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1, Report #1399753
Sep 13 2017
02:09 PM
AMZ staffing solutions, shawn Michael AMZstaffingsolutions Be ware, rip off
If I were to leave a review of your ASS service, I will leave one star. Pros: you can get a VA, well I can get it from Upworks so it really doesn't count. Cons: 1. you were forced into an agreement you didn't even know existed, ASS owns the files you paid for. 2. The only way you can contact your VA is via basecamp(you have to go thru the learning curve to learn a new app at least 1 hour when you start to watch their videos, and 10min daily just to look for messages) 3. Over priced VA (Upwork $4, ASS $10)service that is mainly trained by Google/youtube. Definitely not the advertised well trained by ASS. You will still need to take the time to train the VAs yourself 3. Lack of communication, paid $400 and found out both email on their site didn't work. Didn't even know where to cancel the subscription. Finally got to the owner of the company via Facebook chat and he said he was in a concert and will get back to you tonight, then you never heard from him until one day he sent you a nasty message claiming you violated the terms you didn't even know existed. And accused his client being unethical. 4. Owner of the company abuse the power being an admin of a Facebook group and kick you out for a completely unrelated matter. At the end of the day, I think ASS is a rip off. You are going thru all the trouble in exchange for drama and disrespect being their client.
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #781144
Aug 07 2012
02:41 PM
MAP Staffing Solutions Group, Michael Pugliese Michael Pugliese Michael Pugliese of MAP Staffing owes me over five figures... He belongs in jail this former disbarred stock broker. New York City, New York
Michael Pugliese of MAP Staffing owes me over five figures. I worked for MAP Staffing for over a year as an IT Recruiter. He is a low life and was disbarred from the Securities Industry with his involvement with First United Equities. Michael Pugliese should be in jail, not running a business. The ironic thing is he works with financial companies as a recruiter. He is a common criminal and should be behind bars, not a desk.
Entity: New York City, New York
3, Report #752958
Sep 13 2011
04:04 PM
Mike Pugliese, Map Staffing Solutions Group, Map Staffing Solutions Group Mike Pugliese, Map Staffing Solutions Group Mike Pugliese and Map Staffing used 2 of my consultants for over six months and never paid me. Michael Pugliese owes me over $30,000 and he is a deadbeat. I will have my day in court. NYC, New York
Mike Pugliese and Map Staffing used 2 of my consultants for over six months and never paid me. Michael Pugliese owes me over $30,000 and he is a deadbeat. Mike Pugliese is a slick speaking con man and I advise no one work with him and Map staffing. I will have my day in court. 
Entity: NYC, New York
4, Report #161427
Oct 20 2005
08:35 AM
Apartment Staffing Solutions ripoff Dallas Texas
Back at the end of september this company placed an ad in the local newspaper here in austin tx. Claiming that they were a staffing agency, recruting for apartment properties. They offered a one day training, and certification for either HVAC certificaton or as a leasing agent. They offered a certification class at a local Radisson hotel conference room. I was told by the Manager Cynthia Pannell if that is her real name. That while i waited for the test results they would send me out to a local apartment complex to start training. After the testing which was on Saturday, She told me to call her on Monday and she would send me out to work. Well lets just say I have been trying to contact them for 3 weeks now. I have not received any call backs from them. Luckily I was able to cancel the check before these rats could rob me. There wer about fifteen other people that day taking the test, and i know they were ripped off. These people have some nerve showing there faces and lying to you in person then taking your money. i hope somebody out ther has some info on this company Chris austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
5, Report #298760
Jan 10 2008
10:38 AM
I want to warn the world: Do NOT work for Solutions Staffing, unless you wish to work for almost FREE! Solutions Staffing is bases out of Cincinnati, OH and has only 2 accounts I know of: Prestige Packaging and Landmar, Inc., as both accounts don't hardly give you 40 hours, paying very low wages. Anyhow, I worked for Prestige Packaging for a total of 2 weeks, only get paid a week of it, as the first week I was sent out there, only a few days, then following week, 40 hours, as the third week, was sent home early after 5 hours of work on a Wednesday. Each day, temp service employees sign onto a sheet when arriving, signing out when leaving, which I did. So ends up I only get paid for ONE week, which was one I did 40 straight hours, as office's excuse is, Oh, we only pay on a certain time of the week, that's why the hours are the way they are. Well, I don't care if a company pays on Wed., Fri., or what, STILL any hours worked should be on the paycheck. I ended up not only making $8.25/hour at