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1, Report #1398943
Sep 09 2017
01:44 PM
All transport. They owe me lots of $$$$ Lansing Michigan
 Eric Bordeaux (((REDACTED))) To whom it may concern: I worked for a flatbed trucking company for a period of about 8 months. I actually worked for this company 2 times the first time it was Azda logistics. This company was actually ahut down by the DOT. They then started specialized solutions located at 2810 S. Canal RD lansing MI Suite 3 48917. It’s my understanding that the father actually owns the company and the 2 brothers Anvar Akhmedov and Dave Akhmedov. Anvar he runs the main operations and they threaten drivers to break the law, drive when it’s elegal to do so, threaten to leave you all over the country, threaten to dock your pay. Prior to me leaving they had docked my pay $1100 and 7 months ago when I left I did not get a last pay check. At this point I filed a claim with the Dept of labor hour and wage division. My original flame was for $4332.00 an investigation was done by the hour and wage division and even though I think I’m owed more they came up with $ 2933.98 that the company owes. Theyy have sent the company notices and then the company decided to ask for a appeal hearing which again this was done at their request and the date for this was on the 6TH. They did not even show up for this hearing. As a result they lost in default. Since I have attempted to request for the company to pay me. I’ve been badgered, threatened and aperently Anvar seems to think he can offer me $800 to settle this out. I have made it very clear that he had an option to fight the actual amount owed and h e did not show up. In addition to this truck drivers have what’s called a DAC report. This is were wh3n you get a job other companies can check your history. I performed my duties as I was suppose to. I did the best job considering what I was up against that I could. The bottom line is if they are not held accountable, they will not only do this to me but who ever else they can. I know you guys help people who have issues like this and I’m asking you to not even expose the company but put pressure on them so they will pay me. Todayg alone I’ve been bad mouthed and treated by Anvar. The bottom line is they owe the. Okey. I have posted reviews on the company in the past but this is still not enouph. I am gonna see if I can file a complaint with the Attorney general, BBB, and whatever else i.can do. I would like you to do a story and put some pressure on them so maybe they will stop the non sense and simply pay me. This is allot of mo key and I deserve to be paid..please help me. Thank You Yours Truly Eric Bordeaux Attached is text messages I have received froim Anvar, also pics of the court documents Please please help as I think your helpl will get them tol pay me. Again I deserve to be paid bottom line They not only have been ordered to pay $2933.98 but also 10% per annum penalty of $0.80 per day commencing 02/09/2017. This I s what comes to me in addition which this goes to the hour and wage division is a civil penalty of $1000.00 of un paid wages and fringe benefits not to exceed $1000. They are costing them selves more and more money daily. They clearly don’t care. Ik can pray you help and I think this will get me paid I’ve emailed the mayor of Lansing and his office, MI governor Rick Snyder, the president. And I will email who ever else I can think of again I just want to be paid. I do not deserve all this
2, Report #545851
Dec 27 2009
02:46 PM
Covenant Transport Lies all LIES Chattanooga, Tennessee
I have been sitting here reading some of the horrific stories about the Christian Company Covenant Transport, so I thought that I would send in mine so here ya go! I have been in this wonderful business of transportation since 1994 all though I havent always been a driver untill recently I can tell you that not all Trucking Companies are operated like this one. They are terriable they lie everytime their mouth is opened or a msg is sent, I know now why they have a closed door policy for their Drivers.  Im sure that I would have been a discruntal Driver except I really didnt want to go to Jail! My expeirence was not so bad in the beging had an excellent Trainer wonderful guy we had a great time. Although I do have to admit he never made me do anything that I didnt want to do like back in a dock, drop & hook trlrs my log book ect. Still when it was time for me to upgrade I had all my sessions in and all my backing in. Which was a lie! go figure. Then when it was time for me to find a partner I was actually thrown into a truck with a girl I didnt know, and she couldnt drive well so it took me several weeks to sleep when she was driving, but thats neither here nor there, my trouble was with my so called Fleet Manager thats funniest thing I belive I have ever heard a dispatcher called being as that I myself was a Dispatcher since 1994. I know I know you think that all dispatchers are liers thats not true I was a good dispatcher  tell the driver that them mad and get over it not lie and have them not trust me anymore was my thinking. My Fleet Manager Micky Presnell was the worst I have ever seen in my life. He would answere a question with a questions just like sitting a team truck on 1034 miles for 4 days with 3 deliveries  then tell me that they cant get me home from Indianapolis Indianna to Memphis Tn. when he knew 1 month  prior to that that I needed to be home he approved it. Then tells