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1, Report #1146676
May 14 2014
01:51 PM
American Water Resources Unprofessional Business Practices Alton Illinois
 I have been having policy renewal issues with American Water Resources, and every time I called the number that is specifically stated on the policy to call if one has questions, I was told they could not help me, that they would have a licensed agent return my call, which of course, they never did.I finally got ahold of an Escalations Specialist that respresents the business, and she was the rudest person I ever communicated with. She skirted issues and questions that I brought up, made excuses for these people who claimed they couldn't help, and generally made me feel as if I was in the wrong to complain in the first place.This is completely unacceptable and unprofessional, and I would like to warn EVERYONE who deals with American Water Resources, that they DO NOT bend over backwards to assist their customers in ANY way. They are either dimwits or stubborn jerks who do not wish to take the time to help you, and they will frustrate you to no end, trying to convince you that you must have misunderstood the terms, or what was said, etc. I cannot believe they conduct business in this manner and are STILL in business!!!!
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #1296027
Mar 26 2016
11:10 AM
American Water Resources Water, water everywhere... Alkton, Illinois Nationwide
American Water Resources has a contract with me to maintain and repair my sewer line. When I had a severe sewer line clog they refused service from long distance, without looking at it and told me it wasn't their problem. It was, and it cost me $1700.00 to fix with a private plumber. So American Water Resources keeps my monthly premiums but refuses to honor their contract. They must be laughing all the way to the bank because I hear that's just one of their scams. NOTE: I'm not complaining about the actual repair or the plumbing service that did it. I'm complaining about American Water Resources and their refusal to honor their insurance policy.
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1383554
Jul 06 2017
12:08 PM
American Water Resources water line and sewer line protection Nationwide
Purchaseed water line and sewer line protection. Whan a leak appeared they sent a plumbing company out and the plumber did not even check if there was a leak.  They then stated that nothing was covered. Do not deal with this company. THEY ARE A RIP OFF AND SCAM,
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #1191185
Nov 24 2014
06:13 PM
American water resources Insurance that never responds Voorhes New Jersey
Insurance to protect your in house plumbing, on hold for 45 min to report problem ,no answer and then they hang up they take your preium but don't resrespond stay far away nj American water should be ashamed. They promote this fraud.
Entity: Voorhes, New Jersey
5, Report #1180530
Oct 02 2014
02:43 PM
American Water Resources Company does not pay claims Voorhees New Jersey
This company sells service contracts, sort of like insurance, that is supposed to pay for major home repairs such as plumbing.  In approximately October 2013, one of our toilets starting backing up, and forgetting about this coverage and wanting to find out how serious the problem was, I contacted a local plumber for a diagnosis and estimate.  The plumber snaked the pipe and told me we had a broken pipe and gave an estimate of nearly $4,000.Not having $4,000 to part with we postponed the repair.My wife then reminded we of this coverage we had with American Water Resources, so I called them.Because I had already called someone other than them, they would not even send anyone out, even though we did not have the work done.  Upset I told them to cancel my account, but they did not and kept billing me.Months later (approx July 2014), my wife and  decided to get the work done and we paid the $3940.In August 2014, I noticed they were still deducting the amount from my credit card so I called them to cancel.  The agent, a nice guy who saw what was wrong with us not being paid, asked me to postpone for a couple of weeks while he researched the issue.  The end result was the same.  They could not pay because we called someone else first. This is a ripoff and this company is selling this service all over the nation but avoiding paying legitimate claims with a legal technicality that had inserted into their contracts for that very purpose.DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH AMERICAN WATER RESOURCES
Entity: Voorhees, New Jersey
6, Report #1369821
Apr 26 2017
05:21 PM
American Water Resources Refused to honor a homeowners water line program repair contract and agreement CHICAGO ILLINOIS
About 10 years ago I was contact through postal mail to enroll in a water line problen program For $5.00 then later the program increased to $8.OO  not counting the change... Tis was a urgent program that was advertised not covered by my  homeowners insurnce...The  program was advertised to provided services up to $5,000.00for water line repaira and for up to $5.000.00 for water line street repairs...This typical water was extended from the property to my home Since buying intto the program 2014  I was talked into a $3.00  upgrage. Each month American Water Resource debit my bank account for  $ change . I contacted the company last week with a claim..I told them that I have a buste pipe and that I needed to file a claim. Two days lated thesent two plummers to my home to checkout my problem two days later a lady name Monica from American call to say the board had approved my clame. But on 4/21/2017 my claim was denied
