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26, Report #1260882
Oct 12 2015
05:25 PM
American Homes 4 Rent AH4R 4 Months without Air Condition. No concern from the company! Las Vegas, Nevada Nationwide
I had no air conditioning in my home for 4 months. This was during the hot summer in Georgia. The temperature got up  to 98 degrees in my house. American Homes 4 Rent did not care at all and I was told that my rent covers a roof over my head and that's all. I contacted the Better Business Bureau and they closed the case becuase the company stated they resolved it with me. However, they have not even contacted me in regards to making it right. They don't care abiout the company. However, if I didn't pay my rent then I bet I'd hear from them right away.
Entity: Nationwide
27, Report #1173561
Aug 31 2014
02:58 PM
American Homes 4 Rent LIES FALSE LEASES Lies, cover up, doesn't hold terms of lease Nationally Nationwide
American Homes 4 Rent...they sign a lease and then they don't hold to the lease when the terms are no longer beneficial to them.Have a lease that auto renewed for a 3 month period with a 3% increase. Well, they sent me an email telling me they were terminating my lease...4 days before it they thought it was expiring. When in reality it has autorenewed 45 days prior because neither myself or them gave a 45 day notice. When I pointed this out they backdated a email and said they cancelled my lease 45 days ago. I had spoken with the leasing agent prior to that time and was assured it autorenewed. I also spoke with the property manager that said they were trying to get more money out of people that autorenewed but to never tell them she told me so. I am a real estate broker and understand real estate law so she confided. At this time they have strongarmed me into signing a 30 day lease with a $250 increase this month and with a $400 increase next month. The new lease allows them to enter my home at any time they deem reasonable as well as other not normal leasing requirement...because they know I cannot move before tomorrow, Sept. 1. I will be reporting them to the real estate commission but beyond that I just see them doing this to people all over the usa and want anyone to see this to not even consider them. They update the homes so they look beautiful, but at this point I will move out in 30 days, have no where to go, but rather live in a box than give them another penny. 
Entity: Nationwide
28, Report #1093013
Oct 25 2013
10:08 AM
American Homes 4 rent or AH4R Company is a rip-off ! Uses people to get investors!! Agoura Hills California
AH4R made an offer on my home ( they came to me, I did not go to them ). They put up $5000.00 earnest money to be held by THEIR lawyers, contingent on the home inspection. The day of inspection, I was told the house looked great and all it needed was a carpet cleaning and a little paint. He said there should be no problem at closing. He said that unless there is $15,0000.00 or more worth of repairs,there should be NO REASON for the company to back out of the deal ( I have read horrible reports about how they get close to closing, and then back out at the last minute).He told me to enjoy my new home.4 days after the inspection,my realtor informed me that they were backing out because of THE INSPECTION??? They sent me a list of everything that had to be repaired,replaced, or cleaned. My house is MOVE IN ready, I had an inspection done prior to them making an offer,and again, everthing was fine.So the only reason they would LIE about my house, is so they could recover the earnest money that they had given to THEIR lawyer to hold. I DON'T recommend this company to any sellers,renters, or investors. They are nothing but a huge rip-off!!!!
Entity: Agoura Hills, California
29, Report #1196103
Dec 17 2014
02:56 PM
American Homes 4 Rent Do not expect any competent customer service in regards to maintenance issues! Nationwide
Do not expect adequate service when it comes to maintenance issues.  You have to contact a phone room who may or may not bother to put in a service request for you so that someone may or may not call you back to take your request for maintenance service.  You will be put on hold for lengthy amount of time, possibly cut off before you can just speak to a human who has no power to do anything but put your information in for someone to call you.  It's ridiculous and I've had no heat for a week, when it happens to be very cold in Florida, even told them there was an infant in the home.  Then when I called to find out why I haven't been contacted as to the issue, I get told there was no request made, while I have an email from the company saying there was...  
Entity: Nationwide
30, Report #1190976
Nov 24 2014
05:59 AM
American Homes 4 Rent AH4R Have not returned my security deposit Durham, North Carolina Nationwide
  I moved out of the property on September 15th, despite my lease not ending until October 31st. Per the agreement I still made my final rent payment in October (on 10/14) and I have confirmed that the check was cashed by American Homes 4 Rent. In speaking with the local property manager she had said that once this rent payment was made that she would process the return of my security deposit. I have e-mailed her on 3 separate occasions and she has not responded to any of my requests. According to the move out inspection report there were no remarks that would indicate that I would not receive a large portion of my security deposit back from the company. According to NC State Law the landlord has 30 days from the termination of Tennancy (not the lease) to return my security deposit of provide a detailed summary of charges explaining why it would not be returned, at this time I have received neither, but the landlord has had no problem cashing a rent check for a month in which I didn't even reside in the house. I met my contractual obligations, but they are refusing to meet theirs!!!.
Entity: Nationwide
31, Report #1181974
Oct 09 2014
01:34 PM
American Homes 4 Rent AH4R Heartless, deceiving, unprofessional, unfair, sneaky, untrustworthy company Jacksonville Florida
American Homes 4 Rent is a disgrace of a company. They owe me over $900 from my securtiy deposit. My husband is in the military and we got relocated to NAS JAX. We found this cute little home through the AH4R website. We had to find a house quick because he was getting deployed. The first day we moved in there was a horrible musty odor. The house had not been properly cleaned and I had to hire a professional cleaning company to come in and clean the house for me. It was THAT bad. I tried notifying AH4R asking for answers as to why the property was not prepared for its new tenants. I did not recieve a response. I tried getting in touch with them for months without any response. I finally went the the Jacksonville branch where my property manager was supposed to be located. I couldn't find her. I broke my lease because I couldn't stand to be at that residence any longer. Upon moving out an inspector through the company had a walk thru of the home to see if I could get my security deposit back. The house was in better condition than what it was when had moved in. I was informed that I would be recieving over $1000 back from my initial security deposit. When I recieved my check from them in the mail I had only recieved $300. No one answered my calls. They are liars and will do anything to take your money. Please please please do not waste your time or money on this company. My husband and I had to learn the hard way.  
