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51, Report #1162085
Jul 15 2014
08:05 AM
American Home Shield Deceptive Practices Dallas Nationwide
Deceptive practices - On 6/27/14 an American Home Shield technician from Affordable Heat and Air inspected the A/C unit and stated that the unit was missing a cover and could not be covered under warranty.  The technician advised that he could not touch the unit since it was missing a part and that I needed to have another company come out and complete service and repair to get the unit back into proper working order in order for the unit to be covered under warranty.  He further stated that AHS does not cover standard service and that I would need to use another A/C company to service.  I had Dallas Heating and Air come out and complete the necessary repairs and contacted American Home Shield to advise of the service being completed so warranty would be reinstated.  American Home Shield then advised that since a company outside of their network completed the service and repairs that the unit would be excluded from the warranty all together.
Entity: Nationwide
52, Report #1323477
Aug 19 2016
02:46 PM
American Home Shield Be careful Nationwide
My husband (Howard) and I have been loyal American Home Shield customers for over 30 years. We have made less than 5 claims in those years. We have been at our current home for over 6 years and have paid American Home Shield over $2500. I noticed that our gas hot water heater was leaking on Saturday, Aug 13. I wrapped a towel around the base and told Howard. We weren't worried about internal home damage as the gas hot water heater is located in the garage. Howard called American Home Shield that very day to report the issue. In turn, CNJ Services LLC (plumbers) called us that same day and said they could come out on Monday, Aug 15 but I worked out of town this week and my husband had a business appointment so they came out on Tuesday, Aug 16. Howard was told that we needed a new gas hot water heater and our service fee was $100. The gentleman was at our home less than 10 minutes. American Home Shield called Howard on Wednesday, Aug 17 and said that our portion would be over $620. We were not told what brand the gas hot water heater would be but we previously had a GE 12 year 50 gallon gas hot water heater. GE no long makes gas hot water heaters and we were told it would be replaced with like or similar. American Home Shield told us that the $620 fee was to bring the gas hot water heater up to code. We were given a list of installation hardware by CNJ Services that they would need to bring it up to code and they were charging us over $620. In actuality, the cost for those items, RETAIL, is less than $100 uninstalled. We feel we are being taken advantage of and a horrible bait and switch is being done by American Home Shield and CNJ Services LLC. So............we chose a cash out option so we can select our own reputable plumbers. American Home Shield said they would only reimburse us for what they would pay CNJ Services for the gas hot water heater.......and we all know is will be at a GREATLY reduced price!! Further, NO ONE knows what the amount of reimbursement to us will be except for the Claims Dept and they do not accept phone calls. They only work from e-mails and will get back to you within 3 - 5 business days. We do not want to make a decision until we know what we will be reimbursed as I just don't want to have to pay more that $620 for a gas hot water heater WHEN I HAVE BEEN PAYING INSURANCE!!!! Just spoke to the Supervisor, Ryland, at American Home Shield. He said he doesn't know what the reimbursement would be. He said the Claims Dept doesn't work on the weekends. He said he can't tell me when they will return our phone call. He said he can't help me. Today is the 6th day my family hasn't had hot water. IF American Home Shield calls us bask on Monday, Aug 22, it will be 9 days my family has been without hot water. IF American Home Shield calls back on Monday and we come to some sort of agreement, the soonest my family will have hot water will be Wednesday, Aug 24. My family will have been without hot water for 11 hot showers, no hot laundry, no hot dish water. Yet, we have paid over $2500 in the last 6 years for insurance so this wouldn't happen. Sure doesn't seem like we are getting much of a return for our investment. Ouch, American Home Shield...............I wonder what they would do if this was their family? Would I recommend American Home Shield? Years ago, yes. Now, absolutely not!!!
Entity: Nationwide
53, Report #1206972
Feb 05 2015
12:12 PM
American Home shield Frustrated customer Nationwide
 I have been a customer of American Home Shield for several years. For the last three years I have been calling in service calls to have my heating/ac unit fixed. They have replaced several parts that have went out causing all of my coolant to run out of the unit. Well, I am totally frustrated at this point because everytime this happen it costs me another $600/700 to fill back up the unit because AHS does not cover coolant. I understand the every year maintenace but what about fxing the problem. If the coolant is running out because of a val or something, isnt putting the coolant back in there also fixing it. The companies are putting a bandage on the problem as far as fixing and I have to suck up the biggest cost. Then I call back in to speak to a supervisor and the rep that I spoke to on the phone is completely rude and tells me that someone will call me.
Entity: Nationwide
54, Report #1259555
Oct 06 2015
02:23 PM
American Home shield Fraudulent Company Nationwide
  I would definitely recommend not using American home shield.   Had a service ticket opened, since 09Aug, to fix exhaust fan. After the electrical contractor, Budget electric, scheduled a service apt, they did not show up. After I again called the contracting company, they scheduled for another day. The contractor showed up, took the $75 service fee, and said the unit needed to be replaced. He said they would schedule another apt., after they have the parts. Waited for over a month, but did not get a call back. So I again called up the contractor. The contractor showed up without any parts. He dismantled the unit, and left it in a disassembled state, and said would give a call back once he know when he can get the parts. Did not hear back, so called up the contractor again, and receptionist said she would contact the technician that visited our home, and call back. Did not hear back, so called AHS, called them daily for almost a week, and each time was told that they are trying to get in touch with the contractor. Have still not received an ETA on when the repair will be made. And today, I noticed that, without my authorization, they renewed my contract, and charged my credit card. I had only authorized charging my credit card on a monthly basis for my existing contract, not to renew future contracts.   I have filed a complaint with the BBB.
