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26, Report #1253424
Sep 07 2015
03:58 PM
Amazon Amazon Prime Unauthorized charges to debit card Internet
I found an unauthorized 99 dollar charge on my debit card today, from Amazon Prime, I had not signed up for it, and only thing I remember about a prime anything from them was a Netflix type thing a while back.I have never signed up for anything with them, and did not tell them to take this money from my account at all.  Ever.I am seeing many others complaining about this too.
Entity: Internet
27, Report #1217350
Mar 21 2015
08:01 PM
Amazon Amazon stole my hard earned money! Internet created an invalid return request for a buyer and allowed false claim to steal money from my account. I am 5 star seller and work hard to provide the best products and service amazon seller center. Recently created an invalid return request for a buyer who got a 100% brand new factory sealed Braun shaver and used it for more than 3 months. Both's and my return policy does NOT allow returns beyond 30 days. And there is no issue with the shaver at all. The buyer claimed that the shaver did not work at the beginning, then changed his story to that the shaver does not work to his satisfactory after 3 months of use. I helped him to contact the manufacturer Braun for warranty service because whatever manufacturer's warranty needs to be done with the manufacturer. But the buyer refused and insisted to file a Amazon A-Z claim and Amazon did not allow me to dispute this claim, and simply deduct a large amount $ from my account. Amazon did not even refund me any of the sale's fees and shipping costs Amazon charged me on this sale. simply stole money from an all 5 star seller and did not allow any communication and said that their decision (to steal my money) is final. 1. The claim against me was an NOT a valid A-to-z Claim to start with according to the conditions set by are 3 necessary conditions to file an A-to-z Claim per  This claim did not satisfied conditions 2 and 3.So it was an INVALID claim to start with. 2. The claim was item not as described.  The item description is 100% the same as the item.  And the seller even offerFREE expedite shipping to the buyer for no extra cost.  The buyer used the product for more than 3 months and changedhis mind and wanted for a return.  The seller explained in deals with patience and took the initiative to help the buyer withmanufacturer warranty service.  The evil buyer refused and wanted a refund because he still need to use the shaver and cannot wait for the mailing to and from the manufacturer. 3. The return request was way outside of both Amazon's and my return window.  The return request should not even beallowed from the first place.   4. It's against the industry ethics and good professional conduct to treat sellers with all 5 star ratings like this on seller center.  5. Amazon even took all the sale fees and profits from this sale and the shipping costs from the seller so basically the seller double lost the item, the sale, the amazon fees, and the shipping costs.   6.  This whole thing is simply WRONG by any standard. 
Entity: Internet
28, Report #1334410
Oct 21 2016
02:40 PM
Amazon A to Z Amazon A-to-Z Worthless Guarantee Internet
In April, 2016, I purchased a new Epson All-in-one printer, fax, copier, scanner through The third-party reseller who provided the product and advertised it as new on Amazon's website was E & D Tech. In September, 2016, the printer failed. Epson was unable to fix it via guidance over the phone. Epson's records show that the printer was sold by Staples in 2014. Apparently, E&D Tech purchased the product at a sale in Feb, 2016 from Staples. The product is out of warranty (a one-year warranty)  with the manufacturer (Epson) and E&D Tech refuses to give a refund, claiming that Epson should be reponsible. Amazon's A to Z guarantee states that the claim must be filed within 90 days from purchase. So, the customer gets screwed once again. I am very surprised and disappointed that AMazon A to Z does not live up to its word.
Entity: Internet
29, Report #1159343
Jul 03 2014
11:39 AM
Amazon Amazon A-z guarantee is a sham Santa Barbara Internet
Amazon A-Z is bs.There is no protection from those that buy from 3rd party vendors. I bought equipment that was made in China, filed a a-z and returned the item.The return address was a bogus shipping distribution center, thus the USPS priority tracking info is incomplete. I loose $199 plus the return shipping fee. The vendor has my money and I am screwed.Amazon stated they cannot refund items from 3rd party sellers, I need to file a refund request. Which they deny within seconds of requesting it. Stating technical support issue- resolved.DONT BUY ON AMAZON!!!!!