Prestige Packaging account, but now Solutions Staffing says, Oh, we have no record of those other days you are talking about, so we can't pay you. I then told them, On YOUR end, you would know if I called off work or not, and since I didn't, shows I was THERE. Then I have nasty, very rude woman, who I will call, Marla (not her real name) on other end of the phone tell me, Get your facts straight! You said you signed in and now you say you didn't (I never said that, but SHE was making it out I said it, translating into her accusing me of being a liar)! It's not MY fault your name is not on the sheets, as it's YOUR responsibility to sign in and out! I then snapped back at Marla, Look, I KNOW I signed those sheets, as I have no control of where the supervisors take your sheets after I sign them, but you are trying to pin the blame on ME! Then timeclock was down and broken for 2 days, as you KNOW I didn't call off work Mon. and Tues, before I was sent home from working 5 hours on Wed., since Deanna (not her real name, as she's plant manager) told me and others she had no more work for us. Then Marla gets more unprofessional, accusing, and nasty, saying to me in very rude manner, YOU are the only one, whose name is not on the list (Marla was LYING, because I signed those sheets)! I can't pay you, until I have proof you worked there! You even told me on day you came to office, that you didn't want to go back there to Prestige! I then say to her, I guess Solutions Staffing don't keep very good records, since they sure don't seem to know which employees work for them! I was laid off from Prestige, along with others, when Deanna told us she has no more work for us and don't know WHEN she will get more work in! Why would I want to waste my gas money driving out there, to SEE if MAYBE they have work for me or not there in the morning. Gas prices are way too expensive these days, and I am not making enough to hardly pay my gas, so I would rather find a more steadier job! On and on this conversation went, then I asked to speak to her manager, Gail (not her real name), as Gail apologized for Marla's extra rude, accusing behaviour, but now tells me Deanna is on vacation this week, so can't even call her until next week. My advice to anyone reading this: Do NOT go to these very small, fly-by-night temp services, as yes, mostly temp service jobs available these days due to extra bad economy; but, there's better ones, who are extra fair and will never gyp you out of your pay. Sometimes payroll clerks make mistakes, but a good, solid company recognizes this and gives you no problems in paying you right away for time earned. I am going to list some good temp services here in Cincinnati, OH, as I am sure they are the same in other cities, but here's the list: Kelly Services; Belcan Staffing; Adecco, Inc.; Manpower Personnel Services; and Express Personnel Services mainly (other temp services, some weren't the best, as the reason I don't mention them is they charge YOU, the employee upfront fees to take a Drug Screen/Background Check for every assignment you go on, besides paying extra low money). These are my picks, since I have experience working through them AND they are not dishonest and thieving like Solutions Staffing is. As far as I know, companies I have listed tend to pay better than no-name ones like Solutions Staffing, which as far as I know, only operates from one office out of Cincinnati. I seriously doubt I get to see my money earned from Solutions Staffing, since they should rename themselves, Solutions-For-Cheating-Employees Staffing, as they are a sham, and if they can be dishonest and rob their own employees of wages earned on their paychecks, then how can any client company trust them? I have even heard of some temp services, usually no-name ones, who have their temp employees bouncing their own paychecks when cashing them, leaving the employees stuck with the bounce fees and no income paid! And when Deanna gets back from her vacation at Prestige Packaging and I am still not paid, as she is plant manager there and should be able to verify my hours, then all I can say is she should be ashamed of herself being so dishonest and crooked like Solutions Staffing is, which means Prestige Packaging is a Packager of Thefts and Deceits like Solutions Staffing has proven to be! In past few years, must be a new Enron Energy and Arthur Anderson Accountants Club going on, as more anti-worker laws get snuck through Congress, while Dept. of Labor condones more companies charging their employees fees and stealing money from their paychecks! Also, despite Marla's very rude, disrespectful, unprofessional behaviour to me over the phone, there's no way in Hell she can convince me that I am the only one not on that sheet or who is not getting paid for proper amount of hours---I am positive Solutions Staffing isn't going to just pick my name out at random and say, We will only cheat So-n-So out of her paycheck and hours, but no one else's! I don't think so, not buying into Marla's cover-up LIES for one second! In case you are wondering where Prestige Packaging is, it is in Fairfield, OH, in Le Saint Drive complex, off of Mulhauser Rd., as they have 2 buildings back