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1, Report #1345321
Dec 23 2016
04:28 PM
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #1278360
Jan 06 2016
11:44 AM
American Homes 4 Rent Scam Scam Do not Rent From Ah4r Nationwide
Confused on why we pay RENT each month and when there is a maintenance problem from normal wear and tear I am responsible and have been charged for maintenance cost. Then why the hell am I renting and not buying. I can never get In touch with property manager in timely manner to discuss concerns. When I go finally get a phone call property manager response is well I am busy and my ringer is turned off. Fees on top of fees are ridiculous. This company is a fraud. I have been in property management and I rent because I did want the responsibility of maintenance. Our rent has rent up. This a a older home and I would think they would encourage you to contact them about THIER property on maintenance. Well, I was charged $125 for plumbing and literally the vendor did not do anything and said he would not charge me. Then I get a bill from AH4R I called and property manager say they get the bill and the forward over to the RENTER. This company buy property and never come in to do an inspection. Therefore, they have no idea the conditions of the already wear and tear of the property. The nerve of the property manager saying well we did not charge you for the garage door being off track. Really! I let them know this was a previous issue before they bought this property. This company is a scam and they want to try and evict you so they can charge you all these charges and then get someone like me who think this house is the best fit for my family but in turn being scammed on fixing up their property. My family and I will be moving not because of the rent but because the staff does not care they are unprofessional and they only want to scam you out of more money. I will be going to consumer affairs on this as well. This company is based out of California and when you speak with corporate they are rude and act like we are not customers and whom are paying their pay checks. They act like they are doing us a favor by let us rent. Lets stand up for a cause and let ah4r that they can't keep getting away with this. I pay $1435 per month for a reason not expecting to pay that much in rent and still be responsible for regular maintenance.
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1197854
Dec 27 2014
02:24 PM
American Homes 4 Rent Maintenance Issues Indianapolis Nationwide
I rent a very nice home from American Homes 4 Rent in Indianapolis, IN.  I am a single parent with two teen age sons.  My 16 year old has a moderate severe case of Autism.  My refrigerator quit cooling December 20, 2014.  I have called American Homes 4 rent 9 times to have this fixed.  I have been placed on hold almost 3.5 hours.  A repair man came December 22, Tuesday morning, and said that he would have to order the parts but had to obtain an approval from American Homes 4 Rent to place the order.  That is the last I heard from this Vendor that American Homes 4 Rent has contracted with to repair my refrigerator.  I have had to endure entertaining out of town company over the holiday without a refrigerator.  It is a week later and after being told 8 times that the vendor would contact me, I still don't have a means of keeping my food from spoiling.  I am beyond frustrated and don't know what to do.   My budget does not permit my family to eat out every meal and my son's autism doesn't allow us to sit down in a restaurant three times a day.  I strongly encourage anyone else who is considering renting a home from this lousy company to RETHINK your decision.   I just don't know what to do.  We need a refrigerator which is a basic need, as is  heat and water.
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #1195830
Dec 16 2014
01:35 PM
American Homes 4 Rent Deceiving, Won't respond to maintenance issues Norcross Georgia
Let me start out by saying, this has been the worst living experience I have ever dealt with! Ah4r bought my lease from Crown Management, which they did a horrible job during the walk through. At first I was having air/heating issues. Crown eventually fixed everything and even gave me a concession on my rent because I was having so many issues with home after move in.Now here comes the real crooks. Ah4r took over the lease and I have had problems with this house that they won't fix. 1. The house stays hot upstairs and the downstairs is always cold. The air conditioner kept going out until they got tired of me calling. They finally sent someome out to fix it and he said wow, this thermostat shoudl have been replaced a long time ago. There was mold forming uder one of my cabinets.They kept coming out until they decided to leave the can of mold spray under my cabinet without my knowledge. Ever since I moved in, the sinks and tubs were draining slow. I reported it to Crown when they had the house and they came out and unclogged them. In the meantime, they started to drain slow again so I decided to buy liquid plummer and drano for months.After no success, I call ah4r and they tell me, I would have to unclogg them on my own, better yet, get a plummer and if the plummer doesn't fix it, then they will come! Outrageous! Now, I'm having an ant infestation. Everywhere I turn, ants are everywhere! I call ah4r and Erica tells me unless its capenter ants, they won't send anyone out. I have used cans of Raid just to get rid of them. That smell is awful.The last thing, I spoke with Erica about removing my two daughters off the lease. One of them has bought a condo and when I mention this to her, the audaucity of her to question me about what benefit would it be for her name to come off? She said the names will stay on until the end of the lease even though my daugter was already looking for a home. These people want to keep everybodyt tied to their lousy homes for the sake of money!Not to mention, they took their maintenance portal off line, do now you don't have a paper trail of all the maintenance request you put in. My rent went up this year to0. I can't wati for htis lease to be over, but if I have to break this lease, I will surely take pleasure in it.Never, ever rent from this place! They don't fix things they feel you can spend your hard earned money buying, even if its a pre-existing issue. If they do fix anything, you probably would have figured out before they come.Stay away!!
