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1, Report #687673
Jan 27 2011
02:19 PM
Lifeguard Financial / Safetrust Financial, Investigated by their own Attornies who claim Lifeguard Making Fraudulent statements to get clients, Internet
In good faith, I contracted with Lifeguard Financial to settle my credit card debt since I was not making progress directly with my credit card providers. The service they provided sounded great and I would be paying one monthly payment to their third party payment center, NoteWorld. Even though this has been a struggle, I have consistently paid over $500 per month for 19 months. In Sept, 2010, I received a call from FLB Associates PC, advising me that they are the Law firm on retainer with Lifeguard. FLB Associates wanted to survey me for some potential fraudulent statement made by Lifeguard telemarketersto get clients. FBL Associates PC provided me with evidence that they were who they said they were, identifying me with personal information and my customer number with Lifeguard. They also disclosed that Lifeguard had not settled any of my credit card debt even though there was enough money in my account to settle the smaller ones. They said they would have Lifeguard settle those and then notify me. Thus far, no notification, only more monthly deductions. When I contacted NoteWorld, I said I wanted my account on hold pending the results of the investigation. They said they would notify Lifeguard to contact me. Noteworld also said Lifeguard was very difficult to get ahold of. No contact, no notification. I have paid them $9652. I WANT MY MONEY BACK.
Entity: Fort Lauderdale Florida, Internet
2, Report #1359574
Mar 03 2017
12:19 PM
American Lifeguard American Lifeguard is a total ripoff. They take your money and issue useless Lifeguard certifications! Virginia Nationwide
American Lifeguard ( is a total fraud. They took my money and issued me a bogus lifeguard certification card that was not even good enough for me to work as a lifegaurd. Their lifeguard certification cards are bogus. Their certificaiton cards are useless pieces of paper. I found out that anyone can be a lifeguard instructor for them and then they sell useless pieces of paper as lifeguard certification cards for $25 a piece. Their website pretends that they are some big company with all these lifeguard training locations across the county, but it's just one sneaky little guy pretending. He's selling bulls**t lifeguard certificaiton cards for money! Don't by from this scam artist. He fooled me and took my money. There was not lifeguard training class or lifeguarding course. He just gave me some crappy materials and gave me a cheap and useless certification card that he likely printed off his home computer. I demanded a refund. He won't respond. He responded to my every email when I was buying the bogus lifeguard certification course, but now that I want a refund he won't respond.  USELESS LIFEGUARD CERTIFICATION! TOTAL SCAM!
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #434507
Mar 15 2009
05:29 PM
Aqua Sports Inc, Lifeguard-Pro AquaSports is a rippoff scam. Website is full of lies and customer service is nonexistent Natick Massachusetts
Aquasports is a website I found to get certified as a Lifeguard. The website promised hundreds of locations in New England and a very flexible schedule to get the training. After I paid for the class I found out out there was only 1 instructor and 1 location that was still willing to work for this fraudulent company. That location was 2.5 hours away. I had a very difficult time scheduling the class and contacting anyone at the company that could help me. When I told them I wanted my money back they got back to me. They made a deal to get me a $100 refund and an extra year on the certification if I followed through with the certification process. I got the training. It is now 3 months since I began this process and I still don't have a certification card or my refund. There is several other statements on the website that promise things that this company cannot follow through with. I recommend that everyone who wants to avoid any hassle, frustration, or rippoffs should avoid AquaSports and their certification Lifeguard-Pro. Rippedoff Bristol, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Natick, Massachusetts
4, Report #406067
May 19 2009
12:46 PM
Clark County Aquatics Department - Jennifer Lloyd - Red Cross Lifeguard Training Instructor Beware! She will issue lifeguard certification.. for a price. Las Vegas Nevada
Beware of the Clark County Aquatics Department's Lifeguard Training Program. Especially if the Instructor is Jennifer Lloyd. In addition to a reluctant attitude towards entering the pool and getting wet for the purpose of giving examples of rescue methods to would-be lifeguards in training, she favors issuing certifications only to those who pay an additional $100, regardless of whether they fail the written component of the course. Now if the weather was cold, I could see how the instructor may be somewhat reluctant to enter the water (and heaven forbid, do her job..) But since the training course took place at an indoor pool which eliminated weather as a factor, It's difficult to see any other acceptable reason. But the big issue is having to pay for the course (the standard $25 rate), spend a lot of time on it (close to 8 hours a day at the pool for 5 days), continuously being reassured that you will pass, and then on the final day at the end of the class being told to take the course over again. Now if I had been failed for a legitimate reason, then it would be understanable. But