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1, Report #1400078
Sep 14 2017
02:33 PM
Angelia Shull Bad and Fake Psychics Looking for Money Internet
Ms. Angelia Shull lied to me in a reading over the summer about my family member's heirloom and some relationships. She was saying that I will never have a life partner and that my family is poor and that my family heirloom is worth nothing to the universe. After that, she try to pull a scam on me asking for  $750 dollars on candles, curses, and hexes. She was also inciting more money to cleanse my enegry and everything.  Angelia also claimed that there was some relationship in another state and when I drove down that specific state, there was nothing. When I told her about it, she was asking me for more money to repair it. This lady doesn't even have a website, doesn't respond to emails, and doesn't return phone calls, but still ask for money. Stay away from Angelia Shull as she is money-hungry.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #461639
Jun 14 2009
04:22 PM
Angelia Neil, 2006 Nissan Murano scam Connecticut
Luckily I recognized's advertisement for a flawless 2006 Nissan Murano on Craigslist for $4,600 as too-good-to-be-true. He/She gave me the same sob story saying her husband died in Iraq 3 months ago. If anyone is wanting to or knows how to pursue this matter further to expose this scam for what it is, I have kept my correspondence with the email address. I am very sorry that people have fallen victim to this. Let me know if I can help with the emails I've saved. Elizabeth Katy, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Connecticut
3, Report #67556
Sep 25 2003
08:28 AM
Training & Aftercare, (Ryan Shull) ripoff, envelope processing asks for 25$ and u never hear from again Fruitland Maryland
Sent a 25$ USPS money order to Ryan Shull..PO Box 723...Fruitland, Maryland 21826 on 6/19/03...Received a letter instructing me to send s/a stamped envelops and 1$ to Training and Aftercare PO Box 312 Akron, Al 35441..instructions said if not received materials in 14 days, write them and tell them...did that and never heard from again. Also wrote letter to Ryan Shull and never received any replies...he has a non-pub phone# in Fruitland, Md also.....filed complaint also with USPS.. I have receipts for everything and I sure hope to meet Mr Shull someday. Frank Georgetown, DelawareU.S.A.
Entity: Fruitland, Maryland
4, Report #111031
Oct 01 2004
10:29 AM
Pca International, Angelia Hoffman rip-off! Matthews North Carolina
This company is a joke. I have worked here for almost a year and have had three different managers. It may not be the whole company. I have talked to other photographers in different states and they love their jobs, but district 381 is a mess. We have a DM with attendance problems. She is on vacation every other week and has caused over half of our staff to quit in the past 4 months. Angelia Hoffman has a motto I refuse to pay unemployment. If I don't like a person I will make there job hell until they quit. She said this to a studio manager after causing her co-worker to quit. She is also a thief. Maybe PCA takes all of there money from churches, because Angelia hands out $99.88 vouchers to anyone whom sucks up to her. I'm sorry for rambling, but I am very upset. District 381 has some wonderful photographers with a lot of potential, but Angelia makes our jobs unenjoyable. I know that normally you could just report a bad boss, but pca doesn't care about the photographers all they care about is getting their money. Our district is doing well and so Pca attribute that to Angelia, but this district is actually held together by the photographers. Because like I said, Angelia is never around and when she is around her head is blown up. Rebecca daytona beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Matthews, North Carolina
5, Report #273797
Sep 10 2007
10:23 PM
Psychic Angel - Angelia Williams - Angel Brown - Angela Lowe Storefront Psychic Scam Artist Angel Astoria New York
Angel talked about a curse, took thousands of dollars from me to remove it, and then she tried to avoid me. When the latter failed, she tried to get more money from me by asking for loans and gifts. She is manipulative; when she wants something, she calls you dozens of times and pressures you.After she gets what she wants, she talks mean, as if you are bothering her by calling her. She uses sweet talking, when needed to get what she wants. She is 25 years old, roughly 5' 2 tall, long dark hair, wears mostly skirts and sweaters, sh is married, 2 very young kids (boy and girl), and claims to own a house in New Jersey. Her gang's HUMMER has license plate # DBN 4446 (NY?) One month ago, they (her gang) were evicted from the above premises by NYC Marshal Edward F Guida. The apartment was leased to John Lowe, Angela Lowe, and Loretta Miller. She operates somewhere in the city. The USPS knows were she is, because they forward her mail. She uses many cell phone numbers (I believe she has three), all private numbers with SPRINT PCS. She collects money through Western Union, by using the name Angel Brown. She tells you to waive id and use Password Code: Q. What is her age? A. Three. Angel, like all fake psychics, claims to be famous (appearances on TV, radio) and sought after. Manimal Astoria, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Astoria, New York
6, Report #264841
Aug 02 2007
12:44 PM
Lets just start off by saying that Kokay Management and ESKE Reality are big Scams. The prey on low income people, take their deposit, and refuse to return them upon request. I was a victim of this myself. The women refred to herself as Mrs. Jones, (but is known as Angelia Jenkins, and Keyshia Mcdonald as well). She basically took a deposit of $1560.00 (first month rent and security deposit). How I found out that it was it was a big scam is when I notice that a month and a half had past and I didn't have my apartment nor deposit back. It was always some story about housing taking a long time. I contacted the New York Housing Authority personally, and they had never heard of Kokay Management. So then I google the name and as soon as I typed in Kokay management I seen with their name posted. I personally went down to the office and show the print out off the report. I then went to the police station and explain my case. As soon as I told Mrs. Jones what I discovered and requested my deposit, she claimed 14 days is how long it takes, and she would have someone call me because she is going to take a vacation. Well its a month now and I haven't received my deposit. Pernell Vassel is apart of the Scam as well, trying to invite someone to his church. Its said that they do this to people, but they have met their match. I will see that Mrs. Jones A.K.A Angelia Jenkins, or Keyshia McDonalds (What ever she want her name to be) in court along with Pernel. See they think that no one can track them down but I have both of her cars license plate numbers along with the addresses to the phones she gave me! My lawyer will be in touch with you! ANONYMOUS New York, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: NEW YORK, New York
7, Report #1349447
Jan 12 2017
05:10 PM
Angelia Dimattia Diverse Business Services aka C R S Consulting STEALS MONEY FROM BUSINESS. Riverside California
Beware of Angelia Dimattia! Hire her if you you want your companies money stolen. She is a snake and was brought to light by many outside forensic accountants from several companies Mrs. Dimattia scammed. Each finding LARGE amounts of money missing from their companies. Mrs. Dimattia will pay her personal bills with your funds. She will create fake bills from your current vendors to hid the money and if you pay by ACH/direct pay she will send the funds to her personal bank account or her children's bank accounts.If she has access to checks she will forge your signature. If you have merchant services, she will make fake Merchant services notices/bills stating a purchase from your company was done on a fraudulent card and a check will be cut back to the credit card company for said Merchant Services and it accurately paying her credit card. She will get phone service, internet service, auto insurance, fix her car and your company funds will be paying for this right under your nose.She will go to great length to gain trust faking Cancer going as far as shaving her head and taking long periods of time off to get chemotherapy while she is really enjoying a vacation in Tahiti on your dime. When she catches wind that you may be on to her she will destroy all files and wiped the company computer to make it very hard to reconcile. She will do all these things and more while she collects a will actually be paying her to defraud your company.In this video ( she says we there is no we its her! On her website she claims she has a degree and is a CPA...all false. She does have a  networking/computer tech companies and camera tech from outside services however this is all in part to gain remote access to your company files. She will have all your administration passwords and rights because its her network of people that you pay top dollar for but she'll tell you what a deal your getting.BE CAREFUL WHEN DEALING WITH THIS FRAUDULENT WOMAN! Do your own research (Orange County, Kern County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County) Here is here website where she claims to build social media and websites when hers is clearly subpar. Notice no business And the phone number associated to the business pulls up another location in Riverside under C R S Consulting. Amazing that a company that specializes in building business can't even maintain a website that is fundamental in every business.  
