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26, Report #691133
Feb 05 2011
06:51 AM
American Water Distillers Water- Love Rude Crude Thief Seems Intoxicated, Cruel Toronto, Canada Internet
Purchased via Internet 2004. Distiller arrived the day my husband died. I hired someone to install it.After reading the 'instructions'.. none.. he could not do it. We tried calling them. They were not returning calls. I called again and said. I did not want the memory.. it is still in the box. He wanted an outrageous 're stocking ' fee. I purchased a smaller counter top distiller from them. When calling for information he made fun of me, ridiculing me. I tried ordering filters and received the same cruel angry man "why are you calling me?" arrogant ignorant attitude. This outfit has many names. I am shopping for a distiller again.. and it seems so many sold are though him, the filters must be ordered from this frightening man. One man in New Jersey claims he does the importing himself and supervises China. One must order filters from the man in Toronto. Stay away from these people. I lost money . I was treated very badly. I never used the large one. The small one works, but I never ordered filters again because of the shabby attitude.  
Entity: Toronto, Internet
27, Report #331149
May 07 2008
12:57 PM American Water Distillers No customer service after sale C Internet
Bought a distiller from American distillers, they go under a few web adresses,, Their prices are fine, but the units themself are of poor quality, our broke after 2 months of use. We tried to contact customer service and they never returned our calls. And the man who gets the phone at sales hangs up on you if you ask a technical question. So we are left with a 500$ unit and no way to get service on the phone to try and fix it locally. Make sure before you buy a distiller that you will be able to get service after the sale, because these units break down frequently. Waterboy montreal, QuebecCanada
Entity: Internet
28, Report #1426500
Jan 31 2018
04:40 PM
American water resource AWR Did not repair main water line Voorhees Township New Jersey
Paid for water line protection, contract States that American Water Resources will repair a main water line break from the meter to the main shut off valve up to 5K, I had a main water line break under the concrete floor going through a concrete load-bearing wall I called awr and told them of my emergency and that I had an elderly 83 year old that lived here and we have no water they sent a very shady company out and the plumbers discussed amongst themself that this is not a job that they wanted to tackle and that they were going to send another plumber out the next day, the next day another plumber showed up and he and I discussed the main water line leaking and his solution was to reroute the main water line instead of trying to tear up the concrete floor and the concrete load-bearing wall which may cause structural damage to the house, I said that would be fine as long as my water line protection will cover it he said it would the next day I called the company that awr contracted and they told me that I would have to pay for it I said no this is covered under my contract it's a main water line leak and he said that he would have to come out and take a look at it for himself he never came out I called their office several times no one would put me through to him he was always out of the office I called awr they said someone would get back with me no one did I had to contract Roto-Rooter, Roto rooters team came out and assess that it was a main water line and to reroute the main water line would be the best way because of several leaks in the main water line. I contacted awr and told them I would like to be reimbursed the 5K for the main water line repair the cost was close to 8 k they told me to submit it then they denied it telling me that it was a service line even though the receipt that I sent them thoroughly says it was a main water line. This water line protection is a scam.
Entity: Voorhees Township, New Jersey
29, Report #1228176
May 10 2015
08:27 PM
Valley Environmental Resources RO Water System Peoria Arizona
We bought our RO water system about 8 months ago. When the sales rep “Deif” arrived at our house, he showed us how our water could be improved, how it would make cleaning the shower easier and the bonus was the 5 years of cleaning supplies.  We were impressed and bought the RO system. He scheduled a team to come install the system, arranged financing and promised to come back in one month to see how the system was working and if we had any problems or concerns.  Deif stated since our home is only 6 years old, the build up from the untreated water should be gone in no time. Once we signed on the dotted line and the installation complete, we never heard another word from them.  Except for a form letter we were sent requesting we copy it and post it as our glowing review.  That’s not going to happen. One month after our system was installed, we had a leak.  We called Valley Environmental Resources, they laugh and told us to call a plumber.  Evidently, once the system is installed all problems with that system are the owner’s problems. We demand they send out a service tech, the service tech arrived, spent 3 minutes accessing the leak and told us to call a plumber. My husband ended up fixing the leak himself. Next are the 5 years of cleaning supplies: laundry detergent, hand soap, dish soap, dishwasher soap, shampoo, all purpose cleaner, etc.  These products combined with the RO system are supposed to make laundry cleaner, glass shower easier to clean, skin softer, hair shinier, etc.  What a totally bogus claim.  We have to use twice the amount of laundry detergent to clean the clothes, double the dishwasher soap, the all purpose cleaner was three times the amount and still have to use a scrub brush to clean the shower.  We called Valley Environmental Resources to find out the reason we needed to use double the amount. The sales rep stated that if the cleaning supplies are left in a hot garage or storage, it could cause them to not work as advertised. We storage them in the hall closet and our home is thermostat controlled at 80 degrees. We thought the cleaning supplies might have lost their effectiveness  while storied in their warehouse.  We asked if we could have replacement cleaning supplies to see if that made all the difference.  No can do. In conclusion, if you want to work with a company, that provides a great presentation with absolutely no customer service to back up the claims and promises of the sales reps, then this is your company.  If you expect great customer service for the huge amount of money you are spending on a RO system, keep looking.  This company is all talk, no action.