Entity: Nationwide
55, Report #1264990
Jul 14 2016
01:05 PM
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
56, Report #771192
Aug 30 2011
07:48 PM
American Home Shield AHS Protect yourself from American Home Shield Internet
AHS doesnt pay their contractors enough. As a result the contractors have to over charge the customer. They use a variety of excuses to get the money from the home owner. Get a second opinion and double check with your local code enforcement agency to keep them honest. Dont accept AHS saying you have no choice pay what contractor says or accept a buy out. AHS isn't interested in keeping the contractors honest. All they care about is collecting the premiums from the home owners and keeping their out of pocket as low as possible......even if that means that their contractor is over charging the home owner
Entity: , Internet
57, Report #275362
Sep 19 2007
02:34 PM
American Home Shield American Home Shield decieveptive practices Houston Texas
Letter to American Home Shield Corporate Representative: Dear Dave Crawford, September 17, 2007 Would a major unexpected home system or appliance repair bill wreak havoc with your household budget? Do you have better things to do with your time than hunt down reliable, well-qualified repair technicians? It's never been easier to protect your home's covered systems and appliances against breakdowns from normal wear and tear. With a home warranty from American Home Shield (AHS), you will feel relieved knowing unexpected repair bills won't blow your budget. I got this off your website and I just want you to know this is why I budgeted $41.00 a month for 9 years to protect me from the cost of my A/C unit failing in my older home. My A/C stopped cooling in March of 2006. I was told that a rock probably hit the condenser coil from a lawn mower and it wasnt considered normal wear and tear. The technician said he could replace my unit for $7000.00and that AHS would not pay for any of it. I told AHS that was excessive and I was told by several knowledgeable people that I trust that it could be fixed so they sent out another technician that confirmed that the repair was not normal wear and tear and he could replace my A/C today for $5700.00. I told him I would ask around to see if the A/C could be repaired first. I repaired the A/C from a company in Spring who told me both of these technicians were extremely overpriced to the point of being ridiculous and the A/C could easily be repaired and it was done for $100.00. Brian Dixon, the supervisor I spoke to at AHS told me the prices quoted were excessive and I was free to go to other companies but AHS wasn't going to pay. I paid $55.00 for each technician and paid for the repair myself. I assumed it was behind me and my A/C was fixed but I was very disappointed that I had to pay for two service calls and that AHS would send such people to my home. This weekend 9/14/07 I noticed my air conditioner was making a loud noise and stopped working. I called AHS and was told there is an exclusion on my A/C until I provide evidence the A/C was repaired and in good working order from a year and a half ago. I was not notified of this exclusion until a year and a half after the repair was made when asking for service on the excluded appliance. I have been using the A/C for almost a year and a half and find it unacceptable that I have not been at least sent a letter or notified that AHS wanted proof of the repair or it would exclude the coverage, you have my address. I would have definitely provided documentation had it been requested it a reasonable time. I was not contacted, no letter was mailed, nobody said anything about this request or an exclusion on the several phone conversations made during this ordeal. I had no idea the coverage was terminated. I called the number that I had for the company that repaired my A/C and it no longer is in service, I sent what invoices I could find for that time period but AHS said it is not acceptable or that the service listed is not what was required. If AHS had informed me that they excluded coverage of the major appliance of my A/C I would have opted to cancel the coverage and save that $41.00 a month for a year and a half to save for the repair that I knew was coming. I was not notified. I am requesting the $41.00 a month I paid for coverage since March 2006 refunded if my A/C is not covered. Proof of repair was the reason for the exclusion, the leak was was repaired and working for a year and a half. My home changed ownership in December of 2006 and I opened a new service contract with American Home Shield January 1st, 2007 after this repair to include my A/C unit and was told nothing of exclusion, I was sent a contract that states my A/C unit is under warranty and I have been paying the full $41.00. The service company invoice was not requested in a reasonable time (A year and a half later); I am not covered and apparently have not been since this exclusion was made. I was not made aware of the exclusion. I thought I was protected and I am not from a very expensive home repair that is wreaking havoc on my household budget. Please give this your prompt attention. My young son and I are without A/C and I am trying to solve this problem as soon as possible. Thank you. I am interested in joining any class action suit. Please contact me. after AHS realized I had a new contract startin January /07 they sent out another A/C tech who took pictures and said hAHS would not cover the A/C because my A/C unit has storm damage and was improperly installed. They have covered this A/C for 9 years and said nothing of an exclusion untill they were required to replace it. Petra Spring, TexasU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on American Home Shield
Entity: Nationwide
58, Report #302821
Jan 23 2008
07:50 PM
American Home Shield Ripped Off By American Home Shield Fort Myers Florida
I purchased a home warranty for a friend as a gift and she has gotten all the same excuses and denials that everyone on this post has gotten. Perhaps we can get in touch with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation or the Justice Department? These people need to be stopped! Kerry fort myers, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Myers, Florida
59, Report #347168
Jul 03 2008
11:03 AM
American Home Shield American Home Shield Screwed A Soldier Memphis Tennessee
We purchased AHS Warranty. In early November, 2007, our upstairs toilet started leaking. It leaked downstairs through the pantry room. AHS sent out a plumber who used a hydrojet to clear the toilet and charge us sixty dollars. Aproximatley 30 days later, it backed up again. We had to have another plumber come out, charge us sixty dollars, and do the short term fix. This happened 9 TIMES. I repeatedly told AHS representatives what was occuring and that we needed a long term fix. We were always brushed aside and told since the toilet flushes now and it's not longer leaking, there is nothing else for them to do. On our TENTH plumber, and third company, we finally got an honest plumber who gave us an honest appraisal (yesterday, 02 July 08). We needed new toilets (toilets with a powerful flush) and we needed the mainline cleared out. When he contacted AHS and began talking to them, he then asked my wife something, when it became clear that he was talking to AHS in front of my wife, they told him to leave and he asked to be excused (every other plumber ALWAYS talked to AHS outside of our presence). He then told us that AHS would not approve anything and he was told to leave. We later got a call from AHS rep (Mike at Servicemaster) indicating that our claim had been denied because we did not have a cleanout. We DO have a cleanout! I called numerous people and kept getting transferred from one person to another. I finally ended up with Mike Lauter. He told me he would speak with Ray of Plumber's Plumbing, the owner, I asked to be on the line when he spoke with him. He said he tried but got the busy signal. 20 minutes later I got a call back from Mike Lauter who indicated that Ray said that it was the fact that we did not have a cleanout installed (which would not be covered). I told him that Ray never even came out to our house! Thomas did and that's who he should be talking to. Mike then informed me that we needed to contact Ray and Thomas and have them come out and diagnose the problem because he was unsure. So at the end of the day, we were right back at the beginning. I told Mike that we already paid sixty dollars to have a plumber (from one of their designated companies) come out and diagnose the problem, and he was told to leave by AHS. I'm a Soldier in the Army and I spent 4 hours on the phone with them. I don't have time for this. We have been cheated and scammed by this company. Colin San Antonio, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
