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1, Report #1399980
Sep 14 2017
09:19 AM
Amy Kile Fake and Unreal and Inaccurate Psychic Berwick Pennsylvania
Amy Kile lied to me about various things in a reading I had with her in June 2017. She told me that I would get a job in such state and some relationship, but she was way off and what she said never happened. Amy is not a good reader and only focuses on Reiki. I had a reading with Amy Kile and she wasn’t accurate. The information she provided didn’t resonate with my situation. She even claims I was in a relationship when I am really never even had one. She is not the reader for me. She even claims I was in a relationship when I am really never even had one. Amy eventually reveals she does neither do relationship and predictive readings nor isn’t a psychic. Amy should have something before starting a psychic reading that she isn't a psychic. If you looking for a real actual psychic Amy Kile is not the person for you.  
Entity: Berwick, Pennsylvania
2, Report #1209458
Feb 16 2015
12:06 PM
Callahan Motor Sales/Lee Kile Single mother savings Stolen from Callahan Motor Sales Forth Worth Texas
 2004 Honda Odyssey  Stock # 13614   Vin # 5FNRL18844B123998   Mileage: 193,661   Claim from Callahan on Bill of sale.   I drive the van from Callahan straight to Christian Brother                                           @ 7780 Rufe Snow Drive, N.R.H., Texas 76180  Phone: 817-485-8900 Fax: 817-485-8711                The R.O.# 0054790 Shows 193,843 miles The distance between these two places is less than 3 miles.   Midas Invoice: 194,333 mileage when shocks were repaired. Title application: mileage exempt?                    THIS IS an 182 MILE difference. I asked Lee Kile and he Replied “ Don’t worry about it” I thought this was odd and then he changed the subject. I have a math disability and I certainly should have paid attention because the odometer is an issue with this purchase. Read on. How can a dealership put less mileage at 182 miles less on a bill of sale when it is clearly not the correct mileage? Christian Brother auto and other dealers defined different mileages.   I have never seen a car fax or was offered one. I asked had it been salvaged ?  No answer subject changed to “we sell quality used cars”.              January 15, 2015   Date of Bill of sale Dealership salesman Lee Kile claims no known issues or wrecks. The car has minor cosmetic issues. I am not given a Carfax. I request that another opinion of a mechanic who charged me 89.95 and I leave to pick up my 7year old daughter from school. When I come back they give me a checklist with the engine mount out. The Van had a deep thunking sound when accelerated or upon stopping. I was told that the rotors were worn and a front seal leak. When I returned to the Callahan dealership, I am told that he will send me to their mechanic and gives me a number to a shady garage behind a wharehouse. In addition ,  he tells me that they will add it to the balance of what I owe. I told him you can’t sell a car that has an engine falling out and the safety recall on the gear lever shift would cause the van to roll away (see document for VIN) and the recall on all airbags. Lee Kile told me to take it to David McDavid Honda auto dealer in Irving (see document)   The keys would not fit the ignition from the first day and I was told they were the originals and they sprayed the ignition with WD 40. I noticed it began to not start sometimes right away. I asked about a spare and was told “these old cars don’t come with one” I later found one in the middle front row. It was obvious when a staff member came out and was painting patches on the van where it had been either wrecked or damaged and he commented when I opened sliding doors that were automatic and barely rolled on their tracks, he replied, “that I am surprised that works. The alarm went off at odd times and the only way to turn it off was to insert the key into the back gate and then the locks would go up and down. This was the beginning of the electrical issue. January 16, 2015  Struggle with key’s in ignition and alarm going off while driving or stopping. The only way to correct this is to stop the car and insert key into back of gate. When I saw the car on the very last day 2.10.2015 I opened the glove compartment at the Honda dealership who kindly rekeyed and programed and replaced the ignition and inside there was a broke off key that may have been the original. I am unsure what this meant.   January 17, 2015  Rear left tail light is broken and dealer calls for me to go on the far side of town in the middle of a work day and he would reimburse me. I refused due to a work day.   January 18, 2015  More ignition and alarm issues and back gate rattled (later replace shocks busted from before 1-15-2015. The interior tail gate was completely off and wires showing. January 19, 2015 Return to dealership for promised tail light and they reluctantly have it put back on with the interior gate. I now hear the rattle of the shocks thinking it was the gate.   January 20, 2015  No Car for 2 Hours Mileage at 194,066 Safety Recall at Honda McDavid in Irving , Texas Air bags are a safety issue due to shrapnel and sensor release exploding bags. The shift interlock is repaired and inspected due to recall so it will not roll away. (SEE documents) January 21, 2015  Engine stall and ignition issues, car alarm and locks going off and engine clunking, rattled broken shocks still unknown to me.   January 22, 2015 driving today, fear of engine and ignition. Drives bogging down. January 23, 2015 NO CAR THIS EVENING Due to all lights out,first time to drive the car at dusk and pulled over by officer who warns all lights out except one front head light. I am surprised at how the car passed inspection at Callahan’s dealership and when it was supposed to be inspected at my expense the same day by Christian Auto Brothers at Rufe Snow in Keller , Texas . They charged 89.95 to tell me this but failed to do so. (see P.O. document)   January 24, 2015  Head light, Running back lights and tail light replaced. Car engine dropping and tilting back and forth. Drive straight home. No car in the evening or afternoon.   