there. Mostly temp service employees they use, so very seldom do you get a full 40 hours a week working there. Run like heck when Solutions Staffing sends you out there as they have one building and CBS Personnel Services has the other building up the road, both in same industrial park. CBS Personnel Services is rotten to work for, too, as they charge upfront fees for Drug Screens/Background Checks, hardly ever giving employees 40 hours a week of work, while you make around $8.00/hour in many cases. CBS will bounce you back and forth like a Yo-Yo, promising you will be temp-to-hire, when the accounts you are sent on are so cruddy, that you wouldn't want them if client company did offer you a job there! Teri and frank Cincinnati, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
6, Report #1368416
Apr 18 2017
07:18 PM
Offisol & advantis certified staffing solutions Terrible staffing agencies Nationwide
 I am a temp at Offisol / Adventis... first of all I was working g with a great group a wonderful team of women working out of their office in encino, ca. They abruptly closed the office and all they request now is my timecard to be sent to Texas. It is unfortunate that they are not available for managing the day to day Staffing duties, request or problems at my job position. I've tried to contact the other managers I have worked with and they have continued Staffing through another company but Offisol/ Adventis has sent several nasty emails and letters for me to not communicate with them and they are no longer partnered... I miss the old team of managers who I spoke with quite often. I can tell you this... Offisol/Adventis Texas team is VERY UNPROFESSIONAL, Inconsiderate and seem to have an issue managing their book of business. I plan on working with the new staffing agency who I know will be their to support my career and growth in this healthcare industry. Do not use Offisol or Adventis! If you want any additional details feel free to email me directly...
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #128039
Jan 19 2005
11:34 AM
Alert Staffing, Beyond Staffing, Acclaim Solutions potentially fraudulent, unethical and dishonest temporary employment agency. Ripoff! Culver City California
Beyond Staffing, dba Alert Staffing, now called Acclaim Solutions is a potentially fraudulent organization that does not pay it's vendors and avoids any public contact. Founder & CEO Victoria Lowe while pretending to be a religious person with lofty values is a hypocrite and an unethical businesswoman. I'm a vender who is owed $ 1,540.00. Alert Staffing made out two checks which bounced not only once but twice, after we were told there was enough money in their account at Wells Fargo in Beverly Hills. We took them to Small Claims Court and won a judgement. Alert Staffing was served by the LA County Sheriff and nothing happened. We had the LA County Sheriff try to collect from their bank with a Writ of Execution. Although Wells Fargo said the account was still active, the Sheriff was told it was closed. After a year and a half, we have not been compensated for work. We wanted to report Alert Staffing to the local Better Business Bureau, and they essentially told us to stand in line because they've had numerous complaints filed against Alert Staffing. It is impossible to get anyone on the phone at Alert Staffing's main office in Culver City. All you get is voicemail. We have emailed and written to Ms. Lowe and her partner Roy Gardner numerous times and have received no response. We will now file a fraudulent claim and investigation with the County of Los Angeles. Anyone considering doing business with Alert Staffing or Acclaim Solutions should be aware that the temporary employment agency is not what it pretends to be. R Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #502867
Oct 01 2009
05:11 PM
NES Staffing - NES Employment Solutions Impossible to UNSUBSCIRBE from, Internet
NES Staffing isn't about employment recruiters - it's about recruiting students for educational companies. I have tried many many times to 'unsubscribe' from their daily e-newsletters, which provide no useful information, just more shilling for their educational partners. Should have checked Ripoff Report first!
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #767717
Aug 20 2011
09:45 PM
Strategic Staffing Solutions Revoked employment contract detroir, Michigan
Stay away from this company, they put me on a job for 3 days to remove me with the "no funding", "no signed contract from customer" excuse. Are you kidding me! ??Also 2 other people were hired also and they never started. I turned down another job 1 week after I accepted this position, so basically I was screwed/life ruined. What about the 2 others that were suppose to start the day after she walked me off the job site? My account mgr was Renee Bryant and she is the most unprofessional, fake person I have ever met. She needs to be fired. I contacted the office, they sent me a check for time worked and a "I'm sorry" letter from HR Director. There are many morenegitive reviews about this company, google the Internet! BAD BAD BAD COMPANY..DO NOT GO NEAR THEM and do not trust them, if you do you will be burned too!