Entity: Peoria, Arizona
30, Report #745030
Jun 24 2011
02:30 PM
American Water Distillers American distillers American Water Distillers will not stand behind their product...excuse ridden lame duck Dave Internet
  I cannot agree more with all of the complaints about American Water Distillers.  He hooks you with a great price, claims to have a year warranty but when your distiller fails after only a few weeks, he makes the most ridiculous excuses.  I gave the product the benefit of the doubt and paid for another heating base only to have it fail after another few months.  The owner will tell you that you cleaned it wrong or that it failed because you didn't buy his filters from him only.  I owned 2 other brands of countertop water distillers before I went with American Water Distillers and those two had lasted me 16 years!  I went through 2 heating elements (in the base) in under 3 months with American Water Distillers and the owner will do nothing for you.   Customer service...forget it.  There is no such thing as a call back and the only way Dave will answer the phone is if you choose the sales option in his phone directory choices.  He's your best buddy when you're buying but a total putts when it comes to standing behind the product he sells.Please do yourself a favor and stay away from him.  He has multiple company names probably because his reputation is so poor.  He tends to land on the top of Google searches because he's an aggressive advertiser so watch out.  I believe he may be out of New Jersey and may have a (740) telephone exchange if I remember correctly.  I warned him I would tell the truth to others if he kept up the excuses...he still didn't care.  He'll leave you high and dry minus a couple hundred bucks too.   I should mention that I had the same type of stainless steel lined countertop distillers that I cleaned exactly the same way for years.  Just wait until he tries to shell out his BS about the science behind a stainless steel liner and how using a soft cloth voids your warranty.  He's a real joker.  He's the epitome of a shyster.  I have a water softener and I had hardly any mineral deposits was never the issue.  The issue was a garbage heating element most likely made in china so don't let his business name fool you.  Lets just hope he reaps what he sows. 
Entity: , Internet
31, Report #23288
Jun 23 2002
12:27 PM
Pennsylvania American Water Company consumer fraud ripoff deceptive company Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
I moved into my home at the end of September 2001. The previous owner, Al Bach, had removed his mothers name from the utilities on roughly september 18th. During the second week of October 2001, The water meter reader came over and said he had no name on the bill. I gave him our name and told him we moved in at the end of september. I get my water bill in December-483.00! I called the Pennsylvania American Water Company and told them I could not possibly have used 88000 gallons of water. They said there had to be a mistake and that they would send someone out to check the meter. So they come out-check it and see we have no swimming pool, we had not power washed the house-had not even washed the car-we didn't even have a garden hose yet because it was Fall. He tells me he will see what we use in the next few months and base the bill on that because he said they did not expect us to pay a 500 dollar water bill-that there had to be a mistake. Nobody ever comes out-and I keep getting my water bill-(with us using an average of 7000 gal. per month)with the added 483.00 from the first bill. Then I recieve a shut off notice. I called them-they said you are responsible for the water usage I told him that 88000 was a years worth of water. Then he tells me the meter read that we used 81000 gallons of that water in just one week! 11,000 gallons per day.I told him that was not possible. He said prove to us YOU DIDN'T USE IT I told him for that much water to leave the house-you would have to open a main line. My guess is this: The previous owner, Al Bach, did not pay his mothers water bill in full-when he took her name off the bills, she had a balance and the Pennsylvania American Water Company is trying to transfer the balance on to us. I have filed a complaint with the PUC. In September, it will be nearly a year and this is still not resolved. Pennsylvania American Water company is corruptive and dishonest. They tell you 'we don't expect you to pay this ridiculous bill-there had to be an error' but then they go back on their word and say prove to us you didn't use it even though they know it would be impossible to use 81000 gallons of water in one week. And if they are covering for the previous owner and trying to transfer the balance on to us-they are readying themselves for a lawsuit. E Shickshinny, Pennsylvania
Entity: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
32, Report #948223
Sep 28 2012
08:20 PM
American Water Distillers No back up help, let the buyer beware unknown, New Jersey
Water distiller (latest one gallon model) worked fine for several months, then started producing 1/2 gallon from a full tank and is now down to 1/4 gallon per full tank. Cleaning the tube (as suggested in their troubleshooting information) did nothing to speed it up. the stainless steel tank is rusting and the seal on the top part pushes the fan/cooling coil cover up about 1/4 inch after running for a few minutes. Called the number printed on the machine for help or information and got a recording, left my contact number and never heard from this outfit. I've had it with this company.