seeing as how she passed someone else in the class who had failed the written exam, you would think the certification would be yours as well since you had done even better and passed each written exam with flying colors. WRONG. Now normally I am one to try again harder after a failure, but when I found out that he paid an additional $100 along with the standard $25 fee, it made me wonder if that was the main reason he managed to receive the Lifeguard certification since he didn't pass the written exam. However, being the generous one, I gave the benefit of the doubt and told myself it must have been a just a coincidence. But later, when I learned that everyone else that didn't pay any more money than the standard $25 fee also didn't pass, any feeling of doubt I had was shattered and replaced with even more disappointment. Having lost 8 hours each of those 5 days and missing study week before exams was something I'd have to get over, but in the end having nothing to show for it (such as the Lifeguard certification) changed it from disappointing to painful. Since getting a fair shot towards a certification is apparently out of the question, you would think that refunding the course fee or crediting the amount towards repeating the course may have shown empathy or even good will, but it seems even that's too much to hope for. It is now clear to see that if you want to receive a Lifeguard certification in Clark County (or at least from Jennifer Lloyd), you'll have to slide a little something her way - a hundred will do just well it seems. And don't worry about the bill getting wet once she takes it, its easy to see that being in the water teaching is the last place she wants to be. CheatedLifeguard Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
5, Report #383818
Oct 22 2008
01:24 PM
LBS Health OptionsLifeguard ,LBS Health Options Took money from my bank account without permission, did not reveal how hey obtained my account number. Irving Texas
LBS Health Options took money out of my bank account without authorization. I got a phone call from a telemarketer with this company and declined any offer. They said they would mail me something and I had planned to rip it up anyways. I did not agree to have money taken out of my account. They charged me first $1.95 then $23.00. I checked my bank account saw the charges and looked up the company. I went to the website that I found with google and asked to be removed from there services. I was suppose to be refunded and no more money was to be taken. Nothing happened. The next month I had 49.95 taken from my bank account. I found a number on the internet, called it and spoke to someone. I had her take my name off the list, cancel all services and refund my money. In 3 days I had the money back in my account! What a pleasant surprise. I got the 1.95, 23, and 49 dollars back. If you have been a victim of LBS Health Options scam call 1-866-915-1190 Alias Fairfax Station, VirginiaU.S.A. HERE IS WHAT RIP-OFF REPORT SUGGESTS YOU DO: Go to your bank within 60 days of the charge, or as soon as you know about the charge, don't delay, and tell them that there has been fraudulent activity within your account. Explain that you wish to file a dispute, and demand that they assist you in accordance with Federal Regulation E. According to the majority of victims interviewed by Rip-off Report, those who immediately called their banks to dispute the charges did not get very far. Many victims got the following responses from their banks: we could not do anything for you or you waited too long; it has been more than 60 days. If the bank is says that you have waited too long, explain to them how you called their 800 number as soon as the charges were found, and were told by the bank that nothing could be done. Remind the bank that they failed to assist you properly at the 800 #, and instead, provided you with an inadequate explanation of your right to dispute. Tell the bank that it's their fault time has expired, and since they gave you the wrong info to begin with, they will just have to deal with it, take the loss and reverse the charges. Tell them the truth; this was unauthorized and your account was NOT to be charged! Keep emphasizing how you never authorized anything! Direct them to the hundreds of victims reports that were filed on Rip-off And if you're at the bank, walk them over to their computer and make them go to this site! If you are on the phone with them, tell them you will wait while they access this site! Either way, be persistent! DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER! Let them know nicely, that you were advised to Report them (the Bank) and this situation to the Banking Commission in your state. Since each state has a different name for the agency/controller over banks, find that name before you call or get to the bank so you can throw it in their face. The more knowledgeable you appear to be, the further you will get. And just continue to demand the Federal Regulation E form! The bank CAN, MUST and WILL reverse the charge! But, you must be persistent; ask to speak to the supervisor or the area manager for all the branches in the state. Let the bank personnel know you are meeting with the media later in the day, that you would much rather they do the right thing (as most other banks have) by looking at the complaints and immediately reversing the chargetruth. If you have to, be loud (but nice) in front of other customers. If you are just calling by phone, the above tactics still worshould k. The bank can easily fax or mail to you the Federal Regulation E dispute form.
