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26, Report #1229419
May 15 2015
10:10 AM
Atlantic Radiology Associates - Peter Britt, Andy Schilling Peter Britt MD and Andy Schilling MD Under Investigation for Insurance Fraud and Sexual Harassment of Medical Resident Savannah Georgia
Fraud Alert Atlantic Radiology Associates - Savannah Georgia Andy Schilling Peter Britt   Both Andy Schilling and Peter Britt under investigation for Billing Medicare patient for Interventional vascular imaging services that were never conducted or not medically necessary.  Both physicians are under investigation for sexual and verbal harrassment of medial residents.   
Entity: Savannah, Georgia
27, Report #371167
Dec 09 2008
11:32 AM
Magazine Deals Magazine Deals Now.Com - POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE Atlanta Georgia
I purchased a magazine off of for a discounted price on Feb. 18, 2008. It took me 7 months to receive my first issue. I repeatedly contacted customer service at and each time they informed me that it was on its way. On or about June 24, 2008, I emailed customer service at and I asked for my subscription or a refund. I was never given the opportunity for a refund and Sally Barrington (customer service rep.) told me that the Publisher had rejected my order. I then contacted the Publisher and they told me that it is rare for them to reject orders and there is no record of my order. I emailed Sally back and informed her of this. I asked again for a refund, but never was given a response from Sally regarding a refund. It is now September and I finally got my first issue. Although I am now receiving my first issue, I am dissatisfied with what had happened. Time had elapsed too much for me to dispute the charge with my credit card company 4 months later (in June). Due to my dissatisfaction, I filed a complaint with BBB. Katy, the supervisor at Magazine Deals sent me an email and asked for the complaint to be removed from the BBB. I informed her that I as very dissatisfied with what transpired and told her that I would remove the complaint if the company provides me with compensation for my inconvenience. They offered me a measly $3.95 coupon towards another magazine issue. I replied back to Katy and informed her that $3.95 was not adequate compensation. I requested a reasonably comparable coupon towards a magazine or to have my existing subscription upgraded to a 2 year subscription. When I receive evidence that the Publisher was received my order (either for a new subscription or an upgrade to a 2 year subscription), I would then remove my complaint. Katy said this was blackmail and voided my coupon! I feel that she provided poor customer service and in bad faith voided my coupon. You would think would try and keep my business! Katy did not try and work with me whatsoever! How would I know I would ever receive the new magazine (using the coupon)? They could just void my coupon (like Katy just did today) and take my money! I wouldn't be able to dispute the charge in the event that I purchased a new magazine using the coupon because it would well exceed a disputed charge time frame! Tarnish50 Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
28, Report #799129
Nov 17 2011
08:31 PM
Xlibris Xlibris Self Publishing Took $8000.00 for publication of book. Do not pay royalties of proven sales Internet
I paid over $8000 for 'Platinum Services to get my book published. The services were to include editing which was hardly done (they made 5 corrections and two of those were wrong). Almost everyone I spoke within the company to had English as a second language and made me wonder about their English proficiency to be competent to edit or work with books in English.Anyway, I am complaining because not only did they take my $8000 and not fulfill the terms of the agreement for this $8000; they are not paying me the royalties of sales that I know were sold. In Canada I have at least four people (that I know about) whom purchased the book but none of these sales show up on Xlibris Website under Author Royalties. I also have over 1500 friends within the united states whom have sent me emails telling me how wonderful the book is...yet they do not show up in the royalties statement. According to Xlibris, I have sold only 5 books! I have well over that in sales and thus can only conclude that this organization either breaches contracts or are out right scam artists.
