco. Now, I'm having to file another fraud charges with my card company.   This is a warning to anyone wanting to do business with this company. Please stay away from them!
Entity: Dallas, Texas
6, Report #1332163
Oct 07 2016
08:02 PM
Market Source Wave - Alex Becker Market Source WaveAlex Becker SEOSource WaveSourcewaveSourcewave ALEX BECKER sourcelts com OURCELTS ALEX BECKER Beware: Market Source wave ALEX BECKER fraud internet SEO scam USA internet business Internet
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1353393
Feb 01 2017
03:26 PM
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1386121
Jul 17 2017
10:46 AM
Course Hero Course Hero takes your money! Internet
This company pissed me off!  I consider myself smart and observant, and this is a misleading concept for a tutor site.  It claims to have an upload documents in order to view documents trade-in value type thing.  But it is overly confusing (probably on purpose), and it's tricky to navigate without being charged money randomly!  I'm trying to find helpful resources to pass my class, and I sign up for their membership...and I SWEAR (on my life) that it said Membership was like $10-15 a month.  I was awake, alert, and sober when I signed up and I am careful with my money.  And I don't have extra money to give away!  I signed up 2 days ago, and I viewed TWO documents.  While viewing them, I kept having to click View more and it kept showing me more of the document little by little.  WAS I BEING CHARGED FOR THIS??? Because it said NOTHING about being charged for viewing documents.  I don't know, but they ended up taking out $120 in my account within 2 days.  Then I look in my email, and it says I signed up for the Premium Membership of $120/year.  NO I DID NOT!  I signed up for monthly payments! I'm a broke student, like every other student! Website LOOKS legitimate, but they're just another company to steal your money.  This website confuses people on purpose.  If you're going to take out that much money from people. you need to make it obvious that you're doing that!! I will stick with tutor site !!! They are honest, don't steal my money, and it's much less confusing to use. 
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1353864
Feb 03 2017
03:00 PM
Daniel Ferry excel hero academy Online advanced excel VBA tutorials Internet
i joined excel hero academy on 14th March 2014 by paying a premium of USD 999 as extended enrollment via paypal(Transaction ID: 74M17532JV133391D, invoiceID 2n54eeet99urc29o8roxs4c54wkg0s044884o04).At that time the owner of the course Daniel Ferry promised to delivery the entire set of video course within a years time. Its been almost 3 years now multiple promised delivery dates have passed, but Daniel has not released the pending videos courses that was promised to us at the time of registration. He continues to accept registration from new users promisingthe delivery of entire video set. We have tried to reach him on multiple occasions but he has not responded to our mails. I have email communications to andfrom Daniel on this matter, but he has not kept his end of the promise. Many users have voiced their concern but Daniel has not reponded yet. At this point i suspect that Daniel has no plans of releasing the remaining modules, ripping us off from the amount we paid for extended enrollment.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1190248
Nov 20 2014
11:19 AM
Handy Hero SCAM; Hirokazu Kimoto; Unprofessional; Unethical; and Vindictive, Deceptive in Practice; Cumming, Georgia
Handy Hero was hired to come and diagnose a problem with a sound system in our business.  They sent a proposal for $100 for the assessment/diagnosis. When the subcontracted technicians arrived, they were about 10 minutes into their diagnosis before they realized they could not diagnose the problem with the sound system without a working receiver.  The representative of the business went and purchased a new receiver from Radio Shack (5 minutes away).  The technician also requested some speaker wire in case if was needed.  When the business representative returned 10 minutes later, the new receiver was plugged in and sound system started working.  The speaker wire was returned to Radio Shack.  The technicians went to prepare the paperwork in their van (were in the van eating for nearly an hour) and retuned with a work order and invoice for $500.  The business was told by Handy Hero that prior to any additional work was done outside of the original $100 proposal a new proposal would be sent to be signed-off on.  This never happened.  The subcontracted technicians stated that this always happens with Handy Hero and they left with nothing signed.  Handy Hero then proceeded to make unprofessional phone calls, unethical remarks, and vindictive statements to the business and its staff.  He is a scammer.  This can be seen by the several online review about his company.  He sends subcontractors to do work and then charges far more than the origional proposed price.  Generally these price increases are due to unforseen costs of labor or unforseen cost of materials or - a favor unforseen costs of fuel.  However, in this case, the technicians were on site for around two hours with half of that  time in the van.  No more work was done outside of assessing the sound system and plugging in the reciver.  No additional or modified proposal was sent and signed-off on.  Classsic unprosessional rush job that he though someone would just pay.  
