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1, Report #1173104
Aug 29 2014
05:51 AM
America Star Books (Publish America) AUTHOR BEWARE MAJOR SCAM Maryland Internet
In 2009, I signed with Publish America, now America Star publishing company. I was so excited to see my book in print. The contract is written as a tiered royalty scale, which I was fine with. However, I had roughly 20 family members and friends purchase books through Amazon or their direct site within the first year. At the one year mark, I recieved a letter saying that I sold 12 books, but no royalties would be issued because of the tiered scale. Then Barnes&Noble.Com and began selling my book. I had several co-workers purchase my book and six months later I received a letter that I sold 0 books. I emailed the company through their website because I was becoming concerned that I was scammed. They do not have a direct contact for me to call, no 800 was listed and no phone number to reach a real person. Someone did however respond to my email and told me pretty much to go f**k myself. That I was a loser and sold 0 books from the entire time I was signed. I already knew that was a lie because I kept and still have to letter that told me I sold 12. I kept responding to this person, but you cannot resspond via their email because its a no reply email address.So to respond, I had to go back to their website and fill out the form. Recently, Within the last two months, I had two people buy my book from Amazon and this morning I received an email that I sold 0 books.    What I don't understand is that this company is an American company, they have thousands of complaints about being ripped off and yet they are still allowed to be in business. This kind of company gives the publishing industey a bad name and they should be stopped.      
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1128256
Mar 06 2014
10:37 AM
America Star Books Publish America Unprofessional, Threatening, Disrespectful, Bullying Frederick Maryland
I recently attenpted to contact Publish America, to get the right back to my book.  Only to learn they were doing business under another name.  When I contacted America Star Books; PA's new name, the response to my email blew me away.  I wrote, asking to have my book rights returned me. I stated, I was well aware of the class action taken against them but, I was not interested in suing.  All I wanted was my book back. Their response was rude, belittling, and threatening.  Someone responded by denying the lawsuit and accused me of making false statements. This person went on to write that I didn't know what I was talking about and if I didn't apologize immediately, they would have their lawyers contact me. I then responded, with what I read, and now believe to be true.  A case was filed; for what appears to be a plethora of reasons. I again wrote I wasn't interested in money or lawsuits.  I simply wanted the rights to my book back. I told the person responding to me, I didn't appreciate being threatened or disrespected by what was supposed to be a reputable publisher. And again asked how to get back my book. I also mentioned them shutting down one DBA, only to open the same company under a new DBA.  Which appears to be a shady move, but the person responding to me, never addressed why it was done. Said person responded again, writing; I made a complete fool of myself.  I fell for the nonsesnse on the internet, the case was thrown out on merit.  He or she also wrote their rude response was not unecessary. Going on to falsely accuse, me of trying to sue them. And even demanded an apology again.  They asked why I want back my publishing rights. I'm now awaitng another round of harsh coomunication.   Because, of course it would be too easy to just relinquish my book back to me.  The one the listed on Amazon and Publish America, unedited and over priced.
Entity: Frederick, Maryland
3, Report #1145064
May 08 2014
11:25 AM
Star America Books Publish America RIPEOFF , BULLIES Frederick Maryland
Free or not they shouldn’t treat customers like trash. We get that we may not be the best authors but some of us just have the dream of simply getting our work into someone’s hands even if it is just one person. In 2012 I published my book through Publish America which is now known as ” Star America Books.” I was very excited it was my first book. I started getting other people involved to get the word out there that I was about to publish my very first book. I knew it wasn’t a best selling book but it was a book that had to do with my faith. I was publishing it to inspire someone out there they may have wanted to give up not to make millions of it. I just recently decided to just write another book and even try to market the book I published through Publish America. I contacted them and here was the response I got after I told them that I was considering working with another company and I also told them I felt like I was scammed. I got the email from Star America Books stating this: No, if you pay money, then you are being scammed. You will find that you will pay hundreds of dollars for the same services that we perform for free. That is a scam. We will not transfer publication rights to vanity publishers.If a legitimate publisher should express interest in your work, which is doubtful, please let us know, and we will be happy to arrange a rights transfer. Remember:No other publishers wanted your book. No other publishers would give you anything at all. No other publishers would publish your book free of charge. We gave you what no other publisher would give you.If you want more free stuff, please do some research and let us know what other publishing company will give it to you.Can you find one?and this after I told them they had horrible customer service:Yes, thank you; we’re proud of our customer service. We actually tell the truth. Just as we thought; we were right, no other publisher wanted your book, and now you’re going to pay someone to publish your book. Someone who cares because YOU pay them.And, no, we do NOT have “a lot of law suits[sic].” And, no, we have not had “a lot of law suits[sic].” In fact, we don’t have ANY!Would you please let us know how much you’re paying? We’d like to tell you what you would get from us for that amount.I would be afraid to ever work with this company again…their creditability doesn’t exist. If you have the dream of putting your book out in the public’s eye don’t use this company. Do your research first . There are other companies out there that will take your book…it may take some time to do research but it is better than being treated poorly and being scammed. Even if you have to pay a little to get it published it will be worth it…I wouldn’t submit anything to this company even if it is 100% free…I am hoping that there would be enough people to complain about this company that it goes out of business. Sooner than later.