Entity: unknown, New Jersey
33, Report #350381
Jul 12 2008
07:22 AM
American Water Distillers Unreliable Distillers, No Service after sale, Rude owner!!! SCAM!!! Toronto Ohio
Buyer beware, bought a 400$ water distiller from this company, and after 4 months it's broke. Call the service line to get service, forget it, they never call back, and when you get him on the phone he hangs up on you. This is clearly a one man operation, he uses 3 websites that I have found: it's all the same phone number, but there is never an address on any of the websites, and no email address, he is clearly a scam artist BEWARE!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THESE COMPANIES!!! Truthseeker123 penticton, British ColumbiaCanada
Entity: Toronto, Ohio
34, Report #1061896
Jun 25 2013
09:02 AM
I ordered a water distiller which broke down after two months of normal daily usage. I called the company's customer service and left several messages, but nobody ever returned my calls. It dawned on me that I have to look elsewhere for parts and advice to repair my unit. I suggest not to to purchase anything from this so called business. You may find a lot of derogatory reports about this supplier here and all over the internet.    
Entity: Internet
35, Report #1366624
Apr 08 2017
02:17 PM
American Water Services HAVE BEEN HAD FOR YEARS LAS VEGAS Nevada
RE: American Water Resources. For several years I have paid them for insuring my home water lines and never received confirmation of my protection. Recently, in January 2017, I sent them my reneual check, and on February I received an invoice to pay for my reneual. I, in turn, sent them a copy of the cancelled check they deposited in the bank and asked them to confirm my reneual. They never did. I then called them three (3) times and they never returned my call. So here I am in limbo.
Entity: LAS VEGAS, Nevada
36, Report #1226128
May 01 2015
06:14 AM
Valley Environmental Resources Aqua Guard Water Filtration Systems Charged $ 80,- for telling me to fill my water softener reservoir with salt Peoria Arizona
I  purchased  a  home  which  had  a  Aqua Guard   water  softener  with  their  phone  number  on  it.   I  called  the  number  and  asked  if  they  could  send  me  an  owner's  manual.  The  lady  on  the  phone  looked  up  the  property  address  and  said  this  system  has  to  be  serviced,  it  has  not  been  serviced  for  years   The  next  day  she  called  me  saying    I  have  some  technicians  on your  street,  they  probably  have  an  owner's  manual  for  you,  do you  want  them  to stop  by  at  your  house ?Five  minutes  later  a  van  with  two  guys  showed   up.  They  looked  at  my  system  and  one  guy  said   there  is  nothing   to  service,   the  only  service  is  filling  up  the   reservoir  with  salt  which  you   have  to  buy.   Then  he  emptied  a  small  envelope  into  the  reservoir  and  demanded   $ 80,-  from  me.   The  other  guy  said  I  will  check  if   we  have  an  owner's  manual  in  the  van    went  to  the  van  and  explained   sorry,  we  don't  have  a  manual  but  we  will   mail  one  to  you.I   asked  them  why  I  should  pay   $ 80,-   if  no  service  was  performed   and  the  answer  was  it   was  a  service  call  and  you   also  have  to  pay  our  insurance.After  I  filled  the   reservoir  with  salt,  the    water  in  my  house  turned  black  and  I  called  Valley  Environmental  Services.   The  lady  who  answered  the  phone  said  it  is  normal,  just  let  the  water  run  for  a  few  minutes  and  it  will  be  clear.   The  water   was  black  for  several  month  and  even  now,   almost  a  year  later,   sometimes  it  is  black.    I  don't   feel  that  any  service  was  provided.  They  didn't  even  send  me  the  owner's  manual,  as  promised.     It  was  a  total  rip  off.   Don't   even  call  this  company.  
