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1, Report #1402970
Sep 28 2017
01:08 PM
Alex Haney, Alex Haney MCAsuccess from home with alex Getting Paid With Alex Haney I paid him for training. He NEVER sent it to me. Asked for a refund. He blocked me on Facebook. New York Internet - New York
This person never sent me the information I paid for.I asked him for a refund and he blocked me on Facebook.He is Alex HaneyHere is his FB proof:Payment ID 1327152984068069Date Sent September 14, 2017Paid $25.00Payment Method MasterCard *3493Status CompletedPayment DetailsDate Paid to Payment IDSeptember 14, 2017 Alex Haney 1327152984068069 Amount$25.00Total $25.00I have PROOF in a word document of our conversation, hispromise of what he was going to provide (training) and hisexcuses why he was not able to send it.I am asked Faccebook to please reverse the payment I made to him,and send it back to me, as I didn't receive the goods hepromised. Facebook refused. I do not know why since I had the receipt as proof.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #799744
Nov 18 2011
11:36 PM
Hank Haney HANK HANEY IS A FRAUD Dallas, Texas
Hank Haney is a fraud and his Academy is a scam.Don't waste your money.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
3, Report #811316
Dec 19 2011
11:51 AM
Hank Haney Hank Haney Academy,Steve Johnson. Hank Haney is a Fraud Lewisville, Texas
Entity: Lewisville, Texas
4, Report #811324
Dec 19 2011
11:53 AM
Don't even think about spending your hard-earned thousands of dollars on these con artists. One of them is gay and is disgusting.I would never let my kids go near the place. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND YOUR CHILDREN
Entity: Lewisville, Texas
5, Report #799325
Nov 17 2011
08:11 PM
Hank Haney Golf Academy HANK HANEY IS A LYING THIEF Dallas, Texas
Entity: Dallas, Texas
6, Report #1255571
Sep 17 2015
02:28 PM
Carolee Haney Eris Investments LLC, Carolee J Haney Fraudulent Investment Company Palm Harbor Florida
Eris Investments LLC is a fraud company.  Carolee Haney, Principle of the Company was given $30,000.00 for a flip investment house in 4629 Glenbrook Lane Palm Harbor, Florida. Apparently, all lies. They take the money and never gives the money back or a return. She says she has no idea and acts dumb about it. Haney and her associate Jerrry Ferrara cheated money from me and several other people. Including Linda Arrobang Wilson of Costa Mesa, lost $230,000.00 that was given to Eris Investments LLC. All gone and refuses to call back or answer any questions. Now only lawsuits ain California are pending.  
Entity: Palm Harbor , Florida
7, Report #811275
Dec 19 2011
10:45 AM
Hank Haney Hank Haney Academy,Steve Johnson. HANK HANEY IS A THIEF.DON'T GO THERE AND DON'T LET YOUR CHILDREN GO THERE Lewisville, Texas
Hank Haney is a scam artist.He lures you in with his name,charges you $4,000 and gives nothing in return but raises your score 10 strokes. Haney is never there,then you are stuck with an incompetent instructor,many of who are gay,like is partner,Steve Johnson. Don't ever go there,and certainly don't bring your kids.
Entity: Lewisville, Texas
8, Report #799329
Nov 17 2011
08:36 PM
Hank Haney Golf Dogleg Right Putters,Steve Johnson Hank Haney ripped me off for $3600 Lewisville, Texas
Hank Haney regularly rips golfers off by lying,cheating and se3lling inferior products at 5 times retail.Haney is in cahoots with Dogleg Right Putters and his con man partner,Steve Johnson.Hank Haney and his associates are criminals.DO NOT GO THERE!
