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1, Report #1269573
Nov 21 2015
10:22 PM
American Academy of Facial Esthetics, Dr. Louis Malchomer, DDS, Facial Esthetics American Academy of Facial Esthetics Dr. Louis Malchomer, DDS, Facial Esthetics, Rip Off, Scam South Euclid Ohio
As a board certified physician I may be expecting more than what this company can deliver. The course is primarily for Dentists for one, and for two, the quality of the injectable training itself is completely inadequate for Dentists and for anyone looking to learn these procedures. I just got back from the Jersey City course and now I am online trying to find a company who specializes in this type of training, I would have thought it would have been easier the first time around. Dr. Louis Malchomer is a master marketing entrepreneur and total Bull S__artist. I doubt he has any real understanding of the material he tries to have his unqualified instructors teach. Don’t waste your money, stay away from this company. The over charge for their training. Almost $3,000 for a weekend of chaos. I can get that at home with my 3 boys don’t need to travel to Jersey City for this nonsense.
Entity: South Euclid, Ohio
2, Report #1378083
Jun 09 2017
11:46 AM
American Academy of Facial Esthetics AAFE Poor quality, overbooked course Las Vegas Nevada
I would not recommend taking this course.  The didactic portion is low quality and they spend a significant amount of time trying to get you to buy materials from a website that they clearly have a financial interest in. The hand-on course was poorly organized and overbooked.  The teacher I had was more like a technician and was unable to explain the medical reasoning behind what he was preaching. I did not get any real quality teaching time.  There are better courses out there.  DON'T WASTE YOU MONEY ON THIS ONE.
Entity: Nevada
3, Report #1287773
Feb 15 2016
11:02 AM
American Academy of Facial Esthetics Facial, American Academy of Facial Esthetics, Substandard Training, Poor Instructors , Complete Rip off , Refund Demanded South Euclid Ohio
I am a General Dentist from Pennsylvania and I just returned from a weekend training with the American Academy of Facial Esthetics, I attended their Botox Training and their Dermal Filler Training . The course was poorly organized and the information I received was incomplete. The instructor seemed to be new with the information himself and I was very disenchanted with the entire organization, especially after reading their website and their claims of how great the training is overall. The hands on was like a botox party and it was a little “scary” to participate in such a disorganized course. I had very little hands on training as well. The materials presented were weak and incomplete as well. They talked primarily on Botox and Juvederm and basically nothing about the newer products that are currently being used. I learned very little about Aesthetics overall and the focus was very limited to just the injection itself. My goal is to add Aesthetics to my Dental practice and I strongly believe after attending the course , I am not qualified. My suggestion to those looking for real training is to find a plastic surgeon or someone locally who you can pay to really give you proper training. I found a local guy who I am paying $$2,500 and he will teach me everything. Plus I know the training is coming from someone who has been doing this for a while so I know the information is accurate.
Entity: South Euclid, Ohio
4, Report #1329363
Sep 21 2016
09:42 AM
American Academy of Facial Esthetics Stat DDS Inaccurate promotion and holding clients to useless contracting South Euclid Ohio
One of our dentists was convinced by the owner of American Academy of Facial Esthetics to contract for a sleep testing unit to test his patients for obstructive sleep apnea. The problem is that MEdicare and other third party insurance companies have guidelines that very clearly indicated that the dentist DME can in NO WAY PARTICIPATE in the diagnostic process! Guidelines are so clear to states, The DME may not have the testing equipment picked up or delivered to the patient.   The dentist who owns both companies, Louis Malcmacher, is completely ill-informed in the area of dental sleep medicine and is taking complete advantage of dentist attempting to step into the sleep arena and have no clue as to their administrative responsibilities as it pertains to treatment and billing!!
