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1, Report #1399323
Sep 11 2017
04:33 PM
Angela Judge Ndueczon Publishing Group I contracted Miss Judge to edit and format two novels for publication. TAMPA FLORIDA
I am a retired senior citizen and Angela Judge did NOT fulfill her contract with me. I submitted a total of $1525.00 to her. She said that she would edit and format my two novels for publication, and submit both to a publisher that I designated. On April 19, 2017, she wrote to me: I apologize for not being in toch (sic) with you concerning your work. I will send the files to Xxxxxxxxx. I am professionally embarrassed and will make sure that both files are ready for them. I should have had this out weeks ago, but have been drowning in other obligations specifically mom's Healthcare. Files are formatted and edited. -END QUOTE The files were NEVER submitted. It is September 11, 2017 and she had NOT contacted me. I would NOT recommend Angela Judge to be used as an editor for anyone. She scammed me (a senior citizen) out of my money. This complaint will be removed if she refunds my money. I plan to file against her in small claims court.  The address of her company is the last known address that I have for Angela Judge and the Ndueczon Publishing Group.
2, Report #490120
Sep 04 2009
12:45 PM
Angela Smith Direct Strategies, Inc. You Be The Judge Gilbert, Arizona
You Be The Judge!: Gas/Grocery Reseller Opportunity A Joke?As a former Reseller under Direct Strategies, Inc; and Broker Angela Smith - formerly with Incentive International and the Troy Warren fiasco currently in progress -  I ask YOU to be the Judge!During the course of Ms. Smith's bailing from Mr. Warren and his BBZ Resources Company, and subsequently moving to her new found company association with Michael Pouls, et al, it came to my attention as a Reseller under Ms. Smith (and out of the blue, mind you...having been brought to my attention, NOT by Ms. Smith) - that a Sub-Agent I had brought into the company under me, had moved up the chain of command so-to-speak, by purchasing a franchise with Mr. Pouls' Company(ies?); effectively circumventing my marketing efforts through/by agreement I had with Ms. Smith to be paid $1 per Gas and/or Grocery Certificate sold by said Sub-Reseller of mine -  effectively cutting my commission opportunity out of the picture completely (of course it probably didn't hurt the cause since my Sub-Reseller has a strong connection to a Top 10 International Home Security Company and the potential there for huge sales opportunities, now does it? At least that's what I think was the cause for going around me without prior knowledge).Upon learning this, I notified Direct Strategies, Inc/Angela Smith, that I was terminating my business relationship and we needed to wrap up by her sending me all commissions owed through my Sub-Reseller's sales activities to date).After a couple of e-mails flowing back and forth concerning the actual amount owed, She agreed to send me three consecutive weekly checks of $320 to satisfy past due commissions and close out our business relationship.I received one check, then I received the following statements contained in two emails from her in response to my communications with her in an attempt to resolve my commission-owed issues:[Cutting her response]:It's simple. Write the letters to every agency stating that arrangements for payments have been made. That all parties noted in your original complaint (, Direct Strategies, Inc,, Michael Pouls, Angela Smith) are not scammers and crooks as you stated in your notices to these agencies. Send copies of the letters and proof of certified mail going to the agencies to me.Now, the funny part is: Although I did indeed contact multiple agencies in an attempt to learn how best to approach this situation and hopefully receive all commissions owed, Ms. Smith could be confusing me with someone else since I never once stated to ANY agency that they were Crooks or Scammers! I merely contacted various agencies/entities to put them on alert of my issues with Ms. Smith and her known associations and lack of business ethics.In one of the last communications I received from Ms. Smith (cutting in part from original email), she writes:Just write the letters and send them. Prove that you did by providing copies of each letter to me and the certified mail confirmations to all the agencies you wrote to and I will send you the balance of the money owed immediately.Otherwise I will file suit for libel. Make sure you provide copies of the letters you wrote to your attorney. I am sure he will tell you they are grounds for my suit.You have put the company at risk with these damaging and untruthful statements and the company will be defending itself at all costs.So there you have it folks... She admits she owes me, but refuses to pay the balance until I FIRST send letters that we've come to an agreement BEFORE she pays the balance ???.... What's up with that?.... You Be The Judge!!
