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1, Report #361463
Aug 11 2008
05:14 AM
Quantex Health / Quantex Alternative Health, Health shop de-frauds customers Bedford Internet
This shop took my money then did not supply the goods. I won a court case against them but they still haven't paid up or responded. My only option is to pay the courts more money to try to enforce payment. This shop obviously knows there is nothing you can do without incurring more costs, which of course they won't pay. Don't use Quantex Health!!!! notf ManchesterUnited Kingdom
Entity: Internet
2, Report #709014
Mar 22 2011
10:48 AM
Scalp Health Scam , Internet
I ordered a gallon of ZincPlex hair shampoo. Including shipping, this came to $73.45. Order was placed on Feb. 27, 2011. Have not received it yet (March 22, 2011). No response to my e-mail and when I call their number it says all agents are busy and to leave a phone number so they can call back. No one calls back. When I checked their physical address which was 241 Oxbo Road, Middleton, CT 06421 with the USPS it came up as error. No such address. I've been had.
Entity: Internet, Internet
3, Report #1310812
Jun 11 2016
09:10 AM
BEWARE! I ordered 'Secret's from the Vault' over a month ago to be delivered within a 10 day timeframe. Surprise, surprise, money out of the account, no book & no replies to e-mails in the last month. Their patronising videos assume that all their potential clients (read victims) are one brain cell short of being complete morons. It's all promises, but they don't deliver, plus all the information appears to be generally available on the web anyway, so where's the secret? 100% SCAM.  
Entity: Internet
4, Report #910532
Jul 11 2012
06:37 PM natural health certificate, integrative health training, Internet
Beware of Integrative Health Certification SCAM They will offer you a scholarship to complete their program for 35.00 and you will not receive a certificate. The tests have been copied off websites on the internet and pasted in their fake online school. You will notice there is no phone number. I emailed the SUPPOSED instructors and one responded back to me saying this: Hi-Sorry bout your frustration, I as well had a bad experience. I do not work with or for iih nor have I ever worked for them. I'm a yoga teacher in the same boat as you and when I took the course years ago, they plastered my info on their page. Once you upload your online profile photo they will use your picture to reel in the next group of unassuming students. WARNING!!! STAY AWAY!!! 
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #11481
Jan 14 2002
12:00 AM
Longitude RIP OFF
Extremely minimal results and 3 months of pills are sent without your authorization. If you call the customer service line it's busy and any guarentees are BS
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #1201952
Jan 15 2015
03:14 PM
hydroderm discusting con artists
hydroderm advertised a free trial on face book. after c ontacting them just outside there trial date for this free trial they informed me that i had to pay full price for there product that dosent work and i dont want .106.36 was taken out of my account with no notification and no warning .I called them to get my money back  twice and was given a complete run around ,firstly i was told the computers were not working and to call back,the second phone call  was just a bunch of infuriating  spin.i have never dealt with a company with such disgusting business practices .they must of stolen a lot of money from a lot of people and should be shut down asap 
7, Report #1255106
Sep 16 2015
03:32 PM
adorna Internet
 I saw an ad about a free trial on adorna, decided to try it, they only charged $3 for shipping and now they are charging me every month $90 i want to stop this. HELP!!!
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1218257
Apr 06 2015
01:14 PM
Alternative Health Center Of Cary North Carolina Darlene Halloway AHCC (((REDACTED))) misrepresentations, (((REDACTED))) Cary North Carolina
I hired Darlene Halloway in the capacity of a colonic therapist.  I gave her a credit card to reserve my position told her I would pay cash, not to charge my moms card, she did anyway. She called my home, work and cell phone nearly three days before my appointment and everyday after to keep reminding me of the appointment. Harrassment at best. I confronted her. She said she needed help at the front desk and did not remember who she called so she was so sorry about the days of reminders to three phone numbers. Honest enough I thought. When I came in for the colonic she was rude & rough with me she asked if I always ran late. She put the speculum in my vagina instead of my rectum because she had a phone stuck to her ear and was totally not paying attention to me. I ASKED HER IF I COULD  GET OFF THE TABLE AND SHE WOULD NOT LET ME. I come from an abusive background so I was stuck in fear. When I finally got off her table she asked me to work there. She told me I would get 15.00 per hour and free colonics whenever I wanted them.  