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51, Report #1311014
Jun 12 2016
07:52 PM
Allied Interstate Collections Debt Collection Abuses Nationwide
Abusive Robo collections call while being challenged to validate claims. The claim was sold to Allied Interstate by Port Folio Collection agency after it was sent a registered verification letters. When Allied contacted me I responded with a registered Validation letter, but the calls never stop. Approximately 75 t0 100 calls in 45 days before Allied responded to me. I attempted to get Legal assistant but most Lawyers are Debt collector themselves and did not want to bite the hand that feeds them. After about a year trying to get a legal assistant, I filed a Lawsuit myself before the deadline was over to file a claim against Allied. What I got in return was attacks from two firms. One firm represented Allied and the other for Portfolio who got the claim back and posted collections on my credit report. The two lawyers are working together to do anything possible tp discredit me or my claims. They are too skillful for me, not having Legal training. I am trying to get this in front of a Jury in October but they doing all they can to get me to drop the claim and walk away with nothing. They have destroyed my life, I can't get work with bad Credit score, a loan, refinance my house, a car loan, credit card and has been turned down on auto Insurance. Without income, I have lost utilities, phone line, Car just to name a few. If my best friend was not taken care of me I would be Homeless!
Entity: Nationwide
52, Report #129756
Feb 01 2005
04:31 PM
Allied Interstate A Little Secret About Allied Interstate Minneapolis Minnesota
I found out something about Allied Interstate recently that might be helpful to you if you are having problems dealing with them. I had a $100 phone bill with SBC that went to Allied Interstate. Allied Interstate told me if I paid it off it would not go on my credit. I set up a payment plan to have $50 charged to my credit card over 2 months. Several months later after it was paid off, I got copies of my credit reports and on 2 of the 3 credit bureaus Allied Interstate was on there, saying I owed money and I had never paid them. I called Allied Interstate, furious, and explained the situation. They promised me they would delete this from my credit reports. Several months go by and it never gets deleted. I called Allied Interestate, explained the situation, and the collector told me what was really going on: Allied Interstate does not remove things from your credit once they are on there. (I dont know if they dont have the authority or they just wont.) He told me if I called the original creditor they might take it off my credit. Sure enough, I called SBC and it was finally removed. So if Allied Interstate ever tells you they will take something off your credit do not beleive them- they either can't or they won't. Also, if they tell you something is not going to go on your credit if you pay it off, do not beleive them on that either- they WILL put it on there whether you pay it or not. It is best to go through the original creditor and see if you can work with them, because Allied Interstate will lie through their teeth to you. I am glad I finally encountered their probably only honest employee and I hope that will be the first, last and only time I ever have to deal with a collection agency of any kind! Nicole Cedar Park, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
53, Report #188172
Apr 23 2006
03:36 PM
Allied Interstate, Kevin Stark, Jennifer Smith Allied Interstate harassing wrong number WEST PALM BEACH Florida
Finally success!! Here is the deal folk. After 3 months of harassing calls from Allied Interstate I finally got them to stop. I am telling this to you so you can do it in 2 weeks. I contacted my telephone service provide to see how I could trace the calls that came from them so I could have a legal record. With Cox Communications you press *57. There is a $4.50 charge each time you do this. On the 3rd time the traces are automatically sent to your local police department and a harassment report is made. I then took the harassment report along with a detailed letter, explaining I wanted to be reimbursed for the $4.50 charges and I wish any affiliate of Allied Interstate to never call my home again, to Nebraska State Attorney Generals office of Consumer Complaints. I was contacted by the State Attorney's office a week later saying that Allied will honor my wishes and they will never call my number again. Now take note that no one in this home owed Allied or their clients any monies. The same procedure will work for you if you owe monies and you have sent a Cease Communications letter via registered mail to the business you wish to no longer contact you by phone. I would suggest to everyone that owes money to Allied's clients to send this letter to Allied then contact the original debt owner and make arrangements with them in writing to pay you debt. Hope this helped all. Shame on you Allied Interstate. Kelli Omaha, NebraskaU.S.A.
