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1, Report #1335474
Oct 28 2016
11:28 AM
Entity: Internet
2, Report #334944
May 26 2008
06:42 PM
Amazon Amazon Steals Money From Sellers Internet
Like thousands of sellers before me, is holding onto over $2000.00 of my money. It used to be at $3000.00, but I have been canceling orders, and giving back refunds like they were candy. PayPal will do the same thing, but at least with them you can pull your money out every day and keep your losses to a minimum. With Amazon, they hold onto all your money for 14 days. What seems to happen though, is they wait until day 12, 13, or 14 and then Shut Down the account. If you have multiple accounts, which is actually a good idea, they will shut those down as well. To get around that, you need to change your IP address, flush your cookies and cache, and also remove all Flash Cookies as well, which is something you need to do manually. Anyway, since their policy is to hold my money for 90 days, it's my policy to email them all 90 days until I get my money back. I keep my blog updated with all my letters to them. Sometimes they even respond. Come visit me at The-game-store Nowhere, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #828092
Jan 24 2012
09:10 PM
Amazon Createspace, Amazon RipOff Under-Report Sales, Internet
here are MANY people claiming Amazon/Createspace are under-reporting sales, and hiding royalties to authors/publishers.  1. amazon provide book sales to third parties, and the sales numbers are Extremely Lower than actual sales (4-10 times). 2. MANY author/publisher complained Amazon/Createspace did not update sales, when author/publisher's friends/family purchased books (informed).   Amazon/Createspace do not think they have to respond to authors/publisher, and if they complain they are banned for life. Sometimes, Amazon/Createspace excused that previous buyer returned books, and they did not report new sales.  This is also underreporting sales:  Amazon/Createspace sells used/returned books via Marketplace, and authors/publishers do not get royalties from sales on Marketplace.  Therefore, Amazon/Createspace makes money either books are returned or not, while author/publisher do not get royalties. 3. I personally have evidence that when there have been sales ranking on Amazon websites, Amazon failed to report any sales.   When I complain, Amazon either report a sale, or neglect.  4. One of my books have ONE SINGLE sales per Createspace's record.  I did not select Extended Distribution Channel (EDC), but there were multiple third parties and Amazon's own Marketplace were selling this book at the same time.   Since I have copy rights,  only Createspace/Amazon can sell my book, and only one copy was sold, there should not MULTIPLE sellers on this book. Two of these sellers were selling the book 2-3 times higher than actual book price.  When I complained to Createspace and Amazon, Createspace's executives office responded I would get royalties when third parties sell.   My concern was why there were MULTIPLE sellers, whom I did not authorize, but Createspace and Amazon have refused to respond on the issue. Then Createspace's executive office ignorantly stated any one can sell my books without my permission?? This shows total ignorance of copyright/distribution laws. Since I complained to Amazon/Createspace's executives, they started retaliation. 5. Some people complained Amazon's legal department that some authors violate copy rights, but Amazon refused to remove higher ranking books (see below), while removing lower ranking books.   We have contacted AMAZON LEGAL DEPARMENT ABOUT THIS and they keep removing the book and these awful people just change the name, make up a new author and sell it again.
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #826925
Jan 23 2012
06:52 AM
Amazon Amazon happily profiting from con-men Internet
The book business is changing. You can now publish and sell your own book through Amazon. What a great idea, no distribution costs, and a greater profit on your book. But the potential of Amazon to develop desk top publishing is being destroyed by their greed.. You can publish and sell your own book through Amazon but you cannot control the con men who take it over. So my book: An Advanced Academic Reader, teaching academic reading comprehension, which markets at $34.95 has been taken over by con men under the name of any_book who are selling it at at $235.62. How could Amazon allow anything so ridiculous to happen. Well the answer is they simply don't care because they make more money. Nor am I the only person having this problem with this particular firm that appears to be run by Russians. But Amazon merely claim they have no control over what a third party does on their site. Well if that ain't the biggest BS one could hear. They set the rules and if they didn't allow this to happen then it wouldn't. And if they don't control what goes on their site then who does? The Lord above? Perhaps, you're just as likely to get a reply from him as you are from Amazon on this subject. So if there is anyone out there who wants to do something about this and knows how, I'm more than willing to join you. And if there is anyone out there who wants to start a serious desk top publishing industry -- one with integrity -- let me know and I'll leave Amazon in a flash.