60, Report #346804
Jul 02 2008
12:53 PM
American Home Shield mental torture besides being ripped off by american home shield. Southampton Pennsylvania
i read a lot of posted reports against american home shield warranty company. i could relate to all of them. seems like american home shield uses the same formula to deal with all complaints. i bought this home in question a year ago. i reported 2 service orders with AHS on june 7, 2008 that is towards the end of the year. the quickest response from them is when they are taking the service fee charges of $60.00 per problem. mental torture starts soon after. i had to call numerous times to find out:1. which company was coming to check the problem. 2. when they would arrive. for my cook top problem american home shield has sent two companies so far who have not been able to diagnose forget about fixing the problem. first was ward appliances. they just could not work on the system. AHS sent them oit without even trying to find out if it was the correct company to send. after numerous more phone calls from me they agreed to send out another company. american home shield claimed they were researching the companies. trying to find out who could service this brand of cook top. second company called abdees appliances in arlington, texas came out finally. they have been doing exploratry diagnosis since then. today, july 3, 2008 their tech who has yet to diagnose the correct problem has left a gaping hole where the cook top is to be. all screws from the unit are scattered all over the counters. rest of the unit is on the floor of the kitchen. on top of all this, he TOOK PART OF THE UNIT HOME WITH HIM. he claimed he will try and soak it for a couple of days to clean. am i dreaming or what? after over a month and two appliance companies i am left with a gaping whole in my kitchen with cook top on the floor and part of unit at some tech's home soaking in a tub some where? mental touture does not end here. remember a home owner has paid $700 to 800 for an average warranty plus $60.00 per trip charge. AMERICAN HOME SHIELD refuses to put supervisors easily on the phone. one has to wait for hours listening to their garbage about how great a company they are or music. they just DO NOT CARE. i had only this route to take. maybe one their CEO will read this, take a moment off his/her golf game and take their work seriously? i wonder how long the gaping hole will stay in my kitchen or how many more phone calls i will have to make before this warranty issue is taken care of. Nv fort worth, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
61, Report #1105070
Apr 03 2014
09:19 AM
American Home Shield AHS American Home Shield reporting cancelled accounts to collection Agency Memphis Tennessee
 I am a recent victom of AHS. I cancelled my account few months ago and today I received a letter from their collection Agency Transword Systems Inc for a balance of $ 426. This is insane. A terrible company with misinformed staff. They confirmed during cancellation  that they do not report to collection agency . All bunch of lie. I am goingto reach them again tomorrow. What a pain... I will not recommend anyone to signup ith them again.
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
62, Report #1040603
Jun 20 2017
12:53 PM
American Home Shield American Home Shield SCAM!! Memphis, Tennessee
Frankly I cannot say enough bad things about the American Home Shield (AHS) Warranty Company.  And I hope I can save others from the nightmare experience I had to go through dealing with them. The AHS warranty advertisement tells you that if you buy their warranty you will not have to worry about spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on repairs. But want they do not tell you; is that AHS will do everything to deny your claim and if they do replace an item it will still cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. If anybody is aware of a class action lawsuit against this company, please count me in.  Also I plan to write to the attorney general.  If anybody is interested in going to the attorney let me know.  I have never been so pissed off with a company in my life. Below is my experience with this compnay: I have an AHS warranty and I called them regarding two repair items:  1) A shower faucet that was leaking and 2) a hot water heater that was not heating properly. AHS authorized AZ Remodeling & Plumbing Inc., who is not even located in or near my city to make the repairs. 1st Repair Shower Faucet Leaking The repair company technician says the shower faucet was improperly installed, so AHS denies the claims.  This shower faucet was the original shower faucet that came with the house 20 years ago.  It has worked fine for 20 years.  How could it possibly have been improperly installed?  And then the repair company offers to do the repair for 3 times what any other plumber would charge.  Do you see the SCAM here?   Most homeowners are not going to search around and get quotes to see what it actually cost to make the repair.  Instead they will just be ripped off by this AHS contractor.  The whole thing is a blatant SCAM!  AHS pays the contractor virtually nothing to make repairs and then the crocked contractor says the item is improperly installed so the claim is denied and then the repair company offers to do the repair for 3 times the normal cost.  I went to the Home Depot and bought a MOEN cartridge removal tool and removed and installed the new shower faucet cartridge myself in less than 10 minutes, which this repair man said he could not do. 2nd Repair Hot Water Heater. After the repair company came out 4 times and could not fix the hot water heater they finally agreed to replace it.  So at this point I am weeks without hot water. This company wanted to charge over $500 in non-covered expenses with the majority of that cost coming from:  1) modify the water line and 2) modify the temperature and pressure line. I informed AHS that I had a local licensed plumber take a look at the hot water heater replacement and he stated none of the non-covered expenses were necessary.   In addition he stated the price being charged for the non-covered work was 3-4 time the going rate.  I informed AHS that I would provide statements from several plumbers showing  that the non-covered expenses being charged by AZ Remodeling & Plumbing Inc. where not required and I would provide AHS  with evidence documenting the fees for the non-covered expenses being charged by AZ Remodeling & Plumbing Inc. was absorbingly high. I would think any honest and respectable company would care that the contractor that they sent out is making false statements about additional work required and the fact that the contractor estimates are 3-4 times the going rate for that type of work.  