January 25, 2015 Did not drive car on Sunday   January 26, 2015 Did not drive car on Monday due to Engine rocking and dropping.   January 27, 2015  NO CAR: Engine mount Front installed by Budget Automobile and they bill Callahan for 160.00 I am told it will be added to my balance owed on the car. I sit and lose two hours of my day waiting for repair. They never show me the receipt or give me a copy. One man who spoke very little English claimed we were replacing all 3 at 500.00 and then his father left and the son came back and said I need to call Lee. Lee from Callahn is yelling at me on the phone is telling me “he is not married to my car” This is an issue from the first day of purchase. The engine is falling out and the key ignition is becoming worse.   January 28, 2015  NO CAR FOR TWO HOURS Installed Shocks with my own money.I check with Midas for the rattle noise and they say it is not the gate improperly installed but that the shocks are leaking and busted on the back wheels. (SEE DOCUMENTS) for receipts.   January  29, 2015  No Car won’t start and stalls then starts again after struggling to put keys in the ignition. I call to see if the keys are originals and request the Callahan dealer for additional keys and they claim there are no other keys. Have to call my daughter’s school for arrangements.   January  30,2015   FIRST TOW OF CAR TO Honda McDavid Irving 2/2/2015 (See documents) NO CAR. Call Callahans and they say go to Budget Auto garage and a drunk Puerto rican elderly man comes out and they are telling me it is going to over 250 and it the key will not even turn in the ignition. It starts while we are talking and I drive it straight home and call the Honda dealership.   January 31, 2015   No Car Today Sits in Driveway will not start.   February 1, 2015     No Car Today Sits in Drive way will no start.   February 2, 2015     No Car Today Honda David McDavid tows and provides a CRV loaner car. February 3, 2015      No car Today Honda CRV loaner from Honda dealership not Callahan.        The license plates have been registered in my name and come quickly in the mail. Even though I have requested restitution and to void the contract from Callahan Motor Company for the car has too many issues.   February 4, 2015      No Car Today Honda CRV loaner from Honda dealership not Callahan   February 5, 2015      No Car Today Honda CRV loaner return, The Honda odyssey ignition is till sticking in the cylinder but I am able to drive home.   February  6,2015     Car starts having issues starting and drive straight home from grocery store.   February  7, 2015     No Car Today SECOND TOW by Honda Dealer. CIVIC loaner car.   February 8, 2015       No Car Today : Civic loaner from David McDavid not Callahn.     February 9, 2015       No Car Today:   Civic loaner from David McDavid not Callahan.   Last day of nightmare is over.   February 10, 2015   Mileage 195,005   No Car Today: Civic loaner from David McDavid not Callahan. Return loaner at noon. I am told that the starter will need to be replaced 777.000 and I ask them to wait until I talk to the dealership that sold it to me. They also want a tow cost of 90.00 and a 105.00 diagnostic fee before they will release the Van. I speak with Callahan Motor sales Lee Kile who tells me to have it towed again and pay my car payment of 550.00 and they will have it fixed from someone they know on the side for 175.00. He begins to repeat “that he is not married to my car” or “they don’t have a crystal ball” and “have even sold a bad one to his own relatives” and he says “As is “ on the contract. I argue that he took 2,500 off my debit card and the car rolled straight off the lot and into the many garages with two tows in less than two weeks. He proclaims that he will add what the cost of repair on to my payment. This is the 3rd week I have been strung along by the shark and he also wouldn’t take my phone calls many of the times since the day of purchase 1-15-2015.   I have been able to drive the Van 4 times to either repair it or pick it up and then tow it. The 2004 Honda Odyssey van not only had recalls that were in disrepair and a safety issue to my child and I , the Callahan sales man sent me to Honda McDavid in Irving to dump his problems on that dealership which had no obligation, set aside the recall to repair or loan a car for over 8 days in which they were outstanding in customer service.   I called Lee Kiles at Callahan Motor Sales to see if he was going to work with this situation and he did not take my phone calls. I went in person on 2.9.2015 to see if he would speak with me and he sat in another room staring straight at me and I was told he would be in a meeting for an hour and I waited and nothing was going to be communicated. I gave up and called again later. When I spoke with him, he wanted more money. My car payment was due on February 15, 2015 and I he wanted me to tow at my  expense a third time, pay for another repair and he still had debited my card for $ 2,500 for an non –working car. 70.00 labor in shock replacement $ 56.27 for shock parts $ 39.90 all lights $ 185.00 in full coverage insurance for a car that sat in the garages or was towed. $ 89.95 to Christian Auto Brothers for assessment of the car finding undisclosed irrepair. $ 160.00 Charge from Callahan for the front engine mount, not repairing the other two that were out. $ 25.00 full tank of gas I never got to use still sitting in the 2004 Honda Odyssey. $ 40.00 worth of gas to fill rental cars because the Odyssey would not start. $ 36 hours of missed work and inconvenience. $ 900 minutes on my cell phone trying to negotiate towing, repair or talking with dealerships and auto supplies.   This experience took 3 weeks of my life and money until I could be suckered in by Lee Kile anymore. I am starting a new career after 8 years of college and the money he took was money I had saved from college and working. The phone is ringing off the wall for my new work and I am forced to use the last 550 dollars I have to rent a car for 8 days at a high rate. I am unsure what will happen next. This dealership almost took a career dream out of my hands and turned it inside out. Had I not taken the next steps, I wouldn’t have a car that I repaired at my expense for them. This was the most insane experience I have ever had in my life. Buyer Beware and Do not give them your debit card before you know more.   