Entity: Norcross, Georgia
5, Report #1153418
Jun 09 2014
07:36 PM
American Homes 4 Rent Full of lies, bad service, rip-offs Houston Nationwide
I have been lied to multiple times; most recently I would be getting my deposit back, then slapped with a bill of over $300 and no refund. 3/31 I moved out of 15431 Kellerwood property in Houston. No one from the management company showed up. 4/1 I sent an email to Doris Duncan stating that I had vacated the property and where the keys and garage door opener can be found. And my forwarding address for my refund. 5/4 I still had not received it so followed up with Doris to which she responded Hello Jenny, I do show a check was cut but I do not show you provided a forwarding address. Please provide ASAP. I responded with my forwarding address again. 5/19 I still had not received any refund check so I called. That is when she told me there was no refund check and that actually I owed $312.40. Part of these charges are for a window that was broken when the home got burglarized and for a car remote that was stolen. I had provided a police report for these items and they were never addressed. I boarded up the window so my toddler and I would not be open to the elements during the winter. I have several emails where they say they were going to fix it and then renig. I also had put in work orders for things that were breaking around the house and they would close the work orders and not fix things saying that it was normal wear and tear and they were not responsible for those things. Jenny Houston, TX
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #1153839
Jun 11 2014
07:59 AM
American Homes 4 Rent (Georgia) Horrible extortionists cheap undependable Norcross Georgia
I am a Realtor and had placed a few of my rental clients in homes through American Homes 4 Rent and then I decided to rent one myself. It took 4 days to get my application approved (which I was told would be done the first day I applied). I was also told at lease signing that there is no right of early termination whatsoever should I be unable to fulfill my lease. I met with the move-in inspector on my move in day and they had forgot to have the property (including the disgusting carpets) cleaned. The grass was about 3 foot high at this point too due to them forgetting to send their lawn crew out prior to me moving in. A week after I moved in the AC went out completely. I had AC repair people out to the property SIXTEEN  TIMES before the AC issue was resolved. There were minor repairs that needed to be done at the time that I moved in that were never completed after I was assured they would be (the living room ceiling fan was broken, the shower leaked, and there was a leak under the sink). The move in inspection noted that there were holes and marks on the walls and the overall condition of the property that was mediocre at best. I have since fulfilled my lease and moved out. American Homes 4 Rent kept almost HALF of my security deposit for items that were clearly listed on my move-in inspection. They claimed they could not locate the move in inspection and that the employee who conducted it with me must have misfiled it. They do not return calls or emails in a timely fashion if at all and are overall just a horrible company to rent from. Another sidenote is that they by policy increase their rental amounts substantially every year so this is not a good place to rent from if you plan to stay longer than 1 year. Look elsewhere!
Entity: Norcross, Georgia
7, Report #1048693
May 06 2013
07:19 AM
American Homes 4 Rent Beware of loopholes in AH4R Buyer's Contract Brentwood Tennessee
American Homes 4 Rent Buyer's Contract is a joke. American Homes 4 Rent makes fair offers on homes; cash deals with 21 days to close and $5,000 in earnest money.  They send realtors out and make offers on homes site unseen.  If the house passes all inspections, they will send a manager out to view the home and decide if they actually want to go through with the sale. American Homes 4 Rent Buyer's Contract leaves them the option to back out of the contract for no reason whatsoever.  They walk away with their earnest money. If you sign a contract with American Homes 4 Rent, do not jump through hoops and extend yourself financially (sign a lease or put earnest money on another home) because if they bail out, you will be left holding the bag. 