Entity: , Internet
29, Report #809926
Dec 15 2011
02:49 PM
Your Magazine Publisher Inc. Called me and told me there is a refund for my magazine subscription and needed my debit card to refund me. I asked if they were my current magazine company and they said yes. They told me they were s Roseville , Minnesota
    The Your Magazine Publisher Inc. company has called me with false information about a refund. They charged my debit card for 49.90 and the rest of the balance for the subscription was made out to be $948.10, and cancellation fee of $199.00. I asked them if they were from my current magazine subscription and they said yes and than quickly moved on to the next topic and wanting my credit card to be able to give me a refund because my subscription has gotten cheaper.
Entity: Roseville, Minnesota
30, Report #454080
May 21 2009
07:19 PM
ASC Legal, Andy Jones Very rude! California
I received my call at my office from a man by the name of Andy Jones (he had an Indian accent). He claimed to be from ASC Legal Department and demanded I give him my lawyer information. I asked him I didn't know what he was talking about as I do not have a lawyer. He said he was calling regarding a law suit against me and my SS number. He confirmed the last four digist of my social security number which was pretty scary. He again asked for my lawyers information so that he could forward the details of the lawsuit to him. When I told him again I didn't know what he was talking about he acted very surprised that I didn't know I was being sued! I told him it had to be a mistake but that I would call him back. He hesitated but I didn't want to argue with him because I was at work and everyone can see my little cubicle. He gave me his number and said it was his direct line and asked when he should expect my call. Within 5 minutes I was outside calling the number and to my surprise the call kept being dropped or I was hung up on about 5 times. Furthermore, since I wanted to get to the bottom of this I called 411 and the operator was able to find out there are a few offices with this name. One is based in Salinas, the rest in little towns I've never even heard of. The 411 operator gave me the number to the Salinas office, I called but there was no answer. Now he has called me again and has given me a number in Maryland. Z huntington beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: California
31, Report #272044
Sep 03 2007
09:31 AM
Judith And Andy Wood The Woods ripped me off! Bradenton Florida
Dear Ripoff readers: This is a plea for help! I purchased a vehicle from Judith and Andy Wood last November. I did everything the wrong way---Just a couple of retired folks in Florida. Andy has a diesel repair shop. I was assured on a number of exchanges through email that all big ticket service work had been performed (I asked all the right question), and that the vehicle was good to go. I originally backed out of the purchase once, but after gaining this information agreed to enter into the purchase. The shipper cost me ($1000) to ship. The driver inspected thoroughly, and reported accurately. Andy apparently was hostile to the driver's inspection and though he was nit picking. I received the vehicle in right on schedule and immediately realized there had been extensive body work which was unreported. After sometime I discovered that indeed the vehicle had suffered damage in Ohio which was also undisclosed to me. The so called repairs were non-existent. One of the items 'repaired broke on my way to family thanksgiving, leaving my two kids and visiting grandparents stranded by the side of the road. This repair cost me over $400 after towing. I had already communicated my suspicion to the Woods via email and they never replied. After having the vehicle inspected, I received even more bad news, and a dismal report on the overall state of the vehicle. I am hoping someone can help. i would like to recover at least the purchase price of the vehicle in small claims, bu they are in Florida and I am in the upper midwest. I have a child with Cystic Fibrosis and our financial position is shaky to say the least, it's extremely hard to accept this ripoff in the face of reality. I had bought this vehicle with the intention of using it as a family vehicle to take a vacation or two to relieve the stress we face with my son---this has been quite the opposite! This has been very hard on my marriage too. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it---thank you~am Alan Madison, South DakotaU.S.A.