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
32, Report #1167698
Aug 05 2014
11:43 PM
American homes 4 rent AH4R false advertising, bad customer service, LIES greensboro North carolina
This has been the worst renting experience of my life! Nice house, only to be fooled by a lot of cosmetic work done to this expensive old house. House has been painted with the CHEAPEST paint in history. Had a little scuff mark on the wall and tried a magic eraser the paint starts rubbing off the walls. Our storm door had broke due to a bad storm we've had this past winter, sent in a maintenance request and they told us they can not fix it but they can send people to remove the whole door or we can fix it our self. (Wtf) our air unit had broke down 3 TIMES not to mention we have a 5 years old son and his nose was bleeding due to the heat The house would get in the high 80s, we had to get us a room for a couple of nights...our water bill is roughly around $40-45 monthly, this month is $400.00+ why?? I'm still waiting on an answer. Oh and not to mention, the company had advertised that our house was ALL electric, only to be hit with a few gas bills, 4 months after moving in and HAD to pay for it if not the company would evict us...this is a very tragic experience for me. Oh and the company still don't want to replace our air unit, they just keep sending different people out to fix it so it can work temporarily. FML hopefully this review wont change your mind about choosing this company.
Entity: Nationwide
33, Report #1175564
Sep 09 2014
01:06 PM
American Homes 4 Rent Advertise on Zillo Scam, Rip Off, False Advertisement, Bad Customer Service Agoura Hills, Nationwide Nationwide
American Homes 4 Rent: Looking for a house to rent we utilized Zillow and found a house to rent in Happy Valley, OR. We Started the process by contacting the leasing company, American Homes 4 Rent, We paid the 35.00 dollar each application fee, a total of 70.00 and were told there was one applicant ahead of us.After days past we didn't hear a anything so we contacted them.They at that point sent us on to a Portland business they use, they informed us the house was in fact rented by the first applicants and that our applications were never even processed for approval or disapproval, which on the site it states they will process and keep on file for 30 days.Leaving us to believe we could continue looking for houses through them, we did so, only to find out that they never did process our applications and no longer had the actual applications. They just pocketed the 70.00 fee.Upon trying to reach them I was given the run around sent back and forth between the Portland company and headquarters in Agoura Hills, CA. A week later I was finally upset enough I asked for the owner of the company and received a call back from his asistant, Stephanie Anding, who I must say was very rude. I Informed her they never even processed the applications and no where on the site does it say the application fee is non-refundable. Her response was, I don't know what to you. I let her know at that point I was going to report them to the BBB and she told me to go ahead.I filed a report with BBB on 8-6-14. I let them know this is not about the money but the principals in which they conduct business. The BBB forwarded my compalaint to American Homes 4 Rent. American Homes 4 rent responded saying that under the link titled Rental Criteria it states, Homes do not come off the market until they have a signed agreement and or a deposit is collected. No where in that statement does it say the application fee is non-refundable.As this is not about the 70.00 paid in application fees, it is about principals in which the conduct business.I responded to American Homes 4 Rent, Letting them know that their statement, Homes do not come off the market until they have signed an agreement and or paid fees. does not tell me that they will pocket the applications fees, never process the application and claim the applications fees are non-refundable.People appreciate integrity and good customer service which, American Homes 4 Rent knows nothing about.  Kelli S(((redacted)))
Entity: Nationwide
34, Report #1219295
Mar 30 2015
07:40 PM
American Homes 4 Rent Illegally filing multiple evictions after tenants resided in the home. Nevada
American Homes 4 Rent is a rip off. After residing in their home and being late 3 times, they filed evictions. We paid all fees and still remained in the home. After the completion of my lease, they screwed me. I tried applying for other homes with different companies and had 5 active evictions on my rental history. Now it's impossible to be evicted 5 times in one year when I rented the home for 2 years with AH4R and before that home owner. When my husband inquired about it, Scott the district manager in the Charlotte, NC location, said if you pay what you owe I will see what we can do. But speaking to other property managers said this is illegal. To place that many evictions without the tenants going to court or Sheriff's pad locking or escorting them out. I had never experienced this in my life. My family and I are homeless because of what they did. Please do not rent from these fools, PLEASE. You will definitely regret it.   