Entity: Internet
30, Report #1314184
Jun 29 2016
11:42 AM
Amazon Amazon stealing gift card balance from account Nationwide
Hello everyone, After talking to 10 different people from Amazon support, I've basically come to the conclusion that Amazon stole my gift card balance, and is refusing to give it back. Here's the last conversation I had with their support. Maybe someone can offer me some advice on how to proceed... and if not, this is a good way of unloading some frustration. Hello, Here's a copy of the chat transcript you requested: Initial Question: I'm trying to see how much longer a gift balance transfer will take 08:12 AM PDT Keimo(Amazon): Hello, my name is Keimo. I'm here to help you today. I will be checking on this for you. 08:12 AM PDT me: Hello there 08:12 AM PDT Keimo: May I have the name and the email on the account please ? 08:12 AM PDT me: it's the same email as this one, only with a capital R so it's *** 08:13 AM PDT me: I had some funds from amazon mturk, as gift balance and requested a move to this account, since I have all my orders on this one this was Saturday morning the funds were removed from the other account, but it seems to be taking ages someone from support said that it's currently being escalated to the mturk support team, so I'm not sure 08:15 AM PDT Keimo: Let me read through. 08:15 AM PDT me: sure 08:16 AM PDT Keimo: Okay. so the funds that are to be transferred as already been removed from that account but is not being reflected on this one ? 08:16 AM PDT me: yes 08:19 AM PDT Keimo: Okay. Allow me a minute to check on this for you. 08:19 AM PDT me: sure 08:23 AM PDT Keimo: What was the amount of the gift card that was on the account? 08:23 AM PDT me: $*** 08:24 AM PDT Keimo: what was the time frame given for this ? 08:24 AM PDT me: everyone is telling me 24 to 48 hours, but the entire process started Saturday morning 08:25 AM PDT me: so it's taking a lot longer 08:26 AM PDT Keimo: I am not seeing the amount here on the account it should be transferred from and I am not seeing it on the account it should be transferred to so it seem the transaction is not yet completed. What I will do is to relay the information the the GC specialist so that they can have this checked on for you. 08:26 AM PDT me: ok, thanks, but I've already done this, and nobody was able to help 08:27 AM PDT me: you're actually the 10th person from support that I've talked to 08:31 AM PDT Keimo: If it was already been sent over and it has not been done it means that the transaction is not eligible. If $*** was not the original amount it will not be able to be credited to another account being that it was an electronic gift card. Since it has been done so many times I am not sure if this transfer is possible. I am not seeing it on the account so I am not sure where the GC balance went 08:32 AM PDT me: ok then, I'd like to cancel the transfer if it's not possible even though nobody informed me that it's not possible just that it would take up to 48 hours but it seems that now nobody knows there the balance went 08:35 AM PDT Keimo: I have checked your gift card balance and activities on both account and I am not seeing anything there. It seem a transferred was not started in the first place. 08:35 AM PDT me: so what did my original support contact do with the balance? 08:36 AM PDT Keimo: I am not sure because I am not seeing the balance that was initially there. 08:36 AM PDT me: this is the mail from amazon 08:37 AM PDT me: Greetings from Amazon Payments, Your withdrawal of $ **** to an Gift Card has completed successfully. The Gift Card will be automatically applied to your next order. The Transaction ID is ****. Thank you for using Amazon Payments. For further information about Amazon Payments, please visit our Help pages: where did this balance go? 08:37 AM PDT Keimo: So you were sent an email that the balance was successfully transferred ? let me check if it was applied to any of your orders. 08:38 AM PDT me: no, this is the original mail that I got when I transferred the money from my amazon mechanical turk account over ** years ago it's been sitting in my account since then because I always logged on to this account 08:38 AM PDT Keimo: Oh so that is not the email for the account to account transfer / ? 08:38 AM PDT me: no 08:39 AM PDT me: I haven't received any mail about the transfer just a lot of mails from support saying that I have no balance 08:39 AM PDT Keimo: Okay. As it regards to that transfer I am not sure what happened with the gift card amount. It is not reflecting on neither of the account. 08:39 AM PDT me: and that nobody knows where it is yes, that's what everybody keeps telling me 08:40 AM PDT me: what can I do to get this balance back? since it's extremely frustrating 08:41 AM PDT Keimo: Let me check with my lead to see what can be done. 08:41 AM PDT me: sure 08:47 AM PDT Keimo: Waiting to be connected with my lead. 08:47 AM PDT me: sure thing I'll wait 08:47 AM PDT Keimo: Thanks for your patience. 08:47 AM PDT me: no problem 08:50 AM PDT Keimo: I am now connected with My lead. 08:50 AM PDT me: ok 08:59 AM PDT Keimo: When was the transfer email sent? 08:59 AM PDT me: on April 1st, *** haven't used it since 09:05 AM PDT Keimo: Checked with my lead and I my lead is saying the same thing. That are not able to see the gift card. Unfortunately this cannot be retrieved. 