Entity: Bradenton, Florida
32, Report #339983
Oct 03 2008
09:06 AM
I purchased a home in 2005. The address of the home I purchased is 5125 Bishops Run in the Bishops Run Subdivision. The A/C in on my top floor has stopped running. I called the original contractors to come out and check it 6/10/2008. The air compressor on my Lennox air conditioner is bad, according to the serviceman. The company that installed the air conditioner was hired by McCar Homes. The name of the contractor is Andy Lewis Heating and air. They are located at 3130 Engineering Parkay Alpharetta Georgia, 30004. Their phone number is 770-602-4400. The contractor, Joe, advised that my A/C unit has a 10 year warranty, but the compressor is bad. He advised that we would have to get a new one, and would have to pay approximately $550.00 I advised this home is less than 5 years old, and A/C unit is brand new, and we should be responsible for a faulty compressor that his company installed. He advised to take my dispute up with McCar Homes. Tonya MARIETTA, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Alpharetta, Georgia
33, Report #1169305
Aug 12 2014
12:32 PM
ADR sewer and drain Andy Adkins Andy lied work done he damaged property, he is not a person you want working for you he took advantage of a senior and disabled persons not professional charged me a lot of money for work i did not need Spring Grove il Illinois
Andy told me with a witness , that i needed a sewer rodding and clean, then he came back a little while and said i need pipes fixed under ground, and said it has to be done or my house will get all water under neath house and my fondation will be ruined ,then he said this will cost more money well i found out he never even rodded the sewer he got anether company to dig up my front lawn which he said i needed and i did not nee it it was just pipes put into clean the sewer from the front instead of sewer in basement he lied and took my money for nothing , it did need cleaning but he did not do it the other company did a few nights later my basement got flooded so i think he riped me off big time i am nearly 80 yrs old so you know this man is shadey.    
Entity: Spring Grove il, Illinois
34, Report #1343667
Dec 21 2016
12:02 AM
Andy Wright said report was 1.00 and charged me another 18.95 Internet
 The andy wright said it would cost 1.00 and than he took out 18.95 too.I am on dissability and he messed up my bank acct. 
Entity: Internet
35, Report #1068155
Jul 18 2013
02:39 PM
Trail Blazer Magazine Susan Gibson Publisher, Owner Susana Gibson Publisher, OwnerJade West - Associate Publisher Susan owes me $600 for 3 feature articles with pictures I had written for her magazine in 2012. Prescott Valley Arizona
Susan Gibson, publisher and owner of Trail Blazer Magazine, owes me a total of $600 for three different feature articles (with pictures) I had written for her magazine in 2012.These articles received rave reviews from Susan, the editor and most importantly the readers who wrote Letters to the Editor, emails and phone calls to me.Payments for all three articles are more than a year past due.  I have sent numerous invoices and emails to her of which several she acknowledged.I have been promised payment numerous times by Susan and her Associate Publisher, Jade West.  I would like prompt payment for the $600 owed me.
Entity: Prescott Valley, Arizona
36, Report #622865
Mar 31 2011
01:12 PM
Spies in Disguise Unknown Spies in Disguise, Employment Scam, Mystery Shopper, Western Union, Money Order Unknown, Internet
This e-mail is a scam, and the person that wrote it is also extremely stupid (notice the misspells, wrong capitalization, and the person can't even count right) If you receive an e-mail like this about an employment opportunity please report it to Career Builder, or other applicable job site and your Attorney General's office. I have included the e-mail I received below: Dear Applicant , We got your resume on careerbuilder for the position of CSR, but right now the position is filled and we thought you might be interested in this part-time job offer. Here's your chance to get paid for shopping and dining out. You'll be paid to shop and dine out, plus you can also get free meals, free merchandise, free services, free entertainment, and free travel. This opportunity includes great pay, enjoyable work, flexible schedules, and no experience required. If you can shop, you are qualified! Spies in Disguise is a company that conduct surveys and evaluate other companies, we get hired to go to other peoples companies and act like customers in order to know how the staffs are handling their services in relation to their customers, once we have a contract to do so, we direct our agent / secret shoppers to the company or outlet to carry out the evaluation, and you will be given the money you need to do the job( either purchase things or require services), after which you will write a comment on the staffs activities and give a detailed record of your experience. Examples of details you would forward to us are 1) How long it took you to get services. 