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #835045
Feb 06 2012
10:44 PM
Amazon took money from my account, even though I had not ordered anything.  When I complained, they put it back. But then they took out more money, around $15 , saying that was a charge for returning my money. They say that is their policy, and my money will not be returned.  To me, that is not good business, and I feel other customers, should be warned!                 
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #933209
Aug 27 2012
12:41 PM
Amazon Amazon is running a scam called Subscribe & Save Internet
Amazon is running a scam called Subscribe & Save.   This is how Amazon advertizes it:  When you order through our Subscribe & Save program, you'll: automatically receive a new shipment of the item in the monthly intervals you select get a discount on our everyday price get free shipping on every Subscribe & Save shipment pay for each order only when the item is shipped have the option to cancel at any time. This is meant to apply to consumables that you may need on a periodic basis.  In reality, Amazon will charge you 10 times the price on the next shipment in the hopes that you will use the product before you realize how much you were charged.  The fine print in the Terms and Conditions includes the following:  The total cost charged to your credit card for each Subscribe & Save order will be the cost of the item on the day the order is processed.  Sounds innocuous right?  In reality, Amazon interprets this to mean that they have the right to charge you whatever they want after the first shipment even if it is 10 times more than the price.  The scam is that, since the product is consumable, Amazon hopes that you will consume it before you realize how much they charged you, since the charge goes on your credit card and you will not see your statement until the end of your cycle.   Heres how it works:  They charge you 10 times more for the item, you consume it, you find out how much they charged, you call, they say that you can return it if you like, but its too late because you already consumed it and they get to keep 10 times the price.   I ordered a box of chewing gum for $10 with Subscribe & Save with the expectation of receiving a box every month.  Next month, they sent me another box and charged me $100 instead of $10.  I was lucky enough to notice the charge before I opened the box.  I called and they said that there is no mistake, that they have the right to change the price of any item however they choose without notifying me because of the sentence in the Terms and Conditions saying that I will be charged the cost of the item on the day the order is processed.  Needless to say, I returned the item, got a refund, and swore off Subscribe & Save. I wonder how many people began consuming the product before they found out how much they were charged and then had to accept the charge because they could not return the item.  This sort of practice can be expected from a fly by night operation not from Amazon.  It is really unfortunate that Amazon would resort to this type of egregious scam.
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #1058642
Jun 12 2013
02:13 PM
Buyer Beware....Amazon Prime offers a free membership with 2-day shipping.  Somehow they've been able to charge my credit card $79 for 2 years.  When I figured out what they were doing, I tried to Cancel the 'membership.'  They told me I was unable to cancel it because I already used the services (2-day shipping, which NEVER worked out to 2 days).  The service person I was talking to laughed at me because I said I didn't know how this could have happened.  I informed them to take my credit card off of their records and I will NEVER USE their website again.  I'm appalled at their sneaky policies and insincere apologies.  Don't make the same mistake.  Stay away from Amazon Rip-offs.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1179821
Sep 28 2014
07:37 PM
Amazon Amazon Ripps off Vendors and Customers Internet
Amazon are a Huge Rip Off, they charge sellers 12% and do not back up the people selling products there, we have proven to amazon on 3 different times that the customer recieved the goods and was using them yet amazon gave them the money back for parts that they said did not fit and took the money away from us the supplier and them tell us its bad luck for us that we dont get paid for the item and the item will not be returned! All Sellers be warned about amazon they are scammers at the best and they tell you when you ring up that they  have no contact capability between any departments there and when they screw up or not pay you for your goods they say that they do not have to support their vendors and its in their policy,
Entity: Internet
9, Report #991762
Jan 05 2013
10:52 AM
Amazon Amazon Sellers Beware!!! slough, Internet