09:05 AM PDT me: so you're basically telling me that Amazon support deleted my balance without any way of getting it back? what kind of support is that? 09:06 AM PDT Keimo: I am not telling you that. I am not able to tell you what happened with the balance. 09:07 AM PDT Keimo: The balance is not here as I am not seeing it, neither does my lead. We are unable to have it credited back if there is no proof of it. The option will not be given. 09:07 AM PDT me: so what am I supposed to do now? I imagine it's not so difficult to see that I had it on my account for over 6 years and that it disappeared on Saturday without me making any orders 09:08 AM PDT me: and you can check the chack log from Saturday morning that I had with a colleague of yours chat* I imagine he wouldn't have agreed to transfer something that didn't exist in the first pl place 09:10 AM PDT Keimo: I understand what you are saying. The previous rep saw the balance. I am not seeing it now. My lead is not seeing. Action cannot be taken on something that we have no proof of. 09:10 AM PDT me: so what can I do? I showed you the original code for the transfer, I'm not sure there's anything more I can do 09:11 AM PDT me: I'm finding this situation ridiculous to be honest 09:12 AM PDT Keimo: I am not sure what can be done about this. I have escalated this to my superior and I was provided with no alternatives so I am not sure what can be done. 09:12 AM PDT me: so there's no way for me to get that balance back, right? 09:13 AM PDT me: that's the conclusion 09:13 AM PDT Keimo: It seems that way. 09:13 AM PDT me: well, I basically consider this stealing, to be honest 09:14 AM PDT me: I'm sure there's an organization that handles such disputes, so I'll be sure to file a dispute and publish all the support I've gotten in this matter wherever I can I guess we're done here thanks for your help 09:16 AM PDT Keimo: We look forward to seeing you again soon. When you're ready, please click the end chat link. Have a great day
Entity: Nationwide
31, Report #1304041
May 06 2016
08:41 AM
Amazon Buyer beware of Amazon Blocking of refund requests Internet
Amazon website is implementented to disallow any contact with Amazon when a seller is removed by Amazon from their system. I recemtly purchased an item that was never received.  When I attempted to request a refund, Amazon system said none could be processed as the seller had been blocked by Amazon, rendering any such request not allowable. Amazon offers no access to customer service other than thier refubnd access to a seller. Amazon charged my credit card anyway, kept the rpoceeds.. and any attempt on my part to process a refund is blocked. Example:  I received their email asking me to review this prurchase...  I respionded with a dissatisdfied entry and in comments section I only said that I did not receive the item... the reason for a negative response.    Amazon promptly sent me a generated email staing that my review was not allwable as it was deemed inapproprite. All I stated was item not received. Amazon has developed and implemeted a website sytem that disallows refunds in such circumstances.  Buyers should be aware of their risky business style of commerce.. IE collecting sales revenuse with no means of buyer recovery when nothing is provided.  We used to call that fraud now it's just good business it seems at Amazon. 
Entity: Internet
32, Report #1214099
Mar 07 2015
04:23 PM
Amazon, sellercentral Amazon suspends sellers based on false information Seattle Internet
Amazon - Seller Central is a selling platform for dealers across multinational boundaries.  Amazon uses a performance metric rating system to rate sellers performance based on statistics such as (order defect rate, email responses, positive and negative feedback, refunds, A-Z claims, delivery times, etc...)  These statistics are computer generated and often contain errors based on incorrect data entered by seller support team, customers, delivery tracking errors by the shipping services used, and otherwise by other disgruntled customers who are often only interested in scamming a dealer and getting a refund of shipping fees by claiming the products defective.   The third-party dealers who sell through Amazon face suspensions and with-holding of earnings and often lose products and future sales.  The seller performance teams and seller support services who are Amazon employees often refuse to do a thorough investigation and consequently affect the dealer's ratings and suspend their earning and hold their monies unnecesarily.  It is relatively common and often causes the dealer financial losses and even to close their business.  This in effect could be construed as anti-trust actions in itself.  It is also Amazon policy to deny seller's the right to enter into class-action lawsuits against Amazon for damages and losses.  How many major fortune 500 companies do you know can enjoy the right to exempt themselve from class-action lawsuits? None I know of.  Even if you have proof of their mistakes in suspending your account- you still cannot do anything except file an appeal to the same group of Amazon employees who suspended your account.  According to Anti-trust Sherman acts of 1914 and other federal regulation this practice has been ignored.  The fact that Amazon can use its great resources and internet to power to punish, cripple and stifle competition with products they sell on Amazon.  I hope that appropiate actions can be taken to solve these problems in the future for other small business who ar wrongly hurt by Amazon.   
