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1, Report #1402555
Sep 26 2017
05:01 PM
AMP SMART LLC AMP SMART CRIMINAL american fork Nationwide
I have had amp smart for less than 60 days. The sales man Kyle Seiter sold the system falsely and told me only what I needed to hear to sign. I was lied too and mislead by the sales rep. The door bell doesn't work for my house. It is connected by an extension cord that I ran in the attic. I was told there would be an update soon that allowed the chime to be heard on the inside panel. After talking to the tech, he says that is 12 months away at least. I can't hear anyone at the door cause it doesn't chime inside the house only outside. I was not told I needed a existing door bell for that to work. I have a sign saying to knock posted by the doorbell. The z-wave light bulbs don't work for the front or back porch. I have the wrong setup to run just one light. My switches run multiple lights and these light bulbs don't work for flood lights. These bulbs are just sitting in the closet. The video camera disconnects and reconnects randomly in the middle of the night. After the last service techs visit (Sept 26th, the only way for the video camera to work is for me to pay for a wifi extension. The system is faulty, now they ask for me to pay for something else to get the camera to work! The worst part is on Aug 31 the alarm went off while I was away and I missed there call. 45 min after the alarm was set off, I was able to get ahold of someone and they said no authorities had been called ....!!! What is the point of any of this system at this moment? I was sold a alarm system that is wrong for me and my house. No one from this company will wave the contract that is threatening my credit if I don't pay for 5 years or pay the outrages cancellation fee. They keep sending techs out to fix it and even the tech will speak to them about my issue, that only 1 of the 5 components work for my home. The customer service rep would not hear what the tech was saying. He is totally in agreement with what I am explaining. They refuse to cancel and want to replace the equipment with new equipment which I don't need. They want me to pick from the list equipment to replace the things that don't work for my setup. The only thing that would work is a front door pad lock. I have a front door pad lock. I don't want to replace anything cause it is just there way of pushing me around. I don't want the system! They won't put a manager on the phone that will work with me. I don't want the AMP SMART system. I don't want you to send a tech to fix it, you won't listen to anything the tech just told you today. I do not want you to trade/replace equipment for other equipment. AMP SMART I want you to collect your equipment and stop charging me ASAP. I will not pay your cancellation fee, I have had the system for less than 60 days and less than half the components do not work the way the sales man Kyle Seiter explained. You didn't contact the authorities 45 min after an alarm was setoff. That is way over the line when that happened. Holding me to a contract after all this and AMP SMART not hold too there end, this is criminal. As a disabled vet who was taken advantage of at my own doorstep, I ask how can this be legal?
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #1181185
Oct 06 2014
08:59 AM
Exceed LLC/Smart Homeowner Program Smart Homeowner Program Deceptive Contracts Nationwide
  On a Sunday afternoon a man representing Exceed LLC came to my home and told me about the “Smart Homeowners Program”.  He stated this is a program that will pay you, in the form of gift cards, if you will “consider” using one of their member realtors if you decide to sell your home.  He stated you are under no obligation to sell your home and that you can cancel at any time.  He enter my name, address, date of birth, email and phone into his iPad and had me initial and stated we’d receive our first gift card in a matter of days.  Since I wasn’t giving him any personal information (except email) that he couldn’t get himself in 5 minutes on the internet, I felt comfortable with this transaction.   The next day I received my confirmation email.  In it they gave me three days to cancel and included a link to a cancelation form.  I thought this seemed a lot more official and legally binding than the transaction that had gone on the day before so I did a little research on the company and this program and found some information (on rip-off report) that stated I had actually signed a lifelong contract and that there was a penalty for breaking it.  This was a surprise to me as I hadn’t actually signed anything (only initialed an iPad).  I immediately requested a copy of the “contract” I had “signed” from the company.  They were very timely in supplying me with this.    Section 9, Homeowner Termination Option, states that if the homeowner sells their home and does not use a realtor on the list, the homeowner must pay Exceed a 1.2% penalty!  I could not believe this.  That is $1200 per $100k in home value!   They also reserve the right to change the list at any time.  So, you may sign up now knowing that there are several local realtors on the list that you may choose anyway, but what if you don’t sell your home for 5, 10, or even 15 years.  Who knows what the “list” will look like then.   Also, the first paragraph of the contract states “The first gift card shall be delivered one year after enrolling in the program”.  The representative that came to our house said it would arrive in a few days.    It is unethical to have someone enter into a contract without them having knowledge that they are entering into a contract.  It is also unethical to not discuss the penalties for braking a contract.  At no point did the representative state that this was a contract nor did he mention any penalties for braking the contract.  In fact, he stated “you can cancel at any time”.  Technically, he was correct.  As with all contracts, you can cancel, but he insinuated that there was no penalty for canceling.  They played this off as being in a “club” or a member of a “program” not a legally binding contract.   Furthermore, in order to cancel, I had to mail a signed cancelation form postmarked no later than 3 days after the agreement. 