8, Report #318810
Mar 18 2008
01:50 AM
Persian Dream Catcher Cattery 1st Complaint Ms Priest is best friends with Angelia Schultz of the Nectar-Trinket Teacup cattery Medford New Jersey
1st Complaint Against: Breeder: Karol L Priest------------Advertises in: Terrific Cats Cattery: Persian Dream Catcher Address: City: Medford, NJ 08055 Phone: 856-983-1737 Fax: 856-983-1541 Email: Complaintant: Pedigree Cat Consimer Public Alert Date: 3/11/08 Our sources reported that Ms Karol L. Priest is best friends with Ms Schultz of the Trinket Persian Cattery that sells very sickly & diseased persian kittens. Because of this Ms Priest is in collusion with Ms Schultz, and this interaction associates them as [working together] in collusion therefore both selling sickly and diseased kittens. Causing a great deal of financial hardship & emotional devastation to their buyers. Our sources reported that Ms Priest travels from New Jeresy, to Ms Schultz's home in Georgia to find out how Ms Schultz's cattery operates. This is where Ms Karol Priest has obtained her breeding stock in her own cattery from Ms Schultz's sickly & diseased stock. Ms Schultz breeding stock is located in the front of her garage that all the cats were outside, only to come in for kitten delivery. To read more about the Nectar & Trinket Persian cattery please visit our sister site Trinket Persian Cattery Info. We will be following the same procedures on excately how CFA determines suspending their memebers from their privileged services, if a breeders assists in helping the suspended breeder register her kittens under another name. If CFA finds out after their breeder has been suspended from registering their kittens with CFA and another breeder is working with that particular breeder to get that suspended breeders kittens registered, then that breeder assisting that suspeneded breeder will also be suspended from utlizing the privileged CFA services also. So be it with Ms Priest who owns the Persian Dream Catcher Cattery. If Ms Priest can prove she has none of Angelia Schultz breeding lines in any of her cats that are used for breeding and sold to buyers, her name will be removed from this site. Pedigree Cat Consumer Public Alert Hemet, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Medford, New Jersey
9, Report #1347446
Jan 03 2017
07:30 PM
Bella Serata Claims to be Angelia Jolie's beauty line: scam, fake free trial, ripoff face cream, unauthorized charges Saint Petersburg Internet
This company is claiming their product is Angelina Jolie's beauty product. Here is the article: The offer states you can order a free small sample of her 2 products for only paying a shipping guarantee of $1.99 plus shipping of $9.92 for the face cream/eye serum. Total came to $11.91. I was charged immediately on December 19, 2016 when I ordered the samples. On December 30, 2016, I had two debits hit my bank for $84.95 and $89.95 for the two samples. I emailed the company demanding a refund of these fraudulent charges and who eventually called me back stating there are no small samples---that it would be toxic and could kill you in a small dose; that you can only purchase the full size bottles. The supervisor said I could return the bottles for a refund (only will happen once they've received it so she said make sure I pay the post office for tracking cause many seem to get lost and don't arrive lol) or keep the bottles and they will only charge me half the price (or I guess refund half as full charges for both have been debited already). I said I would rather return them. I had to ask for a return address and was given a return authorization number. They continue to fraudulently state they are Angelina's products in articles but there is nothing linking them together.
Entity: Saint Petersburg, Internet
10, Report #662123
Nov 18 2010
01:08 PM
BPS Worldwide Robert Malmud, Gary Shull, James Peterson Payment Alliance International, Fraudulent business practices California, New Jersey, New York, California
I am a former independent contractor (agent) of BPS Worldwide which owned by Robert Malmud and Gary Shull. This company sells or contracts merchants with credit card processing services for several processors. I had to separate myself from these guys because I could no longer participate in the calculated and deceptive business practices that are a part of everyday business with BPS Worldwide.Some of the specific things that they do is to Charge fees and make rate changes that the merchants have not agreed to, and with no notice. IF a merchant calls to complain, they will usually return the money, but they joke about the fact even if half of the merchants ask for a refund, they have still made a lot of extra money!!Contrary to California law, BPS Worldwide is NOT registered to to business in California. Their primary agent in California is JAMES PETERSON.If you now have JAMES PETERSON DBA California Merchant Services as your representative for merchant processing, you are at a very high risk of being taken advantage of. He has been arrested and convicted of FRAUD and been sent to prison. He took advantage of Merchants, took their money, and eventually got caught. However, Mr. Peterson is still out there, still taking advantage of unsuspecting business owners.Robert Malmud, and Gary Shull have embraced Mr. Peterson, and his criminal background, and feel that it is a perfect relationship for their way of doing business.  As for my involvement, I called out BPS Worldwide several times over the last year or so, and finally in July of 2010 I gave them a notice of my intention to NOT renew my contract which was set to expire on November 1, 2010. On October 25, 2010 I received a letter informing me that THEY were terminating my contract, and were not going to continue to pay me my residual income which they owed me (per our contract) for the next 3 years. They waiting until 5 days before the end of my contract, and have done the same thing to many other agents.I suggest you also search this site under the names of California Merchant Services, or Tribul Merchant Services before you do business with any of the above listed people or companies. 
Entity: New Jersey, New York,, California
11, Report #999788
Jan 22 2013
04:52 PM
Brett Bagnal - Amazon, Columbia SC Henry Brett Bagnal Pervert, Married Man Stalking Married Women Internet
Approximatley 8 months ago, Brett Bagnal contacted my wife's best friend who is married and attempted to start an affair. After many requests from her family and husband to stop, he continued to attempt to contact her and is now contacting my wife (after I requested that he stop). He is a sick individual who is still married and has two children. He is employed at in Columbia SC. His model is to stalk your wife then when you confront him, he runs and hides. When it gets really rough, he calls the police. His email is and he can be reached at Amazon. If you see this guy corresponding with your family, you better take action. The police will not help in this situation.
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #1325442
Aug 30 2016
12:55 PM
North Star Finance North Star Finance Group Liars and Theives Beverly Hills California
They advertised sevices to help me obtain a Request for Modification Assistance from my Mortgage provider Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc. (BTW another company found guilty of wrong doing). I was called several times to make a payment fopr sevices. At the begining, I was reluctant becuase I that they had done nothing but sent me some paperwork I basically filled. Eventually, I trusted them and made the first payment. Almost immediately I was forced into filing for Chapter 13. Proimised to receive my money back for services not rendered, and now when I call, I am unable to speak with any of the representives/agents: Maddison Smith, Michael Shapiro, Angelia Walters, Daniel McCaffey, William Russell, or Alex Parker. I mainly spoke with Angelia Walter, William Russell, Daniel McCaffey. The last communication with (Daniel McCaffey) I was told he was going to submit an email to find out which department handled refunds? He was unable to give me information on who or what deaprtment I should call.