Entity: Frederick, Maryland
4, Report #1284587
Feb 03 2016
06:39 AM
America Star Books Publish America Copyright Infringement Frederick Maryland
My contract with Publish America ended in January of 2014. I had email confirmation that my contract was terminated, the rights to my book were reverted back to me, and that the title would no longer be offered for sale in the company's webstore (I have all communications confirming this saved on file.) Fast forward two years, after I have re-released the title... and I find that the first edition is now for sale in America Star Books' webstore, despite never having signed a contract with the company under that name and having confirmation that my contract with PA had ended. This is copyright infringement, plain and simple. They do not have the rights to print or sell my work, yet there they are, doing exactly that. I have sent them a cease and desist notice with threats of taking legal action if they don't remove my title immediately, but the fact that they had the gall to do this is infuriating. This scam company needs to be stopped, once and for all.
Entity: Frederick, Maryland
5, Report #1239074
Jul 01 2015
06:04 AM
America Star Books formerly Publish America Will not return my rights frederick Maryland
As a naive new author I signed a contract with Publish America in 2008. It took me only a year to realize they did not fulfill the promises in their contract. With much going on in my life, I did not request a contract termination until 2011. At that time they refused to terminate my contract without a ransom (purchasing 50 books) which they said were their unsold copies (they are a print on demand company so a lie) or an extortion fee of $299. I refused to either and told them quite plainly to keep the book until the contract expired in 2015. I do not want it renewed and cannot wait until it is done. Their contract states that they can automatically renew said contract unless you notify them AT LEAST (key words) three months in advance. When I again notifed them, I was told the same, they had renewed me in January. I told them that the notification they received three years ago more than met their required at least 3 months in advance and STILL they refuse to terminate the illegally renewed contract. I just want my rights back and that is all. I already waited out the initial 7 years and did give them 3 years notice, which they are saying do not count.
Entity: frederick, Maryland
6, Report #1156884
Jun 30 2014
04:57 PM
America Star Books Willem Meiners Refusing to Return money that I had paid Baltimore LLLP Internet
I contacted publishAmerica to publish my book The Long Winding Road of Injustice. The publishing company was run by Willem Meiners and operated in Baltimore Maryland. I understood this was a free service. They send a contract and I didn’t hesitate to sign, as I needed my family story told. After signing they sent an email saying that $315 is needed so that the book could go to the printers. This was confusing, as there had been no prior mention of any payment. I decided not to query this and I sent them the money because I was so anxious to see my book in print. Some while later while browsing the net I was astonished to discover that this publisher was scamming writers. Many writers had information that although they were aware their books were selling they did not receive any commission from sales. Other writers were demanding an end to their contracts. Writers have also taken court action against him. I was very disappointed about this, as there was another publisher that published books for free and took some extra commission from sales to make up for this. That suited me financially. I requested return of the money from PublishAmerica and cancellation of contract. I was informed that the contract would run for the full term of five years and they would not be returning the money. They have instead threatened, insulted and verbally abused me. Recently I learned that Willem Meiners has changed the name of his company to America Star Books. Shortly before this I received an email from him stating that he had agreed to cancel the contract and that would cost $299. He said he would send $15 that was the balance left. But I never received it. He was dishonest about this because the contract was false anyway as he had refused to send me a signed copy. He has also my book for sale on Amazon under his new publishing name, although this arrangement was done under the old name. I would be thankful for anyone out there who would talk to this man about the wrong he is doing. I can be contacted at the email address
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1358752
Feb 27 2017
08:51 PM
america star books/ RacheL broke my contract FREDERICK MD Nationwide
America Star Books published two books for me. The first one was reaching the end of my contract. The second book was a two part story. When I  submitted the part two of the story, this company deleted my other two books and refused to publish part two. although i had approximately  five years left on that contract. During this 7 years I had advertised my books with numerous agencies, yet when anyone went to this company's internet site to order my books. they typed in the  title of the book and the authors  name on the search line, the message came up. ---0 results found-- i tried to order copies and got the same message. i called one of the employees and asked her to find my books and she placed my order for me. Had I known they would refuse to publish part two of my book, i never would have had part one published. I am very disappointed with this company. The reason they gave for terminating my account was, because I had not sold enough books. Well how could I when they gave everyone that tried to order my books, a message: -0 results found. How embarrassing for me. BEWARE OF AMERICA STAR BOOKS.  I was warned about this company but it took them 7 years to show me  their true colors. TODAYS DATE  02- 27-17