Entity: Gilbert, Arizona
3, Report #275708
Sep 22 2007
01:11 PM
Hello, this is to show to those who look at it, the LAW of DEADBEAT DADS is a joke. there seriously needs to be a reform of this countries Child support and custody laws to keep mothers from getting away with murder, Well at least PERJURY. Hello world I was married to Angela Marie THOMAS who is currently remarried. from 2000 ish to 2005, when I caught this malicious girl cheating on me, YES red handed I have her emails and she stank like dirty sex. Not from me, cause I wasn't gettn any. We had 3 beautiful children together, we were working things out, when my mother caught her with a man from WALMART, Mr. Ryan Whiting. A distant relative. Slut. During her cheating she convinced me and we made an agreement that since we were together and we had 3 children, that I was to get a vasectomy. I did. During healing I found out about what was happening. I confronted Angela about this, She promptly took my children and left. We had a written agreement of 50% custody, and she demanded 500$ a month. Which seems highly unfair. She is a hair stylist and was working a 40 hour a week making 2300 a month. and which she demanded that the only time I was to have with the children was when she was work. Her job right smack in the middle of the day. I was unemployed because of the emotional hardship from her malicious intent. I still loved her... at the time. I was informed that there was going to be a good amount of contract work in UT with an IT position to last 2 months. Making roughly 30 an hour. I was ecstatic. I asked if they would come with me, Angela declined. I asked if could take one of my children with me. She again declined. I told her I would be back, I packed up my Items and put them in storage, minus my clothes on my back. I then traveled to Ogden UT, where I had a cousin looking to get his own place. I roomed with him for 3 months, while only making 400$ during that time and working less than a week as the work had fallen through, I was stranded. Angela proceeded to file divorce, She falsified her wages to the court, citing she only made 1000 a month and that I was making 2300-2500 a month. When the divorce decree was filed, I received notice, several times AFTER the 10 day response period and a default was ordered against me. I met a beautiful girl in UT who Used her last paycheck and helped me back to Arizona. As soon as I arrived in AZ I filed with the courts a motion to set aside default as Angela had not serviced me appropriately. This was Denied in red ink with no reason, I motioned the court that I get a clarification on the denial, only receiving another DENIED! 3 Days after arriving back in Arizona, I received notice that Angela was leaving to Twin Falls Idaho in 9 days 51 days short of the 60 Day certified notice, required by A.R.S 25.480. I motioned the court for an emergency order of protection to deny this move. This was denied as they were unable to take jurisdiction over the matter, even though I had evidence that she was leaving. Angela falsified a document stating I had given her permission, She committed perjury. I did not find out about this document until a year and a half later when she sought incarceration, I had been having financial difficulties during the year and a half that she had relocated, and when informing my son that I was moving to Twin Falls Idaho to be closer as the courts were not listening to my plea, I was served with a summons from AZ days before moving. I chose to stay in AZ so that in good faith I could present evidence to the courts that she had lied, and was deceiving the courts and the legal process. They attorney that Angela hired sent me a letter. Give up the children for adoption, pay 15,000$, or he would aggressively seek incarceration. 3 days after receiving the notice I lost my job. and within 30 days I obtained a job, with higher pay. and Submitted to the courts my wage assignment. In court, after paying HALF OF MY WAGES to the CLEARING HOUSE. The Lawyer Mr. Jonathan Collins stated to the judge that the amount that was being garnished was not enough to pay the Interest on what was owed, even though it was half my wages. A blatant lie to the judge just to incarcerate because I would not meet Angela's Demands of giving up the Children for adoption. The judge ordered incarceration with a purge amount set at 5000$. I explained to my wife in 3 words , incarceration 5000$ indefinitely before the officer hauled me away from the courtroom to be processed and thrown in tent city. With the ELIGIBILITY for work release. While being processed and laughing at the system all the way through. I ended up in tent city on my birthday at 1:30am I was able to meet the white segregation, the WOODS They sang me HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and made an absolutely disgusting pie of stacked sugary treats. And like others have stated, Tent City is a joke. THE FIRST DAY, I had access to a slue of illegal information, contraband and drugs, though I do not partake, nor due I narc, it was nice to learn how SMACK ICE CRACK GLASS whatever you want to call it, is made. So many people with tattooed tears on their faces. I have not killed anyone nor have I committed a crime, just financially unable to afford the court ordered 1175 a month child support order. I was broke, still broke and barley making it by. Yet she had the huge amount set against me because of her lies and after a written agreement was reached between her and I was bypassed by the Judge Gentry-Lewis' decision. I spent an entire day in tent city at 116 degrees top corner bunk. This is prudent information. as the corner bunk is the closest to the metal frame. During the time in jail I tried numerous phone numbers that I had in my head... 4 of them. and I was unable to make a collect outbound call, because everyone is switching to cell phones. I actively perused a tank order to sign up for a request for Work release, as I needed to be to work to pay this off. I lost my job because of my incarceration. YES JUDGE GENTRY-LEWIS gave me the eligibility for work release. Tent city did not have Tank orders and it would be 2-3 weeks before they were to be available. and another 6-8 weeks until I would be released for a week to look for work. INSANE!!! I WAS MAKING PAYMENTS AND THE COURT CAUSED ME TO LOSE MY