me cant get me there so we went round round on the qual com about this untill I said  Ill be home reguardless, and I have your bill cant turn them in then it was a different story same thing at Thanksgiving except he went a little further with it After being layed over in San Antonio for 2 days and being dispatched to pick up in Houston going to Indiana I reminded him that I needed to be home the next day and he said what is your co driver going to do my reply was that someone was comming to get her and I asked him what he thought she was going to do sit in the Truck 5 days till I come back to work he said that she didnt have a time off request so I sent him a msg and stated that it never matters if I have time off request in when she does for Chattanooga I have to sit there and wait on her but now it suddenly matters sounds more like dont want to get me home as opposed to anything, They are so political there that they cant see past the so called White House but then its pretty much the same as our Government they blow smoke up your butt and tell you what they want to know but not the truth. They are all just a bunch of yes men and women that dont have a clue what trucking is all about, like the service failure he told us we going to get, I dont everyone exactly what a service failure is but it is any time there is a break in service to a customer whether its driver, dispatch, customer service or weather related. But the truth was that we were not late I mean how can you be late to a first come first serve 8am to 5pm M-F customer. Since I used to do service Improvement classes at a ISO 9000 Company I told him that the break in service to this customer was Covenant not letting them know that we were comming and never mind that fact this was a customer we went to at least once a week they didnt have directions to get there! Can you belive that I mean I in all my years dispatching never not 1 time told a driver to call and get his own directions to a customer but yet that is what my Fleet Manager would tell me, I also had prepaid cell phone which I was never compensated for when I had to call these customers. Which is crap a Drivers job is to pick up and deliver freight in a timely manner. Dispatcher or Fleet Manager's job is to work for the Driver to insure that he/she has the correct information to pick and deliver freight. In other words a Fleet Manager works for the Drivers. Drivers dont work for them they all work for the same company. Needless to say I dont have faith in a Company that is supposed to be Christian that sets you up to fail. My Husband I used to own a truck and I was also his Driver Manager when I met him he would listen to the things that I would tell him that Covenant was doing and he could not belibve that I was still there I stayed long enough to get my 6 months in and for them to get thier Government hand out for me being a student and I had to leave they were going to cause me to have a stroke or heart attack or breakdown or something because everyday it was a constant battle, Trucking should not be that way! There are too many companies out here now that just dont care but I will have to say this one tops them all in my book they SUCK!!! So please if you just got out of driving school do not go to Covenant they will cause you to loose your religion and your sanity. If not your life.
Entity: Chattanooga, Tennessee
3, Report #1304321
May 08 2016
08:47 AM
Transport America ? all terminals No longer american owned eagan Minnesota
A very deceptive company that was sold to [ transforce montreal ca ] here is their website ( for any who doubt what im about to say ) you will never meet the owner(s) unless you take your truck or car to canada nor will you be told this is a canadian owned company in orientation. very poorly maintained tractors and your not encouraged to write up any defects on your tractor / trailer either, they are still running radio ads about this company suggesting its american owned...  Not true at all. some drivers will follow you home, Most if not all terminals will treat you like dirt ( even during driver appreciation week ) i was told when i hired on in 2014 they would have all new trailers by 2015 ( it never happened ) i even looked on terminal bulletin boards on new ownership ( never saw anything close ) i could go on and on but you get the idea If you sign on with TA just have someone write SUCKER on your forehead.
Entity: eagan, Minnesota
4, Report #1063027
Jun 29 2013
04:22 AM
all day auto transport AKA all day auto transport or transport community AKA BLIFFELD, CARLOS FRAUD CORAL SPRINGS, Florida
I am the owner of MJ Parker Trucking and Parker Auto Transport.  This slime ball has to create websites with other companies names because he can not do business on his own reputation.Registered through:, LLC (   Domain Name: MJPARKERAUTOTRANSPORT.COM      Created on: 10-Jun-13Technical Contact:      BLIFFELD, CARLOS        ALL DAY AUTO TRANSPORT, INC      12135 NW 57TH ST      CORAL SPRINGS, Florida 33076      United States      (954) 346-6718
Entity: CORAL SPRINGS,, Florida
5, Report #1254476
Sep 12 2015
08:57 AM
All Coast Auto Transport National Transport Solutions s****.
All Coast Auto Transport is a typical Florida scam.  They scam snowbirds into thinking that you will get a good deal by transporting your car to Florida for the winter BUT they won't pick it up when they agreed, they won't delivery it when they agreed, they will over-charge you AND they will vandalize your car.