Entity: Internet
33, Report #1341347
Dec 04 2016
08:53 PM
Amazon Amazon problems with orders and log in Internet
What happened to Amazon, it seems to have gone downhill recently. An item I ordered was suppose to come in Frustration-Free Packaging. Amazon's own website states that the contents are suppose to be properly placed in a secure shipping box. What did I get, my order arrived in the flimsy retail box all beaten up. Now, I had to go thru the return process which is a waste of time for something that was suppose to arrive in the condition promised.In another order, there website stated that I was suppose to receive my package by December 3 but it never arrived. I tracked it on USPS website and it stated that the tracking number couldn't be located. I contacted the USPS and they said that the package wasn't even shipped. Now, Amazon's websites stated that it should arrive by Dec 8. I wonder if it will even be shipped.Now, their log in page is having problems. Every time I log in, it sends me back to the log in page but now it tells me to input characters from picture besides inputting my log in info. I contacted customer service and she didn't know what to do. I told her to transfer me to the tech department because they fixed a similar problem a few months back. The response from their tech dept was a joke, she was just making up lies. First she told me that It's their new log in system to make it more secure. I told her that there must be a problem because that's not what they told me that last time this happened. Then she said that it's the new way to log in, I told her the last time they fixed it up immediately when this happened (which they did). Then she comes up with another story that Amazon has just upgraded their system and everyone is experiencing the same problem. I asked when will it be fixed and she didn't know. Then I told her that I wanted send a notice to the webmaster to fix the issue, she was hesitant and didn't know what to do. She then stated there was already a notice and it's being looked into. She was making continuous lies over and over.Amazon (executives and managers) should really look into these problems because this is going to destroy customer confidence and that means less revenue for the company. When customer confidence is lost, it's very hard to get it back because they will spend their money elsewhere. If you're a customer who's experiencing these problems too, please complain because they won't get fixed until you do.
Entity: Internet
34, Report #1371986
May 08 2017
10:30 AM
Amazon Canada Amazon Misrepresentation/Fraud Canada Canada
Amazon is continuing to do the same thing in Canada! Many of their product are falsely advertised as IN STOCK when they are not in Canada! The bidding process is highly suspect as RIGGED! One Example of MISREPRESENTAION, is a company Amazon Sales supports is EDAL TECK, a PREDATORY CHINA REPUBLIC (Communistic Company and Country), which also uses a BAD Delivery Company DHL ecommerce! AMAZON, simply will not stop MISREPRESENTING many products on their CANADA WEB SITE! After doing a Web Search for complaints against EDAL TECK and DHL, it became obvious that this is a BIG PROBLEM!