February 10, 2015 I called the Insurance company @ United Automobile Insurance Services: P.O. Box 694620, Miami , Florida 33269-1620 Texas policy # 001498800 and went in person to the Rufe Snow location in Texas and signed a cancelation notification on the 2004 Honda Odyssey.   I contacted the Texas Department Motor of Vehicle Records on 2.10.2015 and filed a VTR-346 Texas Motor Vehicle Transfer Notification that the accountability would be Callahan Motors and in discovery online I am unable to find documents for any record. The secretary told me to fill out this form.   I contacted my Bank Higher one account and disputed the charge due to non-disclosure and consumer fraud. I purchase a car unknowingly that it had been wrecked, had safety recalls not performed and major electrical malfunctions in the starter and throughout the entire van and an engine dropping out due to corrosion. I distinctly requested the salesman LEE KILE as to if any of these issues existed and he said “NO” and asked me to sign on the dotted line quickly. The dispute # for higher one is 987288 and 987300 for two separate transactions. The first one is for $200.00 when I walked through the dealership door and he asked for a deposit on a test drive. The second was for a down payment of $2,500 on a balance of  4,152.82 the remaining of 1,652.82 balance remaining. 90 days same as cash for 3 payments of 550.00 Feb, March, April 15th,2015.   Contract starting : 1-15-2015 The car never made it past the first week. I demanded a refund and he refused. The car now is in Callahn’s possession and they have retained and pocketed my money and repairs and it is probable they will attempt to sell this lemon to the public. My attempt to reach out to the administration is an effort to warn the buyer and demonstrate the information needed to retract the money taken from me.   I have also contacted the Texas Attorney General P.O. Box 12548 Austin, Texas 78711-2548 on 2-13-2015 and have filed a formal complaint with the Texas Consumer Protection Division   I have contacted the Better Business Bureua at 1300 Summit Avenue Suite 700 Fort Worth, Texas 76102-5978  (1-800-621-8566) Fax: 817-882-0566   I will be contacting the Dealer Enforcement Agency @ 1-877-366-8887or 512-416-4800   I will be serving papers utilizing a constable in the Tarrant County Civil court if the restitution is not made to my debit card and/or to recover the repairs added to a car never delivered as promised for reasonable use as described working.   I intend to seek online media such as Rip Off Report and to make the public aware and ask that if other buyers have been defrauded by this dealership.   FROM 1-15-2015 the date of my debit card swipe from Callahan motors for $2,500.00 the car was never able to have REASONABLE USE OF MERCHANTABILITY. I am a single mother and this was my savings for a car to use in a new teaching position. It stranded my daughter and I immediately the same day tried to ask for help and was told it was too late that this lemon, was “as is” and the non-disclosure of the rolled back odometer and wrecked car was obvious that I was taken for my money.   Callahn automotive continued to have me repair a car that could never be repaired by any means and added it to my balance so they could take it back and resale it again, after I tried to keep repairing within a two week window, the car was towed twice, new keys and ignition replace , it still would not start, the engine was falling out on the first day and it was too late , Lee said to get a refund and then it was shocks busted that I replaced and then he says “a starter”. This was all within less than 3 weeks and I struggled every day to either call a Taxi, Tow or other means of transportation, not only did it take every dime that I had and every moment and resource from the day I walked off the lot. By the third week, I did have any choice but to leave the un repairable car at DAVID MCDAVID HONDA. In 3 weeks and over 3,000 dollars later this Callahan Dealership walks away with my money and retains this car to sell to the public again, including all the new repairs that I attempted to follow by their leadership to a mechanic who works underground for this location and I was told they use them often. In other words, they are sending their cars and selling them to be repaired and adding it on to the note and when their “90 days same as cash” system has taken more than half of your money and you are continuing to repair, plus pay a predatory lending @ $550.00 payment plus their repair, and you still do not have transportation, you are left unable to even rent a taxi. This will not go away. I plan to recover my $2,5000 swiped unauthorized on my debit card, COURT COST, Lawyer FEES, including the receipts, Witnesses from the auto supplies and labor staff that are documented and this will be pursued through the constable in Tarrant County. I simply asked for the Callahan dealership to refund the $2,500 that they took from a single mother savings and they even kept the car with repairs that I struggled to pay. Not only did this situation hold me back from starting a career I have waited 7 years in college for , it took my rent money from their repairs that they knew about but told me “they did not have a crystal ball” and have even sold lemons to their own relatives. I will never give up in this life time for making this right. This area will certainly know about Callahn’s practices throughout the districts and businesses. I have called and requested restitution and they are denying the truth in every aspect and if they will not do the ethical step by 2.24.2015 by returning the money they stole, I have no other remedy but to take this to court. I have contacted the Dealer Enforcement and the Office Attorney General and I am absolutely positive the local judge will apply wisdom to the “Truth in Lending Act covering consumer fraud.      I will never stop until I retreive my money that was stolen. NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES!  