Entity: Delray Beach, Florida
6, Report #84938
Mar 22 2004
08:08 PM
This company is a auto transport business that does not take responsibility for vehicles in their possesion. They are by law supposed to produce insurance on a theft from their car carrier, but they refuse to. They are very low people to deal with and they think its ok to let the hard working american to just lose thousands of dollars because of their wrong doing. These people need to be brought to justice before they do it to others. Joseph POMPANO BEACH, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: ROSEDALE, Maryland
7, Report #366023
Aug 22 2008
10:56 PM
They refuse to acknowledge our original contract oder #341042-VS for the total amount of $1075 and a COD of $900 with a $175 deposit. The Carrier is asking for a COD of $1100 because they state that they have a contract with the broker for $1100. We have called All American many times and their excuse was no contract with a COD of $900 exist and that the person processing the contract was terminated. The company telling me they are not liable for any charges there after and that it's between me and the carrier. They have denied all claims. The carrier they found were terrible, they had no sense of time and respect for their customers. The carriers would tell me its coming on thursday, but then delayed it till Saturday. Which I complained and they said it would be in by friday late afternoon. It turned out they didn't show up till 11pm. Resolution Sought: I want All American Transport to refund me the $200 I had to pay extra to the carrier. My contract is between the All American Transport at that time and is not with the carrier. Whatever business they have with the carrier is their problem. Date Problem Started: 08/21/2008 Date of Transaction: 07/15/2008 Amount in Dispute: $200.00 Invoice Number: 341042-VS I WOULD NEVER USE THIS COMPANY OR ANY OF THEIR ASSOCIATES. BEWARE OF FALSE ADDS!!! TRUONG Westminster, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami Beach, Florida
8, Report #846147
Feb 28 2012
04:58 PM
all coast auto transport robert rumenique boca raton, Florida
 i want to start by saying that i made an agreement with mr:Rumenique who works for all coast auto transport, on 02/14/2012 where it agreed that on the 02/20/2012 the vehicle would be picked up, stayed that a deposit of $200 needed to me made at first then the remaining $500 upon arrible of the car , wish i agreed.  on the 02/20/2012 no one called to report a status on the case after being calling for 3 day .on the 02/23/2012 the trucker called staying that he had family emergency and that because of that reason he was unable to pick up the car for me, i understood perfectly. then i called the customer service department to let them know what had happend and to see what steps i need it to do now, they never respond to any of my phone calls or mesages, then on 02/28/2012 mr: Rumenique answer my call and tels me he has nothing to talk to me about then gives the customer service number to deal with them in a really rude manner, i called and mrs: Helen answerd she ruddly said we do not speak spanish and hung the phone, that when I Marelys G Daughter of Rolando M above mentined person who was the one who made the contract with them, he being on the line aproving the translation/to speak on his behve , mrs:Helen hung the phone but prior said i have nothing to talk to you we didnt make a deal with you and said if you still want the car you have to pay an addition $150.00 dollars to what was agreed upon contract and wait till tomorrow that we contact you to tell you the driver information. I really believe that they are a repoff. never seen such a company that would steal money from people like this they kept my money and never brought me my vehicle.
Entity: boca raton, Florida
9, Report #905862
Jul 02 2012
04:07 PM
All American Transport Miami, FL Rude and Incompetent Workers, Miami, Florida
I have used this company two times. I feel bad about writing this review because the first I used this company the service was phenomenal but this last time it was the most horrible experience I have been in. I will be discussing my second experience. When I first requested a quote from the company it was $875. I then e-mailed the company and told them my situation of being a student and that I also used this company a year ago. I then received and e-mail from Annette stating they would give me a discount and would ship my car for $700. I then e-mailed back and said that I could work with the price and then I proceeded to ask them would my dates available for pickup be a problem. Annette then responded and said there would be no problems with my dates. These correspondents occurred around June 6th and my car was scheduled to be picked up between July 1st- 5th. After this last e-mail, I did not hear from Annette again and when July 1st came around I was worried and felt the need to contact Annette. Annette called me the next day and said she had a carrier. I was so excited but that would not last for long.  To get to the point of this review, Annette e-mailed me the contract and it had the price of $875. I called Annette to tell her about the price and she said she would never give someone a $175 discount but once I told her I had the e-mail to prove it she did acknowledge it. BUT then she said she could not do anything about the price. I then asked to speak to her manager and she would not let me and then she finally said he would give me a call back because he was on the line. I called the company again in hopes to speak to someone else. The person who answered the phone said she overheard the conversation and Annette did not do anything wrong. She then proceeded to say I cancelled the second contract and I had to inform her that there was no first contract. She then said she was Customer Service and she could not do anything. To my knowledge, I thought this is what customer service was supposed to handle. At the end of the day, my car was not delivered and I never received a phone call from the manager. I have all the e-mails saved and if you would like to see them let me know. Do not do business with this company. I do not know what has happened in a year but it has gone down.
Entity: Miami, Florida
10, Report #1150785
May 30 2014
05:45 AM
All day Auto Transport Bait switch and non perform Coral Gables Florida
All of the companies contacted for quotes on transporting a car first gave low ball quotes , then raised the  price . Some got beligerant. When All Day finally committed to a price , they took my credit card number. told me they would call with a truck assignment. When I called to check on the truck they gave an excuse and said they would get back to me. I never heard from them again . Now that it is time to head home I have to rent a car trailer and tow the car home. These brokers are worse tha aluminum siding salesmen. I will never try to ship a car again. What crooks and Liars
Entity: Select State/Province
11, Report #1200652
Jan 09 2015
10:20 PM
All Roads Express Transport Thieves and liers Internet
Total liers and ripoff scammers. They lied to me and keep giveing me promices for 2 days but did nothing then put $175.00 on my credit card. Bank will take care of that and Florida Atterney General will take care of some other things they tried. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO ANY DEALINGS WITH THEASE SCUMBAGS. 