2) Smartness of the attendant 3)Customer service professionalism 4)Sometimes you might be required to upset the attendant, to see how they react to clients when they get tensed. And we then turn the information over to the company executives and they would carry out their own duties in improving there services. Most companies employ our assistance when people give complains about their services, or when they feel there are needs for them to improve their customer service. your identity would be kept confidential as the job states (secrets shopper) you would be paid $200 for every duty you carry out, and bonus on your transportation allowance, and funds would be given to you if you have to dine as part of the duty. We currently have a contract to evaluate a local western outlet in your area , your first assignment will be to run a survey on this western union outlets within 6 miles of your area ( which will be disclose to you in our subsequent email as soon as you accept the responsibilities to carry out this assignment). The Western union location was reported for evaluation for the following reasons. I) Customers has file report for unprofessional customer service ii) Slow services iii) Unbalanced exchange rate (Iv) Poor services (v) Rudeness to customers (vi) Excess charge (vii) Late opening time and Closing before time. Your Secret Evaluation would be 1) To make a transfer of fund from this western union location to our Mystery shopper and the funds would be picked up by our based mystery shopper at the other location. ( Note : the money you will be needing for this services will be provided in advance by our company before you carry out the assignment) 2) You would have to record your time of arrival, departure and how long it takes to get the transaction done.You would be sent funds in form of money orders which will cover your commission for the duty and the amount you will be sending at western union. 4) You will also provide me with the name of the cashier that attended to you, you will have to keep a comprehensive report on every activity that happens within the time you are carry out the transaction. As soon as you reply back with your mailing address and information below, the funds you will be needing to carry out the assignment plus your commission , will be sent to you in form of money orders , the Western Union outlet address will be disclose to you, and also the Name and address of the other Mystery shoppers you will be sending the money to , will be provided . If you are still interested in this job opportunity, reply this e mail with the follow information and your readiness to carry out this assignment. FULL NAME .......................... MAILING ADDRESS (no P.O.Box please) .......................... CITY.......................... STATE.......................... ZIP CODE.......................... CELL PHONE.......................... HOME PHONE.......................... GENDER.......................... MARITAL STATUS.......................... BEST TIME TO CALL.......................... PRESENT JOB STATUS/POSITION.......................... As soon , as you get back to us with this information, then we can proceed to the next step. Best Regards Mark Cadozo HR Manager Spies in Disguise These people are counting on you responding, and then cashing their money order. What they don't tell you is that the money order is a fake, and most of the time your bank doesn't catch it until days afterwards... that is until after your bank has given you the money and you turn around and Western Union the funds. Once your bank finds out the money order is fraudulent (usually about 7-10 days later), then it goes back against YOUR checking account and YOU become liable for the fraudulent act. I've received several e-mails to the nature, and know that this is a scheme due to having prior experience in lending (dealing with money orders, etc) and catching fraudulent behavior. I would also suggest that if you receive an e-mail of these nature to report it to your local police, who will most likely refer you to a special division within the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Entity: Unknown, Internet
37, Report #291993
Jan 31 2008
02:17 PM