Entity: Forth Worth, Texas
3, Report #972683
Nov 22 2012
11:38 PM
1st Place Auto Lee Kile He sells cheap cars that arent worth what you pay... tells you what you want to hear then screws you!! steals your car payments an goes to winstar an gambles car payments away.. Doesnt make his family, Internet
1st place auto is ran by a guy named Lee Kile. This guy is Crook do not buy cars from him!! The cars there are worth about 5000 less then what youll pay... He even rips off his own sales guy that has no clue. Lee kile will take car payments an  go gamble at winstar with it.. He will act like you never paid seen it done to multiple customers horrible i know!! this guy is bad news do not buy a car from him!! 
Entity: watauga tx, Internet
4, Report #1104343
Dec 04 2013
02:26 PM
Amy Daughtry Amy Pilk Amy Rutledge Amy Radford Bella Mafiaa Facebook Con Artist Indianapolis Indiana
Amy Daughtry (AKA Amy Pilk, Amy Radford, Amy Rutledge, and Bella Mafiaa) is an individual who perpetrates scams on Facebook. She targets groups of people who are likely not to trust outsiders, specifically, loved ones of those in prison. She claims to have a boyfriend in prison who she has never met in person, but only talked to and emailed. She will provide people with stories bordering on outrageous to gain sympathy and tends to take control of a group. She finds her victims by joining a group of people with similar interests. She will whiddle the group down, weeding out people who aren't active or who are clearly also scammers like her. She takes admin responsibilities and kicks people out until she has total control and trust.  She will try games with those in the group to get personal information such as loved ones names, dates of birth, anniversary dates, phone numbers, and addresses. Once she has the group to a low number, she will put out a vauge post asking for help and someone to message her. She will then send each person the exact same message, inserting their name: AmyLynn: INSERT NAME, plz dont judge me but i need help. Every extra $ i had went to get into my house. I need help with food for my kids. I feel like crying. I dont get my stamps and get paid til the 1st Each person that replies is met with the same sob story, and her story may vary, but usually revolves around her kids needing something. She will take all help offered and never pay it back. She asks people to buy greendot money packs and provide her with the number to load to her card, but when that fails she requests western union wires.  She will continue to post sob stories and call other people fake, pointing out their flaws to draw attention away from hers. When confronted with questions about her activities, she will run and hide. She has scammed at least 10 people using not just Facebook, but also Prison Talk Online, and other social media sites. She will claim she got money from her sister. She doesn't have one. She will claim to be in contact with a man named SC in prison, but the email name she shows is that of his codefendant.  In this case, she got 7 people for money, totalling nearly $400 before someone stopped her in that group. She is still parts of other groups and has been booted from others for the same behaviour. She will show pictures of piles of money, new game systems, computers, and games after receiving money. She will claim she got that money somewhere else but won't account for what was sent. She will try to divide and separate those she scammed, telling each a different tale. She has not only scammed people out of money, but when found out, she called and harassed those who asked her for an explanation. Each time she was blocked from calling, she found a new person to harass. Nearly everything she has said has been a lie, even her name. If you come across this person, don't trust her, don't send her money, just block her.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
5, Report #1104371
Dec 04 2013
03:31 PM
Amy Daughtry Amy Pilk Amy Rutledge Amy Radford Bella Mafiaa Internet Scam. fraud Indianapolis Indiana
Uses the internet to gain the trust of individuals she then preys off of using stories, sickness and hungry children in order to have many people send her money. Her latest scam was to ask several single mothers who are home alone for money for her hungry children who have ates in the prison system. She be friends them in support groups and asks questions and details all the while proclaiming she does not like liars and they are family. I sent her 100.00 thinking her children were going hungry only to see her post about new candles, video games, lap tops and a crock pot that her supposed eary child support netted her. She began this scam November 19th and had peple sending her money all the way until November 26th, never once stating she had gotten her child support early or that others had also sent her money to help her feed her hungry children.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
6, Report #10646
Jan 04 2002
12:00 AM
Paul & Amy Scarborough, Fraud tenants from hell.