Entity: South Euclid, Ohio
5, Report #1234123
Jun 07 2015
04:01 PM
American Academy of Facial Esthetics AAFE BEWARE! TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY Jersey City Nationwide
I just attended the Botox Course by the American Academy of Facial Esthetics yesterday in Jersey City. What a total waste of money and more importantly, what a waste of time because I closed my office for three days. I only attended the first day and left after that. I can't believe they are charging almost $2,000 for the course, what a scam and rip off. Are they just so blind that they have no idea how poor this course is? Dr. Louis Malcmacher, DDS is the president of the AAFE, otherwise called the American Academy of Facial Esthetics, and is by far the biggest CON ARTIST I have ever heard. The guy is money hungry and acts like he is this all knowing expert in Aesthetics but yet the information presented is Garbage! He should go to filling cavities and leave it at that. part of the reason I am so upset is because my expectations were so high given their marketing tactics, the American Academy of Facial Esthetics ( website, the videos, which by the way I just learned that many of the testimonials are actually the teachers acting as if they are the attendees. I am a board certified physician and have been doing General medicine for 15 years, I wanted to learn Aesthetics so I can offer these services as well. This course didactics were very remedial at best. This is clearly a very entry level, basic course which should have been offered to physician extenders such as medical assistants and LPNs rather than physician or Dentists. Furthermore, this class is really intended for a Dentist, not a physician. A physician, like myself is not interested in learning dental procedures and concepts specific to Dentist which represented probably about 30% of the topics presented. Then I spoke with a representative, they informed me that most of the attendees are Physicians which was a flat out lie since I was the only MD int the course. IF I had said I was a Dentist I am sure the answer I received would have been much different. They are definitely good at marketing and attracting customers. The didactic and course materials were very superficial and incomplete compared to what I am accustomed to receiving at medical conferences. Botulinum Toxin injections are not only indicated for the Frontalis region. The training was highly limited to just the very basic techniques and nothing more. The instructor was very mundane and I believe his knowledge was also limited because of how he answered questions from the group. He responded by stating the question is not part of the scope of this course, or that is something for a later discussion. After each answer like this many of the dentists around me look around at each other pretty surprised with the response, I was very upset because I paid a lot for this course only to receive information which I could have learned on my own from a video. I paid almost $2,000 for this one day course. I am searching the internet now and finding that every course and every other company is charging less than $1,000. I guess they were pretty smart with the reverse pricing concept since I thought that the course would be exceptional given the high cost. Avoid this company at all costs. I still need to find a company now where I can learn everything I need to.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #748156
Jul 01 2011
03:18 PM
The Academy of Cosmetology & Esthetics: A Paul Mitchell Partner school The Academy-NYC Lied about education, hours, costs and housing Staten Island, New York
Upon touring the school we were told about the great, hands on education experience, the dorms to live in right down the block, the chances we'd get to do hair and make-up for movies, plays and fashion shows, the way they'd work with our individual learning needs and that the make-up part of the schooling would be almost equal with the hair part. I really want to do make-up for performing arts so this was very important to me.None of the above ended up being true. There weren't any dorms to live in; so I had to pay high rent and transportation expenses and live far from the school. We did not go out and do the shows, as was promised. The education for learning to do hair has been horrible, and the make-up part has been basically non-existent. The teachers were not the mature experienced ladies we'd seen there. They ended up being young, inexperienced girls that treat the students badly and don't let them try for themselves. They do not teach us hands on, or work with different learning styles at all.It's all been absolutely horrible, but we just recently found out the very worst part. The school knew that I was not from NY and may want to go back home to work. They didn't bother to mention that NY has the lowest hour requirements for a cosmetology license. To get my license and work in my home state, or anywhere else, I will have to have more schooling. This came as a huge shock, because we thought that finishing at a Paul Mitchell school in NYC would allow me to go to work anywhere in the US. I just found out that isn't the case. I am trying to go ahead and transfer so that I can start on time at the school in my home area and get in All my hours to get licensed and a job upon completion. The (Paul Mitchell) Academy won't let me transfer though, until we've paid them $3,000.I feel like everything they told me was lies and they should actually be refunding money to me. Instead, they want to charge me extra to transfer somewhere that I think I can get the education I'd thought I'd be getting from them.
Entity: Staten Island, New York
7, Report #1148089
May 19 2014
09:47 PM
Eric Fisher Academy Eric Fisher Salon and School Bad Face; This school ripped me off of my time and money in Esthetics Wichita Kansas
This school tried to save face but missed it by a mile.  I chose this school because they promised me a successful career in skincare and makeup.  They rolled out the red carpet when I first met them. And then their true colors started to show. My esthetic teacher quit and they had someone teach that wasnt even qualified!  I am a smart girl and I know better than to spend my money on a wayward education. I was told lies to enroll at this school. I was told that I would have the chance to do models, apply for big competitions and work with big names in the industry. NOT! With the teacher change, it was so bad that I requested my money back, but they talked me into taking the class again - yes I took it twice!! I did NOT get to do runway models like they told me I would, I did not work with famous make up artists.  This school is so fake, its rediculous! I wasted my money and time with Eric Fisher! I saw him maybe once and he didnt impress me. Eric Fisher esthetics school is a rip off! Go somewhere else! 
Entity: Wichita, Kansas
8, Report #1333422
Oct 16 2016
11:27 AM
American Academy of Pinecrest Scammed me Miami Florida
 I received my diploma in 2008 from American Academy of Pinecrest and found out later when I wanted to attend collage that it is not accredited by any collage or educational institution. I am very upset to find out that the diploma I received is not a real diploma and that what I thought was a great accomplishment is no longer that. I am 38 and now have signed up with Ashworth Collage (James Madison) to get my diploma yet again 8 years later. I have paid a total of almost 3,500 because of this company scamming me me into believing it was indeed a accredited diploma.