Entity: Brentwood, Tennessee
8, Report #1185234
Oct 27 2014
02:06 PM
American Homes 4 Rent Poor poor poor customer service Nationwide
They will make it very easy to pay your rent, expect it on time and will hound you if you don't. But do not expect them to be readily available whatsoever if you should need anything such as maintenance on your rental.  Live people are scarce and hard to get ahold of, it's like calling a phone room.  
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #1231731
May 27 2015
02:13 PM
American Homes 4 Rent Draconian and Fraudulent Nationwide
It started out okay, though the house definitely had/has some problems such as a refrigerator that made a whining noise and now leaks and toilets that don't flush right. They had a few things repaired by a man they paid for but eventually ran out of patience and said we would have to pay for anything else. However, even that was tolerable and it was only a few months ago that things took a turn for the worst. For some reason, American Homes 4 Rent does not let you pay your own utilities (water/electricity/gas) and in the beginning made you pay through a company called Conservice (with a small fee, for course). This went okay for a while, but then they dropped Conservice and started doing everything themselves, which is when things truly went insane. We had balance of a few hundred dollars owed for utilities, which in the span of about three months, American Homes 4 Rent now claims is over three thousand dollars. It's literally impossible for it to have ballooned that high in such a short amount of time, and yet as we try to dispute it, they act like they have no idea what we're talking about and that we should cough up the money instantaneously. They've now threatened that all rent money we send them will be applied to the utilities, thus leaving us owing back rent, and routinely tape notices to our front door to pay in full or get out within three days, even though nothing ever comes of it. The website where rent used to be paid now refuses to accept anything except the full balance they claim we owe, so we have to mail the rent to their headquarters in Las Vegas, only to have it returned to sender half the time. This is, of course, followed up by emails demanding to know where the rent is. So, overall, they've lost their minds and want to suck you dry for every penny. Their houses might show pretty well but most likely have things wrong with them, and now it seems like they want to defraud you for the 'privilege' of living in one. I wouldn't recommend it.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #1296564
Apr 10 2016
03:00 PM
American Homes 4 Rent The WORST Maintainence I've ever heard of!!!!
The absolute WORST maintainence EVER!!!!! My kitchen faucet leaks. Bought a $150+ new one. The old one requires a special removal tool. They said they'd send a plumber out to remove the old faucet. BUT, they will NOT pay to install the much nicer one I purchased. WTF?!?!?!?!?!
Entity: Florida
11, Report #1238356
Jun 27 2015
11:18 AM
American homes 4 rent Retained full deposit and added bogus charges. Charged turnkey expenses lie repainting
 American Homes 4 Rent is a rip-off company. They show you a glitzy home that is actually a 'pig n a poke' or money pit for the owner. We started having issues with our home the first and this became a monthly thing until it slowed down. The house was not rent ready and pretty sure they knew it. They deferred actual cash out repairs till tenants figured then out. We PAID OUR RENT TIMELY. They kept our deposit for items that I thought were considered normal wear And tear especially after two years. They charged us for additional things as well so we ended up losing our deposit and owing additional money. Since they have ruined people's credit for not paying these bogus charges I'm paying them under duress. Then exploring all opportunities I have to get my money back.