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1117067
Jan 20 2014
04:41 PM
Smart travel & incentives Scam Travel & Incentives!!! Lake Mary Florida
My husband and I received a free rt airfare to anywhere in the US with 3 nights stay and a $50 Travelocity gift card.We had to first send them $100 deposit... Then after almost a year of trying to secure a destination they told us to send another $500 for airline FEES and taxes. I looked at Orbitz to see what just the airfare was and it was $460... Well I thought at least we get the free hotel room... No such luck! It stated once we arrived we had to sit through another awful sales presentation!!! And guess what? More hotel taxes and FEES!!!so of course  i wrote and told them I want my money back... You know where this is going... I only received $80... They took the rest out in fees!!!this company is a total SCAM!!!!  
Entity: Lake Mary, Florida
4, Report #495393
Sep 15 2009
05:42 PM
Smart Modification, LLC Takes Your Money, Doesn't render services, Doesn't Refund. Internet
I spoke with the Colorado Division of Real Estate, a division of Colorados DORA. In discussion with DORA I learned the following.   It is illegal to ask for money upfront for a loan modification in the state of Colorado. I paid a total of $2499, which Smart Modification LLC guaranteed a refund of. My neighbor also paid the same and was guaranteed refund. Smart Modification is now unreachable when I am asking for my refund. Smart Modification has also been unreachable for my neighbor. It is illegal in the state of Colorado without a Mortgage Broker License to provide or represent loan modification services. Smart Modification LLC in accordance to DORA, by sending my file to Nationwide Home Relief, was not in compliance.   Nobody I worked with at Smart Modification has met the current state requirements to hold an active mortgage broker license.   Chandra Spring - Owner Daniel Diaz - Manager Darek Spring - Owner Rob Connell - Operations Manager Kris Ceretto - Modification Specialist   Rob Connell was out of compliance with DORA when Smart Modification took my loan away from Nationwide Home Relief . Smart Modification never paid Nationwide Home Relief to work on my file. Nationwide canceled working on my file due to non-payment. This prolonged my modification process. Rob Connell promised to make things right. Robs statements were       7/30/2009 Robert, Thank you for speaking with me this evening.  I can understand your frustrations and as we discussed today, we will schedule daily updates in order to avoid further misunderstandings.  We both desire the same outcome; a favorable modification on your mortgage.  Per our conversation, I will call you tomorrow on your cell phone.  Should you have any questions or comments prior to then, please feel free to contact me directly at 720-259-5253.  I look forward to resolving this situation and appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you,   Rob Connell Smart Modification 720-259-5253 phone   866-740-9952 fax Taking my file to work on in h ouse, in Colorado was illegal . Illegal to ask for money upfront Illegal to provide or represent loan modifications while unlicensed / out of compliance. I was promised a refund if Smart Modification, LLC did not perform services. Smart Modification was Negligent with my file. Smart Modification never paid their vendor. Smart Modification illegally worked my file. My Bank (Bank of America) never was able to reach Smart Modification, LLC This caused Bank of America to cancel my Loan Modification.   Their Vendors were getting shorted out of money. Trey T - Customer Service   I talked to Atlantic Legal / Nationwide and he stated that Nationwide Home Relief had an agreement with Smart Modification to work on Loan Modifications. Nationwide was completing files and Smart Modification was not honoring their deal with Nationwide.   Nationwide discontinued all processing on Smart Modification Files   This included 100's of files. Nationwide returned these files to Smart Modification.   Smart Modification was getting paid $2499 up front for every file from their customers.   That amount would total over $250,000.00 in illegal files per 100. I was mislead by Smart Modification, LLCs performance history   I was told that Smart Modification has a 96% success rate. A loan modification takes an average of 90 days to complete at minimum. In accordance to the State of Colorado, the company has only been open since 11/03/08. How is this possible, to have a 96% success rate on a process that takes usually 90 days if your time in business is only 60 days? Top of Form ID Number: 20081581095 Name: Smart Modification, LLC Registered Agent: Thank You LLC. Registered Agent Street Address: P.O. Box 1531, Parker, CO 80134, United States Registered Agent Mailing Address: Principal Street Address: P.O. Box 1531, Parker, CO 80134, United States Principal Mailing Address: Status: Good Standing Form: Limited Liability Company Jurisdiction: Colorado Formation Date: 11/03/2008 Term of Duration: Perpetual Annual Report Month: November       Smart Modification, LLC was actively recruiting as an unlicensed Loan Modification Company Sales Representative Company Name: Smart Modification, Inc. Description: One of the Nation's Leading Modification Companies with offices in Downtown Denver, Tech Center, Las Vegas, California, Miami, and New York. What are we looking for? An experienced sales rep that kills inside phone sales to work out of our downtown Denver office. What experience / attributes are needed? 