But not AHS!  They just replied that this is the contractor they use; period. In order to come to a reasonable compromise, I requested AHS to buy the Hot Water Tank and I would have my plumber install it.  AHS refused. When I requested that AZ Remodeling & Plumbing Inc. only do the covered work, (of course there was no additional work needed); AHS refused.  I then told AHS I believed the non-covered expenses were fraudulent estimate on the part of the contractor and asked AHS to get a second opinion.  Again AHS refused to get a second opinion.  The only other option AHS offered was their buy out option, whereby they pay you a small amount of money that does not even cover the cost of the water heater.  I called a local licensed plumber who came out promptly and informed me that NONE of the non-covered expenses that had been identified by the AHS contractor were necessary.  This plumber got the hot water heater and installed it.  The receipts are shown at the end of this document (hot water heater and installation fee).  Here is the cost breakdown: 1)      Hot Water Heater ------------------------ $316.91 2)     Installation of Hot Water Heater ----   $175.50 Total Cost Too Buy and Install the Hot Water Heater -   $492.41 As you can see it was going to cost me more to have AHS replace my hot water heater than if I hired a plumber to do the job.  Yes, you are reading that correctly.  It cost less for me to purchase and install the new hot water heater by a local licensed plumber than it would have cost to have it done under the Warranty.  That speaks volumes about this company. So why does AHS insist on using an out of the area company to do the repair when I live in a metropolitan area of over 1 Million People and tons of locally licensed plumbers.  In fact from what I can tell this AHS contractor only does home warranty work and I can see why; no one would hire them!! Here is my assessment on the AHS business practices and reimbursement models.   Basically, in my humble opinion it appears that AHS and their contractors are committing widespread fraud on a consistent basis, with the home warranty client being the primary victim. The hardest part of installing a new hot water heater is draining the old hot water heater, removing it and installing the new one.  AHS pays these contractors way below the going rate to perform this task.  No licensed, honest, and reputable plumber will do that work for the amount AHS offers.  So this AHS contractor adds on what I believe to be fraudulent charges, which AHS categorizes as non-covered expenses and sticks them to their unsuspecting customers.   There whole Business Model is done right shameful. Bottom line - My advice would be to avoid this company like the plaque. And I should add I found out as part of this experience, the Better Business Bureau is a Joke.   The BBB has had thousands of complaints against this company, yet gives them a favorable rating and I found out why.  No matter how much evidence you supply the BBB all the company has to do is respond and the BBB will file in their favor no matter how much evidence you supply.      
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
63, Report #1310062
Jun 07 2016
01:34 PM
American Home Shield AHS WARNING: American Home Shield is a SHAM. RUN AWAY!!!! Nationwide
American Home Shield (AHS) is a sham. The warranty only covers a very small percentage of the repair cost and the repair costs are so excessive from their network of contractors that you can get a lower cost repair, with less headache, simply by going direct to a contractor.   When you try and talk to someone at AHS, the hold time is always over 10 minutes. You can cancel but they won't issue any refund, even for payments made for future contract terms. That's where a credit card dispute comes in.   The company is an absolute sham. Very deceptive, shady business  practices, zero customer service. Federal authorities need to investigate and will shut them down.  
Entity: Nationwide
64, Report #13042
Feb 01 2002
12:00 AM
America Home Shield totally useless?
Friday morning. Broken pipe. Water leak under house: water pooling in yard around foundation, running down driveway. Call AHS --no human, just voicemail system. Told their plumber will call soon. One hour. No call from plumber. I call their plumber. Can't come until Monday. Here's our number to AHS. Call them to report emergency, get other plumber. Hour on hold. Hang up. Try Web site. Web site down. Call AHS number again. Half hour on hold. Finally get human. You don't have an emergency. What do you mean? There's no damage. It's not an emergency. I look at water running down driveway, call Roto-Rooter. They come immediately. This is probably the 6th time in two years that something like this happened to me. AHS is always delighted to take my money, but provides virtually nothing in the way of service. My time spent getting no service: > two hours. Am I the only person who wonders why I bother renewing my contract? Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on American Home Shield
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
65, Report #106075
Aug 30 2004
09:32 AM
American Home Shield rip-off! Carroll Idaho
I called american home shield about my ac on a Thursday. The company that they choose could not be out until Monday. It was 101 outside my wife nine months Pregnant and the Ac did not work. When explained this to their company they were very rude. So I again called ahs and explained this to them they and let them know I was unhappy with the way I was treated and ask for another company they said no problem and put me on hold. When the man returned it was the same company. They said that they could come right out tho. When the Ac man showed up I paid the $65 he looked at the outside unit and it kicked on he said that he cant find anything wrong.He never came in to look at the inside unit. He left it quit 30min later. I called ahs they called the company who said that it was now after 5 and I would have to wait until Monday. That was not an option I called another company myself they showed up went to the inside unit and had it fixed in 10min and cost me $30. I called ahs back and was told I would get my money back I never did. I feel that they look for the cheapest company dispite their work quality. The guys that show up I am nerves about leting in my house.And to top it of lies. Take your bussines elsewhere. Will Salina, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Carroll, Idaho
66, Report #474933
Jul 30 2009
11:11 AM
American Home Shield Home Warranty screen your subcontractors Memphis Tennessee
Waco, Texas- - we purchased the p.o.s. warranty along with our house in Feb.2009, Wow I would never have even touched this company if I had just read Our microwave sterted shorting out the cicuit breaker, so we filed a claim and then than a couple of days later we got a call from a service company called quality appliance from waco. at this time he make an appt .for 7/24/09. after his dianosis he said it was the transformer that AHS has to order it and that it would take 2-3 days to order it and coupleof day more for him too receive it. He called on 7/29/ to come for completion of repair. after installing the xfmr and a capacitor he advised my wife and I that he hd done all that he can do! and that he would tell AHS to replace it. It is only a 2006 whirpool top of the line Microwave. The next day after no response from AhS. I called and was imformed that they were trying too find the new parts that he ordered, a control board and wiring harness . this was not what we were told ,so we were lied too. then Ahs told me that my option was that they would give me the cost of the parts to repair this item(control board and wiring harness) much less than a new one. it was an insult to me. so now we wait another weekend going over two weeks for a simple microwave that only has 6 components that can be replaced. Some times you don'T get a technician you get a parts replacer! and the customer gets the shaft. meanwhile no microwave! the repair guy said that Ahs made him order more parts. i want it replaced .... i will keep you updated! monty waco, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