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #1175209
Sep 08 2014
09:40 AM
America Star Books Publish America Numerous bad-faith dealings, refusal to respond to requests to cancel contract Baltimore Nationwide
Publish America (now DBA America Star Books) accepted my book for publication about 6 years ago. They used my PDF to publish my book as is, making no changes to the typography or layout, and added a cover. They promised to market my book, citing Ingram and Barnes & Noble, among others, as their marketing and publishing distributors. They sent multiple emails to me asking me to pay to have my book sent to various entities, such as Oprah. They did not ever get my book listed anywhere. They have never actually marketed my book. I've sent multiple complaint emails, receiving nothing in reply other than vague denials, accusations, demands for apology, and vague threats. Recently, they have sent emails requesting $99 to cancel my contract before the 7 year term was up. I asked them to cancel my contract as they have not actually fulfilled their promises. I received emails mentioning lawsuits. I was told I could have a publishable PDF for $500. I told them that their PDF was generated from my original PDF and that I would not pay for something I had originated. The tone of their emails is crude, frightening, offputting, childish and very unprofessional, as well as libelous and demeaning. They continue to email me with requests for money to cancel a contract that should already be null and void based on their own violation of the terms of the contract, and have ignored my repeated requests for confirmation of the contract being cancelled. They have mentioned bringing suit against another party and winning $53,000 in damages against this party. I can only interpret this as an attempt to intimidate me against publicly disparaging them, an attempt at prior restraint and a bullying tactic. Here are, verbatim, the last three emails I have received from America Star Books: Dear ***:  The way, the long chain of emails that you mention contain some of the most bizarre and wacky false accusations that we have encountered. All of it was reputed, and if impolitely, and rightly so. We never received an apology from you for the weird, wacky, false nonsense that you casually through our way.So, you accuse us of wacky nonsense.It is all refuted.Then, you make no apology, like a child would do.Then you're asking us for a favor, for advice, for legal reasons.No, the world does not work that way.Please pay your lawyer to answer your questions.Thank you,America Star Books Support Team   Dear ***: >>when you accepted my book, you>>printed it with my own layout designYes, it was your design.But, it was our files, that were professionally created by our staff.>>I turned down your offer to re-typeset the bookNo, you did not.All material presented must be re-typeset by our team of professionals due to proprietary formatting required by our printers.>>The typesetting and layout of the book are mine,>>and have existed in this form since long before I>>sent you my manuscript.Yes, that is correct. You have the right to do as you please with your own work. You have rights to your own art, of course, in the form that it was in when you supplied it to us.The file that we created, however, may not be used by you. You do not have the right to use the cover file that we created, even though it contains your art.For various legal reasons, we must retain the rights to the formatted file that we created. We have no right, of course, to publish your material. What that clause means is that you do not have the right to use the file that we created. That file was created by a team of professionals, using proprietary formatting, codes, and techniques that are required by our printers, and distribution centers. Your attorney would tell you that for you to use it would be a very clear case of copyright infringement.You are, of course, free to use your art, in whatever way you choose, just so you do not use our files. You may take your art, as it was when you submitted it to us, and create your own cover design.If you would like further clarification, you may ask us politely, and with courtesy. ----- Dear ***:  As you can see below, we deleted most of your message without reading it. Would you please answer our simple question just below? Then, we will be happy to help you.>>Your promises to promote, market and>>sell my book have not been kept.What promises did we not keep?>>Being offered, for pay, to send books for review...>>have landed you in court for these attempts.No, they have not.No, that is simply false.But here's a case that did land us in court. Your research caused you to fall for his nonsense. The leader of the site that posts that nonsense lost credibility long ago, and was sued by PublishAmerica's attorney. He was served a summons to attend trial and testify, and a judgement was entered by a jury. What he said was found to be simply, plainly, false. He was ordered to pay $53,000 in damages. His paychecks were garnished, and he has paid thousands of dollars.Got that?Here's some more information for you:No other publishers wanted your book.No other publishers would give you anything at all.No other publishers would publish your book free of charge.We GAVE you $1500 worth of publishing services, FREE.We gave you what no other publisher would give you.Thank you,America Star Books Support Team   ---   I would be very interested in knowing if there was a legal remedy to this situation that will allow me to recoup the last 6 years of wasted effort, damage to my reputation as an author by this publisher, and losses of sales from this publisher's neglect of their contracted obligation to properly promote my work as promised. Any serious inquiries from a law professional will be responded to promptly. I have full documentation of all my dealings with PA/ASB and believe that they have violated the law in regards to the contract they made with me.  