I tried to become a new seller, and Amazon ripped me off! I sell regularly on ebay here in the UK, and I was doing well enough on that site to consider expanding to Amazon as well. I went over to the amazon website and I was in luck! They had on offer a free 3 month trial for 'pro' accounts! I needed a pro account because my product is hair accessories, and you can't sell those on the free accounts. It said Pro accounts usually cost 25 a month (40$ US) So I thought, great, I'll give it a shot while they have this offer, and if it pays off I'll keep it. If not, there's no cost for the trial, so I've got nothing to lose. Perfect timing! WRONG. Turns out, the GIANT ***3 month free trial!!!**** button I clicked on wasn't actually a 3 month free trial. It was a 1 month free trial, and if you posted your first listing within 2 weeks, then they expanded it to 3. Not only was this not mentioned when I signed up, but I was NOT ALLOWED to sell my product for 5 full weeks after signing up. Because my product was hair accessories, I had to email them to get permission to sell it, wait up to a week for them to respond, and then was told that I had that permission but now I needed another permission because my product didn't have bar codes. When all was said and done, I did not receive all necessary permissions to sell my product until 5 full weeks after I signed up. Of course, by now my 2 week limit for first post was far surpassed, so I did not qualify for the 3 month trial, and I was now into my 2nd month after registration. 2 weeks later, 28 (45$ US) was taken, without permission, from my account. Turns out the monthly fee is actually 28, not 25 as the website stated.  My product had been on the marketplace for only 5 days, and needless to say I got hardly any views and no sales in that time. I immediately cancelled the account, but I'm stuck with the unexpected month I had to pay for, after only 5 days of being allowed to sell. I emailed them regarding the matter, and of course, they refuse to do anything about it, they have my money, and they're happy as a clam to keep it. Their own system prevents new sellers from being allowed to take advantage of the 3 month trial. Everyone who needs a 'pro' account does so because it's the only account that gives permissions to sell certain items (the majority of items on amazon, in fact). If you need permission to sell, you also need a pro account. So everybody signing up for this trial is going to have to go through the permissions process, and that will prevent them from getting the trial. It will, however, force them to pay an unexpected month's fee. What a rip off. Enjoy your free money, you thieves!
Entity: slough, Internet
10, Report #1061366
Jun 22 2013
10:27 PM
Amazon Is the NSA mentoring Amazon? Internet
The Creepiness that is Amazon Smart Search Malware Virus How many of us are aware of how pathetic and subversive Amazon really is? My computer has been infected by Amazon Smart Search, deliberately, and the fix offered by Amazon requires 52 steps of software manipulation to uninstall.  The Company sent a canned response saying how sorry they were, this was never intended.Youtube is awash in videos offering to assist you in removing the virus, all cautioning you that it is difficult and may cause you more problems by trying to remove it.  A casual search of Amazon Smart Search Virus returns enough reading for weeks. If anyone spends that much money on having such deleterious software developed, a sorry, we didn't mean it can only be interpreted as an outright lie. The software is a spy/redirect malware, in corrupts your browser, gives you useless search results, allows other spyware software in to your system, slows down all functions, great fun.  The best part is that it is extremely difficult to remove, absurdly so, especially in the face of the statements issued by the company we didn't mean for that to happen. Amazon spent the money to have it developed, Amazon knew what it wanted and paid for it.  Anything else is a sham and a cover up.  When you are dealing with Amazon, keep in mind that when you click on a link in the email, you may very well be unintentionally downloading a virus that is as bad as it gets, sent to you deliberately and with bad intent.  Have learned my lesson, if I can successfully get free of Amazon Smart Search, do you think clicking on another link in an Amazon email is in my future?  Unlikely, think it over before you find yourself battling these creeps. 
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1256246
Sep 21 2015
12:23 PM
Amazon Amazon Fire HD won't start
 I was given Amazon Fire HD tablet as a gift It won't turn on I called customer service They told me to push button for 30 seconds did not work They told me it was past one year warranty They could offer $16.00 discount to purchase a new one Why would I purchase their product again How do I access my data?
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1340784
Dec 01 2016
07:52 AM
Mastering Amazon, Amazon Academy Beware! California Internet
Beware these guys!  They promise big money helping you to become an Amazon retailer for $2K.  They told me they'd been in business for 6 years but their Facebook page is 2 months old with one post, but a whole bunch of likes and shares which were probably bought (not real).  The real deal killer is that you can't use a credit card.  They say they are setting that up (after 6 years?) but when I told them they could do it immediately through Paypal, didn't make a difference.  They will only take wire transfer.  I didn't go with it but it doesn't smell good to me.  Beware!