Entity: Nationwide
35, Report #1390478
Aug 04 2017
03:16 PM
American Homes 4 Rent Extremely hot and humid and won't fix air conditioner, takes 2-20 times for repairs in this home. Las Vegas Nationwide
We have been in the house one year, we have had multiple maintenance issues, it takes 2-10 times to get each issue fixed. The current air conditioning problem is the icing on the cake.  I can not get them to fix our air conditionignproperly. Today it is 81 degrees, 69 percent hunmidity, 77 udegrees upstairs and 76 degrees on main floor. I am middle class hard working tax paying Lady, my Daughter is 28, Granddaughters 11 and 2. We all have allergy and asthma. The 2 y/o is Autistic, has sensory processing disorder, she cannot verbalize well, she can't tell us if she doesn't feel good.  It is so hot if we would cook, do laundry or run dishwasher it would get worse. I rent for the very reason so that I do not have to do maintenance or pay for it. I live it a nice subdivision with an HOA. i pay a lot in rent plus utilities to live here and expect things to work properly. If I had to take off every time they need to come here to fix thing, I would be fired from my job. My Dtr is able to be here to meet them. She is a College Student and takes the 2 y/o to all her therapy appts. I can't believe they don't have an on-call person in the evenings or weekends. This is a huge company all over the US. I met with 7-8 of them today and they told me the temp in my house is acceptable. I told them I want out of my lease, I was told it would cost a lot, I told them I want a quoate. They did not clean the house well either before we moved in. We did a lot. They should have replaced carpet, did not, refuse too. Since Jan. I have cleaned it twice, once professionally and I did one with good machine. It took 6 months to get toilet fixed properly. The refrigerator has never been fixed peoperly. I am still waiting for the Carpenter to look at dinign room ceiling where the toilet over flowed-has been 3 weeks. They suck you in with their viewing process and retal process but do not maintain their homes. 
Entity: Nationwide
36, Report #1144135
May 05 2014
11:07 AM
American Homes 4 Rent They will Not make repairs after you move in! Greensboro North Carolina
Prior to renting this house from American Homes 4 Rent a walk though was done with the agent in charge and all concerns about repairs were advised. They had 2 weeks prior to moving in to repair everything and nothing was done. On the day of moving in we noticed that the front door didn't lock and the fireplace was left on for hours without burning. This was a shock and concern to us. We called the company immediately and they don't work on the weekends. We left a message but were told we would have to wait until Monday, meanwhile we were afaid of the fireplace being on for so long without burning a fire and the front door did not lock. On Monday they sent a person to fix only the front lock and nothing else, so we called back again and were told they did not have a work order for anything else. When we called the first time we explained that nothing was done and everything we discuss prior to moving in wasn't done and had to be completed. It was explained in detail.  On Monday, April 28th I called and spoke to Jessica and had to open another work order for a broken window lock, caulking in the kitchen, the garage door and garage that were not painted and for them to check the fireplace, etc. This was the same information that was given on the prior call.I also requested the email to a manager so that I can send them an email with my concerns. She gave me a managers email which I emailed the problems I had been having and the repairs that need attention and as of today that manager has never responded either. One week has passed and no one has returned our call or come by to repair anything. Today May 5th, a week later I called and spoke to Jessica again and she could not explain why no one has called but stated that someone will call today. She tried to brush me off and also stated that they will not paint the garage door or the garage because that is cosmetic. What? I can't beleive it! When we did the walk though the agent never said it wouldn't be done. This is part of the house and needs attention. As a matter of fact she said that they go though the whole house area by area and make sure there is nothing that needs to be repaired and the garage was pointed out to her of what it needed. The agent said that they check everything and not to worry.  Well that was not the case. That was just a agent talking to make you feel good at that moment plus we had other issues with her will in the process of doing the application. Nothing has been done and now Jessica states that they will not paint the garage or the door and that someone should call soon to fix the broken window lock and the caulking. This is not satisfactory!!! I requested to speak to a manager and she said that there were none available to call back another time. Wow! how disappointing! I want to report this because I want the repairs done by this company as soon as possible and I don't want anyone else who is thinking about renting from them to have to go though this experience or stress. I hope that someone will contact us and make all the nessarary repairs needed and that the garage and the door be freshly painted and cleaned. If we would of known about the way this company handles the customers and repairs with would of not rented from them! The rent is pretty high for us to be paying and to have to be dealing with all this stress and aggrevation. Hopefully someone will come forward soon. 
Entity: Greensboro, North Carolina
37, Report #1386435
Jul 18 2017
12:25 PM
american homes 4 rent leasimg fraud atlanta Nationwide