Entity: Lewisville, Texas
9, Report #799341
Nov 17 2011
08:42 PM
Hank Haney Hank Haney is a scam artist who lends his name to a fraudulent golf school Lewisville, Texas
Hank Haney scams honest,hard working golfers by putting his name on a joke of a golf school.Haney is never there,but he rakes in a fortune by associating with known crooks-Steve Johnson and Dogleg Right Putters.IF YOU WANT TO ADD 10 STROKES TO YOUR GOLF SCORE AND WASTE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS OF YOUR MONEY,GO STRAIGHT TO HANK HANEY.HE IS A BLIGHT ON THE GAME OF GOLF.
Entity: Lewisville, Texas
10, Report #679186
Jan 05 2011
05:11 PM
The Haney Public House Haney Public House New Years Eve ticket scam! Maple Ridge, British Columbia
The Haney Public House in Maple Ridge BC was holding a New Years Eve event on Friday Dec 31st 2010. I made a reservation for a table of 16 people a month prior to the event. I was told that It would cost $200.00 to reserve the table that included appetizers, 20 shots and champange plus addmission for 16 people. I was also told that ticket / reservationholders did not have to wait in the line if the arrived before 9:30pm. The manager that I spoke with also said that we had to be there by 9:30pm or our reservation would be void. I paidfor thetable reservation/ticketsand picked them up3 weeks prior to the event. On the night of the event Dec 31, 2010our group of 16 peoplearrive at The Haney Public House at 9:10pm to complete chaos. There was a mob of about 200 people crowded by the entrance. I went to speak with one of the Security people and told them that we have a tablereservation for 16 people. He then said to me " Idon'tgive a s**t if you have a reservation" "reservations are over" It clearly states on the 16 tickets that I had in my hand that 9:30pm was the cut off time and it was only 9:10pm. He then continuedto say that he didnt car what the ticket saidand walked away. 3 minutes later the guy beside me slips him $150.00 cash andbouncer let him and 2 other girls in the club. At this point the only people they were letting in were people that were paying them alot of cash or girls with really short skirts. I jumped up on the ledge of the building to look through the window to see if it was really busy in there. When I looked through the window I realized that the place was only half full and they were making people wait outside in the feezeing cold for no reason. Some people that we talked to said that they had been waiting outside since 8:00pm and they had tickets aswell. At this point the people waiting outside were getting very angry and volitile. 8 people out of the 16 people we came with left because they could not bare to stand out in the cold anymore. Which means that those people paid for tickets for this event that was suppose to be garranteed no line up entrance plus table. They got scammed. WE ALL GOT SCAMMED After going at it back and forth with the bouncer he finally decided to let our group in and promised that our table would still be available. In total our group waited outside for 45 minutes for no reason. A huge fight broke out right before we walked inbetween the 2 bouncers and 2 other guys in the line up and people were getting knocked over and pushed around it was very scary. At this point my night was ruined my stomach was turning from all the chaos. Once we got inside we walked around looking for our table.To no surprizethere was no table for us. After all that and the $200.00 we paid for a table reservationwe gotnothing that was promised to us or that we paidfor. This whole ordeal completely ruined 16 peoples New Years Eve. 2people out of our group went back the next day to speak to the manager and get a refundbut the employees inside said that he was not avaliable. We have spent alot of money in the pastat this bar and thought itwould be fun to spendNew Years Eve there, boy was I wrong. It was absolutly disgusting how this establishment handled that event. They ruined 100's of peoples night I hope anyone who reads this post will think twice about going to the Haney Public House for a specialevent you might just be left out in the cold.  
Entity: Maple Ridge, British Columbia
11, Report #978485
Dec 06 2012
05:50 AM
Physician Marisa L. Haney Marisa Haney Bad attitude, not caring, rude, new Dr Lakeland, Florida
Seen this Dr. She is so rude. She walks into the room (No knocking) & with a attitude (of her not wanting to be there..... she had better things to do.... She didn't want to deal with me) she says.... (Monotone) Hi my name is Dr Haney what are you here for?.... I told her why I was there. My heart rate has been really low (63 - 65), dizzy, sleeping for 14 - 18 hrs a day, nausea, migraines, diarreia, cramping when pooping. She tried telling me that because I was depressed this was probably why I am feeling like this. Did something happen recently to make me depressed. Then she heard the meds I was on & said well that one would make your heart rate go low, those would make you sleepy.....NO SH*T THIS IS WHY I TAKE THEM SO IT WILL SURE WHY I HAVE TO TAKE THEM..... High HR & BP Take meds..... Insomnia..... take sleep meds..... DUMB A**..... Lakeland Regional SUCKS....