JOB! the Judge could have easily ORDERED WORK RELEASE, and I would have been out the next morning and at work continuing to pay child support. My current wife was diligent in obtaining funds to satisfy the purge amount. By means of using our last few $$ in our account and borrowed 4400$ from family and friends. They were willing to do this because of Angela's malicious attempt to keep me from my children. I was released and a review hearing set for 1 month later. At the review hearing, which I attended telephonically, Mr. Collins objecting my request, and continued seeking further incarceration as I only spent 40+ hours in the system. Tastelessly misrepresenting to the courts that if I was able to pay 5000$ in such a short time that I MUST have more funds at my disposal to pay the rest of the amount. The judge asked What am I doing to repay the amount. I explained that I had lost my job due to incarceration and that a friend of the Family was a legal aid and I was seeking his advice the fallowing Monday. The judge immediately stated, if you can afford a retention fee then A 2ND PURGE amount of 5000$ was set, due in 1 month and a review hearing in 2 months. Mr. Collins demanded a copy of my financial information and the last 3 years of taxes. I objected and stated that the same must be applied to ANGELA, the Judge ordered that we exchange financial information by the deadline the Purge amount was due. The Lawyer also requested that further telephonic appearance be denied. The Judge granted it! ABSURD! the judge made an ASSUMPTION on my financial position though I had proof otherwise but was dismissed by Mr. Collins stating that I will have to have my Family and Friends pay for it again. This disgusting display of Judicial BIAS, is appalling. I spoke with the friend of the family the fallowing Monday. He was unable to assist as he was not licensed in AZ. Unrepresented and broke I have failed to pay the Purge amount. Note, the only way to pay the Purge is cash at the clerks office. I am in Twin falls and broke, waiting for my 1st paycheck at my new job. To make a 1100 mile trek to Arizona to pay a 5000$ amount that I don't have is also insane. I have filed many motions and objections with the court to defend my financial information and position. 2 weeks before the deadline I received a Statement from Angela's work citing, she made 2100 in July and 2300 for August and 1100 the first 7 days of Sept, 2 months and a week of financial information. Speaking with Mr. Collins, I informed him this did not comply to what the Judge had ordered. He said he would ask his client for this information. It is now a day after the deadline. and I have yet to see this financial information and I am a few min from dropping this complaint to the courts about the delay on financial information in the mail. Also, I have called many times to arrange visitation with my children, only response from Angela is, YOUR GOING TO JAIL, and you have to give me 60 days notice to see the children. she has also called the local police, to falsely file Harassment. She is Maliciously seeking to eliminate my right as a father to his children. This is disgusting, I have no way to combat this type of attack. the judge is so Bias as to demand that I be incarcerated for being financially unable to pay a court order that was attained by a lying malicious evil woman, that committed perjury and now seeks to hold me to her lies. Thank you for calling me a DEADBEATDAD! BOYCOTT GREAT CLIPS BECAUSE THEY EMPLOY ANGELA MARIE THOMAS DubLuv aka a Loving father and wonderful husband, seeking rights to his children. X the system. Twin Falls, IdahoU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Attorneys and Lawyers Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Dead Beat Dads and Moms
Entity: Buhl - PHOENIX, Idaho
4, Report #1378469
Jun 11 2017
07:00 PM
Angela Judge Con Artist Tampa Florida
  Angela , owes me $2505.00 ahe lied to me several times about returning it. She gave me fake credit card information and falsely gave me back account information. She lied about sending payments via us mail too. She is a lier, thief, con-artist.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
5, Report #128417
Jan 21 2005
01:10 PM
Angela ( ripoff Internet
Angela ( a fake!!! I got a free reading from her where she offered a report. I did not respond, so she sent more e-mails telling me why I should trust in her. She said that she was a profesional. I sent her an email to let her know somw of my concerns about astrologers on line. She follewed it by sendind me a personal e-mail regarding my concerns. I then ordered my personal report from her. She e-mailed me to congratulate me and to let me know that my creditcard @(SARL ATOLL) had been debited and that I would receive my report in 5-9 days and that it would be up to 50 pages. I NEVER RECEIVED THE REPORT! I e-mailed her 5 times, but she never answered. U.M Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #318790
Mar 17 2008
05:24 PM
Angela Pembrooke Angela Pembrooke Internet
The same exact thing has happened to me and I am so mad that I allowed myself to be taken, or that is how I feel. As soon as they got my credit card information and it was processed, I thought I would be led into their website to find out more information. Instead, it kicked me out completely, and I could not figure out how to get back in without supplying credit information all over again. Anyway, I replied to an email that they sent welcoming me after I called my credit card company to dispute the amount. I wrote Pembrooke demanding my money back. That was yesterday and I did not hear NOT one word of from them. My credit company stated that I should call back by Wednesday to verify the amount that they took on my card. If it is way more than what they asked. I hope someone will go after them for fraud. I am disheartened that there is so many updates on this site of possible fraudulent companies. Everybody wants your hard earned dollar and they don't give damn how they go about getting it. Where are the internet fraud police? Where are the police that handle fraud cases? I don't have to get my money back per se -- but, I do want justice somehow. Jan Covington, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #1186334
Nov 18 2014
04:37 PM