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1012609
Feb 11 2013
08:08 PM
All Coast Auto Transport Ultimate Scam Artists, Disrepectful, Inconsiderate, Godless Beings Internet
It was stated in writing from an employee at All Coast Auto Transport that my car would be picked up by today, February 11, 2013....I only signed a contract with them after receiving this note stating the above....they did not honor what was stated in the note, screamed and yelled at me and refused to tell me when the car would indeed be picked up...The person who wrote the note to me on 2/7/13 is not working there as of 2/11/13.
Entity: , Internet
13, Report #1292791
Jul 21 2016
04:05 PM
All weather auto transport Anthony Amato Anthony Amato is a con man Florida Internet
 I strongly advise people to NOT use this scam of a company, especially if you are a woman. He will lie and take advantage of you. I'm very regretful that I didn't check reviews and do my research on him although I didnt have much of a chance I was preparing to move to a different state. Called around for a few quotes and someone just happened to put me on the board, making it hard for him to take me as a client. He called me yelling and upset that the other company wouldn't take me off the board and pulled me into his drama with the competition-very unprofessional. He demanded that I call them to take me off the board and also told me to call their supervisor to complain on his behalf. I should've took that as a red flag to not to do business with a hot head. I only hoped he would fight that hard when it came to finding me a driver in a reasonable amount of time. He wasn't very helpful throughout the process. He told me that he would call me the next day and never did, nor would he answer my calls. He only picked up when I called from a different number. He quoted me for 425 dollars and said he takes 150 and the balance be paid to the driver which was cool. He charged my card immediately without telling me or assuring me that he would have a driver for me. Then I get a call the night before my car was to arrive telling me that I owe 425 dollars. I called Anthony the crook and wasn't surprised when he didn't answer. When the driver finally arrived with the car he bumped up the price and told me that I owe 450 dollars. Seriously people DO NOT fall for his promises. He will take your money and ignore you.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #854917
Mar 16 2012
12:37 PM
All American Transport All American Transport ... these people are very unprofessional and untrustworthy ... beware Miami, Florida
I was approached by this company to transport my vehicle after I filled out an online form on a website where different carriers can bid on it. When they first called they said we will do it for 550 then later I was contacted by another company that company and they would charge me 500 for the transport.So I let Caesar know that. He lowered the price to 500 and went on about how professional their company was.. He asked me to look at the review on and how they deliver on time and blah blah... I guess I fell for it. I decided to go with them.  Then they asked me to give my credit card number but they wouldn't charge me until the vehicle was dispatched. I wanted to make sure when my car would be delivered before I made my final decision. I needed it their asap. I explained him that... then he said he would look for carriers that were driving that route and let me know. I wanted the car to be there by Sunday1/29/2012. He didnt call.. so i called back again. He said that he hadn't found a carrier yet.  Then he called and let me know that they can pick it up on Thursday 1/26 and the car would be there on Monday 1/30. I said ok but didnt want any more delays. Then he send me the dispatch notice with the carrier information, pick up and delivery time. The carrier was called Master Logistics. After that I didnt hear from them. Caesar had told me that they would contact me about 2-3 hrs before pickup. IT was Thursday and I waited and waited and heard nothing from Caesar nor the driver.  Then I called Caesar and asked him whats going on. He said he would check and let me know. I didnt hear back from him so I called the driver and he said he will be there tomorrow as they had to do an oil change to their truck. I told him that as long as it gets there on time its ok if you pick it up tomorrow. Then next day I dont hear from anyone.  Nor the driver nor the All American Transport Company. I call the driver again. He said he would be there that evening (1/27). As usual, no one called... I called All American and let Caesar know ... he said he would call back but no reply......  I called the driver again that evening... he says he will be there tomorrow.... I am already starting to get pissed... Tomorrow (Sat 1/31) came and I still dont hear any thing from any body... finally after calling the driver few times he pics up his phone and says he is on his way and will be there by noon. Again No response from the driver and its already 1.  This is just ridiculous... you cant be waiting on the driver all week expecting when he is going to call .... I got tired and decided to wait for him to call me back... it was 5 and still i dont hear from him nor All American. I couldn't wait for him because I had to go somewhere so I called him around 5 and asked him where he was... he says he is 5 mins away.  Finally he showed up and picked up my car. I asked him when the car would be delivered.. he says he would shoot for Monday... I said ok but I seriously had a doubt.... Long story short... Same thing happened while delivery, first they said monday 1/29, thats what it was scheduled for , then evening, then next day, then evening for sure then next day and finally it reached the destination on Friday evening (3rd Feb).  Meanwhile I had called and Emailed Caesar from All American several times and he keeps blaming Master Logistics saying they are the carrier and not his Company.  I contacted All American and not Master Logistics, if the vehicle is delayed for any reason why cant they notify me in advance so that I dont sit there waiting. And I dont care what company they choose to deliver my car.  I contacted All American and they should keep track of where the vehicle is or if there is going to be any delays or not... This is a very untrustworthy company. 