7, Report #1155165
Jun 16 2014
12:17 PM
American Water Resources Sold insurance policy which never received and also nothing much covered if had received it I found out.  Internet
This company advertises water line insurance if a pipe should break giving examples of the heavy cost of repair. I sent them a check in the amount of $65.88 in April of 2014 which cleared the bank with no problem.  In June in started calling them since I had not received a policy nor even a receipt. The following took place:Check never recieved and when it is it will take 60 to 90 days to issue any kind of policy if there is no problem with the checkCall #2:  We will need a copy of the check as never received.  I obtained a copy. Call #3: When I noticed when the check had cleared I called them again and told them I was going to report this situation to the BBB, etc.  Then told, Oh, I see where we DID receive the check and I will send you a policy right niw as we speak.Call #4:  When nothing received called them again and told, I'll send you another policy right now.  I then obtained the confidence of one of their phone emplyees who told me, even if did receive a policy it covers nothing more than about 20 feet of pipe, nothing as to under the house if on a slab nor the walls of the house, etc.  As other reports on the internet stated they cover nothing and nothing but a scam! NOTHING EVER RECEIVED.I called my bank and requested they reverse post this check as the internet reported the company as a scam.    
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1346963
Jan 01 2017
10:21 AM
American Water Resources Reported a leak in my sewer line. They said it was not a clog or a blockage so it wasn't covered Alton Nationwide
Called American Water Resources and reported I had a leak in my sewer line.  They told me one of there reps. would contact me.  Two days later I received the call.  They told me that sewer line leaks were not covered.  I told them the leak was due to a clog in the exterior sewer line.  They said that I reported a leak and not a clog so it was not covered.  I said what if the exterior sewer line is collapsed.  She said it was not covered.  Only thing that is covered is clogs.  This service does not cover anything.  Bad service do not get it.  
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #1119777
Apr 07 2014
12:53 PM
American Water Resources Classic bogus insurance scam Alton Illinois
Described as the American Water Rescources Water Water Line & Sewer Line Protection Program, this little pamphlet you get through the mail looks as official as a U.S. census document or tax return or a heating bill - complete with monthly fee including tax to be paid. But it's nothing of the kind... A few red flags: (1) The company calls itself New Jersey American Water in several spots, but clearly has no NJ presence (only a mailing address in Illinois). (2) I live on Princeton University campus, in a campus housing owned by the university. Why the hell would I need to personally pay for some odd-ball insurance of some water pipes?!   Total classic confidence trick. TOTAL SCAM!
Entity: Alton, Illinois
10, Report #1107745
Jun 03 2014
11:37 AM
American Water Resources & New Jersey American Water ,company who offers this insurance service and is directly paid for the se Water Sewer Line Protection not provided as advertised Pittsburg Pennsylvania
My wife and I signed up for Water/Sewer Line Protection Insurance through New Jersey American Water out of Pittsburgh, PA. We live in Haddon Heights, NJ.  We have paid for this Insurance for over six years. When we signed up for this service it was through a brochere included with the bill from NJ American Water. The reason we added this expense of $14 per month was to cover a catastrophic an expensive event as a break in the sewer line caused by tree roots or just age. We had no idea this Insurance did not cover breakage of the sewer line going to the Main sewer in the street. The repair cost close to $5000.00.When I called NJ American Water thinking they provided the coverage, I was told it was not their company that provided the Insurance but a company called AmericanWater Resources. When I contacted them to tell them of the problem, they flatly told me they do not cover a break in the sewer line, On the bill I receive each month it clearly states water/sewer line protection. I am scratching my head saying what the heck have I been paying for all this time.   When we initially signed up we were never sent anything such as a formal policy of coverage or for that matter anything at all from either NJ American Water or American Water Resources.  To all consumers beware: this is a ripoff of everyone who signed up for this service. The only thing they actually fix is a block in your water line.    