Judge Angela Cowden / Angela Cowden- Polk County Florida Prosecutor/ Angela Cowden- Judge Liar, injustice, Cover-up, Corruption, Highlans County Florida Judge, Angela Cowden Bartow Florida
In 1993, I was a serior airline Captain with a major airliine captain, living in Tarpon Springs, FL.  My wife then, Mary Anne Lee (Saag) of Haines City Floria had forged my name to hecks, bounced thousands in dollars in checks, took out credit lines of credit from my credit union without my knowledge and allowed out home to go into foreclosure on three occasions because she did not take the check I had written to the bank to pay our mortgage for our home.  Little did I know she was having an affair with Doug Nassaur or Richmond, VA. Doug's wife, 8 months pregnant did not know it either until my private investigator told her.In September I995, I was involved in a classified research project with NASA.  This project was to make flying safer for all of us.  The dates of the project were September 21-23.  My ex-wife, Mary Anne Saag decided she would accuse me of stalking her.  I was notified of the date to show up in court to answer these allegations. The Prosecutor was none other than Angela Cowden.  I had driven to Florida to retrieve my two sons for Chritmas holidays and drive them back to Tennessee as they were to young to fly alone to Memphis and nor would their mother/ my ex-wife deliver them to the airport.  So I had driven the 12 hours to Florida to retrieve my two sons. My ex-wife had refile a stalking report on me (that had been settled in Pinellas County (Clearwater) in October when we had caught the former wife lying under oath when she claimed the day i had stalked the fomre wife was one of the days I was actually being videotaped by NASA in the aircraft simulator.The Polk County prosecutor was Angela Cowden.  Angel was trying to prosecute me to the fullest extent of the law but she had done no research.  She had not called the former prosecutor Joe Bulone in Pinellas County nor the Presiding judge in the case (who is a corrupt b****** Judge Cope).  Angela Cowden had me incarcerated in Polk County jail and the Pineallas County jail for 5 days.  When she learned the fomrer wife, Mary Anne Saag had made a false  police report and lied under oath, Angel Cowden did nothing.  We had to fight for my release and go over her head to her boss, Jerry Hill for my release.  Angela Cowden did nothing to the former wife for her lies under oath nor for filing a flase polic report.  Instead, Angel came up with she thoufht she saw you.  This was b******* and subsequently cost me my airline career as an airline captain.Now, Angela Cowden is a Judge in Highlands. FL.  This just shows that if you are a piece of s*** in law enforcement, you will move up the ladder to be a bigger piece of s***!  I would not trust Angel Cowden any farther than I could throw her.  (((REDACTED)))       
Entity: Bartow, Florida
8, Report #851174
Mar 09 2012
10:31 AM
Angela Goodman First name AKA - Angela, Angie Deadbeat Parent Internet
Angela Goodman has not paid child support for her daughter since 6/19/2009. 
Entity: Internet, Internet
9, Report #1125634
Feb 22 2014
05:49 AM
Angela Angela 310 299 2936 Scam Alert Orange County California
She is a scamster. She invited me to her room. She looked out of sorts since beginning. Told me to get comfortable and then she got comfortable. As we were about to begin she said She is uncomfortable with me being there and that I should leave or she will call the security.
Entity: California
10, Report #131801
Feb 18 2005
03:04 AM
Angela Curtis ripoff Internet
I visited a website and a pop-up screen appeared, advertising Angela Curtis' services. I completed my request and sent it. Two days after that I received an e-mail from this Angela saying I must complete my credit card details for a payment of $58.04 before she can send me a full report containing the dates and exact details of when and how I should go about of obtaining a sum of money this year as she predicts I am going to receive a sum of money and for 2 moons, which is 56 days, I will be in a very favourable position financially this year. Whatever?! In South African currency that is a lot of money. Well, that's what she tells everybody who responds to her adverts on the internet! A friend of mine received the exact same report as I did. Every word the same and every prediction the same as mine! Luckily this stopped me from completing my credit card details and sending it to her or else I would also have been taken for a fool and lost a lot of money. She keeps on sending me e-mails with promises of good fortune-probably hoping I will send her money! Please stop this person from using the internet by tracing her. I send her an e-mail but it just comes back as undelivered. She is a scam and a lot of people are taken for granted by her! Yvette BloemfonteinSouth Africa
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #126778
Jan 10 2005
07:42 PM
Angela Curtis is perhaps one of the most careless and dishonest person I have come across in my life... she has been paid $ 40 by me on 17 Dec 04 for preparing my reading which she committed in her emails that she will do in 3-4 days time... but look at this wretched soul who has yet not sent me, till date ie., 11 Jan 04... is this what American women have taken to? Angela, I ask you to send me my report immediately or return my money... what a shame honest people are now robbed on internet too! R NOIDAIndia
Entity: BORDEAUX, Other
12, Report #147028
Jun 21 2005
10:19 PM
Angela Curtis ripoff Dishonest France
I too have become a victim of Angela Curtis. At a time in my life when i was looking for answers she promised so much and delieverd so little. After bombarding me with emails she agreed to lower her price to allow me a reading, which I have never recieved. I have sent follow up mail to her, but have had no response. With so much bad luck in my life she ahs only added to it more. Please do not fall victim to this person as I did Kerri Australia
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #97148
Jun 30 2004
05:24 PM
Angela Curtis ripoff Lanigoran France