Entity: Lakeland, Florida
12, Report #799321
Nov 17 2011
08:04 PM
Hank Haney Golf Academy Hank Haney, Steve Johnson,Dogleg Right Putters Hank Haney,Steve Johnson,And Dogleg Right Putters Are Frauds Dallas, Texas
DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON HANK HANEY ,AND FELLOW CROOKS,STEVE JOHNSON AND DOGLEG RIGHT PUTTERS.These con men are dishonest and incompetent.They ripped me off of $4000 of my hard earned money.Hank Haney is the big draw,but he is never there and has incompetent crooks like Steve Johnson and Dogleg Right Putters teaching unheard of and absurd techniques and then they sell you ridiculous equipment without quoting a price,then hit you with charges that are 4 times retail.Dogleg Right Putters told me to trash my Oddysey White Ice Putter because theirs was better.They concealed the price,then hit me with $550 which is 4 times the price of my professional line putter.The putter they gave me was like hitting with a brick.I requested my money back,and the crooked owner of the company first refused then when I threatened a lawsuit he promised to refund half of my money.I sent the putter back and they are refusing to refund my money like they promised.I have called Hank Haney,Steve Johnson,and the crooked owner of Dogleg Right Putters numerous times to demand my money and they never take or return my calls.The stupid techniques Hank Haney Golf and Steve Johnson taught me raised my handicap 10 points!THESE PEOPLE ARE THIEVES,LIARS AND CROOKS.DON'T GET SUCKED IN BY THEIR HYPE.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
13, Report #521825
Jan 04 2011
11:19 PM
Thomas E. Haney P.C. Attorney at Law Beware, guilty of financial elder abuse and has a history of unethical conduct Phoenix, Arizona
This attorney is guilty of using unethical means to defraud my 92 year old mother who has dementia of her estate and me her only child of his inheritance. The way Thomas Haney works is to build trust in an unsuspecting elderly person who fears losing her independence, and then when she gets ill or starts exhibiting memory or confusion issues, using undue influence on her in order to get her to turn on her adult child and then drain her financially oin legal fees under the guise that her adult child is stealing from her,when in fact the adult child has been paying all the bills. This man has put my elderly mother in danger and isolated her from her only family using lies and deceit to do so. He has done this many times before. Make up fake allegations on an adult child who has a widowed parent, and then focus on taking control of the estate. This bast*d is a big time crook. He has very few clients. Thomas Haney, you f*king bast*d, you are going down. You deleted this post once and I am not going away. Your days are numbered, you son of a bi*ch!!!!! The word on you is being spread all over Phoenix. Avoid this crooked son of a bi*ch by all means.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
14, Report #771222
Aug 30 2011
09:27 PM
Thomas E Haney, Attorney at Law This attorney is guilty of elder fraud and has stolen assets from an unsuspecting elderly client Phoenix, Arizona
Thomas E Haney P.C. is a sociopathic crook. He has drained the estate of an elderly widow using conclusory or unproven accusations of the only child of a Phoenix widow, to block the only adult child from filing for guardianship of his demented elderly mother, who is in her 90's and had suffered a serious illness, which left her cognitively impaired.This practice of accusing rightful heirs of stealing from their elderly demented parents, is an old scam used by dishonest attorneys, when an adult child files for guardianship of their parent. It is designed to disqualify the adult child from being able to have legal control over their mentally incapacitated parent,and opens the door for the dishonest attorney to take over the elderly clients finances, and thus drain their estates, leaving the elderly client broke, and the adult child with no inheritance.He left her ripe to be stolen from by unscrupulous caregivers, and was fired by the court as attorney of this elderly client, for withholding financial info from a legal investigation.Property and other assets were transferred from this elderly lady's estate into his possession (which he tried unsuccessfully to cover up).I have located property that belonged to my parent that Thomas E Haney has taken.As a note, Thomas E Haney has hired a malpractice attorney to represent him for fraud.This man is and always has been bad news. He used to have an office at 101 N First Ave #2460 in downtown Phoenix, but was unable to pay his rent and now operates out mailbox at the UPS Store, the address is listed at the top of this report.Avoid this crook by all means, and be cautious of any elder law attorney as probate fraud is rampant in the Phoenix metro area.His wife, Marti Haney,  retired partner of the CPA firm Schneider and Haney, at 7th street and Bethany Home Rd is shady as well. Avoid use of that firm. Marti Haney prepared the taxes for my mother, and was in cahoots in trying to cover up stolen assets.This man ruined the life of me and my unsuspecting mother, and he fu**ed with the wrong person in trying to steal from me. He had better watch his back. He is being watched by people who don't play!!!