Entity: Beverly Hills, California
13, Report #618987
Aug 20 2010
01:46 PM Beware, Don't be Duped by this company Internet allures you on their homepage with fancy statements and carefully placed logos.When you enter page 2 of their registration they fail to make it clear to you that you are about to be charged $150.00 membership fee. They give you no warning at all.They do not give you an invoice or notice that if you continue you will be charged, they took $150.00 through unauthorized transaction, charged it to my credit card.  I went through normal procedures, talked to them through live chat only to get a run around and a bunch of company policy talk, they refuse to refund my credit card.They told me in order to get my refund, I have to use up my unspent bids and fill out a 4 page document pdf.file And mail that form in to them for them to review and if I qaulify I will get my money back.I called my credit card company and filed a dispute, what did they tell me? that I cannot dispute cause I gave them authorization by giving them my credit card info!After being on the phone with my credit card company they finally got swipebids on the phone and verbally agreed to refund the $150.00 just to give them 5-10 days.And I did receive an email stating it will be at least 6 days to see the refund reflected back onto my card and the credit card company told me they will give them 30 days.And yes they got me too with an 11.95 nonrefundable charge, some auto-bid program, they said they will remove that as well.Steer clear of this site, I am a very careful person except this one time. Always do research first!And save everything you get, emails, live chat conversations, it helps to keep proof of what did and did not happen. Be pushy to get your money back, I got stone-walled over and over again but I stuck with it and hopefully I do see the refund if not I am back on the phones.I also can't get them to cancel my account on their site so it is another headache to deal with
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #653759
Oct 23 2010
06:56 PM
Angela Schultz Nectar & Trinket Cattery sells kittens that has Ringworm Ellijay, Georgia
1st Complaint Against: Breeder: Angelia Schultz Catteries: Nectar & Trinket Persians Catteries Websites: [1][2][3][4] Address: 284 Altahama Drive City: Ellijay, GA 30540 Phone: 706-273-CATS Complaintant: Lorraine Caggiano Date: Date/Time: 2007-08-29 20:42:50 PDT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Share your Comments Read Comments -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What will satisfy your complaint? I really don't know if money is the issue any longer, as to me it's a matter of principle that other people don't fall victim to this woman! She actually said that the plane gave the cat fleas, then that my vet gave him the fungus and lastly that I hurt the kittie and defected his eye. It's such a long sordid story, that I doubt you have enough room to take it all in. So, here is a link to a webpage that I've created, which will give you the whole rundown. Website Share with us about your experience with this particular pedigree cat breeder here. Well, at first I felt she was just so nice. Then I started to realize, whenever I called her about a problem, that she was full of it and lying. When on August 2 I wrote her saying that I did not want to return the cat, that my daughter, husband and I loved him and wanted to try to cure him, and all I wanted was my money back to cover the doctor bills, she did not respond. Two more emails, no response, nor did she return my husband's call. She only surfaced when I sent her a link to my webpage, saying that I was going to send to her competitors. And, she said that she NEVER got THREE emails or the PHONE MESSAGE. In this day and age of technology? She refuses to take any responsibilty for this, and I've heard from others that she has screwed people over in the past as well. I've even written her vet, asking how they could have missed this eye, etc., you will see al the letters on my pdf file which I've sent to you. This breeder is threatening to sue me for slander, defamation, etc., however, how can it be that when I have documented proof of the problems I have been enduring? As I said, It's a matter of principle. She must not be allowed to breed cats which are sick. 9/1/07 I purchased a teacup Persian (male) from Angelia Schultz of Nectar Cattery in the amount of $2,000 plus $300 to ship him to New York via Continental Airlines. I arrived on June 21, 2007 and, that evening while brushing him, I noticed a bug in his coat, but the bug moved so fast that I wasnt sure if I was seeing things. The next morning, my daughter told me that she saw a bug on Tuttie. Never being a cat owner prior, I didnt know what this could be, so I immediately called Angelia to tell her that I saw a bug on the kitten. She didnt ask what kind of bug, color, what it looked like, etc., instead her immediate response was he must have gotten fleas on the plan, go purchase some Advantage and they will be gone in a few hours. Not wanting to argue over this and giving her the benefit of the doubt, I just said okay. Instead, I took Tuttie to the vet, as he was scheduled anyway for his well visit. The vet gave him a treatment of Ovitrol and, from the amount of fleas that came off his coat and the large amount of flea dirt within in, the vet and I felt that there was way to much infestation for it to occur on a three hour plane ride. At that same visit, the vet told me that I should have his eye checked by an ophthalmologist, because his left pupil stayed continuously dilated. At that point, I was more concerned about de-fleaing my environment to prevent an infestation in m house, and a recurrence on Tuttie. About nine days later, I noticed that the tip of Tutties right ear had turned black and that the hair had fallen off. I thought that maybe the kitten wounded himself (although I couldnt imagine how,) so I took him back to the vet. At that visit he was found to have conjunctivitis, and the vet thought that maybe it was a wound as well, so he gave me a bit of ointment for it. At that visit, I was informed by the vet that his rent had tripled due to a new owner and he therefore had to close shop in a months time, and he was sending my records to a new vet. About five days after seeing the initial black spot, I gave Tuttie a bath and noticed that on his left ear, there was a perfectly round black spot, the size of a quarter, and the hair had fallen off during the bath. The next morning, I took him to the new vet, who immediately took a culture for ringworm; while waiting for the results, my doctor prescribed an anti-fungal to treat the ear. At that visit, he noticed the dilated pupil as well, and asked me if I wanted to keep this kitten. I told him that giving him back was not an option, as my 7 year old daughter would be devastated (as well as my husband and I). He said that the dilated pupil could be as simple as being blind in one eye, or as serious as a neurological disorder where I could be stuck with a cat who has seizures, and exorbitant medical bills. That evening, I phoned Angelia to say that my cat has black spots on his ears, and she said, Oh my, he must have gotten a fungus on that plane. I rolled my eyes when I heard this latest finger pointing at the airline, while she told me that it must be ringworm and that she has never seen ringworm before, but has heard about it. Back to the vet, as Tuttie tested negative for ringworm, and the vet then took a slide to get a cytology reading, as the problem was worsening. That was another two-week wait. That night, I wrote Angelia to outlining all the medial problems the kitten was having, told her that at that point I had spent close to $700 in medical bills (in just six weeks,) and that although I understood her policy was to return the kitten for a new one, that was not an option as my daughter was emotionally attached, and I preferred a refund for the kitten so that I could use that money to try to find a cure for the worsening fungus and to determine was exactly was wrong with the eye as, if it were neurological, I would need an MRI, which would cost approximately $1,000. That same night, my husband left her a message on her voice mail; the call was never returned. (The result of the cytology was that Tuttie had a rare yeast infection, and we were told to keep treating him with the topical ointment, as he was much too small for an oral mediation, which could damage his liver.) Angelia ignored my initial email requesting