Do not rent to these people for any reason. The come with a teenaged daughter and a baby. The teenaged daughter is in to some drugs and the police show up several times a week. So if you have a nice house in a nice neighborhood, it looks really good with the swat team there several times a week. Also Paul & Amy never pay any of their bills. They have bill collectors that call me several times a week. Needless to say I always know what bills they have paid and which ones they have not. See when they were getting their new bills they put there phone number down and had to put my number down to prove that I was their landlord,but they never pay their bills so the collectors started calling me. They rented some stuff and the collector had to call me to let them in to get their stuff. Oh did I forget to mention the fighting between Paul & Amy. Well they like to fist fight. So the walls of my house are covered in holes where their fists or some other body part has gone through. That poor baby I feel so sorry for because when they fight all you hear is the yelling and that baby crying. The only reason their rent is paid is because the company that he works for pays it for them. From what I can understand is that they have lived in a couple of different states so every so often they half to move. When doing research on them come to find out some of the places that they have lived before, where they were paying their own rent, the rent never got paid. They lived in one place 6 months without one cent paid. So if you have ever seen the movie Parcific Height, Know that it seems pretty tame to what these people are like. Oh yeah and their credit is shitty. Amy bought a car and lied on her applications so bad that they came and got the car and busted her for fraud. Paul has had a couple of repo's. Amy also likes to use the teenagers social security to get stuff. I hope if you meet these people you will pass.
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #14807
Feb 22 2002
12:00 AM
Ron & Amy Steward
Just a warning to other landlords--left owing us almost $2500.00. Always had an excuse and a promise to pay. BIG SCAMMERS!! Won this settlement in small claims court for all that it is worth, as they will never work a legit job to be garnished against. Left the apt. a filthy pig sty, rottweiler hair EVERYWHERE. Beware!!
Entity: Nebraska
8, Report #195586
Jun 09 2006
03:00 AM
Amy Romero ripoff Wilbur Washington
This person is a low life scum bag lives off her husband never has had a job takes advantaged of friends then talks behind there back stay away from this person she will use you and abuse you! Johnny spokane, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Wilbur, Washington
9, Report #1028279
Mar 13 2013
04:33 PM
Amy warren rip off , Internet
purchaseing the work of others but not following through with payment for a job well done. Than will bad mouth individuals and companies.
Entity: Internet, Internet
10, Report #1219330
Mar 30 2015
11:45 PM
Amy Florist Unreliable, Unresponsive Irvine California
I tried to order a birthday present for my friend, but the order was canceled close on the day. The cancelling notice was sent on the day of the order, when the order is arranged to be delivered early morning.   I had to reorder, and of course, missed my friend's birthday completely.  For my order, I chose a Possibly Pink flower arrangement (figure 1). The second picture was what was delivered. Needless to say, the product is not up to par, and frankly, is not worth what I paid ($35 + tax + express shipping).  
Entity: IRVINE, California
11, Report #392546
Nov 18 2008
04:54 PM - Amy Mortenson - Amy - Amy Splide offers at home jobs but dosent pay!! Frederick South Dakota
Amy Mortenson will offer you at home jobs on the internet as an opertor, data entry cold calling and freelance work and dosent pay you. She will avoid you and take you off her contact list, no way of getting a hold of her. She has ripped off alot of people for weeks of work, myself included. Do Not work for her, just headaches! Lori , Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada we don't get fooled again - The Who Lori.c Port Colborne, OntarioCanada
Entity: Frederick, South Dakota
12, Report #770603
Aug 29 2011
03:50 PM
Amy Desta/AMY TESTI AMY TESTI c/o First National Credit Corp. MODEL and THEIF Las Vegas, Nevada
YOU MISS AMY DESTA ARE A LIE!!!!   YOU STOLE MONEY FROM OUR CLIENTS!!!! We have your real name now: Amy Testi finally!!!  No wonder you moved to Las Vegas as you are with all the other trash in that state that offers business services and does not live up to its name.  I hope you do well in the future as you model for other agency's perhaps you can lie to them now and hopefully they will look your real name up on the rip off are a waste to the female species and maybe you should wear a wig to cover up your ego.  6063 Carlisle Crest Las Vegas NV this is where one should look for you with all your other deceits and lies in your life.....have a good life
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
13, Report #236864
Feb 24 2007
12:07 AM
Amy M. Cox - Amy M. Pfeffer Cheater Adultery Unfaithful dishonest Betrayal ripoff Desoto, Arnold, Jefferson County Missouri