Entity: WEST PALM BEACH, Florida
54, Report #998529
Jan 17 2013
12:08 PM
Allied Interstate LLC Allied Interstate collection agency for SPRINT Internet
I received yet another call from 1800 806 3342 Allied Interstate LLC - an Amy Rhodes immediatly tergeted me with personal questions. I requested she should identify for whom she was calling she responded aggressively that this was a collection agency and she needed to verify my personal data before she could tell me in what regards this call was placed. I declined giving/verifying personal information with a stranger being secret about their reason for contacting me.  I researched the phone number on the internet. there are 932 complaints on BBB against ALlied Interstate LLC with a rating F - and none of the cases have been solved?!  My open bill with SPRINT originates over an improper invoice where my returned phone has not been ammended in the final billing. I have spend hours and hours on the phone with many representatives and posted all my letters of complaint in public forums. SPRINT is not going to fairly ammend the bill. Now I have to deal with an agressive collection company clearly causing a huge outcry on the net. Seemingly ther is little protection for my dilemma; but I am stubbornly trying to defend my idea that I deserve a correct final invoice. SPRINT seems not to agree... I'm comforted in finding many others with the same experience on the net; some might be lesser innocent - but in the year 2013 any shady behavior will be brought into the public forum and soon companies like Allied will have to level to methods that are fair and correct.(((REDACTED)))
Entity: , Internet
55, Report #211896
Sep 20 2006
03:28 AM
Entity: COLUMBUS, Ohio
56, Report #141893
May 07 2005
03:31 PM
I worked for these scumbags--Allied Interstate--for about 5 months. They are the worse bunch of slobs you can imagine with a mouth to match. You can believe that when someone from Allied calls you, their credit report is worse than yours. They even dress like pigs--slobby clothes and swear all the time. They pretend to hand the phone to a supervisor when they are actually handing the phone to the person next to them if a supervisor is not available. Most of the time, a supervisor is not available. All youre talking to is another idiot from Allied Interstate. Hope I helped you out. Randy Buffalo, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: AMHERST, New York
57, Report #73785
Dec 02 2003
01:48 PM
Allied Interstate, Tactia International IGIA ripoff! Dishonest fraudulent billing. Oceanside New York
December 1, 2003 I received a letter from Allied Interstate stating that I had owed for many months to Tactica International $19.95. (about 3 weeks ago I had cancelled a TV order for an IGIA product obvivously sold through this Tactica International) The letter was very demanding and threatened to use more intense collection efforts to enforce payment. I called Allied and this guy was very imphatic that I owed the $19.95. Would interject on each question I tried to ask him. He couldn't confirm to me that any product was ever shipped from Tactica or received by me. I further questioned the guy and he finally confessed that the product was ready for shipment waiting on the $19.95. I asked him, If the product hasn't been shipped and received by me, then why am I getting a nasty collection letter for $19.95? When I continuously questioned him about the bad debt letter from Allied, he became very beligerant, agitated, and nervous, and finally said he would close the account. He couldn't assure me that it wasn't turned over to a Credit Bureau. He only said they don't do that. Usually when a collection company takes over a debt for collection, it's turned in to the credit bureau. Now I'll have to pay extra to order a report to insure that this RIP-OFF SCAM wasn't turned in to a credit bureau. Do they make their money on these demand letters and folks just pay these small amounts, thinking they owe something? I'm having my attorney send a certified letter to Allied Interstate and Tactica International to make sure this is cleared up. I won't try and order anything else that's advertised on the TV. That's why I cancelled my order to begin with, and you see what it got me. A nasty letter on something I don't owe. Charlotte Indianola, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Oceanside, New York
58, Report #75091
Dec 17 2003
10:45 AM
Allied Interstate ripoff? Not Sure! But What Am I Supposed To Do?? Columbus Ohio
I was contacted by Allied Interstate quite a few times, but never was able to return their phone call within their working hours because of my schedule. I finally switched shifts with someone and got a chance to contact them. They are trying to collect a debt with Visa. After several attempts to work something out with Visa, I guess I got referred to Allied. Unfortunately, I was without work for 10 months this year. (Note to others, that payment protection stuff that the credit card companies push to you...think about it!), so I was unable to make consistent payments to Visa. I finally got to speak to a live person at Allied after waiting for 30 minutes. I used to work in a call center and realize that at certain times calls get backed up. However, I was greeted rather rudely and and was explained the situation