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1, Report #1348581
Jan 09 2017
10:22 AM
Lighthouse Publishing/Andy Overett CreateSpace Self-Publisher in Disguise Took Me for 400 Bucks Georgia and/or Minnesota
I was desperate to publish my book.  As my book had a lot of Christian themes, I thought to pitch it to some Christian publishers/agents.  One of those was Lighthouse Christian Publishing, found online.  I sent them an email with my pitch and a manuscript in doc form. After twenty years of mostly rejections for my work, I was cheered to see that Lighthouse wanted to publish my work!  Some things bothered me about the contract, but I wanted to believe in the deal, and tried to have faith--so after saving money for six months, I finally paid Lighthouse/Andy Overett $399 via paypal to get the publishing started. Soon I found out that Andy was unwilling to let me in on process of being paid/how many books were selling, etc.  So I looked further into his publishing process to find he was just a self-publisher with's  With them, anyone can self-publish and sell books FOR FREE. When I learned this, and told Andy via email that I wanted to get out of contract to pursue free self-publishing with CreateSpace on my own, he refused to part with any of the $399 I had sent to him.  I told him via email (no phone number for him given--another red flag) that he could keep $200 for the work he had done on the book, and for illuminating me in some ways--about a great free self-publishing/selling service called He refused to give me ANY money back, taking the full $399 I saved over a six month period.  He never posted the book on his website, so only half the contract was followed--in which he promised to sell the book on
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1280062
Jan 14 2016
01:11 PM
Lighthouse Christian Publishing Andy Overett Scammer, Breach of contract Buford Georgia
After our first email exchange of breach of contract Andy Overett refuse to refund my one time set up fee of $399. I terminated our contract on 1/9/2016. He received however, my book is still available via Createspace which is self publishing site. Contract says 30 days however, my book is not on his website. Createspace is not part of the deal and not on the contract. He emailed me and told me he is trying to get his money's worth.
Entity: Buford, Georgia
3, Report #712256
May 04 2012
09:44 AM
Lighthouse Christian Publishing Lighthouse Publishing Scammed Me Internet, Nationwide
Andy Overett at Lighthouse Publishing is a scam aritst.  He charged me 300 dollars to publish my book a year ago and still hasn't published it.  Andy does not respond well to questions.  And when he does respond it's weeks later.  He does not answer all the questions you ask him.  He constantly stalls on the project.The illustrations are poor.  The editting is very poor.  The formatting for the book is poor and it takes Andy way too long to get anything done.  But he took my money quick enough.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
4, Report #1278195
Jan 19 2016
09:34 PM
Lighthouse Christian Publishing ,Andy Overett, Lighthouse Publishing Breach of contract Buford Georgia
My book Ain't Nobody's Business is not on the publisher's website. He has not reponded to my questions. Andy Overett the president setup my book on createspace this is not on our contract. I learned from another author of his no royalties will be paid out if if his is sold via Createspace. Royalties and credits are only paid out through their website. Lastly, Shotty editing.
Entity: Buford, Georgia
5, Report #1189118
Nov 15 2014
01:28 PM
Andy Buyer Beware tacoma Washington
Larson Hyundai of Tacoma… buyer beware In Feb 2014 we went to Larson and bought a “new” 2013 Hyundai Accent off their showroom floor. The vehicle had aftermarket rims and tires to the tune of $1800. We drove (moved) to Texas, and at under 9k miles on the car, a rear tire separated. We pulled into a tire shop in Austin and was told that the “low profile” tire couldn’t be ordered, or even found… we contacted the local Hyundai Dealer and found the same problem. We were also told that it was an $89 tire… a Z rated 89 dollar tire? Really? We pulled our warranty info and found out that the warrantied tires that are supposed to be on the car, aren’t! Go figure… at that time we are also told that the rims are too big for the car, and that any other size tire will rub on the fender wells… and they do. We had no choice but to replace both rear tires… and now need to replace the front tires, rims, and also another set of rear tires before we have a “real” problem. I got a hold of the store manager “Dick”, yep… no joke… and was conveniently disconnected. I was finally able to contact the service department, told the story, and was actually expecting to be contacted about the issues… a week has passed with no contact. I have filed a complaint with the BBB, and so far that’s where I stand. BTW, my Gf and I have purchased at least  5 cars from Larson, and did not expect this kind of treatment… there are other car dealers out there… use one. Andy
Entity: tacoma, Washington
6, Report #1157825
Jun 26 2014
07:22 PM
   a typical  hyped  up  online  business  paid $ 9-95US by  credit card ,has taken my money and there  was  no instruction to where to go to  learn  this  business
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1182498
Oct 12 2014
10:28 AM
Andy Garcia photo, Andy Garcia, Andy Garcia photographer SCAM PHOTOGRAPER, DO NOT WORK WITH ANDY GARCIA, HE WILL RIP YOU OFF LOS ANGELES Nationwide