1+ Years Experience Are you this person? Test yourself now! We do not baby our reps. Our reps are here to do one thing and thats make money. If you do not close your first week you will be moving on. Only apply if you are confident in your sales skills. Please reply to this job posting with a resume and an email stating why you would be great for the job. We are looking to start someone ASAP. No recruiting services, please. Compensation: All commission. You are not responsible for generating any leads, we handle all the marketing. New reps will average 4k the first month, 6k the second month, then 8k every month thereafter. I have filed complaints with the following organizations. Department of Real Estate - DORA - Colorado (303) 894-2166 Dept of Financial Institutions 1-877-746-4334 Submitted an Online Form as a complaint. Federal Trade Commission Filed a complaint   Fraud Department Hotline - Bank of America 1-877-283-7283 Filed a Complaint   Denver Economic Crime Unit 1-720-874-8500 Notified Mason Finks , Director of Consumer Protection Colorado Attorney General's Office 1-800-222-4444 Mailed a Consumer Complaint   Better Business Bureau - Colorado 1-303-327-4500 Filed a Complaint  
Entity: Internet, Internet
5, Report #639889
Sep 12 2010
12:59 PM
Smart Soltions Financial Services, LLC. Thieves in the Night Internet
August 2, 2010 my family was locked out of the house we lived in for city code violations. We did have a house lined up, but the city kept denying a pass inspection for us to move in.  We wanted to get into a house as soon as we could because this was our first night living in a hotel and we didn't have the cash to do that for however long it would take our new home to come up to code and pass inspection. I searched a site called Craigslist and found Smart Solutions huge ad in the housing section. I decided to give them a call and see what they could do to help. I was given the voicemail for a guy named Sam. I told him exactly the situation and left my number. He called me that afternoon and set up and appointment with us for 2pm the next day. We showed up at 1:30 the next day and got started. Sam showed us some listings and did what I call the bait and hook. He showed us some 5 bedroom homes right in our price range. After claiming he could get us into some new digs within 48 hours we were ready to move forward.  While I was there, he explained their processes and what kind of financial services they offer and said we would need $850 for their fees.  Since we had $650 deposit on the new home we were going to move into, we decided to get our deposit back and give it to this company to get us into something bigger and affordable.  I left to retrieve the money while my husband stayed there. As I was gone, Sam started to explain to my husband what the $850 was for. To our chagrin, it had nothing to do with a deposit or rent on a new home, but it was just solely for their services.  (I was not made aware of this until AFTER we left the building. ) When I returned to their office, we were rushed over to one of the realtors to start looking for a home. Sam asked for $350 instead of the $850 by way of doing us a favor since you can't afford us and deposit/rent on a home right now.  So we gave him the $350 and we started looking at listings his associate had. The homes he had were nothing like the ones Sam had been showing us. That was the first clue. Then we were given about 17 pieces of paper with listings on them and was told If you see something you like and want to go look at it, give us a call and we will set that up. We left at 3:30pm.  After thinking about everything and weighing the options we had, we decided that we should probably just wait for the new home we had the deposit on. We got up the next day ( August 3 ) and called Smart Solutions at approximately 9:30 in the morning to let them know we changed our minds and no longer needed their services. I got the answering machine and I left my number. After not hearing from them by 10:30, we decided to go to the office. My husband went in and was approached by the realtor who gave us the listings and I assume the manager, Mr. Scharf.  They both told him the money was non-refundable as they had already used it up to find us a place to live. I went inside after I was given this news and debated for 30 minutes why they wouldn't give us our money back. In the end I was told we would have it back in 2 or 3 days. I have called everyday since then and left numerous voicemails without as so much as ONE response. I have reported it to the BBB and these guys said they will not settle. So now I am out $350 without any closure. Maybe it was our fault for not asking more questions, but when the manager looks at you and says it says on our website that monies are non-refundable when he knew I didn't find him on his website, you know something is seriously amiss.  I still have not heard from anyone in the company and I am still pursuing this.
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #509761
Oct 15 2009
11:48 AM
Smart Modification, LLC Chandra Spring - Owner Smart Modification, LLC is RIPOFF they took my $1000.00 and never respond back to us. Parker, Colorado
I went to DORA Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies Home Page for Consumer and found out that it is illegal to ask for money upfront for a loan modification in the state of Colorado. I paid a total of $1000.00, which I never got it from Smart Modification LLC which they guaranteed a refund if the deal didnt go through. Now I have received a note from Smart Modification, LLC dated August 27, 2009 that they were forced to close its doors due to financial inability to continue its operation and they are not able to pay vendors, support contract labor, leases and etc. Smart Modification, LLC took my money and have not modified my loan yet and I want to know if anything can be done to bring these people to justice?