11, Report #1298985
Apr 10 2016
07:44 PM
Course Hero It's a a Hoax, a Ripoff None Listed Internet
They claim to have over 300 tutors 24/7 to assist you with College Courses, but when you ask for help they divert you to another so called expert that will charge you an additional amount to work with you. The initial cost is around $60. for the first 90 days, and it automatically renews.  They offer no/$0 refund if you only use it for one day. You will clearly see the first time you use them that they are a fraud.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1266746
Nov 09 2015
10:13 AM
Course Hero Deceptive Marketing Redwood City, CA Internet
Course Hero is No Hero. They are in the scamming business. My wife purchased a course service for 39.95 and opened up her access to find nothing helpful for the course she thought she was getting help with. The document opened contained nothing connected to her course. They are refusing to refund because they claim she opened the source and used it, even though she contacted them right away.  This company uses deceptive marketing to lure users into paying for empty services they never get. Legitimate companies have a phone number so you can talk to someone; good luck finding a number or getting a hold of anyone. You'll lose money and will need to cancel your credit cards.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1376996
Jun 03 2017
07:08 PM
HERO models Insulted Ann Arbor Michigan
 The strippers showed up on time (8:37) and communicated effectively with me. They started to clean up after barely an hour (9:15) I called to confirm they were supposed to be here for 2 hours as I was quoted. The owner then went on to insult me saying I had a listening problem and couldn't comprehend anything. I was quoted for $450 for 2 strippers for 2 hours. They lasted barely an hour. This is the worst service I've ever encountered. The owner was very rude and continued to curse at me while I was trying to explain what I was quoted. The strippers we had also agreed that the owner was very unprofessional and that I wasn't the first one to say that. I've never been so insulted and ripped off by anything before. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!!
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1379151
Jun 14 2017
04:44 PM
Wheel Hero Biggest scam ever Florida
 I ordered a wheel/tire package from them and their website stated that they would fit my Infiniti. I even called them to make sure. They did not fit, not even close. They hit the brake calipers. I ordered spacers which I didn't want to but tried to make them work. 2 of the tires were trash and couldn't be balanced at all at the tire shop even though they were supposed to be balanced before they were shipped. On top of that after I got to looking at them, they weren't even the tires I had ordered. Contacted them and they sent me 2 more tires and those 2 couldn't be balanced either. The salesman emailed me and said well those tires are not good anyway. My Infiniti dealership said I couldn't run the spacers because they wouldn't do any warranty work on my wheel hubs if needed. I contacted whee hero again and they want me to pay shipping on 6 tires that aren't any good according to them as well as 4 wheels that do not fit unless you run spacers or lift the vehicle. And yeah they want to charge a restocking fee. They want me to pay for this when they are the ones who said yeah they will fit. This company is a joke and they can't be trusted.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1416431
Dec 12 2017
10:06 AM
Fallen Hero Bracelets Tried to Extort Me!
As others have stated, I too also bought a Chris Kyle Craft Hat and never received it for months until PayPal got involved with the transaction. After close to six months they finally sent me my hat and then proceeded to try and extort $190 from me through a collection agency by stating they were never paid...the collection agency in Babylon NY, ECC and Associates which refused to acknowledge the letter and payment receipt supplied from PayPal, verifying payment. All they kept saying is that they will report this to the Credit Bureau if I don't pay! Fallen Hero Bracelets is not a reputable company and apparently have scammed a number of people. I would never recommend them and they should be ashamed of themselves by saying they are a non profit organization and using American Veterans as a means to dishonestly gather money. The people at the Chris Kyle Foundation should disassociate themselves from this organization and not tarnish the name of an American Hero. Shame on you Fallen Hero Bracelets!