Entity: Miami , Florida
9, Report #1382491
Jul 01 2017
10:34 AM
American Academy of Dermatology American Academy of Dermatology not protecting consumers--not honoring Code of Ethics Schaumburg, Illinois  Washington, District of Columbia
 I contacted the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) about wanting to submit a review on lasering, a consumer perspective that had to do with my concern about the harm caused by facial lasering and how the problem is not being conscientiously addressed by dermatology offices, state medical boards, and now the AAD. Neither Mr. Mark Ramsey (Member Resource Center Representative) nor Ms. Katie Domanowski (Associate Director of Publishing) responded to my laser letter, and I tried to contact them another FIVE times (including the General Support people via the AAD online submission form) from April 3 to May 12 indicating that I would still please like to know what the Academy does with this information, the review I provided, and if it plans to further study/monitor/help control the dangers and repair the harms of lasering. On April 3 Ms. Domanowski apologized and wrote that she was out of the office and would get back to me by the end of the week. On April 28 when I emailed, she responded that she was out of the office that day. I replied to her/Mr. Ramsey/General Support people that if I received no further communication from them I would consider their position to be a no response. The AAD credo on their website states they are to honor: Patients first: Compassion, caring and listening are at the heart of delivering the highest-quality dermatologic care. We are working to ensure members' ability to facilitate access to dermatologic care and deliver the highest quality of care. Professionalism: Adhering to an uncompromising code of clinical and ethical standards among ourselves and with the public. The cornerstones of these standards emphasize honesty, integrity, transparency and mutual respect. Lifelong learning: Pursuing knowledge and continuous improvement, embodying a spirit of intellectual curiosity and interchange through self-assessment and ongoing evaluation. Rigorous inquiry and creative work: Pursuing excellence through innovation, creativity, critical evaluation and open dialogue. Collaboration: Working together with mutual respect, collegiality and transparency. Collective and coordinated efforts through partnerships and teamwork encourage engagement, inspire ideas, create essential dialogue, and foster synergistic results. Social responsibility: A dedication to the greater good. Community leadership, volunteerism and stewardship are hallmarks of our ability to contribute to public health. Diversity: Acknowledging, respecting and valuing differences. An inclusive approach to people, ideas and practice styles includes a willingness to listen to all points of view. The result is collectively better because the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. As my letter to the Academy stated, I was deeply troubled by my experience at a dermatology office. The Nevada Medical Board chose to not respond to my claims of breaches of the NV Statutes. In addition, the technicians purported licensure and credentialing (even a tech surname) could not be disclosed to me in spite of my repeated attempts to obtain that information. Neither would the dermatology office nor the NV Medical Board provide me with the doctor's malpractice insurance information. The NV Board simply informed me after ten months that the case was closed. (Patients in Nevada, incidentally, have one year to file a malpractice claim.)  The NV Medical Board chose not to respond to my questions and request for explanations and took no public actions with the dermatology office even in spite of the dermatology's breach of the patient-doctor contract and the documented improper treatment approach. Apparently, a medical expert's opinion that I had experienced pronounced facial damage (from my dated photos) was not significant to the AAD and the NV Medical Board, nor are the many patient reviews or articles I submitted that also warn of lasering complications. My treatment was for one tiny acne spot, nothing else. That spot never got treated. But the lasering of other unnecessary areas on my face was so extensive that it resulted in widespread damage that I was subsequently referred by the doctor to a cosmetic surgeon. It is incumbent on you, the AAD, as well as doctors and state medical boards to help protect patients from unethical and unqualified people who use lasers carelessly and dangerously. If you don't honor your code of ethics, what purpose do you serve?                                                            ________________[part of my review sent to AAD, also a shortened version] As stated on the AAD website regarding the practice of lasering, Where we see a problem [with lasering] is lack of oversight, education, knowledge, and judgment...If one of those is missing, there's a potential problem. If all four of those are missing, you're really asking for trouble [Dr. Dover,]. JAMA Dermatology reports that further studies are needed to examine this troubling trend in laser safety [2014: 150 (4): 407-411]. Researcher Dr. Jalian with the University of California confirmed that these procedures do cause harm if not done correctly (HealthDay News, 10/16/13). Another doctor and Yale professor (Dr. Salomon in same article) goes on to say that Treating a patient or a client with any type of light energy can cause permanent damage. Furthermore, he says, a certificate indicating proof of training on the laser should be readily provided on demand when a patient wants to check the credentials of the user of the laser. Supervision in the use of lasers along with research and the honest reporting of lasering results are critical factors in patient care. As stated in the Journal of Clinical Aesthetic Dermatology [2012, June: 5 (6): 45-53], as the understanding of the biological efficacy of various wavelength distributions will be incumbent on clinicians who use these devices to report their clinical experiences in order to sustain our continued understanding of the technology's long-term safety and efficacy profile. Patients are led to believe that lasering is safe and that not much qualifications are needed to use such machines. Legal and ethical obligations for doctors and their assistants--accountability--are crucial for the responsible caring of their patients. The JAAD states on its website that dermatological lasering damage must be addressed and evaluated. I have documentation of my own case that I would be willing to provide the field for further study if needed as I know I am not alone in the lasering harm that I experienced and continue to experience.I would implore the American Academy of Dermatology and state Boards to better prevent, assess, and correct the damage that lasering can cause to unsuspecting people. Please help protect and properly inform patients about the real dangers involved.