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
15, Report #679167
Jan 05 2011
04:41 PM
The Haney Public House Turned Away Ticket Holders And Reservation Holders For The New Years Eve Event maple ridge, British Columbia
Clubs can be expensive, especially on New Years Eve. Most places charge upwards of $30 for a ticket on a night like this. That was not the case with The Haney Public House, they were only charging a mere $10 for tickets. Posters for the event "Chill, A Diamonds and Ice New Years Eve Gala" advertised that tickets were valid untill 9:30pm. Upon purchasing our tickets we asked if we still had to wait in line if we bought tickets, our server told us that tickets bypassed line. She mentioned that events can get busy but tickets are good untill 9:30 and your ticket gets you in. Not only did we have tickets but also a 16 person reservation that was made by a friend a month before the event, and the reservation was said to be good untill 9:30pm. We arrived around 9pm to the largest crowd of people I have ever seen outside of the establishment, approx 150 people, and you could tell that the inside was very full as well. My friend made her way to the front to inquire about our reservations. The bouncers informed her that her reservations were no longer good. "Rervations are done!" were his exact words. He then told us to wait at the back of the line with everyone else. As we looked around we notice that most people in line were complaining because most of them were ticket holders as well and were being denied entrance as well. The bouncers were also telling people with tickets if they came back in 2 hours they may get in. New Years Eve is a night people plan ahead for, they also are not usually in the practise of hopping from bar to bar, cover charges are expensive, line ups are ridiculous, and cabs are very hard to get, this is why you make the descision to go to an event and stay there for the evening. Our party were not the only people with resevations who were turned away. Friends of ours bought one of the Haney's $125 package deals, this was to include tickets for 6, a table with 6 seats, 20 shots, and appys. When they arrived well before 9, they were turned away without a refund and told their package was no good. Other friends who had the package deal and did get in said they did not recieve any of the perks that were promised with their package. After being turned away my boyfriend and I decided that we did not want to spend money at an establishment that did not honor their tickets or reservations. Although we had been denied and told wait at the back of the line, we watched as the bouncers accepted bribes of $150 a head for girls to go in, and also allowed their friends in. It was quite obvious that this event was oversold. Even people that made it in that night said that the bar was over crowded, very hard to get a drink, and the service was terrible, still maintaining a huge lineup outside. Being that the tickets were only $10 it would not surprise me if people didn't complain or demand a refund, but if you think of the ammount of tickets that were oversold then think of the easy money this establishment has made off this scam. If you want to make more money then charge more for your tickets and advertise when your event is SOLD OUT so you do not have angry customers. This situation was unacceptable, and I refuse to ever spend money at this establishment again. I plead people to not buy tickets for any events that this bar is holding because they clearly do not honor tickets or resevations, they just want to make a quick buck. When we returned to the bar the next day to demand a refund, we were told the person who would be dealing with the tickets wasn't in, and we couldn't be refunded without talking to him, but they could not tell us exactly when he would be in. Also that other customers had come in that day complaining. I have given up on the refund but I want to make it known to people what this bar is doing, and reccomend that if you were part of this New Years fiasco then stop giving your business to this dishonestly run pub/club.  