Entity: Peoria, Arizona
37, Report #597273
Apr 27 2010
09:36 AM
Landscape Resources, Inc. Poor service, unresponsive and arrogant attitudes at Landscape Resources. Left with a dead yard and $1,000 water bill Orlando, Florida
I want to tell the true story about this company. This company maintained my yard and it died and we fired them and told them we wanted a discount for the bill.  We offered them $500.00 to settle but they refused. They filed a collection against me on my credit report.  I have disputed this collection notice and have never been contacted by a collection agency or have signed an agreement.  Additionally, the service was very, very poor.   Poor service, Grass died, trees died.   Adjusted our water without my permission and we had bills over $1,000 a month for water.  They had the water coming on days that were not allowed in the county and staying on for hours.  Since hiring the new company, my bill was reduced (they over charged too) and my home is looking much better.  I would never, ever recommend or hire them to do lawn service at your home or business. Larry Lanpher managed our account at Landscape Resources in Orlando, FL and when indicated the poor service they performed, he was unresponsive and did not care.  He was impossible to deal with and almost arrogant by his actions.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
38, Report #199928
Jul 07 2006
06:45 PM
Pace Financial Resources North American Prize Pool Lottery Scam Canadian Lottery Scam Scarborough Ontario Canada
Fraudulent Lottery/Award Claim Letter Letter will be sent claiming you won an international sweekstakes in the North American Prize Pool, winning a large amount of money. They ask you to call a Canadian phone number for details, then send you a check, asking you to cash it and WIRE them a certain amount of money. They promise to send the larger amount of money AFTER you wire them the smaller amount of money. SCAM--SCAM--SCAM In this case, the check was drawn on the Bank of New York, with accountholder an insurance company. There is no trace of a Pace Financial Resources in Internet phone directories, nor as a professional services firm in the US or Canada. This follows pattern of similar bogus Canadian lottery/sweepstakes scams. Anonymous Everywhere, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Scarborough, Ontario
39, Report #163486
Nov 05 2005
06:06 PM
American Premium Warehouse - Integrtel - Billing Resources ripoff, took advantage of me for 5 months Internet
Upon receiving my recent phone bill, I noticed a 14.95 charge by The Billing Resource on behalf of American Premium Warehouse. After consulting with my phone company, I was made aware that these rip off companys had been billing me since July. July & August were for Integratel. Sept. Oct. & November were for American Premium Warehouse. The phone company & I together placed a call to the only one that would answer (Integratel 1-800-736-7500) After receiving my information,The phone company and I was informed that the call would be expidited and someone would be contacting me within 24 hours, like I beleave that. Well I told the representative that if the charges were not removed I would look into filling a law suit! I am very disgusted that this can happen to innocent people who turn into the victims of these internet con artist. After reading this web site I can clearly see I am not the only victim. I guess I will follow up on Monday during business hours with The Billing Resource to see if I can get anywhere with this. Sharon Polk City, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
40, Report #211984
Sep 20 2006
01:43 PM
North American Financial Resources ripoff, Scam Watch yourself these guys suck something fierce! New York New York
My wife and I got approved for a loan with these guys and they said we needed to make a security payment of $1,382.78. We then western unioned the money to Canada and never heard from them again. I'm tring to hunt them down. If you come across these guys please don't send them any money. Don't let these guys get away with any more of our hard earned AMERICAN dollars. These Canadians need to learn how to make an honest living. Protect all AMERICANS from these guys tell everyone you know about them. Let's stop them before they get any more AMERICAN dollars. Alan arvada, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
41, Report #871037
Apr 19 2012
05:26 PM
AMERICAN f inancial resources inc Wholesale Mortgage Division O so slow Parsippany , New Jersey
 It took two and a half months to find out they couldn't give me a loan. They also work with Global EQUITY FINANCE INC. San Diego, CA Read  RIP OFF REPORT on them too. Dont use either company  Bad to the Bone.