I leased a large luxury home in Suwanee (Atlanta) Georgia about a year ago.  American Homes 4 Rent lied to us on the maintenance standards and condition of the home to get us to lease the property for over $5,000 per month.  The first nearly three months we had no air conditioning as 2 out of the 3 air conditioners were completely broken (outside temperatures then were over 90 degrees) and ultimately required replacing and would not work, as well as the water heater did not work and had to be replaced so no hot water…….so no hot water either for nearly 3 months either.   After requesting maintenance through their maintenance request website (which I have determined to be a fraudulent system) they put off maintenance and wanted to get bid after bid after bid.  I found that many of the vendors will not work with American Homes 4 Rent because they are a shady company and do not properly pay their vendors for the work done and have been blackballed!  Then we had severe problems with the roof leaking massive water and reported it….. After many, many months still no-one ever showed up to fix it and now we have a severe BLACK MOLD problem that threatens my family’s health.  These are just a few of the problems, I have left out most like the severe electrical problems that present a fire hazard and other issues which AH4R has never even had someone come to repair even after numerous requests in writing and verbal.   So finding that this company needed to be held accountable, and that I believed they were putting off maintenance in order to fraudulently pad their corporate earnings and obtain lower loan rates, better public offering rates, and increase their corporate bonuses for the insiders I decided to take them to court and also look for the many others who have been defrauded by these corporate slumlords and fraudsters.   I have filed a MAJOR FRAUD lawsuit against AMERICAN HOMES 4 RENT in the Gwinnett County Georgia Superior Court this JANUARY 2017.  The lawsuit is now progressing well and may most likely be converted into a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT with a target damages claim of $400 MILLION DOLLARS.    I would love to hear your story on how AH4R has defrauded you, and or avoided (and/or delayed) their maintenance obligations.  The fraud suit alleges that AH4R is putting off or not doing necessary maintenance on their properties in order to fraudulently manipulate their corporate books and earnings by (eliminating normal maintenance obligations) from their operating books, 8K's and 10K's.  This is similar to the SECURITIES FRAUD committed by Bernie Ebbers who was the CEO of MCI WorldCom who is now serving a 25-year Federal Prison sentence!  Please contact me immediately at 202-569-3947 or email me at to learn more, participate, and/or share you misfortunes that this slumlord has perpetrated upon you and your family. 07-14-2017  
Entity: Nationwide
38, Report #1218740
Mar 28 2015
06:07 AM
American Homes 4 Rent; 8220 Autumn Place, Mason, Ohio 45040; For Rent Mason Ohio; , STOP! DO NOT RENT 8220 AUTUMN PLACE - THE PROPERTY IS NOT HABITABLE; IT IS CONTAMINATED WITH CHEMICALS AND YOU WILL HAVE TO VACATE IMMEDIATELY Agoura Hills California
STOP!  ARE YOU CONSIDERING RENTING  8220 AUTUMN PLACE, MASON, OHIO. 45040.  DO NOT RENT THIS PROPERTY.  BE AWARE THIS PROPERTY IS UNINHABITABLE.  THIS PROPERTY IS HIGHLY CONTAMINATED WITH HARMFUL CHEMICALS AND TOXINS.  YOU WILL HAVE TO VACATE IMMEDIATELY; YOUR HEALTH WILL BE AT RISK; YOUR PERSONAL PROPERTY WILL BE DAMAGED WITH CONTAMINANTS AND TOXINS AND YOU WILL HAVE TO DESTROY IT!  AmericanHomes4Rent has been WARNED and is aware of at least two (2) Chemical Contamination REPORTS from an DRY EFFECT an Ohio State Environmental Agency which REPORTED that 8220 Autumn Place, is not suited for occupancy and in fact it is uninhabitable.  Bellow is the Text from the Dry Effect Reports Report of September 2014: TENANT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR CLEANING OF ALL BEDDING, LINENS, DRAPERIES.  Clean severe Third-hand Smoke damage (THS) from sorbed-nicotine; indoor pollutant nitrous acid (HONO) due to tobacco specific nitrosamines (TSNAs). All of the tenant’s personal items will have to be removed from the home and put into the POD. This includes everything in the home. All of tenant’s belongings will have to clean. Encapsulate the entire living space with KILZ, Paint walls, Ceilings, Trim and Doors. Duct Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning Heavy Clean Entire Home and Vanities to deodorize and remove film off of all vanities and cabinets. See Exhibit. Report of January 2015: TENANT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR CLEANING OF ALL BEDDING, LINENS, DRAPERIES. All of the tenants personal items will have to be removed from the home and put into the POD. This includes everything in the home. All of tenants belongings will have to cleaned. Incapsulate the entire living space with KILZ, Paint walls, Ceilings, Trim and Doors Duct Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning Heavy Clean Entire Home and Vanities to deodorize and remove film off of all vanities and cabinets. See Exhibit. Yout should Consult an attorney before attempting to rent this property. To file a Complaint with AmericanHomes4Rent: David P. Singelyn, PresidentAmericanHomes4Rent30601 Agoura Road, Suite 200Agoura Hills, CA. 91301Email: Tel: 805-413-5300            Fax: 805-456-7859 To File a CRIMINAL COMPLAINT go to:   Warren County District Attorney's OfficeProsecutor David P. Fornshell 500 Justice Drive, Lebanon, OH 45036Phone: (513) 261-1325     
Entity: Agoura Hills, California
39, Report #1027981
Mar 13 2013
07:47 AM
American Home 4 Rent, LLC American Homes 4 Rent Properties Three, LLC. Offers to Purchase almost 200 homes in Milwaukee but fails to fund deals. Malibu, California
This company offered to purchase our home and apparently almost 200 others in the Milwaukee Wisconsin area and surrounding counties. Then on the day of closing, announced that they will not be following through with the deal, and apparently the same is true of many of the transactions. This company claimed they where paying cash but appears as though they are having severe problems. I made several calls and it seemed everyone I spoke was confused at the Management company and David Eiches the VP of acquisitions is extremely arrogant. They have made an announcement that they intend to go public by the end of the year so I am assuming this is yet another big money investment scam offering the top executives some sort of huge payout. Watch out for this company.