reimbursement. I sent her a follow up email approximately 8 days later, expressing my shock and dismay that she had not written back. I then took Tuttie to an Ophthalmologist at Animal Medical Center of NYC. She found that his eye problem is most likely congenital, and coloboma-like. He has a low tissue volume in his left eye, which is why the pupil stays dilated and never constricts. She told me that 99.9% this is the reason; however, if I see him acting weird, having seizures, etc., then I need to see a neurologist. That night, I wrote Angelia yet again, and she again did not response. Two days later, Tuttie came down with a serious Upper Respiratory Infection, and I had to feed him via syringe as he was unable to eat. All my research points to a high possibility that the fungus stems from an anti-immune problem and that the upper respiratory stems from the fungus! In order to try to get Angelias attention, I decided to create a webpage containing pictures of Tutties hairless black ears and defective pupil, as well as a blog of the problems I was experiencing from Day One of having the kitten. I sent Angelia a copy of it, and again she didnt respond. It was only after I sent her a further copy of the webpage, informing her that I was no longer interested in a refund, but in educating potential purchasers of teacup Persians to avoid them the pain, heartache and expense that I was enduring and that I was sending a copy of my webpage to her competitors, that she surfaced! Instead of constructively trying to correct the problem, she accused Continental Airlines for the flea problem, my vet for giving the cat a fungus and ME of harming the kitten and damaging his eye.and said that she was going to sue me for defamation! Defamation is NOT defamation when its true, and I have the bills and medical records to prove that I purchased a kitten from her with all these problems! I guess she never heard the old adage the customer is always right. I also wrote her vet, who gave Tuttie a clean bill of health prior to his departure to NY, asking her specifically how she could have missed the eye and the flea dirt and inquiring as to how she ensures that the kitten she inspects is ultimately the kitten that is sent to the breeders client. She told me that her only requirement is to give the kitten a clearance to fly (i.e., no infectious diseases,) that if any abnormalities are discovered, the owner (at that point Angelia,) would have been informed and that any subsequent owner is prohibited from receiving the results of that examination, unless authorized by the owner, who would have been Angelia. I found it quite revealing that instead of this vet saying, I saw the cat and there was nothing wrong with his eye, she just stated that any abnormalities would have been told to the owner. Well, that leads me to conclude that (a) either shes a very bad vet who didnt notice what every single person notices upon their first look at Tuttie, or (b) she told Angelia about the eye and the fleas and Angelia sent him to me anyway, or (c) the cat that the vet inspected was not Tuttie, but another one from his litter who looked a bit better!!! In the meantime, my vet took a biopsy of the ear, which was not responding to treatment and is actually spreading to other parts of his body. He has black spots on his back, losing hair and when I brush him, he has pain. The biopsy ruled out some disorders, but said that we now have to test for pemphigusand it states, As this is a highly unusual case, it is recommended that a dermatologist examine the kitten to pursue a diagnosis of pemphigus. I have an appointment with a dermatologist in NYC who has a special interest in the skin diseases of cats, so Im hoping that she can help Tuttie. In the meantime, my medical bills have totaled $1,256 in the short eight weeks that Ive had Tuttie, and the dermatologist charges $150 for a consultation. Who knows what kinds of tests he will need now. I find it reprehensible that this woman can breed cats with such problems and with complete impunity, and then send a guarantee, which states that if the kitten it found to be defective to send it back and get a new one. It also states that the purchaser is liable for any medical bills it incurs when it owns the cat. This is not fair for a few reasons: - If this woman knowingly sent me a defective cat, she is then forcing me to incur medical costs for a product that she created and which is faulty. - She knows that once you have the kitten, and your 7 year old child falls in love, it is highly likely that you can send a kitten back, as it would devastate the child. - I only saw this guarantee when I received the cat, and it was only signed by her. Had I seen this guarantee prior to receiving the cat, I would have told her that the language needed to be changed to read that if the cat were found to have co-genital defects, then the breeder should incur the cost of the medical bills, not the nave person to whom the sick cat was sent. Otherwise, breeders can just keep releasing sick kittens to prospective owners until a healthy cat is received. I am so thankful to this site, giving unsuspecting pet owners a sounding board and a place to help spread the word against breeders who are incompetent, unprofessional, inconsiderate, and just churning out kittens on a constant basis, charging tons of money for them, and then turning their backs on the owners when the problems arisein my case, blaming the cats problems on everyone but her own inadequacies. Proof of 9 bills coming soon
Entity: Ellijay, Georgia
15, Report #27611
Aug 23 2002
12:00 AM
Unique Worldwide Services Inc is a ripoff scam artist pyramid that ruins people's lifestyle Mobile Alabama
it started off with a phone call to an ad in the paper. when i went to the initial inerview, the manager discussed a r/s of 2000 dollars, pin sale, and pick where you want your office. you were promised to make approximately $4000 plus a month. you have to sign a piece of paper for a $75 security fee and pay $95 on the day that you meet the president. you get a sign- on bonus of $500 after you complete your training on $2000 of sales. well, i went to several of the meetings out of town. they were normally on a saturday, monday, or wednesday. they have you to sale their products and receive 10% of the sales. well, i sold products and purchased products and have not received the pay nor the products. this company is a big scam. they say the same thing over and over and take poor people's money for merchandise that they may not receive. they promise you your own office in a couple of weeks, but in reality they have you selling merchandise and pocketing all the money. they have you traveling with money that you have borrowed to get you back and forth to work all week. they don't pay you for anything......... it is a scam. please don't answer ads that advertise over a year's time. they are not producing any managers, just scamming poor people out of their money for products that are much cheaper at walmart. angelia mobile, Alabama
Entity: Mobile, Alabama
16, Report #658507
Nov 07 2010
07:17 PM
Tal Bortniker RIPOFF SCAMMER WHO PUMPS Companies then SHORT SELLS THEM Toronto, Ontario
Tal Bortniker of has been a notorious short seller that continues to ruin companies..He continues to promoting companies on his websites and even says he is not into pump and dumps..however his real day job is ruining  stocks and shorting is the guys site: BortnikerDirector, Business Developmenttal.bortniker@stockrip.comToronto :  <??