John H. Plummer And Associates Plummer And Associates Inc. unfinished work took six months to complete and didn't do all the work failed to look up deeds left out set backs for survey is very unreliable sue happy Salisbury Accomack Ocean View Maryland
plummer and associates////john h. plummer and associates. asked john (jack)plummer for and estimate to survey a lot in virginia.he never gave me a estimate but instead he took it upon his self to preform survey on his own authority.six months later he sends me a bill for large amount of money. and i told him i didn't authorize you to do the work. so after his accountant threatened me to pay.he sued me in court and won he will lie and make up stories as he goes. i have spoken with many people he had done work for and they said they had nothing but problems with this people and they keep moving their business location. inc. in virginia as john h. plummer and associstes inc. maryland as plummer and associates inc. A.K.A. jack plummer surveyor/jh plummer associates/plummer associates inc/jh plummer engineer and surveyor/john h. plummer and associates inc./ect. please if you were a victum of these entities please file a report. Justice salisbury, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Salisbury Accomack Ocean View, Maryland
38, Report #286009
Sep 23 2012
09:38 AM
Communications Publishing, Todd Bierman And David Masten got ripped off, sent their product back, they never sent my money back as their guarantee states. New York New York
I am disappointed at the lack of professionalism exhibited by Communications Publishing and now also included are the so called professionals they use as endorsees for thier guerilla credit book.... I sent for the product in April of 2007. I reviewed it and was not please with the lack of substance. The product was overtly sensationalized, and did not deliver as promised. On June 17th, 2007, I sent the material back with a cordial cover letter, explaining why it was being returned. Keep in mind, they referred to their No-risk guarantee on multiple occasions. I also included my phone number where they could call, if they had any questions at all. It has been 5 1/2 months since I returned their product, at my expense. I have not heard anything from them. A person would think that these so called financial experts ( David Masten and Todd Bierman) would research their joint venture partners a bit more thoroughly before putting their financial reputation at risk with companies that seem to have communication is rather ironic to have a company name of communications Publishing when there are multiple refunds being ignored... I do hope to hear from someone with this company...perhaps an apology (in writing) along with my $23.90. If anyone else out there in this great U S A has received the same treatment from this company....I urge you to join in and perhaps they will hire someione in their company to do........the right thing... Best regards, gotrippedoff Gotrippedoff (mike) lavista, NebraskaU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
39, Report #766349
Aug 17 2011
11:18 AM
 just got a call this morning  from  micheal paul 8/17/11stating that i won a sweepstakes from publisher direct sweepstakes.(1 866 978 7311) and it was 422,000 but i will only get 285,00.after taxes or what not.and everything was tax free. there will be to agents coming tommorrow(thur) 8/18/11.with my check and  they are to follow me to the cash it.and wait until the checks clears.....and micheal told me all i had to do was call this claim number 1 850-391-4546 and give them my claim id number.and i called here and she told me i dont know y he didnt tell me but i have to pay the insurance for my check to be relaase in the amount of 1,5050.25.and i tried to call him bk and this lady said that he was on another line and he would call back.but he hasnt...think i will have the cops waiting when they do show up tommorow.
Entity: miami, Florida
40, Report #707997
Mar 29 2012
08:02 AM
pepper cash ripping me off for more than the loan i took out, the loan amount $400.00 dollars. Internet
I seen an commercial on T.V. by Montiel Williams  stating that if you need cash, to call a number, and so I did, and they asked alot of information and so I gave it to them. By the third business day I had the money in my checking account. By my surprise they were taking $140.00 out of my checking account every two weeks and this last one was for $ 190.00 which I did not authorize that amount or any amount. I have tried calling but can never get anybody  and when I do they keep transfering me to different people and sometimes they hang up on me. I want to know what I can do about this.