Entity: Malibu, California
40, Report #1357005
Feb 19 2017
11:08 AM
Homes 4 Rent Rental Scam Indianapolis Indiana
 As others have noted, we rented with homes 4 rent for 15 months. We were shown a very nice home and agreed to rent we went the day of our walkthrough and were met with someone we had not met before. We went through each room and identified several areas in each room that needed to be repaired, replaced or added. Primarily the carpets in the living area, bedroom and dining areas were badly soiled and smelled badly we were instructed that they would write that down on the walk through document and we could try and get the carpets cleaned and steamed but they were acceptable to the company and would not be replaced at this point in time. The leasing agent was instructed that we wanted this documented as there were huge stains on the carpet that we could live with but we did not want to have to replace when we moved out later. The shower in the upstairs bathroom started leaking into the downstairs ceilings, no one ever came to repair, we also had no air conditioning for most of the summer no one came to fix it, also during the walk-through there were some areas in the paint was really an awful gold color. We were told we could paint any color we wanted and that we did not have to repaint or base paint when we moved out. We did change paint color or repaint, we did as instructed on move out document repair any nail holes in the wall. We had been instructed at walkthrough that nail holes were not an issue. We were told we were to live in the house as if the house were our own and treat it as if it was our own for decorating and painting. There were problems with spider nests in the house and ant nests in the house. They never came to correct. We were forced to pay to have someone spray for those Corrections in order to live there, They also never came to repair the leak in the bathtub and shower they did finally have a man come to get an estimate on cost to repair for the company, he looked at the leak in the ceiling and told us that they would need to get approval from the company to fix it. He never returned. We eventually had to put a window air conditioning in the upstairs area too cool the sleeping areas. At move out, we were not allowed to attend the move out walk through. We were provided an invoice for each of these items that I listed plus a couple of more, I.e. screens not fitting. were all listed as items that we had damaged and we were charged for each of those items nearly $1,400 in damages when we moved out. We can assure you that when we moved out of the house the needed repairs in that house and the carpet in that house looked a hundred percent better than it did when we moved in. We fortunately had pictures at move in and move out to show the difference. So I would say if you have any possibility of getting an attorney or someone to look at your house now before they start to charge you for those repairs or before move out this is your best opportunity. We were instructed we should have done so the minute they did not complete the repairs or did not respond to our complaints. We should have contacted the consumer affairs office at that moment to have someone intercept for us. We would recommend that anyone still dealing with issues with Homes 4 Rent, PLEASE be aware of that and also be aware that some of the same people with Homes 4 Rent are now working for other agencies and pop-up rental companies, Also be aware that you should document and be aware to document and take pictures as we had. The Indiana attorney general and the consumer affairs will take the case. It sometimes takes a while sometimes two or three years to get a resolution on it but you will get a resolution from Homes 4 Rent. You see all of the complaints, you see the Attorney General's are involved in every state!' Get out while you can if you're not involved do not get involved with them.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
41, Report #1192254
Dec 01 2014
11:28 AM
AH4R American Homes 4 Rent; Holly Ward This company SUCKS!!!! Indianapolis Indiana
I recetly rented a very nice property through this company. I moved in 9/30 and completed a move-in inspection. There were several items that needed repairing upon which are listed in said report. Today is 12/1 and I have yet to receive the necessary repair.I've contacted the field manager and the other persons listed by email 4x and have yet to receive a response. Last week I began to make calls to the property manager but the vm box cannot accept messages. The secondary contact person's number list a totally different person. The other phone number is the for the Administrative Asst who goes directly to vm. I've left several messages.I love my home, but I fear that the customer service and professiionalism of this company is awful.  I pay my rent on time and am a good tenant, and I don't feel as if I should have to call someone every day on the hour to receive a response.  I also submitted a maintenance request on 11/10 for an issue with the running toilet and sink. The lady on the phone told me to try to fix it! Well, it isn't my responisbility to fix the toilet. It wasnt' a simple repair.  The sink wasn't fixed b/c the contractor said he had to get the cost approved.  It has been 3 weeks and I've not heard from anyone.I am thoroughly upset and frustrated with this property management company. I will move to the next step and file a report with the BBB. If at all possible do not rent from this company!
Entity: Nationwide
42, Report #1203052
Jan 20 2015
06:59 PM
American Homes 4 Rent We have lived in a rental home for 1 month and have multiple leaking drains, exterior doors that open about 2 inches, the oven does not heat, a toilet that runs constantly and the house is not grounded at all. Aurora Colorado Nationwide
We have rented a home from American Homes 4 Rent on 20 December 2014.  The lease and all documents were completed via online through email and we were told someone would contact us to schedule a walk thru within 3 days/72 hours...which  never happened.  When we moved in we notified our contact person Stephanie Konow that the sliding back door only opened about 2 inches, a toilet was constantly running, the oven would not heat, blinds on the sliding door were broken and would not open, multiple sinks were flooding our floors and the carpets had not been cleaned.  We never received a return call after 2 weeks of messages.  Then we used the website to get contact phone numbers and emails.  We sent multiple emails and made several phone calls...all without any return contact.  Eventually, we repeatedly make back to back calls and finally reached a person.  We asked for a maintenance work order to be placed for all of the issues and asked when someone was going to do a walk thru with us?  Jerry Valdes finally showed up on 10 January 2015 and took pictures.  He also stated that he was submitting a work order to have the maintenance issues addressed.  We received an email copy of the walk thru report but as of 20 January 2015 we still have not had any maintenance issues addressed or any phone calls to schedule maintenance issues. We just called the maintenance line again and it took over 25 minutes to reach a human and then another 40 minutes trying to get another mainenance work order submitted.  The maintenance call rep was named Jenny and she stated the only items listed were the back door would not open all the way, the blinds would not open/shut correctly and 1 sink was leaking.  She also stated that the work order #28420 was assigned to Dennis with Absolute Property Improvement and he should contact us tomorrow.  But as of right now, the kitchen sink floods the floor, the master bath sink floods the carpeted bathroom, the upstairs toilet runs constantly, the sliding back door opens about 2 inches, the sliding door blinds do not work at all, and the oven will not heat (so it can't be used for cooking). I will update this case more if anything actually happens.
Entity: Nationwide
43, Report #1035342
Mar 16 2013
05:23 PM
American Home 4 Rent, LLC American Homes 4 Rent Properties Three, LLC Backed Out of Real Estate Deal, HUNDREDS Left Holding the Bag Malibu, California
This company sent us what their realtor, Mike Roth of Roth Team Shorewest, described as a wonderful FOR SURE cash deal.  We blew off another offer we had for more money because we were told to take the money and run.  Less than two weeks later, the Roth Team informed our realtor the person in charge of this company's Wisconsin purchases quit unexpectedly and without notice over the weekend and they were withdrawing their offers from any home to which earnest money had not yet been sent.  He told our realtor he had over a hundred calls to make to other realtors.  We have already put an offer in on another home and sent our earnest money.  This is ridiculous and someone needs to be held accountable for this.  I have not contacted the company yet because I just received the notice they intend to withdraw today (Saturday).  I have also discovered the company has dropped other offers either days before closing or (as reported on this site) the DAY OF closing.  They are clearly just blowing off contracts in the hopes that no one will sue.  In this case, SELLER BEWARE!