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #1210010
Feb 18 2015
01:14 PM
America star books publish america will not give my rights back, and my contract expires in april 2015 fredrick Maryland
I am reporting them because they are a scam publisher. My contract expires in April of this year and it says to notify them three months in advance. I did last month and was toild that they automatically renwed my contract in Jan. I told them, I didn't even sign it til April. I was told I would have to pay 299.00 to get rights back that should be mine now for free. I just want my rights back. They are rude and not paying me for the books they are selling. I can go to Anazon .com and find used copies. I never got [aid for. I even told them why do you want to renew a contract when you aren't making money. They wouldn't even admit that's why they are doing it. I need my rights back and that's all I want. I have all the contracts and mailing enevlops and everything. I need a pro bono lawyer. I have no money. I just want what is mine back.  If anyone can help me please contact me. Do not send your work to these people you will never get it back.
Entity: fredrick, Maryland
10, Report #1404147
Oct 28 2017
04:11 PM
america star books publish america they are now closed and they kept my rights fredrick Maryland
I have had a book contract with Publish america since 2008. They did nothing to honor it. no pay or anything and now they have closed their doors. That is great.
Entity: fredrick , Maryland
11, Report #1120048
Feb 04 2014
01:55 PM
Publish America, America Star Books, Author House(publish America companies and sister companies) CONTRACT ARBITRATION, FRAUD, RENAMING THEIR COMPANY TO AMERICAN STAR BOOKS Baltimore Maryland
my name is Robby William Forg Jr. from Louisville,Ky Im Also Known Under The Stage and Pen Name Frogg Corpse which my book was written as (Frogg Corpse)ive never once talked to a real person, publish america is under a new name now at arbitrated my contract in 2012 , i challenged for proof of promotion of book as well in 2012 for the vanity marketing i purchased for the London book fair around march or april of 2012 among other things i have all emails saved since the contract in 2011 i was fired around july-August 2012 after asking for proof under the lack of demand of book loop hole aside the arbitration they failed in contract to send and register my book to the library of congress and without sending the official paper. they took all assets i accumilated also charged me 8% in royaltys which is about 2$ per book after selling without discretion of price at 25$ without my say at the time since contract was signed November of 2011.The-Mourning-Hour-Frogg-Corpse/dp/1462645011/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1391251300&sr=8-1& removed everything off of the books a million web store....then i typed my ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 into Wikipedia and the search Engine this is some of where it went and what i dont understand having aspergersthe ISBN-13 bar code to my book 978-1462645015 (ISBN-13): ISBN-10: 1462645011this is what was found as well as numerous and still unknown to me microbook stores i had not known of i have all files backed up since most of the buisness was done very seldom by gmail conversation  WorldCat free online catalog of the world's libraries Find this book at Internet Book Database online database Find this book at aNobii personal library catalog Find this book at Goodreads personal library catalog Find this book at LibraryThing personal library catalog Find this book at Shelfari personal library catalog Find this book at citation metasearch Find this book at Copyright Clearance Center online rights database Find this book at Open Library Find this book at The Universal Digital Library (or .cn, .cn, .in) Find this book at the Grand Comics Database Find this book at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database Find this book at WorldCat free online catalog of the world's libraries Find this book at Internet Book Database online database Im seeking a Lawyer i talked to the BAR in baltimore and paid the 35$ but cannot afford a Lawyer so any help is much apprechiated. i also have some peice of mind that they work with AUTHOR HOUSE from Bloomington Indiana. Please help ....Email me(((REDACTED)))     -Frogg Corpse
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
12, Report #1359230
Mar 01 2017
07:13 PM