Entity: Internet, Internet
41, Report #1043738
Apr 16 2013
02:23 PM
compumax andy 725 william t gallivan blvd in dorchester .andy takes money out of the register for his own personnal use , he gives away merchendise too customers, he figures as long as he sends in some money he ripped me off he threw away two of my computers , i came back in the store and asked him for my computers and he said he threw them away, when andy did not have any power cords i went and got them dorchester, Massachusetts
I am writing about andy at this store he has a guy working there who isnt even paying taxes, whose name is jose, andy and i mett on godly grounds, i respected him and he respected me, i have been around him for 2 months, bonding as a friend he would always take money out of the register and buy lunch for everyone , it got too the point that i cooked food at home for him ,too feed them, if andy sold a computer and he couldnt get it on line he would connect it with a wireless card and give the wireless card to them for free, at times andy did not have power cords to connect his computers too , so i went and got mpower cords for him too help him out he paid me for the cords , i brought two labtops down there for him , and too my understanding if the parts on the computer could be sold he would sell them as parts, i asked andy for my lab tops back and he said he threw them away , i want too be refunded for them please, andy told me he didnt want me around because his boss said that ???? He said ? I told andy to tell his boss too call me and tell me he said no so i said he was lieing too me, .........................1 andy takes money out of the register 2 he pays jose for helping him out and doesnt pay any taxes on that money, 3 andy pays another guy out of the register every week , for helping him out also, that compumax did not hire, 4 he takes money out of the register every day just about too buy food , 5 he owes me two labtops 6unemployment surely would like too know that compumax has an employee working for them who does not pay taxes, 7 my number is (((redacted)))thankyou , and god bless, MY Name is Minister Edward A M**** ,I am with Morning Star Baptist Church In Mattapan, And Saints Memorial COGIC In Dorchester Mass, I am liscensed under Bishop Harvey L Lewis who resides in the WASHINGTON D.C WHITE HOUSE.PLEASE FEEL FREE TOO CALL ME AT ANY TIME THANKYOU...CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: dorchester, Massachusetts
42, Report #324837
Apr 09 2008
01:02 PM
Publisher Clearing House, Inc. Sent letter saying we won $193,000.00; sent check to cover processing fees; needed $2,000 from us in exchange for winning check. Check was returned LOST OR STOLEN Port Washington New York
Received letter stating that I won $193,000.00 in Publishers Clearing House Sweepsakes, along with a check for $3,250.83 to cover our applicable proceesing fee, international clearance fee and non residential fee. The enclosed check was from a metal materials company in Dallas, Texas. The letter was signed by Michael D. Hayford, as Director of Claims, and requested that we call our claim agent, Gregory Mayer prior to depositing the check into our account. I contacted Mr. Mayer, he verified my supposed winnings, told me to deposit the check, and that I needed to give them $2,000 in exchange for the $193,000.00 check. He said he could overnight and wanted to know when they could send the winning check! Since my wife works in the legal field, and we were both suspicious of this company being in New York and sending us a check from a supply company in Dallas, Texas, we opened a brand new account and deposited the check. I told Mr. Mayer that once the check clearned the bank, then I would contact him to send the other check. Lo and behold, the check was returned from the bank as LOST OR STOLEN. And to top it off, you cannot reach them at the phone number given in the letter - you receive a message in both English and French that calling is unavailable, please call back later -- no answering machine. Chris Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Port Washington, New York
43, Report #1170967
Aug 20 2014
06:16 AM
Publisher Clearing House Mega Millions Jade Jefferson Representative requested you pay $1500 via Green Dot Money Cards in order to cover 1% car tax for Mercedes Benz, $2.5 million, and $50,000 cash Las Vegas Nevada
Person called cell phone claiming to represent Publisher Clearing House Mega Millions. Called to announce my winning $2.5 million (certified check), 2014 Mercedes Benz, and $50,000 cash. Mentioned my address as a location to deliver the prize next day at my convenience. Requested a time to come by. She provided her name (Jade Jefferson), phone number (876-892-5233), and a secity quesion and code number. She also asked that I NOT mention winning to anyone and that I have 3x $500 Green Dot cards with me at time of delivery. This is a SCAM.