Entity: Malibu, California
44, Report #1199100
Jan 03 2015
08:48 AM
American Homes 4 Rent AH4R They will lie and attempt to rip you off Charlotte North Carolina Nationwide
We have been a model resident of American Homes 4 Rent in Charlotte NC for over 2 years. We decicided to move into a different home after several rent increases every renewal. They will always increase your rent regardless how long you have been with them. During our move out inspection the AH4R inspector looked at the house we were moving out of. During this inspection she stated this was one of the best move out conditions she has seen. We had the home  and carpets cleaned professionally. We painted all the rooms with the paint, they (AH4R) supplied us. We had one item that we may get charged for the stove door was not closing properly after a detailed cleaning. The inspector stated she we had NO CONCERNS and the home was is great condition. After 30 days without a responce about our deposit. We made 4 calls and finally got someone to talk with us. The agent claimed they have not processed our deposit refund beacuse we did not provide a forwarding address. THIS WAS A TOTAL LIE AND COVER-UP BY AH4R. We supplied the address during the post inspection and on the directly to this company twice. We actually moved from one AH4R to another house of AH4R. They knew the forwarding address. NONE THE ITEMS BELOW WAS SEEN DURING THE POST INSPECTION. FYI, WE DID SECERTLY RECORD THIS POST INSPECTION. We recieved a email the same day with with several deductions: My comments in yellow. Please see below the list of itemized Tenant charges:  Security Deposit                                $1175.00  ·         Repair Oven Door                             $75.00 ( we can accept as our fault) ·         Replace HVAC Filters/Bulbs           $40.00 (every bulb was working on post inspection) ·         Touch Up Painting                           $175.00 (we painted the home prior to post inspections) ·         Cleaning                                               $87.50 (home was 100% cleaned by us) ·         Weed/Mulching                                $62.50 (Some plants died from cold weather)                                                                                                                                 If you need any further information, please contact our office at (704) 897-6310.   Sincerely,   Thank you,   Tim Caryl
Entity: Nationwide
45, Report #1251803
Aug 30 2015
07:14 AM
Colony American Homes Tampa, FL WRI, American Homes 4 Rent, ColFin AH-Florida 6 llc, Corporate Service Company Agent for ColFin AH- Florida 6 llc Don't Rent From This Company!!!! Slum Lords and Crooks!!! Tampa, Florida Nationwide
How does this company stay in business??? I rented a home from Colony American Homes in Tampa back in February of this year. I thought that the home was amazing when I viewed it. During the viewing I asked the Property Manager was there a HOA for this subdivision and what was the rules/guidelines? She didn't not have much to say about the HOA. Every time that I asked her she would say that they are not aggressive she said for me not to worry about them as the tenant. The home lawn service was included with the HOA fee's that the owners pay. I thought that it was a deal for the asking price. Until I moved in!!! When the water department came to turn my water on the outside water main to the home was leaking very bad to the point it started to flood my neighbors living room. It took 5 days after I reported the issue for a plumber to come out. When he arrived I asked him why did it take so long? He told me to run from this company as fast as I can. My red flags started to fly. I started to wonder what did I get myself into with this company. When I met my neighbors I wondered why they kept asking me was everything OK with the home and was it repaired. The neighbors told me even before my mold and mildew issues that the home was empty for 3-4 years and that the previous owners had mold and mildew issues, leaking pipes and leaking roof in the home. That's why the previous home moved out of the home. So the water stop leaking outside but later that after the plumber left the pipes started banging really hard to the point my children was scared. I called and reported this to the maintance department. They told that someone would contact me about coming back out. Still 8 months later still have not received any calls about the banging pipes. I kept calling the maintance department over and over again complaining but still had no follow up from maintance. I had no choice but to go to the local office where I was greeted by rudeness and unprofessional attitudes. I requested to speak with someone in the maintance department but the receptionist said that no one was in to speak with me. In March my master bedroom toilet stop flushing and things would float back up in the toilet from other the toilets. I called again they was still saying that someone would contact me. Still to this day no answer. April of this year my wall in between the shower and thfumes in the master bath started to mold and mildew. The shower tiles were starting to fall off the wall in the master bath. The sewage has backed up several times in all toilets, showers and sinks. Every time that I take a shower I am being poisoned by sewage gas fumes while the water is draining. I can't us any of my 2 bath tubs in this house. Well at the end of July I went into my garage and found the ceiling is collapsing and leaking under my children bedroom . I then received a letter from the HOA telling me that Colony American Homes is in default and have 14 days to comply because no paperwork was ever filed stating that I was a tenant and that the home had been rented. I notified the property manager by phone finally getting someone to answer in turn she yelled at me over the phone saying that there is nothing wrong with that house and to speak with Matthew about the HOA. She added that everything is new and repaired and if I am so unhappy just move out. I was in shock I have never been treated like this in my life. They are bullies!!! And the Judges and the law allows this Corporation to get away with robbery. They are charging people to stay in their homes but not willing to maintain their properties. After I called code enforcement to come out to see the damages. This house has 8+ violations. On last Thursday I received a letter in the mail from the clerks office starting that my eviction was final. What is this I asked because my rent is paid up to date with a cashier's check. So I call the property manager she said that my rent was not paid on time and I was in default of my stipulation/ lease agreement. I told that is not correct my rent was paid on the 1st and is up