67, Report #669383
Dec 08 2010
11:01 AM
American Home Shield Home Warranty Plan Consumer Fraud Carroll, Iowa
Pattern of behavior constituting consumer fraud12/09 AHS  enhanced home warranty contract purchased. I paid $488.00 in  monthly debit installments of 40.67. Beginning April 2010 through October 2010 in excess of 15 service calls and four different authorized service Contractors  came to repair the covered air conditioning unit and it was never repaired properly. We remained with out air-conditioning for the majority of the summer.   In June, I was told HMS was contracted to put in a new condenser coil. The work was not completed until June 9 and did not fix the problem, in fact a new coil was not replaced but rebuilt. On June 12 Meyers Air Conditioning and Heating LLC, an authorized service contractor was sent to repair the unit and they determined the unit needed a new evaporator coil.  With that I received a call from an AHS representative indicating $650.00 worth of code upgrades a float switch, duct work and auxiliary drain pan were needed to be done that were not covered by the warranty. They would not provide a second opinion and only offered a cash out and hire some one myself. The cash out did not cover the cost of the repairs.  I continued to indicate that code upgrades were not necessary to install the evaporator coil.  In fact, Meyers never did the upgrade work and what they did do did not repair the air conditioning unit. AHS is well aware of the out of contract quotes given by their authorized service contractors and creates the situation which allows  both of them to perpetrate this fraud.  If the work had not been called code upgrades and duct work the repairs would have been covered under the contract.  The authorized contractors are well aware how to manipulate the system set in place by AHS and create costs to the consumer which directly benefits them. This scam was then run a second time when Cahaba Contractors ordered a new condenser and refused to install it until I paid a disposal fee of $150.00.  Again a fee outside the contract. The unit was not properly repaired and another authorized service agent, Valiant came out and replaced a part that Cahaba had incorrectly installed.  I had to pay a $60.00 service fee. The air conditioning unit again failed and Valiant returned.  This time the problem was the duct work and I was told that AHS should never had paid for anything because the wrong duct work is installed in the house.  He wanted to charge me $750.00. AHS then took the position that this work fell outside the contract and they were not obligated to repair the unit pursuant to the warranty. This is the same scam new players perpetrated by AHS and its authorized service contractors.   I filed complaints with the AL Attorney Generals office and the heating and air conditioning licensing board.  I finally hired a reputable company, which repaired the unit and had to re do the work of Meyers. I paid  out of pocket $656.00. AHS continued to say they were not liable but to settle the matter they would reimburse me $741.12 representing the cost of repairs, return of the service fee and the balance of contract fee of 25.12 less an administration fee.  I demanded the return of the cost of the contract and to cancel the last month of service with them.  It has been their position that I am not entitle to a refund pursuant to their contract even though AHS breached the contract, did not provide the services and continues in a pattern of behavior which defrauds the consumer.  It is a numbers game, they pay off the complainers but still get to keep the premiums
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
68, Report #274813
Sep 16 2007
01:36 PM
American Home Shield Home warranty service Memphis Tennessee
The reason we bought this house is because of the American Home Shield Warranty. We upgraded to the Higher priced Warranty that covers, Pre-existing conditions, Mis Matched systems the whole plumbing and sewer system, whirlpool baths, etc. after We read the first warranty coverage after having a leak in the bathtub that they wouldn't cover because it was a 'whirlpool bath' we upgraded--now the pay for them to come out is $60.00 instead of $55.00. AHS came to fix the leak in the bathroom. The guy first said that they didn't cover whirlpool baths. I said, the leak was the faucet not anything to do with the whirlpool bath. He came back a week later with two little gaskets and repaired the leak. $60.00. Then about 2 months later, I had a leak in the kitchen. They refused to cover it at all! Said that my warranty didn't cover leaks in Faucets! In the meantime, we have airconditioning issues. I have fought with AHS for 3 months! It started with a leak in the airconditioning. I told them it was leaking, and they sent a plumber out! Charged me $60.00! He refused to repair it, because it was an airconditioning unit. The SAME day the airconditioner guy came out, said he would have to call his boss.. because normally a plumber would come out. I explained that the plumber did come out, and said it was a job for an airconditioning man. He said I had to pay him the $60.00 for the visit. I said, I already paid $60.00 for today? He said, he is a different tech, different issue. I same issue. I told them it was an airconditioning leak.. not my fault they sent the plumber out instead of the airconditioner guy??? He called AHS back again, about the $60.00 and said, you have to pay me $60.00, and I will fix the leak, although I don't understand why the plumber didn't fix this--it was a PVC problem in the airconditioner he said. So I paid him, he came back with PVC and fixed the issue, running the water out onto our Wood Beam under the house. We had some people working on the house, and a few days later, they said, you still have a leak (they were here when he came, B-Pierce Industries)... I said, You are kidding? So THEY extended the PVC from the original PVC drain--and had to repair the wood under the house! I called AHS back, and said the leak wasn't repaired and it caused damage.! They said, they will send someone out, but they don't cover secondary damage from an issue. So the guy comes out--a different air conditioning place, and said, I have to charge you another $60.00 for coming out, but the leak is from the airconditioning freezing up, and then that is where the water is coming from. I couldn't believe it, another $60.00 for the airconditioner, but he explained the original $60.00 only covered the parts that the other guy put in, and they convienetly waited until the 30 day parts covereage was over anyway. I just wanted it fixed. I said, Can you fix it--because we were burning up--not only was it leaking but it wasn't working right. He said, he would have to ask AHS to see if it was covered because we had MisMatched units. I said I have the extended policy covering the mismatched units. He said it didn't cover the air conditioner unit. I said what would that mean then mismatched? He said, like a washer and dryer? I said, You have got to be kidding me...that isn't even in the warranty? So its not covered. He said, We will have to see, I will go back and ask AHS, but in the meantime, he taped with some tape for airconditioners, the piece he took off, and said that will help the air to be better.. It was 8am and not hot and he said in his report, that it was 69 degrees when he left. But he didn't do anything--and charged me another $60.00. So at this point I have spend $180.00 on the airconditioner.. thinking he would come back. I heard nothing from them. I tried to call and got no answer from them. Finally I called AHS and they said it wasn't covered because they didn't cover condenser units or drain lines on air conditioning units. I said, We have the more expensive contract, and it specifically said that Condensers, drainlines and mismatched units are covered. They said they would check into it and call me back. A month went by, with the air not working (My electric bills are twice as high) we had to buy two window units ($200.00) because of my health and I can't get that hot..