in a very matter of fact tone. Understandable, though I never treated a caller in this manner, understandable still if the call center is super busy. I requested documentation of the debt and something sent to me in writing -1) so that I can verify the debt and the creditor and 2) so that I can have the payment coupon to send payment to. I was then laughed at and told that they had sent out letters to me. I have not recieved anything from Allied Interstate. The last thing I have regarding this matter is my statement from Visa. That's it. I asked to verify my address because I had moved. I told the girl my new address and she said that is what they have on record for me. I again requested that I be sent a letter, collection letter, notice anything and she said they do not have to do that. She said they already sent me letters and that I probably just threw them away thinking that they were junk mail. (?) I open everything I get, junk or not. How am I supposed to pay it then? She told me she could take payment over the phone. I don't know her from eve to just be giving her my personal financial info and I don't even have an active checking account. I'm so confused. I actually want to get rid of this debt?! I asked to speak to supervisor and I got cut off. I tried calling again and waited for 45 minutes before my phone died on me. All I want is some type of mailing/documentation. I even filed a complaint with the BBB. I understand that as long as you're in compliance, the law can care less about ethics, but help me to understand this please? I unfortunately also had another credit card in collections with Alliance One. I recieved all their correspondence, my phone calls were handled professionally and I wasn't treated like scum of the earth. They have a job to do and they do it, without the attitude...Anyway, I digress... How can I get documentation, or whatever from Allied about my debt? Robin Miami Beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
59, Report #133173
Feb 28 2005
03:08 PM
Allied Interstate Ripoff scammers rude aggressive hostile defensive and shady Minneapolis Minnesota
I am an attorney, and our business has a mobile phone telephone number we distribute only to our clients. I have been receiving up to 3 calls a day from Allied Interstate on that telephone number. For the record, I have exactly ZERO accounts in collections, ZERO accounts past due, and ZERO delinquencies. I ALWAYS pay my bills on time. There is no reason on the face of the earth for which I should EVER be contacted by these scum. Yet contacting me they are, with great regularity, and costing me money in the process. Finally, I called them back. When I called the first time, I said, Yes, I would like to know who you are. The representative hung up on me. That made me angry, so I called again. The male representative was surly from the get-go. He wanted to know if I was some person of whom I have never heard. I said I was not. He wanted me to tell him under which name my telephone was registered. I told him I would not give him that information unless he told me what he wanted first. He said as far as he knew, I was his (the unknown person, I presume) mother, wife, sister, girlfriend, or some such pretending I didn't know him. In other words, he called me a liar. I explained to this man that I had never been married, so it was impossible for me to have a husband or ex, and that I have never heard of this person. He responded, I don't need your attitude, lady. He repeated that several times in a very hostile, aggressive, unpleasant tone. And for the record, I was not giving him attitude; I simply wanted a reasonable and plausible explanation for their constant phone calls because each call costs me money. The call lasted for less than 5 minutes, but the guy was so unbelievably rude and defensive I decided to see if I could find their website. They appear not to have a website; so classically true of collections scum. I did find the postings here and elsewhere naming them as a bad agency. I hope that someone does sue them in class action. From my brief - and God willing last - encounter with them, they are unprofessional, untrustworthy, shady, and impolite. It was totally unnecessary for that man to have attitude with me; I was using a polite but firm tone and making reasonable requests (wanting to know who they were before giving them any information). Creeps. Juliana Eugene, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
60, Report #137434
Apr 04 2005
01:02 AM
Allied Interstate deceptive, annoying, abusive, violation of state and federal laws possible scam or ripoff Indiana
Started receiving computer generated phone calls from this company.Caller ID shows no number and says Private for the name. The msg states that I had attempted to call them and the call was not completed(untrue).It goes on to say that they cannot give more detailed info to an answering machine(I had personally answered the phone 4 out of 5 times).Near the end it gives a toll free number. After calling the number I have not been able to get the time of day from the 2 people I have spoken with.The only info I was able to get from calling, was the name of the company. With no address to send a cease and desist letter to, it makes for a frustrating time. Debt free with 0 items on my credit report in case you were wondering :) Never used a charge card, never borrowed. If its in regards to an 18,000 hospital bill that medicaid paid 18 years ago and got triple billed for :/ they can stuff it. took 10 years to get false info off my credit report, including hospital bills that were not mine. With an unlisted number and nobody authorised to give it out I sure wish there was some way to put a stop to unethical practices by companies such as this one. Ron Portage, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Unknown, Indiana