Entity: Irving, Texas
6, Report #720135
Jul 14 2011
12:41 PM
Lifeguard financial FBL embezzled around $7000 from my trust account with noteworld bank Fort Lauderdale,, Florida
For the last 2 years Lifeguard financial has been withdrawing from my personal checking accout $419.00 a month. They promise to help me pay all my creditors and be debt free.  They supposely negotiate  with my creditors with many others that are in the same program to reduce the balance  pay and close your account and be debt free!  For the last two years, they only paid 1 creditor which was the least amount of one of my 12  credit cards.  They paid around $700.  On the2nd year they gave me a web site to check my creditors that were paid and pending. I was flabbergasted that only one in 2 years was only negotiated & settled. Meanwhile I had been subpoena by the court by one of my creditors for $9700.  And said they were not dealing with Lifeguard Financial  or any of their sort and that the government was trying to stop them.  Also every creditor never stop calling me or sending me mail for the last two years! My credit score plummet to the lowest possible! I suffered headaches, insomnia and ended my relationship with my fiance of 18 years because of these debts that were not going away and the everyday, every hour phone calls that never stopped! Mail that never stopped coming to my house asking for their money.   I called Lifeguard at the beginning and talked to a rep that souonded promising that they were all pending and soon all would get paid. Recently, I called again to check my status, I couldnt get a person for 2 mos. Only a recording that they were doing a reconstruction. The forwarding number was US Debt Relief which I called and was told by a rep that they have disengaged themselves from Lifeguard because they just weren't meshing with them with their ideals.I called my bank and stopped future withdraws immediately! I called Noteworld bank, where Lifeguard was deposting my monthly payment from my account of $419.  I asked the bank to close my account I felt something illegal was going on with my money and with all of their clients.  They gave me a phone number that i was dialing for months!They assure me that they were legitimate and they would try to contact them.  They too haven't been successful in reaching them. They agreed they were under a corporate recontruction.  He inform me to call thursday he should have a number for me.  I will try calling tomorrow. I dont feel positive about this! Because I asked Noteworld bank how much was in my accout and they said around 4600.  I couldnt believe what happened to my other $5000.  They claim Lifeguard had it! I am in tears!!! Help me,I am not drowning, I have drowned! The are embezzling my money and many others too! Legal action needs to be taken, reporting to Better Business Bureau, 20/20 TV reportors  before they continue to steal from the innocent public.   My credit and my life is in shambles because of LIfeguard financial! Help,I am crying out loud for help!