12, Report #1175805
Sep 10 2014
10:45 AM
American Homes 4 Rent Security Deposit Taken Illegally Jacksonville Florida
American Homes 4 Rent (AM4R) stole my security deposit by making false claims against it, and provided no proof. I broke my lease, happily paid the 2 month penalty in compliance with my lease, and then proceeded to follow move out instructions to maintain a positive relationship with the company in hopes of retrieving my security deposit. Prior to move out, I had the following actions performed on the home: Hired a professional cleaning company to ensure the home was as clean, or cleaner than it was when I moved in. They cleaned the home for 4 hours, and provided me with an invoice. Hired a lawn maintenance company. They trimmed privacy hedges, reshaped them, mowed the grass, edged up every side of the home, and left the lawn in perfect condition. They also provided me an invoice. Hired professional carpet cleaners. I paid extra for deodorization, deep steam clean and dry. They provided an invoice upon completion detailing their service. AM4R then tried to claim against the security deposit for a variety of issues including carpet replacement, miniblind damage, home cleaning service, acid washing for showers, and others. They claimed it would take my entire security deposit and then another $500+ to cover the claim.I requested proof of damage to carpet, miniblinds, etc, and have received none other than their Field Supervisor's word that the damages were real. When I told them I would challenge them in court, they sold the debt to a collections agency. AM4R has violated Florida Statutes, and will pay in court. They co-mingle security deposits, and remove them from accounts prior to the legally allowed dates. Do no rent from AM4R because they will steal from you, and hide behind collections agencies to try to intimidate you. 
Entity: Jacksonville, Select State/Province
13, Report #1216143
Mar 16 2015
10:58 PM
American Homes 4 Rent AH4R Bullied by the Cooperate Rental Agency Tampa Nationwide
  Stay away form this company. Horrible company overall. A pipe burst under my house and I am being charged for the repairs. This occured at 7pm on a Sat night and all we heard was a pop so we didn't think anything of it. Once going into the hallway I realized the carpet was soaked.I walked into the bathroom and the water was flowing out the door and up half the baseboard. I then went into the bedrooms and the carpets were completely soaked. I ran outside to shut the water off and called the Maintenance hotline for AH4R.  They made it a point to tell me I needed to start the clean up and I was responsible for starting to soak up the water. They said a plumber would be contacting me. Hours passed and NO plumber. I called again told the same thing. It was now after midnight and NO plumber has shown up. I continued to work through the night to soak up water and move damaged furniture.   Sunday morning I called Maintenance again and told them still NO plumber. I was told the same thing. No one showed up all day and night on Sunday either.  Monday morning I called Maintenance again this is now at least my 12th call and they acted surprised by the fact that no plumber had shown up. I was told someone would be over. It was not until after noon that a general contractor showed up to look at the damage and said he could not fix the issue he would need to call a Plumber.   I have been without running water in my home for 48hr now and have damaged furniture, beds etc. My family used the shop vac and fans to clean up the water. It was horrible to have our furniture in the driveway and no place for the kids to sleep. Finally the pipe was fixed and water was turned back on Monday night.   Now this contractor is suppose to take care of the water damage on the walls,floors and carpets. My home has to have the windows open all day and night. I have two bedrooms with no furniture in them and wet carpet. This ordeal that should have been resolved quickly ended up taking 11 days.   The 11 days were all BUT normal. We had the carpet laying in our front yard drying out and the padding being vacuumed with the shop vac to save it. The walls were left untreated for so long mold started to form. We went days with absolutely NOTHING done at the house because we were waiting on decisions from the home office in California. I had the contractor at my house after 8pm using shop vacs and my windows needed to be left open all day and night.   This company did not care about our health or safety. I am now being told it is my responsibility to pay for the repairs because after the maintenance dept and field Manager looked at the report from the plumber and pictures it shows that it was an intentional break by us. They said we broke the pipe at the spigot and we have to pay.  I have pictures and an eye witness to the whole process and we did not break anything.   It has gotten to the point that the company is now charging me a $50 late fee monthly and a $75 Notice fee monthly and having a notice placed on my door three months in a row to vacate for non payment. I have $375 in fees plus the plumbing fee I am expected to pay.   I told the comapanyI am not paying and will go to court but now I feel they are going to act on the vacate notice and keep my deposit even though I did not break this pipe.   This company is ripping me off big time and I hope someone can put a stop to this.   