Entity: maple ridge, British Columbia
16, Report #472791
Jan 04 2011
05:48 PM
Thomas E. Haney Atty At Law Dishonest attorney Phoenix Arizona
This is my 92 year old mother's attorney. He used to be my dads attorney before my dad died 14 years ago. My mother has dementia symptoms from an illness she suffered last fall. I am only child who lives in the home with his wife and who travels to work for 6-8 weeks at at time followed by being home 4 weeks at a time. My mother wasn't handling her bills well due to her mental illness, and as her son I took over her momey which my mother didn't understand. I called Tom Haney and told him all about the problems with my mother as my mother said to contact him regarding legal matters or if she died. My mother became agitated at me running the house, hiring someone to care for her, hiding her checkbook to keep her from blowing money, and being exploited by the caregiver I hired to take care of my mother for extra money. She did not understand the severity of her illness. In an attempt to fire the caregiver lady for not doing a good job,my mother became upset and we had an argument. She had bonded with this lady whose objective of working for my mom was to get extra money. Tom Haney took my mother to the bank along with the caregiver and changed all of her accounts. he had her file an order of protection against me saying I threatened to hit her with a pot which is a lie, he had the caregiver say I threatened her job and she filed an Injunction against harrassment against me when I hired her and had a family handyman change the locks on the house and move into my bedroom. I tired to get in the house with my keys, couldn't, used a brick to break the window to get in and the police were called and i went to jail. my mom was out of it and lied to the police saying I didn't live there. Tom Haney charged my mom a chunk in legal fees, he blocked her only child for filing for conservatorship, filed domestic violence charges against me, and is blocking mediation so my mom and I can work this out. Tom Haney has the caregiver and handyman opening our business mail, is giving paperwork to the police to builsd a fake case and is saying I broke in trying to assault my mom to get her checkbook, all lies. This is a dirty dishonest attorney. My attorney knows him, says he was being evicted from his office due to being behind on rent in september and moved down the hall with another attorney (I witnessed this). Tom Haney is known in Phoenix for fighting dirty and making up lies to build a case. He will drain an elderly person of all their funds by tying up things in court for no reason. He will and has stolen elderly people's estates before. Tom Haney is a dangerous and unscrupulous attorney.Avoid this 70 year old man. Dickey Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
17, Report #799746
Nov 18 2011
11:37 PM
Steve Johnson helps front for Hank Haneys overpriced rip off golf school.DON'T BE SUCKED IN BY THE HANK HANEY NAME,IT IS ALL A RUSE.SAVE YOUR $4000.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
18, Report #799333
Nov 17 2011
08:37 PM
Steve Johnson Hank Haney,Dogleg Right Putters Steve Johnson is lying, incompetent golf teacher who teams up with Hank Haney and Dogleg Right Putters to cheat honest golfers . Dallas, Texas
Steve Johnson,self-proclaimed golf professional and swishy homosexual teams up with Hank Haney and Dogleg Right Putters to defraud and cheat golfers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.Johnson and his fellow con men take advantage of honest golfers by using Hank Haney's name to cheat golfers and load them up with equipment they don't need and charge them 4 times retail.DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND HIRE A REAL GOLF PRO!THESE THIEVES ARE GIVING GOLF A BAD NAME.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
19, Report #1430906
Feb 24 2018
09:50 AM
Alex echeverry aka alex echeverria Alex Michael Echeverria Alex Echeverry This con has ripped me and my family off of more then 135k Washington
Please see prior reports. He is now working in Granada Hills doing more scams now with loans and cars, still ripping people off. He has criminal proceedings for back ordered child support I have documented evidence of facing over 35k that he owes his children. This scumbag is still up to no good frauding elderly like me. He started a business doing credit repair while he ruins everyone else's, with a gentleman named Robert in Granada Hills.