Entity: Fort Lauderdale,, Florida
7, Report #277633
Oct 08 2007
09:02 AM
Western Digital Data lifeguard software for windows.. Vodoo software. Do not depend on it. Lake Forest, CA California
I have on numerous occasions tried to install Data lifeguard for windows. It starts off installing and then switches over to trying to uninstall it. I have four Western Digital drives. I contacted Support. I received no email or response back. I downloaded Data lifeguard for windows. I have investigated and tried to get answers off the website......Nothing. My advise. Don't depend on this vodoo software. Its worthless. I need this software to backup one of my hard drives. Nathan milwaukee, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Lake Forest, CA 92630-7741, California
8, Report #1133872
Feb 26 2015
01:37 PM
FBL Associates/Life Guard Debt Settlement ESPLifeguard Financial FBL Associates My ESP client # ID 16428. I joined the Lifeguard Financial in March 6 2009. Fort Lauderdale Florida
My ESP client # ID 16428. I joined the Lifeguard Financial in March 6 2009. I was making a monthly ACH payment of $513.54, deposited directly to Noteworld. I called Noteworld to ask them if I can skip a payment for Dec 2011 due to holiday that was coming up. I asked what was the status of my acct and was advised that I have money reseved in my acct. I also found out through Noteworld that (ESP) Expert Settlement Professional took over the company. Lifeguard Financial went bankrupt.I shocked that I was not notify or didn't recieve any letter regarding this matter. I immediately went on the website but all the phone no. were not in service. The website was not even updated. I called the Noteworld 1st week of Nov.and ask them for help. I was given a no. 215-995-2096 from an employee named Wyona. I called ESP 1st week of Nov 2011 no respond and left a messege regarding the status of my account. I continued on for several days have left several messeges and still no respond. I left a messege again and a person name Randi called back Nov. 14, 2011. I told him that my debt settlement program was suppose to be done this Jan. 2012, asked him the status of my acct. He said that the previous company Lifeguard didnt settle Bank of America. I found out through Noteworld that Bank of America was not settle and haven't been touch since 2010.I have printed an itemized of my payment through Noteworld and found out that mostly was going to fees. I called Randi back and according to ESP employee Randi very rude (was even yelling)that he can't do anything, no refund and that my money is gone. I have cancelled my program Nov. 14, 2011. I was even shocked that they took the fees out of my bank acct Nov. 25, 2011. I kept calling ESP, so many times. I left so many messeges but no one even bother returning my calls until now. I have made 31 payments of 513.54 which accumulated 15,919.74. Noteworld advised me to wire my reserve money for my safe which was 7,360.92. So far I have lost over 8558.82 and have no idea where it went. 2455.92 went only to the rest of my creditors.  I called Bank of America and they said they haven't heard from them since 2010. Now Bank of America had forwarded my acct. to a Law Firm of Allan C. Smith, P.C. I still owe $26, 582.98. With all that time and money gone I dont not know what to do.I am being harrased and afraid of joining any program. With no job, 3 kids, so difficult. I do not know what other options I have left. My desires were to have my credit back on track, come clean and be debt free. My intensions were to start fresh. This company had given me so much stress and for my family. Please help me on what actions I need to move forward. I do not wish to get sued or anything..Please help me kindly. I want my money back from all that fees they took. They have not done there service right. I am financially and emotionally stressed. I no longer trust other companied out there and this scarred me bad. Please help me kindly. My credit is bad and I do not want to file bankrupt.Thank You... 
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Select State/Province
9, Report #529541
Dec 09 2009
04:50 PM
Lifeguard Financial LGF Servicing Group, Lifeguard Financial is Stealing My Money! 341 37St 2nd Floor Suite #102, New York
I am writing to complain regarding Lifeguard Financial [LGF]. I signed a contract with them in July 2009; it is now the end of November 2009 and they have yet to make any payments based on our consolidation agreement. I called the third party company named Noteworld Servicing Company whom LGF stated would be making withdrawals from my bank account in order to pay for my debts but my original creditors are still calling and asking me to make payments on the accounts. Noteworld Servicing Center told me that my SS# is not in their system as one of their customers so I became really concerned. I don't believe that this company has any business with Noteworld at all.I have made attempts to call LGF but they gave me a vague answer the first time I called, then the next time the number was disconnected. I truly believe that this company is scamming customers for their money. I will be contacting the police if I don't hear from them and will be making a report. I will also be contacting the Attorney general of my state. I am seeking a full refund of all payments made to this company.