Entity: District of Columbia
10, Report #1389857
Aug 02 2017
06:48 AM
Linda Brown Rick wallace American Academy of Cosmetology Violated my Civil Rights, Retaliated against me Jacksonville Florida
 - Wednesday July 19th 2017 I had a Physical Altercation with the Above complainant Linda Brown who is the schools Financial Aid Advisor. The Altercation was due to Financial issues that she couldn't explain that were later explained to me by the Owner Rick Wallace. After the incident I was asked not to contact the Clay county sheriffs department because it would make him & the school look bad with the department of education.. I contacted CCSD Thursday July 20th to report the altercation because the owner never made a incident report and I felt threatened because My civil rights have been violated & I was Assaulted. The officer charges Linda brown with Battery. I returned to school Friday July 21st & upon entering the school I was Immediately asked to come in the office. Before being forced to take a Leave of absence by the Director (Carla Mellma) & Owner (Rick Wallace) until my investigation against Linda brown was over, I was told that if I drop the charges he would allow me to continue my education. She was never disciplined & was still in office so they contacted Clay county sheriffs department to Escort me out of the school. While on my Leave of absence I received a email from Rick Wallace asking to confirm a Meeting on July 24th at 4pm. Before the meeting I received another email from him stating that he no longer wishes to continue my education due to my behavior in the office. At 4pm I went to the school & was given withdrawn paperwork but no transcripts or any counseling on exiting the proper way. I never intended this issue to result in ending my education. I feel the owner retaliated against me to protect himself with the government. I would like to continue my education but in order to do so I need transcripts. I am currently getting treatments with Dr.Silver at a Chiropractor facility. I have supporting Documents & my case number from the Clay county sheriffs department.
Entity: Jacksonville , Florida
11, Report #1305409
May 13 2016
01:01 PM
American Academy of Pinctest American Academy of Pinctest day they are accredited in all 50 states but they are not! A waste of time and money. I cannot get into any college that I need for my career. miami Florida
 In 2007 I did the program woth American Academy of Pinctest for my high school diploma. Now 9 years later I am learning they are not accredited in all 50 states like they say. A waste of time and money and it has caused a huge road bump in my life. Incredibly disappointed in them.
12, Report #1153955
Jun 11 2014
05:59 PM
American Academy of Pinecrest The college doesn't want to recognize my diploma cause the American Academy of Pinecrest is NOT accredited as they claim. Miami Florida
Me and my hasband came to America, from Ukraine, in 1993.Since our children were little there was no way to think about getting some education.Now, when our children are grown I've decided to get some. So, before going to a college I've been thinking that obtaining an American GED would be a great idea.After some searching on the internet the American Academy of Pinecrest has appeared before my eyes.I was so excited that my dream, finally, will come true.When I got my GED I was so first, but now I'm very disappointed.The colleges don't recognize my diploma since American Academy has no accreditation, however they claim, they do.My dream has been ruined. They messed up my life.Alana, Saint Louis, Missouri
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1389711
Aug 01 2017
01:11 PM
Peacock and Lime Hair & Esthetics Studio - Maureen (owner) A know-it-all, gravelly voiced nightmare of a woman by the name of Maureen Vernon British Columbia
A know-it-all, gravelly voiced nightmare of a woman by the name of Maureen owns the Peacock and Lime Esthetics and Hair Studio in Vernon, BC. Her hands smell of disgusting cigarette smoke. It's beyond gross. (((REDACTED – VIOLATON IN TERMS OF SERVICE))) As for my experience, the body parts she waxed were numb for almost a week. I reported the incident to my doctor. The waxing itself was slightly uncomfortable, but not unbearable, however it became obvious the next day that her technique was incredibly amateurish. She mentioned her 35 years of experience no less than 4 times in 60 minutes. It clearly meant more than the actual skills one would have picked up within that lengthy time frame.Her laughable knowledge of the body and it's workings are what one would find in any of the Top 10 DESPERATE woman's magazines. If know what great service is, don't bother booking ... not even out of curiosity, or an emergency, she's that bad.Short story even shorter: The appointment was awkward and all about her. Check Yelp for more reviews.  
Entity: Vernon, British Columbia
14, Report #1289760
Feb 24 2016
03:34 PM
American Academy of Health Care Providers in the Addictive Disorders RIPPED ME OFF - WILL NOT RETURN MY 112 PAGE APPLICATION PORTFOLIO OR COPY OF MY BACKGROUND CHECK AS MANDATED BY LAW Duluth Minnesota
I sent them a 112-page application portfolio with a $140 fee. On a previous email they said it was not a problem if I had a felony record.  I informed them in my application of my felony record. They ran a background check, rejected my application and refused to return my application portfolio. No place on the application or on their website stated that they had permission from me to keep my application portfolio documents. Also by law they are supposed to give me a copy of my background check. They refuse to send me back my application portfolio and a copy of my background check. DO NOT SEND THEM ANY MONEY OR YOUR APPLICATION. THEY WILL JUST TAKE YOUR MONEY, REJECT YOU AND IGNORE YOUR EMAILS. I AM COMPLAINING TO THE ATTORNEY GENERAL AND THE BBB IN MINNESOTA WHERE THEY ARE LOCATED.