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1332676
Oct 11 2016
04:06 PM
Amazon Not given correct software codes Amazon Internet
  BUYER BEWAREAmazon will take your money on a software download purchase, then read cue card answers that their policy does not allow refunds no matter what the problem is. In my case I never received the correct serial number activation codes ... I was told when I called amazon support that they would come in 1 - 2 hours but it is now over 6 and no codes ... their whole download sales system is goofy and wrong when it comes to purchasing software from Amazon. When you call amazon support they just read from cue cards and tell you too bad, we are sorry but no refunds for any reason even if the software can not be used since it is stuck in a trial / expires version.First, it says nothing on their sales order notification of any other codes needed to activate and use the software and then the one they send you that is one of their own is totally bogus, does not fit the activation screen fields which want 2 codes and has no relevance to the software manufacturer. After trying to research this and get the code to go in and activate ( takes some time online ) you find that others had the same problem, that this has been going on for years with Amazon... most of the complainers never got their software useage or a refund, others had to repurchase direct from the software company so they paid twice and if most are like me the never complained.  This time especially since it was Amazon and that was the only reason I just purchased it from their site ( supposed customer service and healthy support) I am not going to just go away ... it's not about the $40+ dollars it's about a company doing this to consumers then hiding behind policy and acting like I am the criminal.When you call amazon support they read from cue cards and tell you too bad, we are sorry but no refunds - no matter what .  So now I have a goofy 30 day trial version that I can not use as is, that I do not want to waste any more of my time  with ( over 2+  hours now on support calls, help files, filing complaints - by the way Amazon would not let me publish even a very toned down version of this one on their site - they said it broke their policy so I could not warn people there ).  From the beginning to the end  Amazon offers NO support or solution to this problem - they cue card you and as far as they are concerned the problem is over for them.  But they have my $40. I've been in the computer industry over 35 years, seen some bad customer service but this takes the cake ... the last words from their help desk chat person was after repeated refusals to resolve the problem ( like offer some solutions or ways to get the correct code) or refund ( policy prohibits refunds ) he has the cue card insanity to say is there any thing else I can help you with today . 
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1243694
Jul 23 2015
06:11 AM
Amazon Amazon prime Internet
 Amazon has gone bad, prime time.. There are reports that the 2 day shipping is always late. I definitely agree. However, they are now doing something far worse. I recently ordered a batch of 5 or 6 items, all prime items, I pay for the membership therefore I am entitled to a free 2 day shipping on all the items. The 2 day shipping and it's GUARANTEED DELIVERY DAY displays a 2 day time frame from the date of order placed and ETA, however, all those ETA change to a much later ETA AFTER you've confirmed and placed the order. Shame on you Amazon, shame on you..
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1262187
Oct 19 2015
09:01 AM
 set up an AMAZON account using my email address. Order one item and set up a store credit card to get the discounts being offered. THAT'S WHEN THE NIGHTMARE STARTED!! I started receiving boxes  and boxes of merchandise I did not order! Opened the boxes to see if maybe some one sent me a gift and saw it was just books and candy - galore.  A prank. Immediately tried to get into my AMAZON account online, but the password was no longer good. I chose the 'forgot password'  option which took me to a screen to enter an email address. I did that and was taken to another screen to CHANGE MY PASSWORD. If thats all it took to change the password for the account THAT IS A SEVERE SECURITY BREACH using emails.  SOMEONE NOW HAD CONTROL OF MY AMAZON account.  So I shut down all my credit cards associated with the AMAZON account and alerted the banks. Also called AMAZON, explained what had just happen and asked to have the account shup down. THEY SAID OK BUT NEVER DID. Some foreign person said you ordered all that stuff so you must pay   Next day I sent a letter to Synchrony bank with copies of UPS receipts where I sent the stuff back. AMAZON only gave me a  $11.41 credit and they and Synchrony will not take the erroneous stuff off my account. Sounds like Amazon and this Synchrony are just that CRONIES and trying  to SCAM ME.  I AM NOT  HAVING IT!!! I will NEVER USE AMAZON AGAIN!   EVERYONE BE VERY WARY.  IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU!        