Entity: 341 37St 2nd Floor Suite #102, New York
10, Report #1396792
Aug 30 2017
01:36 PM
Aquatic Solution Andy wont give refund new york city new york
I came 2 minutes late due to traffic.There was no parking. They told me to go home and they wont give me a refund. They teach Classes for the Red Cross. Andy is a very rude person. i would stay far away from this place. Some of the staff are nice. And the facility is very nice. But i would not recommend taking a class here. Also, you can tell that the instructors dont know the material. They are reading from the book the whole class. no eye contact no nothing. find someplace else to go. save youself time and money and go someplace else.Not fond of this place at all.Reason of review: Poor customer service.Monetary Loss: $450.Preferred solution: Full refund.I liked:
Entity: NY
11, Report #55442
Jan 24 2010
12:16 AM
Comdata Corporation Aka Comdata Network, Inc. ripoff Brentwood Tennessee
This company claims to give convenience to users of their Comchek e-cash card which is issued by an employer who uses their services to deposit either a payroll check or expense reimbursement into their account and the employee can withdraw his/her money at an atm machine via the e-cash card or by writing a draft (check) from the supplied drafts and then cashing or depositing the draft into his/her own bank account. What Comdata doesn't elude to is that after the first transaction, there are fees involved in obtaining your own money. These fees vary according to the agreement with the employer and Comdata Corporation. This is a big rip off and scam to everyone who is forced by their employer to use this system to get access to their payroll and/or expense reimbursement. There must be some kick back of fees to the employer by Comdata, otherwise, what benefit would the employer have to use this system. I would like to see the Federal Trade Commission look into this. There must be something illegal about it. Kirk Vacaville, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Brentwood, Tennessee
12, Report #523790
Oct 08 2010
03:59 PM
Lifeguard Financial FBL ASSOCIATES Refused to give refund back $4979 Fort Lauderdale, Florida
My complain is regarding Lifeguard Financial (they are now called FBL Associates) I called Lifeguard Financial (FBL Associates) on 10/23/2009 at 11:29 a.m. and cancelled the Debt Settlement Program with them because I have managed to do the settlement myself. I was told by the customer service personal that I will be contacted by the cancellation department within 10 days but haven't received any call back from Lifeguard yet. I called again on 11/12/09 and spoke to person name Ralph in the cancellation department asking for refund back and he purely denied me to give any money back and said this money is for fees for 4 years service, after arguing so much with Ralph he finally said he will refund me $1278 back but not the full refund. I and my family is going thru very difficult time where my wife is working less hours than before and we are 6 months behind on the mortgage payments so I said give me $1278 but they cant just keep $3701 money for the service they never provided. I am still getting calls from creditors; creditors didnt receive any letter from Lifeguard Financial about the program I joined, according to the agreement Lifeguard will open-up an account in my name with NOTEWORLD and deposit the money in that account but that didnt happened. I called Note world and there is no account open-up by Lifeguard in my name. This means that Lifeguard intention is to collect the 4 years fees from client first before doing anything for client. Please help me and my family to get the refund back from Lifeguard we also have 2 kids and we need money.
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
13, Report #157672
Sep 19 2005
08:58 PM
American Advantage ripoff grant department american advantage Somewhere In India
On 9/19/05 at 9:35PM Mountain I get my second call from the Grant Department of the US Government (Yeah I know there isn't one). A nice barely understandable woman from India let me know that she worked for the US Government and I had been selected for a $12,500 (It must have went up from the last person who reported this scam) to increase my living standards. They will be sending me a check that I can cash at any nationalized bank (whatever that is). Anyway I was prepared for this one as they had called about a week previous and did a very poor job. They of course wanted my bank account number so they could deposit the money which I'll post here now. Wells Fargo Acct # *******. They gave me their cruddy website of which refers to an address: 1900 Howell Branch Rd Winterpark, FL 32792 866-503-7345 I was insulted at how poorly the scam was being pulled off. I asked the Vice President's name and of course she didn't know it. The first time they called I asked their phone number and they said they were calling from a satellite phone... which was probably the only thread of truth that I heard on the whole call. They had one good part of the scam where they say there is optional medical coverage, but otherwise they were aweful. Anyway, someone track these Indian scam artists down, I hope their families are ashamed of them! And by the way there is no Grant Department of the US Government only grant departments of official departments. Although I did not get taken for any money I will be happy to file affadavits or anything else if someone sues these fools. Shawn Denver, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #833790
Feb 04 2012
06:57 AM
American Idol American Idol openly displays discrimination Hollywood, California
Portland Oregon American Idol tryouts, there was a contestant from Philadelphia, young white male, blonde hair. This guy clearly had mild autism, the judges openly made fun of his performance, especially steve tyler, with a short video segment targeting the contestants reactions before a commercial break. Low shot American Idol, it was open conversation in blog talk the following morning. How low can you go to get ratings ?