Entity: Internet
35, Report #159711
Oct 06 2005
07:50 AM
Amazon STINKS Sellers BEWARE Ripoff internet
I started selling merchandise through Amazon about 3 months ago. I had pretty good success and enjoyed working with the auctions and the z shops. I did however run into a problem trying to transfer funds into my checking account. For 3 weeks I followed all of the instructions. I called my bank and I waited to get paid. Nothing. The last item that I sold was a Lexmark Scanner. This transaction took place about 3 weeks ago. Yesterday while visting my account I noticed a negative buyer feedback. When I saw what this lady had said I was in shock. She stated that when the package arrived at the post office the person told her that whatever was in the package was broken so she refused it. She went on to say that She had emailed me 6 days prior for a refund and I had refused to answer her. I immediately went back through my email account. I could not find anything. I did a search for this email she said she sent nothing. I tried to email her to apologize for her inconvience, and she bounced my email. I had purchased insurance on this package at time of shippment so I knew if it was broken that I would be covered. However, About an hour after I read this, I received an email from Alliance stating that my account had been closed and my funds were on hold for 90 days. I was furious. I searched for a number to call these morons and finally go to talk to a live operator who stated that I needed to file a report with alliance telling them my side of the story. I asked her why did they take this customers word and why did they not investigate the complaint before making such a decision. She could not answer my question. I have an attorney that plans on pursuing this case but the damange has been done. I have no merchandise , no money, and no account. Karen cedarbluff, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
36, Report #418576
Jan 31 2009
01:44 PM
Amazon shipping ripoff Internet
I ordered express shipping from Amazon (the checkout said if I ordered in the next 6 hours I could receive my book by Monday) They collected the fees for the shipping and now its 8 days later and I still don't have my book. I called and they said that express shipping has 10 days to get to you. I asked for a supervisor and the guy put me on hold and then came back on pretending to be someone else. He said too bad we aren't refunding the money to you for the shipping we still have until monday to get it to you. I told him hey that isn't express, he said yes it is and you aren't getting a refund, I don't care what you think you just didn't read the info right. I have been all over the site and express says 2-6 days. Has anyone else had this problem? Jas Sterling Heights, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
37, Report #423210
Feb 11 2009
11:31 PM
Amazon Bait and Switch Internet
If you go to Amazon and search for Economics in One Lesson: 50th Anniversary Edition you will see a photo of that specific book -- which is a very precise edition of this title with information not found in other editions. Amazon says that they have other copies of this edition for sale for $11.16 instead of the list price of $14.95. Actually Amazon has not purchased any copies of this edition of the book at all. When you click on the Other copies: $11.16 Amazon diverts people away from the 50th Anniversary Edition to a completely different version, which they do sell. There are shops on Amazon who do sell the 50th Anniversary edition but they loose business because Amazon falsely claims that the one for $11.16 is another copy of the same edition when it is not. There own site indicates that 84% of the people who look for the 50th Anniversary edition actually end up buying a version that is not the same, and wasn't updated. At no point are they told they being sent to a different edition with different content. It is false to claim that they are selling the same book for $11.16 when then are some significant differences. Buyers don't know that Amazon has pushed them away from the version they were looking for to a version that is older, not as current in the numbers, and with different introductory material. Amazon does this because they don't actually sell the first book (even though they are pretending they do) but they do sell the cheaper, less recent edition. Esteem Gilbert, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
38, Report #337219
Jun 04 2008
06:46 PM
Amazon Disbursement held Seattle Washington
I recently sold merchandise on Amazon for an amount over $900.00,and as a seller I neglected to read their policies on Disbursements. I was unaware as a seller I was required to wait a minimum of 14 days for payment to my bank account. This was unfortunate however I waited the requisite 14 days and then following that amount of time I still had no disbursement to my account. The gentleman I sold the merchandise to had received it by 5/20/08 after my sending it on 5/16/08. on 6/4/08 as I stated I was still waiting. Upon contacting an Amazon Rep I was informed since it was a large amt deposited it was placed on hold pending a review and I could expect a response in 15-30 days. This was following the 14 day waiting period. She also informed me if I had any further merchandise to continue selling. This is unacceptable,if I had a large volume of sales it would be worse,but I sold only 1 unit. I was counting on those funds (my big mistake) and now I am looking at possible NSF action against my B of A account. How can a company who looks out for their bottom line and I'm sure demands payments in a reasonable amount of time,choose to make payments to their sellers in a certainly less than reasonable fashion? Greg Tacoma, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
39, Report #449789
May 07 2009
07:57 PM
Amazon seller rip-off Portland Oregon
As an amazon seller in good standing (98% X 2 + years), I would think that these a**holes (whom I paid $40/mo) would give me even a slight consideration. Wrong! These pricks refused to answer my emails, wouldn't explain their policies when I had questions, ridiculous - may they die in internet hell! Be wary - they just want your MONEY! Mark yachats, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Portland, Oregon, Nationwide
40, Report #480504
Aug 15 2009
05:30 PM
AMAZON rips sellers off ,
Amazon is a ripoff. I sold many items on Amazon because I decided to move from ebay to Amazon. I get good prices and my products are popular and priced well so they sell quickly. I am a large small business not some guy shipping out 3,4 items a day out of their home.After a month of sales I get an email that my account is under review. They say it is not necessarily a reflection of bad seller practices but is for the safety of Amazon's buyers. Yeah right. The email states that it is important to continue processing orders while it is in keep in mind that while in review you do not have access to money for up to 30 days.Ok, I am not a scammer and have nothing to hide. It'll just pass and I'll get access to my money in a few weeks, right? Wrong. After I shipped out nearly 12k worth of merchandise with no immediate compensation I get an email from Amazon that my account is linked to a blocked user. I file an appeal and get a generic response that we have investigated your account thoroughly but the decision remains. So now I have $11,700 of my money locked into Amazon for 90 days. All emails I send for help are either ignored or I get the same generic response. There is no one to call to talk some sense into. The phone in seller support is for generic questions, the live people tell me to email seller support which of course is no help.All items have this charge when ship feature and they can verify EASILY that items have been delivered. This isn't an issue of protecting themselves, not after 35 days and no claims, chargebacks or negative comments and I still can't get my money despite tracking info THEY HAVE ACCESS to showing items delivered a long time ago.If I were a smaller business I would have easily folded in these rough economic times. CASH FLOW IS KING, remember that. If you want to destroy your business go ahead and sell on Amazon...oh, that's assuming you are able to make a profit after their hefty seller fees.