Entity: Internet
16, Report #398184
Dec 05 2008
10:08 AM
Amazon Does Amazon think might makes right? Amazon Internet
In the middle of November during the prime holiday retail season - I received an appalling email saying I could not continue selling in the Toys & Games category! I am disgusted at this and am asked Amazon to reinstate my listing through the holiday season. Amazon knew when it signed me up for this seller's account that it intended to use this criteria and yet AMAZON DID NOT NOTIFY ME OF THE CRITERIA AT THE TIME I SIGNED UP! Amazon knew full well of its criteria BUT CHOSE TO BURY IT ELSEWHERE ON ITS SITE! Why? We suspect that Amazon was posting this information in an obscure spot to try to have it both ways: to avoid telling potential sellers about the criteria at signup (who might, as a result of the warning, choose to sell elsewhere) and at the same time use it as a disclaimer against anyone who complained about having their listing pulled! This is unprofessional and unethical on the part of Amazon! Do they think we have all day to read many, many pages of content scattered all over Amazon's site? Discussion boards are not the appropriate place to look for terms and conditions and Amazon cannot reasonably expect us to go there for its own terms. We already read extensively through Amazon's seller guidelines. Again, if Amazon wanted us to see this criteria, it would notified us up front in a clear manner at sign up. (By the way, a search for Seller Success Board, the 2008 Toys & Games holiday guidelines in Help on November 14, 2008 yielded the message: No results match your search for Seller Success Board, the 2008 Toys & Games holiday guidelines in Help. The Google searches (in brackets): [Amazon Seller Success Board 2008 Toys & Games holiday guidelines ], [Seller Success Board, the 2008 Toys & Games holiday guidelines Amazon], [Amazon Seller Success Board 2008 Toys & Games holiday guidelines], and [Amazon Seller Success Board, the 2008 Toys & Games holiday guidelines] also yielded no results whatsoever.) Back in August, before signing up for our account, we spoke with someone named Malia at Amazon (at the following phone number: 206-266-3206) who explained that Individual Sellers must sell 25 units before Sept 9th or their listings would get pulled, and the merchant sellers in the toy category can't join between September and January but if I joined before September I could list my product throughout the holiday season! She offered to sign me up immediately without any mention of the criteria in question and without even asking me what my projected sales were! Clearly, Amazon could have breached the subject at this time through its representative but chose not to. We strongly suspect Amazon obscured this criteria in order to sign up merchant account sellers who might not have agreed to such terms, so that Amazon could post the sales, take the revenue, and make its decision unilaterally at its convenience later without regard to the effect on its sellers. If Amazon doesn't want its sellers to find certain information too easily, it seems to hide it elsewhere on its site so it can use it as a disclaimer knowing the vast majority of sellers will not find it. It is particularly galling that Amazon would choose to trot out these criteria on November 14th immediately before the prime toy selling season! Many of us have invested time and energy not to mention our own hard earned money to promote our product. To pull our listing immediately before it can become profitable shows extremely bad faith and unfair dealing on the part of Amazon. In a phone call one of Amazon's reps using a very condescending tone throughout the conversation informed us that our item could not be put in any other product category and even if it could, it did not necessarily revive the listing. Last but not least, this product is being promoted as a charity fundraiser for Compassion International (, further information available on request), which makes Amazon's actions especially disappointing. To add insult to injury, Amazon attempted to bill me on 12/3/08 for a monthly merchant account fee! When I complained, Amazon emailed back saying the account was still open. My product page still said item unavailable. When I got them on the phone, Kayla, their representative, claimed the account was still open, I just couldn't sell in the Toy & Game category!!! What an underhanded way to deal with its sellers! First, prohibit a Toy & Game retailer from selling in the middle of the holiday season. Then, keep on billing them without informing them they can still sell in categories they didn't sign up for, or present the option of canceling the account right then & there with full knowledge of the terms. Just passive-agressively bill them & let your seller waste their valuable time & spin their wheels trying to find out what the problem was. Kayla reversed the charges & helped me close the account, but the whole experience leaves us with the impression that Amazon does not deal with its sellers openly, honestly, and ethically. Does Amazon think might makes right? Its sellers & customers don't! Chris Syosset, New YorkU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on