Publish America America Star Books A scam/rip-off scheme Frederick Maryland
I began writing books in 2008, and my first (Bright Night Of The Werewolf) went to a vanity publisher; it made me some money.  That was honest.  After that (2009+) I wrote three worthwhile books; Friesse The Vampires, Crude Rude And Lude People and Rumbling Terror.  All three went to Publish America (America Star Books).  It was a big hype and I was assured that PA was a legitimate, high quality publisher that would market nand promote my books.  Really?  PA sabatages most books to make certain they won't sell, and real* editing costs too much there.  Then, PA works their asses off to make certain my (our) books don't SELL so that they keep harvesting the rewards of selling me/us promotions and marketing schemes that result in exactly 0 dollars/sales for the author.  Etc.  They are creeps!  There is more, but let it suffice that I'm the EH Smith who took PA to the attorney general of South Dakota, and I got PA an F rating at the BBB.  That's all I could afford to do to those thieves!  The AG advised me to get an attorney and sue PA/ASB.  Thanks! 
Entity: Frederick, Maryland
13, Report #1330516
Sep 28 2016
12:02 AM
America Star Books, LLLP AKA Publishing America My Work Is Being Sold All Over The INTERNET HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY ROYALTIES FROM IT FOR IN TEN YEARS Frederick, MD 21701 Maryland
Entity: Frederick, MD 21701, Maryland
14, Report #1147975
May 19 2014
02:31 PM
Publish America American Star Books Publishing Hoax, Rip-Off Baltimore Maryland
Publish America, which is now known as American Star Books has published my work incorrectly (despite the claim at the front of the book claiming they did not change a word of what I submitted), then asked me to pay to have them fix it. They have not helped me at all in the sales of my books, send misleading emails claiming to help with the promotions should I pay excessive amounts for their time to do so, and continually tell me that I cannot own my own work once the contract expires though it is my work and not theirs.I have found many places online where my book has been made available via PDF, which is a contract breach.  Publish America will do nothing about it.  I find many book sellers that claim they have my books in stock, which means they are physically at their store, and I have not been paid royalties for those books.Upon trying to contact Publish America, I got nothing but immature, non-professional all-caps emails telling me to basically go to hell and I am the immature individual who needs to grow up and let them do whatever they want.  I have kept all email communication with the said company and anyone who reads it will understand that it is they not me who have behaved inexcusably.Publish America continues as America Star Books, completely removing all contact information from their site, making it impossible to contact them except through a format link that provides only the ability to send communication without a guarantee it will get there, and if by some miracle it does, does not indicate you will have the ability to receive anything back.Publish America is a scam which all writers must avoid.  Most authors have used them because publishing companies are so hard to get into without an agent, and it is near to impossible to get an agent unless you are either rich or famous.  I used Publish America because I essentially wanted my books on the shelf and out of the way.  Still, having them listed as my publishing company does ruin any potential for a future career as a writer, as their name which has been reported all over the internet is associated with a rip-off company that does nothing but overcharge authors for books that can barely last one reading without falling apart. 
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1298049
Apr 05 2016
09:17 PM
america star books they send me a congradulations email which i saved back in september 2015 for inflight ebooks. then nothing else afterwards, my instincts tell me they are scamming me from the profits, everyone seems to agree fredrick Maryland
they send me a congradulations email back in september stating my books were chosen from the new york book fair for the inflight ebooks to be viewed at airplanes and airports. airlines like american, japan airlines etc. then nothing afterwards only the same message everytime i call , you will be informed when we have an update. everyone even fellow writers have said that they are ripping you off.