Entity: , Internet
41, Report #368329
Aug 29 2008
11:59 PM
Amazon Online Internet Store Seattle, Washington Internet
I have been an Amazon customer for more than 7 years, with purchases of more than USD$8000 yearly (all purchases are recorded either via email or print-out Amazon account summary). The reason I am writing this review is to expose what Amazon does to her faithful customer. I make purchases of at least 20 to 30 books in each order several times a year, so I do consider myself a big customer of Amazon's (let the reader be the judge). The reason I make such regular purchases is this - I am doing research and require books for my papers. Besides, I am a bibliophile and an avid book collector. The quality of Amazon packing has progressively deteriorated over the years. In the early 2000 (i.e. from 1999 to 2003), Amazon shrink wraps my books for delivery. In the last few years, the packing has decline to such an extent that, several books were simply thrown into a box sometimes with nothing and sometimes with a plastic bubble on top and the books were shipped all the way to Asia with such flimsy packing. Imagine 10 books in one box (the orders of say 30 books were often split into a few shipments). What do you expect to see when the books arrive? Needless to say, there are badly damaged books in every shipment. I never requested for replacement of books with minor damages i.e. slight dog-ears, little dents, or even a mark here and there. Thus far, I have only requested for replacements when the damage is substantial i.e. numerous dog-ears, dents to corners of books, torn covers (even torn hardcover jackets), or crushed pages. Apparently, Amazon dislike customers asking for replacement, even when customers were to send back those damaged items. Recently, I asked for a replacement of a damaged book which was an expensive item. The damaged book was sent back to Amazon, but Amazon sent me another damaged book as a replacement! I do not know if the damage was due to transport or originally there, but the book had dents, crushed pages throughout, and markings. I therefore requested for a second replacement for the damaged book. But this is what I received from Amazon in my email the next couple of days: Email from Amazon Management: Date: Wednesday, 27 August, 2008 11:03 PM Hello from A careful review of your account indicates you've experienced an extraordinary number of incidents with your orders and corresponding shipments. In the normal course of business, the occasional problem is inevitable. The rate at which such problems have occurred on your account is extraordinary, however, and cannot continue. Effective immediately, your account is closed and you are no longer able to shop in our store. I am very sorry for any disappointment this may cause. Please know that any accounts related to yours have also been closed. If you were to open a new account, the same will result and it will also be closed. In the event that you attempt to do so, we will not accept the return of any additional orders, nor will we issue further refunds in connection with any future orders. We appreciate your cooperation in refraining from using our web site. If you require additional assistance, or have any concerns, feel free to contact us directly at Please do not contact regular Customer Service again, as they will no longer be able to assist you. Regards, Account Specialist With the aforementioned email, I can no longer access my Amazon account. What's more, all my standing replacement orders and credit card details were frozen and taken by Amazon (can't I at least DELETE my credit card details? What about those well-known Amazon hackers who hack into accounts to steal credit card details?). What's most frustrating is that I cannot even log into my Amazon account to stop SPAM mails from Amazon from being sent to my email account. This is what I wrote to Amazon after receiving the aforementioned email. Date: Thursday, 28 August, 2008 12:06 AM Dear Amazon, Re: Closure of My Account After So Many Years As A Customer 1. I do not understand why you have closed my account without even discussing this with me. The alleged extraordinary number of incidents were not due to any faults of mine. 2. Take for example, the numerous paperback books I ordered. In order to prevent damage due to the packing of MANY books into one box, I have been splitting my orders recently (and PAYING MORE as a result) into lesser and lesser books. Go and check it out: it would be cheaper and more economical just to purchase all the books in one order. Instead, I choose to pay more and split the books up into several orders (like 10 orders). With each order, I have to pay a shipment surcharge. I am willing to do so because the packing is very poor, and the books often arrived damaged. The soft-covers were often placed into a box with nothing, or a simple plastic bubble. The books become damaged when the corners of the books rub/knock against the inside of the box or when the books rub/bang into other books within the box. 3. Hard-covers were more resilient to transport, but not all books come in hard-covers. Even so, I have hard-covers damaged every once in a while. Some hard covers had badly torn jackets. 