Entity: detroir, Michigan
10, Report #792601
Oct 27 2011
10:21 AM
Spherion Staffing Solutions Fired because I am a Truck Driver. Columbus, Georgia
I was fired by Spherion because I mentioned that I was a truck driver with a class A CDL to the company I was hired out to. The manager at the Columbus, GA location told me that is was an inappropiate statement and unprofessional behavior.  Like being a truck driver is something to be ashamed of.
Entity: Columbus, Georgia
11, Report #1068097
Jul 18 2013
11:52 AM
A3 Staffing Solutions Do Not do business with this company Dallas Texas
This company will sell you out to companies where they place you. They told my client-boss concerns I mentioned in confidence, which prevented them from hiring me. Do not trust these people, they are unethical.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
12, Report #1073870
Aug 07 2013
12:12 PM
Hayes Staffing Solutions Scam, No Communication, Will Not Refund Money Houston Texas
Hired Hayes Staffing Solutions 3 months ago.  After initial outstanding communication prior to making payment I decided to hire them.  After making payment I did not hear from them for a week and that was only because I reached out to them.  Since then, it has taken a week at minumum to get any kind of response from them and when I do get a response it is to tall me that they had personal business to deal with and could not reply.  They have told me numerous times that they would call to give me an update and I have not once gotten a call.  I have called them numerous times only to get voicemail and after leaving messages for them to return my calls they have gone ignored.  I have since asked for a refund of my money and now all communication has ceased and they will not even reply to e-mails anymore to give me anymore excuses.  Maybe they ran out.  Either way, this is nothing but a scam artist who will take your money and then do nothing for you in return but give you the run around until they get tired of hearing from you and then they will just stop communication altogether.  Absolutely a scam and fraud and should be imprisoned for their actions!!!
Entity: Houston, Texas
13, Report #1297384
Apr 02 2016
11:01 AM
TransForce Driver Staffing Solutions unprofessional, uncaring, dishonest Greenville South Carolina
This is by far the most unprofessional branch of any staffing agency I have ever seen. VERY poor communication skills, takes days or hours to return calls, texts or emails if they get returned at all. Poor quality of job offers and pay. Payroll issues from the start and offered an apology repeatedly saying anything I can do just let me know and then later asked her to verify my pay for a company asking for verification  and REFUSED! No matter how wrong the employer is, TransForce will not side with you. YOU are replacable and a client is not so they will stick by their client no matter how hard the employer sticks it to you. Expects prompt communication from you but will not provide the same. You will not be able to go permamnent until you have completed either 6 months or 1000 hours. After 3 months I only had 200 hours so do the math on how long before you are eligibleto be hired. My advice is do not apply to this branch of TransForce in Greenville, SC. It is a one woman show and she is absolutely horrible at running the office. You will have problem after problem
Entity: Greenville, South Carolina
14, Report #1414137
Nov 29 2017
02:12 PM
Integrity Staffing Solutions Sent Home Without Pay Newark Delaware
December 24, 2016 dozens of temporary employess were sent by Integrity Staffing Solutions to the Target Warehouse at 8940 E. Rita Park Drive, Tucson, Tucson AZ 85747. Half of them were sent home without pay. We have documentation. These workplace violation also took place on October 21, 2017 when all the scheduled temps who reported to work were sent home without pay. Obviously this an attempt by management to drive down wages and intimidate workers.