On January 22, 2004 I paid for a 60 page reading via on-line from Angela Curtis who promised to have my reading emailed to me within 3 days. As of this date, I have not received what I paid for ($58.00 U.S. currency) by credit card. I have been trying all of this time to get my money back but she has not given me anything. She has continually made excuses as to why I have not received my report. It seems to me that if there is a problem submitting the report to me on-line that she would have at least mailed it. She has been purposely avoiding my constant efforts to get my money back. She has even shut down her Astrogroup website to avoid any contacts from other dissatisfied customers. I have tried many many times and she has yet to give me what I paid for. She has frauded me and all I want is my money back. Everyone should be made aware that she is a fake! and will steal from you! Precious Love, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #117451
Nov 12 2004
02:56 AM
Angela Curtis ripoff Internet nationwide
Dear Angela Curtis - reading for 2005 - well Angela you are such a fraud - I checked you out and saw articles that you were no good, but I decided to believe the emails you forwarded to me. Well I work honestly 38 hours minimum each week and get paid accordingly, so how do you feel when you get money from doing absolutely nothing you cheat. If you need to survive this way by preying on foolish people like myself by inviting us to pay for a reading well good on you, but you have to live with yourself - and I hope you feel good about it. Send me your reading you cheating charletan Pauline ScoresbyAustralia
Entity: Internet
15, Report #383559
Oct 21 2008
07:34 PM
Angela Yeager self Anchorage Alaska
Today I received a letter from Atlantic Lottery Corporation stating that I was one of 6 winners in the amount of $1,488,000.00 of which I would receive $248K; with the letter I received a check in the amount of $4955.00. All I had to do is contact Mrs. Debbie Miller at 1-647-686-1055 for clarification and instructions to claim my winnings. the letter was signed by Scott Nicholson. One thing to look at is the letter was printed on a cheap color printer with an address of 1285 Main Street, Hamilton, Ont. L8S 4M4; email This letter also instructed me to send $3975.00 via moneygram wiring facility at Wal-Mart. I sincerely hope this helps someone else to avoid someone losing their hard earned money especially now. Angela Anchorage, AlaskaU.S.A.
Entity: Anchorage, Alaska
16, Report #688750
Jan 30 2011
04:37 PM
Angela Sanchez Yorkie SCAM Tuscon, Arizona
Recently I have been searching the web for a teacup yorkie. I came across an ad for a free yorkie, up for adoption. I was reassured all i had to do way pay the transair cargo company and my dog would arrive at the nearest airport where I live. However, that was not the case. After doing extensive research. I found this to be a scam. "Angela Sanchez" has made this entire story up, and has tried to scam many others using a different name.
Entity: Tuscon, Arizona
17, Report #192427
May 20 2006
04:14 AM
Angela Curtis did not send my complete astrological reading after taking US$58 from me.I have sent several e-mails but she sent only the same contact form which was sent at the very beginning. She has cheated me. Prasun PUNEIndia
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #321662
Mar 27 2008
01:30 PM
Angela Penbrook total scam Internet
I thought I had bought the kit. One week later I still had not recieved any information so I called the company and was told that I had purchased it and that the tech support would call me back within 24 hrs. That did not happen. I called them again, and after getting hung up on three times, I got a hold of someone. Which was another joke. It took the guy 20 minutes just to get my name and then when he went to transfer me to someone that could help, I got humg up on again. By this time I said forget it I am done with them. I called again, got someone, and was told that I had not purchased the kit. Fine by me. I thought I was done with them. A month later the charge finally showed up on my account. I got ahold of them again, and asked for a full refund. I was told I would get it within 5-7 business days. That happend today. I am waiting to see if I get it or not. Do not go with this company. The customer service stinks. Chrissy West Allis, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #312923
Feb 28 2008
10:45 AM
Angela Penbrook tricked -deceived internet
I was hurtin for money and decided to take a chance with angela penbrook. I expected to get started today but just realized I've been scammed. I need help finding this person or company. I am angry and will never try anything like this again. That 200$ was all the money I have and need it back. Travis Olympia, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #322794
Apr 01 2008
08:38 AM
Angela Penbrook Internet Scam Murfreesboro Internet
Found interesting sounding home based job on Career Builders web site. I read the entire information, and descided it was for me! I stupidly gave them a credit card number for the $197.00 that was required to begin. I knew almost from the time I finished that I had made a $197.00 mistake. They asked questions on the application that I did not answer. Questions such as how many credit cards do you have? How much have you put aside for your business? How much credit do you have available on your cards? They gave me numbers to call or a website to write for questions getting started, but after the phone is answered all you get is a very poor quality of music! I hope this will help someone else not make the same mistake I did! Andrea Murfreesboro, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #153436
Aug 12 2005
09:50 AM
Angela Curtis ripoff Langoiran Internet
Yes, this woman is a rip-off! She will contact you until you give in. Once she has your money she won't send a report and she won't even email you back to tell you how it's coming. DON'T DO IT!!!!!! Helen Tillsonburg, OntarioCanada
Entity: Langoiran, Nationwide
22, Report #1352458
Jan 28 2017
10:24 AM
Angela Martínez Ripoff Kissimmee, Florida Florida