Amy Cox AKA Amy Pfeffer - we have been married for 15 years. I trusted her with all my heart and she cheated 3 times that I now know of. Dale Alexander - Jon Smith - the new guy - still working on all his info. Both Dale and Jon are married as well and she knew this. Jon Smith was my best friend at the time. When I found out about these affairs and confronted her she claimed it was not what I thought and convinced me to trust her again. I did and all she did is do it again. If you or anyone you know is thinking of being involved with her in any matters of any kind I urge you to reconsider. This time she moved out while I was at work and took our kids and moved to her moms. Now she lets me talk to and see the kids when she feels like it. She lies about where she is and who she is with. So now Dales wife Wendy is divorcing him over this, at 22 year marriage. Not sure what is going on with Jon Smith. I broke ties with him and his wife soon as I found out. Amy is not to be trusted at this time. She used to be trustworthy, it must had been a long time ago. All of the cheating she has done has been over the past 4 years so I dont see her changing now. Kenny arnold, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Desoto, Arnold, Jefferson County, Missouri
14, Report #400255
Dec 11 2008
10:04 AM
Amy Carrow Slumlord Muncie/ Selma Indiana
My friend and I signed a lease in March with Amy. She seemed like should would be a really great landlord. The first thing that went wrong was we hadn't heard from her for a couple of months. She agreed to replace the screens in the windows, replace bathroom and kitchen cabinets. We were told the cabinets wouldn't be replaced until sometime in December. Now we are being told it won't be until January. Our next big problem was the hole that was in the roof. I would come home and hear something running around above the ceiling in the kitchen. She had exterminators come out but all they could do was set traps. She finally hired someone to replace the shingles and fix the hole. It took these people well into a month to finish the job, or we thought they finished. I recently came home to something scratching in the bathroom. It was late in the evening and I was going to take care of it the next day. I was lying in my bed and heard a crash. A raccoon had fallen from the ceiling into the bathtub. I saw the raccoon come into my room out of the corner of my eye. I shut the door and ran upstairs to my roommate. While we were trying to get the raccoon out, my roommate called our landlord. She was laughing because she thought it was funny. She told us there was nothing she could do. My father has sent her emails saying he would make repairs at a fairly low price or she needed to hire someone. She agreed to fix them herself. We are still waiting on ALL the repairs. This has been going on for about three-four months out of the six we have lived here. She never calls us, never stops by, and never comes to make repairs. We were told in october that we would have gravel put out back to cover our parking spot/mud swamp. I finally called her two months later and asked about it. She said they would do it within the week. I received a text to move my car out front so that they could pour gravel out back. They were supposed to do all of this at five but no one ever showed up. If you come across this doing a search on this slumlord, please don't make any deals with her or trust her. She can't fulfill promises or inform us when her plans change. J.k Muncie, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Muncie/Selma, Indiana
15, Report #688418
Jan 29 2011
01:32 PM
People, watch out! craigslist troller, wants to buy a hurry... of course wants it shipped to Nigeria, (RED FLAG!!?) Another red flag; no questions asked about item ($2500 emerald ring), no request of authenticity. After 2 days of correspondence I recieved another offer on my item; i emailed "AMY SCHRIEVER" to inform her that there was another interested party, and instead of a response regarding the questions I asked, I just got another email saying "will send money"; nothing else. Followed later by FAKE PAYPAL EMAILS, they look real, have paypal logo; heres a copy, note the the instructions to mail first* then have payment confirmation... this is not how Pay Pal works. We received a shipping update from Amy Schriever,the buyer of your Craigslist Item(s). The ShippingInformation Is as Below : Adebayo A.S59 Ring RoadIbadan,Oyo State Nigeria 200001 Address Status: Confirmed We have confirmed and verified this shippingaddress,therefore we urge to ship the merchandise to the above address and verify it by sending the shipment tracking details to us. *SHIPMENT VERIFICATION* You can have the shipment confirmed/verified in any of the following ways: (1).Contact us stating the tracking number of the shipment at: " ". (2).You can give the buyer of your auction item the tracking number of the shipment and once he/she verifies the shipment,he/she will notify us immediately. Thank you for using PayPal. We Look Forward Serving Your Online Payment Needs In The Future. Yours, PayPal Customer Protection heres another: ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------- Dear Tia **** (((email redacted))), You have an Instant Payment from Amy Schriever for your Craigslist Item(S)AUTHENTIC 18K CHIMENTO EMERALD CABOUSHON RING. Transaction Date: Jan 29,2011 Transaction ID:************2206 Transaction Amount: $2,600.00 USD Payer"s Email Status:Confirmed Note: This PayPal Payment has been deducted from the buyer's account and has been "APPROVED" but will not be credited to your account until the shipment is verified,this is new innovation to ensure a secure transaction for the interest of both the buyer and the seller. Therefore we urge you to get the merchandise shipped to the buyer's address and verify it by