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #1219677
Apr 01 2015
10:25 AM
American Homes 4 Rent AH4R Security Deposit Stolen Jacksonville Florida
Moved out of a 3 bedroom house that was in good shape.  Nothing outside of normal wear and tear that was wrong with the place.  AH4R provided a move out checklist that included things like requiring professional cleaning of the house, carpets and floors.  I let them know before I moved out that these were not required under my lease and wouldn't be done. Now they're claiming the wood floors were damaged, the carpets were stained, the house needed cleaning beyond normal wear and tear, that I didn't leave behind the 2nd garare door opener (there wasn't one), that the furnace filter needed replaced (it was brand new) and even went so far as to claim that the 10 days of rent I owed them was more than it should be.   Yes, they're claiming that my rent was more than is defined in my lease.  You read that right, I have a signed lease that defines my rent and what my rent will be once my lease term is up, and they're claiming that those are incorrect numbers. There's no truth to any of their claims.  I've retained a lawyer and will update once this is resolved.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
15, Report #1345649
Dec 26 2016
06:36 AM
American Homes 4 Rent thieves, dishonest, scam, horrible property management Charlotte Nationwide
I selected a property management company for a move from the northeastern part of the United States, to the southeastern part of the United States.  I have used property management companies in the past, and have always been pleased with the quality of services provided.  That is, until renting with American Homes 4 Rent.  I arrived in Charlotte, NC, met with a staff from American Homes 4 Rent.  Although she was pleasant, she was cavalier about the condition of the home.  The home was filthy, although cleaned out, but the floors were filthy, not swept or washed, the window sills had dead bugs on them, the bathrooms had hair in the tub and sink from previous tenants, the lawn and yard had not been mowed or raked in several months, as it was covered with leaves, and branches, as well as overgrown lawn.  There was no screen on the sliding glass doors, and when i inquired about the missing screen door, the staff replied Well, you can aways buy a screen door.   When i asked why the house hadn't been cleaned prior to my arrival, the staff claimed it had, even though she could see the muddy foot prints on the hardwood floors, as well as the dust and dirt around the house.   After living there for several months, i began to receive water bills through their conservice department in excess of $1,200.00 for one month.  I tried, 6 times, to resolve this, and get an idea as to why my water bill jumped from $37.00 the previous month to $1,243.00 the following month.  I repeatedly put in service order requests, and spent countless hours on the telephone with Conservice, as well as American Homes 4 rent, and to no avail.  After more than 2 months, and now a total of $1,900.00 in water and sewage bills, they finally sent out a plumber to look at the water usage.  As i was challenging the water bills, American Homes 4 Rent, took the liberty, without my permission, to pay the water and sewage using from an old, leaky toilet, out of my account.  When i asked about this, they insisted i had authorized the payment, which i had not.   When there was a rodent of some kind in the attic, i sent in a service request for them to look into it.  They never responded, and when i contacted them for the third time about this, they told me i was responsible for the removal of rodents.   When the airconditioner was not working, again, i sent in an order for service, which they again, told me i was responsible for.  I paid $150.00 for the airconditioner to be fixed.   They provide absolutely no maintenance, no services, and do not respond to issues within or around the home.  Eventually, i asked that they just sign the deed over to me since i was expected to act as a home owner, not a tenant.  This was, by far, the worst rental experience i have ever had, and would never rent from them again, under any circumstances.  I have never written a complaint about a company, but this was such a bad experience, that i felt i needed to warn others about renting from them.    Lastly, i moved out more than 30 days ago, and still have not received my security deposit, or any word from them as to when i may expect it, if at all.
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #1386755
Jul 19 2017
04:21 PM
American Homes 4 Rent AH4R Fraud, heath hazzard, slumlord, scam, Nashville Tennessee
I can not stress how awful this company is. They are ripping off hard working people on a daily basis. Since we moved into their property it has been one disaster after another and they do not care. They leave people in unhealthy conditions, don't repair serious issues for months if ever. I've missed 14 days of work so some incompetent vendor can come out and still not fix the problems. I was told that they wouldn't fix our AC until it was above 80 in the house even after I told them I have a child with asthma, so I had the repairs done myself. There was a leak from the master shower from March till June. I was offered a settlement (it didn't even to begin to put a dent into what I've lost) and wanted me to sign a nondisclosure agreement.  It began to leak again and I got a email stating that the work order was closed they were not able to get in contact with me, however they never called. Something I also paid to fix on my own since I've already seen they don't care. The dryer outlet almost caught fire and burned up my dryer, something it took them a month to fix. They do not return phone calls or emails. They don't allow you to put utilites in your name so they can charge you whatever they want. As they will not show any proof of usage. I've asked for the home to be inspected for mold and nothing has been done. I called the States Codes Dept to have a inspection done own my own. Please save yourself thousands of dollars, a world of stress and do not rent from these crooks.