>             416.648.7971   He uses the names STOCK_TRAITOR Tigerswood, Stock_Stuffer Stock_diligenge also on a site called investors hub to short stocks and weasel his way into stock investment clubs just to try and ruin them...and he even touts about how he is going to take the stock down and ruin everyone..Nice class huh? have tracked this guy from his IP address and email and found him: he denies everything and continues to do business..He is very unprofessional and cursed at us even when we called him and HE DIDNT EVEN KNOW WHY WE WERE CALLING HIM AT FIRST!!IP address:     Mississauga, Ontario, Canada216.13.142.58     California67.69.26.170       Toronto, Ontario, Canada70.25.56.33         Toronto, Ontario, Canada99.237.245.137   Toronto, Ontario, Canada99.238.17.236     Toronto, Ontario, Canada99.238.68.43       Toronto, Ontario, CanadaOne of his shorting friends is here also JASON SHULL:Companies it appears Shull is involved with: Golden Capital Securities Ltd. ( Vancouver BC & Richmond BC ) Update on Golden Capital.Golden Capital transfers to Gateway Securities transfers to PI Financial Corp. Golden Capital Securities Ltd. ( GCSL)  has cease active business operations as an investment dealer. GCSL has filed Notice of Intention to Resign with the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IRROC)All GCSL accounts have been transferred to Gateway Securities Inc. All GCSL unclaimed clients assets have been transferred to BC Unclaimed Property Society, below is the website for more information; http://www.unclaimedpropertybc.caFor any other GCSL clients account information, it can be requested via the email address below. A FEE will be charged for any information request, please provide proof of ownership of accounts. November 2008:  Client accounts of Gateway Securities Inc. will be sold to PI Financial Corp. in January and the broker's remaining business -- including corporate finance and investment banking -- will end, Gateway's president and CEO David Fawkes said in an interview. Thirteen of Gateway's brokers will be transferring to PI, with the rest -- just over 10, according to registrations filed with the B.C. Securities Commission -- will be moving to new brokerage houses, Fawkes said. PI, formerly Pacific International Securities, was the subject of one of the longest-running regulatory hearings before the B.C. Securities Commission. Companies that were affiliated with Golden Capital: Once listed as a market maker: Platinum Capital Corp PI Financial has many TSX transactions where Platinum Capital Corp (Jason Shull) is also involved BC Ltd. Jason Shull has been a Signatory for/with the following 3 Registrants:$/SEC/Filings.asp?As=S&Name=jasonshull OTHER NEWS: 2006 Market Maker Manipulation Lawsuit against Jason Shull:*TSX&symbol=*TSX&news_region=C BACKGROUND ON CANADAS STOCK EXCHANGE (especially those where emerging companies and mineral exploration companies trade) The TSX Venture Exchange is a stock exchange in Canada. It is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta and has offices in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. It was previously known as the Canadian Venture Exchange (CDNX), but in 2001 the TSX Group (now known as the TMX Group) purchased it and renamed it.  The TMX Group also owns the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). The Toronto Stock Exchange is the senior equity market, while the TSX Venture Exchange is a public venture capital marketplace for emerging companies.  As of August 2010, the TSX Venture Exchange had 2,353 listed companies with a combined market capitalization of $42,053,888,225.[1] The CDNX was created by the merger of the Vancouver Stock Exchange (VSE) and the Alberta Stock Exchange (ASE). The focus of the CDNX was junior companies, i.e., those whose assets, business and market capitalization were too small to be listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). Often, these were resource exploration companies, but also came to include new high technology ventures. The exchange had its corporate headquarters in Calgary , Alberta , and its Operations headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, with additional offices in Toronto and Montreal. The Winnipeg Stock Exchange and the small-cap portion of the equities market of the Bourse de Montral were also later merged into the CDNX.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
17, Report #435367
Mar 25 2009
07:42 PM
Wachovia Dealership Services,Angelia Doto,Jackie Durrow Fruadulent reposession tactic,withholding information and funds inorder to secure vehicle unlawfully wiltholding funds and lies stating fund were returned to Money Gram fortunately I kept receipts Irving Texas
Since October 2009 I have all payments to Wachovia Dealership Services. I was recently laid-off work and fell one payment behind. Inturn I contacted Wachovia Services to make arrangement. After making arrangements my wife made payments consistently and kept all receipt pertaining. On March 17, 2009 I received a frantic call from my daughter There is a man pounding on the front door and walking around the yard. I Rushed home and there was a letter from the repo monster. I called him to discuss the situation, he used file language,and threatened to be at my home and my wife jobs until he got the F#$&$& job done. My wife contacted Wachovia Dealership Service and spoke to Maggie she stated we were five months behind but ,we had receipts and reference documents proving otherwise. I contacted Wachovia Dealers on 03/13/2009 she said we need $1042.00 to become current and the repo. would be lifted. My wife told her my payday was on 3/17/2009 Maggie said call when payment was made with a reference number from money gram. On 3/17/2009 I sent 1042.00 I called to confirm the representive told me the fund we sent previously had be sent back by Repo Specialist Jackie Durrow,when I asked why there was silence. Therefore I new something was not right. I called Money Gram Agent Service Dept. Wachovia never sent the money back. What a DAM SCAM. they hung up on me six time until I reached a Supervisor Mike Centennial, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Irving, Texas
18, Report #1047127
Apr 30 2013
09:04 PM
Romex Travel Ed Roberts Wayne, Adam, Mark, Angelia, John ROMEX TRAVEL IS A TOTAL SCAM DO NOT BUY!!! They make it sound so good DONT BE FOOLED!!! Internet
Back in Jan. my husband brought home a flyer off of the fax at work, it said BOARDING PASS buy one vacation get one 1/2 off. sounded great so i called 1-888-491-9520 i spoked to Adam, i talked to him for two or three days and when we decided to buy, he told me he would have to switch me over to grope sales because i was buying trips for three couples. he put me in contact with a lady named Angela, she said she was in group sales and she would help me in any way she could, so i thought this would be the time for me to ask some questions so i ask how good a co. is Romex travel and is this a legit. Co. she said Mrs. XXXXXX i am a God Faring woman, I have been here for 14 ears and I would not tell you something that was not true  She said that the money had to be a draft and when it came across our bank , I call and questioned because it said  Draft from ABC-123 she told me that it comes across that way because they have meany different terminals if their main one is busy it will go on the secondary one. Well after that day I have not been able to get to her again. I would call and ask for her and they would hang up one me. Talking to Adam, Angela, Mark, John and Wayne, I findily got to Ed Roberts who says he is the GM of the company. I have talked to him many times and he always tell me a line to keep me waiting, absolutely no help. I paid the Travel Center the money to register the trips then I got papers in the mail to fill out to register those papers, 1 month later I still had not got any word so, I called Grand Incentive and they said it would be another 45 days befor this process was complete. I called Ed back he knew I was very up set, he said he would call them and call me back in 1 hour, it has been 1 week I can't get a hold to him, now they tell me he's on Vacation!!!!!! GO FIGURE!!!!! Today I got some new papers in the mail. They say, Infinity Resort Dream Vacations Registration Form!(now they are on my list)  Send back along with a money order for $398.00. (WHAT!) then I'm sure they will send me some more paper work to register. I paid for this trip up front and all I have gotten for $2,828.00 is paper and a run around This has been 3 months of pure Hell!. They give you 15 mo to travel and this is their way of stalling so you will run out of time and they have your money and you have nothing and that my friends is a SCAM!!  I will not stop I will get what I paid for or my money back. If you are a victim of ROMEX TRAVEL don't give up , that's what they want! they are very good a what they do! and MR. ED ROBERTS is the ring leader. Mr. Ed Roberts, How can you go on a VACATION knowing you have SCAMMED all these people out of their Vacation Money???????? One couple we bought a trip for has never been on a Vacation before and this was going to be their trip of a lifetime, now ROMEX TRAVEL has their money and they have nothing and they can't afford another one. God said vengeance is mine and I believe they will get their due! I have already alerted the press about ROMEX TRAVEL, THE TRAVEL CENTER, GRAND INCENTIVES and now as of today INFINITY RESORT DREAM VACATIONS. SCAM!!!!!!SCAM!!!!!!!SCAM!!!!!! DO NOT BUY FROM ROMEX TRAVEL !!!!!SCAM!!!!!!SCAM!!!!!