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #1276722
Jul 22 2016
06:28 AM
Andy Kim P4PSHOEZ POUNDFORPOUND instagram Internet
 We met inside instagram. He sold shoes. He used.real shop account. He hacked real shoes shop account. I thought real so I did trust. We talked how can take shoes. He told me he doesn't have PayPal account, so he asked to me, I'm selling inside ebay, can you take inside eBay my cart items pay. After he asked to can you bollow your paypal account? I said No, why? I have to bollow to you, this is mine account. And he told me if you bollow your account I will give you free tees. Already we talked about tees before I want tees. And I thought if something wrong I can contact to shop, can fix. So I did help him, but I.dont tell to him account password. He asked to me tell your password. I can do my self. I said No. I dint think about my money gone.So I did help to him. He told me what i have to do,he i.have to go his ebay account and take inside.his cart items.And after his eBay customers send to money to my account. But he.never ship his.items, so PayPal shut down my account. Already I called to PayPal 6 times. I fraud to him. But they told me, I did bollow my account to him, so your fault we can't heve to report to FBI. PayPal shut down account, but inside account was there my $845 .they took.all refund to people and still -$ 1200 inside PayPal. But I can't pay. I don't have to pay, I.stopped bank from PayPal. He used me only. I lost my money and my account. I lost all And after he told me I will kill you. I'm police officer I will arrest you. I.researched his number, adress all fake. Maybe name too I.want give my money.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1314282
Jun 29 2016
06:46 PM
Andy Caldwell MBVacation Stole security deposit, disgusting rental, Myrtle beach South Carolina
 Beware!!! Andy was so nice and polite in the beginning. I had to ask a lot of questions because I have a 14 year old in a wheelchair. I had to make sure everything was accessible! Andy seemed so nice. We are 4 families of mature adults ranging from 35-60 with our children. This was a HUGE party condo! People drinking all night to start. The elevator my husband and son had to take daily had urine, weed, and beer smell constantly! So besides that we arrived the furniture is old... The one fridge didn't work (ice maker) dryer was broke, floors were filthy and we had to buy a mop and do it ourselves! YES we called about all of these issues and obviously made him angry! Oh yea had to call back because a drain was clogged in bathroom and dryer still wasn't fixed 2 days later. So we decided enough was enough and left a day early. Cleaned everything as stated. The place was cleaner than when we arrived! So we had a feeling he was going to be upset about all of our calls and be worried about bad reviews and try to switch it up and blame us like he did to previous reviewers! You guessed it. The next day I get an email! Saying a door that looks like it was beat up by drunk teenage boys was done by us. He will not take my phone calls or emails. It's pathetic! We didn't do it and have no proof obviously. The cleaner had 2 little boys ages 5 and 8 ish with her ... Do you want them cleaning your place ? Also bullet holes in window rental next to us! Stay elsewhere!
10, Report #459929
Jun 09 2009
07:28 AM
BEWARE OF: Andy Mohr Mitsubishi/Andy Mohr Ford/Andy Mohr Chevrolet This company discriminates ans allows sexual harassment from employees with no consequenses! Indianapolis Indiana
I was contacted on 3/5/09 by Dean Cornish, a recruiter working for Andy Mohr Automotive. (See Exhibit A) I completed my training and was sent to the Nissan store for my interview. Upon arriving, the manager was not prepared nor was the interview process professional. I contacted Dave White, the person in charge of handling the training class and new hires. He was not surprised at my experience as another person, Douglas Werbowski, also had the same experience and also contacted him regarding the issue. Dave set up a interview with Bob Hoye, at the Andy Mohr Mitsubishi location in Fishers, Indiana. I was hired on the spot by Bob and began working on or around 3/21/09. Upon being hired, I was told my job description was to sale new and used cars. I accepted small job duties that were handed down to me by my manager, Bob Hoye, such as making internet calls, utilizing, etc. On or around 5-11-09 Bob Hoye requested for me to take charge of a car show he was planning for the store. I was literally thrown into the planning of this event with no instructions and no help from my manager, Bob Hoye. I was responsible for the entire event. I met with Andy Mohr's Marketing Manager, Lisa Masariu on three occasions regarding the event. I received a outline of what was needed to complete the planning of the car show. When trying to speak with my manager, Bob Hoye, I received absolutely no support or assistance from him. I only received frustration, rude responses and a huge lack of support from him. Throughout my employment, I experienced several issues with co-workers making inappropriate comments to me about my breast. I firmly told them to stop and while one employee did and never talked that way to me again, another employee failed to stop. At that time I did not feel comfortable letting my manager, Bob Hoye know of the issues as he was not being supportive, and has a history of being two-faced. I spoke with the marketing manager, Lisa Masariu about the issues and she informed me that I needed to speak with Steve Faulkner about the issues. I sent