Entity: Parker, Colorado
7, Report #1415062
Dec 04 2017
08:23 PM
Amp Exposure - Greyson Fesperman Smart Circle Unethical Practices Orlando Florida
As a former employee of a Smart Circle office, I cannot even begin to describe how unethical their business practices are. I am writing this in hopes that I can deter someone from making the same mistake I made. I am sure you are reading this post because you (along with 70+ other individuals) have recently received a recruiting call informing you that you were selected for an initial interview. Now, the exact position you applied for is questionable as there are numerous misleading job postings on the web. However, please note that everyone is applying for the exact same position. So, to begin, I'm going to explain the three-part interview process. During phase one, you will come into the office and meet with the President, “Executive,” or “CEO”. He or she will talk at you about contracts they have with top “Fortune 500, big-box retailers”. Due to overwhelming “success” and “growth”, the “company” you are interviewing with is expanding. That’s where you come in. You have applied for a “management in training” position and will be told that in just 6-12 months you will be given a portion of the “clients” to manage on your own. Now, let me be clear, the individual interviewing you does not have a single personal contract. He or she is one of the many incorporated offices working for The Smart Circle (the parent company). Your interviewer makes zero decisions when it comes to the products represented, and he or she has no control over the success of the individuals coming into the company (you). If you are selected for a second round interview, you will be on-site at one of the big-box retailers receiving a “bird’s eye view” into everything that position entails. During that interview, you will spend about an hour shadowing and speaking to someone in “Event Management,” “Campaign Management,” or another similar “title”. You will be shown an event (and at that moment you should realize that you have simply applied for a sales position). If you decide to stick around for the second half of the interview, your interviewer will attempt to paint a picture of the “success” that you could have, and they will explain how you move up within the company. Everyone begins in “entry level”. Your interviewer will tell you that your promotion is based off of your ability to master and duplicate/train a skillset. But, please don’t be fooled! Your “promotion” within the company is 100% based off of your ability to recruit and maintain a “team”. The “company” you have just applied for is the perfect example of a multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme. Simply put, it is a pyramid scheme without the “initial buy-in”. What your interviewer won’t tell you is that if you accept this position you will work countless additional hours off of the clock (in addition to the 10+ hour “solo” days, holidays, and weekends you are already clocking). You will be required to attend and/or conduct unpaid one-on-ones, breakfasts, “business dinners”, Saturday morning meetings, and team nights. You will begin distancing yourself from your true friends and family in order to maintain an artificial friendship/relationship with your “owner” (yes, “owner” is what your new boss is called) and team. An “ownership mentality” will be drilled into your head, and, once brainwashed like I was, you will begin thinking “time now for time later”. I know of multiple people (including myself) who have given up on their dreams because of this scheme. Dreams including: finishing undergrad, attending grad school, applying for the ideal job, and attending weddings, funerals, and showers. Please don’t fall down the rabbit hole! Now, I don’t want to go into too much detail when it comes to pay because the structure varies from office to office. However, you will essentially make minimum wage plus commission; all while dreaming of making upwards of $75,000+ during your first year in executive management. (For the record, my bi-weekly paychecks rarely exceeded $600 after taxes). If you’re still drinking the Kool-Aid, the third round interview’s purpose is to clear up any questions you may have. And, hopefully at this point you have a lot of questions. If you are offered a position with the “company” and accept, congratulations? Once employed, you will attend Monday-Friday morning meetings (and Saturday, once you are promoted out of “Entry Level”) where you will take notes on impacts and workshops focused on: how to maintain your attitude, how to avoid negative influences (i.e. – people in your life encouraging you to see reality), and how to sell (you are a salesperson, after all!). Ownership mentality, time now for time later, and going the extra mile will be the anthems of these meetings. Your owner will frequently run “opportunity” meetings where they brag about how much money they make or how much money another owner in the business makes. Researching The Smart Circle a little further will prove that owners are almost always lying about their yearly salary (this is based off of reports from former owners). After the morning meeting, you will head off to your assigned event. You will be responsible for your own gas and car maintenance (while being paid for travel only when you travel from the office to an event, from an event to another event, or from an event back to the office). Sometimes your commute will be upwards of one-hour, one-way. If you ever take a “road trip” or “business trip” trough the company be prepared to share a bed and pay for every meal. If you decide to stay with the company and begin building a team, say “goodbye” to free time. In addition to constantly being on the phone, your owner will encourage you to “secret shop” (AKA – spy on) other employees. Networking with individuals in your office and around the country, employed by different offices, will be required constantly. You will have to “break down your day” (AKA – pull out negatives and set goals) after each shift. And, once you begin building a “team” of your own, your pyramid will begin calling you daily so that they can break down their day. It’s a good thing I had unlimited minutes... I know of multiple individuals who are/were in “the business” for 2+ year. Yet, they haven’t been promoted to “ownership” (That’s a really long “6-12 months” in sales, if you ask me!!) Now, if you happen to build a team and make it through the “management in training” program, you will move away to open a “new” Smart Circle office in a city where a previous office likely failed. I really could go on and on, but I’ll leave you with this. No, it’s not a “scam”. It is possible for you to open up an office of your own. But, you will have to ask yourself, “Is the personal investment and sacrifice really worth it for minimal financial gain?” I encourage you to make your own, educated decision. But, please be cautious! They say, “Time now for time later!” But, just remember, you can’t get lost time and memories with family and loved ones back once it’s gone.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
8, Report #508640
Oct 13 2009
02:07 PM
Smart Modification, LLC Doug Lieber, Told us our loan was modified and payed them almost $3000 to find out it wasn't Parker, Colorado
Contacted Smart Modification, LLC in February 2009 to modify our loan.  Worked with them for several months and was finally told it was done and all we needed to do was sign the papers and pay them almost $3000.  Did it and just found out in September nothing had been done, the paperwork was just a ploy to drag us along, and we are now unable to contact them.  We have been scammed for a lot of money which we borrowed from our neice and are further in debt.  Can anything be done to bring these people to justice?