Entity: Parsippany, New Jersey
42, Report #187583
Apr 19 2006
08:04 PM
Grand Voyager Travel, American Voyager Travel, Travel Resources Travel scam Ripoff Dallas Texas
It is such a shame that honest people can be taken so easily. We signed up to become independent travel agents of this company on Thursday, 4/13/2006. Not knowing anything about the travel industry, we believed what they told us. We could not afford the first price they were quoting to become a member sooooo they nicely gave us a price that we COULD afford, so we signed up with them. We got a call from a foreign speaking man on Tuesday, 4/18/2006 saying our debit card would not go through. We put him on hold, checked our bank account online, there was plenty of money to cover the amount needed. I told the caller there was nothing wrong with our checking account, he asked me to give him our debit card number so he could see if he had the correct number. We may be dumb but we're not stupid, I told HIM to give me the number he was using and the amount he was trying to withdraw. After considerable shuffling of papers and speaking with someone in the background (also foreign), he finally gave me the correct number and amount. I told him to try again. We then checked the pending section of our bank account and found 3 withdrawals we did not make totalling $1,076. Today, we checked with our bank and found out that the money was deducted by someone named John Hiss in Nebraska!!!!! The bank called and spoke with him and we also spoke with him. He advised that he worked for Grand Voyager and had been asked by Mr. Samie (sp?) the owner, to get the money. I told him we were starting a Fraud Investigation regarding his activity because we HAD NOT authorized his withdrawal of ANYTHING from our account in his own personal name. Our bank is cancelling our debit card and issuing a new one and they will not deduct the withdrawals by this John Hiss from our account. We sent an email to Michelle Meradith with WESH TV in Orlando to see if she would do a report on this company so that no one else in the area would be taken. If you've suffered from this scam and live in the WESH area, send an email to Michelle also. Barbara & Allen Melbourne, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
43, Report #210150
Sep 08 2006
09:19 PM
North American Financial Resources Don't get suckered, these people are scum! ripoff New York New York
These people are smooth, too smooth. I was desperate (with only fair credit) and applied for a loan through them. I would have done more homework but was under a time crunch. Basically, these people have you wire a cash collateral to a third-party lender to receive a loan. The only problem is, you don't receive a loan after successfully sending the collateral. Also, I couldn't get hold of my loan officer, a Mr. Alec Stockton, or his boss, a Mr. Michael Rose on the date (9/8/06) when my loan was supposed to be in my bank account. No return calls, nothing. Don't waste time or money dealing with these clowns! I've already filed an FTC complaint. Hopefully, law-enforcement will catch up to this scam outfit. T Washington, District of ColumbiaU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
44, Report #636024
Aug 31 2010
11:07 AM
Global Water Co. Global Water Resources Interesting bill error puzzled about this and documenting it- Maricopa, Arizona
We have lived at our home for exactly one year.  On 8/29 I go get the mail and am suprised to find 2 water bills in our box.  One is addressed to us, one is adressed to another couple with our mailing address.  Our bill says credit balance do not pay.  Subsequent examination reveals that our deposit of 150.00 we put up a year ago has been applied towards our bill. Ok, no has been a year of uninterrupted service and no late payments and I see that they are refunding this amount as promised.  I make a mental note that I need to call them in the morning about the other address error and go off to bed.  Next morning, my Hubby, who gets up way earlier for work, sees the unopened bill sitting there and opens it up to see how much it is.  He reminds me to pay the bill when I get up and I inform him we have a credit.  I bring to his attention about the mis-addressed bill, and we examine them both now since it's open.  SAME ACCOUNT NUMBER  SAME METER NUMBER and of course same address.  But they have an outstanding balance.  Hmmmm.  I call customer service who is pretty baffled at first.  They ask me does such-and-such live or lives there?  No.  How about Mrs. Such-and-such?  No.  I believe my exact words were sir this is a single family dwelling and NOONE has ever lived here before us at this address; it was built and stood vacant for 2 years and we are the first owners I am documenting this here to add to it if I hear another peep from them.  I have been informed that an adjusted bill will be sent out to me promptly (adjusted on what, actually, since I have a CREDIT?) And supposedly the error has been fixed by them. the other customers live on Vxxx Cxxx; not on your street, W.Vexxxxxxx that's a 2 word street, not a 1 word with a W. FOR WEST    (duh) I mapquested it and it is over one mile away; not even in the same subdivision.  How in the hell can they have the same meter number  I wonder?  Does noone go to verify this when they turn the water on, as to which number the meter is? And same account number: do they just go close down accounts without asking the person paying the bill currently if they are moving or not?  Further examination of MY bill says FINAL BILL  (final? who told you I was moving?  I didn't!) I sure hope I don't have a problem with these guys about this.  Anyone who can make major clerical blunders like this needs to be watched closely.  And a utility company that goes ahead and turns on service for someone without asking the last resident if they are still there or not needs to be watched closely as well.