(it stayed about 90 degrees during the day)..and the water is ruining everything, and we didn't realize it, because it was soaking up between the flooring and the underflooring. I went through the emails they sent me, and even on the emails, it has what it covers, and it showed specifically these things, on the Email THEY sent me. I forwarded the email THEY sent me back to them (AHS), with my information in the EMAIL they sent me...Warranty number, what is covered etc.... they returned the Email to me (with that part deleted), saying they could not find my information and therefore couldn't help me. I wrote a long letter, and mailed it. (In the meantime, water is ruining two rooms..)--never heard back from them. I called several times, and would be put on hold then it would disconnect. I finally called the place where you turn in an issue that you want fixed--and got them! They connected me after 20 minutes on hold to someone over the complaint area. He was downright mean to me. He said, we can not cover your airconditioning problem, because it was not properly cleaned and that is what caused the problem. I said you have got to be kidding? He said, no, if you get someone to clean it, ($350.00), it will be fine. (We have called someone on our own to take care of the problem that told us AHS was a that is why I am here.) I said, No sir, that is NOT the problem. I said, Get real, it's an airconditioner from 1984, and now you are saying, cleaning it will make it new again?... He said, I can only tell you what the Tech said. I said, I have a copy of his reciept and that is not the reasoning you originally gave, nor what he wrote. Besides, The Warranty we have covers, Non-maintained, incorrectly installed, and pre-existing conditions, so this is not a reason to not fix this issue. He said, We can not cover it, I am sorry mam, I don't know why you think we should cover something you did to the air conditioner by not cleaning it. I was So upset, I asked to CANCEL AHS Warranty and get my money back... He said, Yes Mam, Let me transfer you. I was on hold another 25 minutes and then disconnected. Now I am here. With two rooms ruined, and a leaking air conditioner that won't cool, and I can't get my warranty cancelled or my money back. I would NOT have bought this house if it were not for the warranty. We can't use the rooms and have our things in storage paying monthly for that! And it seems as though I am not alone. Noairrepairtx Henderson, TexasU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on American Home Shield
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
69, Report #1114176
Jun 10 2014
03:04 PM
American Home Shield AHS Technicians mess with your home, AHS does not care Nationwide
Long story short: We moved into our 4500sq antique home April 2013. I called AHS for handful of plumbing issues, all of which could have been fixed in 2 visits tops. Jan 2014 and I'm still dealing with the fallout these issues. What it boils down to is that AHS does not have it's end client in mind, and their structure incentivizes their technicians to prolong the work and create more issues in your home so that they can come back and charge more, I've gone through 3 technicians, all 3 had the same M.O. AHS looses out on this structure as well, so it makes no sense to me.Bottom line, I'm out $500, plus the cost of the plan, so over $1000. Not to mention countless hours on the phone with AHS, days where I was chained to the house because I had to wait for multiple and unnecessary technician visits, and aggravation. In the end, I would have been significantly better off without the plan, which on top of it all is limited and has all sorts of restrictions on it.Frankly, it's the most useless thing you could do, and you might as well shoot yourself in the foot if you buy a plan with AHS.
Entity: Connecticut
70, Report #1208098
Feb 14 2015
09:03 AM
American Home Shield Rite-A-Way Services, Inc. Home Warranty Internet
American Home Shield Home Warranty company now treats their clients so poorly.  Avoid them like the plague.  They used to do a good job.  We've had a home warranty with them for 20 years.  But in recent years, terrible.  Especially their plumbing vendor, Rite-A-Way Services, Inc, which makes you wait 2-5 days for an appointment for a stopped up toilet or water leak, even emergency, charges $75 for the service fee then tells you a reason its not covered and will you pay them $600-800 to do it.As a former high volume listing agent, I referred so many clients to them over the years.  I am so sorry I did.Here's the latest.  My mother in law bought a home last month.  I got her an AHS Home Warranty.  Last week the shower valve broke and sprayed water. We had to turn the water off to the home.  AHS sent Rite-A-Way Services, Inc. They did NOT come Right a Way.  They came 3 days later, even though her water was OFF to the home due to the leak.  When they came, they said they can fix it, but it will then require $1,000 or more of tile work which they don't cover.  Or, we can pay them $800 to do an Upgraded fixture which will cover the hole in the tile they must make. Or, we can have someone else fix it and AHS will credit us $150 or $160.  So, we have someone else do it.Then, I have a staffer call from my property management company call to ask for the credit.  AHS won't talk to them. Privacy law.  Yeah, like we have criminals calling AHS trying to covertly repair people's homes for them.  So can I call?  No, my 75 year old mother in law must call.  So she calls.  She comes off the phone so mad she can spit, and sends me this email, much of it in RED, which I didn't even know she knew how to do:  Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:Table Normal; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-parent:; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:Times New Roman,serif;} I can’t tell you how angry I am at home warranty people. Called Fri… afternoon after being on hold over 20 minutes…. I told them a service man came out…. the one you talked to Ian, and said I would be reimbursed  $150 or $160 and wanted them to process it immediately as I needed it to pay my plumber. They said it was Friday and too late to do that but to call Monday  Come Monday… I call again in AM wait for another 18 minutes,,and told they would put it on for the first thing and call me or e-mail me the information.No call.Tuesday… Call again…. put on hold… finally get through and talk to Zack.TOLD: I OWE THEM $20.00!!!!!As far as I understood… I owe home warranty $ 75.  I also owe the technician for a service call $65.00 for coming out.  Now… they are only giving me A CREDIT OF $120.00 not $150 or $160 as they promised.THEN FROM THAT I OWE THE 75.00 DOLLARS AND THE 65 DOLLARS.  so I am supposed to pay them $20.00HELP… I NEED BIG GUNS….. WHAT CAN YOU DO?????I QUIT.