Entity: Miami, Florida
15, Report #1181349
Oct 07 2014
09:37 AM
All Country Transport Inc. All Seasons Transport 123 INC Deposit Scam North Babylon New York
I'm currently in the Army and stationed in Florida. My family and I are relocating to Maryland in the end of October. About a month ago I signed up to get quotes from various auto transport companies to ship my car from Florida to Maryland. I received phone calls and emails with price quotes ranging from $650-$800. Peter from All Country Transport contacted me and gave me the lowest quote yet over the phone. I was driving and didn't have the chance to look up the reviews on this company with the BBB or other consumer protection sites. To lock in the price and the shipment two months out Peter wanted a $150 deposit. I wasn't given a disclosure that the deposit was non-refundable if the shipment was cancelled, or that we had a binding contract. The next day I received the blank contract to sign from Peter. I decided that I wanted to drive up to Maryland to look at some houses and that I didn't need my car transported any longer. When I sent a cancellation notice to Peter and asked for my deposit, he said I'll See What I Can Do. Then he said his driver had the deposit, although it was two months out from being shipped.  I reminded him that I never signed a contract, and was never given a disclosure. Peter then said it was a binding contract according to three lawyers, Mastercard, and Visa. I can't make this stuff up! I then decided I was done trying to deal with him and his dishonest and unprofessional company. I opened a dispute with my credit card company, and gave them the whole story. Two weeks after cancelling the shipment with Peter, I got a call from Frank. Frank notified me that my car was dispatched to be picked up in forty five days. If it was closer to pick up date their scam might have actually worked. Frank was surprised to find out that I had cancelled the shipment, and promised to get my deposit back. I didn't receive another call from Frank. I did however get a notification from my credit card company that $150 had been deposited back to my account. Obviously, Peter's legal guidance was as poor as his customer service. Do your research before choosing a transport company. I've read so many bad reviews about this company, and they are all similar. The classic bait and switch pricing scam!   
Entity: North Babylon, New York
16, Report #799111
Nov 17 2011
01:04 PM
All Coast Auto Transport National Transport Solutions, LLC Never delivered service, took deposit and will not refund. Scam Artist Internet
My experience with this company has been a nightmare. No customer service, nasty and rude. They hang up the phone when they don't want to deal with the problem. My son died on October 16, 2011. I do not drive, so I was trying to send his car to my other son in Miami. I was present when a family friend, Rene Rivas called All Coast Co. spoke with a Jose. 561-288-6260,, fax 561-807-0478. Rene explained the situation to him; Jose promised the car would be picked up in less than a week. (10/26) I paid $200 deposit for pick up from Jersey City, NJ Home Depot lot. Cost was to be $775.00 total. Jose said that 24 hours before pick up, we would receive an email to confirm pick up and a phone call. Days went by, no call or email. I called myself and tried to speak with Jose. Helen Stabile got on the phone she was very nasty and said that when she has a driver she will let us know. Dont call us we call you! No date was given and she hung up on me and said she does not have to speak with me only Rene! I tried to explain that I am the customer, I paid for the pickup and my name is on the receipt! She did not care. She also said that the receipt does not say that they give you a 24 hour notice for pick up and that the deposit money is NON REFUNDABLE. The receipt in bold red letters states the 24 hour notification rule. That night at 630pm Rene received a call and was told we had 20 minutes to get to Jersey from Queens to deliver car to driver. It was impossible to do that in 20 minutes, because we needed time to arrange for a driver to bring us back to Queens. Helen said if we do not take care she is charging us another $200. She told Rene to call driver that perhaps he can meet us in Queens, but he will defiantly be at the pickup location in Jersey City. He would wait for us. She gave Rene the number of the driver Stacey 416-702-3186-Breitling Transport. Rene tried to schedule with him that evening, Stacey said we were not on the schedule and he can't come to Jersey City or Queens. He wanted us to drive to Perth Amboy to leave car. That is more than 2 1/2 hours away from original pick up. We told him we could not do that and we needed pick up to be closer to NY-Jersey City. He said he would try in the early am, and that he would call us back to schedule. Never received his call. Called All Coast in the at 8am, Ms. Helen got on the phone again screaming at me and telling me she was going to keep my money because I did not comply with pu, and she hung up on me. Rene called she told him she would change pick up date and get back to us. Never did. Rene has been trying to solve the problem. He keeps calling the driver and All Coast to set pick up date and time. Stacey, Driver said he will pu following week-Sunday 11/13. We called Helen and requested a receipt stating that fact, she said she would email to us and never did. Sunday no call. We tried calling Driver no response. Monday, Helen says truck broke down but will schedule pick up on Wed, 11/16. Yesterday we kept calling driver and company. They told us they would call back and did not. We called up until 8pm last night, no response. finally, Breitling Transport, a James and a Mr. Taven, 443-414-3355, said to call at 8am on 11 17 that time will be given to us for pick up. Well today 11/17 is Thursday, driver does not answer the phone, trucking co. does not answer the phone, left several messages. I again tried calling Jose the original man that took the order, Helen will not put him on the phone and she hung up on me. I told her that I was going to report them to better business bureau. She laughed and hung up on me. Rene called spoke to another girl at All Coast, who said she is looking for another driver and will get back to us. It is 12 pm. Still no call or email for pick up. This is what they have been saying since 10/26/11. I called them up 1/2 hour ago. I requested my money back because they can not deliver service. HELEN AND DENISE TOLD ME THAT I AM CANCELLING THE ORDER AND DO NOT GET MY MONEY BACK, SHE ALSO SAID SHE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT COMPLAINTS, SHE THEN HUNG UP THE PHONE AS I WAS SPEAKING. PROFESSIONAL SCAM ARTIST! i HAVE COPIES OF ALL EMAILS OF OUR CORRESPONDENCE.