OFFICIAL COMPLAINT Home Helpers 10700 Montgomery Road Suite 300 Cincinnati, OH 45242 Angela Martinez c/o Clara Martinez (((REDACTED))) Kissimmee, FL (((REDACTED))) Re: Client Clara Martinez and Home Helpers (Kissimmee, FL Franchise) To Whom It May Concern: On November 14, 2016 I found your company and asked for services to help my mother who is suffering from Alzheimer’s to have someone come by to ensure she was taking her medications and if needed take her to appointments. I was shortly contacted by Ramon Anasagasti to discuss in detail what the expectations were and we agreed to meet at a local Panera bread with my son, as he is the one mainly responsible for retrieving my mothers consent and signature when required. With that said, during our meeting Ramon came with Valentina, his wife and her father. We discussed in detail my mother’s condition of Alzheimer’s and that she had been diagnosed in 2013 and the situation was delicate and needed to be handled with care and discretion. We spoke about the contract requirements, which were 3hrs per week at $17 an hour. We arranged for Ramon to meet my mother with my son, to see if she would be comfortable with the service and at the time, my mother was very agreeable. The next step was to have my mother meet the nurse they would assign to her and have my SON, sign the contract for the service. Well, the contract was not only signed by my mother, who is not mentally adept to sign a contract, but also it was signed without my son as a witness. Listed below are complaints of unethical behavior by the agency and the nurse: 1) Contract was signed without a witness representing the client, when Ramon was fully instructed the client was not to sign or coordinate services. 2) We had also discussed the nurse receiving presents, and what the policy at the company was, Ramon insisted that the nurse could not accept gifts and was to report if the client was to attempt to give one. Well, on December 26, 2016, it had come to our attention, that the nurse received a gift card from my mother and she never reported it to the agency. My mother had let us know she gave the nurse “Doris” the card and I reported it to Ramon. 3) Since, the service began, I had several issues with Ramon, where is the visits were not being coordinated with my son, or myself which was the arrangement. 4) When we received our first invoice, we were charged $19 per hour and not the agreed upon $17 per hour. Also, the invoices were not itemized, I would receive an invoice with the statement, 10hrs @ $17 =$170. I continuously asked for an itemized invoice to account for the hours the nurse was spending with my mother (client) as, they hadn’t even gone on legitimate appointment and furthermore nothing was being arranged with my son or myself at any given time. These request are all documented on email and via text. Suffice it to say, this was becoming a habit I was not comfortable with. 5) On Jan 25, 2017 after my son visited my mother (client) she had informed him that she had invited the nurse (Doris) to dinner and the nurse invited her significant other, without consent. My mother (client) paid for that meal and all meals when she was with the nurse. The nurse had only taken my mother (client) to three appointments in total since the beginning of the contract in a. ​Motor Vehicles b. ​Primary Doctor c. ​Neurologist ​The rest of the visits were not coordinated nor warranted. I believe that if we are contracted for 3hrs per week and there are no scheduled appointments it is the agencies and the nurse’s responsibility to ensure they are adhering to that time frame. In the event that there is an appointment, which is the only time more than 1.5hrs for the day is expected. On 1/24, the nurse accompanied my mother (client) to a Neurology appointment and it was invoiced at 8hrs, I’m positive the appointment did NOT take 8hrs. This cost my mother (client) $136 for the day. 6) On Jan 25, 2017 I communicated with Ramon and advised him that we would no longer require their services and below, please see the very unprofessional text exchange with Mr. Anasagasti. Once you review the exchange, I’m sure you will agree, Mr. Anasagasti may require training on how to deal with clients and their families and may need to be trained on the legal ramifications of taking advantage of a client with a DOCUMENTED Alzheimer’s. I am asking that your corporate office take action in ensuring that Ramon Anasagasti, his wife and the nurse Doris do not contact my mother (client) at any time for any reason. Rest assured, that the complaint is also going to be filed with the better business bureau and CMS. Text Exchange on ​1/25/2017 2:03pm Me: ramon my mom told jose, doris brought her boyfriend with her to dinner RAMON: When was dinner Because I know one day last week she went out with Doris that had nothing to do with work and nothing to do with your Mom paying for it. It was a special thing that Doris did for her because she was feeling lonely. It is just like this weekend that your mom is going to the resort and we offer to fix her breakfast Sunday morning and that has nothing to do with work or charging her. We are doing that out is kindness because we want to and that way she is not all alone. Me: well, my mother said that doris went with her boyfriend to the PR rican restaurant to be honest, my mother really can’t afford this anymore, so, after the appts are completed. We will have to discontinue the service, her money is depleting and she has no idea where it’s going. RAMON: Ok I understand but remember Angela your mom is the one that signed the contract. So if she wants to stop it has to come from her. I have to obey the hips laws and her signature is the one I have. Me: oh i remember, but jose is the POA, so he can cancel it on her behalf RAMON: Ok then you have to send me a copy of the POA so I put in my file. Me: he will, he has it RAMON: Remember the POA HAS TO BE FOR FINANCIA not medical Me: its for both in FL RAMON: I had a POA for my mom as well so I know how they work RAMON: Ok have him send me a copy please Me: i will RAMON: Thank you Me: Ramon, what is your availability on Saturday RAMON: I am busy this Saturday. What is this for. Me: We want to meet to cancel account. Let me know your availability RAMON: Ok I will let you know but can you send me a copy of the POA Please Me: We won't need it. We are meeting you with my mother Me: Mother Me: Being you had her sign it without anyone present we will be present when she closed the contract RAMON: Ok but I thought she was going to be at the resort Me: So it will either be me with her or jose. RAMON: I had her sign it because no one was their when we introduced the caregiver RAMON: Ok no problem I will make it a point to meet him or you with your mom on Saturday morning just give