Entity: Internet
71, Report #743932
Jun 22 2011
11:35 AM
American Home Shield AHS I Too Am Living the American Homeshield Nightmare! Carroll, Iowa
For 2 summers and many $$$$$ I have fought with AHS to repair my a/c. Two new compressors, new fan motors ???? New dryers (didn't bother to take the old dryer off), wrong capacitor, numerous visits, one screw up repair person after another, many hours off work waiting on someone to show up, and so much aggrevation I bordered on a nervous break down, a phone call from an American Homshield representative wanting me to re-new my policy and informing me of how much money they have saved me! I was presistant, though, in trying to get my a/c unit fixed under my Home Warrenty Policy, (2 summers), but I finally gave up on that ever happening and got a actual, real a/c repair man to look at my unit, at which time I was told my fan motor was going out, (again, number three????) my head pressure was too high, (no doubt about that!) I have NO dryer at all on my unit at all now, even though the AHS repairmen said they had rectified the two dryer problem, (they removed them both??????) Not sure who did what there were so many repair people working on my unit, who, as far as I am concerned, were not qualified to work on a door knob. So now, let's see, in order to fix my problem I have to replace the whole outside unit, but I can't do that without replacing the air handler because they do not make this unit any longer, all you can do is change the parts (thus the reason for the constant replacement of parts) in order to fix what the AHS contractors tore up, it is going to cost me $7,750.00. Add to that the numerous hours I was not getting paid on my job because I was not at my job, I was home babysitting the idiots that kept screwing up my unit, plus the $60 I had to pay (numerous times) to have my unit screwed up beyond repair, plus the $438.00 I, like a dumbass, paid to AHS for the policy for the second year (in hopes I would get my a/c unit repaired)and the pleasure of being totally screw over!! So I am left to ponder as to how how those at AHS think theysaved me money!!!!!  So, I say to anyone out there that actually has great sense enough to read this and other reviews, if you ever hear the words American Homshield RUN! Run fast and DO NOT waste your time and money, I can only tell you (from personal experience) that you will be sorry, and you will have wasted money that you could have paid to someone that actually knew what they were doing and got the job done a whole lot less painfully and in less time (again saving money) than if you screw around with these idiots!  And if you receive a free policy from your real estate agency as a house warming gift like I did (for the 1st yr), just politely tell them NO THANKS!!!!! You'd rather have a candle. My Re-Cap: American Homeshield is the biggest waste of time and money, so if you have so much money that you don't know what to do with it,  that after reading this you would waste it on something as worthless as an American Homeshield Policy, send me a note and I will gladly take your money off your hands and I can assure you that I will at least do something productive with it!!!!!!
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
72, Report #337049
Jun 04 2008
10:42 AM
American Home Shield - Home Warranty Service American Home Shield Home Warrnty Service is a Rip Off! Carroll Iowa
For those of you considering this service DO NOT, YOU WILL BE SORRY! I signed up with American Home Shield (herein also referred to as AHS) on 08/09/07 and my first payment was charged to my credit card on 08/15/07 as agreed, and every month thereafter on time every time, without fail. On the evening of 04/09/08 our water heater began to leak from the top of the tank. By the morning of 04/10/08 it began also leaking from the bottom. This of course meant that we had to turn off all hot water to our home. I contacted AHS on 04/10/08 at 11:08AM and they assigned a vendor (ARS Rescue Rooter) and I was contacted by ARS Rescue Rooter within an hour and told they would have a technician come out between 1:00PM and 6:00PM the same day. The technician arrived at 2:15PM and I took him to our crawlspace to surmise the problem. Before even making it to the water heater he shook his head and blurted out code violations (apparently the ARS Rescue Rooter illicit M.O.). To my surprise because I had just purchased the home 2 years prior and we had the crawlspace area thoroughly inspected. He made a call to AHS for approval and I waited to hear about coverage information. I was contacted by AHS within about 30 minutes, approximately 2:55PM. The AHS Rep. told me that they would cover the water heater because the problem was due to normal wear but he said that he was informed by the vendor that there were code issues in relation to the water heater that would cost an additional $900.00 out of pocket. I spoke with the technician and he stated that he could not perform ANY work without doing ALL the work due to County laws and ARS Rescue Rooter policy. I then asked the technician to provide me with a written copy of the estimate, to my shock he refused and stormed off (right across our new sod, as a mention to his mindset in regard to respect for clientele). The proper protocol ARS Rescue Rooter (herein also referred to as ARS) should have followed as a professions is as follows; to resolved the water heater quandary; then the representative should have given me a detailed invoice (I was never given any detailed information in writing as requested) stating services performed by him/ARS Rescue Rooter and listed any concerns he felt should be addressed. He then could have pulled a permit or I could have as the home owner and any alleged code violations found upon inspection are STRICTLY the responsibility of the property owner, period. Certainly not a vendor hired to resolve an urgent situation issue by a Home Warranty Company. In truth there were no code violations as confirmed by an authentic professional and an inspector. The ONLY additional work possibly considered necessary, not under warranty by AHS, was the compression tank and that is only required if we upgrade the tank we currently had, not simply replace with a comparable item. By the way, the expansion tank is a $20.00 item retail if we had of requested a new one to be installed, and at no time did we request to have ARS to remove our old unit. A very long story shorter; I contacted AHS to inform them of the misconduct, attempted extortion and exploitation of a client in a vulnerable situation. I was informed by AHS that I could opt for the Cash Out Option but I would have to wait. To add insult to injury AHS finally offered me a Cash Out offer of $165.00 to cover the cost of the water heater and the labor to repair it. I have since verified with the County and a legitimate plumber that the alleged code violation pointed out by the technician were in fact erroneous and I have had to have the problem repaired on my own at a total cost of $379.44 just for the water heater with labor, and this was at a substantially discounted price from a well known service provider. The lack of cooperation in resolving our issue from AHS is in direct violation of our agreement, resulting in our home having no hot water for four days due directly to the fact that we counted on AHS and as a direct result of providing a contractor (ARS Rescue Rooter) that practices illicit and unscrupulous business practices, preying on the vulnerable. Please keep in mind that I am a GA State licensed Master Electrician and a GA State licensed Residential Real Estate