Steve Faulkner a email briefly informing him that I needed to talk to him regarding some issues that I was experiencing on 5/21/09 (See Exhibit B). He never responded. I left several voicemail messages for him letting him know I was trying to reach him. On 5/23/09 I arrived at work prepared to finalize the work I had been doing for the car show. When I arrived the store was unlocked and noone was there. I went in and began to work, answering phones and assisting customers. I scheduled two appointments with customers to come in and meet with me about cars they were interested in after they saw them on our company's website. I had an appointment at 10AM to pick up a donation that was made for our car show and promptly returned, less than a hour later. Upon returning I was walking to the fax machine to send a fax to a sponsor for the car show and my manager, Bob Hoye, pulled me aside and said Per Steve Faulkner the car show is off until further notice and Steve will be down to talk to you about this in a few hours. I then called Steve to inquire about this decision and was told by Steve that he did not say that and at that point Steve and I agreed that I would leave work and meet with him, Bob Hoye and Lisa Masariu on Tuesday, 5-26-09. Upon arriving to the meeting, Lisa was speaking with Bob Hoye and Ian (our finance manager) behind closed doors. I was then asked to meet with them in the back. Steve never addressed any of the issues. In fact, Bob Hoye became rude and uncooperative to speak with and at that point I realized that Bob and I would continue to not see eye to eye on the issuews and since he was not being supportive, I informed Steve that I did not feel it was in my best interest to work under Bob Hoye any longer, however I was not giving up my job, as I just purchased a new vehicle and had no intentions of being unemployed. It was agreed that I would contact another Andy Mohr store and see if any of them were hiring. I contacted the Andy Mohr Chevrolet store and was told they were hiring and to come in. I went in and completed my interview on 5-29-09 with two managers. At the time of my interview I was asked why would you choose Chevy to work for when they are filing for bankruptcy next week? I responded that I know a lot about Chevy vehicles and feel more comfortable with the car manufacture. On 6-1-09 I began attempting to reach Jason, the manager at the Chevy location and he said he had not had time to speak with the other manager about me and to call him back the next day. On 6-2-09 I attempted to reach Jason again and was told it was not a good time and to try back later that day. I called Jason after my doctor's appointment and he then told me that since Chevy has filed bankruptcy they were not hiring at that time. I feel based on my experiences with this company I have been sexually harassed and discriminated against based on my sex. I have tried to allow the company time to address these issues and make right the mistakes and issues, however the company is not cooperating and has failed to do anything about the sexual harassment. The same day I met with Steve Faulkner, Lisa Masariu and Bob Hoye, my email access was disconnected and it seems as though they were not cooperating with allowing me the time to meet with the other Andy Mohr location. I also have a recorded call in which Bob Hoye basically admits that the reason I was not paid correctly on what is now my final paycheck is because I got him into trouble. I also have been receiving phone calls from the individual that sexually harassed me, while he was at work. I have saved this voicemail message that he left. I also received several emails from him making fun of other co-workers and referring to another employee as a Anal Themometer (See Exhibit C) This company has failed in several asspects. First, they did not honor the pay and benefits they originally offered to me. They falsified the hours that we needed to work. They then put me in charge of a function and then I got into trouble for doing exactly what they wanted me to do, and then they disconnect my access to my email. They did not do anything to address the sexual harassment until I informed Steve Faulkner today (6-3-09) that I was filing formal complaints and was looking at retaining an attorney to represent me in this matter. It was then that Steve assured me that they would address the sexual harassment allegations. In my opinion, this company has failed. I had every intention of having a career at this company. I just purchased a new vehicle and even signed up for benifits with the company. I also have recorded calls in which after my interviews were completed, I had a friend call to see if these locations were hiring and they old my friend they were. I am planning on filing a complaint with the EEOC and the Workforce Center. In my experience the Mitsubishi store likes to surround customers like a pack of vulchers and hound customers. I have severaol customers that have even backed me up on the ways they were treated and have even written a letter on my behalf. Standing up for what's right! Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
11, Report #784475
Oct 04 2011
08:33 AM
Andy Choquette choquettegraphicdesign You are crazy to do business with Andy Choquette Austin, Texas
You are crazy to do business with Andy Choquette and Mike Doughty in Austin Texas. They are the worst business people and would not give us our web site we paid for when we decided not to use their services anymore.They have also walked out on paying their employees for all their hard work.