Entity: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
11, Report #1307193
May 23 2016
08:42 AM
American Water Resources of North Carolina and American Resources LLC, 1420 Discovery Parkway,Alton, Illinois 62002 letter to 92 yr old Mom can't read.  Charlotte, NC and Alton, Illinois North Carolina and Illinois
In Father's name who died in 1973. Do not have county water lines. Property not in her name in County records.92 year old Mother received notice, written to Dad who passed away in 1973. 1st flagThere are no water lines across this property. 2nd flagCompany is out of Illinois. 3rd flagBack of letter shows they have/hold no responsibility for anything that goes wrong. 4th flagWanted a debit card # sent for the annual fee of $65.88, but to stop it, had to write the company in Illinois, and would take at least a month to stop payment.  5th flagSited a Cape Fear Public Utility Authority Regulation and Ordinance 1.10, but then said to contact your own Utilility company for information.  She pays no utilites as she is on septic and well.  6th flagSays they are Independent of Wilmington and your local utilities.  7th flag Threatened several thousand dollars in repair to lines (up to $5000) if lines were ruined across your property. Would cover up to this amount for damage. Then, on back of letter, says they are not endorsed in Wilmington at all. She has no lines across property.  8th flagForm says that the only way to sign up is by Direct Debit, and is not to be altered in any way.  Then it takes over a month to stop them, or more??  9th flag.My Mother is very ill.  This scared her and she cannot read at all.  These people need to be stopped.  
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
12, Report #1381706
Jun 27 2017
03:00 PM
American Water Resources NJ American Water Had Sewer line protection and the sewer line broke due to the age and they would not cover Alton Illinois
I had been paying for Sewer line protection for at least 6 years because i heard stories of how expensive it could be if it broke.  Unfortunately, it happened to me.......the downstairs toilet was overflowing from taking a shower upstairs so i thought there was a clog.  I called Roto Rooter to snake the line and  they said they were still hitting something and thought the line could be broken.  I remembered i had the sewer line protection so i called America Water Resources and as soon as i mentioned that the line was posibly broken, they refused to send somebody out because the insurance only covers stoppages and blocks in the line.  I said i wasnt 100% sure  that it was broken and that was just 1 opinion i got.  The girl i talked to was extremely rude and after a few hours of complaining and asking to talk to a manager, someone called me back and confirmed that they dont cover breaks, but that they could send someone out.  At that point i had already had someone else coming out since it was an emergency situation so i said whats the point if you are telling me you are not going to cover a break. The trap that was about 7 feet down and did end up being broken and it cost me $3500 to have it repaired.  I fought and fought with them and all i got was a reimbursement of $500. So many people think that they are covered and it seems all the protection covers is for someone to come out and snake your line....not worth it to me. I ended up calling and cancelling the coverage and the rep asked why am i cancelling so i told him and then he said we cover breaks.  I tried again to get reimbursement but still no luck.  Read the fine print and it does said they only cover stoppages and blockages, but so many people think they are covered if it breaks.  You are covered until it actually breaks and then all of sudden, they figure out how not to pay for it.  It's just a scam in my opinion.
Entity: Alton, Illinois
13, Report #820439
Jan 10 2012
07:43 AM
American water Resources of North Carolina Their Enrollment Form I received in the mail today raised 4 red flags! Alton, Illinois
I got an interesting piece of mail from American Water Resources of North Carolina today (although I am guessing they are also known as American Water Resources of Insert Your State Here).  There were so many things wrong with their solicitation to protect my water lines that it really ticked me off. Red Flag #1: the letter was addressed to my daughter as OWNER of my home. Red Flag #2: this North Carolina company is located in Iliinois. Red Flag #3: the letter mentions its for everyone who lives in my county of Mecklenberg.  (I live in a different county). Red Flag #4: I don't have a water line.  I'm on a well!
Entity: Alton, Illinois
14, Report #922101
Aug 08 2012
12:08 PM
American Water Resources Water Line Protection Program more like no Protection Internet, Illinois
No Protection from American Water ResourcesWater line Protection Program for Homeowners
Entity: Internet, Illinois
15, Report #825279
Jan 19 2012
01:16 PM
Global Water Resources Criminal Enterprise Maricopa, Arizona
Worst professional service I have ever had under any circumstance.  The rip off is in the price of the service.  They charge a base fee of approximately $80/month, and that is before they start charging you for the water itself.  There is no company regionally that even comes close to this sort of outrageous charge.  They have a monopoly on water in Maricopa, so you can forget about any alternatives. What really gets me, however, is the product you get for the price.  They offer the worst service imaginable.  Want to speak with someone about your account?  That will be at least a 30 minutes on hold (no exaggeration).  I did this to close out my account 12 days before I wanted it shut off because I was moving.  After wasting all of the time on hold, they told me I would have to call again in 7 days or less of the moving date.  Seriously?  Horrible, just horrible.  I wouldn't recommend this company to my worst enemy.