Entity: Maricopa, Arizona
45, Report #437782
Mar 26 2009
04:54 AM
American Water Rescources Insurance for your water and sewer lines, this is a joke, they dont cover anything. Alton Illinois
I had been a customer of American Water Rescources for six years. They state that they will clear ANY blockage on your sewer line. Well I called them, they said they would have to send someone out to fix my problem. The rattiest looking, most unproffesional plumber from Resolve Rooter came to my home. Seemed to be a mere child, MAYBE 19 years old. He came to my house, could not clear my blockage, so they came back two days later with a camera to camera my line. Turns out I have a belly in my line, and guess what.....American Water Rescources does'nt cover bellys. I called up and spoke with Dina, she stated to me that A belly is'nt a blockage so it's not covered........ How in the world, per the Terms and Conditions of my contract (which I had them send to me via physical mail), that all blockages would be cleared. I could not flush my toilets, use my showers, or anything in the home because my main sewer line was blocked by this belly. Well I advised them I was going to take legal action against them, and after four days of staying in a hotel going back and forth with them and the idiots from Resolve Rooter, finally came out, and fixed the problem. After the hotel bill, the cleanup bill (which is not covered either, huh), and the wonderful $50.00 service fee, it would have just been cheaper to have the work done myself. I promptly cancelled their services after the work is complete. My advise to you, just handle your own problem, if you use these guy's service, cancel it. If your considering using their services, just realize why they only operate in 14 states, for a reason. Ryan glen carbon, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Alton, Illinois
46, Report #932306
Aug 24 2012
09:03 PM
AMERICAN WATER DISTILLERS LOVE WATER DISTILLER Inferior/Used Merchandize / Porter always drunk when he called...when I called / sang and laughed at me Newfoundland, New Jersey
I ordered a Love Water Distiller (box says American Water Distiller) from Ric's Picks through Yahoo. When it arrived the box was twisted because it had been packed unprofessionally and cheaply.  Upon close inspection and major cleanup of the merchandise I noted that the lid (fan) was dirty as a fan becomes when it has been in use for sometime.  After clean-up and assembly, I plugged it in as directed and there was no electrical connection....not even a buzz. I called the number in the ad on-line 3 times, got a recording, explained the problem, no response.  When Edward Porter (740-544-5842) finally returned my call he was drunk, slurring his words and wanted to know how he could help me......I explained that the distiller was not working.....he said it wasn't his problem to call whomever sold it to me. (well, gee, I thought he did). I then contacted Ric Deddy, Owner and Manager by email.  He seemed concerned and said he would get back to me.  I told him about Mr. Porter's drinking problem and how absolutely rude he was. The following day, before 7am, I received 4 phone calls from Mr. Porter....I finally answered the 4th call and he, drunk, proceeded to sing Old McDonald Had A Farm from start to finish, then would laugh and sing some more.  I finally told him to sober up before calling me and I hung up....he was incoherent.  He called 3 more times in the afternoon...still drunk.  Somehow I got another phone number for him (740-544-9999). Mr. Deddy and I exchanged multiple emails and I explained to him that I am 81 and handicapped and not able to re-pack the faulty, inferior merchandise he had sent me for $188.99 through my American Express credit card.  My credit card statement showed Ric's Picks .com LLC  New Jersey. There would be no responsibility on his part for what the postage would cost me to return useless cheap merchandise even if I could find someone to do the repack...their box was badly damaged, over-used and not sturdy enough to do a re-pack.  He offered to send me a new wasn't the top that wasn't operable .... it was the bottom part....I told him no and if he wanted the defective merchandise back he would have to have it picked up and I would expect a credit to my Am Exp account. I checked comments regarding this apparent scam and I saw many, many negative comments ....including the drunk Mr. Porter and his slurring along with extreme rudeness.  I have learned to look up these comments prior to purchase...not after. As a last resort, I contacted American Express and they relieved my mind regarding the charges and said they would contact Mr. Deddy and keep me informed.  The charges were removed from my account, but, Mr. Deddy has not paid American Express at the time of this writing.   This all took place in April, 2012. 