Entity: Austin, Texas
12, Report #972769
Nov 23 2012
09:42 AM
Andy Mohr Ford Andy Mohr Auto Dealers Deceptive Advertising Plainfield, Indiana
Black Friday Shoppers beware! An old addage is if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is certainly holds true at Andy Mohr Ford!  Their Indy Star advertisement (on 11/18/12) clearly lists 36 vehicles for sale at what appear to be exceptional prices: $99, $199 & $299.  For the vehicles listed (no photos, just stock numbers), the prices seem unreasonably low.  It is Black Friday however and there aren't many vehicles at these prices and they open early and there are no comments about the quality of the vehicles.  It is at least remotely possible these are real deals - a used car for under $300.  Just like every advertisment, there are several items in fine print, disclaiming just about everything.  These vehicles too have one disclaimer: Used cars subject to prior sales, no rainchecks, which is reasonable given the ads must be submitted days in advance to the paper. What is not reasonable is that the advertisment was a misprint.  The amounts listed were monthly payment amounts.  The deal, according to one salesman, required $3500 down in addition to 72 more payments of the listed amount.  For most of the vehicles listed, this Black Friday sale had one paying more than double what most of these cars were worth.  This wasn't even close to what was printed in the advertisement.  Don't take me wrong - most of the cars were very nice and appeared to be quality vehicles. I realize that mistakes are made but proof-reading goes a long way, Andy.  This was a sham, plain and simple.  Your sales staff's attitude to the people that waited, some for hours, was unacceptable.  A few were cold and unprofessional - oh, yea, we'll sell you a car but not at that price, what are you crazy?   Andy Mohr has been in business in too many places for too long to allow something like this to happen.  It is poor business and it is disrespectful to your customers.  Forcing one to honor an advertised price, especially in the auto industry almost never happens, especially if it means the dealer could be out a substantial sum of money.  Issue a retraction after it happens?  Worthless to those who stood in line.  A $5 gas card?  You gave those to anyone who test drove a car.  Honoring the printed ad?  That would have been great but I stood a better chance hitting the lottery.  Something, anything a little more substantial would have been nice. . . or a sincere apology even . . .  You lost several potential customers over this, Mr. Mohr.  It is likely not worth a call to an attorney.  Is it worth a call for Mr. Mohr to save a customer?  We'll find out.  You have my number, Andy, give me a call . . . .
Entity: Plainfield, Indiana
13, Report #1317299
Jul 16 2016
10:17 PM
Andy Brusewitz Homeowner Andy Brusewitz ripped me off for $600.00 for service provided South Lebanon Ohio
Wanted to let all the contractors out there that this homeowner Andy Brusewitz ripped me off for the amount of $600.00 which was the final payment for work that I did for him at his home at (((REDACTED))) in South Lebanon, Ohio. Both him & his wife Tracy are employeed by P & G in Cincinnati, Ohio if they should approach you about working for them. If yu do any work, make sure you gt all your money in advance as you will not recieve your final payment for work provided.
Entity: South Lebanon, Ohio
14, Report #1378966
Jun 13 2017
09:45 PM
Andy James Guitar Academy Andy James Guitar SCAM, Fraud Unknown/hidden from public Internet
SCAM!! THis guy is a rude ********. His lessons SUCK, his prices are WAY to expensive and are NOT WORTH IT in my opinion!!! DId the same auto-renewal SCAM on me and then said we dont offer refunds. Total scam, BEWARE!!!!