Entity: Newark, Delaware
15, Report #427525
Feb 23 2009
12:54 PM
Shore Staffing Solutions: Consumer Analysis Market Research:Consulting & Staffing Solutions Mystery Shopper New York New York
I receieved a check th eother day for 4,990.99 to be a mystery shopper. When i recieved the letter i was about to throw it away, but the check stopped me. i asked a couple of friends even one who works in a bank if it was real and he said yes. Still hesistant to deposit this check i google the a phone number listed in the letter (450) 350-7721 / (866) 365-7721 and who the number was suppose to belong to and scam that came up along this number makes me very glad i have not cashed this check but to let others know don't get caught up on the hype! We all have money troubles and this seems like a great solution but don't cash that check from all the postings i see you will get in more debt , or maybe be worse arrested if you cash this check! If it's too good to be true, it is! Sunny_sandiego San Diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
16, Report #500378
Sep 25 2009
11:03 AM
NES Staffing Nationwide Employment Solutions Bait and Switch Job Applications Scam, Internet
I applied for a job through NES Staffing. While the site didn't look particularly professional, they had a couple of positions that seemed to fit my skills. That seems to be what this company preys upon. They post an array of positions to cover all the bases, then they rely on people to submit resumes.Within 5 minutes of my resume submission, I got a phone call from some educational center. I was told I was interested in going back to school (which was news to me). When I said I already have a Masters degree, I was asked if I would be interested in an undergraduate certificate. I said no, and the person said goodbye and hung up.Stay away! This company does not seem to have legitimate job listings.
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #498161
Sep 21 2009
01:40 PM
NES Staffing - NES Employment Solutions Nationwide employment solutions Bait and Switch Scam Internet
I filled out a job application with these people that was posted on a job board. Their website gave me a bad feeling right off the bat but, when you're unemployed you are willing to try and do a lot for a job and that is what this company preys upon. Immediately after I had hit submit I received a phone call from a call center. There was literally no time in between. I was then given a sales pitch about submitting my information to an educational site, when I replied I had not, he let me know it was from a job site. He continually pressured me into wanting to get an education until I told him I was white and my wife made too much money. he then asked if I was eligible for a Pell grant and I told him that I was not and had already tried. He then hung up.
Entity: Internet, Internet
18, Report #134212
Mar 08 2005
03:14 PM
WebCashAdvantage, Shawn Henderson, Michael Allen Ripoff Dishonest Unethical Phoenix Arizona
I am happy to here Montel of Dublin, OH had a pleasant experience BUT that is not my story. My story relates more to the disgruntled employee. I signed up with this company in May of last year after delivering a baby. They called and I requested more information in which Shawn Henderson called me and talked for over an hour explaining statistics and probabilities related to internet marketing. While my credit card was processing, I spoke with him and others on a daily basis. I decided to cancel after the first 2 weeks b/c my account had no activity. I was also moving and needed the monies for moving expenses. That's when Michael Allen called, stated he would be my coach, and he also did the probabilities and statistics spill and ensured me my account had activity that covered my initial investment of $499 for the sites and another $1,000 for advertising. He even encouraged me to apply for more credit cards to purchase additional advertisement. That works with proven systems but this wasn't proven yet. He gave me the Christian spill also and how he could not sleep at night knowing they'd taken money from a new mother that was moving. That was the last time I spoke with Michael Allen. Subsequent phone calls were diverted by sending additional search engines to increase activity (reference the greasing explanation). I even did shopping thru my retail shops such as Wal-Mart, Overstock and purchased airline tickets on my site and has NEVER received a commission check. Recently (2/2004), I've gotten Jennifer on the line once with another promise of additional search engines and haven't even received them. Now I can't get anyone on the line. Phone calls have not been acknowledged. This is not a smear campaign but my story. Michael Allen-You state you strive to build long-term business relationships with clients. If that's what you learned when obtaining your M.S., you need to go back to school or request a refund. D. Upper Marlboro, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix,, Arizona
19, Report #623981
Jul 16 2010
05:50 PM
Aptitude Staffing Solutions Darren Lawson ,Owner, VP and Kenneth Lai ,Recruiting Manager, Aptitude Staffing Solutions did NOT pay me or return my calls and emails after I worked for them!! Aptitude Staffing Solutions is a SCAM!!! Pleasanton, California
Please do not work for Aptitude Staffing Solutions!! They are based out of Pleasanton, CA and the owner is Darren Lawson and Ken Lai is his recruiter. They found my resume here on Craigslist and offered me a job in Clackamas, OR for a very reputible large company.  The work was swing shift and to last for 2 1/2 weeks at $13.75 at hour. Seems legit, right? I was WRONG!!!! I completed most of my work up until my manager asked me not to come in anymore because the temp agency had not yet paid me.  I have left NUMEROUS emails and voicemails with all three employees at this company. I got one reply days later stating that my recruiter would look into this. After I threatened legal action, the owner finally called me and promised my check by today. I have not received it, nor have I gotten my tracking number he promised. I called FedEx and they show no record of them sending me anything at all!!  They keep avoiding my calls/emails, give me the run around when I do speak with them, are VERY rude and unprofessional and have failed to pay me anything!! My manager was very happy with my work, so there is no reason at all that they would not pay me. This has caused me to aquire late fees, an eviction notice, angry friends and family members that I had to borrow money from to get to and from work, and lots of time and energy!! Aptitude Staffing Solutions are a FRAUD/SCAM!!!!!!  I have notified the police because what they are doing is illegal. I let Aptitude know what the laws are and what they owe me legally and they actually implied that I am the fraud!! The nerve, I have done absolutely nothing illegal or wrong.  This has been going on for over a week now and now the so called accountant no longer works for them and the owners cell phone is out of service. This is 2 days now that they have had me wait at home all day and wait for a check that they never FedEx'd!!  I am posting this everywhere so they do not scam/steal from anyone else!!!! They are located in Alameda County. 