4. Thus far, I have returned damaged items as instructed. 5. Furthermore, I had appealed to shipment (like writing to them) to pack my books well i.e. to wrap my books in a plastic shrink wrapper. Once in a blue moon I get books wrapped in a shrink wrap, but even so, the shrink wrap was done such that the corners of the TOPMOST book were bent inwards (due the to hasty shrink wrapping or carelessness). As a result, the book was damaged. 6. Other than the packing problems, I had no other complaints against Amazon. I never complained when my orders were delayed for months. I never complained when you say that a book was in stock, and when I ordered, you cancelled my order because there is no stock. I never complained when you cancelled an order because the price was allegedly a mistake (too low and couldn't make a profit?). Why didn't you just pack my books properly? There were even times when I had to re-order the damaged book because your replacement book was damaged as well. 7. I am a book collector, and I will want my books in new or reasonable condition as I had indeed paid for NEW books, not damaged ones. I will accept the book if it has no dents, severe dog-ears, torn or bent covers. 8. Lastly, I have purchase books from you for more than 7 years, and have given you much business. You could at least DISCUSS this issue with your long time customer. 9. This is not the way to deal with a faithful customer of so many years. Yours sincerely, XXXXXXXXXXXX Conclusion: I would like the readers to be aware of how unprofessional Amazon is even with her faithful customers. Buyers beware! Victor C. SingaporeSingapore Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on
Entity: Internet
42, Report #563939
Feb 03 2010
10:04 AM
Amazon Marketplace Sellers Market BEWARE!!!!! Internet
BEWARE!!! is a scam for sellers. I have been selling on since November, and they have put my account, and funds on hold several times. Each time they did this I gave them the information they where requesting, and all was fine.Amazon was mad that I was underpricing them, and said that I was selling bootleg copied DVD's. I sent them all the proof they asked for proving that my DVD's where Brand new, and factory sealed. While my account was blocked Amazon continues to charge me pro merchant fees, and permanently suspended my account.Amazon will make their money off you one way or another so BEWARE OF AMAZON.COM!!!!!! THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!!!!!IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED IN A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST AMAZON.COM REPLY!!!
Entity: , Internet
43, Report #671596
Dec 14 2010
07:06 PM
Amazon Free shipping rip off Internet
Over the last month I have received multiple emails from Amazon offering free holiday shipping on everything. I decided to take advantage of the offer and bought $500 worth of Christmas items for several family members who live in Minnesota. I routed them all to the same shipping address. At the end of checkout, I saw that no shipping charge had been applied, so I completed my order. There were, perhaps, 25 items. The following day items began to ship, each individually and each with a separate delivery charges. The lowest was the 6.95 that I was charged for a single Elmo book. Then more email notifications and more shipping charges. I calculate that if each item is shipped separately, the totally shipping bill will be $150 or more. I was livid and called Amazon customer service. I explained what was happening and told them how unethical it was to list no shipping fees just to get me to click, purchase. The customer service representative started hem hawing around telling me there was nothing he could do because many of the items were from third party vendors. Well, duh, of course they are. Amazon is a broker, not a vendor. That being the case, how can Amazon offer free shipping ever? Beyond Amazon's part, the vendors are shipping the items one at a time even though there were multiple items purchased from the seller. Using the 'not available until this date' explanation they too were able to fatten their pockets with shipping scams. Amazon's rep offered me free shipping on my next order. I laughed. He then offered me a $30 Amazon credit. I told him where he could put that. Finally I ended the call with a terse 'Merry Christmas'. It appears that Amazon will do any despicable thing to increase their bottom line but I, for one, will not give them a second chance. I am finished with Amazon's lies and underhanded service practices.