Entity: Washington
20, Report #454549
May 22 2009
04:20 PM
Alex Carter, Alex Carter- $5000 government grant scam Nationwide
Alex Carter contacted me several times alleging that i was one of 30,000 people who were randomly selected by the u.s. government to receive a $5000 grant. All because i had filed my taxes on time and had not filed for bankruptsy in the last year. He then asked for my bank account number(i lied and told him i didn't have one). He then claims that he would wire the money via western union and that all i had to do was pay a security deposit at the western union of between $150-$200(he called more than once and the amount changed). I of course hung up on him and checked for active scam alerts never before hearing of making a deposit to receive a western union. He did have some of my personal information which concerns me with identity theft. others beware. Cyndi Modesto, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #1215813
Mar 14 2015
07:56 PM
Alex Watson another Alex Watson scam call phone call
i received a voicemail from an Alex Watson, which actually sounded like a pieced-together recording, telling me that there is a criminal lawsuit against me by the IRS, and i needed to get in touch with him ASAP. Not only does the government not work on Saturdays, but they definitely do not conduct this kind of business on the phone.  No paperwork, and no warning, other than this phone call, and who knows where this person is really from, because the accent said something other than American. i have contacted my attorney with the so-called case number, the name given as the caller, and the phone number left by the recording... 
Entity: Internet
22, Report #972641
Nov 22 2012
07:20 PM
Alex Business Blogs Profitable blogs for sale SCAM, Internet
This is a known scam that is redone every year, but with different names and different websites.  Alex in 2012, Eldar in 2011.  This is a ponzy scheme and several of us were affected.  Unfortunately the one site whose owner purchsed it also in the ponzy did not renew the domain (because it's worthless), but this was the link.  Easy to find if you look - basically sites that are daily posts with poor grammar, take 15 minutes a day for the scamee, but ultimately are not legitimate and the intention is to take the people's money and also their referrals.  Stay away!
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #1054255
May 27 2013
11:43 PM
Alex Capio Scam Internet
Alex Capio or Alexander Capio is a a great scam artist. A man in his 60's and gentle decided to cacao me aborue buying loan modification self he e-book. Alex Capio or Alexander Capio sold me a bad e-book that had confusing information. The terms did say no refunds, but I am so stupid that I had no idea this e-book on loan modification was going to be so bad.
Entity: Internet., Internet
24, Report #1335053
Oct 25 2016
06:17 PM
Alex mori Dallas Texas
 He told me to send 50$ then when idid not have he said send the 30$ and he will start his work then i can just send it later once i got. Now he saying he needs the other 20$ just to begin.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
25, Report #541684
Dec 18 2009
09:31 AM
Alex Edwards * DO NOT HIRE Alex Edwards as she is a NO SHOW at events! * Alex Edwards, Ontario
Do not hire Alex Edwards she did not show up for work at a recent event I was attending in Kitchener, Ontario on August 15, 2009. In the industry this is called a NO SHOW, where a staff member is booked and confirms for an event or promotion then just decides not to show up. I was standing at the event as all the other staff arrived and when they were going thru the roll call Alex Edwards was nowhere to be found. It turns out after asking around that Alex Edwards did not even call to let anybody know that she would not be attending. It is very bad to call and cancel last moment for an event as it leaves the client basically unable to fill the last minute spot but it is obviously even worse to simply not attend and NO SHOW. I warn anybody reading this not to hire Alex Edwards for any events or modeling work anywhere, anytime. We all need to be professional and take each and every gig very seriously and staff like this bring a bad name to the industry and we need to get rid of them wherever we find them and warn others so they are not inconvenienced by this type of individual.
Entity: , Ontario

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