Entity: Internet, Internet
19, Report #534125
Mar 01 2010
02:00 PM
Safety Solutions, Inc. Angelia Hopson, President Unpaid Debts Owed for Safety Consulting Services rendered in support to the Automated In-line Explosion Construction Project at the Midway International Airport, City of Chicago, IL. in 2007. Glen Ellyn,, Illinois
I am writing this report in an effort for your assistance in exposing Safety Solutions, Inc., an Environmental Health and Safety Consultant company who did contract work through the City of Chicago Midway International Airport.  I was assigned as an Independent Safety Consultant by Safety Solutions, Inc. in support to the Automated In-line Explosion Construction Project from September 2006 through September 2007. In August of 2007, I filed a complaint through the offices of Evan, Loewenstein, Shimanovsky and Moscardini, LTD. Attorneys at Law. Regarding Safety Solutions issuing Insufficient Funds (NSF) checks to me that were consistently being returned. The Attorneys issued a letter to direct Safety Solutions, Inc. to issue a money order to me instead of their payroll checks. They indicated that if full payments is not received within thirty (30) days as of 08/15/07, a lawsuit may be filed against Safety Solutions, Inc. which would entitle me to the amount of the check(s) plus damages of three time the amount due and oweing per check plus attorney's fees and court costs. The Prime contractor that I worked with who performed the construction installation of the conveyors and X-Ray equipment named Jervis B. Webb, Conveyor company of Farmington, MI. The Attorney David Bloom of Evans, Loewenstein, Shimanovsky & Moscardini, LTD then referred this case to another firm who handled these type of cases: Deer & Stone, PC., Jeffery Deer. where a retainer of $2,500.00 was dispersed for that office to handle this case. There was regular activity for about a couple of months by the Deer & Stone where they would respond to my calls concerning this case.  Then there were fewer replys as I contacted their office on a weekly basis. I provided the Deer & Stone Attorneys at Law office the General Consultant who was in charge of this Project at the city of Chicago Midway International Airport, which was Avairpro Consultants in Chicago and Southwest Airlines. As of today which this case is still pending with no response or activity, Safety Solutions owe me in the sum of $17,685.00 plus Attorney expenses. Several months ago I complained to the City of Chicago office of Procurment and in May 2009, with the Chicago SunTimes Newspaper column called the The Fixer S. Zimmerman about Safety Solutions, Inc. practices. I recieved one call from Angelia Hopson indicating a payment plan. But to date there hasn't been any effort on her part to pay on the NSF or open invoices owed to me.    
Entity: Glen Ellyn,, Illinois
20, Report #372353
Dec 14 2008
10:37 PM
Michelle Quinlan Ebay User Shellieq00 SCAMMER, WHATS ARE ITEMS FOR FREE!!!, WORE BRAS FOR A MONTH & THEN RETURNED THEM!!! HUDSONhudson Wisconsin
Michelle Quinlan 540 River Road Hudson WI 54016 United States (651) 434-3494 She purchased 4 bras from me. Wore them for a month & then filed a claim with paypal saying they were damaged. Paypal had me send the bras she returned to me directly to them & refunded my money. She is a liar & a scammer! Please take a look at my feedback on ebay with over 1500+ positive transactions. *SELLERS BEWARE!!!* She also filed a couple false reports against me on here. She couldn't even get the fake name she was using right. At the beginning of the post she said her name was Jodi. Then it changed to Sandy. I have all the emails she sent me & they are available upon request. She states how much she loves the items she purchased from me. *55princess55* fair lawn, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Hudson, Wisconsin
21, Report #204012
Aug 11 2006
10:04 PM
Copeland Marketing ripoff Daytona Florida
I just talked with the 800 number for Copeland Marketing. They ASSURE me that they had one offer but the purchaser credit was no good. They expect an offer this Sunday (8/05/06) and will call if the credit checks out. This is after six months of them having my money ($500). After seeing all the unhappy people at this site I imagine I am also in the process of being ripped off. Anyone know how I can stop this? Patricia federal way, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Daytona, Florida
22, Report #1099111
Jan 11 2016
06:45 PM
The Good, the Bad, the Unforgivable of Animal Rescue Michelle Shaw Michelle Bell Michelle Wolf Anne Matthews Susan Anthony Jessica Aimes Adrian Perez Chelle Shaw liar, theif, convicted felon, drug addict, self proclaimed animal activist yet dumbs dogs after she breeds them, , breeder, character assasinator, uses numerous aliases to get other people in trouble, administrator of numerous Facebook pages and blogs attacking people, abuses facebook and blogs to attack and harass people ultimatly hurting hundreds of animals and many people Williams Arizona
Is Michelle Lynne Shaw/Wolfe Bell aka....... really “Animal Activist” or a complete LIAR and Fraud?Many of you have heard of “Michelle Shaw-Animal Activist” and admin to several activists pages on facebook and blog talk radio. Actually she was fired from one blog talk show but we have heard she has hitched her broom to a witch somewhere in the UK.But do you know the TRUTH of who she really is? The answers here may shock you! Her entire online persona has been a complete lie and fabrication. Nothing that “MichelleShaw” has told you is true. She is NO animal activist at all. She never worked for the Yavapai Sheriff search & rescue. She was never half owner/partner of the Northern Arizona Garlic Farm in Williams, Arizona.The TRUTH is that her REAL name is Michelle Lynn Bell (DOB 5/26/x)She has a very long record of arrests and convictions for drug abuse, obstructing police officers, failing to appear for her court dates, and having a suspended license but continues to drive illegally. Her criminal history will shock you.People who have witnessed her treatment of animals say she is “evil” and the way she treats her own animals is terrible. Just terrible.Michelle Lynn Shaw to Michelle Lynn Bell at this time.Michelle Bell has lied to not only everyone she has ever come into contact with on Facebook, but to several law enforcement agencies (including the FBI) when she created fake profiles of people she has been stalking and harassing. She continues these posts today and claims “WHY would I lie?”  Because your entire life is a LIE Michelle Bell.And you involved several other animal “activists”. What does that say about them? Do they support a LIAR or did you LIE to them as well?Michelle Lynn Bell is NOT a “legal gun owner”. She is a CONVICTED FELON and per Federal law cannot LEGALLY own or posses a firearm of any kind.So did she LIE about owning a gun or does she, in fact have ILLEGAL weapons violating Federal law? The Williams Arizona police and FBI would like to know! We are sure to tip them off***HOT OFF THE PRESS FROM MICHELLE BELL aka aka aka FORMER EMPLOYER***“I hired her to care for my disabled sister but had to terminate her due to neglect. She was supposed to drive my sister to the doctor and we found out that her drivers license has been suspended for years because of no proof of insurance and dozens of traffic tickets. She said she used to work for a doctor who was in a wheelchair that had died. The only reason I allowed her to move in with me was because she was evicted for not paying her rent and had no where to go. As soon as she moved in, I knew I had made a huge mistake. When I fired her, she hijacked my business web site for the garlic farm and would not give it back.”She never had anything to do with the garlic farm at all. She was only a caretaker of my disabled sister. I have since filed a report with the police.”