Entity: Duluth, Minnesota
15, Report #121660
Dec 07 2004
10:18 AM
National Academy Of American Scholars, Edu-USA Management, Golden Bear Media rip-off! VIRULENT ANTI-SEMITISM, CHARACTER ASSASSINATION, MALIGNANT SMEARS, SCHOLARSHIP FRAUD! Montclair, California; Carson City, Nevada; Internet
UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL NATIONAL ACADEMY OF AMERICAN SCHOLARS AN ABERRATION AND BLOT ON SOCIETY GUIDANCE COUNSELORS BEWARE This malignant 'for-profit' operation preys on many of its student applicants, on the Internet, through several inter-related web sites. We urge you to remove the National Academy of American Scholars and any reference to the so-called Easley Scholarship from all of your sites, lists and bulletin boards. On November 17, 2004, The New York Times published an article exposing the National Academy of American Scholars and its mirror organizations for malicious and unwarranted character assassination. While the article calls into question the integrity of NAAS and its entire operation, we must ask why the individual in charge feels compelled to viciously attack, without provocation, students from schools that rank among the nation's finest. One must wonder what abuse this individual suffered as a child. What negative values did he learn from his parents? Were they blatantly anti-Semitic, or simply ignorant? For asking such threatening questions as, Who won? students at Harvard, Duke, George Washington, Brandeis and other schools have been heaped with epithets and calumny. What follows is the full text of The New York Times article. ***** ON EDUCATION Apply Here for Scholarship, and Prepare to Be Smeared By SAMUEL G. FREEDMAN JOSH CENTOR was loosening up for baseball practice at Brandeis University one afternoon in the spring of 2003 when an assistant coach stopped him in mid-stretch. Centor, I was checking you out online, he said. Apparently you're some kind of terrorist. And something about a 'federal complaint.' What's going on? That wasn't even the half of it. The coach had clicked onto a Web site that started by comparing Josh to John Walker Lindh, the American member of the Taliban, and charging him with theft in an imitation legal document. The site also likened Josh's family to several Mafia dynasties, implied he had had a sexual relationship with his rabbi, and claimed he has publicly defied the Christian Bible, used the word 'Christian' as if it were an obscenity. What was going on, Josh knew, was the same campaign of character assassination that had been plaguing him for years, and continues to this day. Like at least a half-dozen other young people around the country, Josh has been vilified on the Internet by an organization to which all applied for a college scholarship, an outfit called the National Academy of American Scholars. Despite complaints by several of these victims and their parents to state and federal agencies, including the Federal Trade Commission and the United States Postal Service, the purported academy continues to solicit applicants for a fee on its Web site. It has avoided scrutiny by supplying incorrect or nonexistent addresses and disconnected or unrelated telephone numbers to public authorities in California and Nevada, the two states from which it has operated. As several students and parents described their experiences with the National Academy in recent interviews or e-mail messages, a standard kind of pattern emerged. Most had first learned of the outfit's Easley National Scholarship, offering awards as high as $10,000 solely on the basis of academic merit, from guidance counselors or financial-aid Web sites that themselves had mistakenly perceived the National Academy as a reputable organization. Its name and presentation to the contrary, the National Academy was a for-profit company. It charged applicants fees of about $20 to $30 to be considered for the Easley scholarship. While some students recall having wondered about paying for the right to compete, the prospect of a scholarship far outweighed their wariness. At the point they were applying in the years between 1999 and 2001, none knew that the Better Business Bureau for the Los Angeles region already had rated the National Academy as having an unsatisfactory business performance record. So Josh Centor, very typically, rounded up recommendation letters, wrote a personal essay and submitted his grades from Hunter College High School in New York City. Others, like Adam David Chandler, currently a junior at Duke University, were required by the National Academy to submit items like Social Security number, photograph and photocopy of a driver's license. In Josh's case, the National Academy informed him that he had made the cut to be a semifinalist, then stopped communicating, and grew hostile after his father began sending e-mail messages asking who had won. Other students received payouts, most in the range of $200 to $750, that were less than the National Academy had promised them; they were attacked after pursuing the matter. Still others, including Adam Chandler, had payments halted for picayune violations of supposed rules. All have come to regret the day they ever set eyes on the application for the Easley National Scholarship. When I read the vicious attacks against me, I can't believe all of this came from something I applied to innocently, said Zeb Eckert, a graduate of George Washington University now working as a producer for the Japanese television network NHK. I'm called a turncoat, a liar, a male prostitute, someone with 'dubious integrity.' On its linked set of Web sites, the National Academy also has published the photograph, home address, and even Social Security number of several students, raising fears of both identity theft and physical threat. The sites also pillory university administrators who were associated with the students -including Linda J. Schutjer, the associate general counsel at George Washington; and Lori Crooks, a financial-aid officer at Duke. Regardless of the target, the Web sites tied to the National Academy espouse anti-Semitism. One passage extols Henry Ford for his insightful books detailing the culture, history, influences and tactics of non-Christian/Bible-hating persons. So the question inevitably arises: How can the National Academy continue to operate? Law-enforcement and consumer-protection agencies cannot claim not to know. Larry Centor, Josh's father, personally has contacted the Postal Service, the Federal Trade Commission, his congressman and the attorneys general of New York, Nevada, and California. What he has to show for it is a $20 refund from the National Academy, issued under pressure from the Postal Service. Gregory Ashe, a senior