Entity: Parker, Colorado
9, Report #389553
Nov 09 2008
10:29 PM
Smart Savings Center LLC Amazon unauthorized withdraws Boca Raton Florida
Smart Savings Center and Amazon are charging an unathurazied monthly fee. I will do the following. 1. Contact my banker 2. Contact the BBB 3. Email everyone in my address book (long list) 4. Call every friend and family member 5. Go into great detail in every chat room It is time to STOP allowing big name companies to roll all over the average person - shame on you. Juliann Plymouth, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
10, Report #507625
Oct 11 2009
08:55 AM
Smart Modification, LLC may have cost me my home...not to mention the illegal fee they took upfront from me. Parker, Colorado
Rob Connell, Derek Spring and all others involved in this scam are real @#$&^#^$%$ people.  As others who have reported, I may lose my home as a result of their scam. Having spoken to the State's Attorney in Colorado, I've now learned it's illegal in Co. to take money upfront from clients.  That was over $2000.00 in my case. Smart Mod had me talking to Bank of America representatives at several points and now I don't even know for sure that the folks I spoke with were legit because I've subsequently learned some of the information I was told is inaccurate so ??????? I received the foreclosure sign on Thursday upon returning home from work.  In spite of having received an update phone message from Smart Mod only about 10 days ago, I was unable to reach anyone or leave a message on any of the many phone numbers or email addresses I had. Since speaking to Bank of America I may be luckier than others in that a modification application was submitted in August 2009 according to a representative form Bank of America I frantically spoke with this past Friday.  Whether or not it will keep me from foreclosure I don't know yet.  Had Smart Mod filed the paperwork the first 2 times I had been told it had been (by Rob Connell and others) I would know by now where I stand and not getting sick worrying. Before I engaged this company I checked with the Better Business Bureau and couldn't find anything.  As an average consumer I was totally duped by not knowing the right questions to ask.
Entity: Parker, Colorado
11, Report #474676
Jul 29 2009
03:49 PM
Smart Payment Plan, LLC Company does NOT make loan payments as promised Santa Monica California
This company was supposed to take out money from our checking account biweekly and make biweekly payments on our automobile loan. They do not. They took our money, but made no payments. We contacted them by email and by telephone and they acted like they had just made a mistake and would take care of it. All they took care of was stealing my money. We are contacting the District Attorney in Santa Monica and will also pursue civil action against them Earl p Jacksonville, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Santa Monica, California
12, Report #808850
Dec 13 2011
02:17 PM
Smart Tools LLC Edge Financial, Inc, Member/Manager Another work at home scam Cheyenne, Wyoming
I Just received a post card suggesting a government job opportunity.  It reads like this: WE'VE BEEN TRYING TO REACH YOU RE: IMMEDIATE OPPORTUNITY to work as Government Insurance Refund Processor * Starting at up to $37,532 per year DOE * Work from home / Flexible hours / No weekends * Processing Government Insurance Refunds to homeowners * Duties include: Receiving, Screening, and Processing FHA refund notices * No experience necessary Start Monday Call 1-833-961-1751 I called and, after asking a few questions, found out that the company sending the notice was Smart Tools, LLC,  located in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and told them I'd call them back. I then did some research online with the Wyoming Better Business, and Secretary of State that shows that it is a real business, but found that the company did not substantiate their earnings claims. I was unable to find anything posted at Rip Off, so I went to and got an eye full!  The money is not there unless you have a personal refund claim to file.  The only positive remarks posted were for people who had personal claims to file, because it gave them the information they needed to get their refund back. Please refer to to review the many, many, many comments posted.
Entity: Cheyenne, Wyoming
13, Report #728226
May 11 2011
07:47 PM
Live Smart Solutions LLC Isabel De Los Rios Rip-off internet company did not supply weight loss program and cookbooks I ordered and paid for. Internet
On April 27, 2011 I ordered over the internet a weight loss program titled Flat Belly Solutions from Live Smart Solutions LLC, AKA Certified Nutritionist and Exercise Secialist, Isabel De Los Rios. I used a bank debit card which paid immediately. I also ordered 3 cookbooks. I thought it sounded very legitimate but have not received anything in two weeks. I see where others have also been ripped off by the same company. Too late for me, I hope this can help others.