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #861830
Mar 31 2012
07:55 AM
All American Auto Transport Inc AAA Auto Transport Theifs, liars Monarch Beach, California
Do not hire this company! Hired them on March 1, 2012 to transport a truck from Sacramento, CA to Ruidoso, NM.  Was told it would take 7 to 10 days.  Well, here it is a month later and I have no idea if or when they will have my truck picked up.  I call them everyday and they inform me that a driver is in route to pick it up.  Once it is picked up he said he would call me.  When I show my irritation at hearing this for the gazillienth time, he says he will call me in 10 - 15 minutes with my confirmation.  Call back when they don't call and I get sent to cyber space.  Email get's no response. In an attempt to assist in this fiasco, I offered to make a compromise.  More money, different destination?  Got no response.  All in all, I have been told a driver is in route to pick up your truck  over 15 times.  Tony Torres is listed as the President and I suspect he is the only person that works there.  By the way, the company claims to be BBB accredited and they are not.  As a matter of fact, they have a BBB rating of F.   Just pick a different transport service!
Entity: Monarch Beach, California
18, Report #951652
Oct 06 2012
09:35 AM
all coast auto transport National Transport Solutions Llc Falsify business details. Boca Raton, Florida
The representative named Bonnae confirmed over the phone that my suv will definately be shipped in the evening if I make the payment.  However, once they secured the deposit he hung up on me and would not pick up the phone. Their manager yelled at me over the phone and reassured it will be shipped as promised.  The next day I called to find out that the shipping date was 3 days later than promised. I have lost $200 but I have contacted my lawyer and hopefully we can give hold them duly responsible for a serious business fraud.
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
19, Report #35319
Nov 15 2002
06:30 PM
Ledar Transport Ripoff poor home time all work no pay INDEPENDENCE Missouri
I worked for this company for(7) weeks running 3000 miles each week, as of this day I have not received a pay check. This company is getting richer but the drivers are getting poorer. This company does not believe in human ethics nor do they care about people. This company charges the drivers for everything even the envelopes to mail the pay checks that you never received. If you play by their rules you are fine. If you asked to involve yourself in something that is against DOT rules & you get caught the company will not accept the responsibility of this action. This company should adopt the yearly employee satisfaction surveys because this is a very unpleasant company to seek employment with. The office administrators should attend quarterly How to be a professional classes & upper management should watch the Who took my cheese video & put some of the cheese or money in the drivers pockets instead of the owners. We as drivers have delivered this companies freight but we are not being compensated. Johnny Cockran can you help me get my CHEESE. Illegal/Ripoff/Liars/Bad business/DO NOT SEEK EMPLOYMENT HERE/ Clarence DALZELL, South Carolina
Entity: INDEPENDENCE, Missouri
20, Report #1059372
Jun 15 2013
09:04 AM
STI Movers (Sasha Transport) Legalized extortion - avoid at all costs. Lincolnwood Illinois
Legalized extortion - avoid at all costs. I won't go into much detail about the events leading up to my personal belongings being held ransom except to say that most of my dealings were with a just folks guy named Tom. At first Tom was very helpful with my cross country move plans. The pick-up date was a little sketchy as I was given a large window but they showed up on time and packing everything went off without too many hitches. My girlfriend and I relocated on the other side of the country and spent a while in hotels until we found a place - as soon as I had an address I called Tom to set up delivery. He asked if a Semi truck could get in our apartment complex to which I replied I doubt it, but don't quote me on that as I am not a truck driver and have no experience with transporting goods. He said not to worry about it, that he is going to send a fairly small truck since our belongings all fit on a 20-some footer in the first place. (this is an important detail, as later on STI will deny this conversation ever took place). Delivery date is set for a week later. The night before delivery I got a call from the driver and he asks me the same thing: Can a semi-truck (18 wheeler) fit in my new home location? I gave him the same response I gave Tom and he pushed me to contact management to ask them about it. Puzzled since I already had this conversation with Tom the week before I gave him the managers number so he could work it out. I didn't hear anything after that. Next morning I am waiting in my new empty place for our belongings. The driver knocks on my door and says We have problem. Apparently his 18 wheeler is sitting on a road outside of the complex and he says he can't get in. Still baffled as to why this is happening I called the office but nobody was in yet, and during this time the driver is telling me You will have to rent a U-Haul so we can move your things from the semi. He also asked me if I knew where the nearest U-Haul is and if I can give him a ride there (!). I told him I was not going to do anything until I hear from the home office. Finally able to contact Tom, I explained the situation and he said he would look into it and get right back to me. Two hours go by and I have still heard