“When she told me she did animal activist pages on facebook, I first laughed to myself because I thought she was kidding. Then I realized she was serious and I told her maybe she should take care of her own dogs first. She was always sitting on the couch and playing on her computer. I fired her for neglecting my disabled sister, who she was hired to care for.”Her “ex” did not die. He is very much alive and is a Prescott area attorney who was disbarred for ethics violations. He was just recently re-admitted to the Arizona bar association.She did not “leave him”. He divorced HER in 2011.Michelle Bell has been EVICTED several times as well. (former landlord) “She was evicted because she did not pay her rent” PAY YOUR BILLS MICHELLE! Now the person claiming to be “Michelle Shaw” on facebook and on numerous blogs is nothing what they claim to be. Pretending to work for the Coconino County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue? Claiming to be a “animal activist”? Claiming to have a JOB? ALL complete lies. She lives in welfare housing in Williams, Arizona (confirmed by landlord).The FACT is Michelle Lynn Bell neglects not only the disabled people she was hired to care for, but her OWN animals as well. Remember her dogs Freedom & Justice?And her snake “Slither” and her cat“ Liberty”? Let’s talk about the TRUTH of what she does to her animals! This quote comes directly from an eyewitness who filed a report with the Williams police.THIS is the REAL Michelle Lynn (Shaw) Bell! Sitting on the couch at her former employers.“How she treated those two dogs was horrible, horrible neglect. They were just left out in the snow without food and water, never talked to or walked, She would stand at the back door and just throw the food to them in the mud or snow. Horrible neglect of those dogs. She is really evil”.Michelle Bell lied to several activist when questioned about the litter of puppies her dog “Justice” had given birth to. Michelle (Shaw) Bell is nothing but a BACK YARD BREEDER for profit.It appears she only got Freedom to use as a stud and then DUMPED him at the pound!So now that you have seen just the tip of the information on Michelle Lynn (Shaw) Bell, will YOU still support her?Remember, the entire time she claimed to be all about TRUTH, she was living a complete and total LIE. After all the TRUTH has no agenda right Michelle?Lawsuits for slander!More SLANDER lawsuits about to be filed...NOW the truly SAD ending for “Freedom” the Rotty....“I know her dogs names were Freedom and Justice. Freedom went to the pound in flagstaff and Justice went with her. I never saw a snake or cat”  The one she DUMPED at the pound....And the one “worth” keeping?Disgruntled Employee has a History of DefamationAUTHOR: Fact Checker - ()The disgruntled employee seems to make it a habit of attacking, defaming, and hiding behind a keyboard to do damage. The author of this fallacious complaint, Michelle Bell/Shaw is a defendant in a current defamation lawsuit filed by a Massachusetts non-profit organization. In researching the lawsuit, it appears that this person is falsely using a fake name and whose legal name is currently Michelle Lynn Bell, aka Michelle Shaw, aka Michelle Lynn Wolff from Williams, Arizona.I requested the proof from the Massachusetts County Clerk's office and they provided the lawsuit papers. Here is the cover sheet and you can clearly see her name as a defendant. Along with the lead defendant, Gordon Macey and the Toronto Pet Daily, is listed Michelle Shaw who is now attacking this woman simply because this woman has exposed her for what she is: A lying, manipulating, keyboard attack dog that will stop at nothing to destroy someone.In reviewing Michelle Bell/Shaw's Facebook page she states that she was part owner in the garlic farm that she is now defaming. This is a conflicting (lying) statement since now she states here that she was an employee. Clearly, we're dealing with a disturbed chronic liar here. No one should give any credence to anything she may write. In the real world, people like her are shunned, but on the Internet she's given a megaphone to spout off her ignorance and anti-social behavior.AUTHOR: The TRUTH has NO agenda - ()The person who filed this report against the farm owner is a self admitted drug addict and convicted felon. She was terminated due to neglect. She lives in welfare housing and collects SSI and spends 20 hours a day pretending to be an animal advocate when in fact, she is anything but. NO where do you see any pictures of her at protests that she claims to be at.She lets her own dogs get pregnant and then dumps them at the shelter.WHERE IS FREEDOM Michelle?She is one of the nastiest people on social media and thankfully people are starting to see what and who she really is. Her name is not Shaw. It is Michelle Bell, just like in all those court records. Just keep it up Michelle Lynn Shaw Wolff BELL.She claims she once worked for the Yavapai County sheriff's office Search & Rescue. Another lie. Her ONLY connection to law enforcement is through her parol officer.She has solicited hundreds of dollars from people on facebook to pay her cell bill and buy clothes. Once fired from the farm for neglect, she then hijacked the farm page costing the owner thousands in damages.If you continue to post lies about legitimate rescues and innocent people, we will see to it that the slander, fraud, harassment , identity theft and stalking lawsuits will never end. We are watching every step you take. You have multiple lawsuits stacking up. Just because you don't have a pot to piss in doesn't mean you cannot be sued.It's past time for you to go quietly away. Shut down your scam pages and go away. We will never give up. We are anonymous and we watching you.You do not need to look far to find Michelle Lynn Bell here are the alias profiles and pages she admins. There is one we can't find a link too as off yet a guy by the name of Denis last name will be provided as soon as we have the link.She also changed her name from Should we talk about YOUR “secret hate groups to run YOUR agenda” Denis? (Yes, we have everything) so anyone can get to know the real Michelle.( wonder if all these page owners know the TRUTH about Michelle Lynn (Shaw) Bell and her drug use and animal neglect?All these PUBLIC court cases can be confirmed here: Here are the public records of convictions/felonies on Michelle Lynn (Shaw) Bell. Case Number Name Party Type Birth Date Address CourtJ-1301-SW-20000009 MICHELLE LYNN BELL DEFENDANT 05/1968 Mayer JusticeM-1347-CR-99000118 MICHELLE LYNN BELL DEFENDANT 05/1968 Prescott Valley Municipal M-1347-CV-20000042 MICHELLE LYNN BELL PLAINTIFF 05/1968 Prescott Valley Municipal M-1347-CR-99000042 MICHELLE LYNN BELL DEFENDANT 05/1968 Prescott Valley Municipal M-1347-TR-20000634 MICHELLE LYNN BELL DEFENDANT 05/1968 Prescott Valley Municipal M-1347-CR-99000043 MICHELLE LYNN BELL DEFENDANT 05/1968 Prescott Valley Municipal M-1347-TR-20001430 MICHELLE LYNN BELL DEFENDANT 05/1968 Prescott Valley Municipal M-1347-CR-99000200 MICHELLE LYNN BELL DEFENDANT 05/1968 Prescott Valley Municipal M-1347-TR-20001831 MICHELLE LYNN BELL DEFENDANT 05/1968 Prescott Valley Municipal J-1301-TR-20013984 MICHELLE LYNN BELL DEFENDANT 05/1968 PRESCOTT VALLEY, AZ 86314 Mayer JusticeM-1353-CR-200200186 MICHELLE LYNN BELL DEFENDANT 05/1968 CHINO VALLEY, AZ 86323 Chino Valley MunicipalM-1353-CR-200200239 MICHELLE LYNN BELL DEFENDANT 05/1968 CHINO VALLEY, AZ 86323 Chino Valley MunicipalM-1353-CR-200200366 MICHELLE LYNN BELL DEFENDANT 05/1968 PRESCOTT VALLEY, AZ 86314 Chino Valley MunicipalM-1347-TR-20050003 MICHELLE LYNN BELL DEFENDANT 05/1968 PRESCOTT VALLEY, AZ 86314 Prescott Valley MunicipalM-1347-TR-200600202 MICHELLE LYNN BELL DEFENDANT 05/1968 PRESCOTT VALLEY, AZ 86314 Prescott Valley MunicipalP-1300-CR-20060309 MICHELLE LYNN BELL DEFENDANT 05/1968 PRESCOTT VALLEY, AZ 86314 Yavapai County SuperiorM-1347-CR-20070844 MICHELLE LYNN BELL DEFENDANT 05/1968 PRESCOTT, AZ 86301 Prescott Valley MunicipalM-1353-TR-200800638 MICHELLE LYNN BELL DEFENDANT 05/1968 PRESCOTT VALLEY, AZ 86314 Chino Valley MunicipalM-1347-SW-20080054 MICHELLE LYNN BELL DEFENDANT 05/1968 PRESCOTT VALLEY, AZ 86314 Prescott Valley MunicipalIt is shoot first, then ask questions later; where true civil governance of this virtual society is probably 5 years away; and Chief Douche-bag aKa Michelle nobody really knows her true identity is in Charge and you have a wasteland for civil discourse where any idiot-- who's education consisted of video games and Jerry Springer -- with a keyboard and an Internet connection can have as much influence as a peace keeper in SyriaIt's Hell, But there are some amazing things happening.There's a community of wonderful, altruistic people who give hope for progress in this world. We just have to shut the idiots up, or at least, in the real world, make sure they know that there are limits to being an idiot in public...even a virtual one.After all TRUTH HAS NO AGENDA right Michelle?People Hate the Truth, luckily the Truth doesn't care!No wonder he wants to remain anonymous!