Entity: Hollywood, California
15, Report #732350
May 23 2011
07:09 PM
American Auto Lemon sold at American Auto Roanoke, Virginia
American Auto sells lemons! They buy cheap run down cars and make no effort to fix them at all. My check engine light was on the first week and is still on almost a year later. Many people have sued them and I hope to join the process. If you plan on buying a car there please have a mechanic look at it or just see if it will pass inspection because my car didn't. I just want to save someone else some grief and money. Thanks
Entity: Roanoke, Virginia
16, Report #906425
Jul 03 2012
04:32 PM
american memorabilia american memorabilia - fraud las vegas, Nevada
In February I purchased at auctionb a Hank Greenberg signed baseball. The auction ad said that that Richard Simon had authenticated the baseball. The ad did not list the certificate of authenticity. When I received the ball I noticed that the certicate was nine years old. In addition, American Memorabilia listed JSA and PSA as their authenticators. Richard Simon is not listed on their site. I sent the baseball out for authentication. Both JSA and PSA rejevted the ball. I notified American Memoabilia. They said all sales are final. I contacted 3ichard Simmon. He told me that he has not had anything to do with American Memorabilia for several years. Further, he acknowledged that after reviewing the ball that he made a mistake. American Memorabilia refuses to take the ball back
Entity: las vegas, Nevada
17, Report #204318
Aug 03 2006
08:20 AM
American Home Shield ripoff American Home Shield Arkansas
AHS is a ripoff. I am now going on over 2 weeks with no airconditioning and temp.'s over 100, heat index >110. I called in the problem on a thursday evening. I did receive a call the next day, but was told no technician would be available until Monday. I took my children to a relatives for the weekend. On monday I left work at the agreed upon time and the technician finally showed up 2 hours and several phone calls (from me) later. He did not have a ladder to look in the attic or even freon. What kind of a/c man doesn't have freon? I was charged my $55 service fee and told they would come back the next day. I did not see them again for 2 weeks. During the 2 weeks they refused to return calls, blatantly lied to me and told me they were on the way, they were waiting on authorization from AHS. AHS of course told me they were waiting on the technician to phone in the repair for authorization. I was told by the technician that AHS would pay for the evaporator coil, but I would be charged $100 coil disposal fee. I have 2 units so $200. They finally came and fixed 1 unit after 2 weeks, but now I am having to go through the same thing again with my upstairs unit. AHS told me they paid for freon recapturing so why am I being charged a coil disposal fee? Especially when they are probably taking the copper to a recycling place and getting quite a bit for the copper! I asked the service technician for the coil as I wanted it after he reclaimed the freon and of course I am still waiting to hear about that too. I am canceling AHS because they do everything they can to not pay a claim. They previously denied a hot water heater repair because it was sediment. How can you tell unless you take it apart? They send service technicians who are rude and do shoddy work. You are stuck with whoever they send and at their mercy unless you want to call someone on your own and pay for it. Kelly Bryant, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #327601
Apr 21 2008
05:30 AM
American Rental Collection letter from american rental Nationwide
I wonder....are their collection practices illegal?? Here is an example oif a letter I recieved...and before anyone yells at me, yes I was behind in payments, but only 3 weeks...and Im supposed to pay every other week, something they dont seem to understand so I get more late fees added on. Dear Renter (my name is written out) After several unsuccessful attempts to contact you, I have brought your account to the notice of our upper managment. (their typo, not mine) Upon Speaking with Mr. B.H., our district manager I hae been instructed to turn you (again, their typo not mine) account over to our corporate legal department for prosecution in civil or criminal court. Which court to be determined by them. However, I find it prudent to offer you one last chance to contact me here at this store. We need to make arrangements for us