Entity: Internet
16, Report #824466
Jan 18 2012
09:14 AM
Hero Tabs Hero Health LLC Good luck on getting a refund! Internet
I have been trying to contact Hero Tabs (via phone and email) for 2 weeks since they charged my credit card 59.90.  (rather than shipping and handling only)  The wait is often longer than 1 hour.  I contacted Hero Tabs via email approx. 2 weeks ago.  This is the response I rec'd back: Good morning,   Your information was sent to the customer service reps and they will process your cancellation of your account.  If refund/return instructions are followed as instructed the credit will be processed quickly. Thank you for your email. Advantis   That was on 1/11.  As of 1/18 I have heard nothing.  I called again today.  They now have an option on their phone system to a rep. call you back with in 24 hours.  We'll see if that really works.  Just want my 59.90 back. DO NOT Place an order. 
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #1055922
Jun 03 2013
10:12 AM
spot hero chicago spot hero run so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHICAGO Illinois
I have a parking lot in wrigley chicago , and used spot hero in chicago for alternative booking  what  a mistake.I  I GOT CHARGED 15% WHICH WAS AGREED BUT KEPY MY MONIES WEEKS after booking did not get  what my booking were suppose to be ,last time paid me for 3 booking and pocked extra booking  bad customer service, run by unprofessionals  overbook and not send you email when have a booking, intimidate you . bad customer service, cant get it to gether !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and run by young people who do not know  anything about customer service how to run a company, and try and get them on phone good luck and over book one time they overbooked car  and person had to wait hours to get out  .After deactivated account after leading me on it was active erased  my accounting on line so not aware how much owe me-- refuse to send a w-2 form or recent accounting  and took monies from customer without paying me for 1 at times  booked monthly said it was for 4-6 months turned into 1 month and did not even put it into  their accounting, only did it after numerous attempts to call them  which they never answer., you have to call, and call and call !!!!!!!!!!!!!good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and one member of their staff will tell you one thing the other memeber will tell you another thing.EVEN AFTER YOU SEND PRICES THEY PUT WRONG PRICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and will bully you   , I HAD ONE PROBLEM AFTER ANOTHER PROBLEM--------------- with spot hero I would suggest not using them. only if you want to put  up with  their problems  company has.I was treated in unprofessional way After booking wrong  amount they finally agreed to pay difference of 20 dollars  but I was under impression for 2 they told me for 1   mislead me  , but they made a mistake and sent me two checks not aware what they did    and you do not who is taking care of your account.THe compay co-owner was started because he received so many tickets  and need  an agency to book cars . I had experience and so my neighbor blocked cars in spaces and could not get out over booked  and not aware how to run a company, book wrong amount. and to me very unprofessional and  bad customer service, want to post this  so oother people  do not have this experience. you cant talk to them  have an attitude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!they are it, but have very little parking in wrigley condtantly lose  accounts. tell you one thing and do another, and rent spaces out in wrigley under subway tract  from other people and rent them out for their customer---------------the teck geeks do not know anything about customer service and need to get it together -- have potential  but more about image and being cool ----- but not knowing how to talk to people   -- and they recived 2 million venture capital   the company  is a joke-------- what about customer service forget it no one ever answers phone--no one deserves to be treated like this---but it does with spot hero..they have no idea  what they are doing and how to do it----tell you one thing and do another and take your accounting away without knowledge refuse to send you acounting in april or w-2 form which is the law------------------nothing but problem with spot hero I am sure other have similar  because lost several accounts in wrigley  buyer beware, and cant get it together !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe this will help them and understand problems they have with customer but doubt it because they think they are above that--only if want to put up with this   but I would not suggest using them    they are not togther,  and have no idea  to trat customer and do not care !!!!!!!!!!!
Entity: CHICAGO, Illinois
18, Report #1301652
Apr 25 2016
08:36 AM
Sourcewave ALEX BECKER sourcelts com SOURCELTS ALEX BECKER FRAUD Internet
I have purchased from and paying for 3 months for google ranks and after waiting for 3 months I get nothing. Beware of this guys!!! Beware of Alex Becker. They do not want to refund my money after 3 months without no result. Even they can't rank with the low competitiveness of keywords.I loss $299 / monthsDO NOT TRUST THIS ALEX BECKER! THIS GUY IS SCAM!!!!