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1245732
Aug 01 2015
01:31 PM
Andy Yang Tax Service Andy Yang PhD Dr. Andy Yang tax fraud, business fraud, malicious business intent, con artist, selling fictitious business sacramento California
This is to make the public aware of a white collar criminal goes by the name Andy Yang aka Dr. Andy Yang aka Andy Yang PhD. this is not his real name however. his is the owner of the business:Andy Yang Tax Service8959 Folsom Blvd Sacramento, CA 95826‎(916) 363-0120This is report but also a ongoing story I will post as time allows/story develops and more details come to the surface.This is because i feel it is relevant to understand the depth and nuance of a con artist.Watch out for your family friend con artistI was born and raised in Northern California. This Andy Yang (not his real name) owner of Andy Yang Tax Service, used to be a professor at Sac State. We known him through church and even old family friends for over 35+ years but my family was fortunate to have a good job and work hard plus my dad always knew how to do his own taxes so we never fell into his trap earlier. He has a reputation for being a scrooge-level worthy of stinginess a greed that gives people with money a bad name. Think Kevin O'Leary from Shark Tank is bad, this is a less successful more pissed out and angry version of him but with a con artist smile.His biggest strengths are smiling at you right in the face as he steals from right underneath your nose. Two times now. 1 commercial real estate business transaction, all papers and records will show what I am saying. 1 attempt to sale his tax businessHe committed fraud against another very long and well acquainted friend (also over 35+ years) It was for commercial real estate, repairs were made below code, without properly licensed contractors and many if not most repairs made with used damaged equipment that would fail upon repair, it was made with under spec or below the building and or fire code. All this was not disclosed and upon asking for property inspection, andy acted childish and demanded he just be trusted and mentioned how long they knew eachother. upon further insisting by the buying parter, andy was purposely not furnishing papers within the standard business practices. he would wait until the final day and say he was busy and furnish the papers only then.being extremely busy overseeing other properties and businesses he trusted him and thats when everything came to light.side note no protection for commercial real estate transactions like there are for residential real estate, so ALWAYS do your due diligence, especially if it is someone you trust, that way there is no bad blood later.He also lied about the taxes against the property which made a horrible transaction even worse.Just like with that he thought he could take advantage of my family. promised to sell the business and claiming to retire that was two years ago and he was set to retire last year. well he changes his mind, needs one more year and long story short, same story with not producing the papers in a timely matter, financing details that would make a loan shark cringe, not to mention the taking of home and property. at the end of the day, we found his intentions were to get the money for the entire business, and keep his highest profiting clients (even after signing a noncompete, essentially saying f-u to the whole legal binding contract) and continue to talk about us to his current clients. The interesting part in all of this is he kept saying how fortunate he was before to have such great people taking over the business but said the complete opposite to clients so that he could poach them back later. The true intentions were found when on the last day of transfer for the business he still has not prepared or done anything to transfer the business successfully except harass current clients to bring in last money or checks and for the others to come in and sign. Also he never intended to give his copy of client files over and was already meeting his clients privately outside of the office.There will be more to come and add later as time allows, right now is too early to release all details, most will be kept confidential its never my intention to talk bad, but this level of manipulation and con artist behavior must be reported. just like with anything else, just make sure you both do your FULL research no matter how much he urges you do not need to and go with your gut feeling when your see a fraud.   He has relied upon dealing with strictly new and uneducated small business owners and older non-english speaking business owners that do not know the law.
Entity: sacramento, California
16, Report #1304923
May 11 2016
08:00 AM
Andy Mohr Ford Andy Mohr Ford Budget Center Andy Mohr sold me a junk vehicle that has a bad engine! Plainfield Indiana
 I purchased a 2009 Ford Escape from Andy Mohr Budget Center in Plainfield on 3/30/2016. My salesmen were Rustin Edwards and Dontae Hart. I had spoken with Dontae Hart on Facebook about purchasing a vehicle after seeing a post on a mutual friends page. Dontae had me complete an application online and stated he would get back with me after he reviewed it. About an hour later Dontae sent me an inbox on Facebook with a picture of the vehicle (2009 Ford Escape) He stated in the email it had a sunroof, leather seats and was a good vehicle. I had heard nothing but positive things about the company at that point so I trusted his words. Later that evening on 3/30/16 I got a ride to the Budget Center and was greeted by Dontae and Rustin. Dontae stated he had to leave due to it being his wife’s birthday and Rustin was going to take over the deal. While test driving the Escape I told Rustin that it drove “kind of rough” and asked if the sunroof worked. Rustin stated that it did work but I did not test it due to it raining heavily at that time.  