nothing so I call back - and right at that moment I get a knock on my door. It's the driver and his muscle. First thing he does is ask me for my credit card to pay $540 for the U-Haul. I said I was doing no such thing and he bristled a bit, so I called the office again and escalated until I got an explanation - according to STI I had signed a document that stipulates If STI is not diligent enough to make sure their drivers are aware of where a semi can and cannot go, customer agrees to pay a ridiculous amount of money for a smaller truck rental (side note: There must be some fine print in there that I have still not found that adds a note about ignoring any instance of STI telling a customer they will not send a semi and send one anyway. To anyone reading this and still considering using these thieves for your move, you have been warned!) The local U-Haul quotes a 26 foot truck for one day as $39.95 + $.69/mile, and STI saw fit to commence extorting $540 from me - for their own screw up. Needless to say I was not happy but what could I do? I was faced with two burly moving guys that had everything we own sitting on a truck and made it perfectly clear that I would not see my things until I forked over the money. With no options left I paid up. After the smoke cleared I sent an email to Tom requesting information but he went silent. So I called and explained my situation, asked where this $540 amount came from and was told to look at my contract. It is there - sort of. One of the pages has a title called Optional Services and one of the line items is Shuttle Service. There is no definition or explanation of this vague term and there is nothing entered in the contract, so BUYER BEWARE. This is a blank check for STI to show up with a ransom note attached to everything you own. It really is an amazingly confusing document and I have no doubt that unsuspecting customers fall right into this murky trap. Trying to get an explanation from Toms superior was fruitless - when I told him about Tom asking me the semi question a week earlier he denied it even happened and just kept going back to this blank check contract of theirs. When all that failed I just laid it on the line and asked if I could get a break on the cost but he would not hear of it. Didn't matter that I had already given them thousands of dollars for this move. No apology, no accountability. Just We got your money now, sucks to be you. If that is not legalized extortion I do not know what is. Better Business Bureau has been contacted and I urge anyone else who has had the misfortune of dealing with these unprincipled charlatans to do the same. I have never in my life experienced such appalling customer service.
Entity: Lincolnwood, Illinois
21, Report #1193453
Dec 05 2014
11:03 PM
Belgard Transport Danny Belgard owner of company theft, false promise, false advertising seattle/tacoma Washington
Watch out for this company! they use craigslist ads to promote their false promises. i responded to this in hopes of making a little better money. his ads usually contain info including compensation is 1500$+ a week. how he works his program is he hires you on as a owner operator and even pays and files for wa state business licenes. he then leases a truck to you which you are responsable for. they are older freighlines that are in the shop on a weekly basis. anyways.. his compensation is 50/50% of what the trucks make. he does not have any legitment work to his company so in turn he leases his trucks to Premier Transport out of Tacoma, WA. Well their pay scale does not work with his business model to make it profitable for the driver to make a decent wage. (example) yakima $450.00 all in. Portangeles $250.00 all in. you get the picture? well considering the 50/50 margin plus fuel and insurance that the driver pays you can imagine there is not much left. biggest check i made there no matter how hard i ran was 1000$. then they kept getting smaller and smaller. every once in a while he will give you a call and give you the good ole boy pep talk that things will get better....... so i gave him about 1.5 months of my time before i had enough. so i started looking for another opertunity because i have kids i have to support and the wages were not cutting it. so i found a job gave my notice to him which was short but what ever.. i left my company supplied property in the truck and locked the keys in it including gps unit, fuel cards etc... i let him know all of this he confirmed and we went our seperate ways. about a week later after i was with my new company i get a text message stating that my fuel card is still being used. of course i stated to him that i left all of that in the truck and followed up with him a day later confirming him that he recieved the fuel cards. i assured him that i was not using his cards with the new company i was with that supplies their own. ( keep in mind this adds up later on). so after i got done explaining to him that was the end of conversation. well on 12/5 i recieve a text as states.. Your a piece of shit cause we did find out u stole fuel on our card week after u were done so i just may make a police report for theft the whole time i was employeed with this company the owner Danny Belgard always seemed on edge nervous and confused of how to run his operation sucessful. he displayed nervous  tendencies much like a heroin addict does when they are on edge. long story short. dont waste your time with this company. you will only loose that time to not gain back when you can be somewhere else better off.   all of his equipment freightliners columbia's double bunk sleepers have harley davidson logo's on the back.