Entity: Nashville, Tennessee
17, Report #1416990
Dec 14 2017
02:56 PM
American Homes 4 Rent Negligence, Cincinnati Ohio
Moved in to American home for rent house. A month after being there we started hearing noises in the ceiling. First thought was squirrel raccoon something was in the wall. We investigated it several different times . Almost a year of living there with thinking that it was just noise my home caught fire early in the morning while my husband was recuperating from surgery. The Fire Chief stated that the fire was due to faulty wiring. A hot tub was removed without capping the end of the wiring in the Wildwoods placed into the attic over my garage which is where the fire began. The Fire Chief also informed us that the noise was hearing was something called arcing haven’t arcing for year before somehow something allow oxygen to get to it. I am so upset because American home Shield have been expected this house thoroughly before and allow this house to go on the market. Margaret Home is not in the business of the renters there in the business of making money and not the well-being of the people that’s renting from them.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
18, Report #1190524
Nov 21 2014
12:32 PM
American Homes 4 Rent AH4R DO NOT USE American Homes 4 Rent - No Work Ethics!!!! Houston Nationwide
I just want to warn people about AH4R. This company has such a horrible reputation that they have their own Hate Page on Facebook with so many horrid stories of how they neglect the tenants, homes, and employees. I wish I had found out sooner!  I am a Realtor that helps individuals find a rental home as well as buy. One of my clients wanted to lease a home that is owned by American Homes 4 Rent. After my clients were approved, they moved in on October 1, 2014. It is now November 21, 2014 and I have still not been paid my commission. (In which they changed the amount from 50% one month's rent to $300) without any notice!  Most companies have 30 days to pay. I have been calling(15x), emailing (21x), and I can not get ANYONE to email or call me back this past 51 days. I did receive an automatic email responce from someone I did not even email stating that they were out of town. (Someone forwarded to the person that they knew wouldn't respond, so that they wouldn't have to) If it wasn't for the fact that it would cost more than I am getting paid, I would file with Small Claims Court. I am still waiting for a call/email on when I will be receiving my money. PLEASE DO NOT USE AH4R, they do not take care of business and just take the rent money. My clients will not be renew their lease.
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #1088678
Oct 28 2013
01:07 PM
American Homes 4 Rent American Homes For Rent Does Not Return Security Deposits Tampa Florida
We rented a home from AmericanHomes4Rent.  We paid on time every month, left the house cleaner than when we moved in, stayed until the end of the lease and moved out with two weeks to spare on the lease, paid until the end. We are now in the 2nd month of waiting for our deposit to be sent back to us.  In the state of Florida, it is law that all deposits must be returned within 30 days.  We have called multiple times on the status of the check, and are told the check will be mailed in a day or so, only for it never to arrive.  I feel as if they are lying to us, just to get us off the phone.  Now no one will even pick up the phone and the vm is so full you cannot leave a message.  I am now considering legal action as my next option. Buyer beware, I would not rent from these guys.  