staff attorney for the Federal Trade Commission, acknowledged that the agency has five complaints on file against the National Academy. Whether or not the scholarship program crossed the line into fraud depends on the minutia of its contracts with applicants, he said. It falls into a gray area, Mr. Ashe added. If indeed the National Academy did break the law, though, it did so in a very different style than the typical college-scholarship scam. In the usual con, a supposed expert persuades families to pay anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars on the promise to deliver more than that amount in scholarship money, said David Hawkins, director of public policy for the National Association for College Admissions Counseling. The last thing such a criminal wants to do is continue tormenting a victim who has already been suckered. The National Academy, in contrast, appears to thrive on defaming its victims. And there is nothing very gray about its attacks. Except, that is, for their precise source. The group's incorporation papers with the state of California list only one individual by name - a Los Angeles lawyer, F. Andrew Afifi, who was named as the agent for service of process, meaning the person designated to accept a subpoena. In a telephone interview last week, Mr. Afifi said only that he had represented them in suits in the past. He refused to identify the principals of the National Academy, citing attorney-client privilege. The Better Business Bureau's file on the National Academy lists its principal contact as an H. Borgstedt. There is no such person in telephone or residential records for Southern California. If you use a publicly available means like the Internet, and if you have an innocuous name, said Mr. Hawkins of the admissions counselors group, then 9 out of 10 times you can operate for a long time without being found out. Or even 10 out of 10. Copyright 2004 The New York Times Company Larry Bayside, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1165108
Jul 26 2014
07:04 AM
Jasin Facial Rejuvenation Jasin Facial and BodyJasin Facial Tampa Beware!! Face Butcher of Tampa. Do not go here. Worst experience ever. tampa Florida
Whatever you do, Do NOT go here for anything to do with injections. I was a patient for several years when Dr Jasin was working and couldn't be happier, However, Dr. Jasin is now gone (Retired) and if you go here, You have to get your procedure done with second rate chronies that have absolutely no idea how to do anything.    I went to get a non-surgical Rhinoplasty and have been left with a massive bump in my nose and it curves HARD left. Prior to seeing this miserable doctor, I barely had any problems, Just a slight droop that left me a bit self conscience. Now my issues are far worse that i ever could have imagined.   Not only did this place butcher my face, but they also claimed to have a solution once i called and complained. 3 hours later, I received a call stating their was no solution and that I was stuck like this and Hopefully it would fade within 2 months.   Can you imagine someone destroying your nose and telling you Oops, Go ahead and wait 2 months... This place should be shut down. Do NOT go here unless you're willing to risk whatever part of your face you let them touch. Fair warning.  (This is not a competitor and I'm happy to speak to ANYONE on the phone that is considering going here, I'll happily talk you out of ever stepping foot in this establishment.)
Entity: tampa, Florida
17, Report #974755
Dec 12 2012
10:34 AM
American Beauty Academy ABA Fraud Wilmington, Delaware
This school is a total sham!  They have students who pay different enrollment fees and some students did not have to pay enrollment fees at all.  They have individuals instructing classes who DO NOT have their instructor's license, which will make the hours accrued for those classes taken under those individuals with no license null and void.  They are charging students for hours not taken or additional hours in order to collect title iv money(financial aid) on students.  They charge people for hours who have withdrawn or dropped out of the program before the 10 day enrollment period is up.  They have students with felony convictions who were not told that they may not be eligible to get a cosmetology or barber's license, but still want those students to pay for the program.  The director of education, Brandy Watson, blantantly lied to students in regards to this and other matters.  On several occasions, they would not even have an instructor in the classes to teach students!  A few of the instructors sexually harrassed students and had sexual relations with students; the management was aware of this and done nothing about it, and rehired instructors that did this type of activity.  The school also falsified records to give certain students hours that were not earned and also charged some students to recieve additional hours not earned.  There are also complaints against the owners and management in regards to sexual harrassment.  Edward Gillespie is one of the owners of the school who is married, yet having an affair with a previous instructor, Carol Owens! The school is currently under investigation and hopefully will be closed down.  The school has a low retention rate and a low graduation rate as well as a high default rate.  Everybody hates it there!  They have campuses in Wilmington Delaware, Wheaton Maryland, Baltimore Maryland, and Lancaster Pennsylvania.  The owners and management are also aware that they have students who have been convicted of rape and child molestation attending the school, but they have students there who are under 18!  A student was also raped at the Wilmington Delaware Campus!  The owners and management care nothing about the students!  They just want the enrollment fees and the $19,000 per student for the programs!
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
18, Report #1052907
May 22 2013
08:57 AM
American Academy of Pinecret RIPOFF SCAMM BULLS@#$ SCHOOL THIEVES they are not at all an accreditation school, theyre diploma is WORTHLESS and wont return ur tuition. They ripped me off $500 and now I have to take my GED at MDC..a school they said I can go to and I CAN NOT!!!!!!!!! miami Florida
 The following school, American Academy of Pinecrest is a school which will lie to you to get you in, steal your money, tell you that you can attend ANY school and YOU CAN NOT.  If you attend here you will be wasting your money and WILL have to take your GED elsewhere in order to attend college.  The school they do offer with THEIR GED are also Mickey Mouse youself a favor and save yourself headaches and DO NOT ATTEND HERE!   Ex Student with REGRETS!