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #882000
May 13 2012
12:10 PM
Smart Mouth Mobile LLC Simon Wilby Simon Wilby once again ripping people off - no payment of wages in over 3 mths Internet
I meet Simon in Las Vegas where I live - last December. He has companies registered here (that are registered businesses only), but lives in Canada. He is trying to get USA residency. My friend had told me about Simon prior to me meeting him. He had told her stories of how he was a wealthy inventor, who moved to Barbados to start a Solar Company, where he was going to get millions of dollars for his inventions. Then the locals tried to k*ll him and he had to flee back to Canada for safety. I told her he sounded like a con man who was full of it back then. And then I meet him. And due to his accent and stories, I fell for him. We seamed to have a strong connection, and while I knew he was exaggerating alot, he was charming. And then he asked me to marry him, and I was so caught up in the drama I said yes. He tried to tell stories of him being an english spy, and how he worked with the FBI uncovering  drug busts. However, none of the stories were consistent. Simon asked me to work for him as the CEO of his self proclaimed successful company. At the time I had a 6 figure job with a large business here. He promised me a salary plus 5% shares when the company sold. I agreed. On digging into the financials and downloads, it was found the company had made but a few thousand dollars, and could not afford to pay for wages or for any marketing or promotions. After reading the other lady's report here from 2008, I see how he used my business skills and credit card, to assist in the building of his new business. This non payment of wages effected us greatly, as I pay for my daughters schooling monthly, and need wages!! During my short time with Smart Mouth Mobile, it was clear to me that they rarely paid their suppliers, and were in constant disputes with their developers and hosting company. To cut a long story short Simon, went back to Canada, leaving his computer here for me to use. As he didnt sign out of his skype account, all the conversations he was having with other people appeared on the screen in real time. Here is what I found out about him while we were engaged and I was working for him: The ring he brought me was suppose to be 4 k. But it ends up being a fake diamond ring ouch The company had no money for marketing or little else, and Simon to this day still has not paid me for the 3 months I wasted working with him. I will be reporting this as well. Simon wasted realtors and my time, looking for luxury real estate around town with a fraudulent bank statement - showing $32,000,000, so he could pretend he was rich and see these properties. Same with Towbins car dealership. He has previously shown fradulant tax returns to realtors to do the same thing - copies of these can be supplied. He had NUMEROUS skype conversations with other women during our time of engagement asking these women to tell him they loved him, plus many other things. In these conversations, Simon tells these women he is in exotic locations do exciting business. He posts pictures of these locations on his facebook account, and then pretends - in this one case - he is with a film crew, and people are coming and going from his hotel room. Meantime, he is broke in his house in Pridis, Calgary. Simon lied and denied all of the above, and then I emailed him the copied skype conversations, where he still tried to make excuses. He would drink excessively and call excessively, being extremely rude and insulting. I could go on and on. But ladies & investors just know, this man is a seasoned Narcissistic, passive aggressive, & convicted con man. Do not fall for his lies. I thank GOD I found out all of this information before I married him!
Entity: Internet, Internet
15, Report #1009972
Feb 06 2013
03:18 PM
Work Smart Leads llc LESTER A, GREEN; Jeremiah B. Johnson Send These Creeps to Jail! CALL THE COPS!!! MY AGENCY RIPPED OFF Bradenton, Florida
CAUTION:  My agency has spent more than a thousand dollars on these worthless bogus leads. They talk really smoothe, will say anythingt to get your money. No good leads, braudulant, they have not a office address according to the BBB. Do not do business with a Lester A. Green AKA Jeremiah B. Johnson.  Many complaints on this company from the AG's office in Florida.  Work smart and do not do businessw with crooks.
Entity: Bradenton, Florida
16, Report #1317788
Jul 19 2016
03:25 PM
Smart One Energy LLC They SAY they're offering a discount of 10% but it's a scam! Wesley Hills New York
They called my home phone saying they're giving a 10% discount for any home heating account to qualified customers.  They wanted me to provide them with my current electric/gas utility account number for PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric).  It sounded like a scam right off the bat.  I said, what makes me a qualified customer?  He said that anyone using energy for heating is a qualified customer.  I said I'd call back and he gave me his name and number: David Gray / 888-363-4976 When I did a Google search on the phone number, I came up with the scam reports.  They want to get your heating account number so they can switch your account over to them.  This has now been verified as I have read other complaints of people actually going through with it and then trying to switch back to their original utility company.
Entity: Wesley Hills, New York
17, Report #1299910
Apr 15 2016
10:07 AM
Smart Move Industries LLC James Navarro (Owner) BROKE MY NEW REFRIGERATOR AND REFUSE TO PAY Totowa Nationwide
I contracted with Smart Move Industries for my move and they dropped my new refrigerator door, broke the shelves, and split the walls. This is an approximate $2,000 loss.    James Navarro, owner, has not moved to reinburse me and does does not respond except as noted in my BBB Complaint under his company name. Although he admits to the damage, he has yet to pay for his negligence.    The State Attorney General has launched and investigation and has offered me assistance in this matter.  I have intentions to contact Help Me Howard or Channel 12 News for further assistence.    DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE!
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #1323057
Aug 17 2016
02:51 PM
Smart Trucking 1 LLC Kelly Campbell Ripping off brokers that supply the company work miramar Florida
This company does not pay its suppliers of work.Collects broker fees on delivery and fails to pay  the brokers and steals there money. They have been doing this to many brokers and there ratings in the industry are dropping fast . Do not trust them to move any vehicles as the brokers can file a lien against your vehicle for non payment. The provide no reviews or information on licensing and no emails. Beware of working with them.