sending the shipment tracking details to us This transaction is not fraudulent and you are assured of quality service. We encourage you to ship the item immediately (due to PayPal's policy) as your paymenthas been confirmed by us. Security is of critical importance at PayPal. Please reply to this email with any questions you may have concerning this hold. Sincerely, PayPal Account Review Department Security Advisory: When you log in to your PayPal account, be sure to open up a new web browser ( e.g . Internet Explorer or Netscape) and type in the PayPal URL to make sure you are on the real PayPal website. For more information on protecting yourself from fraud, please review the Security Tips in our Security Center. ---------------------PROTECT YOUR PASSWORD NEVER give your password to anyone, including PayPal employees. Protect yourself against fraudulent websites by opening a new web browser ( e.g. Internet Explorer or Netscape) and typing in the PayPal URL every time you log in to your account. ---------------------
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #702472
Mar 04 2011
05:34 AM
Amy Jones Job Scam Craigslist Internet
After responding to a post on craigslist about a job at a newly opened store, I responded to their post as a follow-up.  It had the store name and company info in the write-up and seemed very legitimate. The next day I got an email with a link in it to check my credit, before I can interview. I thought this seemed very fishy so i googled the link and found a report from this site,( Report: #702251) which was exactly the email I received, but with a different name.  I also googled the email address attached, which was fake as well.  Hello, Thank you so much for your interest in this position. I appreciate you contacting us. I would like to take the next step with you. However, before I am able to schedule a formal meeting, my company will require that you acquire a recent (past 2-3 business weeks) credit score. We started this because our company had some bad incidents with prior employees taking advantage of having access to a company credit card. The hiring company prefers it that you use to receive your credit report as they are offering the check for free to you unlike other places. We also discovered that their scores always reported back contain the most accurate information, but feel free to use any service you like. Once you submit all of the required information, they will show your personal report. Please print it out and save it for your records. Please DO NOT EMAIL me the entire report, as it will have private content. You will need printed report for the personal meeting. If you have a lower than expected credit score, it will never prevent you from a position with us. I had a fairly low score when I started. Once your finished please e-mail me your phone number that you can be easily reached, and your availability to arrange an interview. Personally, I am hoping to fill this position with a new friendly face and am looking forward to your quick response. Best Regards, Amy Jones I just reported the post on craigslist. Hope this helps someone else. 
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #969765
Nov 15 2012
02:06 PM
Amy Brownell She moved to the u.k. Internet
A lady Amy Brownell is trying to rent out a place in sandusky, ohio and a man going by the name of John watt they ripped me off 200.00!!!the adress to the house is 630 east jefferson street sandusky,ohio
Entity: sandusky,ohio, Internet
18, Report #1066076
Jul 10 2013
08:23 PM
 BEWARE OF AMY HIETLAND OF IOWA She sold me a gray mare at the Talpa horse sale on june 29 that wasvery very ill with a respirtory infection she is so ill i have spent over 300 in vet bills and then when I did ride my mare she tried to buck me off !!  let me say this I will be praying that what comes around will go around as i see she has ripped many other people off !!! You are a shame to the horse community may God return to you all that you have done 100 fold as you could have really injured someone selling them a bad horse!
Entity: sheffield , Iowa
19, Report #1054532
May 28 2013
07:51 PM
Amy Heitland Liar Sheffield Iowa
We bought a horse from Amy and her son at a horse sale in Texas.  The horse was a good looking gray horse.  Her son was riding it.  We asked her if the horse ever bucked.  She responded that they lunged him if he has not been ridden in a while, but he did not buck and continued to insisted that he was dog gentle and used around the ranch. We brought the horse home and lunged him.  The horse had good ground manners; however when my husband got on him the horse bucked him off.  We then sent the horse to a horse trainer.  Within two weeks of the horse being the trainer, the trainer called us and told that the horse bucked every single day.  He said that he would ride him for about 30 minutes and the horse would be fine but sometime during the ride the horse was going to buck.  He asked us to pick the horse up as he was not willing to continue to ride him and felt that the horse has always bucked and always will buck. I called the last owner on the papers to ask him about the horse, and he stated that he sold the horse to Amy as a green broke horse and the horse bucked with him while was breaking him. We attempted to call Amy several times and she never answered our calls.  We spend $3200 on a horse that we cannot sell because we have morals; which oviously Amy does not have!  I do not know how people like her sleep at night.......what goes around comes around.