During the test drive, I was accompanied by my mother and Rustin. Rustin stated the vehicle drove that way due to it being a 4x4 and it had been serviced already. The only thing that hadn’t been done per Rustin was cleaning of the vehicle. He stated he would have that done for me at any time I was able to bring it back to the car dealership at my convenience. The car had dog hair and was very dirty. I trusted he would do this. Once getting back to the car lot I asked if I had other options and he stated that would be the only vehicle within my monthly range I was looking for. I was confused by that due to there being so many cars on the lot. But me being without a vehicle I agreed to purchase the Escape. The following day I was driving to work and the vehicle began to stall, the check engine light came on and eventually cut off. I also tested the sunroof while it was not raining and it did not work! I called Rustin and he had me arrange to have my mother bring the car back to the lot due to me having to work. The car was dropped off to the lot on 4/1/16 and they gave her a replacement to drive. After my car being there all day (from 10am-6pm) Rustin sent me a text message stating the car was ready to be picked up and it was in detailing about to be cleaned. On my way to the lot I called the manager to be sure it was ready since it was a 45 minute drive to the lot for me. The manager Austin Williams stated the car had been repaired and it was cutting off and stalling due to a sensor needing to be replaced. Also he stated the sunroof would not be repaired on the companies’ behalf due to it costing $500 and it was not in the car lots budget because the car was older. Austin also told me the car was in detailing being cleaned at the time of the phone call. I got to the car lot about 45-50 minutes after I spoke with Austin. Rustin stated he was going to pick up the Escape from the service center and would be right back. When Rustin returned to the Budget Center in the Escape it was still very dirty! He stated they were really busy and couldn’t get to my car. He promised to come to my place of employment the week of 4/4/16 to pick the car up for detailing and would have it back by the time I got off of work the same day. It is now 4/26/16 and my car has yet to be detailed. No contact was made on his behalf. On 4/12/16 I sent him a text message asking if I could have my car detailed when I bring it back to be serviced. He simply stated “yes, sorry”. On 4/11/16 I had an appointment made due to the car stalling and the check engine light coming back on. The same issues were occurring.  I asked if someone could come pick my car up and was told they weren’t able to. I did not have a ride so I had to cancel my appointment. I called the service center back to speak with someone about  the cars issues (check engine light on, stalling, cutting off) and the service worker that answered my call stated he was able to see in the system that the vehicle was inspected on 4/1/16 but not repaired. I am approaching my 30 day window with the purchase of this vehicle. And I do not feel comfortable in any way with the purchase. I feel due to my credit history and lack of a big down payment I was treated the opposite of how someone of the opposite financial circumstances would have been treated and that is unfair. While waiting in the lobby of the Budget Center I noticed how other people were being treated and I did not fit in the same category. I did not have options with the selection of vehicles; I was lied to about the cleaning of the vehicle as well as the most important thing, THE REPAIRS. I do not feel safe driving the car to and from work every day especially driving my son to school daily. His safety is priority to me and with the way it stalls and cuts off while driving in traffic is not in any way safe. I have a car payment that I am expected to pay each month but I expect to be able to feel safe with a vehicle I was sold by a well-known company in the automotive industry. My trust in Andy Mohr Ford is gone. I am a single parent with limited income and purchasing a vehicle was a tight fit in my budget, but transportation for me is necessary to make it to work as well as transport my son to school daily. I am hoping something can be resolved in this matter. I am not expecting for the vehicle to be in immaculate condition since it is a used vehicle but I do expect to be comfortable in the vehicle I purchased. 
Entity: Plainfield, Indiana
17, Report #141284
May 02 2005
04:37 PM
Freedom Water, Andy Miller Ripoff Overcharged by 2500.00 did not complete work Benson Arizona
Andy Miller con'd use into a water softner and water treatment system. He overcharged us by 2500.00, then said a licensed contractor would install. It was his brother-in-law who turns out is not a licensed contractor. The systems is not complete, the finance company (Aqua Finance, Inc) is on me for the money. Which they are not responsible for Freedom Water's work, when I state it is not completed. However they cannot even contact Mr. Miller, yet are paying him! This family run business is a rip off. Go with the Culligan Man! Joel Tucson, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Benson, Arizona
18, Report #162901
Nov 01 2005
03:55 PM
Andy Gold - Bingo101 - ripoff, dishonest and liar Brooklyn New York
I received a email with a offer to be paid $50 within 48 hours if I signed up for Bingo101 and deposited $25 to which I did on 10/06/05. Today is 11/01/05 and I still haven't received any money for this from I sent them several emails about this and finally on 10/09/05 Andy responded telling me if I would send them a receipt showing that I deposited the $25 they would pay me. Well I have sent the receipt several times and I have not heard another word from him. This is a statement Andy had in one of the emails: We would like to prove that we pay our members! How can we do that? Simple! Try as many offers as you like below and we guarantee you payment within 48 hours via PayPal! Geralene Smithfield, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