Entity: Newfoundland, New Jersey
47, Report #1429725
Feb 17 2018
10:25 AM
american home shield water heater went out Nationwide
i would not recomend a h s they do not stand behind their customersa.h.s. sent out service contractors plumbing ,they agreed that it needed replacement. said they had to get it approved by a.h.s. which they approved. then i got a call back ,was told i would have to pay over 400. for permits and upgrades. i called a.h.s. and told them ,they told me they would pay for the water heater ,but the rest was between me and the not expect a.h.s. to stand behind you and do what they advertise. they send somebody out you pay your service fee then you are at the mercy of the contractor they can charge whatever they want
Entity: Nationwide
48, Report #371625
Sep 10 2008
11:34 AM
We Beat Prices,, American Water Distillers,, Stay Away Iternet Internet
I bought a water distiller in August 2008. I called first to ask about a warranty and was told it had a 1 year limited warranty. The distiller produces foul water and I called customer service to ask about returning it. I was told no returns, and was insulted by the sales person saying I was illiterate because I couldn't read that all sales were final. I asked to speak with a supervisor, he refused and insulted me further, going on to say that I could ask what color his shoes were and it wouldn't get me anywhere. I asked for information on the manufacturer, he wouldn't give me any. No warranty booklet was enclosed with the packet. He said I was stupid because I didn't push number 2 for customer service instead of sales, so I called back and pushed 2 and left a message. The same person called me back and finally disclosed that they were the manufacturer and that no the warranty is only a courtesy, no written one available. On it on it went. Stay Away Ladyamyil pawleys, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
49, Report #434198
Mar 14 2009
11:44 AM
We Beat Prices, American Water Distillers Bad Business, Do not Order No Address On Web Site Internet
I purchased the model 4 distiller and broke down a week after warranty expired. I had to order a new base as heating element is built in. After hanging up I remembered I needed a filter. I called back within three minutes and was told filter would be added to my order. I received the base with no filter. I called back and was told they forgot to put it in and they would not wave a new $5 shipping charge. I was also then informed that my filter order could not be edited into the computer 3 minutes after the original order. Orders are edited on a computer before shipment is packed with all other company's I have dealt with. Why did he tell me the filter would be added when I place original order? The same guy always answers the phone and he seems to be very dissatisfied with what he does. He also has no knowledge on the product he sells. If you want any type of customer service with this company forget it. Also you receive no paperwork with order so we know the warranty would be denied. The distiller is a two piece unit so the base was ready to go but they did not have a warranty on the base? Jim westfield, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
50, Report #1090908
Oct 25 2013
03:40 PM
American Water Distillers Disgusting slob is running this company! They don't stand behind their product or even return phone calls. Ohio
 I bought my water distiller from American Water Distiller.  It ran ok for about a week then began shutting off early and then began leaking all over my counter and then just quit working altogether.  When I called the number ON the water distiller, I left a request for customer service along with my phone number and the approximate time I bought it (this was required by the disembodied voice on the recording).  I never got a call back.  I called again a few days later and this time pressed #1 for sales.  A guy answered who sounded either like he was drunk or who had recently had a stroke.  He knew absolutely NOTHING about anything regarding their business.  I could go on and on about his behavior, but suffice it to say....don't buy anything from this company.  Their products are inferior and they won't stand behind them when they fail.
Entity: Ohio

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