to meet someone at your home to pick up our items from you. At this point, this is the only option available to you without intervention of the law. Dont delay any further and call me today!!! You have until close of business this friday. Please bear in mind that this is your last chance. Our number is listed above. Sincerrely, American rental The letter is post dated for the 18th, written on the 17th. I didnt get the letter til Saturday?? I did call and talk to them about the letter and they said to just come in and pay or the legal letter would be enforced. I made a payment this morning...but...what Im wondering there anyone who knows anything about fair credit practices and what they can and cannot say?? ive recieved other letters from them, after 3 days late, that state they are taking me to court and requesting garnishment, not to exceed 5000. WHAT?! I dont even owe that much on what Im renting. I have 3 payments left! And I will never! rent from them again. Sorry this was so long! K anywhere, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #1041842
Apr 09 2013
06:46 AM
American Express Bluebird American Express ATM FRAUD Internet
I got the Bluebird card for the convenience of transferring funds to my daughter in NYC without having to go to the bank.  I also got a second job and had direct deposit set up on this account.  My complaints are the following 1. card does not work at a large majority of gas stations including BP 2. my wife's card just simply does not work always declined 3. This is the big one, I went to the ATM and the machine stated and gave me a receipt stating cannot dispense cash at this time so I tried it again with the same response so I left  and headed to a meeting on the other side of town.  I decided to check my balance and found out Bluebird had deducted the $200 that the machine did not give me so I called Bluebird and was told what to send in to file a dispute and the money would be credited back to me asap since I had direct deposit.  I went to another branch of the bank and filed a dispute with them.  I faxed all of the info to Bluebird including receipts and a copy of the banks documents provided to me.  The bank called me the next day stating the status had been sent to Bluebird and they will credit my account.  I waited 3 days and nothing so I called Bluebird again and was told I should receive an email and my account would be credited.  3 more days go by and I get an email requesting the items  I had faxed in a week ago.  Anyway here we are 2 weeks in and nothing I called 2 days ago and threatened to file a complaint with the FDIC so I guess I will move forward with that.  American Express when you read this answer these questions 1. how can you not be able to track a transaction that does not take place? 2. how can you charge a customer for something that never took place? 3. you are not a bank so don't pretend that you are,  this would never ever happen at a bank 4. direct deposit is there if there was a problem you know money comes into this account every 2 weeks. Anyway don't use this card you will have a problem and they are making interest off my money how how can they deduct my account and not be able to track it?  Use Visa or Mastercard if you need a prepaid card American Express is not worth the risk of having your money in limbo
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #1190197
Nov 20 2014
08:44 AM
American Cash Award SCAM FROM AMERICAN CASH AWARD Oaklahoma
I just got a call from a man called James Bradley from American Cash Award. He said I won 2.5 million dollars from publishers clearing house. He gave me all kinds of claim numbers etc. He said I have to go western union them $835.00 for taxes to go to the IRS. I said, I don't have $835.00 he said it will be provided for you in your checking account. While I was on the phone with him, I looked up American Cash Award and it took me to this site. Glad I looked them up!  I wouldn't of paid the money anyway, but glad to know this is here to help people. He also gave me a winning ticket number.... I knew this is to good to be true.. Beware people!!! IT'S A SCAM!!!
21, Report #1042779
Apr 12 2013
12:18 PM
I received a travel check for two Airline tickets in the amount of $1,350.00 payable to myself and American TD. The check is from American and is paid through Travel Union out of Scottsdale, AZ there is no address only a telephone number to call to redeem the check.  I have not entered into any contests. 