Entity: Sheffield, Iowa
20, Report #1163292
Jul 18 2014
08:46 PM
Amy Florist Fraudulent Site Berkeley California
This appears to be a scam site altogether.  My aunt died and I tried to send condolence flowers.  They were advertised at $49.  I filled out everything, and then the final page after giving my VISA information said they were actually $70.  Fine.  I tried the next day to confirm by their webpage that the flowers were delivered.  No reply.  I tried the day after by email to confirm.  No reply.  I phoned both listed phone numbers.  The first says operators are busy, leave a message...mailbox full.  The second cuts you off immediately.  These are numbers to call to order flowers: and you cannot reach them?  But you can reach them online to give your VISA information??  And it's impossible to tell without bothering the bereaved whether the flowers were actually delivered???  By the way, other sites indicate that their address is actually a PO box, not a store.  So while I can only guess where the money for flower orders goes, I can say that it didn't help my aunt's family, and it didn't help me.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1203095
Jan 21 2015
06:13 AM
Amy Florist Fake Florist - online scam! Internet
I ordered flowers for an aunt in NJ in Dec 2014 on They were never delivered and no response to my emials and messages left on voicemail to the company. I have since found complaints all over the internet. I am out $45 and Amy Florist is a SCAM.They show up as local when you search for them but they are really based out of CA and only have an 800#.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1211901
Feb 26 2015
11:51 AM
Amy Florist Do not use!! Irvine, California Nationwide
Sent an online order to have flowers delivered to my daughter-in-law for her birthday. I got two emails back, confirming my order, and a welcome email. I tried to call the 800 number, to change the delivery address, but got an answering machine. I kept calling all day, but got the answering machine. I sent an email to the email address provided, but got no response. The next day, I sent another email, trying to cancel the order. It has only been a couple of days, so I am still hopeful. I have learned my lesson, and will use a local florist from now on.
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #116432
Nov 06 2004
06:30 AM
Amy Michelson ripoff Amy Michelson is part of the Solutions Bridal Criminal John Stephen scam! New York Nationwide
You can read online about the big time Solutions Bridal and John Stephens scam. They are absolute Scam Artists. They are the worst kind of scum preying on innocent victims. Many people have had the same experiences as the following person: This is how they scam people. First you order the wedding dress. John the fat perv letch hovers around you calling you sweetie and honey and acting like you are the most beautiful thing in the world. You order the dress then the scam begins. They tell you that their have been delays and it will cost more (hundreds or thousands of dollars) to get it done by the time of your wedding. I had to pay an extra $4200 for my dress or I would not have had it for the wedding. John try's to act sad and says Sweetie what can I do. I believed it wasn't his fault until I ran into an employee who told me this happens all the time. DO NOT TRUST this scam. They will ruin your wedding or you will pay thousands more. What is appalling is legitimate designers are allowing this to happen. Amy Michelson has been informed that this is happening and they still allow Solutions Bridal to use their information on the their website. The credibility of such designers allows this scam to continue. If you have been ripped of by this scam you should tell your friends to boycott this designer. Solutions Bridal is destroying what should be the happiest days of a woman's life. Tara Orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #575667
Feb 28 2010
02:36 PM
Amy Wyndham Amy Picked up puppy...diagnosed with parvo 2 days later Houston Area, Internet
Picked up my cockapoo puppy, Feb 14, 2009. He was sick that night and the next day. Took him to the vet and he was diagnosed with parvovirus which has  a 8-12 day incubation period.  Racked up $2500 in vet bills treating him for parvovirus and pneumonia which came from parvovirus problems. Amy did not honor warranty. She wouldn't return calls.  She later said I could have brought him back and gotten a new one, this one she would have allowed to die. He is now a year hold, happy and healthy. My $600 puppy ended up being a $3K dog.  Solution via TDTPA is in the works with my attorney.
Entity: Houston Area, Internet
25, Report #633657
Aug 20 2010
09:17 PM
Amy Leigh Griffith Amy Griffith scammer and con artist Glens Falls, Internet
This person has extracted cash and gifts from countless persons on and offline through the same scams run over and over again.  They may switch which sites and companies they use, but its the same thing over and over.  Skilled at doing it to many people, often as the same time.  Will be done using internet or phone to cover tracks.  Employees at wherever she works at the time are also at risk.  Shes always getting kicked out of wherever for same sick game over and over.She tells a sob story about needing to get her kids back, and what they need at the time, which is a con since she lost custody of them for this kind of thing.  She is always in need of financial assistance and emergencies.  She often pretends to be romantically interested to get a man's attention and sympathies.  Then she gets his money. She prefers money wiring services like western union.  Or get the person, to pay her bills, like phone, etc.  I lost money this way, and other ways such as paying assistance for her kids travel, etc.  Lost lots of money in all of these ways, much of which is well documented.Then after getting her fill, she cuts people off, usually men, with no word.  Just takes off with the money not caring anything for whatever promises she has made.  She may have other people speak for her as she disappears, often making threats to discourage any continued communication or action, or try to intimidate the victims, to cover her tracks.  This is a mean and harmful con artist.
Entity: Glens Falls, Internet

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