to date. I went into the office to show my stub from my cashier's check but no one would talk to me. The receptionist was rude and told that no one was in the office for me to speak to at that time. So I filed a motion to stay with the clerk of court to show my evidence that I paid my rent on time and that I had only been late once back in May. The Judge that I believe is working with this company denied my motion. So I in turned filed for another motion to stay with copies of my receipts and I received a emergency court hearing. I went to the hearing produced my evidence to the court.During the court hearing the attorney for Colony American home insisted at first that I was in default because I did not pay my rent. I showed the Judge my evidence that I paid my rent. After showing my evidence I explained to the Judge why their company wanted me out of the home and the problems with the HOA complaining that Colony American Homes did not file the proper paperwork or paid the fee's for me to rent this home also how the HOA is threatening to evict me for Colony American Homes mistakes. I also explained the code violations in the home that need to be repaired. After speaking to the Judge the attorney for Colony American Homes said to me Well if you have all of these complaints why stay in the home? He continued If you are so unhappy just give me a date that you will be out of the property . The Judge in return agreed with the attorney. I said I would not be upset or unhappy with the property if you would maintain it to the proper codes and state. And I ask for my security deposit back and the eviction to be stopped so that I can find another place. The attorney said no way. So the Judge ordered a continuous ordering for me to bring someone in from my bank stating that I paid my rent. I offered to show my bank statements online if she didn't believe my paperwork. The Judge said no she wants me to subpoena someone from the bank to come tell her that I paid my rent. I was shocked because all she had to do is call the number on the bank statements or go online and access all of the information. This is why I say it's something fishy with this company. I have never been through anything like this in my life. I had video recorded the court hearing and I will display it on the web to show consumers how this company works and how the Judges are working with them. Consumers Beware!!!! Slum Lord Gangsters backed by the Government to rip Americans off.
Entity: Nationwide
46, Report #1201332
Jan 13 2015
10:10 AM
American Homes For Rent Unethiccal- Misleading Ripoffs!!! Richardson Texas
We have been Leasing from American Homes 4 Rent for almost 2 yrs. From day one it has been problem with leaking roofs, plumbing problems the blinds falling down one of the windows in kids room is about to fall out and i have been telling them since before we moved in about and several times after and one of the biggest issues... you got it! communication, I am a very trusting person and a woman of my word if for whatever resson I cannot keep my word you will know right away. Not so much for this complany. The staff do not return phone calls or e-mails they sit up and see you calling and ignore your calls. (I know this because I heard it) Well I sent in money orders totalling $2400. I didnt know for almost 3 months that it was not received. but no problem I will just trace it and see whats going on. Long story short I was told by the property manager we will get this taken care of, even if it takes time verbatim.  I stayed in communication always let them know what was going on. I was really worried becasue it was a large amount and effected my account in a big way. But I was constantly told as long as you pay this you will be fine i believed it and kept my word did what i was supposed to do. Well I wasnt fine I was served with eviction papers yep!. I was doing everything asked and they do this. So anyhow I ended up calling the district manager because I mean the property Manager story changes do much I no longer trusted thier word. I  ended up working out an arrangement with the districk manager but not only did I have to re-pay the $2400 because I hadnt gotten it back nor was it located by them and i was told it had to be paid again. I also was hit with $3000 in legal fees but i ate it thinking i would get my $2400 back once the trace came back un cashed well it didnt it came back with ine being cashed by American Homes 4 Rent I am still waiting on thier finance department to look into it anyhow. I was given a time frame to pay it I have been once again upholding my part and  have done what I am supposed toand would you know not only am I hit with another eviction but was told I owed over $12000 REALLY!!! when I have given you over $8000 within 4 months. not to mention I was getting close to my time frame and wanted to know my balance since I do not have access to thier resident portal (which I also have been requesting access to for over 6 mo)  I had been calling, email for 2 months prior to this last notice, no return call. I just get an auto reply and the calls goes straight to voicemail.I am so irritated and the main reason I am still here is because my kids and school but I'm done with American Homes 4 Rent screwing me. I dont know how you can do a person, a family this way and look at yourself or sleep at night. I am looking for an attorney one that will not look at this as tenant non payment and assume it is automatically the tenant fault. I have documents, recipts, emails, phone logs. agreements. I kept everything  I just need some one who will be on my side. also the District managmer who told every one who need to know in management the aggreement terms, well he is no longer with the company and the new District manager is not up holding the agrement no communication whats so ever. Oh and the new District manager is the old property manager I delt with the first go around who was missleading telling me one thing but doing another.This is crazy but I am definatley fighting it, even if I have to do it alone.Be ware of these people... I am not a bitter tenant I promise I am a good person who who work 14-18 hrs a day I am not trying to get over on anyone I got royally screwed by this company I am telling you please....please be aware of this company.
Entity: Nationwide
47, Report #1254215
Sep 10 2015
10:33 PM
American homes for rent Ah4r Rip off total scam Schaumburg Ill
 No response to maintenance requests. Horrible customer service. No return calls or answers. Over charges for utilities without bills from the utility company. Keep 2250 deposit. House was returned better than the day I moved in. Charge 20-60 bucks for things like throwing out a phone book, leaving toilet paper for ppl to use, hand soap, ect.