Entity: SCOTTSDALE, Arizona
22, Report #1073965
Aug 07 2013
07:20 PM
American TAD American TAD Scam Scottsdale Arizona
 Offered voucher for $1,198 for travel anywhere in continental US. Expires 8/16/2013, received 8/7/2013. Others have reported this scam as well. Obviously trying to sell some type of travel or obtain personal information.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
23, Report #1252693
Sep 03 2015
11:35 AM
American Home Shield American Home Shield Memphis TN
As a customer with American Home shield, I put request for AC service on 5/31/2015.  I received a confirmation email right away giving me information about the contractor who is supposed to take care of the service I requested and that s/he will contact me with a 24 hrs to schedule the inspection visit.  Two days passed and no one contacted so I went ahead and called AHS to see what's going on.  I was told that the contractor they set my service up with doesn't have an opening before two weeks.  I asked if there is a way to find another contractor, she said she'll try.  They changed the contractor; however the technician didn’t come until June He works for JJK-HVAC LLC.  He diagnosed the problem and told me that he will do his best to fix it.  I didn't know by doing his best he meant that he will harass me.  He was asking me very personal questions when he was over at my house then he started texting me inappropriate messages (which I have records of) after he left.  I felt so uncomfortable as he was bargaining me to get my AC repaired.  I reported him to both his employer and AHS.  JJK-HVAC LLC Ended up sending the owner of the company to apologize and fix the AC while AHS did nothing.  Now I put another service request with AHS for microwave repair.  I requested the service on July 25th 2015.  They assigned the job to SILVER STAR APPLIANCES LLC.  The technician came over to my house after two days, diagnosed the problem with a broken heater and said he will come back to replace it once he receives the broken piece.  He came back 3 weeks later and changed the part, but he ended up breaking the controlling board which was working pretty well before he replaced the broken part.  Today is September 3rd and I still haven’t had my microwave fixed.  The repair company wants to replace the part the technician broke with a refurbished part  which of course I refused giving that the piece wasn’t broken and wasn’t the problem of why my microwave wasn’t heating and now I have to accept replacing it with a refurbished part.  I have been calling AHS since July 27th, stay on the line for no less than 15 minutes waiting for a representative to pick up the phone then nothing has happened.    
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1166289
Jul 30 2014
09:54 PM
american eagle aerie BIGGEST SCAM OF THE AMERICAN TEEN Nationwide
american eagle everywhere on the web, said google to get free % off on jeans and may win a pair of jeans or up to 50% off, So I did, they required your phone number, which I did then they first did a 20% coupon, then a free pair of jeans, coupon to come into the mail and must be used by july 24 14, well NEVER got the american eagle free coupon in any form of mail, looked at my email everyday, never was sent there either but.. boy oh boy do they send emails and texts to your phone about all about their stuff but NO FREE JEANS, or coupon 20% off... EVER happened the same thing to all myfriends too,   one girl got the 50% off a pair of jeans, going to send to your mail, but NEVER got it it was all a scam to get your phone number and email,, it was an ADULT lie to teens everywhere NEVER EVER fall for this,  I learned my lesson if it sounds too good to be true, then its a lie, and AMERICAN EAGLE IS A LIAR...
Entity: Nationwide
25, Report #1365526
Apr 13 2017
02:05 PM
American Airlines American Airlines Baggage Phoenix Arizona
American Airlines, what a shame! I bought a hoverboard in Los Angeles to bring as a present to my grandson. I dispatched the item (AA 35 16 04) at Burbank Airport (LA) on my flight AA 5879 to Phoenix, my first stop to Brazil. At that point I was informed that the item would be withheld because TSA (Transportation Security Administration) did not allow this type of equipment in air travel. It's all right. Fair. Just one question that will not shut up: why have not I been advised by AA agents at the LA airport? The object came bare inside its plastic cover. Obviously their agents could have identified, as they did at Phoenix airport.I'm trying to find a solution. Bring me to the address that is on the label attached to the object, or give me back the amount I paid for it. It's the least this big company can do to compensate for my discomfort.The answer given to me by the agents when I came up with the solution is that I should look for the TSA to try to get it back. Not a satisfactory answer from an airline with the history of American Airlines. After all, the mismatch was caused by his agents. But I believe that there are still judges in Berlin. And AA is no Frederick II.So friends, think twice before flying American Airlines. They may confiscate your luggage on any portion of your flight, and hold a third party responsible. Stay tuned!
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona

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