Entity: Maricopa, Arizona
16, Report #381515
Oct 15 2008
12:48 PM
Global Water Resources No statement sent - only disconnect notices Maricoa Arizona
Global Water wants to earn revenue from reconnect fees $30 for water and $30 for Sewer. When you log in to their web site they will stop sending you a bill. Instead Global Water will send only disconnect notices with short turn around times. I had my water disconnected after over 3 years of being a good customer. When I talked to Customer Service and asked for assistance I was disconnected. Global Water will orally dictate their protocol and disconnect the call. If you think you have ever received bad customer service you may reconsider after talking to Global Water Customer Service. This company sets a new standard for sub-par service. Its amazing how bad service can be from a company that doesn't have to compete for buisness. If you have a choice don't choose Global Water. Syed1 Maricopa, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Maricoa, Arizona
17, Report #470055
Jul 15 2009
01:54 PM
Global Water Resources disconnection of service skyrocket, due to not invoicing customers Maricopa Arizona
On 07/14/2009 the water in our home was shut-off unexpectedly. We were not informed of the impeding disconnection of service. We were not notified by mail, e-mail, notice, or phone call. Nothing, nor have we recieved any invoice or statement from Global Water in the last 2 months. My complaint mirrors others on this board. In that, in order to have our water restored, even though we were not properly notified, we were required to pay a $60.00 reconnection fee. The 'customer service' representatives at the Maricopa office were not able to assist us with our concern. After numerous phone calls and request to speak to a supervisor, we were transferred to a voice-mailbox. We did leave messages that were never returned. After paying the $60.00 reconnection fee on the a.m of 07/14/2009 we were told our water would be running again by the end of the day, it is now 07/15/2009 at 1:44pm and still no water. On our first conversation with a customer service agent (Nicole Guy) on the day of disconnection we were told that the disconnections that Global Water are handling have skyrocketed over the last few months and they may take a bit longer to reconnect our service. We were told that they've attempted to contact us by telephone regarding our bill, when we told them to confirm the phone number they provided us a number that wasn't even ours. As for never receiving statements? We have been told the last two months that they have been mailed, but magically they just don't appear in our mailbox. I think the magic is they don't send the invoices and they turn that magically into $60.00 in their pockets. Szclan Maricopa, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Maricopa, Arizona
18, Report #1208803
Feb 12 2015
10:59 PM
Global Water Resources, Inc Excessive bills Phoenix Arizona
We bought a new house in Maricopa, AZ and moved our stuff in on October 2014.  Because our jobs are out of state, we stayed at our new house only for 10 days and left.  But we have been paying water and sewege bills together around $94, $95 per month to Global Waters after the one time initial bill which was $149.  Nobody is living in the house.  We haven't even lived at our house for a month, but we kept being bill this outrageous amount month after month. We called for explanation, but nobody seems to help.    