Entity: Nationwide
17, Report #828109
Jan 24 2012
09:30 PM
Amazon Createspace Amazon Amazon RipOff Under-Report Sales Internet
Unauthorized resellers ( and market media) were selling my books at 2-3 times higher price.  I knew they  were not authorized resellers, because I did not choose Extended Distribution Channel, and only one of my books was sold.  Createspace's executive office completely ignored this unauthorized distribution channel, and kept repeating I would get royalties.  I get $2.33 (while Amazon and Createspace get $7.72) for each book sale, and I was concerned about copyright/distribution rights.   I was shocked their responses and ignorance. Createspace's executive office then said any one can go out and sell my books without my permission (TOTAL IGNORANCE). Since I complained to Amazon/Createspace, they started retaliating me.  When I upload book, they just delayed publishing with numerous stupid reasons. Then there you go.  Tim Ferriss signed contract with Amazon to publish his 4-hour chef, and the book is coming out soon.  Createspace claimed my book of slow carb violated trademarks.  Tim Ferriss applied trademark with four-hour which was refused and his trademark is 4-hour.  Further Tim Ferriss is not the one who created slow carb diet nor he has trademark for slow carb.Even if so, when you write a review of Tim Ferriss' 4-hour body book, there is no trademark by using 4-hour body.  (another sign of ignorance).They removed my book without any opportunities.  So I complained with legal basis that trademark does not apply here, and if so why didn't they remove other books with same titles?  Why discriminate?Amazon/Createspace behave they do not need to respond.  Their attitude was Amazon is Number 1, do what we say so. If not, we remove your account for life.  That's what happened.  I listed NUMEROUS ILLEGAL BOOK that are selling currently at Amazon, and asked them to remove. If not, I would file complaint.  Their response was banning my account for life. Regulators have to regulate Amazon.  Amazon/Createspace's attitude tells this is not a company with future. BTW, Amazon is being sued by Apple for trademark infringement of using App store (Apple's trademark)!!
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #1260902
Oct 12 2015
08:22 PM
Amazon Amazon associates Amazon Associates ripoff scam Seattle Nationwide
Amazon Associates Program is a scam, After 2 years of reaseach with Amazons so called Affiliate program things fill apart. How did it fall apart, Seems Amazon just is terminating accounts at will. After you start making commissions from links Amazon suspends your account taking away any earned commissions. I made over 10 calls to Amazon talking with the Associatye Director, the lady said they can't or will not investigate Associates account that get shut down, all My websites complyed with Amazons Policies. Amazon is in fact stealing commission sales for anyone who makes or uses Amazon associates ads, these ads are made to monetize, Blogs or websites in exchange for commission sales. Amazon will not defend you and it is very hard to contact them about it. Amazon seems unwilling to want to fix the issues. after making Amazon $23,000 in sales my commissions was shut down with out any cause, The Rep on the phone said to resign up for a new account, which I did do, after a year of running ads and my avg commissions per 60 day payouts was $3600 or $1800 per month basically. Is Amazon going to pay me for this months commission sales, Amazon strips Paying you if your accounts is suspended, they say I violated policy in my email, wnich is far from the truth,  After you get this email your account gets closed and you no longer can reviews it. But I backed up all my sales reports till today. Amazon will not work with its Associates to resolve issues,  Why is Amazon Associates a scam, let me tell you why, Amazon don't encryt the Url links on there end and anyone can send fake traffic to your links, I showed amazon the spike of traffic I had going to those links, which I even showed them the ip address of where the traffic was from, know one has any controll over it. Amazon Associate program has no protection, Anyone using Amazon Associate program I highy advise you to stop. Its easy to send fake traffic to Amazon Associate links using sudo pings from any computer, Amazon shut me down because of a hacker sending fake traffic to my ad links. amazon affilate link looks like this in the url tag you have your id in my case sk40-20. 20 verifies country code for the Amazon Associates. I made Amazon 23000 Dollars this week which would of been $1380 at 6%. Once your link have been compromised for any reason instead of Amazon helping you solve the issue they shut you down, so I am out of my Money and can no longer Have an Amazon Associate account.  My Note to Amazon Fix it, How many people have to suffer because you refuse to encrpt the associate links. No one is safe making Money with Amazon Associates, you can get scammed out of you money, hackers can steal your traffic making them money and not the account holder, Amazon associates is a big scam,  The people responsible for stealing my links was coming from Amazons inc itself. Do not trust    heres the email  my email from Amazon.  