61, Report #137154
Apr 01 2005
08:27 AM
Allied Interstate ripoff constant phone calls 2-3 a day Greensboro North Carolina
I mailed them a copy of the paid bill. They still phone me everyday. I paid household retail services 1000.00 for three mo Dec, Jan Feb of 04. I have the cancelled checks. HRS held the final check said. It took two weeks for prossesing. Started billing me for late chrgs. It's up to 550.00 as of last month. I refuse to talk to allied interstate every time they call. They are trying to ruin my good credit rating Ken lawrence, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Greensboro, North Carolina
62, Report #136163
Mar 23 2005
02:40 PM
Allied Interstate ripoff! constant harassment, blocks caller id. Columbus Ohio
For the last 2 months I have been receiving phone calls from Allied Interstate claiming I owe $86 to a book club. These calls have always been anonymous by using computer dialers and blocking caller ID (which is against the law) This book club that I supposedly owe money to, I cancelled my membership over 2 years ago and returned all the books un-opnened. My roommate usually answers the phone and is met with the typical 3 seconds of silence before someone talks back. When my roommate tells them I am not home, they get rude and immediately ask if there is a spouse available or if there is another number where I can be reached. When my roommate takes the message, they won't disclose their company name unless asked. All they provide is a phone number and a 'reference number' and most times, the person calling does not have very good english skills and it is difficult to understand them. One time I did inform them that I do not owe this book company any money and the individual on the other end refused to accept that answer. I could not even understand the gentleman's name because his english was horrible. But they wanted the money and they wanted it now. And when I informed them that there is a law that requires all companies to display caller ID phone numbers (I am in the same state as this company) they just laughed at me. I know a lot of these people are just doing their job but they have no right to be rude, or threaten people if they don't give out more information. Alan Lima, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
63, Report #138797
Apr 14 2005
10:17 AM
Allied Interstate Harrassing Phone calls ripoff Greensboro North Carolina
I have a number who used to belong to a business over 1 year ago. I keep getting phone calls from Allied Interstate but no one is ever on the phone. No messages are left when I was able to find a phone number, the phone was on hold and no one ever came to line after hlding 15 mins I disconnected the call. Krystal lAs Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Greensboro, North Carolina
64, Report #142353
May 11 2005
12:24 PM
Allied Interstate Calls for a person NOT LIVING here, 3 or 4 times daily Ripoff Minneapolis Minnesota
These people call for my daughter whom does not and has not lived at this address. They only have my number because she called them from here in response to mail she received. She does not have a phone and lives several miles from me. I am not even sure if this is a valid debt. She only has 2 of which that could be in collection, and one isn't valid. This is the one I believe they are calling for. We are truck drivers and not home but 3 days a week. My voicemail has numerous messages and hangups from them. I have answered and told them not to call here. The callers get rude and usually end up hanging up on me anymore because I keep trying to prod for information. Today I made online complaints to the FCC, FTC, and the national do not call registry where my number is registered. I would be willing to do anything in conjucntion with a legal case against them with anyone else having the same problem, if the problem does not cease after today. Debbie Bluford, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
65, Report #154508
Aug 22 2005
08:26 AM
Allied Interstate Malicious Telemarketers with no professional ethics RIPOFF Columbus Ohio
This company called my house at least 5 times a week sometimes twice a day. When I pulled the phone number off the caller id and finally called them back to tell them to take me off their phone list, they claimed my number was not in the system. That they coudn't call me. I explained that obviously that wasn't true otherwise how would I have their number to call off the caller id. I explained to the very rude operator that it was not mistake and I wanted to talk to a manager. She then claimed she was the manager and said there was nothing they could do. I said I didn't believe that and I wanted to talk to someone else because I was sick of getting the calls. She then said Well change your number and hung up the phone. I called back immediately, got a different operator. I explained what had happened. He apologized and in 5 seconds had found my number in their system and claimed to delete it out. When I said I wanted to speak to a manager about how rudely I had been treated before. He said managers won't answer those types of calls, and hung on me while I was mid-sentence responding. They are insenstive, unprofessional, coniving vultures. They should be shut down. N. Wheaton, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