Entity: fredrick, Maryland
16, Report #7113
Oct 13 2001
12:00 AM
Volkswagon Of America ..Star Motor Company, WV Terrible Service Department
I purchased a brand new 2000 VW JETTA GLS VR6 from Star Motor Company On August 1999. Ever since the day I bought the car it has had problem after problem. The service department always said nothing was wrong, everything checked out ok...YEAH RIGHT!!! I don't think when you buy a new car it should back fire, stall on you while driving, idle rough, and numerous other things. My check engine light has been on since around 18,000 miles and every time I tell them about it they reset it and say everthing checked out does everthing check out ok when your check engine light keeps coming on. I believe they say that because they were waiting for my warranty to expire so they could charge me to fix the major problem that is so apparent. So finally I called Volkswagon Of America to report it to them..oh yeah i haven't been able to drive my car for over a month, since it is broke down. They said they would contact Star Motor Company to resolve the problem, yeah right! It was three days later I called them back to ask them about the progress and they said they were gathering information. Three more days has went bye without a response. It is a major inconvenience to have a 25,000 dollar car that hasn't even been in the rain and is in immaculte condition (showroom) to be sitting in my garage broke down. I have since contacted the Better Business Bureau Auto Hotline 1-800-955-5100 to file a complaint. They sent me a form to return to them to try and resolve the matter. I don't understand how you buy a new car and it is a piece of junk. Then I find out my car was made in Mexico, man that blew my mind! I thought I was buying a piece of german engineered technology..I was wrong!!!
Entity: Auburn Hills, MI & Clarksburg WV, MI, WV
17, Report #1383276
Jul 05 2017
11:42 AM
America Star Publish I saw the Light manuscript.They have had it since December 2015. Frededrick Maryland
I sent my 5th manuscript via e mail to America Star books.I have 4 published Books with them and also known as Publish America over the last 8 years.I only saw less then $6.00 on the first 2 books and the last 2 Books I received no royalities.I am on a fixed income and over the years they always wanted money to promote my Books.They are available on and a few other sites.My fifth book that I submitted on December 2015.( I saw the Light).It takes 6-12 months to publish a book they told me. Over a year went by and I heard nothing from them.I finally emailed them and they emailed back saying ;they are no longer a publishing company ,but are now a promoting company.I have the choice to buy back my rights or it will go a third party.This is deceitful after having my manuscript for over a year.I saw they still did publish other Authors in 2016.They have scammed so many people all over the Country.Law suits have been filed against them.All I wanted  was my book published! Can you help or any advice? I am disabled and just like writting !
Entity: Frededrick, Maryland
18, Report #385207
Oct 27 2008
10:02 AM
Lone Star Subscription - Bug Off - krystin powell, selling books trying to get points for a trip Aubrey Texas
on 9/22 a girl came to my house and said she was selling books for kids and said if we helped her she would get points for a trip. She talked really fast and wouldnt let me talk and when i tryed to ask questions she would start talking again. She had a booklet to show what she was selling. she said she was a college girl and this was to help her. she told us we could post date a check for one month from that day. she gave us a bug off sticker to put on our door so no other seller would come to our house. That bug off sticker was to tell them that she was already there. We post dated two checks to her and never got our stuff...each check was 38 and 40 dollars. she will ask you to write the check out to L.S.S. inc. and she will write you a reciept that havs no phone number or contact address. Dee New Phila, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Aubrey, Texas
19, Report #468075
Jul 09 2009
07:56 PM
North American Sweepstakes - Star Financial Winning lottery money but you never entered sweepstakes. Toronto Ontario
I received a letter stating that I had won the 2009 North American Sweepstakes Lottery held on May 25, 2009 in the 2nd category. Winnings were $125,000 and I received a check for $3,950 to pay the taxes. First of all, I never entered. Second, in two places in the letter they misspelled sweepstakes (sweeptakes) and in the amount of money to be used to pay the taxes, which wasn't enough to begin with, was listed in 3 different amounts; $3,500, $3,950 and $3,980. I searched the internet for North American and came across this website so I could confirm my suspicions and throw it in the garbage. I hope no one falls for this. Sarah Minneapolis, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
20, Report #124981
Dec 29 2004
08:58 PM
Publish America ripoff fraudulent do not pay for books sold do not return emails Frederick Internet
Publish America has not paid me for how many books I have actually sold. In a six month period they say that I've only sold 2 copies and now that I'm filing this report I would expect even less for my next check, if thats possible. When I expressed my concern and told them I knew for a fact that I sold more they simply stopped answering my emails. When I threatened legal action they told me to stop being foolish. Apparently they have two sets of books, if you know what I mean. I really don't know if there is anything I can do except strongly advise against anyone having anything to do with them. They truly are great rip off artists. James Portage, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #633581
Aug 20 2010
01:09 PM
PUBLISH AMERICA LLLP in 2005 publish america published 2 books of my very best poetry,the books are filled up with printing errors ,the visible place for this books is never pay any royolty an frederick, Maryland
continue of report, publish america is a total  fraud ,they claim they take your books to a t.v show,they claim that they are connected with the media,the books stores,etc,etc, nothing is true!the only way they make money is by selling the books to the authors.I have been trying to get out from their fraud contract,but they wont let go unless I buy 50 booksfrom them.As far as I know they have been making money with my blood  and tears,so now Iwant to tell all the other authors up there that  had and have the same horrible experience with thesemiserable blood takers we all should get together and expose them and get them out of business.....