Entity: Tampa, Florida
20, Report #1387481
Jul 22 2017
07:35 PM
American homes 4 rent American homes for rent Breach of contract, warranty of habitability Tampa Nationwide
 We signed a lease last year at this time with American homes 4 rent. After moving in we started noticing that the A.c. was not keeping house cool in later parts of the day. Sometimes the house would be in the high 80's. We contacting Ah4r and they sent a maintenance man out and told me the reason it wasn't cooling is because there was no filter in place. So he installed one and said I was ready to go. Two days later the house was warming up again so I called and put in a work order. A maintenance man called me and told me that at this time of year this is normal for houses with cathedral ceilings and there is not much he can do about it. So we decided to deal with it as best as possible. In October of last year I notice water stains started appearing on the ceiling and cabinets started falling apart. I called Ah4r to put in a work order and was totally ignored until the end of our lease. I have easily called Ah4r over fifty times in a 2 month period with emails. I would mostly get sent to Holly Solberger's voicemail with no return call. I was able to reach the regional manager Ryan Frisco in beginning of this year and he promised to make things right. I had tried to break my lease numerous times but they wanted to charge me 2 months in advanced so my family was locked in a home that had cooling problems and roof leaking . After speaking to agents at Tampa office they told me that it is cosmetic and they would do nothing about it. In June I paid to have a inspection done on the house. In garage there was a leak so bad it started rotting the wood out in the attic. My inspector could not get to the living room from the attic so had to probe ceilings where he found areas that where active moisture in the roof. He also found out that that when Ah4r bought the house they knowingly installed the wrong size a.c. unit for the house. They had installed a 3 ton unit in a 1800 square foot house with cathedral ceilings. After speaking with 3 different A.c. companies there should of been at least a 4 ton unit. In June we received a call from a 3rd party vendor that wanted to come look at house problems. We declined the service call since it only took 10 months to get someone to come out. With our lease being up in a month I didn't want them there making repairs. In June I did put in another service order for someone to look at A.c. again and the gentleman told us they would not replace the unit because They can't put that kind of money into these houses.
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #1268339
Nov 16 2015
03:21 PM
American Homes 4 Rent American Homes For RentAH4R LLC AH4R Management Unscruplous Practices Excessive Fees Miserable Service Richardson Texas
 This company is a complete and total rip-off. 1st they offer an online system to pay rent and have rent funds auto debited from bank account. Then they never auto debit your account they charge fees and fines and then never send notice that rent wasn't received. They lock the online account so you can pay immeadiately. They then file evictions and charge you errouneous fees.  They then hold you hostage to pay all of the fees and when you dont they try to evict you. This happened to me however, I went to court and challeged them they lost and after I won in court they still tried to charge me for their legal fees when they were the ones who tried to sue me.  I called time after time and they never refunded the fees even after I had a court order. Please run do not rent from this company you wil be sorry and it will cost you lots of money in the long run. I will have to now hire a lawyer in order to get back the money that they took from me and in essence spend more money. Customer service is non-existant and they will not call you back, or respond to e-mails. Please I implore you do not sign a lease with this company .  Look under yelp they have over 40 reviews all 1 star.  Also check out yellow pages all reviews 1 star.  They are horrible. Save your self a dollar and find another landlord.   Over charged Tenant.
Entity: Richardson, Texas
22, Report #1105029
Mar 28 2014
10:17 PM
American Homes 4 Rent Charge me twice for late fees when my rent was on time Las Vegas Nevada
I have only been renting from them 3 months now and when I paid my rent through a money order and mailed it in on the fourth of November I get an email 15 days later saying it was received on the 8th and it was a 73.06 late fee. I mailed it to the Durham NC office which is 20 minutes from where I reside and only takes 1 day to get there. Next I paid my December rent through their portal on the 5th and it automatically put in the 6th which automatic gave me a late fee and I paid it on the 5th not the 6th but it wouldn't take the fifth date, I called trying to get my issue resolve and there customer service had me on hold an hour when finally they told me customer service was down which made it down for 2 days and once I spoke with someone she continue to tell me that it was received on the 6th
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
23, Report #1187300
Nov 06 2014
02:43 PM
American Homes 4 Rent DO NOT RENT HERE, Broke their own contract for maintenance repairs Dallas Texas
So I rent through American Homes 4 rent, and I cannot wait to be done with our lease!  Bottom line, in the contract, it states, repairs will be made within 72 hours, at most 7 days.  1 Month after calling in an emergnecy maintenance request, it is still not repaired.  You ask, what is the repair?  How about, our plumbing does not work!  So they came and looked at it, tore up our middle bathroom, so we all have to use the master bathroom, and determined roots are in the plumbing.  Does it get fixed?  NO, and now, down 1 bathroom and told not to flush anything down the master toilet, we live in a house were if someone is taking a shower, no other appliances, bathroom fixtures, or anything that uses water can be running at the same time, or litterally, sewage water will begin to bubble out of all the fixtures.  So yes, American Homes 4 Rent is a rip-off, do not live in any property they maintain!