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1324929
Aug 27 2016
10:11 AM
Hero Program Hero Finance Hero Program is a fraud and the finance is totally a scam. Home owners beware Santa Ana California
We signed up with the HERO program through a contractor called Elite Home Energy. My wife and I wanted to them to install insulation in our home and believe it would add value to our house. We asked the sale agent that what happen when we want to sell our home in the future and he said you can transfer it to another person. We signed up.  Presently, we want to sell our home and find out a lot about this program. The company would put lien on your home and it's going to be difficult to sell your home at a later date, slow down the escrow. I have my title agent look into it and found out that they are charging us more than it is supposed to be. the amount increases from 9000 to 13000. I gave them a review on yelp and one of the agents responded to the post. She said she will have somebody to contact us. Nothing, so I called in instead. Also, I found out that the loan amount is more than it is supposed to be. One of your representative was trying to be a smart ass on the phone asked if it was 9000 and other fees were involve. I told him even if it was really 9000 and the number still doesn't make sense. How can 9000 become 13000. So I sign up a loan with your company and it charges me 4000 in interest every year? Also, when we signed up, the sale agent didn't give us a hard copy of the contract and didn't disclose all the fees that involve with city. In addition, I also found out from my research and from my brother in law, who recently purchase a home, that the hero program is not what it seems. Your company told us and everybody else that the loan is transferable. It's a lie. Some home owners, in my research, were unable to transfer the loan. It is between buyers and sellers. The sellers are responsible for the loan amount 100%. To the other home owners contemplate about going with the hero program, Don't go for them because you will be in the mess we are in when you sell your home. Also, their percent is crazy high. their APR is 9.66 percent and they didn't even tell us that. The homeowner, whom my brother in law purchase the house from, was losing his house and he owed 30,000 on it in Riverside. You either lose your home or have to pay for in full when you sell your home. If you have the money for it, go for it. However, you should think twice before signing up. Once you sign, it doesn't matter what the other sale person said or how mess up it is, you are on contract. They will hold you to it. They will say you didn't read the fine print even you tell them that you have no loan contract in your possession. This is California for you, cut throat. Lastly, we have no copy of the loan contract and all we have is the paperwork from the Elite Home Energy ( work order and notice of cancellation). I know either way we are screwed. I hope some body read this and do your own due diligence. New Home owners beware!
Entity: Santa Ana, California
20, Report #1935
Dec 21 2000
12:00 AM
file#04/02/00 Miami Florida. American Soldier Hero Inc, On march 17,2000 sometime around 8:00P.M. I called the fore mentioned company. I asked the man over the phone if it was possible for them to move my furniture on the 18th of March. This person told me Any time, I will be there. I asked him, how much it would cost me. He said he could do the job in two hours charging me $60.00 per hour. He mentioned there would not be any other charges as per materials, gas, and mileage. In the morning of the 18th at 7:15A.M. An informant shows up with two other men, and he asked what need to be loaded .I told them and pointed out the furniture and boxes, which were ready to be loaded. Before he load it the truck, he pulled out a contract and wrote the time that he started which it was 7:30A.M Afer that, they stated taking the furniture and boxes down to the truck. Once they have loaded the truck he asked me to drive my car to the new apartment,so he follwed me. My new place is about 20 blocks away from my old place. We got to my new place at 8:15A.M. The informant gets out of his truck, starts writing all this chages, which are as follows: Services: Moving time 4 hours @ $60.00=$240.00, Travel time:1 hour @ $60.00=$60.00, Materials $225.00 such as: mattress covers(4) @ $15.00=$60.00,pvc tape roll (5) @ $3.00=$15.00, bubble per ft. (10) @ $2.00=$20.00, storage pad rent(4)@$12.00=$48.00, t.v box (1)@$15.00=$15.00,shrink wrap per Item (2)$15.00=$30.00 packing for mattress cover.