66, Report #129076
Jan 27 2005
07:35 AM
Allied Interstate Ripoff Harrassing Rude Demanding Won't Listen Hangs Up Columbus Ohio
From the other reports I've read here, it looks like my fun with Allied Interstate is just beginning. It started approximately 3 weeks ago, calls to my cell phone, all hours of the day, I would answer, hear a strange beep than nothing. Finally, after one of these calls, I called the number back. Spoke with a male employee (refuse to say gentleman, because he was far from it), when I explained that I was calling due to them calling my cell phone & hanging up, I gave my number and he said my name, are you ready to pay the $2300+ I owe on a credit card account I do have an account with the credit card he mentioned, but the credit line is only for $1000, and my account balance is $0. I called my credit card company and informed them that Allied Interstate had been calling and explained to them what had happened. Credit card company then informed me that they had no affiliation with this collection agency. Very interesting, huh??? I then called Allied Interstate back and asked to speak with a supervisor or manager, this time it was a female employee on the other end. She informed me that I had to handle all disputes in writing!!! I once again informed her I did not have a dispute, I wanted to speak with a supervisor/manager ... she then hung up on me. I called again, when I asked to speak with a supervisor/manager, she said oh you again and hung up. My husband then called and asked for their address, having to lie by saying he wanted to pay on his account, she first asked for account #, said he was on road didn't have it, then asked for his social security # at which he replied he didn't feel comfortable giving that info over the phone. How dare they ask for SS# like that!!! Tsk Tsk!! It took her about 5 minutes to dig around on her desk and come up with a PO Box number, after she stated they moved so many times it was difficult to keep up with the address. Something else I thought was interesting ... why are they moving so much if they're such a credible collection agency. After all this excitement, I settled down on our computer and filled out a complaint against them with the Better Business Bureau in Columbus OH. This is one company that needs to be brought to a stop ... and where do they find those employees? Good luck to everyone out there that encounters this company and its employees. I am anxiously awaiting that class action suit against them. And just so you know, especially anyone from Allied Enterprises that might be reading this, I WILL NOT be sending you a single red cent!!! Barbara Fort Myers, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
67, Report #134090
Mar 07 2005
06:09 PM
Allied Interstate ripoff COUNT ME IN ON ANY CLASS ACTION SUIT Columbus Ohio
Allied Interstate sent us a letter demanding payment for an account we did not have - and under a maiden name (married 14 years). When we called to request clarification we spoke to FRANK - possibly the rudest most obnoxiuos person we have eve spoken to. FRANK began the call by demanding a SS# - when we politely explained we DONOT give out our social numbers over the phone he became even more irate and demeaning. FRANK then said give me the account number then! FRANK then told us how stupid we were we because we read the account # in BOLD on the letter - which was not the number he wanted. Fianlly, after continued abuse he said the amount due is gone - what else do you want. We requested the name and number of a supervisor. FRANKS said I don't have time for this and hung up. We called back and finally got a hold of reasonable person. As far as we know the issue is resolved - but of course there will NOT be a written confimation. Watch out for Allied Interstate - they are a RIP OFF organization. Larry Tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
68, Report #131001
Feb 11 2005
09:36 AM
IntelliRisk Dba Allied Interstate Ripoff Hassling friends and family Minneapolis Minnesota
I am in default on several student loans totalling over $90,000. I do owe the money. I am unable to pay even the interest on the loans (over $600 per month). The Department of Education is garnishing my wages for 10% of my pay after taxes (and will for the rest of my life, or even go up to 15%). They have turned over collections to Allied Interstate. A woman named Pamela is calling my work and my family and friends pretending to either 1) be a long lost friend of mine or 2) starts right out telling my family what a deadbeat I am for not paying my debts. I have attempted many many times over the past 10 years to pay something but these people will not accept anything less than at least a payment to at least cover the interest. To call me is one thing, but to call my work when I have told her not to, and to harrass my friends and family and to violate my confidentiality by telling them that I am a deadbeat is another. From reading posts on this site, I realize I can expect their activities to only increase. I just contacted the guaranty agency for my loans and they told me I HAD to go throught the collection agency, which goes against the rules posted on the Department of Education's website. Craigster Asheville, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