19, Report #110488
Sep 28 2004
07:39 AM
Andy And Sons ripoff/Completely Unprofessional/Vagabond Business Middleton Massachusetts
This Company, ANDY & SONS is typical of the unprofessionalism within the Estate Auction Business and Used Furniture Buying Business on The NORTH SHORE of Boston. This company never returns phone calls, never shows when appointments are made, and literally ignore prospective business clients. Other such companies are, HERRICK AUCTIONERS< BEVERLY< MA, SALEM USED FURNITURE< SALEM
Entity: Middleton, Massachusetts
20, Report #383739
Oct 22 2008
11:00 AM
Andy Hall / Daniel Elmore Shoddy roof work Anderson South Carolina
Hired Daniel Elmore to install new roof on new home. He stated that he was an exclusive roofer for Builders First Source, which is a building supply co. Later I found that to be a lie. Roof was installed and I paid him. A few weeks later I started developing problems, after several attempts to remedy the problem I hired a roof inspector. He concluded that the roof was improperly installed which he said looked as though they had no roofing experience at all. Seventy percent of the shingles were not even nailed down. Large gaps in roof which I could not see from the ground. I later sued him in court and won. He told me that he would never pay and their is nothing I can do about it. A judgement was placed against him at Belton court house. To this day he still owes me 7580.00 which is the cost to replace my roof again. This happened in dec of 2006. Also I found out that he has done this to other people. He has no licence or insurance so Buyer Beware of shoddy work by daniel elmore and andy hall of anderson southcarolina Kenneth Anderson, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Anderson, South Carolina
21, Report #424090
Feb 14 2009
09:41 AM
Andy Head MHS Contractor does not fully deliver what his contract says. Magnolia Texas
Andy Head tore up my kitchen on Dec. 12, 2008 and its been downhill ever since. After 9 weeks my backyard looks like a warzone. Nothing is finished properly. My floors are still not done. My patio sags and I am holding it up with a 2x4, which he is supposed to redo, but as of yet has not. He doesn't show up when he says he will or return phone calls. He took my truck in trade for some of the work. Everything that has been done has been done very sloppy. He came to my house to make a list of things that need to be done. I don't know why because he hasn't come to do them. He was supposed to install my microwave above my stove, I gave up on that and had Home Depot do it. It is so nice to have it done. There are many others with the same complaints. He needs to be held accountable. Diana Spring, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Magnolia, Texas
22, Report #506991
Oct 09 2009
02:15 PM
Andy Stephens consulting - Website Design Web Designer Hosting Website design Whittier, California
Andy Stephens at in Whittier, CA has taken my deposit and stole the last money I had to recover during this recession.  I thought if I built a website, that I could recover but he has just taken all the money I had for any future development and put a stop to any plans I had for the future.  I will now have to close my doors and go out of business.  He should be put in jail and not allowed to take other peoples money anymore.  We did have an arrangement which stated that he would redo my companies homepage along with a logo redesign.  None of which we ever saw a mockup or initial version for.  We are shocked.  He was nice as can be and then after we sent the check and tried to reach him, we noticed that he took his companies website down and now let's his office phone go right to voicemail.   We are now out almost $2,000 and still don't have anything to show for it. All he had to do was to act responsibly as a citizen and do what was right.  It is very unfortunate that what he has done here has tainted the website design industry.  We had high hopes of building our business and now we are in debt.I hope others will see what has happened here and know that any other website design company setup under the name Andy Stephens, needs to beware.
Entity: Whittier, California
23, Report #351830
Jul 16 2008
02:57 AM
Andy Anderson cbn Central Bank Of Nigeria Nigeria Internet
Central Bank Of Nigeria CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT CADASTRAL ZONE ABUJA FEDERAL CAPITAL TERRITORY. OUR REF: CBN/IRD/CBX/021/08 CONTRACT #: MAV/NNPC/FGN/MIN/009 SWIFT CODE: BPH KPL PK. TEL: +234-8064-390-204 Email: Attn: CONTRACT PAYMENT FILE APPROVAL/FINAL NOTICE. In regards to the previous email which was sent to you by the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI regarding your contract fund which was recently endorsed for disbursement to you, Be informed that this is the official bank of Federal Republic of Nigeria and everything we do here in this Bank is legal, we can never engage in anything that is affected with fraud or illegalities, i will further advise you to follow all the instruction's given to you by this bank to enable us complete the processing of your pending transaction. We noticed that some hoodlums/imposter's have been using the name of this bank to impersonate in order to extort money and also divert our client fund, in that case, we will advise you to disregard any email/phone communication with anybody/organization claiming to be in possession of your fund. To this effect, you are further advised to re-confirm to our humble office the below information, so that we will not have any problem regarding the transfer of your fund into your bank account. 1) Your Full Name# 2) Phone, Fax And Mobile# 3) Contact Address# 4) Banking Details# 5) Profession, Age And Marital Status.