We are writing to notify you that we are terminating the Amazon Associates Program Operating Agreement with you with immediate effect.  Your Associates Program account will be closed and you will not receive further payment of advertising fees.We have taken this step because we have previously closed an account that we have determined belongs to you or a person affiliated with you or acting in concert with you for violations of the Associates Program Operating Agreement, the Product Advertising API License Agreement, or one of the other Associates Programs operated by our affiliates.You can find the complete terms of the Operating Agreement and its Schedules via this link: insist that you immediately remove all Amazon content, including Special Links, from your site(s).  Any other accounts you have or may open in the future may be closed and you will not receive any advertising fees.  We reserve all other rights and claims we may have.Warmest Regards,
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #615089
Jun 19 2010
08:24 AM
Amazon Ex Amazon seller, Internet
As an small seller, I like to inform the public about a big small sellers' rip-off by Amazon has two different standards for selling, one for small sellers, and the other for its own direct sales. Amazon charges the small non-Amazon sellers close to 24% commission and then constantly harrass these sellers. Adding insult to injury, Amazon has unleashed a bunch of ineffecient and inexpereiced rookies employees to  protect the buyers by supervising and monitoring the performance of the small sellers communities. Unfortunately, the main responsibility of these rookies is to harass the small non-Amazon sellers. This group of Amazon employees make no effort to facilitate the relationship between the buyers and sellers. To the contrary, based on their poor judgmnet/verdict, they only try to aggrivate the problems rather to resolve it by indiscriminately disqualfying the sellers with even over 99% customers' satisfaction score. These individuals even encourage the unhappy buyers not to return their merchendise to the seller for a full refund rather force the sellers to provide the merchandise for free and even pay for the shipping and handling. But Amazon does not apply such a procedure to its own direct sale. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? I think Amazon has no control over this group. This is a serious mamagemnet problem and Amazon will eventually pay for this mismanagement and discrimination. In conclusion, Amazon does not use the same return policy for its own dirct sale. I believe Amazon should learn a lesson from eBay, who has created a balance environment between the small sellers and the buyers.
20, Report #651943
Oct 17 2010
10:33 AM
Amazon Amazon Sellers Account Rip Off Scam Thieves Horrible, Internet
I have never been so disgusted with a company as much as I have been with Amazon over my selling experience.  I had my account suspended over a year ago, with a 5 Star Rating and 100% positive feedback.  Not one single complaint, nor one A-Z guarantee against me, and I wake up to seeing my account suspended.  That's it, no person to call, no one to talk to, DONE.My Girlfriends account has been in review for the last two months, she has sold over 30 items, again... ZERO complaints, and she hasn't been able to touch her funds for two months.  How in the world is it fair that she sent her items as required, and she is left with nothing....  To top it all off, yesterday morning she woke up to having HER ACCOUNT SUSPENDED.  She has over $1,000 in there, and now she has to wait 90 days to even touch it.  This is the worst service I have ever dealt with.PLEASE, seller beware.  I thought this was an amazing service, and even chalked my account being suspended up to a mistake.  Now after seeing my Girlfriends account suspended, and all these complaints, GO TO EBAY!Just Google: amazon seller account scamand see how many people have been screwed!
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #906484
Jul 03 2012
06:25 PM
Amazon Amazon suspended my account for more than a year, Internet
Amazon has suspended my seller's account for more than a year because there were a few customer complaints. In reality, these customers did not read the description carefully, and gave negative feedbacks. I refunded to all of them with no problem, even though they did not know how to request a refund. Most of those customers never paid any attention to the item description, or how to request a refund. I was full of this, a few customers, then decided to take off my listings and take a break. But when I wanted to list again, I could not, because amazon has suspended my account. There were no warnings, no email alerts, no calls, nothing. I called so many times to amazon, to get my account back, but it was unnecessary, the agents were not helpful, as if I was a fascist. I am tired of doing so, the amazon workers are not doing their job, but making money by holding our money. 