Entity: , Internet
44, Report #746746
Jun 28 2011
11:17 PM
Amazon,com Telephone lexington, Kentucky
The year of 2008 of Christmas  i have order a Cell telephone and did not work! I they said can not give me my money back! I lost my money and the did not work! And i also have take to AT and T they said the was no good and out date.Amazon said no money back! That did not feel good at all.!
Entity: lexington, Kentucky
45, Report #864311
Apr 05 2012
10:26 AM
Amazon WILL NOT honor a-z guarantee, Internet
Beware A- Z guarantee is not real. Sells old out-dated software. Bought MYMAILLIST & POSTAGE SAVER software from Spent weeks inputting adresses for bulk mailing only to find out that CASS certification files which are required by USPS are out of date & the publisher quit supporting them in 2008. Amazon will not guarantee this purchase says I took to long. Could not know of problem till I tried it. Seller wanted it returned unopened. Do not buy software from Amazon unless you ask for publishing date. 
Entity: , Internet
46, Report #929148
Aug 18 2012
01:33 PM
Amazon Excuse for withholding seller payment Internet
I sold several items through Amazon, and when I requested funds be disbursed to my account I received a credit card not valid message (they have to have a valid card on file in case they need to charge a refund or something). Anyway, the credit card was valid- and in fact, I had used it recently to purchase on their site. Not only that, but when I went to enter the valid information again so that I could receive my money, I received an error message that the site wasn't working and try again later. So I emailed them, and received a reply stating that I had fixed the credit card information, but I couldn't request another disbursement since it had been 24 hours since the last request (never mind that they didn't make the disbursement!) So beware if you sell with them, actually receiving the money is another matter (also never mind that they charge a large commission, and the shipping allowance doesn't come close to the actual cost for most books). I think I will go back to the old fashioned method of a postcard on the dormitory wall!
Entity: , Internet
47, Report #210345
Sep 10 2006
07:48 PM
Amazon Phony billing scam ripoff Internet
I used to be a customer of Amazon, until they pulled a scam. They illegally gave my credit card number to their video subsidiary IMDB whose bill for unrequested services turned up on my Master Card statement. Inquiries to Amazon were referred to IMDB which will not respond, unless I give my credit card number. By the way, I now have found a book seller cheaper than Amazon, or there are others, if you use a search engine term like discount books. I find those to be a good search engine for searches like this to be a good comparison tool for price comparisons of reliable places on the net. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. Rick Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
48, Report #211216
Sep 15 2006
02:12 PM
Amazon Ripoff Delivery Deadbeats phoney promises Internet
If you jump at the free shiping make sure you read the fine print.It say's it will take an extra 3 to 5 days,somehow they don't say anything about how long they have to wait to receive it themselves.Then if you call,you get an offer to upgrade to a more expensive shiping cost. Use 1-800-201-7575 as the # to call,don't push any numbers just wait and talk to a live person. Don't buy if you want to give a gift ontime to someone. Jack Watertown, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
49, Report #173874
Jan 30 2006
09:21 AM
Amazon ripoff 2months in no refund Internet
I accidentally ordered a mag subscription while browsing this company site. I then cancelled almost immediately. Well I have to say that I have ordered other items from them before with complete satisfaction. I have my account set up with them to automatically withdraw the funds from my account and in this instance they did just that. I called their 800 number which is non existent on the web site and informed them that I had cancelled the order 1 minute after placing the order. It has been 2 months and I still do not show a refund to my bank and the only response from the company was an automated email stating that they were looking into it. Anyway when I called the 800 number they said that I should call my bank and tell them to give me credit on my account for the withdrawal. Now does that make sense to anyone? To make a long story short this guy told me that I would be contacted by some one who could straighten this out. Keep our fingers crossed. Brenda naples, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
50, Report #250131
May 24 2007
12:25 PM
I ordered some products on AMAZON.COM-gristedes.I was ripped off for the shipping. I didn't get the tracking code until the very day I got it a couple of hours before exactly. I will never order from this person again. It is INSANE! amazon is just as bad. rip off's RIP OFF'S. CONFIDENTIAL UNKNOWN, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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