69, Report #125662
Jan 04 2005
09:10 AM
Allied Interstate Rip off FALSE Settlement Letters Calls still coming Minneapolis Minnesota
I received 70% Settlement Letter from Allied Interstate stating The balance on your Verizone Wireless account is $72.04. Our client has authorized us to offer you a settlement of 70% on your total balance. We will accept $50.43 as final settlement on your account, provided that these funds are recieved no later than 30 days from 12-3-04. If you are unable to take advantage of this offer, contact our office at the numbers above. We are a debt collector attempting to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. If your financial institution rejects and returns your payments for any reason, a service fee - the maximum allowed by your states statutory laws - may be added to your account balance. Return the lower portion of this notice with you payment in full in the enclosed envelope. Sincerely, Account rep Toll free 8005548786 I sent the $50.43 within the 30 days - yet the calls continue to come -- stating I still owe $21.61. I explained I used the 70% settlement option by mailing my check in - they said that I needed to call them to let them know I was using this option - since I didn't call I still owe the $21.61. As you can see it only says to call if I CAN'T use this option. This is FRAUD and HARRASSMENT!!! This company should not be able to operate this way. Alissa lavista, NebraskaU.S.A.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
70, Report #129724
Feb 01 2005
01:20 PM
Allied Interstate Please Help Me, I Need Advice ripoff Chandler Arizona
I have read a lot about this company on this site and I need help. I know the info I need is in one of the postings, I just don't know which one to look at. I had my credit pulled by a bank while applying for a mortgage. There is a debt through Allied Interstate that was reported in 12/04 for $70 to DirectTV. I have had Dish Network for at least 5 years and have NEVER heard of owing Direct TV any money. I have dealt with Allied before on a previous debt and it was HELL. That was one I know I paid off and it took them 2 years to report it and get it cleared. I don't know what to do about getting this taken care of. I would just pay the $70 but I don't think that would be the end of it, knowing what I know. Please advise me on what to do. Thank you so much! Anna Cleveland, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Chandler, Arizona
71, Report #127339
Jan 14 2005
08:56 AM
Allied Interstate Collections RIPOFF Unbelievably rude and sarcastic SBC should discontinue use of them Plymouth Massachusetts
Somehow I wound up with a delinquent portion of my SBC bill, it was separated into two different accounts, my phone service was never interrupted. This happened in August. I called in January to change my services, and found out about the delinquent bill. Apparently SBC does not like to interrupt your telephone service (they wouldn't make any money that way) so if you let your account get overdue, they create a new account for you, and let the old one sit. I never received another bill from SBC, and Allied said they did not send a collections letter until December first, yet they had reported my credit as delinquent in October. ??? Not knowing this bill was delinquent, I probably threw the letter out without looking at it, since I did not recognize the name of the company. When I called Allied, I offered up my credit card number right away, I wanted to take care of this immediately. Once I paid then I had a few questions. I was curious why I only got one letter, and why it did not come until months after SBC had referred my account to them. The lady, who claimed to be the supervisor, (LaQuita or LaQuinda, something like that) immediately became rude and nasty. She began to yell at me, saying that it was my problem since I never paid the bill, that legally they only have to send out one letter. I asked how long it took before the letter was sent and payment received before it would be reported to credit bureaus as delinquent. She told me that all letters say payment is due upon receipt. I then asked if the collections letter was not sent until December, why was it reported delinquent in October? She again said it was my fault for not paying the bill. At this point, she was really yelling, and I asked her to calm down. She told me I was the one who needed to calm down, that she was not my child, and I could not to tell her what to do. I said Excuse me? and she said You heard me., and hung up on me. I called SBC back to complain about the way I was treated, and the SBC person I talked with said that SBC uses about 20 collection agencies, and 90% of the complaints they get are about Allied Interstate. I would hope anyone who reads this and has dealt with Allied would call the company that sent the bill to collections and insist that they use a company other than Allied from now on. Dave Troy, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Plymouth, Massachusetts