(4)@$7.00=$28.00,packing for t.v(1)@$9.00=$9.00, elevator & stairs. $50.00. Total amount charges to my credit card $575.00 I was in shocked. I told him are you crazy and repeated to him what I had told him over the phone. He cured at me in front of my kids: I am a single mother of two. He said If you don't pay me, I will take your furniture and he started walking towards his truck.I was very upset but I did not want him to take my furniture with him and after arguing, I had to pay him.I placed these charges on my credit card. Upon,unloading my furniture they damaged the walls & doors, Dented the front door, and master bedroom frame door.Damage by scraping my coffe table, computer desk, rocking chair, and frame of my bed. They also lost all my screws for my bed. Due to all of the above and apart from having to sleep on the floor and the aggravation, suffering and insults I had to go through from the informant. I truly believe, I should not pay anything. Please have my report feature on the front page of the re-off web site. I hope to help other consumers not to fall on the same predicament. Thanking you in advance for your support and concern, I shell remain. sincerely your, Chantal Azoulay
21, Report #888689
May 26 2012
01:15 PM
Hero Tabs Men's ED help North hollywood, California
Hearing their ad on the radio, I called hoping they may have a solution to my ED issue. After hearing how great their product was at correcting ED issues, I decided that a trial order only costing 14.95 was well worth a try. Then the additional offers began. I tried countless times to tell the represenative, Charles that I was not interested in anything other that the product for 14.95. The sales offers for other product offerings continued. At one point my frustration level was so high, I told Charles that I was going to hang up if he did not stop offering me additional offerings. Charles responded that he was only attempting to do his job. I responded that he needed a different job. I finally told Charles that I was no longer interested and to cancel my my order. I then told him that I was hanging up and did so. This all happened the last week of April. On May 1 I started receiving maill detailing the offers that I refused in my frusutratd conversation with Charles. I called the same day the offers came to cancel them and was told no cancelation number was needed. On May 22 I recievd my first order of Hero Tabs. the invoice was dated May 8. I called to cancel and was given a cancellation number. Today May 26, I recieved a second order and called my credit card company to ask for their assistance. If Hero Tabs takes exception to anything in this report, they should listen to the recodring of my conversation with Charles. If they really do record everything, it will clearly show on the recording that I told him to cancel my order. The sad part is if they really had a product that worked, they would not need to attempt locking consumers into all of the extra product offerings. It is really simple, give consumers what you promise, and they will support and be loyal to your product.
Entity: North hollywood, California
22, Report #347620
Jul 15 2012
11:58 PM
Big Town Hero Such an a-hole manager. Kalispell Montana
Any place that Rob owns is awful. I worked for another one of his establishments last year, and I loved it because a bunch of my friends worked there too. Of course, I also hated it because Rob is a complete pervert and a total asshole.He preyed on the fifteen year old girls (and still continued to do so at skippers after this shop closed) while bitching at his employees to work harder and faster. I can recall countless occastions in which he would speak inappropriately to anyone underage who were too scared to stand their ground.If anyone called him out on something or stuck up for themselves, he'd threaten to fire them. This happened to me twice in the time I worked there. My mother had to call me in once, because I had a severe migraine. He screamed at her, called her a liar, and hung up. I went in the next day and told him to -never- speak to my mom like that again. I decided to take a two week hiatus from that job to keep from losing it.After that break, I had my migraines under control and I missed working. I burned myself on a grill and Rob's son got a tomato to put on it, so immediately Rob assumes that I'm stealing food and screams at me.A few days later, I had a trip coming up the next day, so I had come in early to get some extra time in. I have Fibromyalgia (which we recently discovered a few months ago, yet it's been affecting me for my entire life) and I'd had a pretty painful attack a few hours into my shift. A friend of mine, also the supervisor, told me to sit down and take it easy until it subsided. As soon as Rob saw me sitting on a milkcrate, he demanded that I go home.Come to find out, the morning I was returning home from my trip I was informed that I was supposed to See Rob (as it said on the schedule.) In other words, he was going to fire me. So I said f*** it and didn't even go back.I know I have the option of suing him for illegally firing me due to a disability, if not for possibly retaliation because I never took any of his shit.You know, I'm really glad that Big Town Hero & Skippers are both under new management now. It's no wonder why the employees at Skippers were so rude. At least at BTH, we were professional and courteous, with the exception of the guy running it.Brittany Kalispell, MontanaU.S.A.