Lured in by money I took the job and that was the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life. I do not have time to write all of the negative, hateful, narcistic behavior this lady exhibited, however i will report the abuse that she inflicts on any and all without exception that enter this business. I was made to call and harass three area business's right from the start. I was making 10 dollars an hour, 5 dollars less than agreed,  and I needed the money so shamefully I did what she asked me  to do. She made me write several reviews for business's I never heard of and tell of the rotten service I had obtained. It was difficult for me to do but again I did it. When I told her it had to stop she said There just  F****** n****** anyway. She would remind me that she is part of the Hatfield and McCoys feuds, and said life is about revenge.When A person would call to schedule an appointment, she said if they sounded black, tell all n****** we are booked out for 6 weeks, when in fact we had appointments that week. If she really wanted extra money she would tell me to book them with the students she was training from 6pm to 9pm so she would not have to see them.I never got one free colonic in 17 months. Every single time I would schedule myself in she would erase off and put a client in over me! I gave up.She started calling me at 5:30 in the morning, 3.5 hours before my shift and tell me things I did wrong the day before. By the time I got to work she was like a crazed animal and would last that long for 10 hours. The clinic she owns is the only Colonic Hydrotherapy school in North Carolina, Virginia, Tennesee, South Carolina, so basically she is the only game in town. She enrolls potential Therapists that give her thousands of dollars to be trained and she fails them on purpose so they don't open a clinic. She plants her friends as clients to complain about the students colonic therapy session and fails them. This is pretty wicked to me.If one of her friend wanted to climb up the ladder fast I saw her copy the answers to the level of tests. When she enrolled in a college to obtain her degree, she had her two kids in college do all the work. The lady still sharpens her pencils with a knife. She wittles pencils still. She had me pronounce words for her. She is definately not capable of a college level degree. I know she cheated all the way. She would pay her children. I saw them come in for the money and say the work  was in  on time. So wrong!She is a tyrant and I am sick I did all the rotten things she told me to do. But I have since wrote to and called all the business's she had me defame and I have apologized. They were some of the nicest people. I have wrote letters to her governing board and they go neglected.Beware of this wolf in sheeps clothing she is a ruthless greedy practitioner that has a inflated ego and is unknowlegeable as a twig on the ground. She has been a colonic therapist for thirty years and is awefully burned out.Stay aware from this women she will rot your soul.        
Entity: Cary, North Carolina
9, Report #1399158
Sep 10 2017
09:36 PM
 Nugenix offered me trial for 4.99, then charged my card for $74.99 without authorization. There is no warning that you have to cancel, no phone number, no address to contact the company. I'm furious .
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1342436
Dec 10 2016
11:14 AM
Focus Nutra Alternative Health Rip Off United states Nationwide
Hello I am wanting people to know that this company rip;s people off by saying order a trail bottle and then later you on you notice your account getting lower and lower and then I received another bottle and that is when you go to look up why they have billed your account 123.96 which is crazy. I am a person who does not have money to spend on this kinda of stuff but i am imbrassed to say I just wanted to try to see if it really worked or not. I called up the company and they will Not reimburse me my money and they told me that they will not except any product back even if it is unopened as I have not tryed it as of today's date. This was a propmotion for a suvey that I did through the my bank and I only seen you will be charged only 4.99 for shipping and handling and not more.They say it was in fine print that you must cancell your order within 14 days but yet I did not see this and not only that They charged the full amount on that same date that i only seen 4.99. They are refusing to refund me my money and I would like to know what I can do about this. Please help me as I cant afford 123.96.
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #1374378
May 20 2017
01:02 PM
Pure CBD alternative health Las Vegas Nevada
 I to sent for the free trial sample of PURE CBD oil and all I had to do was pay shipping and handling of 5.95 . Now I called during the allotted time period they give you to cancel and they still charged my card 79.95 When I saw this on my card statement I called right away,just to get my blood pressure sky high . They bearly spoke English would not let me speak to a supervisor and hung up on me. Refused to refund my money or except any more calls from me.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
12, Report #784225
Oct 03 2011
01:07 PM
The Sleep Alternative Horrible Customer Service, No refund after returning product Nashua, New Hampshire
May 31, 2011 made a purchase for a 15 Filter for Computer Screen. E-mailed company, (1) June 21, 2011: Want to exchange product for different size. No response.E-mailed again (2) June 22, 2011:  No response.June 24, 2011 I purchased a replacement screen, bigger and returned previous purchased screen to address listed on priority mailbox received and paid $12.45 for shipping. E-mailed company, (3) July 7, 2011:  I made an order (2 weeks ago) and have heard nothing about it's shipment. Please let me know when it might ship out. Order is below. Received phone call from UPS store in Dallas saying that package was returned back to me company has moved. E-mailed company (4) July 7, 2011: I tried to return my pkg on June 24 and it came back to me saying that your company has moved. This is now my fourth time trying to contact company and no one has ever contacted me. Please send me the moved address so that I may return my package and please return my correspondence. I would like to find out about my new order too.I have called (888-813-9559) twice. I have not heard from anyone at the company. I want my second order delivered since I already paid for it and my first order returned. I need an address that will receive it.Contacted BBB on July 12, 2011Business Name: The Laundry Alternative, 1 Chestnut St #5-E, Nashua, NH 03060October 3, 2011: Emailed company today since I have received no information regarding refund for first order. Did receive 2nd order over two months ago.