Specialist. I deal with these types of situations daily with my clients as well as various trades and inspectors, including all local authorities. I have recommended American Home Shield many times in the past to clients because AHS paints such a convincing picture. American Home Shield - It seems like a good idea -- prepaid home maintenance, basically a service contract or extended warranty on your house. The AHS booklet states, Commitment to your total satisfaction, That is why we back every job we do with the unique money back guarantee shown on the back of your home warranty ... AHS guarantees that all approved covered service repairs will be completed to your satisfaction. If for any reason you are not satisfied with that service received, we will work with you until you are satisfied or we will refund the trade service fee. Unfortunately, I have found from many other consumers in researching AHS on the internet that too often AHS Home Warranty doesn't work out that way ... and when it comes time to deliver; AHS does not even make an attempt at providing adequate, competent service to their clientele at a time of need. I am now doing as much damage control as I feasible can in regard to rescinding previous recommendations for American Home Shield I have made to my clients. Bottom line, I have been in no way compensated for the four days we were forced to live with cold water only in our home due directly to negligence on the part of American Home Shield. Had I realized that we would be unable to count on American Home Shield I would have had a new water heater installed the same day as the problem occurred. I know several honest plumbing contractors due to my daily field activities. In addition, American Home Shield has fallen well short of proper compensation for our water heater quandary, even at a fundamental cost level, by any standard. After I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau AHS did send another check for an additional $150.00. To sum up, service was never provided nor was adequate compensation; which is in direction violation of our agreement. This act by AHS and failure to react responsibly when required nullifies any and all agreements that may have been in effect prior to the morning of 04/10/08 leaving a full amount still due of $312.00. Al Marietta, GeorgiaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on American Home Shield
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
73, Report #489809
Sep 03 2009
07:36 PM
I was stupid enough to pay American Home Shield for five (5) years. Every instance when I called for a repair, they would provide me with an excuse that my claim was not covered and I had to pay the technician for their trip! Oh, I must admit that they did replace my kitchen facuet, the catch is that they replaced a $300 faucet with a $40 faucet!!! (It pays to have insurance Huh!!!) Another time they came to the house to repair the built in oven but refused to work since the oven was framed into the cabinets. They told me that you have to remove all framing around the oven before they can work! They charged me and left and charged me a second time when they came back to repair the oven!!! When I called them about my dishwasher they serviceman candidly told me that the repair will be a band-aid and not a permanent fix and I should really change the machine. I reviewed my  contract and luckily I had coverage for the dishwasher with upgrade but AHS told me that they would pay me $140 and would not replace the machine! I really do not know how does make any sense, they want to pay me $140 for a dishwasher that will cost me $850 to replace!!! They refused my claim on HVAC repair claiming that I did not maintain the system! I would not recommend them to anyone. It's all a scam and I will gladly testify and would be happy to join a Class Action Lawsuit against them.
Entity: MEMPHIS, Tennessee
74, Report #132682
Feb 24 2005
03:02 PM
American Home Shield Rip Off: Not providing services. Nationwide Internet
We purchased a home on 7/2004 and part of the package was an AHS Home Warranty which was supposed to cover: Dishwasher, built-in microwave, cooktop, ductwork, heating,trash compactor, electrical system, plumbing, water heater,garbage disposal, range/oven. We had a problem with a fairly new dishwasher that came with the home and decided to use our Home Warranty. I was a bit leery of using it considering that I had seen numerous consumer complaints strewn all over the Internet, but took a chance anyway. Scott Innovations came out to check out the dishwasher problem and I paid them $45.00. The technician was here looking at the dishwasher not more than 10 minutes when it was determined that a clip had come off the heating element and melted the tub. Which meant a new dishwasher. This is what he told me and he didn't say anything about denying the claim. My husband received a phone call a few minutes later with the decline and was told that it was not due to wear and tear but rather it was negligence, stating that something from the top rack had fallen onto the element to dislodge it from the clip. I noticed nothing out of the ordinary about anything falling into the bottom of the dishwasher since we've had the home and I am always rather specific in how the dishwasher loaded and dishes get handwashed first before being placed into the dishwasher. For them to make an accusation that there was obvious negligence is purely an opinion and there was no negligence. When disputing the denial, I was granted a second opinion from another one of their listed contractors. I called the contractor to set up an appointment and he mentioned that he also received quite a history about the dishwasher from AHS (in his exact words). Basically telling me that AHS gave them their findings and conclusion from the first contractor. This does not make the 2nd opinion an unbiased one - the whole purpose of a 2nd opinion was to determine if AHS was responsible for replacing the dishwasher under the warranty and I don't believe they have a legal right to give this information to the second contractor who is supposed to write his own diagnosis independent of what was found by another company. David Tacoma, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
75, Report #125692
Jan 04 2005
11:08 AM
American Home Shield Misleading & useless service contracts. Rip-off! Carrol Iowa
I purchased an AHS policy when my wife and I purchased our home last year. Well, the time to call AHS came when our Garage Door / Garage Door opener mechanism failed and ripped some parts off. I called AHS, and they scheduled a technician to inspect the damage and evaluate the necessary parts. Well, the technician arrived 24 hours later, inspected the damage, called the AHS' calims line and determined that the damage was not to be covered under their policy. Why? Because on their contract it clearly (ha) specifies that the opener mechanism is not covered. Well, I chugged the bill, and shelled the money to have the same technician replace what was necessary. A month after the fact, AHS started sending me renewal notices...indicating how much money and peace of mind I could save. much money I had saved when they had to come REPAIR my GARAGE DOOR (!!!!!) I won't renew the policy...and I can assure most that their coverage policies are pretty useless unless you take a good hard look at their contract before anything and are willing to accept ammendments. Otherwise...they are an absolute RIP-OFF. Miguel RICHARDSON, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Richardson, Texas

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