Entity: Las Veags, Nevada
44, Report #1092329
Oct 16 2013
10:43 AM
The Self Defense Company fraud, scam, took $1,000 of my money, and gave me nothing in return. New Jersey
 I enrolled in the Self Defense Company Combatives course, in Aug 2011, while home on vacation from my job in Iraq.  (I work as a Diplomatic Bodyguard at the US Embassy for the US State Dept.) I purchased the entire DVD course, and an Instructor Seminar.  I spoke with your Direct of Training, Michael Archangel, and informed him that work may require I return early, and may not be able to make the seminar. Mr. Archangel informed me that I would be eligible for a refund or another course in the future. I originally opted for a future seminar, but my work schedule, (I am only home 70 days out of the year), and the training courses never coincided.    Approximately 8 months later, I contacted Mr. Archangel and informed him that I would like a refund, (as previously promised by him), and just enroll into another seminar, if one comes available with my work schedule. Several months, and many e-mails go by, and I hear no response. I then made a BBB complaint, that to this day still goes unanswered.   I then informed Mr. Archangel that I will be filing a small claims lawsuit for the return of my money; then I got a response.  It was some bullshit story of how some guy died in his arms, and he was dealing with a lot over the past months. I believed him, (my mistake), and agreed to just use the $1,000 towards my instructor certifications via video testing. After e-mailing Mr. Archangel, (The Director of Training) many times, still nothing. Then I realized: i had been duped by this company.  Now that 2 years have passed, the statue of limitations has ran out for me to qualify to file a lawsuit. So, I gave The Self Defense  company $1,000, and I got nothing in return. Nothing, zero, squat!   What is worse is I recently e-mailed the Owner of the Company, (Damina Ross), and informed him of this also, (His e-mail address only became available to me after all of this had happened), and not a single response.  
Entity: New Jersey
45, Report #581242
May 25 2011
08:35 PM
andrew parizek will not pay back money for motel deal gone bad north champlin , Minnesota
he has had my 150,000 for 10 months and and will not pay back i filled on him last week and i am not alone many more behind me on same deal he was suppose to give big line of credit to invester bilding motel in austin mn never happened
Entity: north champlin, Minnesota
46, Report #1160835
Jul 09 2014
04:46 PM
C-Suite Quarterly aka CSQ Magazine aka C-Suite Media aka David Wurth Publisher C-Suite QuarterlyCSQ MagazineC-Suite MediaDavid Wurth Publisher BOYCOTT C-Suite Quarterly aka CSQ Magazine aka C-Suite Media Woodland Hills, California Internet
Entity: Internet
47, Report #134824
Sep 22 2006
01:07 AM
Andy Hooda - Soul Media - ripoff! took money never sent products Hoover Alabama
Soul Media has an online website at There they have pictures of products that you can buy. I emailed the given address to see if there was actually someone there. The person e-mailed me back and assured me that it was a legitimate business. I sent off my money and never got anything in the mail. I emailed the same address and didn't get a reply for about 2 weeks. They never sent me my money back or my products. I figured that I was ripped off and begged them to give me my money back but no one ever replied. Leslie Albany, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Hoover, Alabama
48, Report #729227
Sep 01 2011
04:47 PM
AuthorHouse, Inc manuscript,books,publisher,self-publishing,self-publisher,scam,fraud,falseclaims,printing,books Bloomington, Indiana
In considering the publishing of my new manuscript and how best to make it into the best possible marketable book, I saw AuthorHouse, Inc. on the Internet. While I was not sure how a self-publishing book would reach the market place, and other things having to do with whether themanscript could realize its full potential, I was willing to look into it. Therefore I contacted AuthorHouse and got a return call from a Timothy Murphy, a publishing consultant, who offered to send me a packet of information. After I received the info, Mr. Murphy called me several times to askme to review the contract which was included on the packet. He told me that he was able to give me a special deal if I signed-up now. In December(2010) and January (2011) I sent a $1000.00 toAuthorHouse, before even sending it one page of my manuscript. Later, I received an offer from a mainline publisher to publisher my manuscript, which included allediting,publicist fees ($24,000.00), distribution, etc., including a substanial advance, plus a much higher royality percentage. In other words, they wanted to help me make my manuscript into a truly marketable book. AuthorHouse has done NOTHING, but take my money and won't give me a refund of the $1000.00. That's my cpmplaint!!  