Entity: Nashua, New Hampshire
13, Report #75590
Dec 22 2003
01:10 PM
Warner Health Care Avlimil ripoff Cincinnati Ohio
After seeing a commercial on television, I ordered a free trial of Avlimil approving a $4.50 charge for shipping. I made sure there was nothing about being charged for future shipments that would automatically be sent if I did not cancel. It was my understanding that I would only get the free offer and my card would be charged $4.50, only. I was charged, without my authorization, $35 and have talked to customer service three times. They cancelled my subscription but refused to refund the $35. They said it was all there on the website. I checked the website and they have changed it! There is nothing about the free trial offer. The website NOW says that any free orders automatically enroll you in the Managed Care Direct program. This is obviously a scam. Liz Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
14, Report #80476
Feb 14 2004
06:15 PM
Warner Health Care ripoff Wallingford Connecticut
I called the 800 to order the free 30 day of avlimil and the rep tried to get me to buy more 6 mo to a year I told her no I just want to try for now and if it works I will call and order more. she said ok. I gave her my credit card to pay for shipping and handling only ($4.50). Ok I received the package did not like and thought that was the end of it. I then recieve a second, and a third 30 day package. I called and told them that I did not order this and I would like it to stop and please refund my money. they said they would, ok Now I get a fourth package. I called and told them if they don't stop sending me this I will file a complaint, I also told them that I wanted my money back I have not received my money back but they did stop sending me avlimil. I really want my money back because they are false. when you call and order the free 30day pack they use your credit card without your consent and purchase more. Dee 44121, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Wallingford, Connecticut
15, Report #87500
Apr 13 2004
03:16 PM
Warner Health Care ripoff Cincinnati Ohio
Ordered a free sample of avlimil and got $70 charge to my account. Told me that it comes with a automatic two months agreement, Which was not even listed on sales page. Told me to goto frequently asked questions and I would see it. Refused to refund my money and offered me a $20 febate. What a joke do not get close to this company!!!!!!!!!!!!!! George Ardmore, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
16, Report #86058
Mar 31 2004
06:32 AM
Warner Health-Avlimil ripoff Cincinnati Ohio
I ordered Avlimil and asked 3 seperate times if I would be charged in the future for anything. They told me no, that I would have to contact them after I spoke with my doctor to continue service. She specifically told me 3 TIMES that I would NOT be billed unless I call to order more. Well, low and behold I was charged $65.50 yesterday on my debit card for more. I called customer service (some Berkley Co. that goes through Avlimil) basically told me to have fun trying to get my money back. WHAT DO I DO??? I went to my bank right after work and filed a fraugulent charge on my debit card but that takes 20 days for my bank to even see if the charge can be reversed. There has to be millions of women going through this right now. I'm also afraid that they'll send me more!!! Please help!!! Tammi Toledo, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
17, Report #7371
Oct 28 2001
12:00 AM
Peakhealth Burns Health Affiliate ripoff
My web site, DrumLib's Health Research Review, ( joined the affiliate program offered by Peakhealth ( through the Linkshare affiliate network. According to the agreement, Peakhealth would pay us when we accumulated $100 in affiliate commissions. This did not happen. Our emails concerning this matter went unanswered, so eventually we removed them from our site. By this time, Peakhealth owed us $214.05 in affiliate commissions. I have a screen shot of the Linkshare accounting that documents this fact: Linkshare has not lifted a finger to help us collect this money -- they say that they just do the tracking and accounting, so we should take Peakhealth to small claims court or something. Interestingly, Linkshare continues to recruit affiliates (or should I say victims) for Peakhealth's affiliate program. Since this money was LONG overdue, we sent Peakhealth yet another email notifying them that, if they did not pay us the money they owed us, we would have no choice but to resort to formal collection activities. Although Peakhealth did not bother to reply to this email, they did immediately drop us from their affiliate program. I have a screen shot that documents this fact: The facts speak for themselves, and there is no excuse for a business to treat its affiliates like this. The bottom line is Peakhealth owes me $214.05. I appreciate any help in collecting this debt, since Peakhealth clearly has no intention of paying it. Sincerely, Selma Pohlmann
Entity: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
18, Report #320214
Mar 22 2008
01:45 PM
Health-Marketplace Fraudulent company - avoid them! Columbia, Maryland