48, Report #1344196
Dec 19 2016
02:16 PM
American Homes for Rent AH4R Stole money from me Columbus Ohio
I contacted them over 30 days before my lease was up telling them I was leaving on my contract end date and they still auto renewed me into a month to month. Then did not contact me for months after my lease was up to tell me this.  After 2 months of me calling them for my security deposit they told me I owe them 2 months of rent and I will not get my security deposit back. Not to mention they completely screwed up my renters history.    Never use these guys. They will rip you off and completely screw you!!!
Entity: Nationwide
49, Report #1189012
Nov 14 2014
08:48 PM
Do not rent from American Homes for Rent,total ripoff,they don't make repairs,my niece got very sick because of black mole ,from a water leak that was reported 5 months ago,finally a non licensed person came out and made it worse ,the health department came out and file a complaint,the office staff is rude,hung up on me several times,I dealt with this treatment though out my Lease,they do not care,now they fail to return my security deposit,my had to hire an attorney,for all the headache,I hate for anyone to go thru what I am,so please heed my warning ,Do Not Rent From This Company
Entity: Nationwide
50, Report #1127100
Mar 14 2014
08:55 PM
American homes for rent. AH4R AH4R American homes for rent biggest property manageme scam in usa! Internet
American homes for rent as a nationwide rip off mainly focusing on people who are willing to spend money on a home without doing the research on the landlord or company. Unfortunately when looking at the homes on the American homes for rent live there was not as many complaints or issues filed however since them 6&a half 7 months later there are remarkably thousands of complaints and just our market area let it own nation wide is what seems to be the real estate market theme with them what them on all the homes nationwide and corrupt the actual cost of living.just to let you know I am Not only a tenant but an avid real estate researcher and have work in the real estate world 1997 and my family the real estate investment and commercial real estate company has been in business since 1962 so I know a little bit about real estate unfortunately the transaction of the house was not done threw myself but my fiance and if I had known at the time that these homes work wired on a cash only investment basis with no appraisal which means no professional home inspection then I would have not only ran far away from my house but I would start an advocacy free of charge to the hundreds of thousands of tenants nationwide being scammed by American homes to rent by American homes for rent that are appalling. here are some simple facts about American homes for rent. This company is solely based on a rip off. That they sell to everyday Americans with extra cash and their pocket and promised them a big interest on whatever amount that they give to American homes for rent in order to become a quote unquote real estate investors what a fancy name will really being in the real estate world I know its just a nickname for someone who doesn't know what they're doing with her money. American homes for rent take your money from the application fee to your deposit and wants that money is in hand don't ever think you will get it back on move out from research no one gets their security deposit back and that is because the money is either lost back to an investor pool or it is simply spent on recovery of contractor to see you three are spending because of lack proper free home inspection preparation prior to tenant move in. Also they do not fix in rehab the homes they simply paint the home and strip them and if you're lucky you will be paying 3 times the actual cost of a nice home where they have went in and took out all of the nice amenities and kept them for the investors to keep as prize gifts as the investors wait for their expected big return on their small investment. after moving in a nearly 3000 square foot home that is price on a West Coast per square foot pricing sense of the notorious no appraisal no home inspection used on these houses because they are acquired by cash only so no questions asked by the local bank so our house would normally cost us on a mortgage rate about $649 but American homes is charging us 1400 dollars a month to top it off half of the 3000 square foot house wiring is bad and we cannot use more than one or two plugins without blowing and burning breakers. All the ceiling they had done by a cheap painter locally has already came off due to the an adequate amount of air and heat in the home while it's at dormant for over a year. Now after 5 months of residing in the home none of the problems have been addressed and if they have sent out a contractor in the contractor agrees with us American homes turns around and hires a different contractor until that contractor agrees that the home is ok as is that is how they work they will not fix anything in the house and in our case they are getting refunds on our water bill that we are paying and found out 5 months later that it is and cluded with the rent bill to top it off for just being a renter. we are not only pain three times what the houses were but we are paying additional bills that should be included in the rent these people are becoming rich off of us and unfortunately we did not need theirs d*** artist needs to get home we have great credit and great income so we don't fall and the lines of we needed them to get home we like the home itself prior to knowing all the problems. We were also told that the rent was extra because of the backyard and the privacy fence which is dry rotted and since the storm has fell over and we literally do not have a fence anymore so all of the suppose it admitted these were the high pricing does not exist or is damaged. The only time you will hear from these people is when rent is due or when they want more money when they are double charging you for bills you already paid directly with with and to the company itself be aware when setting up your account for water and electric as well as gas that it is or isn't included in rent or you will be ripped off like up and get double charged and then the credit from the actual company is being sent back to American homes for rent not to us and were paying double the cost of the home is a atrocity to see that there is not a advocacy team or a lawyer firm that wants to jump up and stop these people as we see all the reports how they just lost 19 million dollars well that's because every home that they buy the end up spending the moms rent on contractors fixing it because all the houses babe I have been sitting for at least a year too. Unfortunately I have much more information but will add to this forum when I am at my computer and not on a device that the format is limited. What upsets me is I've called the California American homes for rent corporate office right after the first time I had to have a board is out there and now I've had them out for at least another time what damages to my cars and robbed. Still have I not heard from American homes for rent and I fear for my life because they won't even install a security system in the home this is simply upsetting because in the area but I would then I thought it would be secured an upscale but I found out that I am the minority and I am Caucasian but they let illegal immigrants move into these homes and keep at least 12 plus people living in a home half the size of mine. American homes for rent will let any person rent from them as long as they're getting their money and the only reason why they continue to grow is because of the legal people that they let live don't complain because they don't want to get caught with 30 people living in one house so this is why this company stays in business. I've been seriously feel bad for all the families I read that moved into American homes for rent homes hoping to have a happy life like we did in all it's been is misery. To be continued 
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