Entity: miami, Florida
19, Report #1202735
Jan 19 2015
07:16 PM
AACS American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Dr. Michael Will Michael J. Will AACS is a DISGRACE Chicago Illinois
BEWARE AACS is a DISGRACE (AACS is American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Michael Will, 2015 President) because some of its faculty engaged in FRAUD. Dr. E. Antonio Mangubat [aka Dr. Tony Mangubat] engaged in FRAUD & FALSE-ADVERTISING, see PROOF here: or just search in google for “tony mangubat”; Dr. E. Antonio Mangubat is Permanent Faculty with AACS and a speaker at the January 2015 conference.   E. Antonio Mangubat’s performed surgeries on me that left me severely SCARRED & DISFIGURED. Mangubat also completely misrepresented and lied about the results of the surgeries, undoubtedly because his main interest was GREED and profits. I filed an ETHICS COMPLAINT against E. Antonio Mangubat with University of Washington Medicine (UW Medicine), an organization Mangubat said he is affiliated with. I received a response to my ethics complaint from Dr. Lawrence R. Robinson, M.D., Vice Dean for Clinical Affairs and Graduate Medical Education. Dr. Robinson said “I have investigated Dr. Mangubat’s affiliation with UW Medicine and I can confirm that Dr. Mangubat was previously aligned with UW Medicine’s Community Training Center (CTC) based at Harborview Medical Center…. He [Mangubat] has never had privileges to practice medicine at Harborview Medical Center or the University of Washington Medical Center…..Please be assured that we will take the actions we consider appropriate regarding Dr. Mangubat’s website…. Thank you again for taking the time to share your concerns with me. See Dr. Robinson’s bio here:    As a result, based on my ethics complaint, Dr. Robinson & UW Medicine required Mangubat to CORRECT his resume and MAKE CLEAR he is NOT currently associated with UW Medicine. Full details of my complaint are here: Mangubat’s website is & he has offices in Seattle (Bellevue & Tukwila), Washington. AACS (American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Michael Will, 2015 President) on its website states that “as an organization committed to patient safety, the AACS strives to instruct and train in pursuit of the safest outcomes.” See  Given that UW Medicine made clear that they have no association whatsoever with E. Antonio Mangubat, I completely fail to see how AACS having Mangubat, who previously engaged in FRAUD, as Permanent Faculty is remotely consistent with its pursuit of the “safest outcomes” for patients!! 
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
20, Report #150239
Jul 18 2005
04:31 PM
Arizona Esthetics Institute rip education Ripoff Youngtown Arizona
The school is an esthetics school. While I was attending I was taught by unlicensed teachers, and half the time did nothing but sit around because I did not have an instructor. I was not given all the lessons I was suppose to receive nor did I receive all the supplies from my kit I was suppose to get. Upon graduating the director would not do my exit interview because she was upset with us for going to the owner with all of our complaints. Tonya Surprise, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Youngtown, Arizona
21, Report #1194595
Dec 10 2014
10:00 PM
Academy of Ultrasound Fraud Alabama
Unfortunately I have to report Academy of Ultrasound as well. Everything the other reports say about them, are the same experiences I had. Always hard to get a hold of the instructor and the administrator (Jennifer and John Sheldon). I moved to Oregon in the midst of the program. I actually only completed one term of the school and one scan lab. I continued to make payments after the term, in hopes I could finish the program along with gaining clinical hours somewhere here. Well I tried for 6 months asking hospitals and clinics for hours, and they did not want to take someone from an online program not accredited. Also some major life stuff happened, so I finally decided to persue something else (educationally). Of course this was after I had made all my payments, and the $16000/$17000 had been paid. I wrote a hearfelt letter to Jennifer explaining my situation and what had happened, requesting just half the money back. Their policy states you will recieve a refund based on what you paid minus the credits the student completes. Considereing I only completed one semestjer/term I am basically owed most all the money back. Long story short she left me hanging on my request for 6 months, stating she needed to speak with some mysterious board for the school, in who cannot be contacted. I also asked over and over for copies of the refund policy I signed, only to be told I should have kept a copy. I asked, why not send me a copy if there is nothing to hide?? After 6 months of waiting she stated the board denied my request to give me ANYTHING back!! Saying she did me a speacial favor even asking the board, instead of denying me right away. She tried to tell me I would never get a refund from another school. However any college program would never charge a student for a full perogram, when they only completed one term!   These people have very nice personalities and I felt like I could trust them, but now I have realized I cannot. I have a feeling the money is gone, and I was put on hold for so long to give them time to make sure they were covered. I'm not sure about that part, but the rest is every bit of what happened. I now have informed Jennifer I will be persuing this with authorities, and not going away. I never wanted it to come to this, but I gave this school almost $17,000 for nothing! when there was suposedely a refund policy to protect me. Now I have a ton of debt and so many other problems because of this school. Let me know of any suggestions the rest of you have, they can't keep taking eager and honest students money for nothing in the future! I feel It's the right thing to do for them to rrefund me, it is also the right thing to for me to report all this as long as they dont!!