me a time. It will have to be in the morning 10am Me: Ok where RAMON: We can meet at your moms house Me: Perfect 10am my mothers RAMON: Ok will finish what we need to do this week and we see you Saturday at 10 am Me: Perfect RAMON: As I said something nice no PEO will verify with her Me: She will be present to let you know herself But I'm very surprised you didn't have her have representation when signing a contract considering you were privy to her condition. The aid meeting her and signing a contract has no bearing. Especially since it was José and I solicited your help. RAMON: Jose was their when we spoke to her but no one was their when we introduced the caregiver with contract completed. Also I have no document saying your mom has any condition it was who told me. Also the last visit your mom had at the doctor they found her well. Also the credit card we charge is your mom's so it was her responsibility to sign. Angela you asked my company to help your mom witch is what we have been doing and she is very happy. So I think this is more your issue than your mom's. But if your mom tells me she no longer wants our service I will respect her wishes as per our agreement. Me: No she's not happy. This is not an issue with me it's an issue that she, jose and I feel she's being taken advantage of. She complains to jose, I don't communicate with her when it pertains to this or anything that has to do with money or her health RAMON: As I said if she tells me that no problem but the last time I saw your mom she was extremely happy and was upset that you where trying to cancel the service. But as I said will respect her decision. No one ever took advantage of your mom if anything we have been their for her and we have gone out of our way to make her happy.
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #344003
Jun 25 2008
08:30 AM
Angela Penbrook angela Penbrook Angela Stephens refuses to refund money California Internet
I have been trying for 4 months to get a refund of 197.00 from my credit card. This company has been changing stories to me since that time telling me two-three day my refund will be on my card,has hung up on me, been real nasty. Joann Ballston Spa, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: California, Internet
24, Report #226131
Dec 18 2006
06:21 PM
John Robert Powers - American Beauty Modeling And Talent Of Fort Worth Court Ordered Judgement Against Owner Angela Norton Knows she lost the case and Judge Ordered her to pay us and she CAN NOT Be found BAD Business ripoff Fort Worth Texas
In 2004 we went to a casting call where they had someone from CA there looking for people and this person was supposed to be BIG in the business. They told us how great our son was had us come back for a second audition and said they wanted him with their company. Of course we were excited, then they said we had to pay for the classes which we did not know about that they sneak that in after they make you think your child will be a star. Still that was fine we did not have to pay we could have walked away they did not force us to pay. Then they signed us up with two classes that they said they would make on a special day for my child because he was so good. We signed the contract with the day of our classes and the start date. When the day came they said they did not have a teacher yet for that class at any time of the week then supposedly they found a teacher but she was waiting for her permit to teach 3 mnths later still no class. We paid for services that were not fullfilled and entered into the company with full faith, so we requested our refund in writing which in the contract it clearly states that we would recd one. Surprise! No refund came we kept calling and they never called back. When we finally went down there and asked them fact to face they told us that the JRP in Colorado handled all of their financial accts and said we would have to get the money from them but that they did owe us a refund. We called Colorado location and of course they said No that is not true Fort Worth pays for everything from that location and that is their responsibility. They all gave us the run around. They also kept telling us that our money was on the way and she owed a lot of other people who were dissatisfied money as well and she was having a hard time paying her employees but that our check was in the mail. We were VERY very patient for almost 2 years we tried to give them a chance to pay us. Finally we took them to court and won. She got an attorney so she knows about the case. She Never showed up to the court dates or mediation (which we were trying to be nice and do mediation and settle this and reach a compromise). Right before the final court date her OWN attorney withdrew from the case and she did not show up to the final hearing. We won our judgement and now she is nowhere to be found. She is ordered by the Judge to pay us and she is not taking any responsibility for her business. She is now moved out of the bulding where she was operating. I dont know how someone could be in business in a supposedly good company that has been in business for 80 years like the guy from Colorado keeps responding to every other complaint with and how he knows that person that owned the different locations and they would never do anything bad on purpose. Well I dont want to hear that She owes us ALOT of MONEY and we need it bad. If you are going to go out and try to start a business and it does not work you still have to live up to your responsibilites and act like an adult. If you take someones money with promise to offer a service and you dont fullfill that promise than that is stealing. When you use a name like John Robert Powers you shouldnt have to worry that one day they will be in business and then one day they will be gone. With all of the complaints filled at the different locations around the US the headquarters should do something about it and not give out their name to use and think they should not be held responsible because they are all independently owned. If you are using the official name that Mr. Powers was so proud of building than the Headquarter in CA should start doing things differently. The man from Colorado said to the other people complaining to try to contact the Headquarters for help well people dont waste your time I tried and they said their escapegoat excuse of Sorry we are all independently owned and operated so we cant help you. I am glad that people have been able to try and get the word out to others about John Robert Powers so other people dont lose money. Like I said before we need that money and she is court ordered to pay and she needs to take responsibility for her debt like an adult. Beth ft worth, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