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
19, Report #1150368
May 28 2014
05:06 PM
Entity: lawrenceville, Georgia
20, Report #1136330
Apr 04 2014
12:33 PM
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #209914
Sep 07 2006
11:01 AM
Yes ladies and gentlemen they are at it again. A Paul Smith called regarding a 5000 loan I had applied for. Telling me I am approved for a loan but with my poor credit I would have to secure the loan with a payment equivalent to 8 months of payments. My payments would be $98 a month for five years at 7% interest. I waited a couple of weeks before I got back to Paul Smith and decided to go with it. I faxed all the loan docs and supporting documentation...BIG MISTAKE. I called to find out how they are to received payment and I have some additional questions 1)Who was the lender? He told me Jennifer Miller. I asked, The name of the lending company is Jennifer Miller? He proceeded to tell me it was a private lender a wealthy woman in Canada. 2)Will my invoices come from the lender directly or from North American Financial Resources? He hesitated (trying to think quickly on his feet I gather) He said the invoices would be coming from the lender. By this time I am seriously doubting this whole situation 3)Where should this security payment be going to? He gave me an address of 1213 Troy Ave Winnepeg Monitoba Cananda. ALL THE BELLS, ALARMS, AND WHISTLES ARE GOING OFF AT THIS POINT. I googled the address he gave me and if brought me to RIP OFF REPORTS. I DID NOT SEND ONE RED CENT TO CANADA. Unfortunately I did forward a lot of my personal information via fax however I dare these creeps to try and use it. They are messing with the wrong person. Two things I don't play with my family and my money!!! E Montclair, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: WINNEPEG, Manitoba
22, Report #211724
Sep 19 2006
08:33 AM
North American Financial Resources ripoff for personal loans New York New York
I needed a personal loan and was online found this one they called and said I had to pay $691.39 to sucure my loan. I sent the money western union to Cananda on friday and have not heard from them yet. The man I talked to was George Miller. I sent the monet to a Peter Meyer and on my loan papers the law firm listed is J.D and associates law firm. I hope these creeps are cought. But that doesn't really help ne now. I hope this will help people and I pray thet no one else falls for this scam. Melissa harrodsburg, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
23, Report #211313
Sep 16 2006
10:11 AM
North American Financial Resources ripoff New York New York
Help, I am in a really bad bind, I origally was getting a loan to help our mortgage payment and other bills, so I applied on line with credit scores in the 500's. Last week end I got a call on my cell phone, which the number I left on application, and got a call from Angela Patterson from North American Financial Resources from New York. Angela adviced me that they were able to secure me a 5000.00 personal loan, but because of my bad credit I had two options to secure the loan that was already approved. First was to pay 661.92 which was 4 months of payments upfront, which would be federal express back after 4 months, this was to prove that I could come up these funds, and assured the private investor. The other option was 700.00 to be held to end of term of loan, and refunded. After the money was western union to canada, the 5000.00 was to be direct deposited to our checking account. Well, it has been one week and no deposit, and no refund of check for the western union fee, which was 59.00. This week Angela patterson assured me that it would take a couple of more days, but no luck yet. On late thursday into friday morning of this week, their phone service was interrupt. Finally late friday, the recording was working again, since then I left my numberous messesages to Angela patterson, but no call back or her answering the phone. The recording ask for who is on the line so the Angela or probably the other reps can decide who to talk to. So now I am out 750.00 that I borrowed to pay for secured loan, which I will pay. Now, I still need to come up some more money, does anybody out there know what I should do now? I just woke up this morning looking for scams on internet, and unfortunely, found this site that comfirmed my suspestions. Hopefully, this will help others that this scam is out there, the thing is the forms and way Angela patterson spoke, it was very professional and convicing. Joe layton, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
24, Report #1233801
Jun 05 2015
02:31 PM
American finance resources ineptitude and deceptive Parsippany New Jersey
American finance resources denied my loan after 6 weeks of reviewing my application 2 days prior to closing because the home was in a 55 and over community.  The MLS stated this information, nor did this criteria come up until 2 days before closing. I am livid!!  AFR is inept, rude, and unethical!!  Avoid this company.
Entity: Parsippany, New Jersey
25, Report #1380129
Jun 20 2017
09:49 AM
Environmental Water Resource Water resources department impersonating a county official Tampa, Florida Internet
 I Received a notice in the mail from Environmental Water Resource Unfortunately we were unable to reach you by phone or in person. Upon receiving this notice we ask that you contact our office within 72 hours Water Resources Dept. Jack Travis 352-346-5943. I rang up this number, being new to the area thought this had to do with water usage in our area governed by the city. The fellow answering the phone, Dan, said Jack was with a customer. He was contacting me because all new residents to the area have their water tested for ammonia. (Other reports I read the guy told them different things, arsenic, bacteria etc. he told me ammonia). He began to tell me what they would test for and that a gentlemen named Bobby could come out as he was on the road in my area. I agreed to allow him to come between 7-7:30pm to do a free water test. Again, I made the mistake of interpreting that this was a public utility or environmental service from the city. I got a weird feeling about the call and just wanted to ease my fears and look them up online to make sure they were a legit company. Turns out my gut was right and I saw almost word for word another rip off report of the same guy, Dan, telling me Jack was with another customer and the same guy, Bobby would come out. Luckily we live in a gated community and in never gave him a gate code. So I just won't let him in and if he does happen to show up then we will conveniently be out at dinner. BEWARE! People! Look stuff up before you call and give our information. I know I will from now on.
Entity: Internet

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