Entity: miramar, Florida
19, Report #1205075
Jan 28 2015
02:57 PM
Live Smart Solutions LLC Beyond Diet Isabel de los Rios FAQ and MEMBER TEAM SUPPORT brought up blank screens Manchester Center, Vermont
I joined on 9-8-14. I spent $154.90,  and received  several cookbooks etc. I then started receiving daily emails From Isabelle de los Rios.  My bank pointed out to me that I was being charged $14.95/month  for miscellaneous services which was actually Beyond Diet. I wished to cancel these e-mails and monthly charges.   I then went to the e-mails they sent me to send a reply. Replying to their e-mails brought up a donotreply e-mail. Clicking on the link that was supposed to be a survey of our satisfaction: the link was unresponsive. Clicking on the FAQ link brought up a blank screen. Clicking on the Member Team Support link brought up a blank screen. I suppose my last resort is to send them a registered letter. What do you recommend?        
Entity: Manchester Center, , Vermont
20, Report #1065834
Dec 09 2013
12:17 PM
Starr & Associates LLC Broker Oil & Gas Internet
 I am filing this complaint as I was hired by this company and fired the first day of work. I had applied to Bobby Starr and was reccommended by my former Crew Chief from Exterra Resources. I had waited two months and when not called I left for North Dakota to seek employment. I had gotten to Wisconsin when Melanie the Mother to the person I had been contacted by and she wanted me to start work the following Monday. I accepted and at the time I thought I was Land Negotiations and the night before and even then I was not told the extent of duties I was going to perform. I had run title prior but had not done Complete Abstracting. After working the entire day I advised Melanie the women who hired me I had never done full abstracting package prior. She stated then that if I had run 100 yrs of title no problem. Then about two hours later she sends mer an email telling me that I was fired. I had come all the way back to Ohio went to work and could have performed to the best of my experience but the deal was that I informed Melanie I was in Wisconsin. In returning I would have additonal costs, not to mention the travel. When I filed the expense report I was told to bad not paying. I wont accpt not being compensated for my mileage or time. I want my full pay $971.00 nothing less. I want this broker to never do this to anyne esle.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1233061
Jun 02 2015
04:04 PM
Smart House Calls LLC Dr Troy Heidesch Troy Heidesch Smart House Calls LLC Do NOT use this company for Telepsychiatry, They are a SCAM Bishop Georgia
Dr. Tory Heidesch and his so-called team, (which I believe is a company he is running out of his home), has the WORST sales and marketing plan EVER! You try to contact this guy and he claims he will talk to you at a certain time and NEVER SHOWS UP...! Then you try to email him and he never returns your calls! He also made an excuse, now get this sales people, I will meet you at 10AM, but if a family function comes up, then I will not answer your call! I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND LOOKING ELSEWHERE IF YOU ARE NEEDING TELEPSYCHIATRY FOR HOSPITAL, CLINICS, ETC....We have a network of over 88 clinics and 12 hospitals, that Troy has LOST in business. In all reality, we probably would have been to much for them to handle anyway. WARNING, STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! If this is how they treat their potential clients, imagine what communication breakdowns this would have been like if you would contract them out?Oh yeah, he also claims he has psychiatrists in all states and has been a leader in this field for years? He is the ONLY psychiatrist, which I personally would love to see his credentials BTW. Also his company started in 2015!! How can his company be a so-called leader when they opened up this year! I had my legal secretary look into them!PLEASE ALL HOSPITALS, EMPLOYERS AND CLINICS, STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! WE ARE ALSO CONTACTING THE STATE BOARD IN GEORGIA AS WELL!Their website is 
Entity: Bishop, Georgia
22, Report #1352386
Jan 27 2017
01:47 PM
Gadget Salvation LLC Shady & Poor Communication Internet
 Selling an old computer, I was offered $52. I was given a shipping label, but no box or packaging like most other buy-back companies offer. Upon receipt of my 7 year old computer, they reduced the price down to $30.50 due to scratches and because the computer had a password set. At this point shipping it back is not a reasonable option given the cost. Rather than asking for the password, they opted to reduce the price by $20. The $20 was not the main point. The point is that rather than communicating, or asking for a password, they opted for the financial penalty instead. Not a very customer service oriented business model at all. They are a scam, and my one experience with them was terrible.