Entity: frederick, Maryland
22, Report #174742
Feb 04 2006
11:48 AM
All Star Hyundai, Hyundai Of America Ripoff My wife and I were sold a 2002 Sonota which turned out to be a huge lemon! Baton Rouge Louisiana
All Star Hyundai, formerly known as Hampton Hyundai, sold my wife and I a 2002 Sonota which turned out to be a lemon. We have had problems with the car since we pulled it off the lot. From the very beginning all we ask is that they trade it out with a different car. Hyundai has refused to help us out in this situation. The car has been in the shop well over 30 times and although most of the work is covered under warranty they have made sure that we have had a hard time in the process. We have to fight tooth and nail to get things done, to have a rental while they have our car (which has been months at a time). Our latest problem, the timing belt, cost us over 500 dollars because it was out of warranty. Again, even with all the problems we have had, Hyundai corporate refused to help us with the car. Our representative, Frank kerr, has been arrogant and rude from the very beginning of this ordeal and has made our experience with Hyundai a very bad one. My suggestion is that nobody buy a Hyundai and if you are from Louisiana, do not buy from All Star Automotive Group. Jeremy Walker, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
23, Report #350449
Jul 12 2008
10:33 AM
Hyundai Motor America And Five Star Hyundai of Warner Robins Georgia, Cannot Repair 2009 Sonata, ignoring customer, did damage to car Fountain Valley California
I purchased a 2009 Sonata on May 10, 2008 - fully loaded. The car had about 200 miles on it but no one at the dealer could tell me the satellite system did not work. After four trips to the dealer in Warner Robins GA and calls to Hyundai Motor of America in California and I was essentially told all I could do is wait. Oh by the way, on the third trip they cracked the interior panel getting at the wires. They just told me they could not fix it and I would have to bring it back. Driving home I saw the damage and took it back to the dealer who said they would fix it - no work order of course. Back then they said they might offer me a free oil change or free satellite time. It is now July. In the past nearly two months they could have built or replaced my vehicle. Initial letters under the lemon law have been ignored. They also do not give you work orders when you bring the car in so they can argue about how many times its been there. The satellite system is so intertwined with all the other electronics it takes a special part. A part that according to Hyundai is nowhere to be found in the US. So here I am, a brand new top of the line Sonata with a satellite system that does not work, and a cracked interior. All Hyundai in California and its dealer in Warner Robins GA can do is ignore me. Hyundai supposedly caters to the military with additional sums off. Maybe the base Commander should be made aware of these practices and consider placing this dealership off limits. David Warner Robins, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Fountain Valley, California
24, Report #1396418
Aug 29 2017
09:12 AM
America star publishing Sarah@americastarpublishing I wrote a book titled Bully Land last year December 8, 2016 it came out Sarah said I would get paid in February and August.  Bwthesda Maryland
She has been emailing me everyday until I asked her about payment for August. I haven't received any payment from them not even back in February. That's when she said my book hasn't been out long enough in February. Now her phone just has a busy tone and I been calling her for weeks.
Entity: Nationwide
25, Report #441964
Apr 08 2009
02:11 PM
CRS, Inc Or LSS, Inc. Selling For Star Subscriptions, Inc I odered 2 years worth of books for my great grandchildren Have never received any Aubrey Texas
Oredered books for my g.grandchildren and have never received any. I want to put in a change of address and the phone number I have for it is only an answering machine. I paid $48.00. I think I have been ripped off. College students door to door were the ones selling them. Sharon Sapulpa, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Aubrey, Texas

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