Entity: Dallas, Texas
24, Report #1192425
Dec 01 2014
09:57 PM
American homes 4 rent Ah4rent horrible horrible company does not do maintenance can't get a hold of ever never ever rent from them Fort Worth Nationwide
American homes 4 rent by far the worst company out their can't get them to fix anything. Can't get a hold of anyone ever. I had a broken toilet could shut off the water because the shut off value was broken as well .. I called and called my water ran for 3 weeks before I cad could get anyone to come out.  Then took another three days for them to change out toilet and they didn't even fix the shut off value.  The roof is coming off,, tree dead and I have 5 kids that Like to climb  still to this day have not come out to fix.. Rats mice in the attic well not do anything about..  by far the worst company ever.  If you want to waste your money and be taken for a ride do business with them.. if you want to stay sane do not do business with them.. ...
Entity: Nationwide
25, Report #1266727
Nov 09 2015
08:43 AM
American Homes 4 Rent AH4R Do NOT Rent from this company!!! You WILL regret it!! Las Vegas Nevada
 We have lived in this home sinve August 2013. It's been the worst mistake of our lives! When my wife first view the home, there was no air conditioner installed and the refrigerator. The realtor told her not to worry that he would notify the company and work on getting them installed if we wanted to lease the home. My wife fell in love with the house, so we put our applications . The day we found out that we got the house, my wife emailed the company to make sure that we would have an AC and refrigerator upon our move in date which was scheduled for 3 weeks later. She then called them 3 more times just to remind them. The day of move in we received a call from the property manager's secretary telling us that we could not move in because there was no air conditioner or refrigerator installed in the home! Somehow, things slip through and they forgot about the AC! This put us in a huge bind as we were only moving 15 miles away, so we planned on using the same moving truck and returning it that day. We already had half of our house moved into the moving truck and we were going to come back and get the rest of the stuff that day. But of course we want. Having to stay in a hotel for 5 days and then we had to keep the moving truck for an additional 5 days. We also had to rent another moving truck to rent for 5 days so we could keep our stuff with us at the hotel. We had to fight to get the company to pay for the hotel and both moving trucks. They did not want to cover anything, but after many arguments back and forth they finally covered one moving truck and the hotel. We were stuck paying for the additional days on the second moving truck! Since then, it has been hell! Our dishwasher in this house has not worked correctly for 2 years! We have had numerous calls and emails put in to have someone come out and fix it, it takes at least 10 calls and 10 emails before they send someone out! We've had a contractor come out and look at this dishwasher, disposal, and all the pipes under the sink at least 6 times. We have been without a dishwasher for the third time for now 3 weeks, and they keep telling us that they have ordered a new one but cannot tell us when it will be in. There is no end in sight! We have a family of 6, and that's a lot of dishes to wash every single day! We had a leak in one of the window sills which caused the carpet to be wet and cause mildew and mold to grow on the carpet that took 6 months of calling every single day and complaining to our local news to get them to come fix it! They still never fix the carpet they just put some cleaning solution on it which was a joke lol. We had so many problems in this house I can't even remember all of them! Leaks, more leaks, broken air conditioner, broken microwave, broken dishwasher, broken garage door and it just goes on and on. Their maintenance department sucks! Then there is the problem of the stupid Resident Portal where you can pay your rent online. This company has had so many issues with that stupid portal, and every time I go to pay my rent it rejects my payment even if I have the money in my bank account, which then incurs a bounced check fee for myself, and a stupid late charge! Try to get them to take any of their insidious charges off and you can't! I've probably paid about $1,000 in two years of their stupid charges which I should not have had to pay! There's been times where the portal will be down until the last possible day you can pay the stupid rent, which causes a problem for many people like myself because by the 6th the rent is late. Lo and behold, the portal is working again on the 6th! Its just a way to charge people late fees and it is so unfair! I could go on and on and on for days about this company and what we've been through! I am currently still waiting on a dishwasher. I hate this company with a passion and as soon as I have enough funds to do so I'm going to break my lease and get the heck out of here! Be warned, do not rent from them there are so many complaints against this company online that I am surprised there has not been a class action lawsuit yet!
Entity: Nationwide

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