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1122330
Feb 09 2014
05:14 PM
Smart Travel & Incentives Kept $20 that the Company wasn't entitled to keep. Lake Mary Florida
Like many others (judging from the complaints to be found in the internet), I had a bad experience with this organization.  My wife and I responded to a mailer promising a free cruise for attending a timeshare sales presentation. After spending a few hours at the presentation, we decided not to buy what they were selling, although we did consider it. Then it turned out that the free cruise involved fees that brought the price to no less than one could buy a cruise for (judging by online research) but that one could also receive a free round-trip flight and two night stay in a nice hotel, to destinations in the U.S. Later, we were told (to our surprise) that we'd have to pay $100 for this, but we proceeded anyway, because it seemed worth $100. We were advised that we should choose two dates (each with a specified destination), within the next 18 months, for our free vacation. We choose two dates within the last six months of the 18 month window, because that's when it was convenient for us to travel. Next, we were told that there was no availability for our first chosen time, and later we were told that there was no availability for our second. We were advised to complete and submit a form is we wanted a refund. (One wonders why one would have to complete and mail in a form to receive a refund when the company can't deliver, but that's not my main complaint.) We submitted the form. Sometime later, a check for $80 arrived in the mail. I called Smart Travel to ask why I was refunded only $80 when I'd paid $100. I had a rather lengthy conversation with a woman who cited the following sentence in their Additional Terms and Conditions (a form which had been sent to me earlier in the process): If you cancel your request prior to booking, you will be subject to a $20 activation fee. I pointed out that we hadn't canceled our request, but that Smart Travel had been unable to book our flight and hotel stay. She then argued that it was my fault for not electing to schedule travel until the last 6 months of the 18 month window. When I pointed out that we were told that the benefit was good for a full 18 months, she told me that travel wasn't guaranteed. I responded that that wasn't the issue; that the issue was whether they could keep my $20 when they couldn't fill our travel request. At that point, she said she was going to transfer me to the office manager (or someone with a similar title; it may not have been office manager) and I was transferred to what turned out to be someone's voice mail. I left a polite message advising that I was inquiring about an issue concerning my refund. That was around three weeks ago, and I'm still waiting for a return call.It seems to me that this company is clearly out of line in taking $20 on account of its inability to provide the promised free flight and hotel stay. The terms and conditions provided to us certainly didn't put us on notice that they'd take $20 from us in this situation. If they'd advised us in advance that we had to request travel within six months (or some other time period) of the beginning of the 18 month travel window, or risk losing $20, I'd accept it (even though I question the ethics of requiring a $100 payment to get what was advertised as a free trip at the outset). But we weren't so advised. $20 may not seem like much, but I'll bet it adds up to a lot when you consider the number of people who lose their $20 activation fee. Although I can't prove it at present, I'll bet that not very many of the people who send in the $100 actually get the trip, and that most of them lose $20. (If this company really wanted to provide free travel as represented, wouldn't it make more sense for them to give clients a list of available destinations and dates and let clients pick from among them, rather than having clients pick two dates with corresponding destinations only to be told that those dates aren't available and then refund only 80 % of what was paid?) 
Entity: Lake Mary, Florida
24, Report #1121617
Feb 06 2014
08:33 PM
Smart Mouth Mobile/Simon Wilby Micheal Sirman Simon Wilby is a Crook & SCAM ARTIST!!! Las Vegas Nevada
Simon Wilby has stolen money from Investors all over the West Coast & in Canada. DO NOT GIVE HIM YOUR MONEY!!!! He is a smooth talking SCAM ARTIST!!! Smart Mouth Mobile is a front company for a criminal organization out of Alberta Canda... BEWARE!!!!! 
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
25, Report #998208
Jan 16 2013
08:41 PM
HealthPort Technologies LLC Smart Document Solutions Shady Termination, Fired, Unfair Termination Alpharetta , Georgia
I was recently let go from HealthPort.  (a job I loved for almost two years)  I was given a letter of warning on the last day of a sales month (OCTOBER) saying that I needed to hit my quota that month in order to maintain my position.  I explained to my manager  PATRICK NORD, that this was unfair length of time to be given the notice and he said to bring in the major accounts I was working on in November.  (hence not terminating me) I closed a major deal that I had been working on for the company  (Roughly 200% of my quota for the month in November.)  Then i closed another huge win (250% for December)  I was told to get the paperwork in immediately to show my work so my position was saved.   After turning in the paperwork and asking for  vacation time.  (asking, not requesting)  I was told I was being let go.  I asked to further discuss this considering the rapid turn around and I was told that I didn't have enough in my future pipeline to continue my employment after the New Year.  (I explained that my numbers were on par with what was required for the pipeline. (90 days worth of opportunities equalling at least 60k, I was at 63k)   I was told that I had a 1:1 scheduled to go through my opportunities in order tot transition them.    i asked at that point if I would be receiving the commissions that I was tricked into closing before i was fired.  (i was told that HR was looking into that.  Shrestha Taylor would be getting back to me)  This was the first week of December.  To this day I have not heard a word from Shrestha Taylor.  I was forced to reach out to her manager and overall head of HR  Keith Thomas.  Speaking to Keith was like talking to a wall only more inept.   By the time I spoke with Keith I was given word from another employee at HealthPort, that my company had held a meeting in which case they disclosed my sexuality to the rest of the management team. I made an official complaint with HR about Bill Matits who had held the meeting.  I still have heard nothing back from that either.   The last I heard, i called to follow up and they are refusing to pay me my commissions saying that i was fired with cause.  (To this day I still have nothing in writing explaining what that cause was)   I was contacted by HealthPorts Legal department.  (Who i would venture to say this specific legal advisor(bc Im not sure she can be a lawyer since she told me that she was not sure if sexual orientation was protected in CA.)  MORON  apparently she hasn't even heard of google. otherwise she might have checked it at least once in the week it took them to get back to me, only to say. Please have your lawyer contact us if you have a problem with this.    In any case, I have been fired before and have known that it was for cause and never fought nor blamed anyone for it.  (Its not a proud thing to say, but when you are fired, own what you did.)  In this case, I did nothing and they are refusing to pay me for the work that I did in fact do.They have provided no reason for not paying me.    I am sure this will look like a disgruntled employee complaint and If not being paid over 30k in commissions isnt reason enough for someone to be disgruntled, I dont know what is.
Entity: Alpharetta, Georgia

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