25, Report #155086
Aug 26 2005
12:18 PM
Angela M. Collier ripoff Moore Oklahoma
Angela M. Collier is an independent seller and maker of cages and accessories from I started talking to her on 5/18 about building a cage and carriers for my two boys that moved with me very recently to Columbia, Missouri. At first the communication was great. She'd answer my emails several times a day. I even talked to her on the phone a bunch. I felt very confident. The cage is going to be big, melamine material, and sounded very nice. The carriers I was going to order for travel were wire. We talked about dimensions and paneling, etc. She contacted me actually from seeing me inquire on Her name there is fuzzychins_okc ChinSource Then I sent her the payment for the carriers. She told me she shipped them. She requests payment of materials beforehand then payment of shipping just before shipping. I wanted them early because my move date was August 5th and I wanted the cage and the carriers setup before I left. I waited 2 weeks after she said she shipped them, and received nothing. She had my money. I told her I never got them and she told me she would make them and ship them again. She said she tried printing out shipping labels twice and had to wait until the post office would credit her. She said she lost all the orders from before too. This was 7/20 already. I paid for them on 6/25 and even had to threaten about filing a dispute. I said I already paid for them then she gave me a story about having to borrow money from her mother (keep in mind she is engaged with two kids so she isn't a child) to ship them. Then she said she found a post office and after my persistence she included insurance and tracking. Finally they arrived, but without the promised handles or clips. They also were extremely jagged, but on the door and the outsides, not the insides. Every time I put my arms in the carrier I got cut up as if a cat clawed me. I ended up having to get a metal file to smooth out the edges. It was a very dangerous item. I told her I never got the clips or handles. She gave me a story about how she was in such a rush to ship the carriers she forgot. She told me she sent them out and they'd arrive in 2 days but they never did. This was 7/25. Whenever I tried emailing about it she never got back to me. Now typically I wouldn't go ahead with the cage payment at that point. But what happened was that I ordered two flying saucer wheels and had them shipped to her so she could install them in the cage on 7/7 from Amanda Collier at Meadowbrook Chinchillas - the maker of this fantastic wheel. So she has $133.20 worth of my 2 wheels. We agreed on the payment of the cage and I PayPaled her on 7/22 for the cage order. I tried asking her for status updates as my move date was 8/5 but I only received an auto-email about her having to be in the hospital for epilepsy. My dad is a physician and said those cases usually are only there for a couple days; usually one to two days max. On 8/5 she finally answered my phone call and acted very dazed and told me she got back from the hospital on 8/4 and the cages should be done by the end of the weekend (which would be 8/7). I told her I would call her then and she never picked up. Once the order was processed for the carriers her communication with me got very short. She never answers my calls anymore. I had someone call asking on my behalf (being from a different phone number) and Angela's fianc responded saying that Angela wasn't home and she would call back later tonight (being this around 9:30 PM her time). As expected, she never did. Even Amanda at Meadowbrook Chinchillas called and attempted to retrieve the wheels back from Angela because of a bearing defect. Angela never responded back to Amanda's call either. Basically Amanda said she can't do anything without Angela's cooperation, understandably. What ended up happening was that I filed a dispute with PayPal to retrieve my money back for the carriers and the cage. After I filed the dispute she wrote to me complaining. I wrote her that I would give her until 7/20 to have the cage ready and then I'd drop the dispute. She never responded. The carrier dispute was rejected because I received the carriers and the fact I didn't recieve the promised clips or handles wouldn't hold the case. PayPal credited me $82.90 out of the $130 the cage cost because that is the only amount of money they could retrieve from her account. Angela said she would send the rest back to me once her account would receive money. I don't know how PayPal is penalizing her on her end. As for the wheels that I paid $133.20 Angela said she will keep them until I send her $103.82 for the supplies of the cage I never received. I tried to file a complaint with the local police department but they told me this is a civil matter. I will call the consumer affairs office tomorrow. I don't believe she is registered with the Better Business Bureau but I will file a complaint with them too. Now my boys are in 12x12x12 metal square crates and get their daily free run but I was really expecting to have the cage by now and the only time this seller started contacting me was when I filed a dispute with PayPal. She has my flying saucer wheels hostage and $47.10 of the remaining money left. A cage for my boys is in construction from directions by Kindra at The cage will be wonderful and hopefully will be complete by this weekend. I've been a seller and a buyer for many years now and hardly have I ever come across such incompetence. I feel very upset for my boys but they will have their new home soon. This is a horrible transaction and I highly recommend not doing business with Angela M. Collier from ChinSource http://www.chinsource. Other people have complained about her unethical practices as well Jennifer Columbia, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Moore, Oklahoma

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