Entity: Pleasanton, California
20, Report #131144
Feb 12 2005
01:38 PM
Alert Staffing / Beyond Staffing / Acclaim Solutions Dishonest, uncaring, unafraid of the law, unconcerned with your financial delemia that they have placed on you. Ripoff! CULVER CITY California
I Worked for Alert Staffing/Beyond Staffing and I also was ripped-off and did not receive payment from them for 2 NSF checks, I also worked and additional 2 months without receiving any type of income. They were issued a judgement by the State Labor Board, they did not pay, have not paid, and have no intention of paying. Roy Gardner, Victoria Lowe, Marla Gibbs and et al that are still in the command seats do not, have not, and will not care about all of the countless employees and families of the employees that have worked and felt compassionate about Victoria Lowe and her so called God-inspired company beliefs and practices. If the God that you served was a righteous God then you would not be in this spotlight of being considered the worst company to work for and the worst people to have had the displeasure of knowing. Your God would tell you to make things right by all of the people who trusted in you and worked for you without just compensation. You will have your day Victoria, Roy, Marla and et al that are part of that dispicable organization of Alert Staffing and whatever name you choose to use to rip people off, and that is the truth. L. LONG BEACH, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: CULVER CITY, California
21, Report #10015
Dec 27 2001
12:00 AM
Unlimited Staffing, Solutions Inc. is Limited Pretensive organization to AVOID at all expense!! ..exploitation, abuse, ripoff
A relatively new start-up company, located at 1 S. Easton Road in Glenside, PA. offers the promise of employment out-sourcing. My experience was that they staff for a limited number of client companies. Applicants are engaged into an Independant Contractor status - a status that deflects tax liability, benefits, and personal tort liabilities onto the worker. As a mature worker, UNLIMITED Staffing, Inc. attempted to establish that I had employability issues. While operating this pretense, they solicited me to work under an Independant Contractor to them - to service their computer equiptment. After weeks of addressing user errors, they intentionally created administrative exclusive lock-outs on their proprietary database. I encouraged them to hire an expert. The result was, after weeks of billing.. they hired a student to complete their work, refused to pay the bill for services initiated at their direction and supervision by me, and attempted to suit for a return of all moneis paid.. allthewhile, retaining the goods and equiptment purchased from me. This company has over 90 contracted staff members.. all as Independant Contractors, which specifically fail the 20 tests as mandated by IRS for Independant status. The company staff members applaud the revenue margin enjoyed at the expense of denying working people benefits. Unlimited is part of a trend of devalument, exploitation, and abuse being passed along on the backs of disenchanted people. Avoid them at all costs.