Entity: Kalispell, Montana
23, Report #1175114
Sep 07 2014
06:26 PM
Course Hero Scam does not offer what it lists! Internet
When searching for additional study material for a quiz I found this company. The exact phrase I googled came up with this website. After paying for the membership to view the material, it really wasn't there.  This was obviously a gimmick to get you to pay for the service. The uploaded documents are the same free documents that you can view any time with no cost on the internet. I highly do not recommend using them. 
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1174954
Sep 06 2014
02:49 PM
SLEEPER HERO DOLL SCAM Dont use your credit card on this site,,you will never get your book or doll that is why it is pre-order , anna has no money she is using your money to buy stock. If you get scamed call the local police department in cincinnati ohio, and they will go to Annas house.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1224435
Apr 23 2015
02:34 PM
Course Hero Shady auto-renew, refunds nearly impossible Internet
Here is a copy of the email I sent to them in response to the recent issues.  The body of this message tells it all:   To whom it may concern, Given my experience with your customer service representatives in the past, and today, I completely expect this message to fall on deaf ears.  Which is unfortunate, given your service provides substantial value to the educational community.  At any rate, below is the transcript from my conversation with your online chat rep, Emily.  To set up this conversation, my situation was that for the 3rd time, my subscription auto-renewed when I did not want it to do so.  Each time I come back as a customer, I pay for a subscription and am forced into turning on this auto-renew feature.  Well, I forget to turn it off each time (because 3 months pass) and then have to deal with members of your unpleasant staff to have my refund processed.  If you are going to be require auto-renew be turned off, make it easy to refund the service if it doesn't get turned off.  Otherwise, it is perceived as a sham.Side note: I emailed and and waited 1 business day regarding this issue with no response.  Anyway, not only am I auto-renew enabled against my will, but the setting is relatively difficult to find under the account settings.  While Emily disagrees, I am the customer and I say that it is not easy enough.  If you have anyone in leadership that understands business administration and marketing, you should understand the problem.  This sends out a vibe of unethical behavior, whether it is intended or not.  In addition to me, I have personal friends who have had this same problem, as well as others on websites providing negative reviews of your company (see below links). Whether or not you care about my complaint or not is your business, but for some reason today I found it prudent to share my thoughts.  I will be further investing substantial time in sharing my thoughts and experiences with your company's unfortunate touch points wherever relevant on the web. The below thread exudes customer service to which I have become so accustomed when dealing with your company.  I love how she hangs up on me at the end of the conversation... I know that she can see the the other person is typing a message indicator on her end.  I had planned on asking if I could just keep my account paused for the time being, cancel the refund, and use the service when my next semester starts.  But she found it necessary to terminate the conversation.  I will not be a customer - ever again. Emily: Hello, my name is Emily. I will be assisting you. Me: Hi, I am Aaron. Emily: Can you please provide me with your registered email address? Me: *****@gmail Emily: We do not provide refunds for the recurring charges however after reviewing your account I see that the subscription has not been used since the renewal date. As a one time courtesy, I have reversed those charges. Please note that in the future we would not be able to make any other exceptions since we have issued you a refund twice already. You will be required to cancel prior to the renewal date. Me: I appreciate the refund, but I am really discouraged that this keeps happening. I do not want the auto-renew to ever turn on. However, each time I come back as a customer, it re-enables. Emily: All of Course Heroes memberships are based on a recurring one. Me: When I pay for the service, I only want it for the time specified. Not only is it difficult to remember to turn it off, but it also is buried rather deep within the account settings and not easy to disable. It is frustrating and unethical. Emily: You can cancel your recurring payment through the account settings at anytime. We remind you that the services provided are recurring on the signup page as well as in the welcoming email. This information is not hidden on our website anywhere. Me: I never said hidden. I said buried rather deep. You can argue with me, the customer, all you want. The fact of the matter is this keeps happening to me, and others. There are comments from other customers who have repeatedly experienced the same problem. Emily: No at all it is in regular print on the welcoming email. Me: Alright. Fine. Please just process the refund. Thank you. Emily: The refund has been processed, in the future we highly recommend reviewing the terms of service prior to making any purchases. As a consumer it is your responsibility to review the information prior to purchasing. The refund will take 2-7 business days. Have a great day. Thank you for contacting us.Chat session disconnected.
Entity: Internet

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