Entity: internet, Internet
22, Report #937062
Sep 05 2012
10:31 AM
Amazon Amazon closed account owes refund to me Internet
Had an account Amazon prime for 3 months, ordered a few items, incl. a SW program download. Sent some items back especially shoes that were not comfortable hence not as advertised. Always got a refund. Before the long weekend placed and order for a new digital camera, value $1000. It arrived in just a box no extra packing material like styrofoam or air pockets. Charge battery, plug it in, camera will not turn on. Tried several things, no luck. Called Amazon, they sent a replacement ASAP. Received the next day. Played with it over the weekend, but the camera kept shutting randomly off. So I returned it as well after the weekend. Requested a refund.  Chatted with an associate about it, and was assured I will receive a refund. Now I get up this morning had an email Amazon closed my account because of too many returns. singed by generic Account Specialist, no name, nothing. I can't login my account. While it maybe somewhat understandable, now I wonder what happens to my refund they owe me over $1000. Called customer service several times requesting to speak to someone about my return. Was told the customer account specialist will respond within 24 hours. What? I can't login my account, cant access past receipts nor my past digital software download. I so far already filed a complaint with the attorney General. Anyone ever sued Amazon in small claims court? I will but would like some guidance. Thanks
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #1176681
Sep 14 2014
09:51 AM
Amazon Amazon - Kindle app DESTROYS notes and bookmarks... Internet
Regarding the Amazon Kindle reading app for android devices, I had created over 80 hours of notes for a book I was reading and when attempting to sync these notes with the PC version of this app the notes were completely destroyed in the process. After two weeks of chasing this issue with customer service and their technical department, they acknowledged they 'probably' have a technical issue with these apps. They said they were 'sorry' and gave me a $30 credit to 'compensate' me. I have the e-mail history of my attempt to describe the irreparable harm their apps did to me in destroying my work. At customer service's suggestion, I wrote to corporate at I received no response. Incredible indifference on Amazon's part to a customer of over 10 years!
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1155173
Jun 16 2014
12:14 PM
Amazon Kindle, Amazon Kindle HD lemon Internet
We got two Kindle HD for our daughters for Christmas 2013.  One has worked fine with no problems.  The other I have called in to Amazon twice regarding it freezing and have had to hard start it.  I asked about sending it back and was told that it was fine and it happens sometimes. While traveling on vacation the Kindle gets weird lines and is no longer usable.  I called Amazon when we returned and was told they would send me out a new one.  What came in the mail was a refurbished one not a new one as I was told.  I talked to the service representative who told me it was just like new.  I told him that you can buy them cheaper and it was not new unlike the one that I bought that no longer works.  He then told me I did not have to pay for anything and they were doing me a favor so I would not have to wait until mine was fixed.  I was not given that option.  They again told me that since it was over 30 days they could give me whatever they wanted or a new option 80% of my purchased price.  I again stated mine was brand new and 6 months old. Customer service sent me the warranty they DO have the option of sending a NEW one, they DO have the option of giving me 100% of my money back.  Amazon choosed the cheaper option for them and then expects me to send my NEW ONE THAT DOES NOT WORK back to them so they can REFURBISH it and sell it for a profit or use it for some other person for a warranty claim. What a ripoff!!  
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1153978
Jun 11 2014
01:46 PM
Amazon Associate Amazon associate membership is a fraud. Internet
Don't waste your time trying to be rich while signing up for amazon associate. I created a website and wanted to earn extra cash to supplement my income to run the the site. I choose to be an Amazon Associate because the referral fee where payments upto 15%. I applied to the program and received emails congratulating me on my memebership. Once I did that I was given a link to post the amazon referral link on my website. Four days later I tested the link. I bought someting with the link. After the product was delivered. I got an email stating that the website is not operational and my application had been terminated. I called to see if I can get credit for the sale that said no because my application had been denied. I said my website had been up and running for 3 months prior to the application. No answer from rep and said i will have to reapply. So I applied the second time, same scenario, I bought something. A few days later after delivery I get an email my application had been denied becuase I lack content or valid information for amazon. a very opinionated determination. I ask again shouldn't I be credit for my sales referral? They said no. There you go. I would say this amazon associate  process is a scam. They will make a sale from using you site and they deny payment by cancelling you member ship as soon as you make your first sale. In my opinion your links should not be issued until your membership is valid.
Entity: Internet

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