Entity: Glenside, Pennsylvania
22, Report #468662
Jul 11 2009
03:49 PM
NES - National Employment Staffing - National Employment Solutions, Employment Scam Internet
An ad for a Human Resources Assistant was listed on When I clicked on the link, I started applying for the job. Before completing the process, I realized this was a scam. They want your personal information to start spamming you with educational and vocational information. Check out any city, state or position on or and the same ads with the same wording will appear. I reported them to today. Both and are legitimate employment sites. I have been out of work for a year and a half and I was so happy to find a position in my area. NES are preying on the unemployed! Kate Santa Cruz, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
23, Report #852148
Mar 11 2012
12:47 PM
Cooper Family Staffing Solutions Nicole Cooper aka Nicole Bellaria Scam Artist/Non Existant Company/Felon! Bethel, Danbury, Connecticut
Do NOT use Cooper Family Staffing Agency! This company is not a license, insured nor bonded company. This company doesn't even exist in the State of CT eyes! It was made up by some drug addict with hopes of short cutting the system. It opporator was fired by her last employer shortly after she started because of her felony record and history with heroin and arrest record for multiple larcenys. Yet she still shows as being there under her current resume. Check with the State of CT judicial system about her lawsuits and arrest records before use. She had her attorney bury two felony arrests five years appart for heroin this really someone you want representing you? The scumbag won't even address her lawsuit under her maiden name for skipping out on a rental contract what would she do with your employment info? Do you really want to trust someone like this with your personal info or you employees?*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*2_*1_Y_*1_*1_*1_false_1_R_*1_*51_*1_*51_true_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2&pvs=ps&trk=pp_profile_name_link   From Linked In: Summary Cooper Family Staffing Solutions is a different kind of employment agency. We recognized both the advantages and disadavantages of the typical agencies in place aroud the nation- and knew we could provide better service. So we decided to do something about it. After years of working my way from a coordinator receptionist position all the way to Branch management, and regional research assistant for increasing profitability- I decided that a more personalized approach would reduce costs, overhead,and provide less back-fills of employees. Our family operated company would like to present the ways we can shave dollars off your organization's bottom line. Please call to schedule a free presentation. Our mission is to keep a portfolio with fewer clients, therefore the ability to produce a higher level of service with personalized, one recruiter only contact. Our vision is that top notch recruiting skills coupled with the understanding all sides of the staffing businness (internal staffing and HR managemet, headhunting and recruiting, financials, overhead, gross profits, etc.) will be more effective with a smaller group of highly dedicated associates. We offer the following career specializations: Accounting, A/P. A/R, medical billing Financial Analysts Bio-technical positions, including Chemists Clerical & Executive Administrative Assistants IT, programers, website creators Data Entry Clerks And the best assest we have- less overhead, less employees- means our services are of the same caliber, but the percentage for these services are extremely lower and with full authority to negotiate further. Specialties The Cooper's specializes in all Professional Fields. Nicole Cooper is acting CEO & her background speaks for itself. References upon request from top area International Corporations with local facilities.
Entity: Bethel, Danbury, Connecticut
24, Report #965440
Nov 06 2012
12:15 PM
corner stone staffing solutions Sells it's applicants information to telemarketers, Internet
So my husband applied for a warehouse job via online.Got a few text messages saying Hi: ******, call me about the Warehouse Material Hand Job you have applied for 8558165718 (txt STOP to cancel) Now my husband after 3 text messages decided, what the heck, and called. A fronter verified who he was and all his information then transfered him to someone else. That person then asked all kinds of ridiculous questions that had NOTHING to do with the job he applied for. where do you see yourself in 5 years that kind of crap.Now he asked, Do you know what company I applied for? took her a few minutes to look it up. Yes, Corner Store Staffing Inc, when he asked what company SHE was with, she seemed shocked, and dumbfounded he had picked up she was not affiliated. Bottom line, Corner Store sold/gave his info to some telemarketing company to try and sign him up for financial aid for some bull school. Please beware. They are not affiliated witht he job you're applying for, and are trying to make it sound like they are, and they are trying to help you. But theyre just trying to sign you up for something.Avoid.
Entity: Buena Park, CA 90620, Internet
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Feb 18 2015
12:56 PM
HR Strategic Staffing Solutions HRSSG.NET Bonnie Gesualdi-Chao owes me over $7,000 and she refuses to pay up. Plantation Florida
This person owes me over $7,000 and she refuses to pay up. Her name is Bonnie Gesualdi-ChaoShe works at a temp agency called HR Strategic Staffing ( web site)She lives at ((REDACTED))Shame on you Bonnie Gesualdi-Chao
Entity: Plantation, Florida

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