# 6) Copy Of your Int'l Passport/Driving license# We got a call from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Washington DC,this morning and they made us to understand that they have contacted you in regards to this project just as we discussed and that we shouldproceed with the next procedural step prior to the transfer of your contract fund to you as designated. It might interest you to know that all arrangements has already been concluded in regards to the immediate disbursement of your fund to you accordingly. Without wasting much of time, it is my pleasure to notify you on the payment schedule as we have (4) options in disbursing funds to our clients, It is then left for you to choose the best option that suites you accordingly. The options are as follows: 1. Through an International Diplomatic courier service, this way your fund will be officially packaged in a consignment and delivered to your door-step by a Diplomat, but note that you will be responsible for the flight expenses of the Diplomat as well as the handling charges as may be required by the US custom. 2. Through Telegraphic transfer, this way your fund will be wired directly into your nominated Bank account as designated and means your banking information will be needed so as to enable the foreign remittance director start processing your payment file prior to subsequent release of your fund into your Bank account without any further delay, but note that you will be responsible for the Cost of Transferring (COT) the fund into your Bank account as nominated. 3. Through a Certified bank draft which will be delivered to your door-step by an approved courier service.This way your full contact address will be needed for successful delivery of your Certified Bank draft to you as designated, but note that you will be responsible for the courier delivery charges as may be required. 4. Through an (ATM), This way your full contact address, including your banking information will be needed so as to enable the foreign remittance director start processing your payment file prior to subsequent release of your fund into your Bank account without any further delay, but note that you will be responsible for the Cost of Transferring (COT) the fund into your Bank account as nominated/ATM. You are further advised to choose from the above listed options on the mode which you wish to receive your funds with and upon receipt of your response, we will start taking the next necessary procedural step prior to the routing of your funds to you accordingly. Also be informed that all the necessary documentations evidencing this project will be forwarded to you for your documentation and reference as we proceed. I will personally advise that you hasten up in making your claims, to avoid cancellation of your payment file. Attachment to this message is my staff identification card and my international passport for you to know who you are dealing with and to be rest assure that this is not scam or game on the internet, and i want you to confirm the receipt of the attachment .Get back to us immediately for more update on what to do. We will earnestly be waiting for your urgent response on this matter so as to enable us serve you better and should in case you care to call me for any inquiries, you can reach me with my direct cell# on : +234-8064-390-204 Thank you once again for your anticipated cooperation in advance while we await your urgent response. Congratulations in advance ! Best Regards, Mr. Andy Anderson Financial Secretary, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Wanavyman fpoU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #473548
Jul 26 2009
04:23 PM
Andy Mohr Ford, Service Department Ripoff Plainfield Indiana
Bought my 3rd car from Andy Mohr Ford in Plainfield in a 2 month period. The vehicle that I'm having problems with is a used Jeep. I noticed that the parking brake and the ABS brakes were not working. I called the salesman and he told me to bring it in. When it was taken to the service department we were told that The sign says Ford and that is a Jeep. They weren't not going to work on it even though they are willing to sale it. They stated that you really don't need the parking brake and that they tested the ABS and it was fine. Even though we were told they didn't have the equipment there to test i with. That is the last time I will deal with Andy Mohr Ford. Tim **** Brownsburg, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Plainfield, Indiana
25, Report #428206
Feb 25 2009
06:11 AM
Andy Rodenhiser Plumbing Rip-off pricing, poor sales practices. Holliston Massachusetts
Called Rodenhiser to have them estimate the cost of: 1. New ~70k BTU forced-air furnace (Carrier brand). 2. New 2.5 ton condensor for central air conditioning. 3. New hot water heater. 4. New 8-foot duct length to feed basement with forced air. Sales person came to my home, had little knowledge of anything but his price list. Tried to collect $11,000 for job numbers 1 and 2, $2200 for number 3, and $900 for number 4. Yes, they wanted $14,000 to do this work. I told the sales person that this was about twice as much as any reasonable person would pay for the work, and he said well, what about the quality and fit and finish of the new system? we will put in a Carrier system, and a Ruud hot water heater. what about the peace of mind that you got good work done? I told him that I would have more peace of mind knowing that my child's college fund wouldn't be spent on new fancy paint jobs on the Rodenhiser trucks. I got 4 more estimates, and they ranged from $4700 to $6800 for everything. The $6800 was with the same Carrier system, the $4700 was with a Trane system and Ruud hot water heater (and new ductwork). Rodenhiser has unfair business practices, they prey on unsuspecting or naive consumers, and try to squeeze every penny out of a job that they can. They are over-priced and attempting to rip-off all of Massachusetts one customer at a time. Once you realize that the plumber you're calling has a sales staff, run away FAST and don't go back. Ricehead Arlington, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Holliston, Massachusetts

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