Entity: seattle/tacoma, Washington
22, Report #1004100
Jan 26 2013
08:18 PM
southern refigerator transport SRT all drivers do not look at SRT texarakana, Arkansas
Please any drvier looking for working at SRT you are going to be in for areal surprise. This company is insane pratices during week nights and weekends there are only 2 to 3 people working trying to take care of 1000 trucks . Whichare in such bad condition. They will give a line of crap until they get you in there seat for orentation. After that you can quit and they dont care. No open door policy everthing is locked doors. Also every time you are late for a delivery thats 50.00 dollars out of your pay check and it only gets worst from there. Good luck on killing your driving life. And the worst mechanics in the buisness did i tell you they will never let you bobtail out of there yard. So if you are there four days waiting for truck repair no way of getting any food to eat. They are alwayas looking for a reason to havesafty try to get you. F**k F**k this company
Entity: texarakana, Arkansas
23, Report #1051844
May 17 2013
09:24 PM
northern steel transport worked 16 weeks and received no pay at all toledo Ohio
I lease purchased this truck and trailer from this company and in the first two weeks truck was broke down constantly repairs came to 11,800 dollars so havent gotten a pay check in 16 weeks they have taken every dime so we lost our home and moved into truck for past 5 months we were getting 25 dollars a day to live on then that was stopped also. cant quit as the truck is the only place we have to live now.If you are thinking about going to work for this company dont they talk a good game then rob you blind and leave you on the street
Entity: toledo, Ohio
24, Report #346537
Jul 01 2008
08:18 PM
Active Auto Transport LLC, All American Auto Transport, Inc. Damaged my property making a U-turn after his delivery Parsippany New Jersey
I live in Florida in a gated community on a cul du sac. Here comes a 80 foot carrier to deliver a car to my neighbor. When the driver went to make the U-turn to exit the street, he use my driveway, mailbox and lawn as part of the street to make the turn. My mailbox is damaged beyond repair. I know it sounds so trivial, but down here when you live in a deeded community the mailboxes are all the same and are unique in construction. Therefore, it cost approx. $500 to be replaced. Well, when I got home that evening and saw the damage, my neighbor informed me of what happened and gave my the information on who to contact. All American Auto Transport, Inc. is the broker. On their email soliciation which was given to me by my neighbor it states how experienced they are, being in business since 1964. How they use company owned trucks--when, in fact, they used Active Auto Transport to deliver the vechicle. How outstandin there customer service is and that they are full primary insurance (what does that mean?) Anyway, I called AAAT, who gave me Edmar's number at Active Auto in NJ and this has been going on since May 27th and nobody wants to step up to the plate and pay for the damage to my property. He blames the driver, whom he says is an independent contractor. The driver admitted hitting my mailbox and has sent a check to the maker of the mailbox but the check bounced. knowone wants to give me any insurance information. Aren't these people suppose to be insured? Anyway, it is now July 1st and I am out $500 for a mailbox. You just can't trust anybody anymore. No one wants to do the right thing. This country's going to hell in a hand basket. Land o lakes, florida land o lakes, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Parsippany, New Jersey
25, Report #344491
Jun 26 2008
09:24 AM
All American Transport Company, Mariupol Auto Transport Refused to deliver my vehicle, tell me where it is, or tell me where the driver and the truck are. Miami Beach Florida
On or about the 2nd of May 2008, I contacted All American Transport to ship my 2005 Chrysler Town and Country Minivan from Puyallup, WA to Newark, NJ. They picked up my vehicle on the 9th Of June 2008. I was charged a $175 deposit. The remaining balance of my transport is $920. On the 17th of June 2008 I called to track the progress of my vehicle and was informed that it would be here on the 20th of June 2008. On the 23rd of June 2008 I placed several phone calls trying to locate my vehicle and was informed my numerous people that they did not know where my vehicle was and that they did not know where the driver was. They stated that the driver was not answering any of the messages that was left for him and they could not get in touch with him. They kept telling me that they would look into the matter and call me back, but no one ever called me back. I made at least 70 phone calls on the 23rd and the 24th of June 2008. When I finally got in touch with the dispatcher, she would not give me her name and told me that she was in contact with the driver, but that she herself, did not know exactly where he was. She then further told me that she could not spend any more time on the phone with me because she had other customers. I informed her that I was a customer also, and her reply to me was, So what. It is now the 26th of June 2008 and I still do not have my vehicle nor can I get anyone on the phone anymore. I am in the military and a single parent. I'm supposed to report to my new duty station next week and I do not have any transportation to transport myself or my children. I cannot afford a rental car for the duration and no one can tell me where my vehicle is or even if I am getting it back. When I asked about the remaining balance on the vehicle delivery and if I could get a discount, a guy named Brian, laughed at me over the phone. I thought that was totally unprofessional and was outraged. Rashina Philadelphia, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Miami Beach, Florida

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