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
49, Report #968563
Nov 13 2012
11:54 AM
gree tree Stephanie ext. 65110 Devils in disguise, Internet
I have had my house going on 6 years. All of a sudden I started dealing directly with green tree instead of the local representative. Things have been going down hill.First my account got overdrawn because of miscommunication. I called and asked them to playback the recoding and basically they said no. I'm don't understand the purpose of the recordings. them I was told if I don't pay a certain amount by a certain date I will need to give the house back our out would go into foreclosure.The rep was being very rude and nasty. so I just hung up and informed my fiance we may have to move. Well he called back and someone else said she wasn't suppose to tell us thatand we only needed to pay 378.00 dollars by the 25th of this month. I was in shock so I called to talk to a manager and someone named mary pretended to be a manager.She was also rude and yelling and not acting professional at all. So I asked to talk to someone over her and she basically telling me she was in charge there is no one over her. So when I call I can't get anyone else. The call go directly to those two women.I don't know what to do nor do I know what is going to happen with my house. I can't seen to talk to anyone that can help me and my family. This is ridiculous.
Entity: , Internet
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Nov 26 2008
09:23 PM
Quest Distribution LLC Kirby vaccuums and Quest distribution stealing American's money everyday East Hartford Connecticut
I am a college student trying to earn money to go to school. I worked at stop n shop in the summer of 2008, until my job was cut due to cutbacks. At the time no jobs were available. I stumbled across an ad in the newspaper for quest distribution paying starting at $500 per week for cutsomer service. At the interview, I was told by one of the managers SETH ROSZMAN that i would make $500 per week answering customer questions about cleaning products working 9am-5:30pm. I was told training would be paid by SETH ROSZMAN. But the manager above him named MATT O'CONNOR informed me that I wouldnt. Another manager in charge of setting up work for the new employees named CHARLIE O'CONNOR informed me that I was to perform 15 vaccuum demos per week. O'CONNOR claimed that I would make $500 per week even if I did not sell any vaccuums. I learned that ROZMAN, O'CONNOR, and O'CONNOR were corrupt, dishonest, shady, immoral and scummy individuals. My first week I performed 20 demos. 5 more than the required 15. I actually performed even more, but was threatened and kicked out of numerous peoples houses when they found out QUEST DISTRIBUTION is really kirby vaccums. I told SETH ROSZMAN about this problem and he informed me that I wasnt trying hard enough. The reason this happend is the way kirby and QUEST get customers. They buy telemarketer lists and call people and tell them that they are quest distributions, a new cleaning service that just opened up in the area and is offering promotional free carpet cleanings. But when the people find out that it isnt a cleaning service but actually kirby vaccuums, they often times become irrate. On more than one instance I almost had to get the police involved because potential customers became irrate and almost violent when they found out I was from kirby and they had been lied to. I decided to quit this company. I have morals and do not wish to work for dishonest corrupt individuals. I received a call from SETH ROSZMAN a day after I quit. ROSZMAN told me if I did not bring back the vaccuum cleaner he would make sure there would be a warrant out for my arrest. And I would be charged with a felony, and I would never be able to get another job or go back to school. I told him my situation and said when I turn my vaccuum in, MATT O'COONOR would give me my paycheck. MATT O'CONNOR refused to pay me! He claimed I did not perform the demos. Even though I have my telephone records to prove otherwise because I was required to call him, SETH ROZMAN, or BRENDAN BROWN multiple times during each demo. I contacted the department of labor and filed a complaint. But i was informed that they couldnt give me the money i am entitled to because they are a private sales company which has no laws protecting employees. The agent informed me that this is a common problem with kirby and nothing can be done to fix it because even though they border the line fo legal and illegal, they do not quite cross it. I do not kno what else to do. I am out $500 which I need in order to pay for my education. Something need to be done to stop QUEST DISTRIBUTION and KIRBY VACCUUM COMPANY. This type of nonsense must be stopped. No one deserved to be in my situation and sadly KIRBY VACCUUMS and QUEST DISTRIBUTIONS repeat it over and over everyday. Xxx colchester, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: East Hartford, Connecticut

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