In an attempt to purchase herbs online, I realized that fraud was involved when the product was never delivered. I have attempted to e-mail the company for months, to no avail. After further research, I noted that others have had the same issue with them, as you will see on this site. They were quick to debit my account for the nearly $40 charge, yet oddly enough, cant take the time to respond to e-mails regarding this. And they conveniently provide only a fax number on their Web site. I just called my bank to file a claim about their fraudulent action (or lack of action). I do a lot of shopping online, and this is the first time a company has failed to deliver. Shellie Beaverton, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Columbia, Maryland
19, Report #88807
Apr 24 2004
09:20 AM
Warner Health rip-off! Cincinnati Ohio
TOTAL RIP-OFF.......Contact Us..!!! Harvey Sweeny, TexasU.S.A. To respond to this report, click on the rebuttal button.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
20, Report #341465
Jun 18 2008
07:32 AM
Micronutra Health Non Payment Of Money Owed Internet
I also got ripped off from this MICRONUTRA for $185 which they owe me as an affilate since February 2008. And of course, they do not answer their emails. Thus, I've taken them off my website and do not promote them since the are screwing with me and I furgured that they are also screwing my customers! Richard (affilate # 1596) Arcadia, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1116577
Jan 18 2014
10:21 AM
Health Choice Fradulent Charges; untruthful Internet 
I ordered, at trial price for 4.95, their all natural product, garcinia cambogia. When I check out on line, the amount charged to my credit card was 4.95, as it should have been. I received my order and then on my banking statement it appeared for $148!!! When I tried to call the number listed I was put on hold and no one picked up. Why is this allowed to happen?
Entity: Internet, Select State/Province
22, Report #1140069
Apr 19 2014
06:50 AM
Optimal Health Products Gypsies, tramps and thieves Nationwide
Same experience as all other complainants. I didn't catch that in addition to the $78.94 charge (exhorbitant fr this product) they also charged me $59.52 and $70.95 for two other products.  There is no packing sheet so no address or website in order to contact them. I called and followed prompts to cancel and received confirmation number. However, next month two more charges of $78.94 and $59.52. Called again to complain and get a refund.  Customer service rep told me that when I cancelled I only cancelled one product and though I had set up all three together, I would have had to cancel each individually (with some mystery phone number or website address that varied by product) I didn't have and which isn't on the info sent with the product). He told me he would not refund anything but would waive the $32.00 cancellation fee. I was just shocked...$32.00 to cancel because I called to cancel versus through their website. The rep was intimidating, aggressive and extremely impatient.  When I tried to ask questions he told me every time, but he never answered my questions and just got angry with me. Seemed more like a collections agency rep. Clearly was using intimidation to get me to back off. What kind of internet company doesn't even have their website on their information, only one for success stories.  Only success would be getting all your money back for their rip offs! I called my credit card company and they are going to try to get my $350 back.
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #1296426
Mar 28 2016
06:42 PM
Salis Health Major Scam/Fraudulent Unauthorized Charges! Salt Lake City Internet
As with the previous reports, I ordered a trial size of their Immunity Blend for the advertised price of $4.95 on February 29, 2016.  This transaction went through fine and I received my product (of which I am thoroughly disappointed with.)  Upon checking my bank account today, March 28 2016, Salis Health is trying to put through an unauthorized charge of $69.95.  I have not placed any further orders, and they will not acknowledge my emails, or answer their phone.  I was forced to call my bank and have my card cancelled just to stop their charges and prevent any further, fraudulent activity.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1244709
Jul 27 2015
05:57 PM
Bel Marra Health overdue delivery Internet
On 10th June I ordered a product from this company and received their order confirmation with order number stating my credit card transaction had been approved for the total amount of  $149.85  .At the time of writing  28th July the product has not been delivered and no information as to why has been sent by Bel Marra Health. I have sent two e-mails to their contact' address informing them of this matter but have received no reply.  No refund has been made to my credit card account. Has anyone else encountered this kind of problem with these people?  
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1343057
Dec 13 2016
05:19 PM
Primal Health LP Allen Texas
 I placed an order for blood sugar control for diabetics. After it was done found out this comany has a bad reputation, then immediately tried to contact them by phone to cancel, but when I dialed their number was disconnected. Also tried to send an email, but neither this worked,, because the email never went trough. The reviews and reports about these people are really bad. My mistake was not to read them before I put my money on their hands. Jose L J
Entity: Allen, Texas

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