Entity: Internet
22, Report #539464
Dec 14 2009
09:43 PM
Global Success Academy Wealth Solutions Group Ripped off by Global Success Academy or Wealth Solutions Group American Fork , Utah
 I was personally ripped off by Global Success Academy or Wealth Solutions Group. They contacted me, in Oct. of 2008, to pay them for a coaching class for investment trading.  The fee for this class also included a round paid fare, for two, for a seminar in Peurto Rico. It was my understanding that the coaching would be for an indefinite period of time and this coaching was by means of webinars. They also told us that we would be receiving educational material to help us in our learning, which we never did get. The fee for this course was $12500.00 American. We agreed to pay the fee because the coach was a person who I was familiar with from a former finance course I had taken. When I  paid the fees we were about to leave on a 7 week vacation, but were assured that, that was no problem. When we got back certain things had changed in my life and due to unforeseen circumstances, I was able to attend only a few webinars, and the level of  trading discussed in the webinars was way above my comfort zone for doing the trading. I tried to discuss this with the company several times but they only insisted that I keep on trying. In April of 2009, I was no longer informed of the webinar links, and never did take the trip to Puerto Rico. I tried to contact the company numerous times, leaving messages, as they will rarely answer the phone directly. The one or two times that I did get through to them, they would say the coach would contact me, he did once or twice but could never work anything out with him either. Finally I filed a report with the BBB in Utah and that got me a little action, as they agreed to refund the fee, which applied to my wife for also attending the webinars, that was $1500.00. They also promised that the coach would work with me personally until I had my money back. The coach contacted me once when it was not convenient to talk and promised he would call back the next day, but never did. After a lot of trying I finally contacted him, he informed me he also had not been paid for his services.  At this time I have been trying to contact Global Success Academy, once, I did get through and talked to the person I had been in discussion with. He said he had to look up my file and would call me back in 10 minutes, That was a week and half ago. I have left message after message for them, but to no avail. I only hope that this report will keep other people from getting Ripped Off by this company.
Entity: American Fork, Utah
23, Report #1306275
May 18 2016
09:42 AM
Ladybird Academy of Windermere Ladybird Review Ladybird Academy terrible Staff Windermere Florida
Beware!! keep your child away from them. the staff is terrible and so rude. they seems to have no love for kids. My kid is so friendly and loves ppl however after leaving him with his teacher he became fearful. Even though they say that they have video monitoring. you can hardly makeout who your child is and many corners do not even have video coverage. You can not hear your child. My baby was crying the whole time they are not even trained to quite him down to maybe show him a toy. He could get de-hydrated by crying so much. His teacher is so rude does not even smiles at the kids. she reads a book as if she is reading to a 20 year old. no effect no love. So many kids have runny noses and they don't even clean them. Poor kids have to remain uncomfortable the whole time. They charge so much money and leave the kids in the playground which only has one swing. I walked into my baby's classroom while one of the teacher had lied him down for a diaper change and my poor baby was crying so much that the teacher did not even care to give him something to hold in his hand. I am so scared by seeing this. Please if you have any love for your kid don't leave him/her in Ladybird academy's care.   YOu know that some of the review posted online are by the staff themselves. 
Entity: Windermere, Florida
24, Report #1332473
Oct 10 2016
03:33 PM
Newport Academy Overnight Staff Lacks Control of Facility Nationwide
I was terribly let down by our experience at Newport Academy. I know that everyone is doing their best but for the money I was expecting much more, and far better results. We wanted our son to learn some new ways to deal with the difficulties he was facing, and it seems clear that he was just kept in a very expensive holding pattern and came back no better equipped to face these challenges than when he left. We didn't send him to merely be kept sober for 30 days; we wanted him to be given the guidanmce to keep sober going forward. Sadly, this is NOT what happened.
Entity: Nationwide
25, Report #919718
Jul 30 2012
12:43 PM
American Mixology Academy online scam, craigslist scam, student scam, rip off, liars, misleading, dazzling people with $300.00 nights at the bar Los angeles, California
I was applying to jobs in a new city I had just relocated to. I was looking for anything from retail to bartending. I had SOME special events bartending experience, but I have always wanted to tend a full service bar.  I applied for a somewhat normal looking ad on craiglist but it did say minimal or no experience necessary, new bar opening up in the area, a chain, possible it stated it was a  Bj's or something to that effect. I should have known...But I'm desperate and just relocated so I applied. I got an email saying I had a phone interview with Kyle Ash, at such n such a time on such n such a date. I had the interview, he told me all about the job, what they do, how busy it was, how many hours a week it would probably be, even discussed wages and tips etc, He asked me about my experience, and bar knowledge. It was somewhat minimal, he said I should look into this online course, finish it by monday or tuesday take a test and get back to me ASAP and then I'll have a second interview with the Bar manager. This is when he told me he worked for webarfly. I went to the website, it looks somewhat professional.  After this discussion I agonized over whether it was real or not, I couldn't find any complaints against the company anywhere on the internet, I was feeling desperate and paid the 90 bucks. STUPID!!!  I took the test, studied the drinks etc, feeling stupid the whole time, took the damn quiz, passed with flying colors, made the suggested resume and head shot, which was actually helpful information honestly,...and sent off the info to this KYLE ash. I did not really hear from him ever again. I emailed him a  few times, he said he submitted me to ONE opportunity and that they would be emailing me IF they were interested. So all he does is forward my resume? I can fucking do that! I did fucking do that! I don't know how people get into bartending, but AMA isn;t it. They are actually in cahoots with this we barfly I discovered by looking into them more online, they are the same company, same people, based in LA, you get calls/ texts from 949 area codes. these guys collect money, particularly from college age people, the gullible ones, (like me) and then just disappear.  I knew it was probably a scam, took a chance, and now I'm eating food from food boxes from churches, still unemployed, and they have 90$ of my money I could have used for food. I'm a fool , but don't be a fool too, please, even if you have 90$, you might as well burn it in the fireplace for warmth, at least your money would be doing something for you there, no seriously.
Entity: Los angeles, California

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