72, Report #127221
Jan 13 2005
12:17 PM
Allied Interstate ripoff! Rude sarcastic dunned for a bill that wasn't even due. Chandler Arizona
On 1/4/05 I recieved a dunning notice from Allied Interstate, Stating that my account with Direct tv was seriously past due. The bill was not even due until 1/6/05 I called the number that was on the notice and was put on hold for 42 minutes. Call was finally answered by a lady named Christina. I proceeded to explain my problem with the notice I recieved.She informed me that my concern did not matter to her. I told her I was going to record our conversation for future reference, her reply was {go for it Perry Mason} she then hung up on me. Marion Gaylord, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Chandler, Arizona
73, Report #126722
Jan 10 2005
03:37 PM
Allied Interstate ripoff, rude, fraudulent attempts at debt collection, unprofessional, unbelievable Columbus Ohio
For the past several years Allied Interstate has tried to bully us into paying a debt which is not ours and belongs to someone else's social security. It started with letters in the mail once a year and a phone call once a year, and each time we'd ask what social they have they would read back someone else's. We knew it wasn't us and they in fact had the wrong name. Finally I contacted them trying to resolve this. They told me it was for a MasterCard I never had, for over $1300 and they could not provide me with an account #, when it was opened or closed, or what social security number was on the card. Basically they couldn't prove it was mine. I asked them calmly how to resolve this and they said to contact Norwest bank which had been bought out by Wells Fargo. The only way Wells Fargo could look it up was with our social security, which we refuse to give out, or the account number which Allied refuses to give us. So we changed to an unlisted number. 3 weeks later we got a NASTY letter from them, threatening us with prosecution and reporting us to the credit bureaus. Well, we check our credit regulary and have never seen any fraudulent accounts and are sure they have the wrong person. I contacted them one more time in attempt to get the social security they thought was ours or the account number so I could once again contact Wells Fargo. They proceeded to play games trying to get US to tell them our social security, went as far as saying derogatory comments about me and my fiance. I was apalled at how unprofessional they were and how quick they were to attack. We finally hung up on them, then they called us back taunting us that now they had our new number (actually called from a cell phone, not new home phone). I could not believe the audacity. Since I have sent them a very funny threatening letter, mimicing the one they sent to me earlier, had it notarized and contacted both our state's attorney general and state consumer protection sending them both copies of my letter and copies of previous lawsuits pursued by other states against Allied Interstate. I plan to contact anyone willing to listen to try and put these assholes under and I recommend you all do the same. Annie Gaylordsville, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
74, Report #144858
Jun 02 2005
04:33 PM
Allied Interstate harrassing phone calls Ripoff Buffalo New York
Same as everyone else. Kept getting computer generated messages to call Allied Interstate at 1-866-252-5308. However, the number did show up on my caller ID as 716-691-1320. I reverse looked up the number and the phone book list the number as belonging to: Coldata Inc - (716) 691-1320 - 15 Hazelwood Dr, Buffalo, NY 14228 Allied Interstate 1-866-252-5308 Just thought I'd pass this info along. Anonymous Nowhere, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Buffalo, New York
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Oct 31 2005
01:41 PM
Allied Interstate - Justin Smart harrassment ripoff Columbus Ohio
About 5 months ago my fiance was contacted by Allied Interstate about a delinguent Sears account. There was a payment agreement made and in 3 months with automatic tranfsers from his checking account the amount agreed upon was paid off. Now in the last 2 weeks we have been getting about 3-4 calls a day from these people. Sometimes the caller ID says it is from Intellirisk which after a search on the web is also Allied Interstate. Sometimes there is a message from a . Who's name came up a few times on my Web Search. But usually there's no message and when we do answer it we get a computer message. We did call them back once and a lady told us that the account had been paid and that the calls were from an agent from another state that has not updated the account. These calls are getting annoying and now I'm worried that this money did go to the account that it was supposed to. Is there anything that can be done? We were supposed to receive a letter stating that the account has beed paid but we have not seen anything yet. Is anything about this company legit? harrassed NORWALK, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio

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