Entity: Williams, Arizona
23, Report #149971
Mar 28 2006
02:08 PM
Home Buyers Resale Warranty Corporation 2-10 HBW Lennar Homes ripoff phony expert talkers but no action Aurora Colorado
I talked on the phone to a representative of the Home Buyers Resale Warranty Corporation on July 14,2005. I explained in detail my dissatisfaction with our home buying experience with the criminals at Lennar Homes with whom Home Buyers Resale Warranty Corp.(beyond talk )does not really seem to mind being associated with. The people at Home Buyers Resale Warranty Corp are very well trained at using pretty talk and making a command performance at showing they are concerned about my many problems with their criminal friends at Lennar Homes, but all their professional talk does not produce the tiniest most microscopic bit of any real action to see to it that Lennar has to answer to some real consequences for all of Lennars many wrong doings. Home Buyers Resale Warranty Corp. even gave me a DVD to view that has a Hollywood actor explaining their service. Acting, acting, acting everything is acting with these folks. I guess they think the public is so use to having their minds entertained by acting and that is all you need to do about anybody whom complains, just fool the mind with some more acting,make sure they are well entertained and soothed with words and sympathetic talk of all kinds. Charles Pearland, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Aurora, Colorado
24, Report #174681
Jul 16 2012
09:02 PM
AmSouth Bank Wrongful Termination ripoff Clearwater Florida
In September of 2001, I was working for AmSouth bank. I had been working there approximately a year and a half, and had good work reviews. I had been verbally warned about being late (never more than 15 minutes), although I had not had any problems with that directly preceeding the incident in question. I had received satisfactory to superior reviews of my work. I was given supervisory duties, and was given responsibilities befitting my caliber of work, including ATM teller, vault teller, and TCD (teller cash dispenser, used in the drive-through) teller. I was terminated on September 12, 2001.One of my co-workers put in a notice of resignatiotn due to relocating. The assistant manager at the time, Mai, decided that we should have a pot-luck dinner to wish the exiting employee good luck with her new endeavors. All employees, including myself, were asked what we would do to conribute to this affairl. We were not asked if we were able to participate, it was assumed.At the time, I was living paycheck-to-paycheck, and did not even have a stove/oven at my home. The expected contribution was to feed the entire office, consisting of approximately 12-15 employees. I would also like to point out the exiting employee and I were on good terms, and had attended private functions together outside of work.I went to Mai privately, and told her in confidence that my finances did not allow for participation in this event. She was very dismissive, and tried to talk me into it. I told her my stove situation, and she insisted I could just buy trays of something at a local grocery store. I continued decilning, and she allowed that I could think about it.Throughout the rest of the week, I was asked several times every day about my participation in the planned pot-luck. On the final day, Sept. 12, a sheet was passed around with everyone's names listed, and a line to fill in for what they were bringing to the potluck- including mine. I felt this to be very embarrassing, as I had privately disclosed my financial problems to my assistant manager. I wrote nothing, and passed the sheet on.A little while later in the day, I was called into the branch manager's office. This began an extremely belittling conversation about my finances, the fact that I was not being a team player, that I had a bad attitude, and that my fellow co-workers would find me rude and distasteful to be around. I was extremley upset already (as most people at that point in history were, given the state of the country) and I had a very hard time with it.At one point near the end, my manager told me that maybe AmSouth is not the job for me. I was taken aback, and asked her if she was firing me for not joining in the potluck? This made me very angry, and I got up and told her that I think that we should talk to HR about it, because I didn't think they'd agree with her- and walked out of her office.Up until this point, with over a week of badgering about the party and the half-hour+ berating in my manager's office, I was composed pretty well. When I was going back to my station to get our employee packet with the phone number, my manager chased after me and told me that I did not need to make a big deal out of it. I felt this showed she knew she was wrong and didn't want me to call HR. At this point I said I'll make a BIG f***ing deal out of it and kept walking. It is the only time I swore in the whole affair.When I got my paper, the manager requested that I return to her office, I assume she didn't want the other employees to hear the goings-on or the phone call to HR. I went into her office, and started dialing the number for HR. She yanked the phone out of my hand, and slammed in back into the cradle. I was kind of scared of her after that, as she looked extremely angry. I told her she better get HR on the phone right away. She called security, and I was escorted into a conference room, while she and the assistand manager called HR. I do not remember how long I was in the conference room being guarded by the armed security guard.I was finally requested back into the manager's office, where someone from HR was supposedly on speaker phone. I was asked about my side of the story, and I told it. I also said I don't feel I should be penalized for not participating in a non-work function funded by my own money. Once my story was complete, I was told that I was no longer to work for AmSouth, because I was insubbordinate. I was escorted to my station, turned in my keys and codes, and left.I knew what happened was not right. I just didn't know what to do about it. I work in a right-to-work state, and was not sure if I would have any recourse if I should try to take steps filing wrongful termination. I relocated due to the lost wages, sold my house, and was unable to get another job at any financial institutions. I had no other skills, many companies stopped hiring due to the national crisis, and ended up being forced to take a barely above minimum-wage part-time job almost a year later until one of the staffing companies I was signed up with found me a position elsewhere.During my term of unemployment, I filed for unemployment. AmSouth filed a block, claiming I was fired for insubbordination- or employee misconduct. This made me inelligable for unemployment. This I *did* fight, and after several continuances filed by AmSouth, it was determined by unemployment that the incident did not count as insubbordination.Even the swearing was a one time lapse in judgement and not a fireable offense because I had never been councelled on inappropriate language in the past. The only councelling I had on my work record was for tardiness, and since I hadn't had repeat offenses within a reasonable time-frame from the termination, it did not count.I don't really expect to get anything out of reporting this, for the same reason I never contacted a lawyer in the past. I don't have the money for one, and I don't know what could be done about it. Getting my job back? No thanks. It did take me nearly 2 years to get back on track financially, but I look at it now as a learning experience. I just thought I'd put this out there as a warning to other employees who work in a heavy non-work related functions funded by employees type of office. You better eat ramen for a week and bring in a veggie tray- OR ELSE!Echo Holiday, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
25, Report #1114875
Aug 10 2015
11:09 AM
GONE TO THE DOGS RESCUE Marcy Janes & Taunya Huffman Bad Rescue Redondo Beach California
This rescue has been on a smear campain and has harassed various rescues and volunteers.  They post terrible lies about people on social media sites and when the rescue is contacted they simply claim that they are not associated with the people who are doing the posting. However, this claim is also a lie as the person doing the harassing is Marcy Janes who is most definitly associated with the rescue.  They have even gone as far as falsifying court documents in an attempt to scare people.  They really aught not be in this industry.  Please look for a repeutable rescue and prevent yourself from becoming the next target on their hit list. 
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